Friday, February 29, 2008

What Happens When There Are Too Many Guns?

What if 30, 000 or even 60,000 armed ordinary Americans traveled to an American city? Riots, bloodshed, skyrocketing crime may result you say? These events happen at least twice a year when the NRA Convention and the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show holds their events in various larger cities. Criminal acts by the event attendees have never happened.

Perhaps there would be an increase in gun accidents or other mayhem? To the chagrin of the avowed pacifists, gun-haters and Left Wing political types incidents during these week long events just don’t happen.

On a smaller scale the same could be said about gun shows and America’s gun ranges. Whoever heard of a mugging, rape or murder involving and gathering of gun owners to buy, sell, trade or practice with their firearms? Those kinds of things seem to be reserved for Gun Fee Zones.

The NRA plans to bring at least 30,000 members to the 2008 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville Kentucky, May 16 - 20, 2008. Kentucky is a Right to Carry State and you can count a high percentage of the visitors to packing heat.

The carjackers, muggers and other violent criminals of Louisville should beware; there are consequences for criminal conduct. I suspect the miscreants will be on their best behavior.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Murders Turned Into Entertainment And Trial By News Harpies

Television broadcasters are in trouble. Every day more viewers vanish off the TV radar never to return. Television news as we knew it has changed from simple reporting of facts as they exist to parlor speculation or armchair investigator’s theories.

Fanning the flames of wild theories are the new journalists who are in reality former lawyers. They put gossip and witnesses forward as television evidence and the question of guilt or innocence is put forth before the boob tube viewers instead of juries. The result is a terminally tainted jury pool.

Juries are supposed to be made up from people that have not been influenced by various media outlets. Potential jurors are screened to exclude those who have been twisted by news reports. The problem is prospective jurors lie. Too many people enjoy changing lives as jurors with that unique power that they never have in their ordinary dull lives.

Phil Spector, Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson, and countless others are and were entitled to fair trials. The problems are these suspects are tried by the news harpies and their viewers long before the case goes to trial. Fairness goes right out the window as the verdicts of popular opinion are redundantly announced by the news authorities.

The fundamental fairness of our judicial system has been tampered with beyond repair by a new media our founding fathers could have never envisioned.

The vast majority of people residing in the United States of American have no clue about their Due Process rights, the Bill of Rights and the reasons why they are necessary to insure Liberty and Freedom. The sad truth is they don’t care either, that is until they find themselves or a loved one accused of a crime.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucky Homicide Detectives Escaped Death After Failing To Search A Prisoner

This is a notorious video that hit the Internet shortly after this December 19, 2003 incident was caught on tape by an interrogation room camera. The person who let this clip out will face serious professional and legal problems if he or she is found.

Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was suspected of shooting a policeman twice in the abdomen. He was subsequently arrested and brought into the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department for interrogation.

Every single cop involved with the arrest and transportation of Cerna failed to search him and by the grace of God he did not open fire on the unarmed detectives before he shot himself in the head with a .45 1911. This illegal alien became a good alien in an instant.

This is a real suicide by a gun, VIEWER DESCRETION IS ADVISED!

McCain’s Presidential Hopes May Be Doomed!

It seems that the New York Times has revealed our good Senator from Arizona was born in the Panama Canal Zone! Our Constitution requires that in order to become our President you must be born in the United States. It makes no difference that he was born to an American citizen and was automatically a citizen. It would take a Constitutional Amendment to allow this Left leaning, pretend Republican. It his age McCain will never live to see that happen. Perhaps it’s back to the drawing board for Republicans for a viable candidate.

The not quite so clear qualifications are listed here. There are certain requirements for his parents to have met.

Concept Weapon Made As A Glock Pistol Accessory

I somehow missed this booth at the 2008 Shot Show in Las Vegas. This is yet another reason for muggers, rapists and killers to behave themselves. Somehow Darwin’s Law always rules!

Dorothy Stratten’s Memorial Epitaph Needs To Go…

Click on tombstone picture to enlarge

This horrible epitapath is a famous quote from Ernest Hemingway's, "A Farewell to Arms".

Canadian actress and Playboy Magazine centerfold Dorothy Stratten was merely 20 years-old when she was murdered in Los Angeles by her estranged husband, Paul Snider, 29 with a .12 gauge shotgun.

Snider was portrayed as a control freak who wanted to own Stratton. People have a tendency to exaggerate the bad or evil characteristics of those who commit despicable acts like Snider.

Stratten was about to hit the Hollywood “A” list and did not miss an opportunity to cavort with a man who could place her there, Director Peter Bogdonavich. Stratten quickly took up with Bogdonavich shacking up with him at his Bel Air castle while still married to Snider.

Snider could not cope with the loss of his wife to Bogdonavich. Snider used a divorce settlement pretext to lure Stratton to their former apartment in Los Angeles where Snider killed her then later himself. Bogdonavich went on to marry Stratten’s little sister.

