Sunday, December 30, 2012

The New York Journal is Endangering The Innocent By Publishing Gun Owner Data

Yep, I'm a gun owner standing here with a loaded S&W .44 Magnum.  I must ask," Do ya feel lucky punk?  Well do ya?" 
Phoenix, AZ—I personally wrote no less that 14 bills to legalize the carrying of concealed weapons in Arizona.  There was one bill for every year until it finally passed.   I relentlessly lobbied the Arizona Legislature along with Landis Aden from the Arizona State Rifle Association.  It was a long and challenging battle. 
I can remember the stiff opposition from even the Republican leadership.  The late Senator Jackie Steiner emotionally warned me, “Your bill will bring shootouts to every traffic accident in Arizona!”  I quietly informed the good Senator that Arizona law already allowed people to keep loaded guns in their automobile glove compartments.  Steiner vowed to do something about that but thankfully never followed up on the threat. 
I did not write the final bill that passed but it contained 90% of what I included in prior bills.  They left out just one important thing I always added.  That was a measure to prevent the release of permit information except to criminal justice agencies.
When the bill sans the data protection aspect was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee I quickly testified that any hit man, rapist or burglar could access the data as a public record to prepare for a deadly crime.  The committee saw the light and the final bill was amended to include the data protection and was passed and became law.
As each state enacted Right to Carry legislation many of them omitted the data protection and news reporters published this sensitive personal data.   Soon states took steps to protect these databases for obvious reasons.
Now in a move to embarrass, enrage and endanger gun owners the New York Journal published the entire gun owner database complete with a map to their homes.  Of course the data could be accessed just as the Journal did, but this news organization simply chose to enable and facilitate the criminal predators in the community.  Most common thugs are simply not clever enough to make a Freedom of Information request to government agencies.
Along the way the New York Journal also provided rapists, burglars and killers with a method to determine if their intended victims were unarmed and defenseless.  This reckless action by the New York Journal opens the door to serious unintended consequences. 
Politicians that hate gun rights like the idea of public accessible gun registration databases.  They want to see all gun owners marked with a scarlet letter.   However that scarlet letter tells the cowardly criminals to move on.  Those without the scarlet letter have become the endangered ones.   

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Understanding Gun Law Realities in the United States Compared to Europe

The United States is always viewed as more violent and singled out by gun related homicides.   To begin I don’t really think it matters how someone is murdered. Is it any better to be strangled, stabbed, poisoned or beaten to death?
Europe for all but the last 35 years has not had racially or culturally diverse populations.  Everywhere there is diversity culture clash in Europe violence has increased.  The Nanny state of the UK has alarming crime and violence with their immigrant population.  The UK is in such a state of panic they are regulating the manufacture of kitchen knives eliminating sharp points!  The UK's perception of weapons laws are somewhat bizarre. With each new weapon law they make crime escalates. 
The vast regions of the United States have few or no homicides.  They mirror any European nation in crime statistics.  Oddly enough these are areas that are controlled by Republican or Conservative politicians.  They are also filled with productive and self-reliant Americans.  Gun bans and other regulatory schemes such as registration do not exist or are tolerated  in these places.
Then there is the other America.  Larger cities exclusively controlled by Leftist Democrats.  They have every kind of gun ban or regulatory scheme that criminalizes mere possession of firearms.  These are the places that have sensational murder rates. 
On the political map above the red areas controlled by Conservative have few crimes and fewer gun laws.  The Blue areas are Controlled by Leftist Democrats and have every manner of gun bans and gun laws.
Are the people in Chicago made with inferior DNA material?  Are they mutant or somehow sub-human?  Are they born with special genes that make them unproductive, ignorant and violent?  The answer is clearly somewhere in the political landscape.  Crime seems to be revered and accepted wherever Democrats assemble.
In the Conservative areas of the USA there are those notorious gun shows.  Thousands of people can be found mingling together with all manner of firearms.  There’s never a discouraging word or any kind of violence. 
Today the Democrats are dictating policy to the Conservative areas trying to force their failed values and laws on them.  Of course gun bans and restrictive gun laws are paramount with the Democrats.  Someone please tell me why peaceful, law-abiding productive Americans must be saddled with the failed policies of the far Left politicians living hundreds of miles away? 
The vast regions of the USA with few restrictions can match any European nation on crime.  To suggest that the gun rights of Americans create or fuel crime is an outright lie.  We know what happens when you outlaw guns.  That failed policy guarantee’s that only outlaws will have guns.  
Strangely it’s the political Left wing fringe that fears the gun owning Conservatives as somehow a threat. The political Left has been making plans with the NDAA along with FEMA resettlement camps.  We must keep the political Left’s poison, lawlessness and Socialist tyranny away from Conservative areas at all cost. 

