Sunday, November 22, 2015

Extortion, Criminal Racketeering and Our Beloved Government

Phoenix, AZ—When I began lobbying the Arizona State Legislature for the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators it was a real eye opener.
There are 90 members of the Legislature and back then they were not yet subject to term limits.  Many of them were seemingly decent.
The self-elected leadership had the real power and they were difficult to talk to about the legislation that was with beneficial or damaging to the industry, taxpayers or both. Along with the power of leadership came magnificent arrogance.
There was a price for even minimal meaningful access.   Without campaign contributions or other payments there was no access to the leadership.  Access to the unwashed members was usually free but in general getting any significant help from them was also for sale.
There was an undercover law enforcement sting conducted in 1991 called AZSCAM.  It was named after the notorious FBI sting call ABSCAM.  
The late Arizona undercover operative named, Joe Stedino brought bags of cash to members of the Legislature and found several incredibly reckless and greedy takers.  Hidden video of these fools grabbing the cash made for great television!  They were quickly indicted, disgraced and served prison terms. 
Sadly the leadership of the Legislature was warned by the late director of the AZ Dept of Public Safety and avoided Stedino like the plague. 
I knew some the defense lawyers and prosecutors well enough that they told me about the tip off. However nobody could ever prove that was the case.  Arizona’s political leaders made sure that the AZSCAM investigation would never widen.  
It's politicians that appoint all of the top law enforcement jobs and chasing corrupt government officials is a quick career ender.  There are very rare instances where the leadership wants to exile some fellow member not considered a team player and he or she just might win a trip to Club Fed.   
Every AZ lobbyist knew that they were dealing with legislative pimps and whores.  Getting their needed leadership legislative access was anything but free.   Those that could paid up and were successful.  Since I had empty pockets AALPI always went without.  
The extortion game was somewhat reversed because lobbyists learn the unwritten pay to play rules.  Matching the success moving legislation with the contributions is simple.  However nobody ever gets in trouble anymore in any city council, state legislature of for that matter the U.S. Congress.
Recently I read something that amazed me.  A professor at a prestigious university wrote about something that just rocked my conscious.  A foreign government needed access to our Congress and Whitehouse.  Yes, they have ambassadors, but in order to get access they were forced to hire a high-powered Washington lobbyist! 
I actually saw that shameful lobbyist’s contract.  How outrageous is that?  That clear and convincing evidence may never get significant attention!
How can we stop this?  Oh, you say simply make a law outlawing the practice of lobbyists handing out money?  There’s just one problem the pimps and whores in every lawmaking body in America would never vote for that!  I don’t know the solution; our founding fathers sure fell flat on that one. 
Getting elected to any legislative position is a sure ticket to wealth.  For some people crime pays not only pays, it pays really big.  You can count on law enforcement turning a blind eye for obvious reasons.
What’s the answer?  When I’m in the right neighborhood I'm going visit a certain Political Science professor for his input.  Yes, I think it's time for another documentary film!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Things Just Got Serious in Paris, Have We Learned Anything?

Paris, France—One again Islam has spread its gut wrenching, deadly poison on totally innocent people that were defenseless soft targets.
My European friends have all been brainwashed their entire lives that law-abiding people will instantly become murdering bloodthirsty fiends if they were allowed to keep and carry firearms.
In Europe the propaganda war against gun ownership has been won with lies, half-truths and by spreading fear.  Political correctness in Europe today begins and ends with gun rights hatred.
The 12-year death grip that Nazis had on Europe was facilitated by European gun bans.   The established military organizations had no back up.  Instead there are endless unarmed millions of meek sheep waiting to suffer or die at the hands of tyrants.
Thankfully in the United States there are millions of well-armed, trained citizens that will fight for they and their family’s lives.  If the police or military become overwhelmed there is a back up of citizens that will be led by retired cops and veterans. 
Thankfully Barack Obama’s hatred for gun right has caused millions of more smart Americans to obtain and get training with firearms.  It was not fear of a gun ban that caused this but fear of Obama and his Leftist minion’s power grabs. 
The Islamic style attacks such as in Paris could only succeed in the gun ban enclaves like New York, New Jersey California and Chicago.  If they tried that crap in Houston, Phoenix or Atlanta a terrorist attack would be challenging to say the least.
Along with gun rights there is a mindset that was gallantly exhibited by three American lads who happened to be on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris earlier this year.  They first fought for their own lives and saved countless others in the process.
Europe has opened its arms to a “refugee” invasion from Syria.  With an onslaught of millions of military aged Islamic men in a peaceful and unarmed Europe what could possibly go wrong?
It’s a grand recipe for disaster.  Europe is about to change forever.
I began this asking, what have we learned?  Sadly gun control is a political issue rather than one of simple survival.  Politicized by politicians seeking absolute control form their governed.  I doubt anyone has learned much. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

