Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Booking Photo Nightmare

Tempe, AZ—In the last 24 hours police in this college town arrested 30 people from the underbelly of society. The charges included drugs, warrants, solicitation and aggravated mopery with intent to gawk.

Along with the boys, Mandi Ankle seen above represents the fair sex caught in the police dragnet. Is that the "Mandi" Barry Manalow was singing about a while back? I don't think so. I apologize in advance for giving my readers nightmares.

You Too Can Expose Government Gone Wild!

Chicago, IL—I was somewhat dismayed that the local news broadcasters are vanishing before our eyes. There are massive layoffs underway and investigative journalism projects are the first to go. The danger here is for an unchecked government gone wild. We all know when the cat’s away the mice will play.

As this is happening so-called citizen journalists are springing up everywhere. They are slowly filling the void. Equipment to produce, and distribute stories we can all use is cheap or even free. There is also lots of free newsgathering and technical advice all over the Internet.

The easiest way is to simply capture video and still pictures that tell the story and share it with your favorite bloggers like me. It helps to have both broadband Internet service and a $3.00 per month Skype account. This is what you need to send your video or audio recordings and photos.

Video and pictures alone are helpful but while you’re there be sure to get interviews from relevant newsmakers and witnesses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Don’t just complain about problems when you can capture and publish the things that need attention.

Second City Cop has been a great site for Chicago cops to get to the bottom of rumors and spread news affecting the cop on the beat. They are however, really weak on putting up video or pictures. With all the cop readers running around with cell phone cameras an unstoppable army of reporters already exist.

For those willing to invest $200.00 in a tiny Flip Mino HD camera the video image is stunning.

The power to publish protects cops and other public employees better than any labor union can.

Simply advise your bloggers or news outlets of the story and upload your video. I know SCC and this blog know how to and will protect our contributors. They only requirement is that the information be factual.

There is information galore available on news gathering, shooting video and getting that story out into the sunlight.

YouTube just launched a new channel designed by the pros to help you capture, expose and stop GOVERNMENT GONE WILD. There are loads of how to videos for you right there!


$1 Billion In Free Money For California Taxpayers!

Taxpayers are in for $1 billion windfall just over the next five years. What’s the rub you ask? That’s what it will cost to deal with the appeals 682 inhabitants of Death Row.

If these convicts are simply resentenced to life without the possibility of parole taxpayers will save a bundle. We seem to forget that virtually every Death Row prisoner is indigent and we must pay for both the prosecution and defense legal fees.

Cash strapped Sacramento may find the death penalty is a luxury taxpayers can no longer afford. This is a quick fix that will send lawyers and defense investigators like me to the unemployment lines.

Freedom For O.J. Simpson?

Las Vegas, NV-- Okay, you forgot about the Juice didn’t you? You thought you’d heard the last when Judge Jackie Glass slammed a cell door closed on him for some nine to 33 years, didn’t you.

Well the there were some serious appeal issues surrounding that case where Simpson and some others went to get stolen property back. The problem was they called it armed robbery and kidnapping. But was it really?

Thugs, thieves and liars mistreating other thugs, thieves and liars just did not seem so serious. Judge Glass and a jury may well have gotten it all wrong. That’s why our judicial system allows for appeals.

Simpson had asked to remain free pending that appeal expected to take years and Judge Glass said, no.

On August 3, 2009 the Nevada Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the appeal of the order to deny bail.

Simpson’s co-defendant, Clarence "C.J." Stewart, is serving 7 1/2 to 27 years and has been granted a bail hearing too.

I can’t give an educated guess as to the outcome but usually they entertain the idea of bail at all may prove promising.

The same can be said about the convictions in light of Nevada case law. Simpson and Stewart may find freedom if the same court feels the convictions and punishment too extreme.

Yes folks, O.J. Simpson may be back soon. Just when you thought it was safe…

Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Laments The Ouster Of Marxist Leader In Honduras

Honduras—Today there is one less Communist in power and Chairman Barack Obama is angry about it. Manuel Zelaya got the bum’s rush out of the Presidential palace by that country’s military. Zelaya is presently in exile after an apparent bloodless coup.

Why am I not surprised, Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are demanding that their Marxist friend be reinstated as President? It should be noted that their other Marxist pal Hugo Chavez is also whining about the much needed coup.

Usually these Communist bastards are on the wrong side of the firing squads, killing instead of being killed. It’s really too bad that Zelaya is still breathing. Maybe that can be remedied soon.

I hope to see the final solution to Communist and Socialist problem in my lifetime. That is total extermination of all of these rats and the poison they spread to enslave mankind.

Can you imagine Obama sending American troops into Honduras in order to restore a Marxist leader to power? I’d hope our troops would rather face a military prison before they obey an invasion order helping a Communist regime.

A good Communist is a dead Communist.

A Real Cowboy Has Passed—Joe Bowman April 12, 1925—June 28, 2009

For as long as I have been going to the larger gun shows I have know an old cowboy, showman, master of card tricks, gun slinger, straight shooter and spokesperson, Joe Bowman. Bowman knew how to handle his trademark six-guns.

Bowman was a one man exhibit who in recent years traveled with the Strum Ruger Gun Company wherever they would display their wares at various gun and firearms trade shows throughout the world.

Bowman would appear at the functions along with his cowgirl wife, Betty and dazzle everyone with his impromptu shows.

Bowman had just completed his last gig at the End of Trail Show in New Mexico. This morning Betty Bowman woke up in a hotel they stopped at on their way to their Houston, TX home. Betty was unable to wake her husband who apparently died peacefully in his sleep. Bowman was 84.

I shot this video of Joe at the May 2009 NRA Convention in Phoenix, AZ.

