Friday, June 30, 2006

Even Accused Cops Deserve Rights To A Fair Trial.

Today a federal judge reversed the racketeering murder convictions against New York’s so called “Mafia Hit Men Cops”, Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa. U.S. District Court Judge Jack Weinstein tossed the murder convictions and granted a new trial on the drug and money laundering allegations.

You may rightly argue that perhaps they committed the crime and are getting away with murder. Nobody wants to see justice and retribution derailed. Would we rather see innocents convicted to make sure the guilty are always punished? I hope not!

When law enforcement does an investigation and makes an arrest that sets in motion a process that we fight wars to protect. My brothers in law enforcement always fault me for my views that fairness is more important than winning a conviction. Every cop is only a 911 call away from being accused of a disgusting crime by some twisted, police hating moron.

The moral of this story is we could get our wish and defendant’s rights are eliminated only to have our own lives destroyed by a frame up. Be careful what you wish for!

Here’s what ABC news has to say about this.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beer Looter Dude is not so funny now!

“Lootie” or “Beer Looter Dude” became an icon of Hurricane Katrina and popular character to manipulate with the Photoshop computer program. He’s even in a beer commercial with the lovely Jennifer Aniston that you can see here.

After convicting three looters of stealing beer and other liquor from a Kenner LA grocery store in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath a judge handed down maximum 15-year prison sentences. Now it’s not so funny.

Here’s what CNN published about this case.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is the TSA is out to destroy air travel?

So some moron writes a threatening note and puts it in an airliner seat back. Soon, another passenger who is not one bit smarter than the note’s author informs a flight attendant. The result is that the geniuses at the TSA order the flight diverted and jack the passengers around for an entire day.

If you ever find a note or even a weapon and feel the urge to turn it in or inform anyone just wait and do so after the aircraft has landed and all the passengers have left the plane. Otherwise you will deserve what you get in the way of major grief and aggravation.

The TSA has repeatedly done nothing but anger passengers in their zeal to justify their existence. Perhaps the TSA jerks can pull this garbage enough that nobody will ever want to fly on an airliner again.

It happened again today, this time on a Southwest flight to Las Vegas.

A Profile In Courage

LAPD officer, Kristina Rapatti’s story is one of heroism and heartbreak. This young role model is rebuilding her life after being shot by a career predator the Liberal California criminal justice system refused to keep off the streets despite a 33-page rap sheet.

Officer Ripatti, and her family have been forced to cope with her paralysis for nearly a month. Today she struggles to move from her bed to her new wheelchair. Just a month ago Rippatti was an athlete and runner who could leap tall buildings.

Last night KNBC-TV took viewers into Rippatti’s life as it is today. It’s hard for anyone to watch without tearing up.

God bless Kristina Ripatti and please get her back on her feet.

KNBC-TV story with latest video is here.

Please send love and money here:
Officer Kristina Ripatti
C/O Los Angeles Police Department
Southwest Police Station
1546 West Martin Luther King Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90062

Police Officer Kristina Ripatti Trustee Donation Account
C/O Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410

A Star Has Died.

Yes, I love critters. Too often they are far more civilized than the people I know. It's with a sense of sadness that I report on the death of Moose.

Dogs don’t have an agenda other than survival, food and getting a little attention. Here is my best K-9 friend Gypsy.

A while back I had the good fortune to be personally invited by TV superstar, Kelsey Grammer to attend the last taping of Fraiser for the third season and the Mother Of All Parties, the Wrap Party at Paramount Pictures.

One of the heavyweight stars of the show was Moose who played Eddie. Moose was the delightful little Jack Russell terrier that was as proud of his job as any of the two-legged actors on the show. He was focused and rarely failed to deliver his warmth and great gags.

During the Wrap Party tape from out takes of the season were shown and Moose got more than his share of laughs. Kelsey’s interactions with Moose were a joy to watch. Make no mistake they were a comedy team. Kelsey is a real dog lover. Reading Kelsey’s autobiography, So Far you can imagine the heartbreak when his dog Goose disappeared under the care of a former girlfriend.

As for Moose, he's imortal thanks to lots of DVD sets and TV reruns. He will be making people laugh for a really long time.

