Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They Executed a Prisoner In Arizona Today

Florence, AZ—The small red brick Death House at the prison was the scene of a lethal injection execution today.

Robert Moormann, 63 was as defective and frightening as any killer went to his death asking for forgiveness. Moormann a Catholic made peace with God taking communion before he was killed.

The executioner used a single drug because the other two were unavailable. That will not be sitting well with the courts that warned they might intervene in this flawed process.

In 1972 Moormann, was convicted and given a sentence of nine years to life for kidnapping and sexually assaulting an eight year-old girl.

He was paroled and soon had his parole revoked. Incredibly officials allowed him to leave the prison in 1984 for 72 hours on a "compassionate furlough."

Mooremann spent that time at a motel across the street from the prison with his 74-year-old mother who was also his life-long sex partner. He apparently had an argument with his mother that ended when he beat, suffocated and dismembered her depositing her body parts in various places around the town.

Yes Moorman was a dangerous and twisted soul and deserved maximum punishment. He also reportedly had the mind of a child. Killing this pathetic creature nearly three decades later is beyond pointless.

He did apologize to the child he raped 40 years earlier and her family with his last words.

It would have saved the state a few million dollars in legal fees to simply kept him behind bars for whatever years he had left.

Expect a Homeland Security Recruiting Drive.

Washington, DC—No, it’s not for border protection! The Obama Administration wants to build a force of people loyal to their ideals rather than the Constitution.

They have already created a massive force out of unemployable losers called the TSA.

They are quietly expanding GSA Federal building security operations (Federal Protective Service) and their areas of responsibility. These are not traditional cops but sub-standard security guards with substantially fewer qualifications or basic intelligence. There traditional duties are guarding government pencils and making sure federal workers left coffee pots unplugged. The GSA has been given more money, power and equipment in the ever growing federal monster.

The FPS have the title of police however, their actual powers were always limited because of their minimal responsibility. That’s rapidly changing. On October 28, 2009, Barack Obama, signed legislation which effectively transferred the Federal Protective Service to the dreaded Homeland Security under control of that Nazi bitch Janet Napolitano.

They are being told that they are preparing for major insurrections and must protect government real estate. Even the FPS workers don’t have the real picture.

Homeland Security is expanding the FPS to shutdown the anti-Obama dissention or resistance. They will be rounding up people like Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Glen Beck along with their followers.

They will be using the NDAA to intern members of resistance without trial, lawyers, or due process.

Obama and his minions knows that the moment that they move against a few high profile dissenters it will stop cold nearly anyone else from such speech activities. That’s the human condition demonstrated over and over by despotic governments.

Many FPS workers are already sporting the bucket helmets, body armor, jackboots and automatic weapons. They are also the choice to guard detention camps. They were the choice to guard Cuban refuges detained after escaping Castro's Socialist police state.

The recruiters will be targeting recently unemployed military veterans desperate for jobs in today’s disastrous economy. Will they trade their values for a steady paycheck?

Will American’s step back from their IPhones, IPads and Xbox controllers long enough to stop this attack? Obama is betting they won’t as he finishes the destruction of the American Constitution.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why are Americans too Cowardly to Bash the Communist in our Whitehouse?

Phoenix, AZ—I had a recent conversation with a recent military veteran here. The conversation turned to gas prices, the stalled economy and Obama.

The man began to whisper his contempt and hatred for Barack Obama’s war on liberty, the NDAA Act and the new authorization of military action against Americans.

I asked him why he was whispering and he told me that he’s afraid of being targeted by federal law enforcement. He sad he will send money to groups that will work against Obama as long as it’s untraceable cash.

All I can say is this was exactly the kind of intimidation that gave National Socialism its absolute power in 1933-45 Germany.

We must begin serious resistance to block Obama’s tyranny while we still can. He must be stopped now. We can’t wait yet another year of his total war against productivity, oil exploration and liberty.

Obama’s motives are very clear to destroy private enterprise, our Constitution and way of life.

Stop this despot now or we will all face decades of tyranny. We must not allow anyone to silence American's love for liberty and hatred for this despot.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Having a fun day with Celebrity Firearms

Los Angeles, CA—They make a lot of films here and when that happens they need props. Guns are in most every film and they have to keep a massive supply on hand.

Whether they’re making a Cowboy shoot’em up or a war film they need enough guns for the armies of actors and extras.

I spent the day with my beautiful friend, Andrea at a prop house and played with so many really nice firearms.

From top to bottom:
1. The M-! Garand rifle used by Clint Eastwood in his film Gran Torino
2. Lots of H&K products. You can never have too many MP5 sub-machine guns!
3. 3This Gattlin gun has been in many films including 3:10 to Yuma.
4. A blunderbuss from Pirates of the Caribbean
5. A “Chicago Typewriter” used in Public Enemies.

I'd like to thank ISS Props for the sneak peek at their wares:

School Shootings and Bullying

(Notice that in the kinder and gentler days of 1967 police did not even handcuff Donald Ayen)

Chicago, IL—The first significant shooting in a school I can remember was in April of 1967 at Waller High School. Today that school is known as Lincoln Park High School

Donald Ayen was an 18 year-old White student in this school that had a 80% Black student body. It was the closest school to the notoriously violent Cabrini Green projects housing.

Ayen was routinely assaulted, robbed and threatened by the Black losers of this inner-city school. This was about Black on White hate and survival. The Blacks routinely brought handguns and knives to school and there were no countermeasures.

Ayen found the school turned a blind eye to his tormentors. There was no protection or meaningful school security. Ayen turned to self-help to deal with these criminals.

Ayers read about George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi movement. He found comfort in their efforts to deal with the Negro threat. He also took steps to protect himself. Ayers planned to confront his dangerous enemies with superior firepower.

Ayers obtained a .30 caliber carbine, a can of surplus ammunition and a gas mask. He located parts for the trigger housing and converted the semi-automatic to fire at a fully automatic rate.

Ayen brought the carbine to school in an Archery box to conceal it. As usual the Black gang confronted him demanding money and Ayen displayed his carbine. The cowardly Black thugs retreated and suddenly school officials learned how to call police.

Police from the 018 District responded and cornered the frightened lad in the schools auditorium. The boy was holding his long coat with the gun and it dragged on the floor. Suddenly Ayen tripped on it and because his finger was on the trigger the gun let out an eight-round burst of fire. The bullets struck several empty seats and nobody was injured.