Stratten’s ashes are buried in Los Angeles’ most exclusive celebrity cemetery, Westwood Memorial Park in view of Marilyn Monroe’s crypt and the future resting place of Playboy founder, Hugh Heffner.

For nearly three decades Stratten’s Grave pictured here has had this God awful epitaph placed in obvious anger. That nasty tombstone should be replaced with something gentle that has the kind of style and grace that Stratten should be remembered for. Stratten was victimized twice.

Watch Johnny Carson interview Dorothy Stratten:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mayor Daley, why don’t Chicago cops deserve to live?

Chicago Police are just not prepared for a serious shooting or any event involving criminals with heavier weapons.

The politicians in Los Angeles were horrified to learn their officers had to borrow suitable firearms from local gun stores before they could cope with the decade old, and infamous North Hollywood Shootout.

Since every gun shop was run out of Chicago their patrol officers are truly on their own unless and until the department delivers weapons to the first responders. This is no different than requiring Chicago cops to call 911 and wait for the real police.

Even the gun hating, Left Wing Los Angeles politicians conceded street cops need reasonable access to rifles and shotguns and made that happen. Virtually every patrol car in California has and M-16 and a .12 gauge shotgun in a vehicle mount.

The City of Chicago is killing their own cops by not providing more that a one per year, 30 round in-service firearm qualification for their officers. It’s obvious that police officers don’t deserve to live as far as Chicago’s Mayor and City Council is concerned.

From a website devoted to the North Hollywood Shootout story:

“An event that took place in February 28th 1997. A series of bank robberies culminated in quite possibly the most violent shootout in modern American police history. The lives of 36 patrons and 12 employees were endangered when two heavily armed men wearing body armor decided to rob the Bank of America in North Hollywood. Seen entering the bank by Los Angeles police officers, the two men intimidated employees and patrons by firing shots inside while not realizing that Los Angeles police officers were surrounding the building. As they left the bank, the robbers became aware of their predicament and began shooting at police and civilians.

Three civilians and nine officers were shot within the first five minutes of the shootout, and a total of 350 officers were called to the scene. As police bullets bounced off the suspects, it became evident that the two men were wearing body armor and had out-gunned the police with their armor piercing bullets and semiautomatic weapons. A total of seven civilians and eleven LAPD officers were injured. Despite the overwhelming odds, many heroic officers, while in grave danger, initiated officer and citizen rescues as the suspects continued to exchange shots with other officers. The suspects fired more than 1,100 rounds from their semiautomatic assault rifles. Eventually, one suspect committed suicide and members of the LAPD SWAT team shot and killed the other.”

Friday, February 22, 2008

Secret Service Shut Down Weapon Frisking At Barack Obama's Campaign Rally

Dallas--In a refreshing departure from treating American’s like criminals, the Secret Service ordered metal detectors shut down allowing visitors to enter the Dallas Convention Center without submitting to the unlawful indignity. The crowd was friendly and obviously Senator Obama was not the worse for wear.

Dallas police officials were shocked at the action calling the action a security lapse. Of course 44 years ago President John F. Kennedy was shot dead as he rode in an open limousine on a Dallas street.

The Secret Service struck a giant blow for freedom and Liberty. The pernicious practice of searching Americans everywhere they go anymore is contrary to our Bill of Rights.

No American should ever be searched to do business with his own government, travel or attend sporting and entertainment venues.

As a security expert I find little benefit for the frisking that does nothing but give some people a really false sense of security. The efforts of police and security officials are better used on the behavior profiling or their attendees and observation.

I would support any politician that would seek to return the Fourth Amendment to Americans. I guess we forgot about the Freedoms and Liberty that so many millions of Americans fought or died protecting in all of our wars.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help Save The Tap Root Pub!

Chicago IL--In the great city I once knew there was a fun place to have dinner and socialize. It was the Tap Root Pub that was located at 1762 Larrabee on the Near North Side. I will never be able to tell you if the place was clean or not because it was so dark with only mood setting candlelight and the fireplace.

The food was wonderful and the hippie chicks that served it were entertaining. There were cats in the place that begged for food from your table but I would take the health hazard of cats anytime instead of the rats that plagued the more expensive places. My girlfriends always enjoyed a night out at at this place.

The owner was a man named Harley Budd. Budd was a genuine friend to and fan of Chicago cops. In 1965 the City condemned his property to make way for the Lincoln Park Urban Renewal Project. That did not slow Budd down a bit. He continued on with a well publicized battle with the city. Eventually Budd relocated his pub to nearby 636 West Willow. I was Harley's loyal customer from 1967 through 1972.

Budd’s liquor license was lifted by the city and his customers brought in their own. It was the in thing to do at the time. Everyone I know signed a petition to save our neighborhood place. Chicago was never the same after Budd finally closed shop.