Moose’s obituary can be found here.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rush Limbaugh can’t get it up!

Okay, I’m not a fan of the Drug War. I hate any privacy invasion by government into the affairs of citizens unless there is warrant or probable cause of a real crime.

Rush Limbaugh’s sex life is just not the business of government or anyone except Limbaugh. But now millions of Americans have learned that Limbaugh has a limp noodle. Isn’t that too much information?

This earth shattering news came as a result of the US Customs examination of Limbaugh’s luggage at the Palm Beach International Airport. This happened upon his return from after from a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Subjecting someone to three hours of detention over a common drug that is not the subject of known abuse is an outrage. Subjecting Limbaugh or anyone to the potential of public humiliation over a lack of sexual prowess is unforgivable.

Limbaugh’s detractors are having fun with the news but what if this was some high profile Liberal like Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin?

This well publicized non-event should be a road sign that our Drug War is way out-of-control.

Monday, June 26, 2006

KNBC TV Reporter Robert Kovacik Does News!

I was doing a little field producing with KNBC during the Robert Blake criminal trial. Reporter, Robert Kovacik was freelancing too. Getting up before the sun in order to report news for his station’s morning news was Kovacik’s duties.

After an entirely too long period of time KNBC finally brought Kovacik on board as a full time reporter. Kovacik has perfect diction and the good looks any TV news organization would want to tell their news stories. I enjoyed the short time I worked with him.

Since local news is not the least bit competitive in the Los Angeles market this morning provided a real surprise. Kovacik recognized the wanted murder suspect involved the very story he was doing during the middle of a live stand-up.

Kovacik kept his cool as he conducted an impromptu, somewhat short but meaningful interview with suspect, Alvaro Williamson. Williamson wanted to set the record straight while he turned himself in to the LAPD station where Kovacik was doing his stand-ups. The suspect was calm and rational saying; his neighbors had harassed him for nearly a decade. Williams seemed satisfied his neighbor dispute had ended for good.

How many other L.A. market reporters would have confronted a murder suspect that was a foot taller and 75 pounds heavier without fainting? Kovacik, ya did good kid!

Could this start a much-needed competition war in the L.A. TV news market? I certainly hope so!

Now if only someone will actually get to the bottom of this deadly dispute and maybe tell us about the criminal backgrounds of all of the players. Perhaps news directors like KNBC's Robert Long might get new viewers and revenue for his news broadcasts if they begin to supply their viewers why rather than just who, where and when. You know such as some follow up investigation and interviews…

See the KNBC story and video here.

July 8 KNBC-TV update on this story.

Pellicano Wiretap Case Is Not Living Up To Government Hype

For months now I’ve been suggesting that the government has bluffed some big named defendants and their lawyers in the Pellicano wiretapping cases. As a result of the federal puffery some of Pellicano’s indicted clients have fallen on their swords accepting felony convictions and “reduced” sentences by pleading guilty to wiretapping related crimes. Guilty pleas are usually a defendant’s last resort to avoid standing trial.

You’d think after such high profile cases like Martha Stewart’s that people would be smart enough not to answer questions from the FBI when our Constitution protects us from having to do that. One small lie to an FBI agent can net you a prison term. That begs the simple question, why should anyone ever say anything at all to the FBI? The natural urge to talk one’s self out of trouble rarely helps.

Savvy defense lawyers can usually tell when the government can’t deliver all they’ve threatened with when the discovery material is only slowly provided and proves both redundant and lacking. A recent and clumsy example of that can be seen in Mike Nifong’s Duke Lacrosse Rape case.

There is always a common thread in every high profile case that prosecutors announce. They and law enforcement love to parade any evidence they claim to have with their gratuitous press briefings of arrests and Indictments. Prosecutors also know that these big cases take years to resolve. Usually just long enough that the public has forgotten the prosecution’s unfulfilled claims.

The biggest bluff they like to use is suggesting they have or will have and inside, wrongdoing, snitch they’ve twisted by granting him immunity from prosecution.

When the prosecutor’s hide their cards (discovery) that’s always a sign that they’re bluffing. If there’s a moral to this story for defendants it’s to shut up and wait and see what kind of a case the prosecution really has before confessing guilt.

