Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stealing A Blinded Police Hero’s donations?

I guess some people really do need more than a prison term for their crimes.

First lets talk about Belleville, Illinois police hero, sergeant, John Brough, 48. Brough was doing a follow-up investigation on a cruel double murder of an elderly couple. The suspect who later killed himself shot Brough in the face. Brough was permanently blinded. The community rallied behind their felled protector taking up collections to help Brough and his family deal with the life changing injuries.

Now lets talk about a convicted felon, cop hater and general slug, Richard Hedger II. Hedger just earned himself a 2 ½ year prison term after pleading guilty in connection getting caught stealing a $5 bill from a donation jar at the local Community Kindness Resale Shoppe. Hedger has an extensive criminal record that includes spitting on another Belleville Illinois cop.

I don’t dare record my personal thoughts about what additional punishment this miscreant really deserves. I’d have to call in an expert like Idi Amin for assistance on this one.

As for the community efforts to help Sergeant Brough you can learn more here.

Donate money here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Televised Trial Better Is For Spector

The trial of legendary record producer Phil Spector will be getting underway as they pick a jury beginning March 19th. This of course is over the death of 40 year-old Lana Clarkson four years ago this past February.

I say a televised trial is better because the jury in that case can be counted to disobey every order to avoid media accounts. If you believe the jury is not going to seek out information you also believe in the Tooth Fairy. The Spector jury will be running every witness through Google on their home computers as they look for future book deals.

Having said that at least Spector can get a level playing field by getting his information out that trial Judge Larry Paul Fidler refuses to allow the jury to hear. The jury will hear and read it all anyway. Judge Fidler won’t be able to stop the runaway misconduct. The fruits of the misconduct will cut both ways.

I have examined this case carefully and saw early on that it screams, Reasonable Doubt. Was it an accident? Suicide? Manslaughter? Murder? Take your guess, any guess. That’s all you can do is guess.

Was the pretty actress, Lana Clarkson depressed? I got the word direct from her long time, dear friend, actress Sally Kirkland who vigorously disputes that theory. Kirkland is very sincere in her belief. The problem is that Lana Clarkson was under the influence of drugs and alcohol that night. That may well have turned a happy and well-adjusted lady into a disturbed lady. Drugs do alter moods in human beings. People do stupid and risky things under the influence of drugs.

Two witnesses, a cop and a limo driver have claimed Spector made incriminating statements. I say hogwash! When sudden tragedy strikes involved people say all kinds of things as they go out of their way to accept blame while they’re in a total state of shock. Speaking of shock, an Alhambra cop used his new Taser stun-gun-toy on Spector when Spector did not move fast enough for him.

Next comes the prosecution parade of anyone or everyone that ever hated Phil Spector. The old girlfriends Spector jilted have been pulled out from under rocks to say Spector was a nasty violent guy when they dated him 30 years ago. They will all be lining up outside bottom-feeder, Gloria Alred’s door looking for a sleazy book deal.

Something wonderful happens when people testify to the masses on national TV. People who know the real truth hear the lies while they watch the witnesses on TV. That’s exactly what brought LAPD homicide detective Mark Furhman down when he got caught lying under oath during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Lawyers turned extortionists, crappy lawyers, former employees along with publicity seeking cops and prosecutors, have victimized Spector for their own ends since the day of this event. At the same time book authors have pummeled Spector with hate in order to sell books.

Cops are claiming that the ammunition involved with the Clarkson death is very rare. The gun was a Colt, Cobra, old model that was popular in the mid 1960s. The most popular ammunition people bought in the 1970s Smith & Wesson brand, hollow-point rounds. Speer ammunition was also present in this revolver and that ammunition is anything but rare. Smith & Wesson stopprd making that ammunition years ago but a large percentage of the original buyers still have some.

The prosecution of Phil Spector stinks. The jury should see past the horrible death of Lana Clarkson long enough to be fair to Phil Spector who has no history of killing anyone in his 66 years on this earth.

Was this a crime? It depends how the jury will guess. Guess work should always be favorable to Phil Spector or any defendant.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bob Lind Gave His Fans A Magic Carpet Ride Tonight In Altadena, CA

The gifted troubadour, poet, and songwriter gave us incredible energy and a magic carpet ride through his songs, guitar playing and harmonica music. This was at the intimate venue of The Coffee Gallery Backstage at 2029 N Lake Ave in Altadena. This house regularly puts up this kind of entertainment for their clientele.

