Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Gun Hollywood Lawyer Gets Prison Term And Disgrace

Los Angeles, CA. His name was prominently first on the Century City law firm’s door, Christensen, Glaser, Fink, Jacobs, Weil & Shapiro, LLP. These lawyers are some of the biggest players in town.

You can say the bigger they are, the harder they fall and not be wrong here. A federal jury convicted Terry Christensen of conspiracy and wiretapping in connection with legal work performed on behalf of the ex-wife billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian.

Today a federal judge sentenced Terry Christensen, 67 to 36 months in prison and levied a quarter-million dollar fine against him in the Anthony Pellicano Wiretap case

Christensen is very lucky at his age to be free on bail pending the lengthy appeal process. We can expect no stone to remain unturned in efforts to win a reversal and new trial. The odds on winning a criminal case during an appeal are 95 to 5 against success on average.

I see a tragic end to a brilliant career because of a ruthless PI who employed illegal methods. I can’t imagine the heartbreak Christensen, his friends and family are going through right now. Disgrace and disbarment has brought a cloud over Century City and a family getting ready for the holidays.

I somehow don’t feel bad to have never made a case I’d been assigned so important as to place a client at risk for this kind of damage. I’m sure some lawyers would not hire me to work their cases because I would never allow something like what led to today’s event from happening.

Those lawyers and Hollywood high rollers that have escaped their involvement now live in fear that the crooked PI they hired may get tired of prison and testify against them.

I’m happy to say no lawyer client of mine has ever or will ever face jail, disgrace or disbarment on account on something I’ve done. I will only help my clients, and never place them in that kind of danger. I can and do win cases without unlawful methods.


Anonymous said...

3 years for wiretapping? That is insanely harsh.

Anonymous said...

I’ve used your services since I got my first job out of law school 24 years ago. I remember how you went out of your way to protect me from my own potential mistakes.

If Christenson used you he’d still have his name on the door and saved millions. His client would have been better off too. You’re the best! That’s why I put you on my team for anything important at our firm.