As I see it Pellicano could, win freedom and a new life anywhere he wants if he’d only agree to cooperate with the government and destroy lots of his own clients along the way. So far that has not happened as the five-year statute of limitations has been slipping away.

One thing more, the issue of search, seizure and admissibility of evidence can’t begin to be litigated until all the evidence is disclosed to the defense. That has not yet happened. Like I said before that’s no small matter in this case.

Read the latest the L.A. Times is saying here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Better Firepower For NYPD Officers Is Here!

Okay, you’re one of my NYPD or a friend from a department forced to carry only a pissy little Glock 9MM instead of a real gun to insure your safety on the job.

I’m an advocate for .12 ga or .45 ACP as being minimally adequate for the job. There’s hope for you in the way of a modification! Yes, I support this 9MM Glock!

Miami Terror Plot More Scam Than Substance

Okay we’ve heard all of the federal law enforcement bureaucrats tell us this morning how we’ve all been saved by their great work with a tawdry group of non-Arab boys living in Liberty City, FL.

Our government is in sore need of any and all justification for their wiretapping and questionable privacy invasions of Americans and this beats having nothing to show for their efforts.

Admittedly there was no actual connection to any real know terrorist group. This looks like an informant created plot that snared a bunch of really dumb kids. I’m sure this terror group was led to believe they get lots of money and an exciting Walter Mitty life of adventure.

Could they be dangerous? Anyone can be dangerous. I’m sorry, this has been going on at least since April and not one gun, bomb, or can of gasoline was recovered or alleged to be stored for later use. The question that screams for an answer here is, “Where’s the beef?” I suspect we’re going to learn that the “terrorists” here were hoping to scam some real cash from their “Al-Qaeda” handler-informant.

I’m convinced that a bunch of impoverished and idle young men could be led into this kind of conspiracy that never moves into a real act of violence. Please forgive me while I hold my nose because this case has a foul odor.

She the actual indictment here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why should Murder Suspect Darren Roy Mack Surrender?

Wealthy Reno pawnshop owner, Darren Mack is accused of murdering his wife and presumed by authorities as being the sniper who shot Reno Judge Chuck Weller. Mack has left Reno and is presumed to be on the run.

Mack’s choice is clear since Nevada has the death penalty. Today’s latest flash is that Mack is trying to negotiate his surrender in Mexico. The Mexican government frowns on the idea of returning fugitives facing the death penalty. That leaves Mack with a huge advantage since they can’t kill him.

As for proving a case of murder or attempted murder against Mack the government has a long way to go without eyewitnesses or strong forensic evidence.

If Mack is smart enough to stay out of the police interrogation rooms he may get his life back. This would be a great case for any criminal defense lawyers and private eyes to work on.

An update! Word has it that Mack was to turn himself in to the U.S. Consulate in Mexico. Bad idea! Extradition ant-death penalty protection would be non-existent! If he’s going to do it have an ironclad no death penalty contract! I think negotiating surrenders is another reason is why God made lawyers…

6-23 Yet another update while we slept last night!

Criminals, even rich ones aren’t very smart. Apparently nether is Darren Mack. Using e-mail and telephones he arranged his surrender and has reportedly waived extradition after contacting a lawyer.

I suspect this may not really be a death penalty case because that’s very rare for spouse killing. Should the judge somehow not recover from his wounds Mack undoubtedly would face the death penalty.

A prosecution is next for Mack, The success or failure of the prosecution will hinge on just how talkative Mack has been and will be with officials. It remains to be seen if he has or will incriminated himself.

Cops Fired For Cowardice

This is an awful tale that was caught on tape inside a Chicago supermarket. As one officer struggled for his life with an armed suspect, three others ran away to safety. The officer properly shot and killed the offender.

We know we are not supermen and women. We know we should be careful and as safe as we can be but God only knows if we will somehow always overcome our natural fears to do our jobs. Not all of us are cut out to be cops. Overcautious cops are not that extraordinary but firing them is indeed very rare.

Two of the disgraced cops were recruit woman officers still within their probationary periods were fired and a third, a male officer who recently completed his probation is now facing action before the Chicago Police Board.

