Monday, March 25, 2013

The Gift of Friends

On a plane from Geneva or Amsterdam a few years ago I sat next to a man and we struck up a conversation.  We seemed to hit it off well and exchanged business cards and went on our way.
Later this man’s family became involved in multi-million dollar litigation.  I got a call from his attorney and this fellow I remembered from the plane.  They needed some serious investigation. 
Soon I was sent out of state to get the skinny on the adverse party and spent a week or more doing just that.  I searched far and wide for something resembling a smoking gun for use in the courtroom.   My client’s lawyer really put a tight leash on me somewhat obstructing my areas of inquiry.   In these kinds of things the lawyer is the boss. I held my nose and obeyed him.
I turned up a bunch of things but nothing seemingly particularly exciting.  I called in my information from the field and forwarded my report later.
I was disappointed that I found nothing seemingly spectacular.  I felt they did not get the bang for the buck.  Boy was I wrong!  The documents showed that the adverse party committed perjury and the winds of fortune changed dramatically for my client.
My new client was a rare one.  He’s sane, sober, hard working and shared many of my interests.  Now my client has become a great friend and that’s the real bonus for that job.  The gift of friends is a true blessing in life. 
My new friend found at least one more friend through my friends.  Friendship is contagious.  I must say I like how this turned out. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Who is Arizona Milke, a Victim or Just Another Dysfunctional Drug Addicted Ex-Convict?

Phoenix, AZ—Mark Henry Milke has legally changed his name to Arizona Milke.  It’s understandable, he’s got a very troubled past.  He is an ex-convict and drug addict that happens to be the father of four-year old Christopher MilkeJames Styers and Roger Scott murdered Young Christopher Milke in December of 1989.
If Debra Milke is guilty of any wrongdoing it was by being smitten as a young adult by this smooth older con man.  Mark Milke had that bad boy image and young Debra was delusional that she could meet the challenge to somehow change and tame him. 
Mark Milke was a sometime carpet installer when he was not in jail, prison or simply idle because of alcoholism, mental illness or his drug addiction.  Milke has a long documented history of domestic violence with numerous women.  The Orders of Protection, mental commitments and criminal cases were once all available at the Maricopa County Court Clerks records.  Later the law was changed and his mental commitments were removed from public viewing.  I still have two old case numbers.
Early in their failed marriage Debra, soon learned that Mark was dangerous and a horrible excuse for a father.  He did not support his child and refused to stop his law breaking and substance abuse.  Mark threatened Debra and Christopher and that sent Debra Milke running to the courts for protection during their divorce.
Debra Milke had to seek safety from Mark and her sister knew a sometime church going James Styers who was a single father of a girl  Christopher’s age.  Styers was a Marine veteran living on a disability pension.  More importantly Styers had a two-bedroom apartment and offered to rent one to Debra and her son. 
Styers quickly tried to romance Debra but she understandably rebuffed the older man.  Soon Debra got a better paying job across town and rented her own two bedroom apartment in Tempe close to her job.  It was after Debra’s announcement to James that he and Roger Scott decided to kill Christopher.  Was this because Styers believed Debra would not move away while her son was missing?  Did Styers somehow think he‘d finally be in line for Debra’s affections under those circumstances?
Mark Milke took no part in Christopher’s murder but I think it’s clear that his mental illness, drug addiction and threatening violence placed little Christopher right into harm's way.  I’m convinced that had Mark Milke been any kind of a father Christopher would be alive today.  Mark Milke is not without serious guilt here.
When Christopher was murdered Mark Milke quickly became a self-promoter.  He immediately used his new status and fame to garner sympathy, sex and financial support from gullible women.  Some of the women later got Orders of Protection and later had to flee from Mark Milke too.
Mark Milke’s new pick-up line was, “My ex-wife murdered my son to get back at me!”  He’d carry around a little Teddy bear and his son’s ashes in a belt fanny pack.    Soon Mark Milke misplaced Christopher’s ashes and to this day does not know where they may be. 
Mark Milke bragged to me after the trial and sentencing of his ex-wife how he hid the family photo album from her lawyer and trial court.  He actually loaned it to me to photograph for a future Channel 10 television story.  In it there were hundreds of great color photographs of a very happy Debra and Christopher Milke.  A clean apartment, great kids clothes, toys and there was a wonderful story of motherly love revealed by those pictures.
Mark Milke has capitalized on his son’s murder in every way he could.  His conduct was beyond disgraceful and despicable.  Arizona Mark Milke has never missed an opportunity to smear his long-suffering ex-wife with the media.  Due perhaps to financial reasons the media no longer vets their sources.   So this troubled ex-con-husband is allowed to smear Debra Milke relentlessly and unchallenged.