Supreme Court Rules We Are All Equal

Washington, DC—To the chagrin of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor the current Supreme Court overturned her ruling that allowed discrimination against White firefighters because of race.

The so-called progressive trend to hire and promote lees qualified minorities simply because discrimination against White Americans was sanctioned by out-of-control Left Wing, whacko jurists should be over now.

Discrimination is ugly in any form and this ruling was long overdue.

Of course Comrade Barack Obama and his Marxists will stack the Supreme Court with justices that don’t care about our Bill of Rights or form of government. Given an opportunity the Marxists judicial appointees will destroy our way of life.

These Communists must be stopped at all cost.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama’s Fantasy Campaign Promise of a tax Break for 90% Of Americans Evaporates.

Washington, DC—Just as every conservative in America proclaimed, Chairman Barack Obama’s Promise of a tax break for 90% of Americans was a lie intended only to create false hope.

Now Obama’s propaganda minister, David Axelrod is letting the cat out of the bag. Obama can’t deliver.

Just as Hitler, Castro, Stalin, and Mussolini enjoyed wide popularity at first Obama will follow in their shoes. At some point Obama’s supporters will begin to despise him but by then it will be too late.

Thank God Americans have the Second Amendment, we will need it.

Our treasonous President will soon be the most despised in American history. The good thing is the police and military won’t prop up this would be dictator once the American people want him out.

TV Pitchman Billy Mays Found Dead By Wife

Tampa,FL—Overexposed TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead by his wife Deborah Mays today. Mays was only 50 and beginning to enjoy fame as a reality TV star.

Autopsy results are pending but police seem to think the death was from natural causes.

Update: Mays was just on a US Airways flight that blew a tire during a hard landing. Maya reported being struck on the head during the mishap. Did Mays suffer a brain injury and death as a result? Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Second Autopsy

Los Angeles, CA—King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s immediate family members obtained control over the pop star’s remains once the Coroner released them. The Jackson family is exercising their absolute to hire their own forensic pathologist to second guess the autopsy done yesterday.

The original autopsy would have involved a huge Y shaped incision to the torso enabling the removal and examination of every organ. The organs themselves are removed, weighed, and sections of them are sliced away for microscopic and toxicological examination.

The scull is opened and the brain is removed and sectioned as are the other organs. All of the organs including the brain are finally tossed into a large plastic bag. When the examination is completed the bag of sectioned organs is placed inside the torso cavity. The body is sewn shut with butcher’s string. The skull is reassembled and a large wad of cotton replaces the brain.

The second autopsy would most likely be conducted at the funeral home handling Jackson’s internment services. The second autopsy requires the body being reopened and the plastic bag is opened so new organ samples can be sectioned and saved for the same examinations as the first examination. The tissue samples will be removed to a proper laboratory. Generally there is no need to reopen the skull.

The body is closed again as in the first examination. Now the mortuary will prepare the body for normal embalming and viewing.

I suspect that there exists a video tape of one or both autopsies because of the importance of the findings. There will be lots of photographs at the least.

I don’t expect there to be any dispute between examiners as to manner and cause of death. Hopefully this will put most or all of the conspiracy theories to bed and Jacko won’t be regularly sighted walking the streets of Las Vegas like poor old Elvis.

A Doctor’s Oath Is To Cause No Harm

Los Angeles, CA—The final answers are not yet discovered or positive about the death of Michael Jackson. We do know Jackson has had ongoing and disabling issues with high powered narcotic pain killers.

Because of an ambitious sold out 50 concert tour in the UK the promoters demanded that Jackson have a round the clock physician protecting their huge investment.

Apparently Jackson was allowed to choose the doctor assuming this role. That doctor was Conrad Murray, MD. Tabloid rumors suggest that Murray had financial problems and jumped at the chance to tend to Jackson’s needs and reap the financial rewards.

It has been suggested that Murray injected Jackson with his final hotshot of Demerol. Was this therapeutic treatment or just done because of a sick man’s addiction and a medicine man’s greed? I suspect that the addicted Jackson would have never tolerated a physician that would abide by the Hippocratic Oath over Jackson’s chemical cravings.

Jackson’s family and indeed the world are waiting for those answers. Arrangements are being made for a second autopsy on the pop legend’s remains. You can’t rush toxicology results beyond the examiner’s capabilities and still maintain reliable results.

As for Dr. Murray, I suspect he is in for the legal nightmare of his life. Defending the administration of Demerol to an addict to do nothing more than feed an addiction is criminal. If that act results in death homicide related charges can’t be far away.

Dr. Murray needs a top notch criminal lawyer right now and a bail bondsman for the immediate future. If Murray has criminal culpability he will incur the wrath of the Jackson family, their lawyers and the millions of angry fans of the gloved one.

Update: Dr. Murray has reportedly retained Houston criminal lawyer, William M. Stradley to handle an expected prosecution.

More about the lawyer here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson A Study In Paradox

Los Angeles, CA—With the premature death of pop legend Michael Jackson, I don’t know if He should be despised, pitied or loved.

No matter your opinion of Jackson’s dark side, he was a master of entertainment. He was as prolific as any entertainer that ever lived on this earth. He invented dance moves that defied gravity, made music that at one time or another was appealing and enjoyable no matter what your taste was.

Jackson’s work employed thousands over the years. Jackson was a major corporation that launched so many careers of otherwise incidental people.

Some say Jackson was an evil serial pedophile. If Jackson hurt children, thankfully it was not by torturing or killing them. Evil can only be measured by the mental state of the offender and we have little knowledge of just what Jackson’s real culpability was for his conduct.