Budd drove an older black Cadillac instead a license plate he has a “Save The Tap Root Pub” bumper sticker. I’d see him out driving while out on patrol and we’d exchange friendly waives. He'd come in to the 12th District Southwater Market area to pick up food for his pub. Nobody would ever write Budd a citation over his lack of plates or city sticker.

Budd died of Pneumonia at Grant Hospital in 1990 at age 61. Budd was a class guy and I miss him and his wonderful attitude. Harley Budd was a Good Will Ambassador for my home town.

The destruction of the Tap Root Pub did nothing good for Chicago. The picture above was taken when city officials and police stormed the Tap Root Pub and arrested Harly Budd. Harley can be seen behind the front gate being forced open. This was a sad day indeed.

New Chicago Police Superintendent Insults Rank And File Officers

The respectful custom began with a very large man, Orlando W. Wilson, Chicago’s first civilian police superintendant. Before Wilson the title for Chicago’s top cop was Chief like every other police department. Wilson was very different and so was his management. Wilson was a cop long before he became a criminologist and professor. Wilson knew about going to domestic violence calls and closing down rowdy bars at 2:00 AM. Wilson never attended the Chicago Police Academy or patrolled Chicago’s streets. Wilson had enough respect to never wear that uniform and star he did not earn. Wilson always wore a suit.

Former FBI Special Agent Jody Weiss never patrolled any street in America or attended the Chicago Police Academy. Weiss never heard the slightest discouraging word from the lips of an angry traffic violator or Slid Row vagrant, but he quickly dressed himself in a uniform he never earned. I suspect that will be one of many steps that will alienate him from real street cops.

Chicago’s Finest nicknamed their new boss, J-Fed. I suspect that cops in Chicago are in for a very turbulent period until J-Fed at least until he gets his walking papers from the next mayor.

J-Fed, that uniform just does not fit you...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is This John McCain’s Waterloo?

The New York Times dropped a giant bomb on Arizona Senator John McCain's campaign to become our president.

McCain has tons of baggage from voting with the Democrats on the most divisive issues possible to his role with the Keating Five and the huge swindle involving Charles Keating.

McCain fooled thousands of ignorant voters who mistakenly believed that McCain’s military credentials made him a Conservative. McCain belongs in the Democratic Party.

McCain’s disgraceful role in the Incumbent Politician Protection Act also know as the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill that has destroyed the First Amendment won't be soon forgotten. That legislation is still the target of judicial rulings striking that law down.

Among the allegations are his closeness to an attractive 40 year-old lobbyist. This will never sit well with members of the Religious Right that dislike McCain anyway. Of course how can we forget McCain’s support for Mexico’s continued exportation of Crime,poverty and drugs through the Immigration Amnesty Bill.

The question is will this reshape the Republican ticket before the republican convention? Will a White Knight Conservative show up as a Third Party Candidate splitting the vote assuring the Democrats a Presidential victory in November?

Look for the Liberals to be McCain’s strongest supporters fighting these allegations.

Read the NY Times article HERE.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amtrak joined The Third Reich TSA Metal Detector Generation

The TSA and Amtrak have taken a giant step backwards in what they are calling a new passenger safety measure. Our politicians fixed a problem that was not broken as they pile on loads of additional debt to our rail carriers. In the process they trashed American's Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches.

They’re being even more unreasonable than the commercial air carriers if that’s possible. They are beginning luggage screening and passenger frisking as they bring automatic weapons and dogs to our tax supported railroad monopoly. Transportation of any firearms even un-loaded firearms locked in baggage is prohibited.

Only active police officers are allowed to transport firearms or ammunition on Amtrak trains. Retired cops or law-abiding passengers will be denied passage if they have any firearms.

Will we be safer? Just ask one dead man's family and the 100 passengers who were injured in that deliberate derailment of the Sunset Limited train in Arizona on October 9th, 1995. Someone tampered with train tracks causing the disaster. Terrorist and mass murderers need not enter our trains to kill large amount of passengers. The TSA need to put their security weenies on train track surveillance where they can deter a known problem instead of treating paying passengers like dangerous criminals.

Another Gun Free Zone is no answer to crime or terrorism.

Lane Bryant Victims Were Set Up For Vicious Killings like Sheep

Six Suburban Chicago women were victimized twice. Once by society and their own government and again by the ruthless killer who robbed, blindfolded, and then brutally slaughtered them. They were, Connie R. Woolfolk, 37, of Flossmoor, Jennifer L. Bishop, 34, of South Bend, Rhonda McFarland, 42, of Joliet, Sarah Szafranski, 22, of Oak Forest, and Carrie Hudek Chiuso, 33, of Frankfort. In addition yet another woman was critically wounded who was able to provide police with her own personal horror story

Society demanded that these women lose their birthright along with their God given responsibility to protect themselves from harm. That was all accomplished through decades of handing responsibility for personal safety and security to government. During that period our society has brainwashed itself from any ideas of personal responsibility as they adapted to the 911 culture.