The shots were unintended but police took Ayen into custody and the media quickly crucified the lad. They simply labeled Ayen as the racist and never took care of security at Waller High School. Eventually every White kid finally fled from that cesspool.

The issue of Black hate and bulling of White Students was not something politically correct politicians or members of the media dare talk about. For Chicago, that was a huge mistake because not dealing with this only made things much more dangerous. The hateful Blacks were only emboldened by the inaction.

Did they ever attempt to bring one of Ayen’s tormentors to justice for armed robbery or those assault and battery crimes? Not a chance!

With modern school shootings degrees of bullying are always involved. The schools can’t or won’t deal with them.

That Columbine High School massacre was the product of bullying too. The two shooters were peculiar fellows that were singled out by classmates for ridicule. They responded with hate and extreme violence to the bullying.

I’m suggesting that the silliness of their Zero Tolerance for little pocketknives and such is not a solution or even a treatment for violence.

Schools have a dual responsibility. They must teach children and stop all bullying or intimidation cold whenever it happens. Teachers refuse to accept any duty other than teaching and that’s the real problem

Kids can and do experiment and resort to bullying because it part of growing up. We can either ignore this threat or deal with it. It’s not pocketknives that are the problem. Our kids must be taught at school that bullying is criminal activity that will result in swift justice.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Illinois Politicians wants to add a Special Sin Tax To Ammunition

Springfield, IL—Gun rights hating State Rep. Kelly Cassidy and her Chicago cronies want to punish gun owners any way they can. They are pushing for an additional tax on firearm ammunition.

The keeping and bearing of arms is not a right if you must pay the government for the privilege to exercise it. This is no different than the Poll Taxes of the deep-South that were outlawed by the Supreme Court long ago.

In Illinois you can defend yourself and family only if you can afford it so of course this will create a hardship for lower income people.

What the Chicago despots also overlooked is that gun owners will be unable to have reasonable shooting skills because they won’t be able to afford needed regular practice.

The real and very grave unintended consequences are that innocent people will be endangered anytime justifiable shots are fired. They also forgot to exempt cops and security workers from the tax furthering this horrible public policy.

Rep. Cassidy speak well for the kind of politicians running the dysfunctional City of Chicago. It's in their world that defending your spouse and children is a sin.

Frankly I’d not loose sleep if someone used an untaxed Louisville Slugger to rearrange Cassidy's bones somewhat.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bailing Out Bankrupt States is Inevitable

Los Angeles, CA—The not so Golden State has taxed and spent itself into a financial quagmire. Employers and producers have fled in droves to avoid the extortionate taxes here.

California taxpayers providing services to illegal aliens, is at an all time high. That has gutted the schools and health care needs of California’s legal residents.

The prisons and jails are pushing dangerous criminals out to certain unemployment in today’s economy. The body count will be off the charts and every Medical Examiner's Office.

California’s politicians have not and will not let up on their reckless spending habits or desire to regulate everyone’s lives.

The fact is it’s only a matter of time before they can no longer continue the handouts the Entitlement Zombies are accustomed to receiving. When that happens, Los Angeles and Oakland will be on fire like never before.

The death toll and massive amounts of homeless will be staggering. The other more frugal states will be forced to bail out California.

In Lockstep with California will be Illinois, New York and New Jersey. They have the same problems.

I hope the other states abandon these pathetic Socialist utopias that have gone bad. The fools in Congress will bend over as they claim bailouts are the only humanitarian way to solve the problem.
This will bring America closer to a Civil War for sure.

In the meantime America has changed in that the residents don’t care about liberty as much as getting a free ride. The color of the Nation has darkened and traditional work ethics and culture has been on a sharp decline.

The America most of us grew up in no longer exists. We are rapidly becoming a Fascist nation were people are enslaved by Socialism. We can either resist now or wait for the holocaust.

Airports, the TSA, Guns, Strict Liability and Insanity

Los Angeles, CA—Notwithstanding the Second Amendment that clearly grants Americans the right to keep and bear arms we’ve allowed despotic politicians to suspend that right. One such result are those “Gun Free Zones”.

Yes, most all of America’s gun laws are unconstitutional. It’s obvious that our judges have allegiance to the tyrannical politicians that appointed them rather than to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Most American laws require actual intent on the part of someone in order to be convicted of breaking them. For example we forgive accidents even when a human life is lost.

People legitimately carry merchandise out of stores forgetting to pay the cashier. I’ve done that myself a time or two. Thankfully I discovered the lapse and scrambled back in to pay for whatever I lifted avoiding arrest.

To convict someone of breaking a law the government in most cases must prove that the defendant knowingly and intentionally committed the crime.

The human condition of forgetfulness and pre-occupation is a reality.

Even in the most tyrannical jurisdictions in the United States, must allow law-abiding people to possess firearms. The firearms must be transported from store, to home, to firing ranges or hunting grounds.

Most jurisdictions allow the simply carrying of firearms in pockets, holsters, briefcases and luggage.

People forget they have the weapons especially in briefcases and tote bags. From time to time we all must travel and forgetting we have a firearm in some bag at the airport is understandable.

Like it or not the TSA is in place to make sure no weapons are brought into our airplanes. They invade or privacy and grope or genitals looking for any form of weapons or contraband. We all know if we carry any firearm or weapon, the baggage screeners will discover it.

Nobody in his or her right mind, including a terrorist would intentionally bring gun concealed in a bag and then surrender the bag to the TSA for inspection and X Ray observation.

Guns found by the TSA in surrendered baggage are almost never intentionally or nefariously placed in luggage. They have been occasionally placed in luggage by others playing dirty tricks on travelers.

A long time friend of mine’s son bought a totally legal semi-automatic UZI 9MM. He needed to transport it from a hotel and stuck it in his mother's suitcase. The fun began when he forgot to remove it and his elegant mother took the bag to a Miami airport. She was quickly taken down like a Muslim terrorist by police who were alerted by the TSA.

It took days to sort the mess out and the hapless mom was ready for some expensive therapy for her Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In some jurisdictions she would have been convicted for a felony crime and done prison time.

