Friday, March 22, 2024

Joe Biden’s Gun Gestapo must be held accountable for their crimes!

Bryan Malinowski ran the Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He had no criminal history whatsoever.  He was a collector of firearms. He bought and sold firearms at gun shows.  Possessing and dealing in firearms is constitutionally protected activity.  

In June 2022 the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Bruen decision,  that gun laws passed such as the 1968 Gun Control Act that among other things, required gun dealers to be licensed were declared unconstitutional.  

To be valid all gun laws must align with the text, history and tradition of the second amendment when it was ratified in 1791.  Gun Dealers weren’t required to be licensed in 1791 and background checks were simply not required back then.  Accordingly, buying and selling guns today is an absolute right provided you’re not knowingly selling a gun to some criminal planning a crime.  

The Biden administration and its gun gestapo organization has push-backed dramatically and violently on the Bruen decision ignoring it while intentionally violating people’s civil rights with their lawless war on liberty and Supreme Court’s directive.  

Earlier this week, the BATFE acting under color of law, conducted a pre-dawn, deadly raid on Bryan Malinowski’s home.  The startled man resisted the attack and was shot in the head and he later died.  

The only crimes here include conspiracy, armed, burglary, and first-degree murder committed by the involved federal officials.    Those involved in this criminal conspiracy include various United States attorneys, the federal judge issuing the warrant and the BATFE gun Gestapo agents.  They wantonly and maliciously took an innocent life in their zeal to enforce an unenforceable law. 

My question is how many more innocent people must  die or be violently victimized for simply engaging in constitutionally protected activity? 

Saturday, March 09, 2024

The Illusion of Public Safety in Today’s America.

Los Angeles, CA— Police are underfunded and overrated when it comes to their mission of protecting the public.  The intimidation and micromanagement of our police by politicians has done nothing positive. Our police have been castrated and turned into scarecrows by worthless politicians.  If police actually do their duty, they will often wind up fired or in prison.  

Those who know the truth and watched the George Floyd Justice Scam and convictions of decent cops by political propagandists are outraged.  George Floyd was nothing less than a violent, prolific and despicable criminal.  He clearly was a serious danger to anyone around him, and especially police.  

Today, you cannot expect police, especially in larger cities, run by Democrats to actually use even minimal force in order to protect citizens under attack.  If police slow their response time, that improves the likelihood that offenders have fled the scene.  If the offenders are already gone, then for sure, there’s far less likelihood that the cops will be facing unfair discipline for simply doing their jobs.  

Cops have families to feed and mortgages to pay.  It’s one thing to ask them to risk their lives, and another thing to ask them to risk their not being able to feed their children because they’re suspended without pay.  

As a result these new policies, more citizens are being victimized, injured or killed.  Fortunately every year the actual murder rate is combatted not due to less crime, but much more effective emergency medicine. The vast majority of people shot or stabbed survive today because of superior paramedics, their advanced equipment and training. 

Having been a cop, I know that responding to these serious, in-progress crime calls in time to prevent death and destruction is nearly impossible.  We get there just in time to clean up the bloody mess and write our reports.  

The real first responders to any serious crime or accident are the people at the scene and that’s you! 

Police and fire units in all reality are simply the secondary responders.  If you’re at the scene, you can’t simply throw up your hands and say this is not my job.  If you wait for the cops and paramedics your spouse and or children to may die before your eyes.  You’ll regret that for the rest of you life!  Unfortunately for the most part that is exactly what happens during violent events. 

We have created a dependent culture that has abandoned all sense of self-reliance.  Think about that for a moment.  Think what could’ve happened if everybody jumped up and fought the hijackers on the airplanes that were hijacked on 9/11.  Don’t give me any bullshit about the so-called “heroic“ actions of some young men that tried to stop the plane crash of flight 73 in Pennsylvania.  They took far too much time contemplating and taking votes on their moves as the hijackers breached the cockpit. Too little, too late. 

The public has no choice but to understand that if they want safety for themselves and their loved ones they are going to have to use self-help. That means they all need training in firearms, the laws and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.  That also means that they need solid training in emergency first aid involving gruesome injuries.  Along with firearms and ammunition.  They must also maintain a sufficient, unexpired trauma first aid kits.  

Every American family must understand their responsibility to train for these types of events.  Every family needs firearms, trauma, kits and fire extinguishers.  We are all safer in our homes than walking the streets in our daily lives..  Your handgun belongs on your person, not locked in some dresser drawer waiting for the next burglar.   The sad truth is that humans are nothing more than sheep trusting in their unreliable government, to take care of their own responsibilities, to protect self, and loved ones.