I have only one beef here and that is out of four officers sent to deal with a gunman three of them were not seasoned officers. This is like sending the blind to lead the blind. Another issue with some folks is that the two now fired probationary recruits are women. I’ve seen extraordinary courage in many women and cowardice in too many men.

When we hire man and women for police work they should be made of the right stuff. Three officers in Chicago did not measure up and need to find careers in some other field. I hope that the fired officers can get over the huge humiliation of their acts and move on to some other good and prosperous occupations where they don’t fail.

The Chicago Sun Times article is here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jack Webb The Ultimate TV Cop video

Yeah, we all loved Jack Webb's deadpan delivery. If Webb was interrogaing you the jig was up! I dusted off this old piece just so I could practice that famous style.

No Grace in the Departure of Dan Rather From CBS

For the record I’m not one of the fine officers that gave Dan Rather the bum’s rush at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Rather has been around CBS a very long time. He was paid to be what he is, a grandstander, performer who was supposed to deliver the news to TV viewers in a way that would keep them watching. He’s never failed in that task.

Rather has his own political agenda and was caught with his pants down in the Bush National Guard story. Rather than admit the story was bogus or that he was snookered, Rather rode that bomb all the way down. There was no grace, no real apology and no retreat from his flawed position. Rather has painted himself into a dark corner.

The other shoe fell with his awkward departure from CBS. Now Rather is looking to start again elsewhere. His departure from CBS reminds me of earlier times.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is Saddam Hussein Really That Bad A Guy?

I know he was a brutal dictator who ran Iraq with an iron fist. Hussein’s public executions, torture and absolute power did some good for Iraq. Hussein somehow kept the various religious groups from killing each other long enough to produce oil and engage in commerce. That’s a challenge the new government never be able to meet without resorting to Hussein’s brutality and absolute control methods.

I think we have to learn to accept that the people in that region of the world are just not civilized, reasonable or freedom loving. These folks just don’t think like we do and we demand that they become converts.

I’m not sure why we are in Iraq this time but it’s beginning to look like a failed Crusade to me. We will never win this battle unless we resort to the same kind of relentless brutality and killing that does not respect women, children and the elderly. If we are not there to win then it’s time to get out.

The first Gulf War was different, Hussein invaded Kuwait and we stepped in to help that sovereign nation fight off a bully. The bully retreated.

Now the violence, killing and torture in Iraq is beyond any and all efforts civilized countries are willing to utilize in order to gain control. The only thing Iraqis understand is mayhem and that’s something polite societies like ours will never use to gain needed control.

I have not been to an American election in many years where I did not have to hold my nose while I voted for the creeps on the ballot. I don’t see how Hussein smelled any better or much worse than many of our own leaders.

Above all else I support our brave soldiers!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Connie Chung’s Swan Song

Connie Chung was always a respected journalist and broadcaster. I think she did fine until she teamed up with Povich for a show on MSNBC.

Her husband, Maury Povich is a long time freak show host that features pathetic, dysfunctional weirdoes of society. American audiences demand a voyeuristic window into the circus tents and trailer parks of the twisted and tortured. Show hosts Jerry Springer and Povich have been filling that need.

The short-lived Chung-Povich show was yanked off the air. I guess this was supposed to be funny ending but it appears to be a heart breaking swan song for Ms. Chung.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is The Latest NY Subway Attack Publicity Tool To Sell Books And Raise More Taxes?

I can’t bring myself to buy into the latest media fear mongering of Ron Suskind’s new book. Going into this thing I know that fear mongering sells lots of books, newspapers and draws TV viewers. Next they are telling us that that Ayman al-Zawahri had “canceled” the plan in January 2003.

Come on! If that Ayman al-Zawahri could have pulled this off it would have happened! I seriously doubt these bums were capable of manufacturing the devices.

This is simply a case of an unrelable snitch.

Okay, these days we Americans are frightened cowards who expect the sky to fall any second unless senators like Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein can save us with lots of new Liberty restricting laws and more wild, out-of-control government spending.

Instead of buying Suskind’s book or getting too worked up, go out and rent the DVD of the movie, Chicken Little. That film may help you!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seatbelt And Helmet Laws In America

Please, enough jokes about Darwin.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger suffered head injuries and survived. He since vowed to never ride again without a helmet.