Lind’s 1966 mega-hit, Elusive Butterfly was as delightful as ever even without violins. The good news is that Lind has more shows yet to do in Southern California on his current tour. You can catch Lind next Saturday night at McCabe’s Concert Hall in Santa Monica if they still have tickets left.

I was able to videotape the entire show tonight. We will have to see just what Lind’s handlers will let me post on the blog if anything. Of course Bob Lind has his own website and there are some songs posted there. Lind has some of his CDs in tow with him on this tour that lucky fans may get him to autograph.

I say get in to see Bob Lind perform while he’s here. It may be a while before he’s back this way again.

The Visitors Are Coming!

The early 1980s brought us a remarkable TV series called, V. It was about a group of helpful aliens self described as the visitors from another world. They looked human enough like their leader, Diana, played by Jane Badler, a striking beauty much too gorgeous to be of our own planet.

The visitors had a dreadful agenda and the truth was that they were nothing more than costumed lizards that dined on such delicacies as live mice. The heroes were earthlings that resisted and fought the visitors. Even more hateful than the visitors were the earthling turncoats that aided the visitors with propaganda.

Our very own turncoat leaders have done the same thing with the Chinese Communists exporting both our technology and wealth to these Red Devils. The Chinese have remained quiet while we've engaged in our adventures with North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. As we dig deeper into this quagmire and deplete our defense capabilities don’t expect these one-world Bolsheviks to miss an opportunity to dominate us and help themselves to our assets.

The Party of and the new Democrats are nothing more than traitors busy facilitating Communist control. My advice? Learn Chinese and be a good Communist or meet the fate of the lady below.

A side note for all you fans of the show, V, I have good news. They are returning as V, The Second Generation! NBC is cutting the deal right now!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hollywood Thugs Molest The Wrong Woman.

A Couple were walking out of the bar, Big Wangs on North Cahuenga last night. A group of thugs quickly approached the couple as one grabbed the buttocks of the woman. The threatening thugs got much more than they bargained for when the woman’s companion pulled out a knife and began slashing and cutting the assailants.

When it was over three of the thugs were cut, sending one to the hospital. The couple fled into the night. The couple had no duty to stay at the scene or talk to police. The police have not made an effort through the media to locate the couple. The actions of the knife-wielding boyfriend were obviously justifiable. I hope we never learn the names of the couple. I’d like to give that brave man a medal.

Is Britney Spears just another used and abused woman?

Yes she has real talent and has amassed a fortune giving her everything but happiness. She went into two meaningless marriages and now has children and that does not seem to fulfill Britney’s life.

The problem is Britney can buy and sell her managers, agents, personal trainers and bodyguards. They cater to her every whim. They dare not intervene in Britney’s personal life or fear losing the gravy train. These people in Britney’s life are using her and not helping her.

Britney needs a mentor or parental figure that’s not impressed with her wealth long enough to guide her through the abyss she’s found for herself. Someone that will do something novel, tell Britney the truth.

Britney has no choice but to straighten out her life or die. The latter would be horribly unfair to her children.

If Britney were under my care I’d take her and her kids to a quiet and beautiful place in India I use as a refuge for about three months. There she could detoxify and get the snakes out of her head. She could catch her breath and figure out just what she wants to do with herself and for her children.

Britney is not a joke, she is a suffering human being. Britney needs to reinvent Britney in a more mature model now that she’s is a little older.

Britnay Will Do Anything For Attention-Anything

Britney Spears will do anything for attention these days. That is anything other than entertaining her fans with singing and dancing.

She gained new and unsavory world attention when she flashed her cooter for the paparazzi and partied non-stop. The latest insanity is that she shaved her head and got a new tattoo. The poor girl is making a fool out of herself while she self-destructs.

Apparently she flirted with thoughts of rehabilitation yesterday but opted to leave the facility.

Will Spears try to equal Anna Nicole Smith’s latest horror? I’d say Spears is in desperate need of some forced, life-saving intervention before its too late.

She photos of the self-destruction here.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Choosing life before Gun Laws In Chicago

If Richie Daley and Phil Cline (Chicago’s mayor and top cop) had their way a yet to be identified South-side man and his one year-old son would be dead today. More proof that in Chicago that the inmates are running the asylum.

Yesterday, that father and his son were victims of a deadly pair of armed robbers. Brian Neal, 19 and his unknown male companion tried to rob the victims at gunpoint. They shot the young father several times before he was able to retrieve a handgun from his apartment and return fire.