In all of Mr. Milke’s efforts to smear his former wife claiming he “knows she is guilty” he never once mentions that he was unable to give police or prosecutors one scintilla of evidence of her involvement in the crime.  Arizona Milke never testified in any proceeding whatsoever in this case.  That alone should scuttle any credibility of his outrageous and self-serving claims.   
As for Debra Milke She has won a new trial for now and will have to continue the fight for her freedom.  However now the prosecution has been exposed for their outrageous obstruction of justice, promotion of detective Armando Saldate's perjury and the truth seems to be traveling in the direction of setting Debra Milke free.   

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Appealing the Illinois Concealed Weapons Case to the U.S. Supreme Court…

Chicago, IL—The 7th U.S. Court of Appeals struck down the blanket Illinois prohibition against law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons.   Illinois was the hold out state with no provision for the bearing of arms outside the home.
The question on the minds of Second Amendment legal beagles is about the benefits or drawbacks of an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.   Gun rights hating Chicago politicians stand to lose in a big way.  Additionally the possibility exists that a handful of states may also lose the arbitrary dictatorial control they used to victimize citizens for decades.
The real controversy here is the concept of may or shall issue concealed weapon permits.

The abuse of citizens gun rights in the may issue states is appalling and tyrannical.  California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington, DC issue permits only to the politically connected in most cases.  These systems are rife with massive corruption and racial discrimination. 
If Chicago’s politicians want to appeal their failed gun prohibition to the Supreme Court they will be bring the matter to the same court that decided Heller and McDonald.  That court will not be friendly to the continued obstruction of Second Amendment rights and can be expected to rule in a way that settles concealed carry as the logical extension of gun bearing rights. 
I doubt the Supreme Court would stay lower court rulings like the 7th Circuit Court’s pending their own ruling.  The ramifications may well bring an end to the arbitrary concept of, may issue permits nationwide.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has apparently recognized that an appeal to the US Supreme Court many well backfire and has avoided filing an appeal.  Now Madigan is being nagged, harassed and aggravated by ignorant gun rights haters like Governor Pat Quinn to take the appeal forward to a demonstrated pro-gun rights Supreme Court.   They may force her to appeal but what could they possibly gain?
I say file the appeal and let the fun begin!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly is Out As The New Face of Gun Control Propaganda.

Tucson, AZ—Say it ain’t so!  Just one day after railing for a ban on so-called assault weapons, high capacity ammunition magazines and expanded background checks on simple family gun transfers it seems our retired space cadet Mark Kelly was buying the very guns he has been castigating.
Right now gun control has no face since Sarah Brady simply got too old and had to retire.   Gabby Giffords might be a natural choice because she got newfound fame for being the target of an armed madman.   Sadly Gifford’s injuries have robbed her of her ability to handle the duties required.  Currently here is no famous face of a knowledgeable and dedicated gun banner to take on that role.   The right quasi-celebrity could garner a large paycheck along with a high profile.  The gun banners had high hopes that Mark Kelly could fill Sarah Brady’s shoes.
Gabby Giffords was not exactly a supporter of Obama style gun control.  She actually had her own concealed weapon permit but unfortunately she chose to attend that fateful meet and greet event unarmed and defenseless.  The Democratic Party begged her to help them with their cause after the Sandy Hook school shooting.   Giffords and her husband opted for the anti-gun spotlight.  Apparently their personal convictions simply did not mirror their new high profile propaganda effort.
Kelly was suddenly walking the walk and talking the gun control talk. He testified before Congress and Just one day after giving similar testimony before the Colorado legislature he was out buying his own AR-15 rifle.  So much for Kelly’s public whining that no one needs these kinds of firearms.
Kelly walked into Tucson’s Diamondback Police Supply where he purchased an AR-15 carbine, several so-called high capacity magazines and a 1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol. Now they are in damage control mode suggesting he was somehow conducting an “undercover investigation” checking on the gun buying process.   Was law enforcement involved with Kelly’s Spook job?  Apparently that’s not the case.
Kelly has just dashed any hope of any other requests to become the celebrity gun ban advocate.  I guess someone else will have to be found for this coveted high paying propaganda position. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Concealed Weapons and Illinois, the Future

