Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barack Obama’s Fraudulent Presidency Must End Now

Washington, DC--Governor Neil Abercrombie admits to reporter Mike Evans there are no Barack Obama birth records in Hawaii.

Barack Obama is squatting in our Whitehouse in violation of our Constitution. We need to remove this man at once and any politicians that demand he be allowed to remain in office.

Galco Holsters Unveiled at the SHOT Show

Las Vegas, NV—I’ve been using Galco holsters for about 42 years now. For me Galco is as good as it gets. Founder and company President Rick Gallagher is a perfectionist and their products go a long way to keep police, military and civilians who carry guns safe.

Mike Barham showed me what’s new at Galco.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DSA Arms and the FNFAL Rifle

Las Vegas, NV—One of the most venerable battle rifles ever made was the FN FAL and FN LAR.

DSA has brought these sweet rifles back with a vengeance. They have fine tuned older technology with the new to make the finest such rifles ever produced. Now there is even a FAL handgun!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Expect Janet Napolitano To Bring More Grief To Traveling Americans

Moscow, Russia-Today’s airport bombing has nothing to to with passenger screening but you can bet the Obama Administration’s very own Heinrich Himmler, Janet Napolitano with have some new ways to destroy the air travel industry.

Here’s some video:

Ghetto Rat Robbery Flash Mobs Robbing Trendy Stores in Chicago

Chicago, IL—This is the new rage among Chicago’s African-American Ghetto Rats. They meet in a large group, enter designer stores on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and strong-arm the clerks for their merchandise.

Terrorism you say? You bet, but the businesses are not without blame since most of the corporate owners don’t believe in having armed security to protect their employees and customers.

It’s a matter of time until some clerk or customer is murdered of left brain-dead by these hateful opportunists.

The stores rely on security cameras to be their salvation. The cameras are great but without eye-witness testimony the camera is nothing but inadmissible hearsay evidence in our courts. Most people don’t seem to know that. The only hope is police show dumb criminals the videos and they confess thinking the video is somehow absolute proof of their guilt.

The cure for the flash mobs is a strong equally or greater violent response. Strong-arm robbery with multiple offenders or where there is simply a disparity of force can be stopped by deadly force. Yes, you can shoot the thugs in the face.

These flash mobs offer a challenge since they capitalize on the laws we have barring exclusion of protected minorities from businesses, at least until they breach the peace. The stores are compelled to let them in but when they don’t use necessary force to apprehend or stop the thugs only invites them to return to victimize even more.

Chicago police don’t have the manpower or the support of this city’s political leadership to deal with the problem. Too many of Chicago’s Aldermen are as lawless and immoral as the flash mob thugs. They are already equating this crime as “Robin Hood wealth redistribution” taking from the rich to give to the poor.

Today’s Ghetto Rat thugs have cell-phones and great transportation to travel around and commit these kinds of crimes. The businesses can either deal harshly with the thugs or simply go out of business. The quality of life in the Windy City has remarkably fallen as Ghetto Rat tolerance and poor police service has fed on itself.

I only see an increase in this and all forms of Black on White crime in Chicago. I wish I could offer some easy solution but White flight is what follows this in American history. Today the suburbs can no longer be a refuge. Government’s social engineers have sent Chicago’s Ghetto Rats to newly acquired Section Eight housing in virtually every suburb.

The real solution is to stop running and start fighting. Courts, prosecutors and police have to redirect their efforts and resources away from the Drug War and victimless crime. The only real answer is to put thugs in jail for keeps.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ruger’s New 9 MM Wows the Shot Show

Las Vegas, NV—Ruger Firearms had a small .380 semi-automatic pistol on the market for a few years now. It is popular with cops and civilians alike because of its stealthy size. That entry was the LCP. Now the little LCP has a slightly larger big brother, the LC9.

The LC9 is a 7+1 shot 9MM! It’s even smaller that the Walther PPK pistol of James Bond fame. It packs a bigger punch and for self-defense because the 9MM has more gusto than the .380 any day.

I have not yet fired this little gem but I look forward to doing so soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Sign That The Drew Peterson Case is Self-Destructing

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson was arrested after Illinois law was changed to admit hearsay evidence normally barred from American courtrooms. He’s been locked up since June of 2009 in the Will County Jail here in lieu of $20 million bail.

The case against Peterson is based upon hate, gossip and the greed of relatives seeking a windfall through their civil action against Peterson. Any evidence that supports murder is as thin as it could possibly be.

The Sun Times, Joseph Hosey crusade against Peterson has ended with the sticky departure of the reporter who made the story personal long ago so many half-truths he published. Hosey had his own profit making plan for the Drew Peterson Story.