I Really Love This Drone Video!

I shot this on November 11 in L.A. near the 405 Freeway and The Getty Center.  This was done with a DJI Inspire 1.  The highest altitude achieved was 300 feet and the further distance traveled was only 500 feet.  This is so addicting!  Please enjoy!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

We Drone Aficionados Must Secure or Lose Our Place in the Nation’s Airspace!

Washington, DC—Lies, lies and more damn lies are being spread about our multi-rotor camera drones like wildfire.
Months ago the FAA claimed they were investigating some 700 complaints of near misses with conventional aircraft.  Not one photo, video, captured drone has been ever produced.  Nor has there ever been a collision between any conventional aircraft and a multi-rotor drone. 
The nations pilots all know this drone technology will take them out of the cockpit sooner or later.  Aircraft will be operated from offices or vehicles on the ground.  There is no need to risk lives for aerial image gathering, firefighting or newsgathering. 
Despite two million drones in untrained civilian hands there’s never been a fatality, serious injury or significant related property damage reported anywhere.  Drones have a near perfect safety record.
However the lies have joined with fear and loathing to see ignorant politicians making many more well-intentioned bad laws.
They seem to have forgotten or chose to ignore our First Amendment Rights to capture and publish images with our flying cameras.  Absent any clear and convincing safety concern flying our drones is Constitutionally Protected Activity.
We can meekly whine and respectfully contact lawmakers.  Liberty has never been won from government by gentle, respectful or sheepish efforts.
Make no mistake our government has already seriously violated drone owners/operators rights to fly and engage in commerce with our captured images.
The FAA or NTSB won’t be discouraged in their shrewd efforts to expand their size by as much as 500% to over-regulate all the 12 year olds with small drones.
If we are to insure our rights in the airspace we must show anger at any and all governmental abuse of power. 
In the Bible, Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the earth.”  The key word there is, inherit, meaning after death! If you want to fly your drone in this lifetime you must stand up for your rights!
We must always remember that It’s the squeaky wheel that get’s the grease.  We must be loud, proud and militant to preserve Liberty.   Freedom has never been won from any government in history by gentle persuasion.
The NRA conducted a similar battle and had it not been for their not so gentle rhetoric, rapid-fire litigation and militancy firearms would have been confiscated and destroyed long ago.
I don’t just like flying my drone I absolutely love it.  I will fly safe so I don’t damage my equipment or lose it.  I will not lay down like a sheep for slaughter for politicians or anyone. 
I will leave you with a great quote from a somewhat notorious fellow, “ You can get a lot more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.”—Alphonse Capone

Enjoy this flight!

Cops Enforcing Democrat's Trivial Laws Can and do Turn Deadly!