Chicago, Il—When it comes to Chicago’s politicians corruption and arrogance knows no bounds.  The Looney Left Wing rules the State of Illinois because of the heavy population of Cook County.  The rest of the somewhat vast land mass of the state is politically conservative, crime free and under the thumb of dictators they despise.
Chicago’s politicians and their appointed bureaucrats have routinely violated citizen’s gun rights for more than three decades.  They have falsely arrested and convicted people for merely keeping and bearing arms under peaceful conditions. 
Finally challenges to Chicago’s gun bans and the state ban on carrying concealed weapons has been ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.  They have been given a six-month grace period to craft law that does not violate citizen’s rights to carry concealed weapons.  Of course that does not sit well with these jerks that think they are above the law.
Instead of making a new law as they were ordered.  They’ve crafted amendment after amendment that only makes new gun bans and obstacles for law-abiding gun owners.  The bill to legalize concealed weapons is nowhere near being accomplished.  Frankly that’s really the best solution.
When the 180 day grace period expires and there is no new legislation that can pass muster with the 7th Circuit every citizen with a valid FOID card will be able to carry a concealed weapon virtually anywhere. 
The FOID cards are issued by the Illinois State Police after background checks and identity verification. It’s a slow process that creates yet more impairment to the right to keep and bear arms.
The arrogance, ignorance and hostility of Chicago politicians will backfire as freedom, liberty and the right of self-defense returns to the Windy City.

The Berlin Portion of The Fifth Estate Spielberg Film has Wraped!, by Paul Huebl

Berlin, Germany— The principal Berlin photography involved with, The Fifth Estate is finished and now they are off to Belgium for the rest of the production.  I can’t wait to see the final product. This is yet another milestone for Studio Bablesberg located in one of my favorite cities.
Governments have a terrible habit of lying to their citizens, as they get involved in deadly adventures and intrigue that few rational people would approve.   This is a story about the failure of civilized nations to engage in honorable diplomacy.
Investigative Journalist, hacker and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange risked his life and liberty to expose the truth to the citizens of the world.  Today there is a price on Assange’s head.  The government and people of Ecuador are protecting him from imprisonment in any number of nations.

Any great effort like the wildly successful WikiLeaks website brings conflict even among friends and this film explores that and other issues.  In most circles Assange is hated and considered a traitor.  I see it differently.  I find it very difficult to accept that exposing the truth is somehow wrong. 
As a journalist Assange is a hero.  Long ago the late, George Orwell so adequately said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”  Assanage sure brought out the dogs when he published thousand of secret cables that exposed government treachery, dishonesty and hostility.   I can’t fault him for exposing the truth.  I don't think this film will speak well for Assange but we will wait and see. 
Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks is producing this sure to become a blockbuster film.  It’s based upon the writings of Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Luke Harding.
Film director Bill Condon molded a troupe of fine actors into this fascinating story.  Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl, Carice van Houten and one of my favorite American actresses Laura Linney star in this film.
I have a special fondness for the multi-talented Dutch actress Carice van Houten’s fine work.  I hope to somehow obtain a video interview with her about the challenges she’s faced in her career when she visits Los Angeles later this month.  That will depend on how much time she can spare for Crimefile News.  Ms. Van Houten’s name surely will be exploding on American theater marques over the next few years.  Of course if I can land that interview you will see it right here at Crimefile News.

America’s K Through 12 Education has Become a Pure Propaganda Program

You can see these kids are not buried in books or anything academic.  
In every major city in America our children have been politically groomed with Leftist doublespeak and disinformation.  Our high school graduates understand the joys of Socialism but cannot effectively read or write.  They can’t answer simple question about our form of government and have no clue what the Bill of Rights really says or means.  They have never learned how Socialism failed everywhere.  They can’t tell you much about how America came to exist.
The teacher’s unions designed this system of child abuse and the politicians have given them their blessing.  These children have a future of poverty and pain because they were programed specifically for the welfare/nanny state.  These kids have no choice but to support Socialism because they have not learned about competition, communication skills or how to escape poverty.  They have been molded into incredibly ignorant and parasitic entitlement zombies.
Parents that send their precious children to today’s public schools are seriously putting them at risk.  Home schooling or a private education will definitely increase their chances at a better life.  Our junior colleges and colleges by necessity have become remedial reading centers.  Even a four-year college degree does not even insure a student can write a coherent essay unassisted upon graduation. 
How can we fix this mess?  I believe it’s much too late.  How did we let that happen?

Friday, March 08, 2013

Drew Peterson Has Another New Lawyer, The Public Defender!