I guess most of us just don’t know or don’t want to believe that there is no 911 emergency call system anywhere as fast as even the slowest actions of muggers, rapists and killers. The police can only respond in time to remove the corpses and clean up the human blood and tissue.

Society has become an unwitting accomplice to terrorists, criminals and the insane as the laws worked to make sure the law-abiding are helpless, defenseless and hopeless. At the same time all types of predators have absolute unobstructed freedom to bring carnage onto the innocent.

We need more than the simple right to carry concealed weapons returned to law-abiding Americans. We need society to return the concept of self-preservation as, politically correct.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mayor Daley’s Elite Gun Gestapo Victimize Yet Another Gun Collector

They’re at it again! They grabbed another middle-aged gun collector with 12 unregistered firearms, three of them were those awful handguns.

The perpetrator was 59 year-old, Fred Habib of Chicago’s Northwest side. Habib had the required Illinois Firearms Owner’s Identification but dared to ignore the un-Constitutional Handgun ban and taxing of his right to keep and bear arms.

The Elite Chicago Gun Gestapo raided Habib’s home like he was some big time drug dealer or notorious criminal. Now the city will try to get the court to order the confiscation and destruction this man’s small gun collection and ammunition.

That U’S. Supreme Court case, D.C. vs. Dick Heller will hopefully put Daley’s Gun Gestapo out of business for good when they rule in June.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Illinois Supreme Court Covers Up For Their Very Own Justice Anne Burke!

Recently the Illinois Supreme Court ignored their own statutory duty to investigate wrong doing by fellow Supreme court Justice Anne Burke. Instead of investigating the complaint as the law requires, they did nothing at all.

It’s no secret that all court appointments in Illinois except for lower downsate jurisdictions are under the direct control of Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke. Nobody can get appointed, slated or Democratic Party blessing without Burke’s approval. Of course Anne Burke is the wife of Edward Burke. Is it any wonder way the judicial capons of the Illinois Supreme Court ducked their responsibility?

That complaint has made the round of various law enforcement agencies and has gotten some deserved attention.

Crimefile News obtained a copy of the complaint which you can read RIGHT HERE.

Chicago Sun Times Columnist is Way Off The Mark

Columnist , Carol Marin wrote this article: We Must Do More to Control Guns

I responded with an e-mail to this lovely buy woefully misguided lady.


You're off the mark!

The first notable school shooting was in 1966. It happened in Austin Texas and was at the hands of a deranged ex-marine, Charles Whitman. The scream was for gun control by the political Left. They got their wish for more gun control in the form of 20,000 new laws. Each law sold more guns as Americans panicked and bought guns to head off a total ban. The gun control movement became the greatest gun marketing tool ever.

Each gun massacre also brought the shooters something else they craved, major media face time. The media became the unwitting motivator of mass killers each trying to out do the other in copycat moves. Mass killers are as well known as rock stars and Oscar winning actors. How many headines, books and movies did Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy spawn?

What we have now are super-soft targets created by well-meaning politicians that are by design the safest place for armed madmen to kill innocent people. They are the so called Gun Free Zones.

The gun laws always work well on one group, the law-abiding. They follow the laws and the new politically correct gun-less culture like sheep. Perfect victims for the groups that our laws never affect, criminals, whack-jobs and the suicidal.

Stripping the law-abiding of their gun rights is counter productive to public safety. These are the very people you want trained and armed to act in emergencies. They are the ranks of the Militia to keep themselves, families, friends and neighbors safe from the unthinkable.

Give a Militia snappy uniforms, government resources, and special authority and you create Storm Troopers as Nazi Germany did so effectively. Government Militias quickly lose identification with their former friends and neighbors. The Militia must be all of us.

The ranks of gun control groups are comprised of devout pacifists, control freaks and the misled. Their shrill cries are trumpeted by confused journalists.

Americans need to re-learn what they’ve lost, that they are responsible for their own self-defense. That they, not the police are the first responders to assaults, rapes, robbery and all forms of mayhem. When Americans re-learn their individual self-defense responsibilities violence in our society will be checked.

More gun laws and more cops are no solution to America’s violence.

Carol, get training, a gun and you can be part of the solution rather than what you are, a part of the Problem.


Paul Huebl
Crimefile News

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mass Killers Are Using The wrong Weapons!

I don’t understand the fascination that mass killers have with guns. They are not suitable for mass killings by a single gunman. Something always goes wrong before the killers can expend all of their ammunition. Then there is the difficulty of paying for, stealing or otherwise obtaining those guns. Guns are so expensive, over-regulated and really ineffective. Guns require way too much training and skill to use effectively. There are far better ways as exemplified by the New York love story of sorts of Julio and Lydia.

One day, Julio Gonzalez, a Cuban Army deserter and ex-convict was very angry. He lost his job and his girl friend ,Lydia Feliciano, a worker at a local social club and Julio wanted to get even. Julio simply purchased a single gallon of plain old and unregulated gasoline.