For My Older Chicago Police Family…

Sherman Oaks, CA—In this nice part of Los Angeles my best California pal, Andy Murcia is enjoying retirement with his wife, actress, singer and dancer Ann Jillian
Andy had to retire early from the Chicago Police Department so he could be with his incredible new wife and manage her career.  Andy worked in VCD and was last assigned as a sergeant in #023.  Andy was always a cop’s cop.  They had to move to L.A. where Ann's career and the money were waiting. 
Yesterday was Andy’s birthday and we celebrated at a family gathering last night.  There was a somewhat somber mood of sorts because Andy is about to enter a hospital and undergo open-heart surgery to replace a defective valve.  These days this is a common procedure with a great prognosis and years should be added to his life.  
Still the thoughts about such invasive surgery are unsettling and even disturbing.  My thoughts will be with Andy, Ann and their terrific son Andrew for the next few months as they recover from this event.
For our mutual Chicago police family I ask for some prayers and positive thoughts for Andy and his family. 
Andy has fond memories of the men and women he worked with during his police career and often writes about them in  
By the way little Andrew seen in the above picture is not so little anymore.  He’s a top notch USC junior and President of his fraternity where he’s gearing up for law school.   
Andy sends his love to all the men and women of the Chicago Police Department.

More than 500 Chicago Murders in 2012 , A Liberal Milestone Revealed.

Chicago, IL—All of the elected officials and bureaucrats in the Windy City are Democrats and most are from the far Left fringe.  There are no Republicans or Conservatives to blame.  Here they have enacted the most unreasonable gun bans in the entire nation.
Corruption in Chicago is beyond legendary.  A significant percentage of the 50 member City Council are either street gang members themselves or are closely related to them.  When it comes to combating crime these politicians will try anything at all as long as it cant and does not work. 
The policy of the city government is to insure that the city’s criminals are the only ones armed.  Over the years they even banned the cops from using police style shotguns.  They have allowed the police department manpower to dip into dangerous levels.  As they cite budgetary problems they handed millions in cash grants to known criminal groups such as Cease Fire
Who could forget when the City bankrolled the old P. Stone Nation later known as El Rukin.  The gang members bought lots of guns, ammunition and capitalized their drug, prostitution and extortion activities in style.   The leader, Jeff Fort is still in a Club Fed warehouse somewhere today.
The criminal/political organization running Chicago knows that gang extortion and their armed robberies could be hampered if their intended victims could fight back. 
The keeping and bearing or arms is an American Civil Right.  The city has shamelessly and shockingly violated those rights for decades.  The quality of life has diminished and thousands productive, tax paying citizens have fled for their very lives.
Is the 500 murders figure correct?  I say that it is much higher because of the way the administration cooks the crime statistic books.  They insist on classify a significant number of murders as open death investigations to avoid reporting.
The reason I know about this is that a few years ago I brought WBBM-TV and investigative reporter Pam Zekman a story showing the shenanigans.     I arranged to quietly obtain the entire database of the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office
We then pulled from the list the Chicago cases where the Medical Examiner listed the causes and manner of deaths by homicide.  When we compared that with the official police department’s Uniform Crime Reporting totals they undercounted murders by around 200. 
People have a right to defend themselves and families even from criminals that are being facilitated, protected and enabled by government. Chicago’s government is a criminal enterprise that should be resisted and shut down by any means available.
Unfortunately Chicago cops can’t do their jobs as the oath they take demands.  They are far better off simply turning their heads when citizens use deadly force to protect their lives, families and property.   The younger cops are never going to see the money they pay into the pension system and better get out while they can.
Business in the Windy City is doomed.  The voter rolls are so over- bloated with the non-productive, entitlement addicted and the criminal element that there is no hope or help for the future.
Those 500 murders a year in Chicago is only the beginning of a horrific story.  Don’t forget that the 500 undercounted figure is pure fiction anyway.    

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Whitney Houston Homicide

Beverly Hills, CAWhitney Houston’s scalded and battered remains were found in a bathtub at the local Hilton Hotel.  Despite the first "accidental death" findings by authorities serious and undeniable signs of foul play linger on.  Nobody’s buying the accident story, especially not me or the working cops.
Despite the publicized findings, the investigation was not going away anytime soon.  In fact the investigation is heating up.  Those responsible for the singer’s death know only too well about the loose ends that will soon snare them.   It turns out that Ms. Houston had a guardian angel that is now demanding justice.