This violent crime happened in 500 block of East 82nd Street in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago where handguns have been banned.

The aftermath left one offender, Neal dead as the young father was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he’s reportedly in stable condition suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The second armed robber fled the scene.

Of course police have confiscated the only protection the victim had as evidence of both the justifiable homicide and potential ban related charges against the victim. That’s to aid in future revenge efforts by the escaped robber against the victim. Daley and Cline can be expected to go out of their way to help facilitate that revenge.

Illinois needs to give back gun rights to law-abiding citizens including the right to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.

Over The Top Gun Rights Hatred In LA-LA Land

They’re at it again in California. They want to saddle retailers and manufacturers of firearms and ammunition with enough meaningless aggravation and red tape to put them out of business.

Under the phony banner of going after street gangs they’re really going after people’s rights to lawful self-defense along with the sports-shooters and hunters. More importantly they are engaged in combat for the total ban of firearms and ammunition in their incremental campaign.

The expensive, onerous and in ineffective ammunition micro-stamping bill is back. That’s where every handgun stamps shell casings with the gun’s serial number. It sounds great until the criminals kill people and throw shell casings around they picked up elsewhere like the gun range where you practice. Of course the people in possession of those crime guns can easily grind off the micro-stamping striker altogether. Of course we’ve learned that crime guns are rarely lawfully purchased, almost never registered and are stolen.

This bogus legislation was predictably endorsed Thursday by Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton, Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The misdirected mayor said suspected gang members were responsible for 70% of the shootings last year in his city. What the mayor forgot to mention is that illegal aliens, who have zero gun-rights, commit 70% of the gun crimes in Los Angeles. That the same immigration laws our bureaucrats refuse to enforce mandating the deportation of these aliens.

The huge cost connected to this micro-stamping folly and the required government bureaucracy is much better spent on illegal immigration enforcement where we could reduce the excessive amount of poverty, drugs and crime exported here by Mexico. That would eliminate violent crime and its tragedy much more effectively.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Commercial Air Travel Insanity

Americans seem to tolerate any sort of punishment that government or corporate organizations can dish out. Missing is the backbone of the human spirit that would allow Americans to draw a line in the sand. Have Americans become too cowardly to demand even the simplest of rights? Have we hidden our fear of raw government power behind a façade of courtesy?

Another horrible example of air travel inhumanity unfolded yesterday at New York’s JFK airport as a planeload of passengers headed to Cancun vacations. Because of weather conditions, the flight was stationary on the tarmac for 10 hours. The passengers were trapped with bad air, overflowing toilets and inadequate food.

It’s really quite simple, the crew either allows the passengers to leave the plane or the passengers exercise the absolute right to escape the nightmare via the emergency exits and chutes. Nobody has a right to incarcerate passengers against their will. We call that kidnapping and Americans have always had the right to even resort to deadly physical force to free themselves.

If 50 passengers exited the plane what could the FAA, TSA or any government body do about that? The passengers that went along with this flight crew deserved the punishment they got for simply being spineless. Here is what WCBS-TV had to say.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Burglars And First Responders Alike Will Love This Gizmo!

Technology has recently brought new adventures to every second story man in the world. Thanks to Nathan Ball, a 23-year-old MIT graduate student, lives will be saved and fortunes plundered because of this new invention.

It’s called the Atlas Rope Ascender and it will quickly and quietly bring you and your equipment up the sides of buildings, dams, cliffs or castles at the speed of Spiderman. (Actually you will ascend at the rate ten feet per second)

The device can pull a firefighter, other emergency worker or legendary Chicago burglar, Joseph "Pops" Panczko weighed down with gear up a 30-story building in about 30 seconds. The invention won Ball the $30,000 Lemelson-MIT prize for his student invention.

Pulleys on the Atlas hoist the person up the rope. The grip of the rope also increases as more rope is wound around a cylinder in the apparatus. Ball has already created a company that will sell these devices to eager customers. The takers are sure to be government agencies, movie studios and of course enterprising burglars.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Howard K Stern A Killer?

People are dying around Mr. Stern at an alarming rate. The very people who just happen to have stood in the way of the Howard Marshall fortune are suffering premature deaths. That’s of course if Anna Nicole Smith or her heirs win that legal contest.

Methadone seems to follow Mr. Stern wherever he goes. It was the cause of Smith’s son Daniel’s death. I’m guessing right now that it figures into Smith’s death too.