Because of Jackson’s immense wealth he was a natural extortion target. You may hate Jackson’s abuse of Children but I hate the unindicted co-conspirators much more. Those are the parents that let their little boys sleep over with a man who wears more makeup than his sisters. Were they hoping for an opportunity for a $20 million hush money payout too?

If we do indeed have an afterlife and we are to be rewarded or punished for our deeds I’m sure our maker would mitigate punishment based on just what we are made of. Some humans have little impulse control while others never act on impulse. Some people commit mad acts that would never enter other’s minds.

Michael Jackson will be judged by his entire life and history, not just the last decade that’s been an unmitigated disaster.

The death and mourning of Michael Jackson is proving to be a huge event and no mater your opinion of him there will be no more live Jackson entertainment. That’s indeed sad. Because we’re blessed with technology Jackson’s works will live on indefinitely.

I prefer to remember Jackson for his work, good deeds and think of all the kids his employees were able to put through college because of that money machine, Michael Jackson.

As for Michael Jackson his addictions and pain are over.

It’s Time For The Smell Of Gunsmoke In America

Washington, DC—The Marxists Gangsters have control of our country according to many Americans including MN Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

When do we storm the Whitehouse, arrest and try that traitor Barack Obama along with his pals for treason? One thing is for sure, our current government is un-American.

What’s the next Obama act of war on the American people going to be?

Michael Jackson Madness Death And UCLA Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA—In Westwood Village is the sprawling campus of UCLA. Their Ronald Reagan facility is where pop icon Michael Jackson was taken by fire department ambulance. Jackson was receiving CPR and that continued for an additional hour before he was pronounced dead at 2:26 PM.

The rumors are starting to spread within the ranks of gossip reporters that Jackson last ride was fueled with Demerol an injectable drug similar to Morphine. This may well be an accidental overdose of a controlled drug.

The Los Angeles County Coroner will be doing an expedited autopsy and toxicology screen. The results will be released in a piecemeal fashion as information becomes available.

So far the glory boys at the LAPD Robbery Homicide Unit have maintained control over the death scene and have seized and impounded at least one vehicle. This sounds like drugs are involved and very soon someone will need a good lawyer and bail bondsman.

In the meantime here is today's UCLA Medical Center scene up close and personal.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Meeting The Late Michael Jackson In India.

Delhi, India—While visiting India during pop star Michael Jackson’s criminal trial I discovered just how popular Jackson was in this far away place.

I went to the India Gate. That’s a popular tourist attraction there and of all people I was introduced to Michael Jackson.

Did Drugs and Jesus Juice or A Heart Attack Fell Michael Jackson?

Los Angeles, CA—Michael Jackson was rushed to UCLA Medical Center by paramedics performing CPR on the fallen idol and twice accused child molester. The media is assembling along with Jackson’s family members on the hospital’s campus in Westwood.

The question I’m asking at this hour was this a heart attack or the results of self-medication gone wrong. We will have to wait and see.

This looks very dangerous for Jackson and his fans can only hope this is a publicity stunt to kick off his scheduled comeback tour.

An Angel Has Died

Los Angeles, CA—Farrah Fawcett has passed away at 62. Fawcett’s death was expected as it was obvious she was losing her three year fight for life to anal cancer.

Fawcett died at 9:28 AM in Santa Monica’s, St. John’s Medical Center. Long time partner Ryan O’Neal and another friend, Alana Stewart was at her side.

Fawcett is best remembered for those toothy toothpaste commercials, hair care products spots and of course for her starring role as one of Charlie’s Angels. Rest in peace, Farrah, there will be no more pain.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What’s Going on At The Criminal Court In Chicago?

Chicago, IL—Yesterday there was a young Chicago police recruit accompanied by his father a 40 year plus, honorably retired cop that were visiting the court at 2600 S. California Avenue.

The young recruit suffered a serious injury on the job and has been off work on duty disability. The FOP issued the lad a duty disability star as has been their normal practice and he had his valid departmental ID card. When the lad displayed his credentials at the door with his father, the court’s security boss got involved, screaming at the recruit and his father in the foulest of language.

Without lawful authority, probable cause or any rational reason Deputy Chief Sheriff Charles R. Bowen confiscated the FOP star from the recruit. The recruit was treated as a criminal or police impersonator by Bowen.

There was no crime, no misconduct or the slightest disrespect on the part of the young recruit. Charles Bowen on the other hand was a bully, thief and behaved in a way that was nothing less than disgraceful.

While putting on his temper tantrum Bowen had threatened the recruit’s father with arrest and repeatedly dropped the F-Bomb so everyone in the entire court could hear.

I’m trying to figure the reason for Bowen’s unleashed rage and threatening behavior and can only come up with racial hatred. Bowen is Black and the recruit and his father are White.

Sheriff Tom Dart and Presiding Criminal Court Judge Paul Biebel need to apply a shock collar and muzzle to their hateful courthouse attack dog. There is a problem here since Bowen has serious South Side political clout and this patronage hack will never face discipline.

Ghetto Rat Violence Threatens Chicago’s Blood Supplies

Chicago, IL—Despite some of the most miserable gun rights restrictions in America, Chicago is always at or near the most deadly city in America. Of course the gun laws only work against the Law abiding and provides predators with lots of helpless unarmed victims.

When temperatures rise in Chicago, the natives get restless. The Windy City's African-Americans engage in their own form of genocide by killing each other along with any cops that dare obstruct their intrigue.

Recent Ghetto Rat shootings have depleted the blood supply endangering the lives of real people needing blood.