As in every case involving multiple offenders the first one that breaks ranks and runs to the prosecutor gets a free ride even in death penalty qualified cases!  There will be no jail, no criminal record and even an all expense paid relocation for one lucky conspirator. 
Despite physical and photographic evidence prosecutors always want inside information and never fail to use the tools provided by immunity from prosecution. 
Who will win this race to guaranteed freedom?  I have my bet on one particular person who just may be smart enough to come forward and win the prize. 
Upon request, I will provide safe passage to the District Attorney for the lucky one that contacts me. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Les Miserables Will Own The Oscars!

Los Angeles, CA—Okay, I’m a fan of the musical play having seen it three times and because I own the original London and Broadway cast CDs.  I’m jaded and skeptical that a filmmaker could do justice this this project.
I saw it yesterday and I have one word to describe the singing, acting, costumes, set, direction and cinematography.  Wow is that word!
Victor Hugo wrote about the plight of his rich characters during the period of an insurrection preceding the French Revolution.   The French Government back then was oppressive, out-of-control and conditions were harsh.   Hugo’s novel became so popular during our own Civil War  an incredible amount of Confederate troops carried copies of the best seller in their saddlebags and the the Union troops called them Lee’s Miserables.
The storyline is about so many heartbreaking events with conflicts everywhere.  Cameron Macintosh and Alain Boublil along with their talented associates have been making an absolute well earned fortune with the play and merchandising for over a quarter of a century.  The movie will be the undisputed King of all Plays brought to the silver screen.
If you plan on attending, bring a big box of tissues.  I saw plenty of men sniffling in the theater.  
The trailer below cannot convey what the film will do to your soul.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NBC’s David Gregory Became a Gun Criminal Today on National Television

David Gregory in the act of flaunting DC's gun laws!

Washington, DC—The nations’ capitol city has some of the toughest gun laws in America.  The laws are strict, punitive and the police have a zero tolerance policy for violators. 
On NBC’s, Meet The Press, moderator David Gregory had his own gunfight with the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre.   Gregory’s shrill voice battled, advocated and demanded that the NRA back a new ban on what he calls, “Assault Weapons”. 
To demonstrate his position against the Second Amendment’s evil gun rights Gregory imported a banned 30 round ammunition magazine for an AR-15 or M-4 carbine into the District of Columbia.  Possession of the magazine even without a gun or ammunition is a serious crime there.
The problem is that violation would land any ordinary citizen a year behind bars along with a lifetime criminal record.  There are no special legal exemptions or permits for well-meaning news media members.
I’m not going to suggest that there was criminal intent here or that Gregory was trying to do anything more than to try and provide a prop in order to prove a point.  The fact is that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
It’s very similar to when Americans that are legal owners of handguns forget that had it in some carry on bag as they place it on a TSA airport conveyor belt for inspection.  The wrath of zero tolerance has stuck a number of retired cops, celebrities and even an anti-gun member of the Illinois Senate.  Forgetfulness can be a serious felony.
Gregory should not get a free pass on this from his employer or DC officials.  To do so would send a strong message that laws only apply to some people.  
What should happen is the ending of cruel no-tolerance policies designed to snare, humiliate and victimize law-abiding gun owners. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Discussion of Toxic Politics Are Cancelled Until Next Year!

The shocking actions of a young madman at the Sandy Hook School has brought out the worst political slugfest I’ve seen in my life.  Lost in the tragedy are the grieving families and their needs at what must be their darkest hour.
The argument about Gun Free Zones and the failure of even the toughest gun control laws to curb violence have created even more division in America if that was possible.  Then of course there’s the Fiscal Cliff and what half of us call wasteful and reckless government spending.  The tax vs. government extortion argument is out-of-control.
Our emotions are raw and American’s speech has gone beyond toxic.  We must debate these items and come to some kind of a solution respectful of one another’s rights.
It is the Holiday Season where Christians, Jews and most others celebrate our families, friends and people we work with.  I know I’m not alone to have gone over the top with my own strongly Libertarian opinions.
Facebook, Twitter and throughout Cyberspace along with talk radio is the ugliest battles I’ve seen to date.  Facebook de-friending must be on overload today.
I have made the last political statement of 2012.  I pledge not to make a political statement, respond to similar posts or “Like” anything political on Facebook until 2013. 
Until 2013, I will only talk about entertainment, love, friendship, families, kids and critters.  Politics are off limits!  Please pass this memo around so we can concentrate on the good things and people in our lives!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why A Simple Majority Cannot Take Our Gun Rights in America