Los Angeles, CA—There has been a rash of deadly police shootings that have fired up emotions.  Those complaining the most vote for the politicians most responsible for creating the tinderbox conditions.
Democrats have never found anything they did not want to criminalize or tax to death.  They were the driving force behind every kind of vice law like gambling, prostitution.  They are also the ones that demanded that cops enforce laws they created for wearing seatbelts.
Every large city in America (and they are all run by Democrats) have enacted huge fines for parking and traffic violations even going so far to computerize cameras to issue citations in conjunction with radar or red lights.
Cops were once people we could count upon to help and protect us. However Democrats have turned cops into government extortionist bagmen.  Cops are feared because they have a serious financial impact on citizens they contact.  
Cops are sworn to enforce all laws including those for the most trivial violations. They have no choice but to arrest and cite. 
Now when cops do their job and people get hurt or worse when they resist arrest and assault the cops it’s the Left Wing that whines and screams the most. 
I think what the Left really wanted is for these trivial laws to only be enforced against affluent White people.  Of course it does not and should not work that way. 
The trivial laws have also become Probable Cause tools to stop and search those suspected of more serious crimes.   The majority vast majority of times these stops are fruitless but innocent people are understandably left angry for being singled out for a search.
There is a better solution and that is to get these laws off the books and to stop using cops like Mafia enforcers. 
Perhaps the big city Democrat politicians need to entice the productive taxpayers with meaningful tax breaks to return to their cities.
Democrats need to learn how to embrace freedom rather then over-regulating everything in sight.   They need to encourage rather that discourage self-reliance.
Cops need to be returned to their traditional role as trusted and respected keepers of the peace.   

Friday, November 06, 2015

My Reaction to Quentin Tarantino’s Recent Denouncement of America’s Cops

Hollywood, CA—I salute every performer or artist in the world for his or her contributions both big and small.  What a horrible world we’d be living in without the art, music, films, plays, dance and comedy.
We all have our favorites celebrities.  Sometimes we are disappointed or shocked upon learning their personal politics or attitudes.  Sean Penn, Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand immediately come to mind. After Hollywood's Blacklisting of Leftist artists in the 1950's it's now those artists on the Right getting the treatment.  Mel Gibson and James Woods are two of today's examples.
I’m perhaps overly tolerant all people when in comes to those whose views are totally opposite of mine.  Sometimes those people have been indoctrinated their entire lives and believe every lie ever broadcast or published.  My job is to lead them by tolerance, kindness and example.
I’m a really Conservative Libertarian.  In Hollywood I’ve meet some really Left of center people that are incredibly talented and kind.  Actor Martin Sheen is a great example.  Sheen told me how he wanted to be a NYPD officer, applied and was promptly rejected when he fell ½ inch too short.
Sheen actually wanted to get my script, Come Friday about the Chicago policewoman hero Annie Leybourne made into a feature film. .  He spent some serious time hooking me up with his talent agency, ICM.   The film has still not yet been made because of issues not under his or my control. 
Recently mainstream media has given a massive soapbox to professional race baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Starpton.  Every young African-American criminal killed by a white cop is treated like a innocent victim of a KKK lynching.  This is in part because both print and broadcast media is dying and they hope to prolong their existence with the sensationalism they too often create.
Now comes a somewhat self taught and gifted writer/film director into to the limelight for making ignorant, and hurtful denouncements of the men and women of law enforcement.   Yep, Quentin Tarantino took the floor of the debate and managed to offend thousands including me.
The immediate reaction of my cop friends was to call for a boycott of Tarantino’s films.  I was hoping the law enforcement community would put more thought into their reaction showing more tolerance than Tarantino.  That was not the case however.
There is a lot more than Tarantino involved here.  There are hundreds of fine men and women in the cast and crew of his films.  We’ve all see the endless credits rolling after every film. Punishing Tarantino also victimizes them.
Do we want to kill the hope and dreams of the young actors lucky enough to land a role in a Tarantino film?
Tarantino was emotional and convinced that he was addressing valid concerns.  I’m sure he never once thought about how politicians keep criminalizing more and more conduct.  I’m sure he never though of how the politicians have turned cops into extortionist bagmen to collect excessive fines from citizens for very trivial violations.
I say that it’s okay to rebuke Tarantino but a boycott of his films that we’ve all enjoyed is not the answer.  Let’s show Tarantino that our skin is much thicker than we’ve displayed so far.  I think all of us are guilty of putting our foot in our mouths at one time or another.  Go see his new film and judge it on its own merit.  I’m not going to miss the film, Hateful Eight.
When I have my next chat with Tarantino I will let him know that more than the cops, he hurt their wives and children more by his rash remarks.  I will forgive Tarantino for his thoughtless rant just as I ask my Liberal friends to overlook mine.  It’s going to be really difficult for Tarantino to save face here.  Let’s help him along.