Here is just another routine ghetto event...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yippies Vs. Chicago Cops, A 1968 Democratic Convention Rematch Is Brewing

Chicago, IL—There is a planned reunion of Chicago cops at the FOP Hall this Friday. They are celebrating the 1968 Democratic National Convention. With a mandatory retirement age of 63 and a minimum age for appointment as police officers, any currently employed cops attending would have to be at least 61 years old.The majority by now are well into their 70's.

There are plenty of retired guys equipped with canes, walkers, diapers and oxygen bottles proudly wearing their “Medic Alert” bracelets that will show up.

I love the smell of tear gas on a balmy Chicago night!

1968 was a banner year for a country divided between traditional Americans and young Bolsheviks engaged in a failed Communist revolution. The hippie, Yippies and all of Chicago’s unwashed took on the cops and National Guard. It was no match since the cops beat back the freaks. Reporters, Mike Wallace and Dan Rather never looked better than they did with their skulls cracked by police batons!

The political fallout and litigation went on for years. For a lot of cops this was no party but a fight for survival. Many cops were hurt but the media ignored their injuries instead broadcasting images of Yippies with creatively enhanced with fake bandages and catsup. Sure there were plenty of well deserved hippies whose front teeth left deep impressions in those wooden police batons.

Now with the planned reunion the losers of this historical event want a rematch. There are plans by a bunch of old freeks to disrupt the reunion. I hope to see canes, crutches and other elder equipment breaking heads on Washington Blvd. The old coppers will win this one too!

Here is the real scoop from the real police!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Wants to Move this Guy to Your Neighborhood!

Washington, DC--Chairman Barack Obama ordered Gitmo closed and has planned releasing the Muslim terrorists inside the United States. The plan was to set these killers up with welfare benefits and let them live happily ever after as our new next door neighbors.

The twisted religious route these killers have set for them to get to Heaven is by killing innocent American men, women and children.

This former Gitmo guest, Said Ali al-Shihri, who was released from the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.is believed to have senselessly slaughtered nine people including student nurses and children in Yemen.

The nine foreigners — four German adults, three small German children, a British man and a South Korean woman — were abducted on June 12 after they ventured outside the city of Saada without their required police escorts, according to a spokesman from the Yemeni Embassy in Washington. Days later the bodies of Rita Stumpp and Anita Gruenwald, German nurses in training, and Eom Young-sun of South Korea were found shot execution style in the Noshour Valley in the province of Saada, an area known to be a hotbed of Al Qaeda activity.

I suggest that Obama should let his Gitmo friends stay in the Whitehouse or better yet we lock up Obama at Gitmo too.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama’s Medical Plan Is A Real Killer

Washington, DC—Not since Hillary Clinton’s failed Health Care fiasco have we see such an attempt to seize control of an entire industry by government anywhere.

This Marxist plan is bankrupt before it begins and can only make already intolerable things worse.

Tax relief for Americans and businesses is the only way to help pay for insurance and medical costs.

ABC News will be the PR agent for this Obama Health Care Train Wreck. Get ready for the onslaught of infomercials. If they want experts to sell this garbage they need to call Billy Mays and that Sham Wow guy. I’m sure for the right price they can bombard us all with the most obnoxious ad campaign ever.

I have only three words, Obama should resign.

The UK is Obsessed With Weapons

United Kingdom—This country has every conceivable law banning the possession of anything capable of self-defense. This is truly a place where only the criminals have weapons. The result has been a skyrocketing crime rate and a bonanza for undertakers.

They have it backwards here since these kinds of laws work so well on the law-abiding. The government holds the victims down so that the criminals are unimpeded. What a wonderful idea!

They want to extend the weapons bans into every home kitchen. The result is a newly designed knife that can’t be used as a weapon. I’m sure that the knife maker’s lobbyists are out selling politicians on making this the only approved knife allowed anywhere.

Okay, there are some twisted souls in the UK.

More on this insanity right here.

Schools, Dropouts, Crime and Failure

Schools, Dropouts, Crime and Failure

Chicago, IL—This story begins and ends here for me because the Windy City is Where I went to school.

I was raised by a single mother who had little interest in being a mother. My mother was trying to make it in a world that stole her sprit and dreams with government handouts.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s women were poorly paid, subjected to unchecked sexual harassment and were barred from many jobs that were male dominated. A single woman with a child was target ripe for exploitation.

My mother quickly learned that a Catholic education was superior for three reasons; they kept children for more hours, had a longer school year and a Catholic education was superior to the public system.

I was the original home alone kid making my own meals while being babysat for by a television set. I rarely saw my mother for more than a few minutes before I’d go to school. My mother never once helped me with my homework.

There was another problem and that was catholic schools required tuition. My mother figured out how to time our evictions from various apartments with the school payment due dates. Mom figured out how to beat the Catholic schools. I’d simply transfer to another wherever we wound up, usually on Chicago’s North side.

That all ended when I was expelled from St. Michael’s High School over non-payment. Then it was off to public high school and a full-time clandestine job (I was too young by law) at a hot dog stand in Uptown. .

I went to 13 different schools not including Loop Junior College and University of Illinois.

I feel that I’m qualified to rate teachers since I’ve seen far more than most. There is a saying that’s all too relevant, “Those who can’t, teach.” I believe too often it’s really true. Teaching seems to be easier for too many than competing in the real world.

Okay, here is my beef: We all can count the teachers who inspired us on our fingers. Only ten percent of the teachers in our schools are worthy of that important job. Just showing up for work does not end a teacher’s sacred responsibilities. There is so much more required than dryly going through lesson plans.

Children’s attention spans are quite limited. The same is true of adults so a teacher has to learn how to be a performance artist, showman and an educator. Most shun this concept. Is it a lack of talent or do they simply not care? I believe it’s a combination of both failings.