Washington, DC—The Second Amendment to our Constitution reads as follows:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Now CNN claims their poll shows 52% of Americans favor “gun control”, whatever that means.   
Many ignorant Americans and our politicians think that asimple majority can ban guns.  That’sjust not so since the right to possess and carry guns is spelled out in our Constitution.  Amending the Constitution and Bill of Rights was not intended to be easy. 
Our politicians take shortcuts around the amendment processevery day to restrict our rights with the promise of more security.  Likewise our courts have been doing a poor job of protecting our rights by creating various exceptions to our rights often just because they think they can.  Of course the politicians appoint the judges and the jurists too often return the favor with a quid pro quo of bogus rulings.
By the way, our gun control laws were born in the Deep South as a way to keep newly freed Negro slaves disarmed under Post Civil War reconstruction.  The 14th Amendment giving us equal protection was the intended cure for that outrage.
The U.S. Supreme Court recently rediscovered the SecondAmendment because gun rights groups like the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association began to litigate the un-Constitutional laws.   The members demanded this action and it was successful particularly in the Heller and McDonald Cases that struck down gun bans.
The court simply stated that the possession and carrying of firearms by law-abiding Americans is constitutionally protected activity.  The court dissolved the gun bans.  There are still hundreds of state and local gun laws that are flat out unconstitutional in the states controlled by the political Left.  Many Republicans are in conflict with our gun rights too.
Citizens can’t be forced to pay money to enjoy rights obtain permits or licenses before enjoying them. Rights are not privileges like driving a car, hunting or practicing a profession. The courts however have held that rights are not absolute and some minimal regulation can be imposed.   
So why can’t a simple majority pass restrictive gun laws?  It’s because they’d first have to amend the Constitution.  That would be an impossible task on the issue of gun rights. Too many Americans want firearms for basic protection, hunting, andsport shooting.  Additionally manyAmericans like me want their arms to threaten and fight government tyranny. 
Gun control laws are the choice of every political tyrant.  They can’t easily enslave, abuse and terrorize an armed citizenry.  Ourfounding fathers were wise to understand that situation.  History is replete with lesson after lesson of government tyranny.
Here’s how our Constitution can be amended.  It’s all spelled out in Article V, the Constitution can be amended by a vote of two-thirds of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  That must be followed by a ratification of three-fourths of at least 38 state legislatures. 
There is another way to amend through a Constitutional Convention but that is even more difficult and in fact has never happened yet.
The current resurgence of gun control efforts will fail because the Second Amendment is the law of the land.
The politicians and their supporters that think they’re above the law and make efforts to trample on American’s rights can expect real violence if they begin banning guns and arresting gun owners.  
Our cemeteries are full of war veterans that gave their lives for freedom, liberty and our Constitution.  It may become necessary to again have another holocaust because our own politicians may try to dictate to us. 
It would be totally proper and lawful for Americans to shoo tand kill government agents, soldiers or anyone trying to forcefully take their firearms by threat of force.   If they want my gun I will be happy to give them all my bullets in their face first.

Let's Bankrupt Los Angeles! Here's how!

Los Angeles, CA—Gun rights haters are dancing in the bloodof the children murdered by that well known mentally ill Sandy Hook killer.  When he could not buy a gun froma sporting goods store he murdered his own mother and robbed her of herguns.  We know the rest.
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Monday thatthe city’s annual gun “buyback” event has been moved up following the SandyHook murders.   They moved it up bymonths to December 26, 2012
Bring your rusty and unserviceable crap firearms from 9 4 p.m. on Dec. 26 at two locations: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Parking Lot 6,at 3939 South Figueroa Street and Van Nuys Masonic Temple at 14750 Sherman Way.  This a no questions asked event so they can’tmake you prove you did not come in from Arizona and Nevada!
They will pay you $100.00 for any handgun, rifle or shotgun.  If they deem it an “assault weapon” you get$200.00.   They will pay you with giftcards instead of cash so use them up on your way out of town.  Then buy some new guns, ammunition and getsome custom grips from Eagle Grips!
Since they are using tax dollars enjoy your windfall with avengeance.  I only hope we can bankruptLos Angeles for this symbolic and wasteful foolishness.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Do We Refuse to Protect Our School Children?