My close friend, former TV news reporter turned actor, Rich Skidmore just took an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh because his brother Gary is now in a coma after a motorcycle mishap with both a deer and an oncoming car. Gary Skidmore was not wearing a helmet. In addition Gary suffered other serious injuries.

The huge and well-financed insurance lobby has demanded and gotten mandatory seat belt and helmet laws passed nearly everywhere. Laws demanded and passed to save lives, or boost insurance company profits? I think we all know what’s more important and it’s not life.

I’m a huge fan of seatbelts and helmets along with other protective gear. I’m a bigger fan of Liberty and keeping government out of my life. We don’t need laws to ratify Darwin’s theory of evolution. We need everyone to respect him or herself and their loved ones enough to buckle up or wear a helmet. Please be safe…

A sad update:
Rich Sidmore informed me that his 51 year-old brother Gary was pulled from life support and passed away. Rest in peace, Gary...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Naptime For Compton California School Police

One White and two Latino officers of this department sued claiming that Black officers are not disciplined as harshly as they were. These photos were offered up as evidence. I can imagine that it’s a real challenge to stay awake on the midnight shift watching school buildings.

Wait a minute one of these boys is off in Dreamland and it's daytime!

These guys need blankets, pillows and Teddy Bears!

Dennis Farina To Exit Law & Order

Ex-Chicago police, Area Six (now Area Three) burglary dick, Dennis Farina has left TV’s LAW & ORDER after two seasons. Farina’s long time publicist, Lori De Waal in Los Angeles, recently made the announcement.

Apparently Farina who is currently involved in two feature films now in production, YOU KILL ME and PURPLE VIOLETS, wants to develop films for his own production company. For some reason Farina’s talent shines in films much better than those TV shows.

The films Farina made I enjoyed most were GET SHORTY, MANHUNTER, MIDNIGHT RUN, THAT OLD FEELING and his cameo in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

I can see Farina in yet another role, that of an old Area Six homicide dick, Frank Heatley in that project I’ve been pushing for three years COME FRIDAY. Heatley was a somewhat frustrated older cop who was committed to find a way to keep serial rapist, Robert Ellis off the street. The Heatley character narrates the film and requently stumbles while hunting for Ellis.

Frank Heatley was repeatedly outshined in this investigation by the youngest ever homicide detective who was young enough to be his son. Of course, the real hero was an intended victim of Ellis, recruit policewoman, Ann Leybourne.

Farina was no stranger to Ann Leybourne since they knew each other on the job and Farina had worked with both of Ann’s husbands. Among those heartbroken friends who traveled to Ann’s premature funeral in Michigan was Dennis Farina.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Will Legalizing Drugs Be Good For America?

Let's keep this simple. I'm only asking a question here. Let me begin with the broad statement that I don't smoke, drink or use drugs. I hate the drug culture and the people who use drugs for recreation or addiction.

I've arrested thousands of users and dealers over the course of time I was a policeman. I always felt that the Drug War was a lost cause and pondered better ways of dealing with this huge problem.

If all currently illegal drugs were made legal the profits from this activity would evaporate. The drug producing countries, Drug, Lords, and Drug Czars would all be put out of business in a single day.

Sure the drugs would be sold legally but the price would drop like a rock since they cost no more to produce than sugar or coffee. The seemingly endless criminal enrichment would finally end. That's the only punishment that would really work.

The huge amount of cash spent on drug enforcement could go directly to help those addicted kick the habit in a voluntary treatment setting. I have long believed that treatment works only for those who want to end their drug use.

The reduction of murders and property crimes brought about by legalization would be dramatic to say the least.

Laws against driving while impaired and such could still be enforced. All government entitlements could be denied to those addicts that don't seek treatment. Legalizing drugs would never or should never make drug use acceptable for society or employers.

I don't think any of us will start using this poison just because it is legal.

I want comments on this issue please.

Why Ban Cell Phones When 911 Solves All Our Problems?

They are a lifesaver, yet a curse. Cell phones are everywhere disrupting traffic on the roadway, going off during lectures, movies and religious services. Inconsiderate people with the phones abuse everyone as they enjoy their special ring tones and pollute the quite around us.