Now comes Tommy Peterson, the son of Drew Peterson and the late Kathleen Savio who has just turned 18 years old. The younger Peterson's maternal grandfather brought suit against the elder Peterson on behalf of Tommy who was a minor at the time. The lawsuit was about taking control of Drew Peterson’s estate with an anticipated judgment. That case has taken a giant step backward as Tommy Peterson now has the authority to withdraw from that case.
Thomas "Tommy" Peterson

Attached is a letter from the younger Peterson. I know this lad misses his mother and would not support his father if he thought for a moment that his dad killed her. It’s now obvious that the case against Peterson is going to make its sunset unless or until some real evidence surfaces to the contrary. If Peterson is tried and acquitted, that case can never be brought against him again.

Here is the letter:

Tommy Peterson Letter 1-14-2011[1]

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Folly of Carrying Exposed Weapons

Los Angeles, CA—I hear many questions about carrying exposed weapons. The inquiries are always from the few states that ban carry generally. Some think exposed carry is a way to self defense. Exposed carry is nearly always a bad idea.

Before protective vests and better holsters over 50% of cops killed, were murdered with their own guns! Lesser trained civilians won’t have it any better.

Carrying exposed firearms makes people targets. You may become target of strong armed robbers looking to arm themselves with your gun.. You will become an object of ridicule and scorn from drunks and others that see you armed. Frankly today, the sight of a civilian carrying a gun provokes some unreasonable folks into a breach of the peace. Last but not least is exposed carry generates phony reports to the police of aggravated assault.

If someone sees your gun and accuses you of pointing it at them police will respond and investigate. When they have a witness/victim and you have the gun, your chances of being wrongfully arrested and even convicted of a felony are huge without independent witnesses or video.

Carrying an exposed gun places you in physical danger and may destroy your reputation as a law-abiding citizen. With that comes, incarceration, job loss, home foreclosure, divorce and disgrace. It’s far less risky to discreetly carry a concealed gun even if it violates some politician’s gun ban.

If you feel the need to carry a firearm in defense of yourself and family don’t let unconstitutional laws stop you. Carry your gun concealed but as always avoid conflict when possible. Why demand exposed carry when you can simply demand the right to conceal your weapon and thereby avoid breaches of the peace?

Berlin, A Tale of Two Cities

Berlin, Germany—This is for all those social engineers out there that think Socialism has a better way. Some thinkers that believe that Socialism is more generous to the less fortunate and the old American capitalist system is somehow less humane.

Berlin became a grand test tube for the experiment in 1961 when the Berlin Wall went up. The wall stayed up until Communism fell in 1989. There were two societies with the exact same genetic DNA living side by side separated only by bricks, mortar, barbed wire mines and guns.

In those years West Berlin inhabitants prospered, their people had a great life. The welfare rolls were slim only containing the dependant children, disabled and elderly. The West German model made few Welfare Zombies.

East Berlin on the other hand had a handout society for the idle, lazy and uninspired. Poverty and a mundane life of sacrifice and denial came with the handout. Some here had cars. Not the flashy and reliable Mercedes and BMWs of the West, but stinky little cars that could not sustain a 150 mile trip without a breakdown. The America Chevrolet Vegas or Ford Pintos were superior to these dangerous crap East German machines.What happened was obvious the folks in the West got better educations, and a dream life. The folks in the East merely reproduced and existed. In 1989 the wall came down. The people in the East now had the freedom but no clue how to deal with it. They had become Welfare Zombies. The people of the West now must support generations of their pathetic cousins from the East.

The jails of the West quickly filled up with the former Communists as graffiti and litter suddenly became a problem in the West that never existed before. Today most folks in the West wish that the East Germans stayed in the East rather than pollute the population of the West.

In the long run the Socialist welfare society destroyed millions of what could have been productive lives.

Socialism is the same everywhere. It breeds poverty, crime, as it kills productivity and pride.

Our founding fathers had a better idea but the Socialists will never give up their goal for a one world Socialist government. Americans must fight to protect and defend the Constitution and our way of life.

We are under attack from many Communists in our Congress and Whitehouse. We must act accordingly with the tools our founders gave us or we deserve what we have and what we will get later. Frankly we’d all be better off dead than Red.

Here is a video from my visit to Berlin during the 20 year celebration of the fall of the dreaded wall. My dear friend Andrea gave me the deluxe tour!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Homeland Security Needs You!—To Snitch.

Right: The official Gestapo Badge of the Thrird Reich.

Washington, DC—For those that don’t understand how the Gestapo worked inside the Third Reich you can simply watch the Homeland Security propaganda campaign that’s underway in America.