If a teacher is not excited and inspired about what they’re teaching how can they possibly inspire or excite our children? That is after all their job. All educational subjects are exciting as are the prospects of wealth through education. That wealth word was never used by any of my teachers.

If there was a single failure by every one of my teachers it was their failure or refusal to teach us that academic excellence leads to wealth in this land of opportunity.

Too much emphasis is placed on cultural diversity. No effort is made to shed light on the failure of some cultures that enable, crime, dependence and poor communication skills.

America’s Teachers unions have celebrated mediocrity and Socialism. Too many teachers seem to strive for a world where everyone is equal despite a refusal or inability to learn. How the Hell can we repair this problem with that kind of mindset?

Home schooling is an answer if parents can achieve this and have sufficient talent to do that job themselves. Our public schools have been a scandal for decades. As a society we will never have an educated electorate until we repair our educational system.

Here is a cute commercial for a school that shows exactly what I have been talking about. Again, thank you, Ben Stein…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Will Go To War To Boost Image And Power

Washington, DC—The honeymoon between Congress and Chairman Barack Obama seems to be ending as those up for re-election understand their days are numbered. Supporting this Marxist regime is proving to be a political liability.

The seizure of the health care industry by our Communist leader seems to be getting some resistance from even many Democrats. Obama seems to be on a slow downward spiral.

The only way for Obama to succeed now is to make a new pretend war and hope the population unites to support him in that effort. Perhaps he will go after North Korea and as in Harry Truman’s day the Chinese Communists joined in and we were unable to win.

Today a significantly weakened America may not survive that fight and become occupied territory of Communist China. Obama would be so pleased to have a role in the new government where he need not stand for re-election.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Government Needs To Shut Down Of Cell Phones And Internet To Maintain Control.

The Internet and cell phones provide information to Americans at lightning speed. It would be impossible for government to control a major uprising of angry Americans should we have a real Tea Party demanding an end to the Marxist moves of the Obama Administration.

Whoever controls the information controls the world. For today’s dictators total control will never happen with a free Internet and working cell phone technology. It’s safe to say that the Obama Administration wants absolute control of the on, off switch to our communications means.

Americans have a real gift to halt tyranny and that’s heavy gun ownership and the Second Amendment. Every day it seems like we are getting closer to the day Americans put an end to government extortion, attempts to confiscate private property and a possible holocaust.

More difficult to control are the elderly, mostly White males that man Ham radios. Should there be a serious rash of civil disobedience in America these will be the guys who will deliver our news from the outside world and other regions of our country.

For you and your neighborhood family service radios are available at K-Mart, Wal-Mart along with the penlight batteries you will need to run them. The radios are cheap and have an average of 1.5 mile range and are perfect for your local militia or watch group. The little radios have numerous channels that can be used. These radios are much more difficult for government to shut down.

LAPD Victimizing Retired Officers For Sport

Los Angeles, CA—The film industry here has enjoyed a good deal with retired LAPD cops. Film makers need serious traffic control and a visible show of force to protect their stars as they make films in public places.

This is not something that should be funded by taxpayers and ordinary security guards lack training and the ability to provide a sufficient deterrent to potential terrorist acts. The solution that’s worked well for decades has been destroyed by the LAPD.

That time honored solution was to allow trained, certified and honorably retired officers to wear police uniforms along with their hard earned retired shields. They have been able to use motor cycles that have the appearance of being genuine LAPD bikes to perform the duties. They don’t make traffic stops or issue citations. They certainly have the power to make routine citizen’s arrests.

There were no problems other than a silly turf war between Chief Bratton and the retired cops. Bratton won and has forced the cops into t-shirts, reflective vests that have the deterrent effect of minimum wage security workers.

The retired cops deserve to be treated better and so do the film makers. Film makers have enough reasons to film outside Los Angeles and for that matter California. Aside from being taxed to death now they lose their safety too.

This is a horrible idea that’s not justified. Why is Bratton targeting retired cops?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Two Most Divisive Presidents

Washington, DC—The losers of wars don’t write the history books. For 150 years Americans have swallowed the crap about Abe Lincoln being one of the greatest Presidents ever.

Lincoln was the greatest divider as he brought the plague of Civil War to our nation. Brother against brother the slaughter of Americans was beyond staggering. At least 618,000 Americans died in the Civil War, and some experts say the toll reached 700,000. The number that is most often quoted is 620,000. At any rate, these casualties exceed the nation's loss in all its other wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam.

Lincoln was a world class tyrant that forced his ideology down the throats of Americans who were then conscripted into slavery through the new income tax created just to fund the celebration of carnage. Lincoln’s assassination was much too little, and far too late. History was quickly revised to make thas monster seem like a hero.

Now we have a ruthless Communist in power seizing businesses, ending competition and excellence in business. Barack Obama is placing a heavy yoke of slavery around the necks of every man, woman and child in America to achieve his Marxist dreams.

I have never heard so many Americans dare say out loud they wanted to see this President dead like I’ve heard in the last five months. I won’t weep after hearing a news bulletin that Obama was struck down by assassins.

If Obama is allowed to continue on with his un-American campaign it’s only a matter of time before we have another Civil War as a result. Obama shares Lincoln’s reputation as a divider.

Chicago Cops Having too Much Fun?

Chicago, IL--The big story at the local Fox TV station is cops engaging in solid public relations efforts. You cannot gain the cooperation of the public until they trust and like you. Cops are not made of stone and need to socialize too while working the mean streets.

Unless the cops have failed to respond to some service call I see nothing wrong with having their pictures taken with friendly citizens. It seems here the real issue is the citizens just happen to also be attractive ladies. Had they been less attractive those photos would not have made news.