Julio soon took his rage out on the occupants of New York’s Happyland Social Club. Before it was over 87 innocent people were dead.

School shootings are so minor in comparison to the mass murder of the Happyland patrons.

Gasoline purchases require no forms to fill out, no tiresome background investigations, and no waiting periods! They don’t care about your mental health history or your violent felony record. Gasoline is a deadly explosive that kills much better than firearms.

Read more about Julio and Lydia’s, love gone wrong HERE.

Our Government Knew NIU Gunman Was A Whack-Job Who Lied On Five Gun Applications

Steven Kazmierczak’s My Space photo seen here displays abundant tattoos on both arms.

The NIU gunman was well known by government authorities. He was confined to a Chicago mental institution for a year after refusing to take anti-psychotic medicine was unruly and engaged in strange behavior such as cutting himself. He later joined the Army but was tossed out after basic training for psychiatric reasons. The gunman was off his required medication and his rocker for two years prior to the shooting.

In order to buy the four firearms in Illinois, Steven Kazmierczak had to lie on four separate #4473 Firearm Transaction Forms, and his Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Application. That FOID process takes months to complete. Once the FIOD was received Kazmierczak could not take delivery until he had endured the mandated waiting periods for the guns he had already purchased.

At the point of purchase and well before delivery of the firearm both the state and federal governments have a part in conducting another background investigation to determine if there were disqualifying factors that would prevent the transaction. Since there were four purchases the process was repeated four times and government still approved the applications. You can see what paperwork this killer had to fill out and knowingly make false ststement on below:

See a standards Illinois Gun Card application HERE.

The required ATF #4473 form can be found HERE.

Friday, February 15, 2008

NIU Gunman Was The Killer Puppet Of Liberal Politicians

Stephen Kazmierczak, 27 is now identified as yesterday’s NIU gunman was a mentally disturbed man who stopped taking his anti-psychotic medicine. Kazmierczak’s troubles were hidden from public records and even the Illinois State Police who did a required background check enabling him to get a gun owners card.

Of course the victims of the madman were all denied the ability to stop this deranged killer by an outrageous and un-Constitutional Illinois law that forbids meaningful self-defense.

Liberal political thinking and policy was the real killer here. Liberals demand absolute privacy for mental patients even though that endangers public safety. Liberals also push every conceivable kind of gun ban on law-abiding Americans who have an absolute Constitutional right to keep and carry firearms. It was the Liberal politicians that guaranteed this killer an unarmed and vulnerable soft target. The Liberal platform and politics of victimization here was and is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

Ask yourself a serious question about the mall and school massacres. Why have these bloodbaths only occurred after gun control laws and bans were enacted during the 1960s through today?

It’s time for those few holdout states like Illinois to try a new approach that works really well in the majority of the free United States. That of allowing concealed weapons for the law-abiding and the elimination of all Gun Free Zones.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

NBC, The Today Show And Hanoi Jane’s Foul Mouth

I’m not going to defend that Communist Traitor Bitch but it’s time to re-think the FCC broadcast word ban. Fonda used the dreaded “C” word while a guest on The Today Show.

You’ll notice that I avoid the use of profane language anywhere on this blog including posting comments that contain them. I know such words may drive away sensitive readers and don’t want that result.

I’ve used the foulest of words outside of where you’ll find mixed company or children. It’s low class, low brow and juvenile. Like many others using those nasty words I enjoy the shock value and sometimes comedy that is involved with profanity. That in no was excuses my lapse of good judgment when I tread into smutty language territory.

The reality is that these four letter offerings are in and of themselves are only simple synonyms of otherwise acceptable words. What’s the big deal aside from joining the lowest class of humanity?

By banning these terms have we given them far too much importance? I say those words have much more shock value simply because they are forbidden. Perhaps if we show less indignation and horror when people use the banned words they will go away on their own.

Illinois Politicians Told NIU Victims, “Shut Up And Die!”

Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL--Illinois politicians gave Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley what he wanted. They made it a felony crime for a law abiding citizen even those holding valid Firearm Owner Identification Cards to carry a handgun for simple self-protection.

They’ve known for a long time that violent criminals and the mentally deranged never let gun laws or Gun Free Zones stop them from committing all manner of carnage. They also know it’s an extremely rare day when dangerous criminals have met any requirements to get gun permits even under the most permissive systems.

Illinois Politicians have made the entire state a Gun Free Zone, at least on paper. Again the result was to provide some whack-job the softest possible target to kill innocent victims and get himself or herself some major media face time. The politicians know these facts only too well and continue with their politics of victimization anyway.

The only motive I can see for the continued war on the law-abiding folk’s gun rights is the desire of politicians to enslave their constituents and eventually end those tiresome elections and term limits.