When the Nazis were in power in Germany, Heinrich Himmler ran the SS and the Gestapo or secret police. There were never enough Gestapo agents to investigate German resistance but that was never a problem.

The Nazis made all the little busybodies of the land feel important by making them defacto Gestapo agents. People that had no life of their own were recruited to spy on their neighbors and send reports of their suspicious or subversive activities into the local Gestapo offices. Clerks would then take the reports and file them into dossiers on each citizen.

Serious allegations like spreading rumors against the Reich, making criticism of Nazi officials were immediately turned over to Gestapo agents who rounded up the accused.

Once in the Peoples Court a death sentence could be handed down on the basis of written reports by snitches rather than sworn testimony. Sometimes people were held without trial for years or simply sent to concentration camps.

Children were instructed at their schools to report their parents. Imagine you ground you child for simple juvenile misbehavior and your angry kid makes up a lie for revenge? The Gestapo knocks at your door, arrests you and makes you child a ward of the state. The allegation may be read in a court and the Nazi judge could send you to the guillotine or hangman’s scaffold. The lucky ones went to the concentration camps.

Homeland security today is blanketing retailers everywhere with video messages and soon our schools will be assisting Homeland Security in deputizing your children to spy on you. They are collecting information about guns, ammunition and people showing distrust for the government.

This is a great way to shut up critics. The government officials will be able stand back and say how popular they are since nobody is complaining.

Janet Napolitano is the Heinrich Himmler of our time. What’s past is prologue.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Illinois, a Suicide by Taxation

Springfield, IL—When most people become dependent on government as a way of life they become professional welfare zombies. In Illinois the welfare zombies outnumber those self-reliant, productive and taxpaying people. Among these tax money addicted parasites are the specialized criminals that glamorize their lifestyles through political corruption. They are all choking the Land of Lincoln to death.

The personal income tax here shot up 67% overnight with the signature on a bill by Governor Pat Quinn. People forget that Illinois was a state with no income tax until 1969. The greedy government officials became addicted to lavish spending on crap the taxpayers never needed or even wanted.

Illinois has become a sanctuary for illegal aliens that have bankrupted the schools and medical providers. Their underground economy benefits their relatives in Mexico not the taxpayers of Illinois.

The answer here is that business and taxpayers can avoid abject slavery by relocating. The damage will be the total destruction of already depressed the residential and commercial real estate market. Illinois will see a substantial number of taxpayers revolt by simply not declaring income. Somebody tell me what a tax lien is worth on a home or commercial building with an already troubled mortgage and no prospects for resale?

The revenue of Illinois can be counted upon to go way down instead of up. Of course there is the foolhardy notion that that other states can be forced to bail out Illinois. That’s asking for Civil War.

Illinois will simply, shut the state parks, release prisoners, lay of police and fire workers as they default on the pensions of state workers. Later the anarchy begins when the Link cards don’t get recharged. The effect of the tax nightmare will gravely impact local governments with a loss of their taxpayers through mass exodus from a cesspool of crime and hardship.

Illinois will have a problem as the slaves run away in droves. The crooked politicians and welfare zombies will have to wallow in their mess together.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favorite Colt Revolver

Chicago, IL—When I became interested in guns my hands were too little to hold them. As I grew I became obsessed with the Colt Python because back then it was the biggest revolver in the Colt product line. The ventilated sight rib looked so impressive.

I was about 17 years-old when I handled my first Python and owned a 4” blue version when I was 19. The cost back then was about $135.00

I love the nickel finish but it cost extra. Today in a world of ugly black semi autos this wheel gun is a real beauty.

The SHOT SHOW Returns To Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV—With the latest tragedy in Tucson, the Leftists have joyfully found a crisis to exploit in their zeal to destroy our Second Amendment. They are shamefully campaigning on the shattered backs of a Republican Federal Judge and a moderate Democtic Congresswoman that had both gotten high marks from the NRA as freedom defenders.

Of course slowly we are learning that the Sheriff’s Office of Pima County failed to get the shooter help he so desperately needed that could have prevented the massacre. That Sheriff has assigned blame to Conservative radio talk show hosts despite the fact that the shooter had no interest in them.

The end result of the Gun Grab Talk Fest is yet another dramatic spike in firearms sales!

As always more than 200 millions of Americans safely and lawfully enjoy and use firearms for self-defense. This will continue despite some shrill and ignorant voices of the emotionally unbalanced people that obsess over firearms and the rights of Americans to keep and bear them.

The largest firearms trade show in the world is the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow. It generally hosts some 60,000 people from around the world as gun makers fill thousands of booths with the latest and greatest firearms and accessories.