Should cell phones be banned in your child’s school? Many teachers, school boards and local governments are demanding they be removed from schools. Of course the school officials who can’t seem to control the criminal behavior of their students are complaining the loudest.

Many cell phones are equipped with cameras that can even capture and send video. Witnesses, victims and even the offenders using these cell phones have documented crimes. Privacy has been invaded as the cell phone/cameras have been pointed up skirts and brought into locker rooms. Along with the bad side of this story came a new field of cell phone forensics has solved thousands of crimes across the nation.

On the other hand cell phones save lives! You can use them to call for medical, fire or police emergencies. Parents can find lost children or vise versa. Cell phones save huge amounts of fuel every day in America. Who should we blame for making 911 the solution to all of our problems?

Cell phones are like guns. It’s not the devices that are a problem but the people that use or abuse them. Outlawing cell phones because creeps in our world abuse them makes little sense.

I think that particularly in schools those charged with discipline need to deal with the bigger picture, the bad behavior that they can’t seem to control. Banning life saving cell phones is just not the answer.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Kristina Ripatti LAPD Fundraiser Today at the Southwest Station

Be sure to click on the pictures to see them full size.

This BBQ was the first of many Kristina Ripatti Fundraisers today at at the Southwest station.

I had lunch with many fine officers from a multitude of agencies today. I was pleased to meet Officer Rippatti’s very proud father who promised to give a certain heroic lady a giant hug for me.

LAPD Role Model Kristina Ripatti

More of the story of the courageous confrontation between Between Kristina Ripatti, her partner and the now dead armed robber has emerged this morning.

It’s indefensible that the career criminal, McNeal was roaming the streets to rob and shoot anyone. Any and all government officials responsible for releasing this violent savage from his cage need to be removed from the government payroll.

As for the LAPD crime fighting team of Kristi Ripatti, fellow officer and husband, Tim Pearce, they are made of the right stuff.

This morning’s L.A. Times covered a bedside press conference as Kristina Ripatti was transferred to a rehabilitation center for the second portion of her recovery.

I know that every cop will pray for Officer Rippati’s total recovery.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tattoos on women are not a good idea...

Security In American Courthouses

A sniper reportedly shot a Reno, NV judge moments ago. SWAT teams are combing nearby buildings in a manhunt for the shooter. That brings up the concept of Court security and the loss of Fourth Amendment Constitutional protection from warrantless searches where authorities lack probable cause.

Today’s Reno shooting came from outside the building, defeating all of the frisking and privacy invasion programs in place.

Judges have been murdered in America. I can only remember two killed while in court in my lifetime. Fulton County, GA, Judge Rowland W. Barnes and Marin County, CA Judge Harold J. Haley.

Judge Haley was kidnapped and murdered during the 1970 escape attempt involving the Soledad Brothers who were in court over an attempted prison break where a guard was murdered. Haley’s death came before the modern wholesale frisking of citizens conducting business in courthouses. Judge Barnes was killed by an escaping prisoner in an Atlanta courtroom where the frisk everyone policy was in place.

This century only two Federal judges were murdered and both of those crimes were committed away from the courthouses. New York Federal District Court Judge Richard J. Daronco was killed at his home. The other killing involved Houston, Federal District Court Judge "Maximum John" Wood who was shot outside his home.

Judges are not immune to attack or murder and deserve trained and armed bailiffs for personal security. This was the system for 200 years. Courthouses do not need to search every visitor like a criminal. This vile and un-American practice needs to end.

Judges are more likely to be attacked on the street or at home anyway. If the judges are so afraid they should take jobs as convenience store clerks or taxi drivers so they can be safe.

I will never submit to being frisked in response to a Jury Summons just on principal.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

LAPD ‘s Kristina Ripatti Is Paralyzed

Heroic LAPD policewoman Kristina Ripatti who was shot twice by a career criminal and convicted murderer is not expected to walk again. Paralyzed from the chest down, Ripatti must now wait for some luck and advances in spinal cord injury medicine to lessen the impact of her life changing injuries.