The same cops would have been considered wonderful had they posed with children that were being shown the patrol vehicles and equipment. How’s this different?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Watch The Mock Trial of Drew Peterson

Chicago, IL—They’ve Indicted retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. That death was investigated years ago and determined to be an accidental drowning involving a slip and fall in her bathtub. Recently FOX NEWS paid $100 grand for Dr. Michael Baden to conduct a second autopsy.

The case was reinvestigated and reclassified as a homicide. Peterson’s abnormally high profile and seemingly cavalier attitude brought a great deal of hate out of the woodwork resulting in what I consider a malicious prosecution.

WGN Radio's Legally Speaking held a mock trial of Drew Peterson on May 28, 2009 at Chicago’s Kent College of Law. The “evidence” was publicly available information brought forward in the form of closing arguments and jury instructions.

I sat in on this show and watched lawyer, Karen Conti, prosecute Peterson who was defended by Joe Lopez. The case is presided over by retired Judge Richard E. Neville. The jury was picked by members of the audience.

The case ended with a 6-6 split hung jury. Most interesting was they admitted the untested hearsay evidence from the recently enacted “Drew’s Law”. That so-called evidence is unlikely to ever make it before a real jury.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iranian’s Demonstrate Over Rigged Elections

Los Angeles, CA—Angry Iranians assembled at the Westwood Federal Building to protect the rigged election in Iran. My question is why bother since Chairman Obama and his administration are on the side of that warmonger who rigged the election.

My question is, did Obama send ACORN over to help the incumbent? They know how to throw a good election.

Enjoy the video of this event I captured with my $200.00 Flip Mino HD camera.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sorting Through Lies While Saving Careers With A New Tool

Today being a cop is tougher than ever. With GPS Big Brother gizmos on your patrol car checking on and reporting your driving habits there are surveillance video and other devices spying on your every move.

The days of quietly slipping out of your district to enjoy lunch elsewhere are over. Now every traffic stop you make provides opportunities for the malicious neighborhood wildlife to make you a YouTube star.

Police dash cams are a pain since you have to choose between picking your position for tactical safety advantages or a better camera angle.

No more, the Flip Mino HD camcorder is here! No you can turn the tables on violators since you can have crisp, clean, clear video and audio of those you suspect may be the source of trouble.

The camcorder gives you one hour of high quality .mpg video you can quickly preserve on DVD’s with most laptop computers.

When things start to happen, you can deploy the Flip and actually be recording within three seconds.

Aside from using this camera for my investigations, I’m using the flip to capture great video for this blog. Being as small as a cell phone the Flip is hardly noticed. The quality of the video far exceeds today’s cell phones.

The cost of the Flip Mino HD camera is around $200.00

Some departments prohibit personal cameras and this should be addressed by the various police unions.

Troubling Investigation Leaks Endanger LAPD Officer’s Chances For A Fair Trial

Los Angeles, CAThe L.A. Times, reporting anonymous police sources claim that Sherri Ray Rasmussen was found beaten, had been bound and executed. She suffered three .38 gunshot wounds to the chest and that a bathrobe was used to muffle the sounds of the gunfire.

The 1986 killer or killers apparently stacked up stereo equipment on the floor and also removed Rasmussen’s car creating the appearance of a burglary.

Some weeks later, Lazarus reported to Santa Monica police that her .38 snub-nosed revolver was stolen from her automobile.

These leaked reports may negate any possible self-defense claims by career police detective Stephanie Lazarus who is accused of murder and is being held without bond.

It’s beyond ugly when death investigations are made the subject gossip being leaked to reporters by cops acting well outside the integrity parameters in place to prevent these types of nefarious disclosures.

You can read the full L.A. Times report here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gas Prices Skyrocket As Drilling For Oil Ends Under Obama’s Tyranny

Cruel Teen Girls Arrested after Recorded Cell-Phone Video Beating

Sauk Village Park, IL—This quiet South Suburban town was the scene of a vile and brutal attack on a teen girl. The attackers also teen girls ganged up on the victim, Mercedes Michaels, 17, of South Chicago Heights beating her as she lay restrained on the ground while they used scissors to cut off her pretty and long hair.

Michaels seen on the Today Show is wearing hair extensions in the photo above to cover the scalping she received from the young thugs.

The crimes charged should also include armed robbery since they used a weapon to forcibly rob the victim of her hair. They also burned the victim with a cigarette lighter.

Four girls were arrested for this crime including, Sarah Kraft, 17, of Park Forest, and Marcelena Castillo, 17, of Steger. Two of the girls were not identified by authorities since they are juveniles 15 and 16 years-old.

As for the offenders here I’d hope to see them tried as adults and locked away from society for a minimum of five calendar years. Lower animals are never this cruel and we euthanize them for far less egregious conduct.

Squirrel Gun Used In Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting

Washington, DC—That 88 year-old, hate filled, convicted felon and ex-convict, James Von Brunn killed that security guard with a simple .22 rifle. Of course the killer found himself gunned down by another armed civilian guard at the scene.

Getting information about the involved weapon was difficult because it was one that’s nearly below the gun-hater’s radar screen.

Laws that were broken by gunmen.
1. DC is a Gun Free Zone barring carrying or mere possession of firearms.
2. The ex-con Gunman was prohibited from possession of any firearm.
3. Laws against assault and murder were also firmly in place.
4. Hate crimes Laws.

This is yet another example of how gun laws have zero impact on criminals. The crime was interrupted by armed civilian security guards in a land where armed guards are very rare.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It’s Time For Another Chicago Gun Rights Rally!