In another case a well-known actor and retired Chicago cop had a .22 pistol in a briefcase. He traveled by car into California with the forgotten little gun. Due to a family emergency he had to fly out of LAX. He was preoccupied with the emergency bringing his briefcase and set it down for the TSA's routine inspection. You guessed it! He became a big news story for the tabloids.

The retired actor was charged with several redundant offenses and jailed. Since it was the weekend and the banks were closed it took him some 12 hours to post the ridiculously excessive bail imposed. The actor’s lawyer was able to negotiate a plea bargain that imposed a fine but would be cleared from his record after a certain time period.

Are we somehow safer for making criminals out of forgetful travelers? What do we gain by eliminating intent and imposing strict liability for possessing firearms under these circumstances?

The most the TSA and authorities should be doing is removing these firearms and allowing the travelers to make other approved arrangements for their transportation.

I guess we must ask Congress to bring a little sanity to the TSA.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why We Have Pretend Border Security

San Diego, CA—There are security interests and vital border concerns for Mexico and America. The solutions offered by both nations are intentionally a total farce.

Mexico is awash with drugs, government corruption and incredible violence. The lucrative and insatiable illicit US drug market fuels it all.

The United States can’t control the addicted or their spending habits. The open border, guarantees the free flow of narcotics along with the criminals that bring them here.

Mexico’s officials have been whining that American gun rights, threatens their internal security. Thousands of weapons purchased by the Mexican government fall into the hands of their criminals. Add to it the efforts of the Obama administration to deliberately ship thousands of guns purchased from licensed American dealers to the same criminals and you have a massive mess.

Any claim that either nation’s governments want to repair this disaster is pure hogwash.

The cure is a simple one. Mexico and the US could cooperatively and tightly seal the border. Mexican criminals would be unable to deliver their drugs killing that illicit commerce. The flow of guns to Mexico would end but for the millions already stolen from the government over the last five decades.

Mexico and the United States could solve their problems with simple border security. The truth is the massive political corruption of both nations will never allow the interruption of the drug trade. We have a Drug War simply to insure drug trade profits.

Self-Defense Shootings, Cops and Ordinary People

Phoenix, AZ—Cops here like everywhere wind up in enough danger that they fire their weapons. It’s a commonplace event in larger cities. Cops have no special license to kill and they make mistakes sometimes.

Cops expect to get the benefit of the doubt in those close cases where they thought they saw a weapon. There is barely enough time to evaluate every situation and it’s difficult to punish a cop for erring on the side of survival.

In the last two decades there has been remarkable gains for Americans and their right to self-defense. Castle doctrine laws along with the right to carry concealed weapons have made Americans safer.

Cops are still trying to adjust to the idea of citizens using deadly force in self-defense. Too many cops seem to judge the citizens entirely too harshly. They are erring on the side of questionable arrests that actually bankrupt the average citizen.

There is a rub here and that’s that citizens deserve no less or more than cops under the same circumstances.

Was it an accidental shooting or perhaps Manslaughter? Just how much disparity of force justifies using deadly force? Those doubts need to be resolved on the side of the defending citizen.

We can argue that prosecutors not cops make the final decisions on prosecutions but they rely on the reports given them by police.

Cops need to extend the same benefit of the doubt to citizens, as they deserve when they make that terrible decision to shoot.

An armed society is a polite society and enough threat will nearly always generate an appropriate and lawful response. Those who threaten others are testing the laws of Charles Darwin.

Women, Sensible Shoes and Shooting!

Phoenix, AZ—As a firearms instructor I’ve learned that women who dress every day in elegant clothing go to the range in jeans and sneakers.

I understand the need for comfort and that shooting tends to sometimes get a little dirty but for the fashion plates the sensible shoes must go.

If everyday attire is dresses, skirts and high heels than that’s the way you should be shooting.

There are serious issues of stance and balance for shooters. If you you’re not training and practicing in the shoes you wear every day you’re asking for failure. You can’t afford to suddenly deal with your heels.

Kicking off the heels and shooting barefoot requires your focus to change and precious time. Additionally there are other reasons not to engage in armed combat while barefooted.

Women that wear heels regularly have great balance and can even run in them surprisingly well. Would the same elegant women skip wearing the heels on the dance floor? Not on a bet.

I’d rather see well-dressed women capable of defending themselves any day than the alternative.

It’s really quite simple, you should wear those heels to the range. The same is true for the women that wear heels part-time.

Be fashionable, but prepared, well armed and trained. It may save your life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Belgium Star, Noemi Schlosser Shines Over Chicago!

Los Angeles, CA—Most of my blog visitors know that beyond my day job as a PI and investigative TV news Producer, I’m also an actor.

Somehow I developed a new friend on Facebook who is a gifted actress/comedienne fresh from Antwerp, Belgium. Noemi Schlosser has recently been in some projects put up in Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue Theater District.

I was hoping to grab an interview from this gal in Chicago but it just didn’t happen. The good news is she paid a visit to Hollywood and I snagged an exclusive interview with the stunning thespian.

Additionally I had the good fortune to show her around town. I took her to places like Marilyn Monroe’s grave, The Screen Actor’s Guild and the Los Angeles Art Museum for an entire day.

Any time spent with a stunning woman who’s half my age is indeed quality time!

Noemi is working out the details for a performance at Chicago’s Palmer House as I write this. I predict big things for this gal that you all will be seeing and hearing about in the future.

Sit back and check out the exclusive interview Noemi granted to Crimefile News at the Los Angeles Bat Cave.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ICE Agents Involved in Shootout, with Each Other!

Long Beach, CA—Authorities are on the scene on the seventh floor shooting of the Glenn Anderson Federal Building. They have confirmed that there was a shootout between at least three ICE agents. One agent is reportedly dead another wounded and transported to St. Mary's Hospital.

They are calling this a case of "workplace violence" that began when a supervisor threatened discipline on a subordinate.

There will be a lot more to this story as it unfolds over the next several days.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Truth about Calling 911

Phoenix, AZ—Arizona like many other states have strict public records laws. Government should never be allowed to use the false promise of privacy to keep the public out of their records.

The Fascists running states like Illinois, New York and California take every possible step to escape the probing eyes of the public and the press.

Calls to 911 are always recorded and considered public record in most states. That means those dramatic calls for help are often played as news or much worse, entertainment.