The show is only open to those in the trade like dealers, manufacturers, distributors and the outdoor media. Guns can be ordered here and shipped to dealers anywhere in the world. Many accessories can be purchased from various manufacturers at the show.

There is a terrific law enforcement section with the latest and greatest public safety equipment. There are lots of experts on hand to explain the products and their application.

There are always celebrities around mingling with the attendees.

Here is the SHOT SHOW Website.

California Highway Patrolwoman Arrested For Murder

Los Angeles, CA—In was nearly two years ago when CHP officer Tomiekia Johnson, 31 did the unthinkable. She shot and killed her husband, Marcus Lavar Lemons.

The killing occurred in their car as the dead man fought with the off-duty CHP officer. Even if the dead suspect was unarmed the issue of disparity of force would allow this young woman to use a firearm to ward off an attack.

This was originally treated as a justifiable killing but apparently something led to this arrest nearly two full years later. My guess is the LSAD investigators obtained some a statement or statements that provided evidence that the killing was a crime.

Johnson has been a CHP officer for four years now and has been placed on administrative leave.

Right now, the Sheriff’s department is not talking.

Johnson is currently being held in the Woman’s Detention Center in Lynnwood on a $2 million bail requirement after her arrest at noon yesterday by the LSAD LASD-Surveillance Apprehension Team

This is the type of case I specialize in. Prosecutors in Liberal jurisdictions love to find any excuse to arrest people including cops in self-defense cases.

I have no word yet on any lawyer hired to defend Johnson.

This is from the District Attorney's Press release:
LOS ANGELES – A CHP officer who allegedly fatally shot her husband nearly two years ago was arrested today and charged with murder, the District Attorney’s office announced.

Tomiekia Johnson, 31 (dob 4-19-79), was arrested about noon by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department homicide detectives, said Deputy District Attorney Natalie Adomian with the Justice System Integrity Division. Johnson was arrested shortly after Adomian filed a felony complaint for arrest warrant – BA379826 -- charging Johnson with the murder of her husband, Marcus Lemons.

The complaint alleges Johnson personally and intentionally discharged a handgun. She is being held on $2 million bail. Arraignment information will be announced later.
The off-duty CHP officer allegedly shot her husband near a 91 Freeway off-ramp about 11 p.m. on Feb. 21, 2009. She then allegedly drove the car to her parents home in Compton. When Sheriff’s deputies responded, they discovered his body in the front passenger seat with a gunshot wound to the head.

Click here to see all Crimefile stories on this killing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Exotic and Unusual Antique Gentleman’s Weapon

London, UK—The father of 007 spy James Bond undoubtedly had one of these fine products he could use to deal with those pesky foreign agents that go bump in the night. This walking stick was made in Germany.

This darling little toy would put America’s gun hating politicians into a major seizure if they saw it.

The Politics of Political Assassination are at a Fever Pitch in America

Washington, DC—The most divisive Presidential Administration since the Civil War is in full swing. Barack Obama with his un-vetted, un-elected and un-American group of radicals did everything possible to dismantle our form of government over the past two years. Their goal is to reform America into a Socialist system of government.

The Obama Administration has a serious problem. They were all but neutered by the midterm election that took the steam and momentum away from their destructive efforts. They are now desperate to create a crisis that would somehow restore their lost power.

Freedoms America has lived and prospered under for 230 years have been tampered with by Barack Obama and a group of radicals that infiltrated the halls of Congress. Suspended are our rights under the Fourth, Fifth, and Thirteenth Amendments. Under the radical axe right now are our rights under the First, Second and Fifth Amendments.

Tampering with American liberty is Treason. Treason is a capital offense. Americans are angry and have been pushed to the breaking point by cowardly politicians that have amassed taxpayer funded personal security assets in true despot style.

Radical politicians have been destroying the Constitution they’ve taken an oath to defend and protect. These radical were elected in their districts by exploited illiterates that are, ignorant unskilled people dependent on government handouts to survive.

Slavery is wrong and has been outlawed but the Obama Administration and too many in Congress have brought it back with a vengeance. Forcing Americans to incur massive debt for Socialist programs and outright corruption, is slavery by every definition.

Americans have the Second Amendment solution for out-of-control government and this country is at a crossroads. The radical politicians can sign their own death warrants or they can live by their oaths of office. Freedom and Liberty is not up for negotiation in America.

The last election was a clear message to the radicals that their Socialist idea of Hope and Change is not wanted.

These radical politicians have shamelessly exploited and politicized the acts of a lunatic in Tucson who victimized a moderate Congresswoman. They are using it to garner support to muzzle free speech and threaten gun rights. Now these same politicians are expressing fear of violence from the voters. The cure is really simple. If they don’t threaten American’s freedom they won’t find themselves threatened.