It’s Time For Another Chicago Gun Rights Rally!
Chicago. IL—Last year it was a success but this year we need to remind our state local politicians they work for us instead of the other way around.

On Friday June 26th enjoy this festive event at your Thompson Plaza.
Chicago Rally

Negroes And Guns An Eye Opener

Most Americans don’t know that gun control laws were invented during Post Civil War Reconstruction as the way to control African-Americans and later various European immigrants.

The very root of gun control has nothing to do with public safety but everything to do with violating the civil rights of unpopular or minority group members.

America’s African-American politicians are a huge part of keeping that racist conspiracy alive. They’ve turned their backs on the safety and lives of their own constituents.

No matter your race the more people that can recognize that genocide can’t happen without severe gun control the better. Gun rights insure that all people will have the ability to protect themselves and families. If the African-American voters of demand their rights to defend themselves gun rights would be here to stay.

This film is a real eye-opener.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Edward Hanrahan Who Was Larger Than Life Has Passed Away At 88

Forest Park, IL—Former Cook County State’s Attorney Edward V. Hanrahan has died. I last talked with Hanaran who was long retired while researching my screenplay, Come Friday.

Hanaran is best known for leading that infamous Black Panther Raid one cold December morning in 1969. That's when two heavily armed ghetto rats, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark caught some serious lead when they attacked officers from the State’s Attorney’s police that were serving a search warrant.

Frankly I’ve danced, peed and spat on their graves ever since. Hampton and Clark advocated the murder of Chicago cops. They got just what they deserved.

Politics rules in Cook County and they Indicted Hanaran along with 14 of the raiders. The prosecution ended in 1972 without convictions and civil litigation went on for over two decades. The taxpayers ate it again.

Hanaran was also famous for the prosecution of the Friday Night Rapist, Robert Ellis. That case ended when a recent Supreme Court opinion prompted a motion by a young public defender, Ron Himel to invalidate a line up identifications made by the victims. Ellis was released and went back to kidnapping and rape until he selected the wrong victim.

Hanarahan had a verbal in chambers shouting match with Judge Louis B. Garippo telling him he’d be responsible for any future rapes committed by Ellis. That all fell on deaf ears and Ellis was released.

A pretty and delightful 25 year-old recruit policewoman, Ann Leybourne had been sworn in and armed days earlier. Ellis was on the prowl and kidnapped Leybourne at gunpoint. During her kidnapping, the young policewoman savagely fought back, shooting him once with her own gun and with three more rounds from his own weapon killing Ellis.

Leybourne’s unique story, Come Friday is now headed for development as a major motion picture.

Was LAPD Detective In A Cat Fight For her Life?

Los Angeles, CA—Slowly the facts are beginning to emerge in the death investigation of Sherri Rasmussen. Rasmussen was found beaten and shot to death in her Van Nuys townhouse she shared with her new husband in 1986.

Now some 23 years later a well-respected 25 year veteran policewoman, Stephanie Lazarus is being held without bond on a capital murder charge.

Police say that there was a deadly fight that included a bite mark containing the salvia of Stephanie Lazarus on the dead woman Sherri Rasmussen’s arm. We all know women resort to scratching and biting when they fight. I see nothing unusual here.

Lazarus was a sworn officer at the time and was required to carry a firearm. We are learning that Lazarus was a frequent visitor/invitee in the townhouse. Lazarus was reportedly a “former” girlfriend of the dead woman’s new husband.

I can see the potential for friction here but these kinds of cases rarely turn so violent. Lazarus has no history of violence or other criminality.

Lazarus at 5’7” was smaller and weaker than the athletic 6’ tall Rasmussen. Assuming there was a fight between the women an effort to disarm Lazarus by Rasmussen makes perfect sense. Had that occurred Lazarus’ police survival training would kick in and she’s lawfully use deadly force shooting Rasmussen until she was no longer a threat.

Lazarus had no duty under her Fifth Amendment rights to report this horrific event to anyone.

This scenario makes perfect sense. It makes more sense than a prosecution theory that Lazarus forced her way into her romantic rival’s home and simply executed her.

The most important clue I’d be looking for is evidence that when shots were fired the distance between the women was very close. That’s really easy to show.

The key element here may be people coming forward that can shed light on Rasmussen’s physical strength, temper and history of violence.

There is a lot more to be learned about this tragic case.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

LAPD Detective Denied Bond—Lawyers Up

Los Angeles, CA—It’s shocking anytime I see a police officer in handcuffs. I’ve seen it before as rare as that happens but I’ve yet to see a policewoman in restraints until this morning.

The proceedings took place before a packed courtroom with most major press organizations present.

Stephanie Lazarus was brought in wearing a waist chain and handcuffs. She was also wearing a orange jumpsuit as she made her court appearance from the prisoner cage within division 30 of the Superior Court.

Lazarus a 25 year LAPD veteran is facing capital murder charges in connection with her arrest Friday at the LAPD Parker Center where she worked as a detective specializing in art thefts.

The 23 year-old cold case, culminated in Lazarus’ arrest after police say DNA linked Lazarus to the killing.

Lazarus was represented by Camarillo lawyer, Mark Pachowicz. The Commissioner, Kristi Loustau ordered that Lazarus be held without bond. Pachowicz asked to continue the current matter agreeing to waive time under the speedy trial rules. A new date July 6, 2009 at 8:30 AM was given. Lazarus was asked if she wished to waive time and she agreed. Prosecutors did little more than give their names for the record.

On Monday police revealed that there was a significant struggle that included biting. Lazarus was identified as a suspect through a DNA match of saliva taken from bite marks on Rasmussen's body. The question may be reduced to a defense of self-defense.

Outside the court a press conference held by personal injury lawyer John Taylor with the parents of the dead woman, Nels and Loretta Rasmussen who came in from Chandler, Arizona.

Taylor shed little light on the circumstances of the killing other than to say that Lazarus was a frequent visitor to the home of Sherri Rasmussen and her husband. You can see the entire conference I shot on a $200.00 hand held HD Flip Camera in two parts below:

Part One

Part Two

Accused LAPD Detective Dogged by Lawyers

Los Angeles, CA--Lawyers John C. Taylor and David M. Ring will reveal client’s claims that the dead woman Sherri Ray Rasmussen reported that she’d been threatened by a “former girlfriend of her husband who was a LAPD officer.”

The claim is that the LAPD ignored the investigative leads and that this is why the case took decades to solve.

Veteran police detective Stephanie Lazarus is expected to appear in court this morning after her arrest on charges that she murdered Sherri Rasmussen. If convicted Lazarus may face the death penalty.

These high powered litigators will be sharing that story accompanied by Nels and Loretta Rasmussen of Chandler, Arizona. These are the parents of the dead woman who will demand a separate police investigation into the handling of the homicide investigation.

I suspect that the Taylor & Ring law firm figures this event will lead to some civil litigation and perhaps a big payday. Let’s hope that this investigation and trial is not influenced by money.

Taylor & Ring are currently in litigation seeking to loot the estate of the now convicted record producer Phil Spector with the mother of Lana Clarkson.

Monday, June 08, 2009

DA Puts Death Penalty On The Table For Accused Detective

Los Angeles, CA— According to a press release the Los Angeles District Attorney has charged LAPD Detective Stephanie Lazarus with capital murder with special circumstances of burglary and personal use of a handgun.

The charges came as a result of a re-opened cold case investigation into the killing of 29 year-old Sherri Rasmussen in 1986.

The decision on seeking the death penalty is yet to be made by prosecutors. This kind of a charge will undoubtedly affect the chances Lazarus has of being released on bail pending her trial. Prosecutors will have to disclose some of their stronger evidence against Lazarus to justify a denial of bail.

The next step will either be a public preliminary hearing or a secret Grand Jury Indictment. I suspect they will opt for a Grand Jury in an effort to keep the facts of the case from public view.

I expect that Lazarus will have a lawyer fighting for bail tomorrow when she appears in court for the first time. A date will most likely be set for a preliminary hearing that will later be vacated once there is an indictment. Then there will be an arraignment and a formal plea will be entered to the charge.

This will all be followed by a one to three year period for discovery and motion practice. I suspect it will be very difficult for Lazarus and her family to pay for what they need in order to receive a fair trial.

At some point the evidence that gave rise to this arrest and prosecution will be made public. Perhaps the defense will show some of their evidence that’s needed to support various motions.

Deputy District Attorney’s Shannon Presby and Shelly Torrealba with the District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division filed case.

The only thing that seems certain is that this career police officer is in for a very rough ride ahead.

Update: The civil lawyers are circling this officer like the sharks they are!

Ending Welfare In California Is On The Table Because of The Budget Mess

Sacramento, CA—In an effort to raise a backlash, lawmakers are pretending to threaten an end to welfare. I’m convinced this is only a scare tactic to raise taxes.

California’s politicians will continue their long standing practice of wealth redistribution and Bolshevik style government until they take their last breath. That last breath can’t be soon enough if we are to survive as a free country.

The yoke of Communism is here with the enslavement of taxpayers. The suggestion of ending welfare is only too good to be true. We can count on the drug dependant and idle parasites to rise up and revolt without their free money.

Maybe some serious street warfare will lead to some serious and needed population control that is sure to reduce the number of folks on the dole.

Hanover Park, Illinois Is A Killing Field

Hanover Park was always a quiet family based bedroom community just Northwest of Chicago. That was until politicians forced this village to accept Chicago’s displaced inhabitants of Cabrini Green and other ghetto dwellings. The culprit is so-called Section 8 Housing that provides free or nearly free rent for those who refuse to go to school or work.

Murder has spiked in this village of less than 40,000 people to at least one per day.

What’s ironic is the people who began this community did it to escape Chicago’s crime and those minority groups that love to wallow in their own blood. These working middle class folks wanted a safe place to educate and raise their children.

I visited the posh suburb of Barrington Hills recently only to see lots of Chicago style ghetto cars in grocery store parking lots and African Americans using their government provided free money cards to pay for their purchases.

The murders, home invasions, kidnappings, sex assaults and drug culture of Chicago’s ghettos are now being shoved down the throats of those who once thought they were safe from that kind of a menace. Now it appears that the culture of violence is spreading like a vile disease in a rapidly changing community.

Those once valuable Barrington Hills homes will be going the way of Chicago’s once beautiful Garfield Park mansions in the 1950’s. Within a decade they were uninhabitable trashed out structures.

It looks like the Ku Klux Klan could surface once again under these fertle conditions.

Criminal Aliens and Highway Carnage Cost Taxpayers Millions

Arizona—There is a regular ghastly happing in Arizona for the last 30 years. Vehicles overloaded with illegal aliens regularly wreck killing and seriously injuring the trespassers. When they die it’s not so bad but hundreds are severely injured and require long term life support and extraordinary care on the backs of American taxpayers.

It does not take long for each alien with brain or spinal cord injuries to rack up medical bills exceeding $1million or more. The medical costs alone could be redirected to seal the border keeping out Mexico’s constant export to America, of crime, drugs and poverty.

The traitors from both political parties in our on Congress are on a mission to weaken and destroy America any way they can. The easiest way is to accomplish their nefarious goal is through open borders.

Here is yet another example of a highway holocaust involving criminal aliens.