I make it a practice to never call 911. Instead I ask others to make those calls. If I must call them I give them the barest of information while ignoring their redundant and stupid questions. They get the location, the emergency I’m calling about and nothing more.

I avoid being cagy or rude, I simply tell them I have to hang up. If they try to call back I simply won’t answer.

The 911 operators view their role more as defacto police interrogators on a mission to obtain incriminating information. The 911 workers are not bound by Miranda rules. They are rewarded for any admissions they can pull out of a homeowner who shoots an intruder.

Calling 911 for a fire automatically puts you on the arson suspect list.

Getting a confession from a distraught caller almost always takes priority to saving lives with these folks.

In any event you must remember that you will hear any significant 911 call again. That will happen as the news media broadcasts or posts it for the entire world. Of course they are routinely played in courtrooms everyday across our nation.

Calling 911 seemed so simple, didn’t it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jury Duty, Reasonable Doubt and Judicial Tyranny

Most Americans believe they understand Reasonable Doubt when it comes to Jury Duty. I will begin challenging that notion by simply asking you to define it.

Let me say that lawyers and judges can’t really define it and rely on the writings of others to explain the concept.

Let me also begin by saying in a criminal case, pertinent facts like the backgrounds or history of deception of government witnesses is often hidden from a jury. This is especially true where special Victim’s Rights laws were enacted at the behest of over-zealous prosecutors.

Too many judges, rule in prejudicial evidence or rule out exculpatory evidence with ease. Juries too often never get to learn about important facts. Any judge can simply put their thumb on the scale of justice with certain rulings. They get away with this because it’s considered judicial discretion. The vast majority of those rulings are made away from the inquiring minds of the jury.

Far too often this is Judicial Tyranny. Judges are supposed to be impartial basing their rulings on the law. Instead they are swayed by allegiances to political opinion, personal gain or pleasing those who have appointed them. Judges are no less human than anyone else.

So you’re on jury duty, what do you do now? You don’t want to be soft on crime and in your heart you want to be fair. But are you really? Will you actually acquit the defendants on Reasonable Doubt?

In Nazi Germany they had public trials, actually they were filmed show trials you’d see when you went to your local movie theater along with whatever film you came to see. It was very much like Court TV.

They did not have juries but instead used a three-judge panel. They were learned and respected lawyers that everyone assumed would be fair.

Every defendant had a lawyer at his side. Witnesses were brought who gave testimony and it all seemed on the square. The problem was the public was fooled and the courts became prolific murderers.

Our founding fathers dealt with this wisely and gave us a system of justice and our Bill of Rights. However the last four decades has sent us down the slippery slope to a police state and Judicial Tyranny. Just as in Nazi Germany 1933-45 the general population is failing to notice the rapid changes.

Thankfully we still have juries but they are so poorly informed. First of all Reasonable Doubt is the standard. That means conviction based on theory, mere probabilities and your gut feelings are out. Jurors take an oath but those deep-seated feelings push that oath aside.

The O.J. Simpson murder trial verdict stands out in millions of minds as a horrible mistake. Was it really? One cop, Mark Fuhrman pled guilty to perjury at this trial and evidence handling was as sloppy as it can get. Most importantly nobody could place Simpson at the crime scene or witnessed the killing.

Reasonable Doubt and a lack of evidence should be celebrated and every verdict should error on the side of acquittal, not conviction.

This is not about being soft on crime but being hard on the government and their agents that brought the case to you.

Yes, you may let some guilty bum go but that’s better than destroying an innocent’s life.

If you cannot protect the rights and liberty of some stranger who the Hell will protect yours or someone you love’s when they are falsely accused of a crime.

Let me ask you all to begin celebrating the Reasonable Doubt whenever it exists. You must also remember, if you think any law is unfair or wrong you have the right to vote Not Guilty.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Now It’s Time To Slam Whitney Houston and What She Became.

Beverly Hill, CA—She had it all a truly gifted voice, adoring mentors and legions of zealous fans. Incredible wealth was showered over this woman who traded everything for mind-altering drugs.

Whitney Houston managed to transform herself self-absorbed, filthy, disgusting crack whore.

She maybe missed right now but by no one more than those selling illegal drugs to her.

Houston was a monumental disappointment to anyone that ever helped her.
We have a War on Drugs and nearly everyone engaged in that war profits from its continuation.

We need to legalize the poison just to remove the obscene profits. Regulating and taxing this toxic garbage will be no improvement. I do mean legalize.

At the same time we must refocus on treatment for only those who want to be returned to health. Right now hundreds of billions of treatment dollars are wasted on those in treatment for cutting jail time rather than to quit drugs.

I hate drugs but I hate the violence, corruption and loss of liberty and privacy more. The Drug War has taken a huge bite out Americans Freedoms. We need to get liberty returned.

As for the addicted we know that don’t seek treatment the only correct way to help them is through tough love. Feeding the addicts has never been helpful.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicago Cop Bloggers are The Knights of The New Media.

Chicago, IL—Local government here had a solid lock on any information published. The criminal mob that runs the city somehow managed to turn the local media into City Hall lap dogs.

In the past seven years cops in the Windy City found their voice on the Internet. They have the freedom through the cloak of anonymity and can expose corruption, nasty rumors along with bad government.

These Knights of the New Media have shown little mercy as their own existence and exposure has grown dramatically in the last two years.

In the beginning local politicians did not understand blogs or Social Media’s impact. Their public relations professionals soon understood the ramifications of actions by the police bloggers.

The two most read police run blogs are Second City Cop and Detective Shaved Longcock. They both gained significant readership far beyond the ranks of Chicago cops.

A peek at SCC’s web counter on a slow Sunday, show 900 visitors per hour. With that kind of readership advertising pays well. However you won’t find a single ad.

The web counter of Shaved’s site is hidden but he (or she) boasts 10,000 visits per day.

Shaved recently exposed how city officials were snookered by a 15 year-old Hispanic gang-banger. The kid entered and won a contest to design the City’s Vehicle License window stickers. What the red-faced officials found out reading Shaved’s blog was there were street gang hand signals in the design. Shaved’s story went national and got the sticker design yanked.

Shaved pulls no punches on the issues or the culture of African-American and Hispanic crime. He’s unapologetic as he showcases the massive amount of violence committed against Chicago’s White population by these minorities.