It’s truly unfortunate that Jared Lochner picked such an undeserving target for his attack. There are many politicians that were far more worthy of that kind of fate.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Duty of A Defense Investigator assigned to Jared Loughner’s Case

Tucson, AZ—The job of defending 22-year-old Jared Loughner will most certainly center around the issue of his competency or lack thereof. Is he competent to stand trial and assist in his defense? There are many serious red flags that say he may not be standing trial anytime soon.

There seems to be little doubt that Loughner is the shooter and planned his activities. The defense has no viable direction to go other than seeking refuge under the insanity defense. That defense is more complicated and difficult than ever because lawmakers have done everything possible to foreclose this possibility.

Tucson Lawyer Bob Hirsh did a masterful job of gaining freedom for a man who murdered his wife nearly 30 years ago. In 1982 Restaurateur Steven Steinberg murdered his wife in their Scottsdale home. The defense was that Steinberg’s Jewish wife was a shrew and incessantly nagged him, driving him insane until he stabbed her to death. Steinberg was acquitted and that sent angry shock-waves across the nation. Laws were changed to preclude another such acquittal.

The attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley was another case that led to tightening of the insanity defense under federal law. The public seems to reject any excuse for heinous criminal acts.

None the less, the defense exists and the job of a defense investigator would be to find every scintilla of evidence of abhorrent conduct. Head injuries, medical examinations, witnesses, relatives, friends, enemies, teachers, cops and anyone at all that knows anything must be examined or intensively interviewed.

The investigator needs to make sure that the mental health experts have the whole picture of Jared Lougner. The competency hearing for this kind of case will take longer than most trials. If Loughner is tried then the issue of competency will be hashed out for a second time.

This case seems destined for a plea agreement but only after two or three years of legal wrangling. If no plea agreement can be reached this case will undoubtedly be the subject of a Supreme Court review.

Trial watchers will be learning about the famous McNaughton Rule that is the legal standard for insanity in the United States.

You can fully expect the defense to show every failure of government to take steps to deal with this guy’s mental illness. Before this is over you can expect major embarrassment by numerous agencies that dropped the ball. There will be no questions left behind on his instability. This tortured soul has a legitimate insanity defense that will undoubtedly preclude a death sentence. Loughner may even be confined to a mental institution rather than a prison.

Gun Rights and The Giffords Shooting

Tucson, AZ—The gun rights haters are quickly moving in high gear to demonize American’s right to self-defense. They blame a certain Glock 9MM semi-automatic pistol and not the deranged Hitler and Marx aficionado, Jared Lochner who used it to inflict the carnage.

Lochner was in obvious dire need of mental health treatment when he lied on the federal gun purchase form slightly more than a month earlier. Where was the concern about Lochner’s bizarre behavior over the last several years?

Lochner was taken to the murder scene by a taxi cab, but had he been behind the wheel of a 3,000 car he could have inflicted as much death and destruction by driving into the crowd. Lochner could also have employed a single gallon of gasoline like what was used by another maniac that destroyed the Happyland Social Club in New York killing 100 people in the process.

Gun rights haters are overly obsessed with firearms to the point of phobic mental Illinois. They are irrational perhaps because they are fearful that they cannot control their own murderous or suicidal impulses.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are armed with firearms every day and using them to murder never enters their minds. Nearly every American has total and constant control over planes, trucks, cars, toxic substances, knives, hammers, golf clubs and baseball bats without a thought of assault or murder.

Criminals are the problem not inanimate objects that can be used for mayhem.

Too many American Politicians are Not Fit to Live

Tucson, AZ--Gabrielle Giffords is a Democratic Congresswoman who fearlessly represented the voters that sent her to Congress. Unlike so many politicians she’d spend time with her constituents and hear their concerns, gripes and hopes. She was respected and even loved by both Democrats and Republicans. If all politicians in America were like her there’d be no nasty divide as we have seen in the last two years. Conservatives can agree to disagree with Giffords and do so with a genuine smile.

A pathetic drug abusing loner with a long history of exhibition of mental illness symptoms falsified a Federal (#4473) gun purchase form got a gun and went on a killing rampage. The carnage is heartbreaking to say the least. America has been paying dearly for neglect of the mentally ill for a long time.

Today we have many incredibly arrogant politicians that believe they have carte blanche authority to attack the Freedom and Liberty that made America great. They wantonly assault our free market system, its economy and our way of life. They are wrecking the Constitution they swore to defend and protect. Their goal is to enslave a significant portion of our population. They simply want to replace our system of government with that failed Socialist model like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong envisioned.