As of 5:43 P.M. NIU officials have provided the following information about the victims of the shooting:
18 victims were transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb:
Eight victims are in stable condition
Six victims are in good condition
Four victims are in critical condition and two of those victims were transported to regional hospitals

Update: The latest from NIU:
Latest Information
8:55 p.m. CST, 2/14/08

NIU can confirm seven fatalities, including the gunman. Four of the dead were female and two, including the gunman, were male. In total, there were 22 injured or killed.

NIU can confirm that the shooter was an NIU graduate student in sociology in the Spring of 2007 but was not currently enrolled.

At a press conference held on NIU's campus Thursday evening, NIU President John Peters said, "Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. We thank the community for the outpouring of sympathy during this terrible time of tragedy."

Peters urged students to remain calm and seek counseling. "We've asked them to reach out to each other during this difficult time, and they've done that, and I'm proud of them."

The NIU Department of Public Safety is asking that any individuals who witnessed the Feb. 14 shooting, or who believe they have any information related to the shooting, call the University Tip Line at (815) 753-TIPS. Police will return calls as soon as possible.

The FBI is processing the crime scene and the investigation is being aided by the Illinois State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the State Crisis Management Team, the City of DeKalb Police, City of Sycamore Police, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, the Ben Gordon Center and the DeKalb, Sycamore and Cortland Fire Departments, as well as FEMA

It’s Time For Third Party Spoilers!

They can be so much fun! Who could forget that little weasel, H. Ross Perot’s third party efforts in 1992 and again in 1996. The Republicans ran George H. W. “No New Taxes” Bush and Bob “Viagra” Dole against the Clinton Cabal. These two Republican frontrunners were way too Liberal and weak so the Perot platform that seemed only slightly more acceptable cornered enough Republican and Conservative votes to let the Clinton disaster torture us for eight years!

Somehow I expect some third party spoilers to provide what’s missing from this presidential election so far, an acceptable and qualified candidate for President. As it stands no matter who wins from the current political litter, Americans can count on getting a real lemon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Police Dash Cams Can Suck Sometimes

You’re a proud protector of the public and you just snagged a traffic violator you’re going to impress with your devotion to duty with an expensive citation. You get out of your car and approach the violator with your best Adam 12, Reed & Molloy impersonation when…

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ann Jillian, Bob Hope And Countless Stars Entertained Our Troops

As a veteran I know first and the loneliness of being away from home and being trapped at a duty assignment where entertainment is very rare. A wonderful volunteer organization came into existence to fill this void, The USO.

Through the years the A list stars conspired to get out to combat zones and such to bring love, support and fun to our protectors of freedom. That needed attention seems to falter when our politicians send our kids to fight politically unpopular wars and that’s both sad and un-American.

Then there was the late, great Bob Hope and his troops that never wavered in bringing joy and first class entertainment where it was needed most. Along with Bob Hope was my dear friend, singer, dancer and Golden Globe winning actress, Ann Jillian. Ann is married to my pal, retired Chicago police Sergeant Andy Murcia.

Ann Jillian has a website that can be found here.

Please sit back and watch this rare clip of Bob Hope and Ann Jillian as they brought sheer joy to the boys and girls sent to fight Desert Storm.

History Would Suggest It’s Time For Another U.S. President To Be Assassinated

Four U.S. presidents were assassinated. Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy suffered the ultimate form of term limits.

But for John Wilks Booth, the assassins were disenfranchised angry loners, some suffering from mental disorders.

John Wilks Booth was a patriot who took out perhaps the most toxic president we’ve ever had. The winners of the Civil War wrote the history books and made a hero and martyr out of a considerable enemy of freedom and liberty. I’ve never been a fan of Abe Lincoln. A split nation was far better than the huge loss of life and suffering that our Civil War brought Americans on both sides.

It only takes marginal intelligence and a created opportunity to kill a president. Improvised explosives, incendiary devices, firearms all can be command fired from great distances. Sophisticated killers can watch live television feeds broadcast in real time to determine when to press the button taking out the world’s greatest leader.

The Secret Service can never hope to eliminate the constant threats, attempts and actual assassinations. They will happen just because they will.

I would be surprised and amazed if we got through another presidential term with hot button, toxic people that are now likely to end up being inaugurated in January 2009.

My bet is the country will go on like it always does with a Constitutional successor. Someone will be offended or angry enough to do what they could not accomplish at the ballot box.

The chances of any president being killed are a little greater than 10% based on history. Get ready for the rider less horse in a funeral parade. Perhaps the next one will have a side-saddle.

The Rush Is On To Loot Britney Spears’ Estate

We all know that Britney Spears has had difficult moments made more difficult by constantly exaggerated tabloid reports of this girl’s behavior. If Spears runs a yellow light in her car it’s a front page story. I’m not sure what’s really going on other than I have no doubt that all of the people that surround her have shady motives. Greed is ugly and Spear’s huge estate is the target of some very ugly people.