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson recently convicted of murder is now serving a 38 year sentence that seems to guarantee he dies in an Illinois prison.  The conviction was obtained through tainted hearsay evidence banned in America since the adoption of our Bill of Rights
Americans have lost or seen liberty watered down, as right after right is destroyed with unlawful searches, arms prohibitions, Due Process and free speech abuses.   Hearsay evidence in court trials is something out of the Third Reich, not a free nation.
Whatever you may think about Drew Peterson he would never have been convicted without the outrage of hearsay evidence being used against him.  Peterson was denied the Constitutional right to confront witnesses testifying against him.  If this happened to him it can happen to anyone.  Prosecutors can now convict anyone they choose for anything they want.  We fought wars to prevent what happened in the Drew Peterson case.
Several lawyers represented Peterson during the trial.  They all had different ideas but every ship has a captain and that was Joel Brodsky.   Neither Brodsky nor any lawyer can be perfect especially in a system that seems to change rules hourly.  I will suggest every lawyer on the team wanted to win but personalities and egos understandably clashed. 
When Peterson was convicted the legal team suffered a massive meltdown.  The bad feeling and lawsuits between the lawyers may last for years or even a lifetime.  The blame naturally will fall on the captain of the ship.  I say the blame was misplaced because of the breakdown of simple justice through the introduction of hearsay evidence.
The term, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel was used to attack former lead lawyer, Joel Brodsky By Steven Greenberg.  Every appeal seems to allege ineffective lawyering because it’s a necessary shot to win a new trial.   Even the greatest lawyers can be found ineffective at some time in a complicated trial.  The claim has been overblown.
In the end an understandably desperate Drew Peterson was convinced he’d instantly win a new trial by allowing legal team member Steve Greenberg to fire Brodsky and crafts a motion for a new trial.   Brodsky was forced to withdraw from the defense and then his legal strategy became the target of Greenberg’s motion for new trial.  It was a nasty display that seemed more about vendetta than real issues.  Somehow the hearsay evidence issue was lost in the avalanche of bad feelings.
The Motion for a new trial was an in artful mess that did not survive and Peterson was sentenced to prison.  Suddenly and quietly Greenberg and his co-counsel dropped Peterson as a client. 
That withdrawal by his new lead lawyer Greenberg left Peterson totally unrepresented.   The Court has already appointed the Illinois Appellate Defender for further proceedings that are expected to take years or even decades to resolve these incredibly important issues.
The Drew Peterson Defense Team is dissolved now.  In retrospect their enemy was government tyranny not each other or failed valiant efforts.   The prosecutor along with the Illinois Legislature and the trial judge ganged up to deprive Peterson of his right to confront witnesses against him in court.  Unfortunately tyranny won and civil rights, freedom and liberty lost.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Americans Need Better Legal Protection From Government Criminals

Washington, DC—They say DNA and fingerprint evidence does not lie and that’s for the most part a correct statement.  However those government officials involved in the investigation, collection, preservation and examination of evidence occasionally do some horrible things.  When that happens often it is a perfect crime, because proving such a case is almost impossible.
In 1990, Shirley Kinge was convicted in an arson/murder case that where four people perished.  The investigator involved was truly a Golden Boy, New York State Police Trooper, Robert M. Lishansky.  He was an 11 year veteran of that agency and considered one of their brightest and best investigators. 
Lishansky was lifting prints from plain paper copies of filed inked fingerprint cards with standard lifting tape and then claiming he lifted them at crime scenes.  At crime scenes latent prints are made visible by dusting them with a fine black powder that sticks to the latent print oily material.  The tape is then used to lift the print image and then placed on a white card where it can be clearly observed, photographed and classified for comparison with the prints of potential suspects. 
The prints “collected” by Lishansky always looked identical to those normally found at crime scenes.  However under special, non-routine scientific analysis the chemical makeup of the black material was copier toner, not fingerprint dusting powder!  Lisansky walked into courtroom after courtroom and gave perjured testimony with a straight face destroying lives along the way.  Lishansky was schooled in the frame-up procedure by his police supervisor, David Harding.
While being considered for a CIA position Lishansky’s supervisor David Harding was proving his skills as a secret agent to CIA official.  Harding bragged that he could frame anyone for murder and explained his techniques with some recent examples.  Harding may have been delusional in that he felt that this conduct was acceptable, or was he?  Just what did Harding’s superiors really know?  The CIA blew the whistle on Harding and before it was over he confessed to fingerprint tampering in numerous cases.
Lishansky was convicted and sentenced from 6 to 18 years in prison. Harding was sentenced to from 4 to 12 years.
The real rub here is that the victims of the frame-ups all were put in prison for much longer terms on the basis of the falsified evidence.  Thankfully New York abolished the death penalty or Shirley Kinge would have been sent straight to Death Row.  Kinge was released from prison soon after the tampering came to light.  
Lishansky and Harding were dangerous serial criminals with police badges.  Under the laws of our states and the Federal Government a single incident of evidence tampering and perjury would normally allow for probation even if it involved a death penalty case.  Since this and many other cases involving corrupt crime lab technicians the penalties have not been increased.
We must change our laws to at least make perjury and evidence-tampering crimes carry the same penalty that the falsely accused and prosecuted victim was facing.   Here the cops framing innocents got prison only because it involved numerous cases.