News reporters have called Shaved’s site racist. The truth is the long covered up hate and racism is against Chicago’s White population, not the other way around. The Cook County jail has a staggering population of hateful, dangerous African-Americans and Hispanics.

I guess telling the truth about African-American hate and violence is racist to some people.

I also suspect that America’s Federal Thought Police will eventually end Internet Free Speech. Hopefully Americans will wage war against anyone tampering with the Constitution before that happens.

In the mean time city officials can count on getting exposed when they get caught with their pants down. City insiders are beginning to tip these guys off to shenanigans by the criminal mob running the city and county government.

The cop bloggers need is to get with technology and bring video to their sites. Of course that may endanger their anonymity along with their police careers and pensions.

I’d rather see these guys out in the open attending news conferences. These knights of the new media would have the courage to ask tough questions. They need to be out taking pictures, shooting and editing video.

The fact is it’s just a matter of time when mavericks like SCC and Shaved will have the video tools and its related knowhow. I think there may be some smart advertisers out there to fund these guys.

Shaved can be found here.

Second City Cop can be found here.

Let The Conspiracy Stories About Whitney’s Death Begin!

Beverly Hills, CA--It’s inevitable that whispers of murder and cover up will surround Whitney Houston’s untimely death.

There were rumors of a huge debt owed to drug dealers. Houston also had monumental drug fueled relationship problems.

I’d like to think Houston was worth more to the parasites of her inner circle alive than dead.

Was this an accidental overdose, drowning or combination of both? Do we have yet another case of a physician prescribing whatever Houston wanted for a big fat paycheck? I'm sure we will hear the name of her personal doctor tossed around.

It will take up to six weeks before officials will know just what chemicals were in Houston’s blood and organs. Just how they got there will be another source of speculation.

There will be telltale signs like needle marks and irritation of nasal passages odors connected detected on her clothing and body.

Cops and the medical examiner will be looking for signs of a struggle or injuries on the singer. The red flag of little blood spots in the whites of Houston’s eyes would quickly alert cops of strangulation if that were the case.

A drowning in absence of drug or alcohol intoxication would send homicide rumors into overdrive. However the truth is that accidental falling in bathtubs and showers do kill even young and healthy people.

Cops reportedly told the press that no illegal drugs were found at the scene. That does not answer questions about paraphernalia commonly used to prepare or consume those poisons.

The odds are beyond overwhelming that Houston was juiced up on drugs based on her public appearance and behavior in the preceding hours and days before her demise.

If illegal drugs are found in Houston’s body and none were found in her hotel room it becomes obvious that somebody did some cleaning before the cops could respond to the scene.

Prescription drug abuse or mixture with alcohol could be just as dangerous as any common street drugs.

The only truth we can bank upon is that there will forever be more questions than answers about this woman’s death that will live on long after she’s laid to rest.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Hasty Exit

Beverly Hills, CA—It was here at the late Merv Griffin’s old Beverly Hills Hilton that the award overloaded Whitney Houston took her last breath.

It’s a sad tale of an African-American woman who despite immense talent could not escape addiction to the deadly poison that obviously killed her.

Houston’s public behavior so-often lacked any of the dignity of her mellow voice. She was well beyond the point of humiliation.

Despite her music catalog’s incredible earnings Houston seemed barely a step ahead of the process servers and collection lawyers.

The last photos of her are pathetic. It shows an entourage of parasitic types holding her up. It looks like they were propping up their personal ATM.

The good news here is the courts will take control of her music’s future earnings for her only child. Most of her inner circle will now have to suck someone else’s blood for a change.

As for the War on Drugs, that was won against liberty, privacy, and has made all the wrong people hundreds of billions of dollars or more. Our politicians love that cash cow and will never let it go.

As for drug treatment, it’s only available to people who need it. They don’t want or need it for a cure but to reduce they time they’d otherwise be spending behind bars. Treatment needs to be reserved for only those that want to change their lives.

Every drug addict in America knows they can do whatever it takes to get the cash to purchase what no War on Drugs can stop.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rahm Emanuel’s Punitive Gun Control Drive Begins Today!

Chicago, IL-- Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his effort to ramrod new gun control legislation statewide. The mayor wants to force all law-abiding handgun owners to pay hefty fees. He wants to begin registering and titling handguns like automobiles.

The mayor wants to reduce a Constitutional Right to a licensed privilege.

He claims this will somehow help police solve crimes. The suggestion that this will reduce violence is not supported by any studies or experience within this or any other nation on earth.

I guess The mayor forgot the City of Chicago already has a gun registration program under a vigorous and very expensive challenges in federal court.

The misguided mayor does not know or have even a clue about the following facts:

1. Two US Supreme Court decisions specifically exempted felons from being prosecuted for failing to register a firearm. The requirement violates their rights against self-incrimination.

2. Firearms are simply not left at crime scenes unless a perpetrator is caught, wounded or killed. Tracing such a gun is always worthless to investigators. Gun traces simply never result in arrests or prosecutions.

3. Yet another government bureaucracy must be established. The Illinois State Police are so overloaded now they cannot process the FOID cards that register gun owners.

4. This information is a privacy invasion that historically ends in confiscation schemes in every despotic government.

5. This is just another salvo being fired by gun rights haters against the Constitution of the United States.

6. This is no different than a Poll Tax. Forcing people to pay in order to enjoy a right is dead wrong.

If you live in the State of Illinois call Mayor Emanuel at (312) 744-3300 and tell him how you feel about his latest effort. Then call your state representatives and Senator in Springfield.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cops in Hot Water for Showing Crime Scene Photos at Private Holiday Party

Phoenix, AZ—Four Phoenix police detectives are on administrative leave as the department investigates and determines their punishment. For the time being the department is not releasing their names or other identifying information.

Their apparent offense was to put up a PowerPoint exhibition at a private home that allegedly contained gruesome death scene photos.

I can’t imagine who thought they were doing a public service by snitching on these officers but even cops have a right to privacy.

The only argument that could be made is that some people may think this is somehow showing disrespect for the dead.

Let me begin by addressing reality. These photos are connected to public officers conducting investigations. These investigations are not secret nor are any evidence photographs. Arizona has a very broad and strong public records law. The courts must allow public inspection and viewing of any photos used as evidence. Over the years I’ve seen some shocking and awful pictures in case files I’ve had to examine.