Where is Howard K Stern? I think Stern has been running with the baby like a running back with a football. I suspect Florida cops and other law enforcement agencies are examining security tapes to see if the baby was ever in that Hard Rock Hotel. That’s what I’d be doing if I were on this case.

Howard K Stern has some really tough questions to answer.

Los Angeles Meter Maids Facing More Assaults

I hate them too. They are local government extortionists that enforce parking laws for only one end and that’s to rob motorists of their hard earned cash. That sad news is they’re allowed to engage in that dirty business.

That being said and their function being deemed legal the parking enforcement people have a right to do their jobs without being assaulted or murdered. The City of Los Angeles is perplexed on just how to handle this issue. I’m here to tell these officials this is really not that complicated. They can level the playing field for the parking bagmen and women simply by returning to them their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

We have to draw the line by allowing these people to protect themselves. Nothing prevents dangerous criminals from carrying and using deadly weapons. Bogus gun laws and employment regulations keep these revenue generating workers defenseless and as soft targets for thugs.

The meter maids should simply spend more time double-checking their work reducing the take until they have the right to protect themselves returned.

L A Times article

Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Death Analysis

I did not want to touch this story for a lot of reasons but after more than a dozen e-mails and one comment on the blog I feel compelled to give you my take on this giant tragedy.

Anna Nicole Smith was no Marilyn Monroe by any stretch and I detest the comparisons. Marilyn was a talented actress, singer and dancer. That and she was a serious student of those entertainment arts. Anna Nicole was only a talented stripper.

Marilyn Monroe took great care of her body while Anna Nicole did not. Marilyn used lawfully prescribed drugs that the medical community later learned was dangerous. Anna Nicole was a recreational drug abuser and alcoholic. Other than being flashy blonds any similarity between these two women ends.

Anna Nicole was exploited by everyone and used the only thing she had, her occasionally fit body to exploit others. It seems like a shallow and sad life for anyone. I can’t imagine being viewed only as a prime piece of meat and only then at certain body weights.

As for the cause of death I suspected and still do that her body was damaged by horrific dieting practices, prolonged drug use and alcohol abuse. I don’t rule out improperly applied lifesaving efforts as a contributing factor. It’s now obvious that the cause of death will be settled through toxicology reports but how the drugs were delivered or ingested will be the subjects of future conspiracy books. Proving a crime will be impossible.

Anna’s baby daughter, Dannielynn is the real intrigue. I strongly suspect that Anna Nichole’s daughter was in fact at the hotel and under the sometime care of Anna Nicole's nurse rather than in the Bahamas. If the baby were found in the United States she would have been put under the jurisdiction of American courts. I suspect that Anna Nicole’s boyfriend, Howard K. Stern to avoid court ordered DNA testing, quickly removed the baby. Stern has yet to surface anywhere.

The conspiracy theories, books and documentaries will flourish for years to come as this tabloid born saga unfolds.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Los Angeles Homeless problem can be treated.

Los Angeles has a huge problem with vagrants who are politely called homeless people. For the most part they are illegal aliens, drug addicts, violent criminals and the seriously mentally disturbed. They also bring diseases like hepatitis and tuberculosis to people they encounter.

To deal with the problem Los Angeles officials want to relocate this blight to residential areas such as Venice. Aside from creating severe economic damage to area property values and destroying a neighborhood residents will have to brace for an increase of every kind of crime.

A simpler and better solution is to deport the alien vagrants, and relocate the rest of this human refuse to industrial areas where the impact is minimal. There would also be better access to jobs for those inclined to clean up and help themselves. There is no reason to place this mess into residential areas where families live.

If the Liberals really want to help the homeless, placing them in residential neighborhoods is inviting hardship to everyone involved. Put the vagrants somewhere where they can be helped. Bring the social workers, medical providers and rehabilitation services out to the vagrants away from existing neighborhoods. Do it for the children.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chicago Police Only Solve 36% Of Murder Cases

My Friends at Second City Cop and Chicago’s homicide detectives have their own theories as to why homicide clearance rates are lower than ever. They blame the trend to observe the rights suspects have under our Constitution and some new department policies that end guesswork about suspect’s confessions or statements made to police.