A schoolmarm in Israel protecting her precious children...
Newtown, CT—We have yet another slaughter by a total coward in a Gun-Free Zone.  The unintended deadly consequences of creating these “special areas” where self-defense is outlawed won’t end until we face the obvious fact that Gun-Free Zones protect nobody.
We learned long ago that we must arm police because the guns save lives.  The reality is there’s never a cop around when you need one.
We protect cash with armed guards but we only use Gun-Free Zones to protect our children.  It’s obvious cash is far more important than our children.
We need to return armed police and security to every school and staff members to carry firearms after training.
As the picture above from Israel demonstrates the schoolteachers there carry what our politicians call assault weapons. 
Let’s use firearms to protect our children for a change.  Cops or properly vetted and well-trained armed security guards can stop those who would harm our children. 
On a side note let me suggest that Americans have gone out of their way to tolerate bullying and victimizing those deemed unpopular.
Those people that seem different or unusual are pushed aside and abandoned.  The emotional damage done can cause depression and nurture anger. 
When you look at every mass shooter the picture is always the same.  These are social outcasts who can’t find ways to cope with the loneliness. 
Perhaps it’s time for all of us to reach out to those among us that don’t seem to fit into our lives.  A little kindness may rescue these tortured souls and prevent horrific events like we’ve seen this morning.  

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Chicago Politician Swept UP By TSA Tyranny!

Sen. Donne Trotter's Police Booking Photo
Chicago, ILDemocratic State Senator Donne Trotter was taking a trip and placed his belongings on a conveyor belt to be X-Rayed by the soulless miscreants hired by the TSA.   Like many of us Trotter was mentally preoccupied with the trip and forgot a prohibited item in his bag.  Most of the time such items are simply cosmetics or some other harmless liquid.  This time however it was a Beretta .25 semi-automatic pistol.
The alarms went off and the cops responded and zero-tolerance kicked in and now Senator Trotter sits in a jail cell waiting a bond hearing before a judge on a Class Four Felony crime.
Trotter has consistently voted on the wrong side of gun rights issues including the right of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons for self-defense.  The problem is the good Senator feels the need to carry a gun for his own personal protection.
Trotter found a loophole of sorts by getting under a security guard/private detective agency license as an employee.  With those credentials he can have some limited legal protection should he get caught with a gun.  He claimed to the TSA and police that he worked a shift the night before his trip as a guard.  
Let me be the first to say that I believe that story to be pure hogwash.  Trotter does not need to supplement his income as a poorly paid security guard.  He does however feel the need to make an excuse for packing the gun. 

Let’s take the little Beretta .25 under consideration.  It’s a gun barely suitable for any serious defense.  It’s woefully inadequate for security or a private armed security guard.  The gun is tiny and very concealable so he can hide it from the cops in most situations. 

Today Trotter is drinking the same poison he’s fed to the people of Illinois as a politician.  He was a front-runner for the Congressional seat vacated by another accused criminal Jessie Jackson, Jr.  There he could force the entire nation to the kind of tyranny he has experienced during the last 24 hours on the entire nation.
We need to end the bogus arrests of forgetful passengers who in good faith place their belongings in the hands of the TSA.  We need to simply allow the carrying of concealed weapons for self-defense of the law-abiding folks in Illinois like the rest of our nation.
Yes, I have to admit I’m enjoying seeing a civil rights hating politician get paid back for this own tyranny in kind.  Perhaps this should serve as a wakeup call that we need to be a little more reasonable.  After all nobody believes that Trotter had any evil intent to threaten or hurt anyone with his little lady’s gun.  Why then must Trotter face felony charges or any charges at all?  Give him back his gun and set him free.  But don’t forget the rest of us along the way. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why I Hate The Voice TV Show

Los Angeles, CA—Hate is a strong word especially when it comes to music.  I love music and enjoy watching talented unknowns struggling to make a living as singers and musicians.  The TV show, The Voice is total crap.
There was American Idol, and all the copycats.  TV producers are doing anything they can to hook audiences.  Thank God for the remote control!  Like most folks I avoid the TV wasteland but sometimes I have the TV on just because it’s there.   
For me The Voice is unwatchable. It begins with the show’s judges sitting in those ridicules red chairs spinning like tops.  The set is a light show that detracts from the performers and they art they each try to bring to the stage. They spend far more time teasing the audience with the promise of a show than actually entertaining. 
The introductions are way too long and the judges interaction between themselves and the performers is non-stop mindless chatter.  They need to let the performers perform, vote and move on.  I consider the commercials more entertaining then the show.
My mindless fellow Americans see to support this show so I hope they actually enjoy it.  I wonder if I’m in some strange minority for hating, The Voice.