Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Public Information Officers Have a Dirty Job

Los Angeles, CA—He was a Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. It was a well paying job with great benefits. His job was to provide public information to the masses through the media. This sounds simple enough until the public records being revealed have a certain odor to them.

His name is Allan Parachini and he came from the ranks of working reporters at the L.A. Times to be named as PIO for the court. He was hired to do a sort of tap dance between judges and administrators who often hate each other. They all demanded that Parachini be their personal cheerleader.

The most infamous PIO of all times was a real media genius we remember as Joseph Goebbels, who was the Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda for the Third Reich. Goebbels kept the secrets and fed the world’s news media a steady diet of disinformation. Instead of serving the German people, he served and was a huge part of a criminal regime.

When it comes to American court records, and the operation of the related bureaucracy there is no room for secrecy. We are not supposed to have secret, Star Chamber style proceedings and hidden contracts in any American Court. The only small exception is over sealed records involving juvenile and mental health related court proceedings.

Then there are judges that order the PIOs to make it difficult or impossible for reporters to get their electronic news-gathering equipment near prosecution witnesses. Prosecutors know their witnesses love the media limelight and will derail prosecutions with their inconsistent statements. Some judges will do everything and anything prosecutors ask.

For Parachini, figuring out just who his boss is, is not an easy task. Ultimately Parachini’s real master is the public, or least it should be that way.

Parachini’s duty was to field questions from reporters, producers and those bloggers like me and of course TMZ.com. Again there are no secrets in the courts business affairs but they fired Parachini claiming he passed on secrets to TMZ for pay.

If they had any evidence of bribery, Parachini would be criminally prosecuted. They can prove Parachini talked with TMZ’s people, but of course that’s precisely why he was hired. They unceremoniously disgraced and put Parachini out on the street.

Parachini has offered a more understandable reason for his firing and that was because he sought to release certain public spending and contract records tainted by an ugly odor. That was an unforgivable sin unless you take the position that the Public Information Officer works for the public.

Now, Parachini will have to seek protection for his rights in some courtroom. I see a problem in that those judging the merits of Parachini’s claim will all be part of the same judicial fraternity that put Parachini on the street.

For Allan Parachini I have a saying that I live by, “If justice ever happens it’s usually by accident and for all the wrong reasons.”

Good luck Allan.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Accused Cop Killer, Why Was He Out of His Cage?

Chicago, IL—He was put away for armed robbery with a gun. He’s out with yet another gun executing a former cop and a Chicago cop who was gathering evidence at a burglary scene.

View the records from the Illinois department of Corrections and ask Governor Pat Quinn what this convicted predator is doing out of his cage on our streets. It looks like he served less than three years for a major dangerous felony.

Timothy Herring, Jr.
Date of Birth: 12/11/1990
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair: Black
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft. 00 in.
Race: Black
Eyes: Brown
Admission Date: 07/22/2010
Parole Date: 09/14/2010
Projected Discharge Date: TO BE DETERMINED
MITTIMUS: 07CR2403101
CUSTODY DATE: 10/20/2007
SENTENCE: 6 Years 0 Months 0 Days

Okay so you want to feel bad for this fellow saying he deserved another chance. Aside from blowing an opportunity at a productive life he’s now on the fast track to a well-deserved lethal injection. This lad’s life was destroyed by Liberals that never gave him enough time to rehabilitate. That’s right, aside from the two innocent victims a third life will be lost in the process, that of, Timothy Herring, Jr.

We still don’t know how many other homicides and serious crimes he committed while he was roaming the streets.

I guess we need to ask Governor Quinn and Mayor Daley, why the law abiding folks can’t carry a firearm for self-defense. These very same politicians are responsible for the tortured public policy to turn the streets of Chicago over to extremely dangerous thugs like Timothy Herring, Jr.

If herring’s first armed robbery victim that we know about had a gun and dispatched this rabid dog two people would be alive today and the taxpayers would not have to spend millions for both sides of a death penalty case’s litigation costs.

The people of Illinois this demonstrates more than ever that the inmates are running the asylum.

At right is the Chicago police booking photo.

A second individual, Timothy Willis, 22, (below) was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and obstruction of justice in this case.

Next! The Second Obama Apology Tour-Post-Wikileakes

Washington, DC—Since the Obama Administration has not been forthright with so many other nations we can expect Barack Obama to depart once again to bow to every leader he can find on his second Apology Tour.

Hillary Clinton is in an untenable position and I’d be surprised if we don’t see her resignation soon as Secretary of State. Robert Gates is in a similar position now too. Their personal credibility is now in shambles.

I’m not sure what’s next for the Obama administration but it will never be in the best interest of the American people.

We have learned one thing about the world’s leaders and that is they have no more diplomatic skills than the average kid in a schoolyard.

Murdered Ex-Cop Stephen Peters and Illinois Gun Laws

Chicago, IL—The ex-cop, Stephen Peters who was murdered along with Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk reportedly was carrying a handgun in the alley behind his home. Peters had worked for the South suburban Robbins Police Department and later with the disbanded Chicago Housing Authority Police Department. At the time of his murder he was not a peace officer.

Peters had every right to possess and carry a gun under the United States Constitution as the Supreme Court recently ruled in Heller and McDonald. However still waiting for the judicial axe to fall is the Unlawful Use of a Weapon Illinois Statute and Chicago’s “re-worked” gun ban. At the time of Peters’ murder he may have been in violation of that soon to be declared un-Constitutional felony crime.

We know Peters was a trained and qualified cop and the fact that they disbanded his department did not make him somehow less honorable or worthy of the right to protect himself.

If Peters had actual retired status he may have been covered under the LEOSA HR-218 law that allows retired cops to carry in every state. That is of course provided he paid a fee and obtained the proper LEOSA ID card. So far Stephen Peters’ actual status was unknown, at least to me.

We now know Peters was endangered because of the crisis existing in his neighborhood, created by massive early prisoner releases and the willful neutering of the Chicago Police Department by the city’s politicians.

The Illinois General Assembly
needs to avoid the embarrassment of having their laws declared un-Constitutional. They need to end the absolute ban on the right of law-abiding American citizens to carry firearms for self defense. They also need to prohibit cities and villages from making their own gun laws inconsistent with state laws.

In order to comply with Heller and McDonald the Legislature must lift the carry ban. They still have the power to require special carry permits of those exercising their rights as long as they are freely issued. Any total ban against residents of the other 49 states must end too. Reciprocity is the way to handle that.

Governor Pat Quinn
and many members of the Illinois General Assembly are dedicated Gun Rights haters. They can be counted on to break the law of the land for their personal preferences as long as they can get away with it. Quinn and his allies must face the fact that they could wind up with zero authority to regulate the carrying of concealed weapons if they don’t have some reasonable permit program in place to maintain some control.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileaks Exposes Whitehouse Deception and More

I can’t say that I like the idea of classified national security information being released to the entire world. However the conduct of our last two Presidential Administrations has become an international embarrassment.

Barrack Obama’s purely symbolic Gitmo closing campaign promise, resulted in millions of taxpayer’s dollars being used to bribe nations into accepting terrorists from our custody. It was even used in a pay to play scheme for diplomatic advantage. One thing for sure this is downright despicable.

There is plenty of blame to pass around to George Bush, but what Barack Obama has done in less than two years appears to be on its face impeachable.

One thing for sure Congressional investigations of Obama his Czars and choice of Secretary of State will take more time than Congress has.

I hope there is an impeachment and a lesson from the disclosures for all those entering the Whitehouse to not lie to the American people. Somehow I expect Congress will find enough federal felonies to put Bush and Obama away for life.

Maybe we can find an honest Conservative for the Office of President for a change.

Chicago Cop Killing Suspect is a Recently Paroled Armed Robber

Chicago, IL--The Chicago Police New Affairs Office has released a few scant details about the suspect they’re questioning in connection with the Friday afternoon murders of Chicago police officer Michael Flisk and former Robbins and CHA cop Stephen Peters. The men were ambushed and murdered in a garage where Flisk was collecting evidence from an earlier burglary.

Police have picked up a 19 year-old paroled armed robber that lived nearby. I’m calling this yet to be named person a suspect since police had Probable cause to obtain and serve a Search Warrant on the suspect’s home.

The Parolee was just released from the Illinois Department of Corrections within the last 60 days. I’m convinced that before the sun goes down he will be named and charged with the double murder. I believe any delay will be to give cops additional time to locate and arrest his accomplice/s.

Chicago is in a crisis because of an undermanned, outgunned and demoralized police department. Currently the officers patrolling the African-American Ghettos are understandably on edge. The days of officers avoiding the use of deadly force may be coming to a quick end following several recent ambush murders of their own.

Governor Pat Quinn will have to explain why he has let so many young, dangerous predators lose on Chicago’s streets. Of course the politicians will be blaming gun rights of the law abiding for the murders. They refuse to keep convicted criminals off the streets and have neutered law enforcement.

Chicago is in a state of Anarchy.

Law-abiding citizens of Chicago need to immediately re-think the gun ban culture. The Supreme Court has ruled in Heller and McDonald that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It is now the state and local government breaking the law by violating Chicagoan’s rights to carry loaded firearms for self-defense.

Get the Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, some training and carry the gun concealed wherever you feel the need to do so. Why leave yourself and family defenseless in a city where street thugs are clearly the ruling class?

If you have to shoot in self-defense, secure all weapons used against you and leave the scene for your own safety. Do not call police and should they want to talk to you tell them you want a lawyer. Do not say anything at all about the event to anyone but a lawyer hired or appointed to defend you.

Watch the video below for information you will need should you use deadly force in self-defense:

The National Tamper-proof ID Card Scam—Watch Out!

Washington, DC—It’s a plan that has the full support of confused, so-called Conservatives like Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly. The concept is to have a government issued, tamper-proof, picture ID card for every man, woman and child in America.

On its face it sounds like a great way to control immigration, entitlement and voter fraud. It will do none of those things.

The government has redundantly thrown every obstacle possible in the way of immigration enforcement for the lifetimes of most Americans. Police will never be allowed to demand that ID card as they can now do with a driver’s license of a person driving a car. There will never be an Identification card requirement for voters unless we repeal or re-write the Voting Rights Act.

The government will always exempt those people living on the margins of society and exemption from the ID card requirement as they have always done.

The national ID card in just another big government program that provides a false promise of safety and security, in exchange for your hard won liberty and privacy.

What will happen is there will be a grand single database for every responsible taxpaying American for government agents to use and abuse. It will keep track of everyone with current photographs along with the requirement of proof of their physical address. Everyone means only those willing to comply with the ID card requirement.

I see this as ominously as the tattoos the Nazi’s required of concentration camp inmates. The government implanted micro chip can’t be far behind.

Soon enough technology will provide a way to instantly read a person’s DNA code with a hand held device. We will have to deal with that horror when it comes along.

Americans are so willing to give up a slice of privacy, freedom and liberty every time their favorite politician suggests they do so. We seem to forget how wildly popular Adolph Hitler and National Socialism was in Europe until that bad Idea cost 50 million lives including nine million Germans.

There are those amazing people that always trust their government even when they are placed in lines for extermination.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drew Peterson’s Cop Son Faces the Music Tuesday Night!

Oakbrook, IL—On 30 November at 19:00 HRS the Police And Fire Commission meets at the Village Hall to hear allegations against Officer Stephen Peterson. Stephen Peterson is the son of Drew Peterson, the retired Bolingbrook, IL police sergeant who stands accused of killing his third wife.

It is undisputed that just prior to his arrest, Drew Peterson asked his son Stephen to hold his favorite guns for safekeeping. They were delivered in gun cases that remained unopened by the elder Peterson.

Soon the elder Peterson was arrested and Illinois State Police demanded to know where his guns were. The elder Peterson informed them they were at his son’s home. Investigators went to the younger Peterson who voluntarily handed over the cased guns. Included was that short barreled rifle that was later the subject of a failed prosecution against the elder Peterson on a very technical legal question.

Apparently there exists no evidence that the younger Peterson ever opened the cases or examined the contents. The younger Peterson had no reason to handle those items. There is also no evidence that the guns were ever hidden or made unavailable to investigators. Last but not least, there is no allegation or even a suggestion that the guns were ever involved in any crime by anyone.

This police commission matter is more about punishing Drew Peterson through his son who is the primary caretaker of his tender aged siblings. I guess if the Illinois State Police torture the kid enough they somehow think he can or will help the Will County States’ Attorney convict his father. The problem here is that Stephen Peterson is convinced that his father is an honorable man and not the killer gossip mongers have claimed.

This action against Stephen Peterson is a Witch Hunt that shows the ugly side of government. I would suggest that any police officers with the time should show up at that Tuesday night Oakbrook hearing in support of a decent young cop.

Let’s hope that the Village of Oakbrook can be unemotional and fair as these facts unfold before them.

An Update:
The hearing was underway and had been continued to be completed on December 9, 2010. It may go even beyond that date too.

Disabled Chicago Cops Are Unnecessarily Unprotected

Chicago, IL—I’m torn to not publishing this information because I don’t want to inform the local thugs. On the other hand this outrage needs to be fixed.

It is obvious that cops on and off duty are targeted these days for killing by emboldened street thugs that don't let Chicago's gun laws slow them down a bit. Today's count of murdered cops is shocking to say the least.

First let me say government has no business impairing any law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. The Heller and McDonald cases have reestablished that as the law of the land. It is the local governments that are breaking the law not people carrying firearms for simple self-defense reasons.

The Chicago Police Department strips officers who are placed on Duty Disability of their police powers and guns the same way they do officers suspected of criminal conduct pending investigation and discipline.

Injured officers are routinely given doctors orders to get exercising so they can properly mend. These officers are in a vulnerable state while injured in that they cannot run and defend themselves as they could if they were not injured. I know of no officers that don’t from time to time have unintended encounters with those people they have arrested in the past in places like shopping centers and gas stations. Imagine being out with your spouse and children and see some dangerous criminal that knows you’re a cop and that you know is wanted on a BFW warrant.

This situation is aggravated by the city’s residency requirement that dictates cops must live within the community they police. Disabled cops are set up for these confrontations with the criminals they have to deal with professionally.

Disabled cops should not try and make arrests but in the gravest extreme they have a right and a duty to protect themselves and families.

There is a bill before the Illinois legislature right now and on December 7th at Plumbers Hall, Lodge 7 of the FOP is considering whether to support this or not. Please somebody tell me why the FOP has not already pushed this effort on their own?

Apparently the FOP needs your cards, letters, e-mails and calls. Every cop and their families need to get to that December 7th meeting and be seen and heard before they find themselves on Duty Disability striped of their guns.

Is the real reason for the FOP’s quandary their desire to make the Lame Duck Mayor and the police haters on City Council happy?

Let me say that despite whether this law passes or not that every cop has the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms anyway. The right to be free from unlawful searches is also the law of the land. Any disabled cop who does not carry a gun, does so at their and their family’s peril.

Here is website for with information on this legislation.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Cops Murdered At Burglary Scene, A City is in Crisis

Chicago, IL—Despite claims that crime is down, there is more blood on Chicago’s streets than ever. Two cops are dead tonight as the city mourns yet again.

One Chicago police officer was collecting evidence at a garage burglary scene as the victim, a retired CHA police officer looked on. Little is known other than the two officers were ambushed and murdered and the African-American suspects fled in a Cadillac Escalade.

The Superintendent of police Jody "J-Fled" Weis was just proclaiming that crime was down again as another cop was found murdered in his personal SUV. I guess the rivers of blood flowing tell a different story.

The good news is they will be hiring and training 200 hundred recruits in the police academy to replace many more hundreds of seasoned officers that have already retired.

It’s well past the time that J-Fled should resign. The city is a bloody mess that way out-of-control. The early release of hundreds of dangerous felons by the governor has stimulated the funeral industry in a big way.

There will be at least for more children growing up without their father because of Governor Pat Quinn.

Update: the Chicago police officer murdered is identified as 46-year-old Michael Flisk, who was assigned as an evidence technician. Flisk was a 20-year member of the department who left a wife and four children, and three siblings on the force.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anti-TSA Airport Demonstrations were a Bad Idea.

Washington, DC-- TSA Tyrants unleashed their sexual groping and pornscanner program on America without Congressional oversight or public comment. Yes, there are many cowards that really believe that without the TSA we’d all be murdered by terrorists. The cowards have traded their right to liberty, freedom and privacy for pretend security.

Planning a demonstration at an airport has little appeal. Parking costs alone are astronomical and airport police have zero tolerance to any disruption of foot or vehicular traffic. I know most American including myself don’t want to ruin the Thanksgiving dinners of anyone. This planned opt out idea was just not well thought out. Also let’s face it Americans have been well-intimidated by the TSA that will prevent them from traveling on airplanes should they resist.

Instead we must boycott the airlines and flood the politicians and bureaucrats with hostility and complaints. Demonstrations need to be held at the government office buildings or homes of those allowing this un-American Nazi like program.

Should any TSA screeners touch your children on their genitals, buttocks or breasts that are under the age of consent simply call the local cops. The TSA lacks authority to do that and it’s a felony in every state. You can also be arrested yourself for allowing sexual touching of your children.

At the same time there are millions of Americans that know the TSA is an ineffective, invasive, and wasteful. The truth is Police State tactics have no impact on terrorists whatsoever. The terrorists simply work around whatever security programs are in place.

Even rocket making hobbyists have the ability to construct a missile with the capability to bring down any civilian aircraft especially at lower altitudes planes must fly close to our airports as they take off and land.

Any small group of well-armed and determined men can invade any major airport either at the tarmac level or at departure boarding areas and facing minimal or even no resistance as they gain control of large groups of unarmed Americans and planes.

Terrorists can easily get their personnel inside the service side of airports to deposit timed or altitude detonated explosives on planes. This can happen by way of food service, cargo and airplane maintenance operations. The companies all must hire sub-contractors to perform their missions.

Explosives can easily be concealed and made to look perfectly harmless. Plastic explosives can be shaped to any form and then be spray-painted and made to look like airplane parts or even a loaf of bread.

Whatever X-Ray, sniffer or physical inspection efforts can be made terrorists always find their way around them.

The TSA has put in place an illusion of security to placate and reassure frightened Americans that they are safe.

In Germany there was a small band of Communists called the Baader-Meinhoff Gang that later became the Red Brigade. Ulrike Meinhoff was a journalist who could wield bombs and a machine-gun against soldiers and cops as effectively as any male combat soldier. This group held the nation hostage for years as they kidnapped, bombed and shot their way around the world. They were responsible for the killings of at least four American soldiers who were serving in Germany.

The Baader-Meinhoff/Red Brigade group was never once discovered or disrupted by the best plans of so-called layered security the experts had put in place. This fanatical group was finally stopped by conventional intelligence and investigative means by real cops.

The TSA should be disbanded and liberty returned to American passengers. We must keep people with passports from hostile nations and those convicted of violent felonies off our planes. We can effectively fight terrorism in an aggressive and Constitutional way.

What we do need for anti-terror efforts is a force made of seasoned street cops to use behavior profiling and investigative efforts to deal with terrorists wherever they may be.

We don’t need or want a force of abusive, groping and poorly trained people placed as part of a Socialist jobs program masquerading as law enforcement personnel complete with gold badges.

Happy Thanksgiving

I know millions of Americans have taken to the road this holiday weekend to escape TSA tyranny. That means we must all drive safely so we may enjoy this great day with our families and friends.

I’d like to wish all my visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving with lots of those wonderful calories!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Search Warrant Served on Phoenix Cops for DNA Samples in Murder Investigation

Phoenix, AZ--There can be no doubt that investigators are convinced that Phoenix Police Sergeant Sean Drenth’s killing was a murder and that a fellow officer or officers are suspected of committing that crime.

Investigators originally sought the samples from officers on a voluntary basis but after they refused, a Search Warrant was quickly sought and served on them. The officer being forced to provide DNA samples are all part of an ongoing theft investigation related to paid off-duty security work. Nearly 30 officer were caught up in the allegations.

The theory of the investigators is that Sgt. Drenth may have been murdered by one or more fellow officers to silence him in the ongoing investigation. Drenth was found shot-gunned to death in a deserted alley near an empty State Capital parking lot on October 18, 2010 by security workers.

To obtain the Search Warrant investigators had to submit a sworn affidavit containing probable cause that one or more of the officers were involved in the Murder. That affidavit will become a public record very quickly once every DNA sample has been collected.

I can’t help but suspect that in such a large group someone won’t cut an immunity deal to implicate others. This would be tricky since prosecutors will want some piece of additional evidence consistent with the testimony.

This Murder case may come to a very ugly and rapid conclusion. I can’t help but believe prosecutors will be asking for the Death Penalty against a Phoenix cop or cops in this terribly sad case.

I suspect that this case will keep Phoenix defense lawyers and their private investigators busy for many years to come.

What Freedom Means

Most Americans are too young to remember what freedom was. They’ve been lied to and don’t even know it.

Freedom means not having to carry picture identification or a credit card. Most people don’t even know that driver’s licenses did not require photos until the mid 1970s.

Freedom means going into any public building without being searched or X-Rayed.

Freedom means being able to board any means of public transportation without showing identification of being searched like a criminal.

Freedom means boy scouts can carry their little camping knives on their belts even in school.

Freedom means that every American public high school has a Junior ROTC program and rifle team.

Freedom means that one half of the population is not enslaved to support the other half of the populace in addition to their own families.

Freedom means to be able to contribute your disposable income to the charity of your choice instead of what the government mandates.

Freedom means that our borders are secure from the invasion of poverty, crime and drugs from foreign nations.

Freedom means they enforce foreign alien registration laws and keep those who are unfriendly with America off of our soil.

Freedom means you can’t be forced to hire or rent to the people that don’t share your personal values.

Freedom means that the American Constitution and Bill of Rights is defended from anyone attempting to change it outside of the proper political procedure in place to do so.

This was a free Country for nearly 200 years including the decades we were at war. I grew up in a free country that has since turned into a Socialist run Police State. How’d that happen?

I guess it must be time for a CIVIL WAR.

LAPD Detective Stephanie Lazarus Chat with Homicide Detectives Fails

Los Angeles, CA— LAPD art theft detective Stephanie Lazarus has been held in jail since her arrest in June of 2009 in lieu of a $10 Million bail bond requirement. Lazarus was arrested for the murder of Van Nuys, 29 year-old nurse, Sherri Rae Rasmussen nearly a quarter century ago in 1986. Lazarus’ future looks very bleak unless the state’s DNA evidence can be discredited or otherwise somehow eliminated.

I always tell anyone and everyone I can about our birthright as Americans to remain silent and to never talk to police when they come with questions. It never ceases to amaze me how cops themselves of all people insist on having unnecessary conversations with fellow investigators targeting them.

If we allowed everyone convicted at trials for crimes to take back the words either told to police or credited by police as having been said by the defendants, our prisons would all be empty. Heck, every cop knows that!

Despite explicit Miranda warnings people insist on being chatty with the very people who are trying to jail them. Of course, the non-custodial conversations with police don’t require Miranda warnings so anything at all you say will be put before a jury should you be charged with a crime. The solution is simple golden silence. Silence may protect the guilty but more importantly it protects the innocent.

In my experience it’s the cops themselves that don’t seem to have learned anything at all from being a cop. When a fellow cop asks the simplest of questions about anything at all survival radar should kick in and the conversation should end. Cops just like every suspect blab away with denials, supposed alibis and small talk.

With Lazarus there is a huge problem that maybe impossible to get around, reported DNA evidence from a human bite left on the victim’s arm.

I see a real defense of justifiable or accidental shooting during a deadly fight between these two women involved in a love trangle. Those defenses are all but foreclosed since Lazarus freely told detectives that she was not involved in a physical fight with the dead victim.

Lazarus can try to offer that scenario at trial but to do so she’d have to admit she lied to investigators. It’s highly doubtful any jury would lend credibility to any suspect under those circumstances.

In my experience innocent people freely lie to police in effort to remove themselves from any involvement with any part of anything under police investigation. When this happens there is little defense lawyers can do but watch their client’s lives slip away.

Defense attorney, Mark Overland certainly has his hands full with his chatty client. There are the early statements memorialized in police reports and now the video from one the old Parker Center interrogation confessionals with the picturesque acoustic fiberglass wall and ceiling panels.

Lazarus actually tells the dicks with a smile during her questioning, “I know how this stuff works.” That remark will really go over big with any jury along with a little wisecrack, “Am I on Candid Camera?”

A few casual seeming sentences are now going to set the stage for whatever this accused woman has in store for the rest of her life. It is not a pretty picture

Let me say it again. When the police come calling simply tell them, I will cooperate with you in every way, but first I want a lawyer. No jury can be told that you asked for a lawyer and refused to talk. Please try and picture how my advice would look on a cell-phone text message to would read, “STFU.”

Watch lots of video of Stephanie Lazarus’ from the Parker Center Confessional right here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Abuse is Pure Provocation by Obama’s Lame Duck Government for Civil War.

Washington, DC—The Whitehouse thugs are still reeling from the stunning defeat of the midterm elections. Barack Obama knows his Socialist regime will be ending as opposition led Congressional investigations expose his personal citizenship fraud and massive corruption.

Obama is desperate to bypass Congress with emergency Presidential powers. Provoking Conservative Americans into violence would enable Obama to declare Martial Law. Obama would suspend the Constitution as Lincoln did at the beginning of the Civil War.

The plan appears for Obama to bring millions of illegal aliens into his power struggle as law enforcement agencies and military organizations personnel begin to choose sides.

Am I being an alarmist? We know that the Obama government is flexing Fascist muscles with the outrageous TSA pornscanner and genital groping program. Can anyone show me in history were this kind of government behavior reversed itself without a war of total destruction anywhere in the world?

Americans better pick their side and be ready for what maybe a prolonged period of war, food shortages and massive population control. Obama’s forces have little more than two months time to show their hands. Somehow I suspect the revenge of the Lame Ducks may lead to Armageddon.

Hopefully liberty loving Americans have already stockpiled enough weapons and ammunition. Now’s the time to make sure you have a decent supply of food, fuel, water and medicine on hand to get through several months of a very cold winter.

An Open Appeal To All TSA Screeners

We are in a tough economy and because of TSA tyranny things are about to get much worse. The airlines and tourism industries are being bankrupted, perhaps on purpose to bring about Socialist style nationalization of all commerce.

The TSA has become the face of terror to American travelers. Travelers are too afraid to voice their disgust of the TSA war on American’s privacy and liberty. They are afraid they will wind up on that No Fly List or be singled out for more TSA punishment.

The TSA welcomes people traveling on passports from every nation hostile to America and all of the very dangerous felons released from our prisons. Ask yourself, if the TSA really cared about safety why would they let these monsters on our planes.

You’re required to give equal attention to elderly grandmothers and little children as some nervous 18 to 35 year-old male Muslim. Does that make any sense at all?

You are required to frisk pilots and flight attendants that have been fully vetted. What can a pilot do with a gun or even a bomb that he can’t do with the entire plane under his control? This TSA policy defies the simplest of logic.

Why does the TSA disarm off-duty cops if they are so concerned about terrorists?

The TSA love to brag about the knives and a few guns brought to boarding gates by forgetful passengers? That happened to honorably retired Chicago cop and film star Dennis Farina. Farina is allowed by law to carry a concealed weapon in every state under current federal law. Was America somehow safer because the TSA had Farina arrested over a small pistol he inadvertently forgot to remove from his briefcase?

The sad truth is despite the hiring of thousands of TSA screeners and spending untold billions the TSA has not foiled a single real terror incident. The sad truth is alert passengers have done more for airline safety than you and all your fellow TSA workers.

The TSA has lowered your status to that of rectum and sex organ inspector. That’s downright disgusting. I cannot see how anyone could admit to even having such a job.

Times are tough and because of the TSA they will get worse as tourism dies. People go on tours to relax and have fun, not to even think about uniformed strangers groping them and their children.

If you work for the TSA, I feel as sorry for you as much as I hate your corrupt mission. The TSA is a much bigger threat to America and our freedom than any terrorist.

Why work for an organization that does not recognize the Bill of Rights. That crap they sell you that people can choose not to fly is beyond bogus. Your TSA has expanded their malignancy to the passenger railroads and bus travel. People have a right to travel and be free from government tyranny.

Quit the TSA and find a job where people like me won’t be passing gas in your face at every opportunity. There are plenty of government entitlements for those unwilling to work if finding a job is too difficult.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama and his TSA are Dangerous and un-American

Terrorism cannot be, eliminated, controlled or even reduced by government. Not even the most restrictive Police State can effectively deal with terrorism. Terrorism is the product of fanatical religious beliefs, efforts to topple governments, simple homicidal impulses or psychosis.

Terrorists simply plot around whatever security programs they must to kill and injure their targets. This is why despite employing thousands of TSA screeners and spending billions over many years not a single terror plot was defeated or uncovered.

Terrorists can sometimes be foiled in planning stages by skilled investigators or obstructed as they unfold by alert citizens and police. The truth is that no security program, no matter how invasive can have any effect at all on a committed terrorist act.

Airline security and later the TSA, was created as a theatrical demonstration to convince Americans that the skies were safe to travel. It has always been about the illusion of security at least for the travelers. After nearly four decades most Americans believe that the searching airline passengers and their baggage are both necessary and effective. The propaganda program has been wildly successful because today it’s the conventional wisdom. Americans don’t give the effectiveness or lack of it a second thought.

I said before only skillfully conducted investigations and the vigilance of citizens and police have any success at all in the derailment of terrorist acts. The disarming of pilots, permitted passengers and off-duty police by our government has only enabled terrorists.

If we really want safety we need to disband the entire TSA and strip the FAA of any security functions. We need a new agency that’s manned with existing seasoned cops taken from police agencies all over America. That massive TSA budget could allow the departments sharing this responsibility to train and hire more officers.

The new airline police agency should have an intelligence unit, a profiling unit, a sky marshal unit and every officer should have the power to seize evidence and make arrests.

Profiling in this concept is not race based but rather behavior observation. The profiling agents need to simply interact verbally with the passengers. The agents will know who needs further attention and handle this aspect in a professional manner.

We simply can no longer afford to let people from nations hostile to the United States fly on our planes. There is also no reason to allow felons convicted of violent crimes on our planes.

We need not search ordinary Americans like criminals and seize children’s sippycups or make senior and disabled citizens remove their shoes. Groping women and children’s sexual organs simply shocks the conscious of any free nation.

I remain convinced that this Barack Obama run TSA program, was created to bankrupt the airlines as an excuse to bail them out with taxpayer funds and nationalize yet another industry.

The TSA is simple government tyranny in action. We’ve seen them many times before wearing the uniforms of governments we have gone to war against. The TSA is an enemy of the American people, their freedom and liberty. Every American has a duty to resists these criminals.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Must Stop The Obama Fascism Cold While We Still Can

Washington, DC—Being enslaved by Socialist mandated taxes along with being spied upon by a more powerful and intrusive Patriot Act has been a Hallmark of Barack Obama’s reign. Now his TSA thugs are forcefully genital groping and strip-searching American travelers and that’s just one more visible sign of what’s happening.

The abuse Americans are willing to accept from an out-of-control Police State seems limitless. Americans line up like frightened sheep at the airports. They are in fear of terrorism but now even more afraid of their own government. Americans have become world class cowards. Cowards are always, so easily enslaved as history has demonstrated since civilization began.

With the TSA searches they have slowly crept up and inside American’s body cavities. Obama has used fear as a tool to make Americans comply, both in the iron fisted enforcement of his programs and pandering fear from potential terrorism. The real terrorist is none other than Barack Obama

The Obama government style is right out of a Soviet or Nazi Socialist Police State. This is garbage is exactly why we have fought every war since the American Revolution. We are rapidly nearing the point of no return where Americans must say no, and say it with the only thing Socialist dictators understand, violence.

We have no political recall system for Presidents but they can be arrested, tried, convicted and hanged for treason. Obama has stolen our freedom and that makes him a traitor.

If Americans don’t resist the largest terrorist threat America has ever faced by Barack Obama are freedom and liberty will be doomed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Nixes Linda Lovelace Film

Hollywood, CA—When I heard Lindsay Lohan was set to play the late porn star, Linda Lovelace, I saw this as a career ender. That’s a role that should be played by a real porn star without a gag reflex and nothing to lose. This was a terrible role for Lohan.

The other story is the production company was unable to find insurance to cover this troubled actress. getting out of that film was a gift for Lohan. Now we can see what unknown actress will become world famous for her ability swallow monster man meat.

Lohan is both pretty and a talented actress. She was raised in a dysfunctional family and advised by both solid entertainment industry professionals and some real trolls. Lohan was a victim of her own early success and wealth.

Lohan came out the successful Disney machine. Another, alumni of Disney is my dear friend, and Golden Globe winner Ann Jillian. Ann has express deep sorrow for Lohan difficulties as have I. I think discarding this woman at her age is pre-mature. Ann wants Lohan to use that natural actress discipline to defeat her other demons too.

Lohan needs to resurrect herself from the bad friends and choices she made. Getting out of the Lovelace film is a great start. There’s no reason that Lohan cannot achieve the kind of scandal free success enjoyed by Jody Foster, Meryl Streep, or Hillary Swank.

I think it’s fair to say that Lohan is the casualty of a failed Drug War. I can’t help but think of the great talent of a lad that was almost consumed by drugs and a prison cell. That is Robert Downey, Jr. Downey got serious and took the cure and has been terrific in the many films he’s done since.

Can Lohan or Downey fall again? Sure that can happen but it’s time to encourage rather than discourage these two.

Lohan has the right looks, and she’s now the right age to play the lead of my own film project, Come Friday. The true story of a heroic Chicago policewoman back in the days all policewomen wore a uniform that consisted of heels and a skirt.

A lot of Chicago cops read my blog and would as I do have concerns that whoever plays that role never bring the late policewoman Ann Leybourne discredit. I invite and expect some comments from them on this suggestion.

I think this role would inspire Lohan’s recovery and help her to be all she can be. I’ve discussed this idea with Ann Jillian and her husband of many years, retired 023 District Chicago police Sergeant Andy Murcia. They, like me think she right for the role if I can ever get the film financed.

Whatever happens, Lindsay Lohan deserves a chance to get on with her life. Remember Lohan has never physically hurt or stolen from anyone.

TSA is Bullying Passengers, it’s Time for Civil Resistance

Washington, DC—That pretender in the Whitehouse that Liberals love is not really what they wanted. Barack Obama is not a Liberal but a solid Socialist running America as close to a Police State as he can. Aside from extending and ramping up the Patriot Act that the Liberals condemned, he’s, ordered his Homeland Security shill wreck the airlines and tourism industry though their invasive, repulsive and despicable genital groping. Make no mistake it's Obama who is in charge of the TSA.

Children cannot give consent to the genital groping
. Their parents cannot consent for the children to any non-medical handling of their privates. Parents that knowingly allow anyone doing that can in fact be convicted for felony crimes in every state of the Union. There is no special security-groping exemption for the TSA. They are doing this without Congressional oversight.

An adult can consent to another adult desiring sexual contact but never children. The key word here is consent. Touching anyone anywhere without consent is unlawful in every state. When an offender touches your private parts the penalty escalates dramatically.

If you say no to the TSA screeners or they touch your children, always call local police and your lawyer. The TSA enjoys some immunity for good faith mistakes but they can be sued for the intentional violation of your Civil Rights. They should be prosecuted for their crimes.

This is nothing more than an Socialist attempt to destroy the entire vital, travel and tourism industry. Then Obama can be bail it out by more tax dollars and then nationalize it in proper Marxist style.

The latest threat is that if passengers going through the security procedures can’t tolerate the groping or pornoscanser and dare cancel their trip and leave the screening areas they will face arrest and fines.

That’s never happened yet and can’t under our Bill of rights. TSA spokesmen claim that anyone refusing will have to submit to police questioning. I guess these TSA Fascists forget about our absolute Fifth Amendment Right to not talk to police. Making a simple demand for a lawyer will still always shut this down in America. They have to allow your lawyer or a court appointed defense lawyer who will never advise you to say anything at all to anyone.

Since the TSA screeners thankfully are not sworn or trained law enforcement officers they have no power to detain anyone or seize their luggage. If things go sour at a check point and they sense you are about to leave they will again ask to see your identification or passport. Do not give your IDs to them because they will accuse you of assault when you try to take them back. They only want your name to subject you to additional unlawful harassment and indignities.

The TSA screeners cannot make you stand in specific places, raise your arms or even require you to remove your shoes. You have the absolute right to turn and walk away! Buying a plane ticket or entering a screening area does not create an automatic waiver of your Civil Rights. You may say no, or Hell No at any time.

Cooperating with thugs never works under any conditions. The TSA can be shut down through civil resistance. We control them and their funding, they don’t control us. We must give the TSA every bit of Civil Resistance we can or be forced to submit to their tyranny forever.

Watch TSA Thug Butler try and strong-arm me for my camera at LAX. I had to threaten to thow the bitch down the stars to get her to leave me alone. I declined pressing assault charges against her and made her a YouTube sensation instead.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Major Police Scandal Unfolding in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ—Is Phoenix police Sergeant Sean T. Drenth’s October 18. 2010 murder connected to this shocking scandal? Sgt. Drenth was murdered in an alley adjacent to a desolate State Capitol parking lot in an ongoing mystery. He was shot-gunned to death. Sgt Drenth was a suspect in this major Fraudulent Schemes and Theft case when he was killed.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office today unsealed and announced the indictments of three current and one former Phoenix police officers. As many as 25 additional officers may get caught up in this career ending disaster that may bring lengthy prison terms. For those that don’t know Arizona sentences for crimes are usually triple and quadruple what the same offenses would bring in Illinois or California.

This is a very sad day in the law enforcement community.

From the Press Release issued today:

(Phoenix, Ariz. - Nov. 18, 2010) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced the indictment of three Phoenix Police Officers and a former member of the Phoenix Police Department on felony charges related to money they received for off-duty security work they allegedly did not perform.

Former Phoenix Officer George Emil Contreras, 45, was indicted on four felony counts that include fraud, illegal control of an enterprise and theft, for actions he took during his employment with the department performing off-duty security services for multiple clients.

Also indicted on theft charges related to off-duty work they were hired to perform were three current members of the Phoenix Police Department: Sgt. Benjamin Hugh Sywarungsymun, 35, Officer Steven Paul Peck, 40, and Officer Aaron J. Lentz, 30.

Contreras was a Phoenix Police Officer for 18 years before he resigned in 2008. While employed by the department, he also served as an off-duty work coordinator, out of the South Mountain Precinct, for off-duty jobs for the alleged business victims: the Cotton Center Townhomes at 48th Street and Broadway, Laron Incorporated, Arizona Materials, and Eisenberg Properties, all in Phoenix.

The indictment alleges that from December 2005 through December 2007, Contreras committed fraud and theft on the businesses by submitting false documents to them in the form of invoices in advance of the work to be performed and accepting pay for the full hours of work indicated in the invoices, even though he did not work the full hours for which he was paid. Contreras is alleged to also have formed and used a business called Raptor Services to invoice and collect payment from the victim businesses. Sgt. Sywarungsymun, Officer Peck, and Officer Lentz are also alleged to have committed theft by accepting pay for hours of off-duty security which they did not perform, as coordinated by Contreras.

The alleged business victim that suffered the largest loss was the Cotton Center Townhomes, which involved a security job contracted with the Phoenix Police Department by three homeowners associations to help reduce crime in an area with a high volume of calls for police service, requiring two officers and a marked patrol car.

Contreras, as the coordinator, assigned a large majority of shifts to himself, as well as the other officers listed in the indictment. Contreras is alleged to have committed thefts in excess of $9,000, Lentz in excess of $2,000, Sywarungsymun in excess of $1,800, and Peck in excess of $1,700, all felony level thefts. Total losses alleged in the indictment are in excess of $16,000.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson and was investigated by Special Agents in the Special Investigations Section of the Attorney General’s Office.

Here is a copy of that portion of the indictment unsealed today:

Phoenix Officers Indictment


Investigation+List+Phoenix Police

The TSA Needs a Terrorist Attack for Better Public Relations

Washington, DC—The greatest tool used by enemies of freedom and liberty is fear. The entire concept of searching airline passengers like criminals was sold through simple fear-mongering.

Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist Party wanted absolute power in 1933. There was a convenient arson caused fire in the Reichstag building in Berlin. The Nazi’s quickly blamed it on their political opposition. The Nazis used fear to get the absolute power they abused for 12 years causing the needless deaths of 50 million people.

In Berlin across the street from the Reichstag building was a residence for Hitler’s pal, Herman Goering. That building still stands by the restored Reichstag. Just below the street is that troubling tunnel, still in existence today that gave the Nazis easy access to set that fire!

The TSA has had lots of failures and has never once stopped a terrorist attack despite thousands of employees and billions of tax dollars. The TSA exists only because of fear pandering. The TSA has become the biggest terrorist organization in America. That as TSA screeners, threaten Americans with imprisonment and fines over children’s sippy-cups and old lady’s knitting needles.

The TSA and our Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights cannot co-exist. The TSA has frightened the flying public into absolute compliance of every new insult to their basic privacy and dignity. They have actually convinced gullible Americans that without the TSA and the police state we’d all be dead.

The concept of balancing freedom with security has become nothing more than an excuse to eliminate freedom. Either you’re free, or you are not. The privacy invasions, unlawful searching and bulling have zero effect on terrorists. If terrorists are somehow convinced that hijacking or blowing up planes is too difficult they’d just pick softer targets.

I was reminded by a commercial pilot friend about something I’ve known since the day it happened. Trans World Airlines Flight 800, a Boeing 747-131, exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996.

Our government and media has lied to us in an effort to deny the terrorists that shot it down with a surface to air missile the free publicity and credit they sought.

Government workers pressure washed every part of that plane they recovered destroying the evidence of the missile strike. There were credible eye witness reports from pilots and boaters off Long Island, New York that saw the missile. The weather conditions that night were ideal for safe flying.

The Boeing 747 has been used for some 40 years and millions of flights everywhere on this earth. This reliable aviation workhorse has never simply blown up on its own before or since flight 800. I don’t think you will find a single commercial pilot that accepts the notion that it was anything other than a surface to air missile that brought that plane down.

Terrorists embrace and thrive on publicity. The Flight 800 cover-up by our government and a cooperative press denied the terrorists what they wanted most, publicity. They learned quickly that missiles don’t get them the credit they deserve.

Terrorism and crime is in every society from the nastiest police states to those nations that brag about their freedom. Whatever roadblocks we try to establish to stop terrorism the terrorist easily find ways around them. The enemies of freedom will always promise safety in exchange for your hard won freedom. Only a fool will believe that baloney.

The only way terrorist acts have ever been thwarted in the world has been by vigilant ordinary citizens that recognized what was happening and intervened. Creating the nastiest police state will do nothing but destroy our quality of life.

Suggesting that Americans can find alternatives to flying is a ridicules statement. The TSA has taken over our railroads too. The TSA is as evil as any terrorist.

Today the TSA bureaucrats would like another nasty airplane attack to justify their existence. They need it to keep frightening Americans into surrendering even more freedom.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get The TSA's Filthy Hands Off My Balls!

Washington, DC-The TSA tyrants have made war on American travelers as they freely allow people flying on passports from nations unfriendly to us and dangerous violent convicted felons on our airplanes.

The TSA thugs need to target terrorists and criminals and leave law abiding Americans alone as was the intent of our Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Making Americans submit to sexual groping, pornosanners and unnecessary radiation as a condition to travel in America is disgraceful. This must be stopped.

The TSA has done nothing for real protection but put on a, Theater of the Absurd, they think will dissuade criminals and give passengers a false sense of security.

Now it looks like some in Washington are hearing Americans cry foul. We must tell our politicians that we won’t trade liberty and privacy for their brand of security.

I called my Senators and told them to, “Get the TSA’s filthy hands off my balls!” I think they know that I’m somewhat unhappy.

Official Chicago Police Star Is On Its Way Out

Chicago, IL—
Okay, I’ll spread a rumor! The Chicago Police Department will be changing their stars once again. Credit for starting that rumor goes to Second City Cop.

From time to time police agencies change their star of badge design. The stars get old and worn needing to be replaced. Then there is the matter of stars winding up in the hands of civilians that would use them to gain trust of their victims in order to facilitate serious crimes.

Most lost police stars are never really lost. As a policeman’s career enters the twilight stage, there is an extraordinary thing that happens. These old coppers lose their stars and usually take a three day suspension for their negligence. The reality is it’s difficult to give up the symbol of who you are.

Cops also want their children and grand children to always have possession of that symbol long after the old cop’s gone, to that great police beat in the sky. Do they really need cops in Heaven I ask? Somehow I don’t think so.

Chicago police had a great design from 1955 through 2002. That star was a downright pretty piece of artwork. At least three companies made that star, Metal Arts of New York, C.H. Hansen of Chicago and Blakington. The star was difficult to counterfeit and was extremely durable.

In 2002 Blackington was commissioned to make a new star. There offering was and is cheap looking and can’t take more than a year’s worth of use without having to be repaired or remanufactured. As cheap as that star looks, Blackington has made a fortune on them unless of course the repairs were covered by a warrantee.

I think I have the right idea for the next star design. Let’s have a rebirth of the 1955-through 2002 model! This time it should be made one third larger. That will satisfy the need to make a different design altogether. That city seal sculpture is the greatest found anywhere. The only other change is for that star to read the gender neutral term police officer rather than Patrolman, Policewoman and Matron.

The city could also save a bundle if rank was not shown on the star. They can put rank insignias on the official ID card and on the officer’s name tag or uniform. The Gold Star endowed officers want their gold so I’d let them fight out that problem.

My working Chicago police pals should get involved in this design effort. They are the ones that will be wearing whatever gets issued.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“Survivor” Producer Jailed in Wife’s murder

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA—A producer of the TV reality series Survivor was arrested as a fugitive today in his home by members of the U.S. Marshal’s Service.

Bruce Beresford Redman
was arrested late this afternoon without incident pursuant to a provisional arrest request from the Mexican government.

Beresford Redman is accused in a Mexican criminal complaint of murdering his wife Monica Beresford Redman while vacationing on April 5, 2010, at the Hotel Moon Palace Nizuc,in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Beresford Redman stands accused of killing his wife by asphyxiating her.

I have no faith in the Mexican law enforcement community to competently investigate their way out of a wet paper bag. If the courts are run like the rest of this crappy government Beresford Redman will either buy his way out or never see the light of day, or at least until the next Mexican revolution.

Beresford Redman will make an initial court appearance tomorrow in courtroom 341 of the Roybal Federal Building at 255 East Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles at 11:00 AM on November 17, 2010.

Beresford Redman will have a right to fight the extradition request but in legal circles it's doubtful he will avoid the pending legal nightmare and a miserable Mexican jail cell. Since he fled Mexico once already, it’s doubtful there will be any kind of bail release pending trial.

Here is a copy of the complaint and arrest warrant application:
Mexican Extradition - Beresford Redman Complaint[1]

A Murder In Beverly Hills is Always Big News

Beverly Hills, CA—Last night they found a Mercedes-Benz E-350 crashed into a light pole on Whittier Drive, just south of Sunset Boulevard just after midnight.

Inside the car was well-known Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, 64 who was well-ventilated with five gunshot wounds. They pronounced Chasen dead on arrival at the nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Cedars-Sinai is the last stop for so many of Hollywood's rich and famous.

Police say they’re looking for a motive but they’ve confessed anything is possible. Was it road rage perhaps? Somehow this looks to me like a targeted act of revenge.

Somewhere in Chasen’s background is a sour business deal, a failed relationship or someone with a career destroyed by bad publicity. You can bet the Beverly Hills cops are going through all of Chasens’s files and computers at this hour. They will be paying very close attention to her client list.

It was not even a year ago when Chasen named senior VP of worldwide publicity at MGM. MGM was in the news recently involving the filing of a bankruptcy petition.

It’s the publicists in Hollywood that know all the dirty secrets. The publicists must be kept well-informed so they can quickly move to defuse those nasty scandals involving their clients.

To get to the bottom of this case police need to get to the bottom of just who this woman was and who she pissed off. These kinds of cases usually end quickly in an arrest.

I suspect whoever gets put in the courtroom defendant’s chair will have some a top- drawer legal and investigative team to challenge the case brought by the cops and prosecutors. STAY TUNED!

Every American Airport Has The Right To Evict The TSA

Washington, DC—The ineffective and dysfunctional TSA has turned into an rather nasty instrument of oppression against American travelers. The TSA has focused on insulting and provoking passengers rather than investigating terrorism.

If the TSA has their way, soon every airline will become bankrupt and the world’s tourism industry shut down causing millions more Americans to be unemployed.

The TSA has become over-bloated, arrogant, over-priced and downright hateful. There is not a single case of terror known to have been foiled by the TSA. American passengers have proven to be much more effective air marshals than even the few TSA air marshals flying our skies!

Congressman John Mica, (R-FL) has just reminded the heads of more than 150 airports in writing, that they have the power to evict the TSA and replace them with their own security people.

Mica says the TSA’s security program has evolved into a form of “Kabuki Theater”. Mica is the incoming chairman, of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

TSA Thugs Can’t Make Their Own Laws—Feel Free To Resist The TSA

Washington, DC—The TSA is now threatening passengers that are pushed to the breaking point with their sexual assault searches with civil fines of $11,000.00 if they leave the screening area after they entered it. Meaning if you refuse to allow the continuation of the abuse to the TSA screener’s satisfaction you will be robbed too. They’re simply trying to end the TSA passenger resistance movement through additional unlawful intimidation.

This threat is very hollow since the TSA screeners have zero authority of arrest. Even if they had the power of arrest they would still have to have, Probable Cause to believe a crime was committed and that you committed a crime. An example would be they found weapons or explosives on you or in your carry-on baggage.

Since the TSA screeners are not trained, certified or sworn peace officers, you have every right to use force to escape their attempts to detain you. These are simply marginally trained ignorant people wearing impressive looking uniforms. They are most comparable to the Brown Shirted SA thugs of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich.

The TSA has made their little rule they say to prevent potential terrorists from getting a peek at the procedures without continuing on. That is exactly as lame as it sounds.

The fact is the TSA screeners do not have the ability to detain anyone for any reason. A TSA screener’s demand that you remain in the screening area while they summon supervisors or even police is all bark and no bite.

If you refuse their demands to remain for additional abuse and molestation, you most certainly should refuse to show them your travel tickets or ID a second time. If you don’t you may have to engage them in a physical fight to get the IDs from their possession. They will claim you assaulted them when you tried to take your IDs from their hands.

I don’t care how the Obama Administration tries to resolve this, the Constitution has not changed and your right’s have not been surrendered that would prevent you from saying no to these thugs.

The best analogy to compare the TSA’s rule making to is, date rape. You made an agreement to fly and spend time with the TSA. It turns out TSA screener has bad breath, manners and is too sexually aggressive for your taste. You tell the screener no and he tells you that you have no choice but to submit until he’s satisfied. This is exactly what the Obama Administration is trying to do to Americans.

If this is the direction of American politicians and the bureaucrats they appoint we will have no choice but to stop them in a Civil War. Our freedom and liberty is fragile and will be gone in the blink of an eye if we are too cowardly to fight for it.