Anyone feeding Spears alcohol or drugs is suspect since that would weaken Spear’s resistance and ability to protect her assets. Spear’s parents remind me of so many parents of Hollywood’s child stars. The feel entitled to steal their child’s earnings and do so with no limits. Spear’s parents are fighting desperately to gain absolute control of their daughter’s earnings.

Next we have a huge boatload of lawyers, medical experts, accountants, and the court itself all grabbing their “share” of The Britney Spears estate. Let’s not forget that ex-husband who’d be living in a beat up car had he not caught Britney’s eye one day.

I can’t predict how the court will “protect” Britney Spears or her money but you can count on millions going to the greedy as a result of the court's intervention. In the mean time Britney can’t write a check, or use her own credit cards. I don’t see anyone on the side of this young woman.

Arizona’s, John Shadegg won’t seek re-election to an eighth term in Congress.

It was a sad announcement to hear the 58 year-old is stepping down and the end of his term. In his statement Shadegg said he will look for a different capacity to serve our country. John Shadegg is truly a White Knight of the highest order and an acquaintance of mine.

Shadegg is a real Conservative who served for 14 years with distinction and grace as he fought runaway spending, out of control government and its constant corruption. At the same time Shadegg fought hard to protect our ever shrinking freedoms and liberty. I had hoped to see his name on a Presidential ballot instead of the names we’ve got. I don’t count Shadegg out as a strong American political leader or future Presidential candidate. I just hope to see that happen.

Update! 138 House Republicans have signed a letter asking Shadegg to reconsider and now he's considering a reversal of his plans!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barack Obama The Drug Abusing Felon

In his own 1995 book, would be President Obamma admitted his personal cocaine abuse. Such an admission would bar him from ever working in any American law enforcement agency. How can this Democratic frontrunner possibly be qualified to become the top law enforcer on our earth?

Okay, this is in his past and should not count. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of police applicants rejected and blackballed for the very same behavior in their past lives. Use of cocaine is a felony under every state and federal laws. That makes Obama a felon.

The broad support for Obamma’s candidacy along with the huge amount of unchecked drug abuse in this country is a clear sign that the numbers of Americans that don’t break drug laws are in the minority.

Can anyone please help me make sense of these facts?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Special Report On Homeland Security

Knob Creek Kentucky is one of the most crime free places to visit on our earth. Every year they have a special event that draws thousands of people having lots of good clean American fun. Come watch video journalist Kaj Larsen as he visits Knob Creek, KY and shows us what real HOMELAND SECURITY looks like.

R. Lee Ermey "Gunny's" comments on Knob Creek.

Friday, February 08, 2008

It’s time For All Cops To Reject Most Gun Laws

While on patrol you discover that a citizen is carrying a loaded firearm whether pistol, shotgun or rifle. You work for a jurisdiction such as in IL, NY, NJ, CA, WI, MA or some other place that bans guns. What should you do? I say follow your oath and first recognize the Second Amendment that you have sworn to uphold.

The argument that the courts should decide the Constitutionality of gun laws not street cops is just not working. Take the City of Chicago as an example. Alderman Ed Burke controls all judicial appointments and lawyers placed in judgeships. In Chicago nobody would ever be appointed or slated if he or she dismissed gun cases because of something like the Bill of Rights. As a result the Cook County judicial system is a sham. Cops have been ordered to break laws to enforce laws and that’s both wrong and un-American.

If the citizen you stopped is not involved with any offense beyond ignoring a ban or prohibition that infringes on the right to possess or carry firearms let him or her pass in peace. We must protect the rights of our citizens even if politicians write laws that violate our freedoms. Remember these rights are the freedoms of cops, their families and friends too.

I don’t suggest for a second that armed felons, drug addicts or people engaged in other criminal activity get anything less than free food and shelter in your local jail. Cops need to protect citizens and their rights.

Supreme Court Being Influenced By Congress’ Amici Curiae Brief on Heller Gun Case!

Our Supreme Court received a new amici curiae brief in opposition to the DC handgun ban from 250 members of the House, 55 senators along VP Dick Cheney. My esteemed firearms legal expert believes the Supreme Court will pay attention to a co-equal branch of government.

Here is what the NRA released yesterday about its own amicus brief. The last paragraph predicted the Congressional brief that was filed today.
NRA Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court, D.C. v. Heller ()Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fairfax, Va. - The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund today submitted an amicus curiae brief to the United States Supreme Court in the case of District of Columbia (D.C.) and Mayor Adrian Fenty v. Dick Anthony Heller. This brief supports a lower federal appeals court decision holding that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, and asserts that the D.C. bans on handguns, on carrying firearms within the home and on possession of loaded or operable firearms for self-defense violate that fundamental right.

“We want to return hope and we want to return freedom to our nation’s capital. After this ban was enacted, D.C.’s murder rate tripled, and the city was labeled ‘murder capital of the United States’,” said NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. “The irony of this gun ban is that it has resulted in criminals having guns while denying law-abiding citizens their basic right to self defense in their own homes.”