Ripatti’s life was certainly saved by fellow officers, paramedics and great hospital emergency medical personnel. No doubt Ripatti’s excellent physical conditioning played a strong part in the recovery she’s made so far.

I can’t help but think of former Chicago police officer Jim Mullen who became a quadriplegic after being shot in the face in 1996. Today Mullen has moved on as a motivational speaker and his second career as a WBBM TV reporter. I hope that Mullen can help Ripatti through his own experiences. Just as Ripatti is married to a fellow officer, so is Mullen.

I know that Ripatti will somehow continue as a mother, wife and role model with a productive and rewarding career.

The cost and challenges ahead for Kristina Ripatti will be enormous. I hope that my readers can reach into their pockets and help this fine woman and her family.

The LAPD is holding two fundraisers to aid Ripatti and her family, including a public barbecue at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Southwest station on Martin Luther King Boulevard just west of Normandie Avenue, and another barbecue at the Southeast Division east of Broadway on 108th Street at 11 a.m. June 28.

In addition, the Kristi Ripatti Trustee Donation Account has been established at the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union. Donation checks payable to Ripatti or Pearce should be sent to LAPFCU, 16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410.

L.A. Times Story is here

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Officer Kristina Ripatti Is In Good Spirits But Not Out Of Danger.

LAPD officer Tim Pearce went public today on his brave wife’s condition. He told reporters that Kristina’s spirits and determination are high as she battles the possibility of paralysis from a bullet’s damage to her spinal cord.

It’s just too early to tell as fellow officers from across the country offer their prayers and best wishes for a quick and complete recovery. Tim Pearce said the department and their fellow officers have helped this family with incredible support.

I’ve gotten many e-mails from some of my law enforcement readers as far away as the UK asking for updates on Kristina’s condition.

Pearce talked about real concerns that He and his wife have that a death on the job could impact their young daughter. One thing for sure, Kristina and Tim’s child will always be proud of her brave parents.

I have to now ask, what are California’s far Left Wing politicians going to do to keep their own citizens safe from career criminals like James Fenton McNeal? How about ending the constant effort to throw out the Three Strikes Law? How about giving law-abiding citizens the right to a level playing field with killers, rapists and robbers by returning the right to carry a concealed weapon? Why would California rather protect the health, safety and welfare of violent criminals over honest citizens?

As for my readers who are not law enforcement officers perhaps the very next time you come into contact with a cop even during a dreaded traffic violation stop, take a moment to say thank you to that officer who may well give his or her life to keep you and yours safe.

LAPD Pacific Division At Work In Venice, California

Augustine Contreras, 17 was shot and killed in the Venice High School parking lot this afternoon. Police said that increased racial tensions between Black and Latino street gangs led to this shooting.

Venice High School was used to film the movie Grease in happier days. The sad reality is that Rydell High School seemed to attract much less police attention than Venice High.

The shooter was believed to have fled to the area of Oakwood Park at California and Oakwood Avenues in Venice. Police called out the cavalry complete with helicopters, SWAT gear and dogs. The officers set up a perimeter and conducted a futile search for the gunman.

The City Council has offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the shooter. Contact the Pacific Division homicide detectives at (310) 482-6313 or the LAPD's anonymous tip line at (877) 529-3855.

Sit back and watch the pros from the Pacific Division do their job in this five-minute video.

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August 11, 2006 An update! The LAPD announced that have made an arrest of someone who has been in custody sine June 9th on an unrelated crime for this killing. It took two months but the long arm of the law has snagged 21 year-old, Cymone Donyeal Turner. Police said they are searching for and additional five suspects involved in the killing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Officer Shot By Career Criminal Gunman Is In Stable But Serious Condition.

She’s a wife and mother who is struggling to survive this morning in a local hospital. Her copper husband, Tim Pearce is somehow coping with the aftermath caused by the bleeding hearts that run California’s criminal justice system.

The now dead armed robber, James Fenton McNeal, 52 who shot officer Kristina Ripatti twice, had served multiple prison terms for crimes that included robbery and murder. We must ask ourselves why do we keep electing politicians who insist on the failed policies of letting repeat offenders roam our streets while insisting we be saddled with insane gun laws that only restrict the rights of the law-abiding?