Millions of American shed their blood so we could have a Bill of Rights. Politicians that threaten that Bill of Rights do so at their peril. Treasonous politicians that tinker with American freedom deserve to be targets of violence.

It’s unfortunate that millions of Americans really don’t understand the benefits of Freedom. They don’t know how governments are the most prolific killers of their own people throughout history. The ignorant are easily mislead and exploited by corrupt Socialist politicians.

Those politicians that are scrambling to curb Freedom under our Bill of Rights on the backs of the Tucson massacre victims are beyond despicable. They’re deepening the divide and open wounds in America. These people are threatening our very peace and patriotic Americans can be counted upon to once again shed blood in the name of Freedom. These treasonous politicians want and may get a Civil War.

We should be using the tragedy to find common ground as we come together as a nation. We need to reach out to the disenfranchised in our midst and help them realize the American dream. Threatening freedom is no different than throwing gasoline on a fire. There will be no negotiation on our freedom.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Giffords Shooting Probable Cause Statement and Complaint

Attached is the full 16 page complaint and probable Cause Statement filed by the U.S. Attorney in Federal district Court today against Jared Lee Loughner, DOB: 09/10/1988 of 7741 N. Soledad Ave., Tucson, AZ 8574.

What we may not learn because of privacy laws involving medical records is that the Federal Firearm purchase form #4473 was falsified by Lochner if he concealed his mental health issues. He was rejected for military service by the Army and police were called numerous times because of his bizarre behavior. I find it difficult to believe he was not committed for mental evaluation at least once and that would have disqualified him from buying a gun.


Conservative Hate and Vitriol Fueled the Tucson Massacre

Tucson, AZ—Let me fist say that the vile shooting at Gabrielle Giffords’ meet and greet event at a supermarket was not a political shooting. There is clear and convincing evidence that the accused shooter Jared Lochner is seriously disturbed and incompetent to make a rational judgment.

Lochner’s writings show that he somehow thought people in the government were controlling his mind. Lochner’s personal politics were Leftist. We are slowly discovering that Lochner was a victim of a failed mental health system that did not act when it became clear he was suffering.

A Moderate “Blue Dog” Democrat like Giffords or Judge John Roll, appointed by George H.W. Bush, were hardly the targets for any Conservative Americans. There are however many Socialists in our government that may well deserve that kind of fate for their attacks on Liberty.

Now the mouthpieces of the Far Left are suggesting that hate and vitriol from Conservatives is somehow the cause of the Tucson shooting. Free speech is the spoiler of every Socialist government and they want it curbed. They want only approved political voices to be heard, their own. Any speech but their own is hate speech. Hating Conservatives does not count as hate in their books.

The Second Amendment was created by our founders to deal with tyranny and corrupt government. That means it is justifiable to kill despotic public officials. Most people consider the brave German men that plotted to kill Adolph Hitler and other high ranking Nazis on July 20, 1944 as heroes.

Our own country has a history rich with bloodshed as the price of Liberty and Freedom. Humans by nature hate bondage and government abuse. There are humans that feel a need to enslave and control others. Those are the basic ingredients for violent war in our world.

To pretend that the corruption of our Constitution is some political disagreement not deserving of a violent reaction by Americans is ludicrous! Politicians that plunder taxpayers and initiate slavery must be stopped by ballots or bullets. Too many politicians have gotten away with too much for too long in history and the result is always the same, a human holocaust. Past is prologue, and despots everywhere are deserving of a stiff swing on the gallows.

Americans have seen their schools and health-care system destroyed by illegal aliens who allowed to plunder entitlements. That was facilitated by rogue government officials who broke the law of the land by obstructing justice.

Americans have seen a recession aggravated by Socialists in our government destroying our free market with bailouts to mismanaged and corrupt businesses. Americans have seen laws put in place that violate the 13th Amendment by enslaving them and future generations.

Americans have taken to speech and assembly to redress their grievances to an unresponsive government. The next step is simply not more speech but action as we saw in 1776 and again during our Civil War.

The Second Amendment is one of the tools our founders gave us, to preserve, defend and protect our Constitution. Our Bill of Rights is not open to negotiation outside of the amendment process. Politicians that wish to amend the Constitution by a simple vote in Congress or a 50 percent plus one vote need to understand the bayonet may find and kill them.

Americans must be free to voice their hate of tyranny. One half of a population cannot enslave the other half without bringing violence. Politicians must simply avoid efforts to steal liberty or they may well face justifiable assassination.

Excellent Reporting by My Friends at KTVK-TV in Phoenix

Tucson, AZ—Today’s horrific shooting in Tucson that maimed or killed so many people needed to be reported. It was the weekend when most people in the news business are home with their families. The weekends are usually slow for news stories and a major story is a challenge to cover for the much smaller weekend TV news crews.

All aspects of this story needed the best work the reporters, producers, photographers and assignment desk people could provide. KTVK-TV came through meeting their responsibility to quickly provide all of the relevant information to their viewers.

KTVK-TV put their best on display today and I know there will be an Emmy Award or few in the future of these professionals. Sit back and watch some great reporting.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tucson Bloodbath Should Warn Radical Politicians

Tucson, AZ—Today’s shooting brought on lots of screaming by the loony Left and gun control zealots. They want to blame Conservative radio, Internet bloggers and the NRA for the shooting.

The facts are showing that a disturbed young man with confusing and rambling rhetoric made a planned attack. The motive is beyond comprehension. The main victims were a moderate Democratic pro-gun rights Congresswoman and a George H.W. Bush appointee to the Federal bench. These are hardly the targets of choice for angry Conservatives.

As for the loony Left, I say beware! When you force a foreign way of life on formerly free people some won’t take it well and will resort to violence. The Socialists in our government know full well that they risk their lives stealing freedom. The Fascist bastards have all doubled and tripled up bodyguards, unlike today’s victims.

Americans have risen up in violence during the revolutionary and Civil Wars. It is bound to happen again. Politicians that steal money and liberty from Americans deserve a despot’s violent death. For every action there is a reaction. Darwin’s law applies to politicians too. Some are not fit to live.

The loony Left needs to understand the Second Amendment is there to stop them dead in their tracks!

Who is Jared Lee Lochner?

Tucson, AZ—He’s accused of killing Federal Chief Judge John Roll, gravly wounding “Blue Dog” Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The suspect was apparently tackled by bystanders once he ran out of ammunition. There were 16 others killed or wounded by a man that has a curious philosophy. A nine year-old child was also killed by the gunman. The Gunman, Jared Lochner is 22 year-old.

Lochner like to read. His favorites include, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, “Mein Kamph”, “The Communist Manifesto”, “Animal Farm” and “To Kill A Mockingbird” The picture of Lochner above was taken when he was a volunteer at a book festival.

Lochner has a YouTube Chanel that has three uploaded videos that seem somewhat incoherent about currency, gold and government.

Lochner is 5’1O” , 155 Lbs, with blue eyes and brown hair. He wears contacts or glasses. Lochner has misdemeanor arrest record and had successfully participated in a diversion program that resulted in dismissal of the charge in the Marana city court.

I’m not sure who Lochner’s target was or his motivation. Frankly he appears to be somewhat deranged and delusional in his thinking. I be shocked to hear that that Lochner does not have a history of mental illness.

We will have to wait to hear more about this twisted soul as the investigation continues. Police will be serving search warrants and doing a massive investigation into Lochner’s background.

Here is a photo of Lochner’s residence I snapped from Google Maps.

From Lochner's profile:

YouTube Videos

About Me:
Jared Lee Loughner!
United States
I attended school: Thornydale elementary,Tortolita Middle School, Mountain View Highschool, Northwest Aztec Middle College, and Pima Community College.
My favorite interest was reading, and I studied grammar. Conscience dreams were a great study in college!
(*My idiom: I could coin the moment!*)
Pass me the strings!
I had favorite books: Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Wizard Of OZ, Aesop Fables, The Odyssey, Alice Adventures Into Wonderland, Fahrenheit 451, Peter Pan, To Kill A Mockingbird, We The Living, Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Pulp,Through The Looking Glass, The Communist Manifesto, Siddhartha, The Old Man And The Sea, Gulliver's Travels, Mein Kampf, The Republic, and Meno.

Gun Control Laws Are Rapidly Falling in America

Chicago, IL--This is a current map that reflects liberty on carrying a firearm for simple self-defense in America. This map only represents the political mood of the nation with respect to the carrying of concealed weapons by the law-abiding. The dust of the full legal ramifications of the Heller and McDonald cases has not settled yet.

Illinois and Wisconsin stand alone in total defiance to the Second Amendment rights of their citizens.

Wisconsin voters have expelled a governor and a significant portion of its legislature that fought attempts at reform. At this point it won’t take longer than 90 days for the Dairy State to join the blue or even green states.

Illinois has maintained a Socialist majority in its Legislature and Governor’s office. This state may soon join the blue states as the FOID cards become defacto CCW permits. Out-of-state visitors cannot be required to have an FOID card in order to carry without enabling legislation. There are presently court challenges to the total carry ban in both the county criminal courts and Federal District Court (Civil).

Illinois could enact a right to carry law with requirements for training if they hurry and do so before the courts rule. I suspect this won’t happen as Illinois lawmakers scoff and complain when the courts rule consistent with the Heller and McDonald cases. They will make every attempt to foreclose gun rights after the courts rule against them. Heller and McDonald have eliminated nearly all of the smoky ambiguity of previous case law. All law-abiding American have the right to not just keep but to bear arms too. That is the law of the land.

As for the few (may issue) yellow states on this map they are all currently involved with challenges in their respective criminal courts and federal District courts I fully expect the yellow states to turn blue within two years.

The progress made by NRA and Second Amendment Foundation legal efforts has sent shockwaves throughout the gun-hating groups. They are not going to sit idly despite the reality that America has become safer with falling crime rates. They will do whatever they can to insure a Socialist majority on our Supreme Court.

There is also that United Nations treaty that Barack Obama and his merry Socialists want. That is an agreement to do away with possession of small arms by the citizens of the member countries. No treaty can trump our Bill of Rights.

Let me be the first to say I will make total war on any soldier, agent or official that demands I surrender my firearm to satisfy some Socialist despot at the United Nations.

Frankly there is a lot more at stake here than gun rights. The Constitution has been under attack by the very people that have sworn an oath to defend and protect it including that Fascist Bastard in the Whitehouse. They’ve deliberately sabotaged any recovery from our recession with bailouts and the nationalization of banks, the auto and health-care industries. This is simply a grand treasonous effort to make America a total Socialist nation.

I sincerely hope that disgusted and harried freedom loving American people will bring the Socialist politicians to book and drag them alive through the dirt in the streets on the way to the scaffolds to be hanged for Treason.

Friday, January 07, 2011

California and Illinois has been Plundered into Bankruptcy by Democrat Politicians---What’s Ahead Now?

Chicago, IL—So many first responders in Illinois and California have put their life and blood into careers of public service. They were all put into government pension programs for retirement rather than Social Security. Corrupt politicians have found ways to misuse the pension funds like they did with every government fund under their control.

The government pensions were promised to allow retirement for a job well done. Every pension is in mortal danger now in these two states. These two states can be counted upon to file bankruptcy first under Chapter 11 to reorganize their debts by significantly reducing the amounts paid to retirees. After the reorganizations fail, and they will, Chapter 7 will kick in and a single and small lump sum will go to these folks if they get anything at all.

These two states are already begging for a federal bailout. A bailout here is nothing more than the printing of more counterfeit currency by our government. This bailout should not be allowed to happen or the entire country will be in this mess. In the end it may not make a difference.

Every state controlled by plundering Democrats can’t be far behind California and Illinois. Businesses in these states will have to relocate or simply vanish.

Of course the pension funds are only a small part of a bigger mess. Social Security was doomed the day Franklin Roosevelt and his Socialist pals in our Congress forced this program on America. Ponzi schemes always run out of money and Social Security is no exception.

The unskilled, unemployable and unwashed dependent masses of these states can be counted upon take to the streets unleashing unstoppable violence. Police departments like Chicago’s could never control a significant ghetto uprising. Neighborhoods will be controlled by whoever has the best weapons and ability to effectively to use them. Frankly most cops will understandably abandon their posts to go home and protect their own families in any real insurrection.

Our military and National Guard has been neutered by deployment with their assets to Iraq and Afghanistan. We have little left to protect America from an attack of our continent except individual Americans with small arms.

The Socialists will be offering a new form of government for America and I only hope these bastards are the first to be led to the scaffolds along with the politicians that were responsible for these disaster.

The future of America can only be anarchy and war. We will soon be asking ourselves, “How’d that happen?”

Monday, January 03, 2011

Chicago Police Department’s Civilian Crime Watch At Work

Chicago, IL—At first I was laughing at the Pictures but then I figured I should be crying about them.

Chicago has replaced taxation with extortion as they have bled business and homeowners dry to reward crooked contractors with millions for absolute crap Chicago does not need.

The city has installed surveillance cameras all over, but apparently there’s nobody to watch the monitors. Perhaps that’s not entirely true because some genius in the administration thought the homeless including felons could be put to service watching the monitors.

Remember this is the city that violates the rights of its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms for needed self-defense. This is in the state that is letting violent criminals out of prison early. This is where the police department is badly undermanned, outgunned and profoundly demoralized.

Read more at Second City Cop.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wishes for a New Year!

For all my loyal Crimefile News readers I want to wish you a great New Year with good health, prosperity, love and peace.

Let’s pray for a quick purging of all the Communists and Socialists from our Whitehouse, Congress state and local governments along with their cadre of unelected Czars. This will be the only way to restore our economy and the freedoms that have been taken from Americans.

This is the year we must educate our fellow Americans about the Bill of Rights we used to enjoy and its importance to our liberty.