In March, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that “[T]he phrase ‘the right of the people,’ when read intratextually and in light of Supreme Court precedent, leads us to conclude that the right in question is individual.” The D.C. Circuit also rejected the claim that the Second Amendment does not apply to the District of Columbia because D.C. is not a state. This case marks the first time a Second Amendment challenge to a firearm law has reached the Supreme Court since 1939.
“It is beyond unreasonable to prevent law-abiding residents from using a firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones in their own homes, and that is clearly not what our founding fathers intended in crafting the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” added Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “The American people - whether democrat or republican, urban or rural - know that the Second Amendment was not written to give a right to the government, but rather to guarantee the fundamental right of individual citizens.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), along with bi-partisan majorities of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives - in fact, the largest number of co-signers of a congressional amicus brief in American history - will also be filing a strong brief in support of the individual rights view. Several other pro-Second Amendment individuals and organizations, including an overwhelming majority of state attorneys general, will be filing briefs in favor of affirming the D.C. Circuit’s decision as well.

The NRA is widely recognized as America’s foremost defender of Americans’ civil rights as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, as well as being the nation’s leading provider of firearms safety and marksmanship training. The NRA has a vital interest in this case, as the District of Columbia’s arguments, if accepted, would abrogate the fundamental right to keep and bear arms enjoyed by the NRA’s members and other Americans.

As stated in the NRA brief:
“In adopting the Second Amendment, the Framers guaranteed an individual right to keep and bear arms for private purposes, not a collective right to keep and bear arms only in connection with state militia service.”
By its terms, the Amendment protects the right ‘of the people’ to keep and bear arms. The holder of the right is unambiguous: it is not the States, it is ‘the people’ themselves.”

“Americans’ personal right to possess . . . firearms for hunting or self-defense was part of the essence of the Framers’ view of themselves as a free and democratic people. Had Americans in 1787 been told that the federal government could ban the frontiersman in his log cabin, or the city merchant living above his store, from keeping firearms to provide for and protect himself and his family, it is hard to imagine that the Constitution would have been ratified.”

My Favorite Shot Show Gun Offerings for 2008

Las Vegas—The 30TH annual SHOT SHOW provided thousands of guns for me to examine, fondle and drool over. No there were no significant advances in gun technology since the cased cartridge and smokeless powder but the ergonomics keep marching on.

I brought out three guns for my readers that I thought were remarkable and desirable. They are purely defensible handguns suitable for cops and civilians alike. Let me say that I don’t like small caliber handguns like 9MM or .38 special since they’re more suitable for mouse hunting than the serious business of self-defense.

Glock brought their new short frame (SF) models in both the full size 13+1 shot .45 ACP #21 SF and the sub-compact, 10+1 shot .45 ACP #30 SF. I like the larger #21 the way it is but I love the way the #30 fits my medium size hand.

There is some bad news here for the Left-handed shooter because of the Bolshevik Republic of California’s insanely complicated gun laws. The laws actually prevented Glock from utilizing the ambidextrous magazine release on the Short Frame models.

I must caution novice Glock carriers to exercise extreme caution with these pistols because the trigger system is different and may prove hyper to shooters that only used revolvers or double-action semi-automatics.

Smith & Wesson brought a large frame (N) six shot revolver in .45 ACP with a reincarnated three inch barrel. This configuration utilizes full-moon or half-moon clips of yesteryear. Does that turn you off? It shouldn’t because the full-moon clips are really great speed-loaders loading all six rounds at once. This is an incredibly reliable revolver offering a real punch knocking out any criminal. This is being offered in the old classic style or in a new lightweight issue with night sights.

When you take delivery of this S&W go over to and pick up a pair of Secret Service grips to make this the best revolver you ever owned or fired.

Sig-Saur brought some new plastic Glock style semi-automatics and none of these rang my bell. I’m really partial to the P-239 two-tone model. I’m no fan of the .40 S&W round that’s most popular with politically correct police agencies trying to make their side arms female friendly. I’d rather take my chances with the .357 Sig jhp round. The .239 only needs a barrel and magazine change to morph one way or the other.

I’d avoid the DAO or DAK trigger option demanded by agencies such as the Chicago Police Department that trade the safety of their officers for that of criminal suspects.

The Sig-Saur #239 in .357 Sig is one of the best guns I’ve ever fired. It’s the only choice for me other than carrying a pistol chambered for the .45 ACP.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mail Call At The Las Vegas Shot Show!

Las Vegas-- The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show opened in Las Vegas, NV today. At the Glock Firearms Booth their spokesman is our favorite super Marine, R.Lee Ermey aka "Gunny". You've seen him in many fine films and History Channel's Mail Call.

Stop by and meet Gunny and get his autograph today thru Sunday!