California’s draconian gun laws are enforceable only on the law abiding and never prevent thugs like McNeal from obtaining and criminally using their guns. McNeal is yet another poster boy that proves gun laws just don’t work. It’s long past the time for reform of California’s gun laws to return to the law-abiding their right to carry concealed weapons for self-protection.

We can only hope our hero officer, Kristine Ripatti and her family can somehow quickly heal from this horrible ordeal both physically and emotionally. Officer Rippatti deserves all of our gratitude for having that special courage to confront and deal with a desperate armed robber.

Read today’s L.A. Times story

Sunday, June 04, 2006

LAPD Policewoman Shot And Critically Wounded By Robbery Suspect.

Southwest L.A.-Last night--Officer Kristina Ripatti, 33 responded to an armed robbery call and confronted an armed suspect. Ripatti was shot in the arm and her armpit. The armpit area is usually unprotected by modern police body amour.

Ripatti’s partner returned fire killing the suspect.

I'm sure we will soon see the dead suspect's 8th grade graduation picture and see someone protray him as a victim rather than an armed, deadly criminal.

Crimefile wishes Officer Ripatti a speedy and full recovery.

Story and video here.

Friday, June 02, 2006

This Man Is Exactly Why Americans Need Nationwide Concealed Weapons Carry Rights!

America watched the replay of the security video with absolute horror, the carjacking, abduction of a lovely, young, Birmingham family law lawyer on their cable news programs.

A convicted robber and ex-convict, 35 year-old, Dedrick Griham was finally arrested and the victim rescued by police inside a motel.

In addition to kidnapping and armed robbery, Girham is now charged with one count of rape, two counts of sodomy. The victim endured hours of sheer terror at the hands of this gunman.

I wish the victim a speedy recovery from her ordeal and my full support. I hope she can get on with her life without being stared at as she represents her clients in the local courthouse.

It’s really too bad that the victim or an armed bystander could not have ended these crimes at the point they began.

The laws against carrying firearms as always only work for criminals.

I can’t help but think of how my late friend Annie Leybourne Biebel who escaped the fate of the Birmingham victim because she was both armed and trained to defend herself. If you haven’t yet you can read Annie’s story here.

New Meaning to Break A leg.

That old actor’s phrase, “Break a leg” has new meaning! That of course was said to a lead actor by their understudy in any big production. If the main actor suffered a broken leg the understudy can then take over the role.

This young actress was just a little more creative in her desire for stardom. She wanted to get famous and had a better way. Now she’s really famous!

Working a Tough Beat?

Has your beat gotten a little difficult and hard to control these days? Perhaps this little gem my lend a hand...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

TSA Silliness Delays Yet Another Flight

Chicago--Today a federal air marshal dropped a loaded handgun magazine on a Southwest Airlines flifgt to Kansas City from Midway airport just before the scheduled takeoff. A few rounds of ammunition scattered. The marshal quickly picked up the lose bullets and left the plane. Sounds simple, right? It might be with every other police agency, but never with the TSA!

The marshal chose to leave the plane because his “deep cover” was blown by the incident. The plane was delayed for nearly an hour as the great minds at the TSA pondered just how they should respond to this crisis.

This was a non-event! However, when it comes to the TSA anything and everything be must turned into a giant clusterphuck. People have to be inconvenienced, aggravated and made miserable in order to satisfy the patronage hacks who run the TSA.

The Chicago Tribune covered this story so you can expect to read about it in the morning.

Tell NM Governor Bill Richardson To Pardon Sergeant Billy Andrers

On Dec 18th, 2004 Deputy Robert Hedman and his partner Sgt Billy Anders, were both working for the Otero County Sheriff’s Dept in New Mexico when they responded to a call of a shooting. When it was over, a violent armed felon/ex convict, Earl Flippen murdered Deputy Robert Hedman and a woman. Sergeant Anders survived the encounter but is in prison today for killing Flippen.

CNN reporter Dan Simon interviewed Billy Anders in prison and reports this heartbreaking story. See the video here:

ABC News Reports the story here:

New Mexico Bill Richardson can be contacted by e-mail for a request for a commutation and pardon here: