Monday, November 03, 2008

You Say You Hate The Patriot Act?

In countries ruled by Communists and National Socialists or Nazis they always put together a civilian security force. These are professional informers and stooges. The most notorious was Adolph Hitler’s SA. The SA was composed of unemployable Social outcasts that were encouraged to torment Jews and destroy their property.

Finally even the higher ups of the Third Reich wound up hating this group like everyone else. After they outlived their purpose and became a threat the infamous Night of The Long Knives took out the leadership of this bunch of brown-shirted SA rats.

Barack Obama thinks we need they same kind of “civilian security force” and you thought the Patriot Act was bad!

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Ed Skinner said...

I don't usually listen to Howard Stern but he recently interviewed some Harlem residents and presented McCain policies as those of Obama and asked voters if they were voting for Obama because of those policies. They answered, "Yes" but, since those were McCain's policies, it seems clear these voters don't have a clue about either candidate's policies. See for the playback.
Now I understand why we need an electoral system instead of just a simple popular vote.
And I sure hope our electors are smarter than those in the Howard Stern interview!