One might argue this was in bad taste but cops are by nature desensitized to blood, guts and gore. They see and deal with this stuff everyday.

The internal investigation and actions of the City of Phoenix in this matter are a waste of time and money.

Had the officers placed these offending pictures in a public setting or did this to humiliate family members of the dead this would be different.

The city needs to get on with real problems instead of invading the privacy of their cops.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Red-Faced Chicago Official Have A Mess to Clean Up

Chicago, Il—They had a contest for artists to design the Chicago Vehicle Tax sticker for every car in the city.

They found a “winner” who placed the hand signals of his own violent street gang on his offering for the prize. City officials actually gave this little gang puke a $1,000.00 savings bond for his stunt.

I’d hope that no Chicago cop would dare write a citation for anyone refusing to purchase or place that garbage on his windshield.

My fellow blogger, Detective Shaved Longcock blew the whistle on this stunt and the story has gone national.

UPDATE! : It seems the city is scrapping the gang version! Shaved submitted his own replacement design for the city sticker. Click on it and take a close look! I think he's git a winner!

Paradise Valley Cops Arrest Five Suspects for Shapiro Murders

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ Police Chief John Bennett announced the arrests of five suspects in connection with the gruesome murders of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro.

Bennett identified the suspect as:
Michael Lee Crane, 31
Brittnay Beinhauer, 29
Kelly Steward, 29
Shawn Nicloy, 29
Danielle Rossman, 26

Michael Crane is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder, two counts of Armed Robbery, two counts of Kidnapping, one count each for Burglary and Arson. Others are charged with offenses from Hindering Prosecution to or including, Trafficking in Stolen Property

Crane is an ex-convict serving time for drugs, weapons violations and promoting prison contraband,

Every one of the suspects has a criminal history.

Police said they have no evidence that the Shapiro’s were specifically targeted. Police also say they recovered property and the murder weapon. For now we must guess on just who snitched breaking this case.

You will find court documents posted here as soon as they become available.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Police have no News of the Shapiro Murders in Paradise Valley

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—Today's news from the police department on the gruesome Shapiro murders is that there’s no news.

Last week a town council official and the mayor spread rumors that two or three arrests had been made in the case.

Bringing people in for interviews does not an arrest make. Spreading misinformation is a poor way to put the town’s residents at ease. It became obvious when nobody was brought before a judge for initial appearance the town’s red-faced officials jumped the gun.

Today a polite press release suggested that they are making progress with the investigation and will notify the media when it’s appropriate.

The reality here is that the cops are not clairvoyant and these days most murders remain unsolved. If they make arrests they must be sure not destroy the life of anyone who is innocent. That’s easier said than done.

Illinois Failed Gun Laws and Government

Chicago, IL—The Illinois State Police Firearms Owner’s Identification Card program is in total meltdown. They can’t or won’t process applications and renewals and don’t look for a fix anytime soon.

This is really about Governor Pat Quinn who is antagonistic and hostile to gun owners and their rights.

The only answer is civil disobedience and making Quinn’s life as miserable as possible.

It’s time to direct all calls to his offices in Springfield and Chicago. It’s also time to boycott his campaign contributors, even those who gave him small amounts of cash.

In America a right cannot be licensed like a privilege. FIOD cards violate that principal.

There is a short-term compromise answer and that’s to extend the life of an FOID card until it’s revoked for cause. Then the State Police won’t be pushing so many tons of paper saving thousands of man hours and postage costs.

Of course the Chicago faction in the Illinois Legislature will go into a massive group seizure should any gun law be relaxed. Gun owners must stand their ground and hold those despotic jerks accountable in every possible way.

Newspapers Magazines and Journalists Must adapt to Video to Survive

Chicago, IL—The newsstand racks here like everywhere are starting to vanish. The IPad or Kindle Fire has already replaced our morning newspaper.

The new devices use text, photographs, audio and video. Broadband Internet is everywhere so publishers cannot afford not to begin adding significant amounts of video programing to their websites.

Print media was a one trick pony that has not been staying on the technology curve to keep their readers who are suddenly an audience.

The early forays into video were boring and hard to watch because print reporters were reading their stories to a camera. The right way is to get the video along with sound bites from newsmakers and mix in some narration. It’s far less complicated than it sounds.

Crisp clean video with great audio moves the story along. I should be ashamed that I’m too lazy to do this story only in print. Of course I’m not being paid for my time or I’d be delighted to do so.

Print media has come over to the web the printing press and typesetters have all but become extinct. Now they have no choice but to adapt.

The television news model was okay but lacked so much creativity. They dared not to experiment with what they felt was working for them. With terrific affordable equipment end editing software we should expect print media refugees to invent new and exciting ways to bring us our information.

Live broadcasts are cheap and easy. The only difficulty I see is to have their reporters learn personal grooming and to look sharp. They need not look like television news’ pretty boys and girls. They just have to display some energy as they report.

Yes there is a new learning curve. Journalists of today must know more than writing but shooting and editing and uploading video. There is the theater of good sounding voiceovers and the ability to simply relax on camera. It is either news organizations and their reporters learn or be left in the dirt.

Journalism is being replaced by broadcast journalism.

There still is a place for the printed word integrated with video and the web is the perfect home for this. We should welcome this change and so should every Webmaster, newspaper and magazine editor or corporate public relations department and educator.

The opportunities are beginning to surface for those that have the Knowhow. Assuming you already can write specialized training can be obtained at the New York Video School. They offer their course on line or in the classroom. Click here for NYVS.

Why it can’t be, Made in America

Washington, DC—America has a long and proud manufacturing tradition that has been banished from our shores.

I’m saying banished because the Socialists and Communists in our own Whitehouse, government and Congress are to blame. The manufacturers have all fled extortionate government taxation and excessive demands by labor unions.

I’ve always supported the concept of workers being paid fairly if for no other reasons it keeps them off the dole and we all benefit from what they/we consume.

The Socialist and Communist traitors also have intentionally regulated business to death. There has been an ongoing effort to destroy productivity and the American way of life. They’re out to replace our form of government with the failed Communist model.

Productivity must be rewarded in our system, and instead it’s punished. Instead we reward the ignorant and lazy by robbing those that produce.

Our nation cannot survive until every last Communist is purged from our government.

The Communists have made every effort to import crime, poverty, violence and drugs through obstruction of justice. They have simply ended the prosecution of our immigration laws. If the immigration laws are so unpopular they can be changed. Americans want their laws enforced or they’d have demanded the laws be repealed.

The reason for government obstruction of immigration laws is to dilute the Conservative vote. The ignorant and poor are totally dependent on the Communists and the handouts they provide.

If you support keeping manufacturing in America it’s more important that you keep government’s sticky fingers out of employer’s pockets. Until then there’s no reason to make anything in America. Until then, why should you pay more for a second rate product? When your government becomes punitive it's time for a revolution or flight anywhere you can find freedom and liberty.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

So You Think You Want to be a Chicago Cop?

Chicago, IL—One of my young blog visitors asked me for advice on how to get his dream job as a Chicago cop. This was what I wrote back…

Dear Mike,

Let me say first and foremost I’ve had an exciting life as a cop and private investigator. Now that I said that I must say if I was you, I’d spend a few more years in school and become an RN, a lawyer, or anything at all but a cop. At one time it was a decent job. Now you’re in a goldfish bowl and everyone wants you, on their cell phone cameras as they agitate you into something regrettable.

In Chicago the politicians are racist, rotten and for the most part totally hate cops. If being a cop was what it should be or used to be I’d say go for it. Now you’d just be in for heartbreak, frustration and self-loathing for taking that job.

Promotions used to be based somewhat on skills and ability. Now they are based solely on one’s ability to perform fellatio or bribe ward bosses.

Rather than having a mission to serve and protect the politicians want you to be their bag men extorting money from underemployed citizens in the name of traffic safety. The politicians then use the funds as personal ATMs.

Everyone either hates cops or wants to kill them except other cops. Most attractive women will ignore you unless they are whack jobs that want domination or abuse. Cops usually have horrible multiple marriages.

If you want excitement be an emergency room RN or better yet a physician. Women chase doctors down the street with mattresses. Criminal law can be exciting. TV news was once a good job but that’s all changed now.

Please don’t waste your time trying out for a job you will quickly learn to hate. Do something where you will win respect and admiration instead of hate.

I hope I have helped you change directions.



Town of Paradise Valley’s Troubled Police Department is Still a Disappointment.

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—I somehow thought the days of police mismanagement and deceit might be buried in this town's past. That was until I discovered that its current Chief of Police has misled the media.

With the shocking and sadistic home invasion murders of Glenna and Larry Shapiro I somehow mistakenly expected good things from this department that seemed smart enough to request investigative resources from outside the, 25 member department.

KPHO-TV CBS 5’s reporter Jason Berry asked Chief John Bennett about similar recent crimes in the community where home invasion robbers tied their victims up. Bennett proved to either be totally incompetent or he outright fibbed to reporters about two other such events in this town with some 14,000 residents.

Having three dangerous home invasions in this town reflects very badly upon the department. Apparently they’d rather tie up their cops extorting money from motorists passing through their over-regulated Lincoln Drive with robot cameras. Traffic enforcement is important but here revenue collection is more important than protecting the lives of their residents.

Bennett’s deception here is unforgivable and should not be tolerated by the people of that town.
Now I have to wonder if any arrests made in connection with the Shapiro case will tainted with perjury, evidence and witness tampering that this agency is well known for in past. Cops are expected to always tell the truth and in this town they failed redundantly for decades.

Perhaps it’s long past time to disband this department and contract with the Sherriff’s office or City of Phoenix for police services.

Watch the KPHO-TV CBS5 video below and see Chief John Bennett lie to everyone:

Friday, February 03, 2012

Arrests Made In Paradise Valley Shapiro Murders and Arson

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ-I called it right when I said last night that the cops avoidance of the media was a sure sign they were moving in on suspects. The cops only go to the media when they need to reach out for tips and information. Of course they need to announce their victorious arrests on high profile cases.

Sometime this morning the town’s council members and mayor were buzzing about the developments in this horrific and gruesome crime. It's all very unofficial right now.

Reportedly they have at least three unidentified suspects in custody in connection with the murders. That information was passed on to neighbors by the town's mayor and at least one council member.

If this is indeed true police would are putting the finishing touches on their investigation in preparation of a Probable Cause Statement for court booking purposes.

The evidentry keys here are service of search warrants and the recovery of property taken from the Shapiros along with credit card transactions. Of course most suspects let loose in the interrogation rooms either through confession or lies to hang themselves.

Calls and e-mails to the town police department have yet to be returned.

I expect they’ll have a formal press conference to announce the arrests. Right now we’re waiting for that to happen.

We can only hope that the officers and investigators of this small department have learned from past disasters along with the expensive litigation that followed. Perhaps this time they will get it right.

Update: It’s 8:00 PM in Arizona and they have not officially announced the arrests. Perhaps there are other outstanding suspects being sought. In any event they must get anyone in custody in front of a judge or let them go.

Click here for the latest and all articles connected to this case.

Please Don’t Invite Me To The Super Bowl!

Indianapolis, IN—If someone offered me free first class air transportation, the best hotel room, meals and seats on the Super Bowl 50 yard line, I’d pass on the opportunity.

I resent lining up like a sheep for some jerk demanding I submit to a search like a criminal. I quit going to any event in any venue where people are required to waive their liberty and privacy.

The fact that the NFL can fill a stadium with people willing to submit to this form of Tyranny tells me that the American spirit and love for freedom is dead.

There are those morons that will sigh and say, “But now we live in different times with the terrorism…” To that I say hogwash! We went through a Civil War, World Wars I and II without accepting a Police State.

They’ve had terrorism, bombs and explosives throughout the history of the United States. I don’t object to vigilant security just stay out of my pockets! No metal detectors, body scans or X-Rays for me thank you!

Americans have been brainwashed into believing there is a need to jettison freedom and our hard won Bill of Rights. We need to stand up and reject this trend because it gets worse by the second. If the NFL was unable to sell or even give away tickets and the airlines began to fly empty planes everywhere we'd see our privacy and dignity returned.

I always refuse jury duty because they demand I volunteer for a search before I enter the courthouses. I send a quick letter saying I will serve but won’t submit to the frisking and always get excused.

It's such a paradox that the games always begin with the Star Spangled Banner. We are after all in the land of the enslaved and in the home of total cowards.

Stand up America! I think it’s already too late…

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Horrifying Double Murder Challenges The Paradise Valley Arizona Police Department

Paradise Valley, AZ—In this tranquil and upscale community crime is rare. The people here generally have wealth and in our faltering economy burglaries and home invasions are bound to increase. As bank robber Willie Sutton once answered a reporter asking him why he robbed banks, “It’s where the money is!”

Today gold, gems and a simple set of silver flatware will fetch record prices. Most people use banks and credit cards and don’t keep much cash on hand.

The police department here is comprised of 25 sworn and certified officers. This department has a history of incompetence and became a place for otherwise unemployable cops fired from other agencies. This was the case in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

I don’t want to leave anyone with that impression today because the troubled officers for the most part have faded off into the sunset with their substandard supervisors and chiefs.

Commander Alan Laitsch has been around a long time and has proven himself to be contentious and professional in every respect.

There is a problem though and that is no fault of any current officer, it’s that they just don’t have experience with murder or shooting investigations in this promised land.

Paradise Valley has simply turned their police into a revenue robot traffic camera extortion racket that rakes in the cash. The first and foremost purpose of the department is generating revenue.

This agency also monitors resident’s burglar alarms and provides a vacation watch. Of course they do have burglaries and occasional vandalism. The clear up rate for these crimes is low in every community.

Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro was a lovely couple enjoying their golden years doting on their children and grand children. The couple have been married forever and shared their good fortune and wealth with several charities. All good things come from better education and Stanford’s School of Medicine did not fail Lawrence in that regard.

A follow-up investigation to a torched automobile belonging to the Shapiro’s led police to the couple’s Paradise Valley Home. The home was on fire and the couple was found bound and burned beyond recognition.

The Maricopa County Medical Examiner has not formally identified the bodies and has been diligently trying to determine the exact cause of death.

There’s little doubt that last moments of the Shapiro’s lives was as frightening as it gets. The sadistic animals responsible for this need to be removed from the streets or this will not be their last crime.

Paradise Valley Police reportedly have obtained the help of the FBI, Secret Service and US Marshall’s service. That’s not enough. What’s needed is a crack team of big city homicide detectives where there are a lot of homicides.

There is another problem with this case and that is wealthy people have different issues than the residents of a large crime ridden city where the homicide victims tend to be poor.

Investigation of the Shapiro murders is going to require a massive paper investigation to determine just how and why this couple was targeted. Somehow I doubt seriously this was a random crime.

It will prove interesting if the killer/s used any of the couple’s credit cards. Many savvy criminals dump cards in places, were they can be found and used by petty crooks to throw investigators off their scent. The fact that the Secret Service is involved is a sure sign the cards were believed to be used after the couple was murdered since this organization is well known for their prowess at investigation of credit card fraud. Bringing in the US Marshall's Service suggests to me that someone thinks a federal fugitive is somehow involved.

I have to say that I can’t imagine the heartbreak this crime has brought a lovely family.

This crime is solvable.

Anyone with information should contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (948-6377), 1-800-343-TIPS (8477) or 480-TESTIGO (837-8446). So far the reward stands at $5,000.00.

I’m also willing to accept information on this case and to pass it on to police investigators.

Udate: I was in Beverly Hills on assignment when KPHO-TV CBS 5 requested a Skype interview.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Explosion of Social Media is Influencing the Outcome of Our Criminal Trials

Los Angeles, CA—I have been telling anyone who’d listen that Social Media is a huge game changer in the criminal justice system.

The lawyers especially those older warhorses that are not so computer savvy are incredibly ignorant. They don’t see the major influence that bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube has on prosecutors, judges and jurors.

In the real world judges controlling the reading and television habits was a losing battle. Jurors lie about what and when they read especially when they are admonished. Human nature requires people touch the wall when they see the wet paint sign.

The Internet is a powerful magnet that has put millions of us in front of computer screens. We get instant information on anything we want and love that empowerment. Many experts agree that the Internet becomes an addiction that can’t be overcome, certainly by some judge that can’t view what jurors do at home.

People probing search engines can quickly compromise any case involving someone who has a profile or news stories on the Internet.

The real issue is the planting of land mines by those seeking to sway or influence the verdict on any case.

I suspect that prosecutors are influenced to file cases or not based on early Social Media hype. Being political creatures hey want to be on the popular side of those prosecutions.

Judges are also caught up in the politics of popularity and don’t want to rule on the wrong side of a case especially when they could go either way.

Jury Internet shenanigans were out-of-control at the murder trial of music legend, Phil Spector. The lawyers in that case or Judge Larry Fiddler had neither a clue nor inclination to explore this uncharted territory. The massive amount of venom, outright lies and hate spewed by the so-called “True Crime” gossipmongers rather than credible evidence decided that case.

When I write stories about crimes and court cases I watch my web counter for the origin of my visitors. It’s always the same cops; prosecutors, jurors and even judges are Googling the name of the people involved in some investigation. They bookmark their favorite sites, that favor their opinions.

Right now the only way to beat this is to join in by leveling the playing field.

Lawyer’s hands are tied but the supporters, family and friends are not. They are always free to put up blogs, videos and tweets that counter-balance the negatives.

The best way to do it is to make a mini documentary that exposes the failings of the police investigation. Additionally you need to make sure you include all that helpful evidence the judges will undoubtedly exclude.

Putting up the story with proper meta-tags will insure the expose’ will be viewed by the very people who should not be viewing it.

It may be years or longer before they find a solution to this problem. The information age monster is growing by the second and so are prosecutor’s conviction rates. Remember it’s always the cops and prosecutors that routinely smear the accused with those press releases just before a judge is assigned to the case. The defense lawyers can do little since by the time they’re involved the rules of the court apply.

The best thing for the family and supporters can do is finding a TV producer/reporter willing to put together a professional documentary that serves the accused in the fight to counter the negatives. Yes, it will cost several thousand dollars but it is worth it in the long run.

Six minutes is the format of TV’s 60 Minutes and is the best way to make your case. If needed a second or third piece can be put up for the jurors that will be sure to get just a little more information. We must play to the short attention span of the public.

Can you really afford not to use and abuse the Social Media? I have my video production company always ready to roll on just such an assignment!