I think I have the real answer and my copper friends won’t like it. In days gone by nearly 85% of all homicides were cleared by arrest. Some people love to confess just because it makes them feel important. That happened with that weirdo, John Mark Karr who confessed to killing little Jonbenet Ramsey. He was cleared not by old methods but by the latest scientific evidence, such as DNA and fresh data technology.

The cops have many more modern tools to solve crimes today and get to the truth. Along with DNA are the investigative tools of data tracking and video surveillance. These tools provide solid alibis for the innocent and damning evidence for the guilty. Suspects are protected from the least reliable evidence, eyewitnesses that will identify anyone the cops bring forward as the perpetrator.

The real reason that the clearance rate is plummeting is that cops are getting much better at homicide investigation and using the new tools. Today it’s much easier to clear the innocent suspects with modern methods despite confessions. I don’t think that’s so bad after all. Chicago cops are doing a great job and should be proud.

Here are a couple of articles: Sun Times NBC5

Rudy Giuliani’s Position on Gun Control

This presidential hopeful apparently does not understand what a Constitutional Right really means. He’s the typical New York, brainwashed gun rights hater.

Rudy made his position clear long ago, “All gun owners should pass written test. I do not think the government should cut off the right to bear arms. My position for many years has been that just as a motorist must have a license, a gun owner should be required to have one as well. Anyone wanting to own a gun should have to pass a written exam that shows that they know how to use a gun, that they’re intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle a gun. Should both handgun and rifle owners be licensed...we’re talking about all dangerous weapons.”
(Source: Boston Globe, p. A4 Mar 21, 2000)

Motorists don’t have a Constitutional Right to drive cars like they do to keep and bear arms.

Under Giuliani’s logic nobody should be able to vote in America without passing a test and paying for a license either. Voters must be intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle electing their leaders too. Maybe we can develop tests and licensing to determine just what rights Americans can enjoy if they can first pass the tests…

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tales From The Twilight Zone?

Orlando- Astronaut Lisa M. Nowak was on one more, way-out mission. This time not in space but in her overactive imagination which was overloaded with intrigue and perhaps thoughts of homicide.

Police say Nowak wore diapers for her 12-hour drive from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida so she would not have to stop just like she always did on her space missions. This time her program may well been to abduct and kill her rival, Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman who Nowak believed was in a relationship with Bill Oefelein, another NASA astronaut. Nowak followed Shipman to an airport parking lot and sprayed her with a defense chemical.

A steel mallet, several feet of rubber tubing and hand-written directions to Shipman's home were recovered by police from Nowak's car, which was parked at a nearby Orlando LaQuinta Inn.

Apparently the lovesick space-lady told Orlando police detectives her tale that we can count on to be developed into a major motion picture. Could it be time for yet another Twilight Zone movie?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Actor Ryan O’Neal Arrested After Malibu Family Disturbance

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers responded to a call for help from this actor’s palatial Malibu estate involving a rhubarb between Ryan O’Neal, 65 and his son Griffin O’Neal, 42. An unidentified 22 year-old, pregnant girlfriend of the younger O’Neal was somehow injured in the melee.

The younger O’Neal purportedly went after his dad with a fireplace poker. The elder O’Neal allegedly fired a single shot that sent the younger O’Neal running away.

Let’s review this… A younger, stronger man assaults an older weaker man. The younger man has converted a fireplace poker into a deadly weapon. The elder man stops the attack with a shot that injures nobody. The elder man owns the house. So far nobody has been charged with causing injury to the pregnant female. Add to this that the younger man has a criminal record and the senior man does not.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see a valid reason to arrest Ryan O’Neal for anything at all. I always thought they sent every Los Angeles County deputy sheriff to police academies. Where did they teach those officers to arrest senior citizens for defending themselves? Perhaps they were trained in Red China or maybe Cuba rather than in the USA?

It remains to be seen how this mess shakes out. I’d like to think the O’Neal family bonds might well be stronger than whatever caused this Malibu mini-riot. In any event I’d like to think that the Los Angeles County D.A. is smarter than these Malibu gendarmes and quickly drops the case.

An update: Griffin O’Neal’s injured, pregnant girlfriend has been identified as 22 year-old Joanna Berry. Both Berry and Griffin O’Neal are represented by, The Queen Of The Bottom Feeders, lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred is asking for problems with the California State Bar since her two new clients have competing interests.

It looks like Allred is going to make a claim for injuries caused by Griffin O’Neal because they happened in Ryan O’Neal’s home. Figure that one out. Of course Allred is always looking for piece of another sleazy book deal.