Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review Of The Guardian

I was given a heads up on this film nearly a year ago by long time Chicago television, crime reporter, Bulldog John Drummond. Drummond has a part playing himself in my film project Come Friday.

Drummond was lobbying me to contact Filmmaker/Director and Chicago boy, Andrew Davis for consideration to take charge of this true story of Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne. What a gift it would be to have Davis direct my project. Davis of course gave us that great, made in Chicago film, The Fugitive. The film based on the hit TV series of the same name from the early 1960s. Indecently, the Bulldog played a TV crime reporter in The Fugitive too.

When I first saw The Guardian cast lineup, I was less than impressed but for the gorgeous and talented Sela Ward. Ward also played the cameo role of the too quickly murdered Helen Kimball in The Fugitive. It was Ward and Davis’ prior work that drew me to his latest film.

I’ve never been a Kevin Costner fan except for his role in the spy thriller, No Way Out. As for Aston Kutcher, I never took him serious for anything more than a passing heartthrob for pre-teen girls. Watching these two actors in their roles as Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, under Andy Davis, I learned they are both terrific actors. Sela Ward was better than ever (Okay, I confess to having a crush on Ward!).

I had another problem with the film’s concept that takes us through military training in the United States Coast Guard. Being a Viet Nam era Army veteran I view basic and advanced military training as a form of slow torture that should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. With all due respect to my friend and Marine Corps icon, R. Lee Ermey, I will save all those “Uhh Ras!” for my bowel movements. The excellent story telling actually made the military training exciting.Yes, that's Gunney making me do 20...

As for the Coast Guard water rescues, our boys and girls put their lives on the line saving others hundreds of times per year. This film showcases the Coast Guard’s capabilities that helicopter inventor and dare devil test pilot, Igor Sikorski could not have envisioned.

I say go see this film, the fine acting will surprise you for sure. The entire cast proved that a really great director knows how the get the best out of his actors.

The official site and trailer is here.

We’ve Unfairly Redefined The Term Racism

Don’t feel bad is someone calls you a racist. They probably don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t now very many people that feel skin color or national origin means much of anything.

Hate goes with racism. Most of us hate something. I hate ignorance, poverty, blight and crime. I hate any culture that embraces those things. I call that kind of culture, the Culture Of Doom. That does not make me a racist in any respect. Unfortunately in America there are two minority groups with way too many members immersed in the doom culture, Blacks and Hispanics.

The danger is that too often we tend to assume every Black or Hispanic we see is a part of that distasteful, Culture Of Doom. Since the beginning of the human race we properly associated behavior, dress and speech with culture. Hating the Culture Of Doom does not make anyone racist or comedian, Bill Cosby would have been branded that long ago.

Members of the Culture Of Doom need to mend their ways and quit whining about racism.

Here’s the current definition of Racism:
rac·ism (rā'sĭz'əm) noun
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Extreme Cell Phone Self-Abuse And Murder

You see them everywhere, creating traffic congestion and accidents as they relentlessly jabber on their cell phones. They are so caught up in their conversations they don’t move when the light turns green. They will even stop at an intersection during a green light in hope that it will turn red so they can dial yet another number.

What is the urgency for all these phone calls? I’m sure only a small percentage of cell phone self-abuser’s calls involve life, livelihood or anything important at all. The worst offenders seem to people without a job that requires they be so connected.

I recognize the need for the cell phones and wonder how we ever did without them. We now have an entire generation of people that don’t have a clue about the days when every telephone came with a cord tethering them to some wall.

The experience of searching for a phone booth in a driving rain is something our 20-somethings will never know. Clark Kent’s secret identity would be endangered today without the phone booths he used to transform into Superman.

When I was last in India I discovered that the shoeshine boys and even my elephant driver had cell phones. Cell phone self-abuse is Global malady.

Lately I’ve been getting a perverse pleasure out of seeing frustrated cell phone self-abusers getting on my elevator as their cell phone call is dropped as the signal fades.

If you fall into this hopelessly connected category please seek therapy. If you don’t we all may see a new kind of serial killer arrive on the scene, The Cell Phone Assassin! He hunts for people yakking on cell phones and kills them.

Can you imagine the above the fold banner headlines there’d be? A new panic will strike America. Perhaps with a little help from the Cell Phone Assassin, we can reduce accidents and get traffic moving for a change. One thing for sure all drivers would be more attentive. Out of the carnage something new and wonderful would develop in America, cell phone discretion.

Here are some very important cell phone calls originating in L.A.'s trendy Westwood area today. Sit back for a moment and imagine just how important all these calls really must be.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

YOUTUBE And Copyright Violations

I can’t argue that every artist, performer and producer does not have the right to control their work, image and intellectual property. Then came YOUTUBE breaking all the rules. They let people put up whatever video they please and merely provide free hosting. The villains if any there are just happen to be the posters of the material, not YOUTUBE.

There are a gaggle of lawyers waiting to gut YOUTUBE claiming they are the copyright abusers hoping to sue them out of existence. They want YOUTUBE to police what the public posts there. I say they should not have to. The lawyers can locate individual abusers like me and take me to court instead. YOUTUBE’s users are on the honor system!

I say take a deep breath, and try to first determine if this service is not simply helping the artists. There are so many artists that have fallen out of the spotlight and their work can’t be seen anywhere who have been reborn on YOUTUBE. The result a new marketplace has been found where they can sell their stuff.

I have a solution! Let the artists sell their CDs and DVD’s with any exhibition of their work. After I stole the Jack Webb clip I went out a bought a boxed set of Dragnet DVD’s to enjoy. Had I not seen the clip and discovered what a lost treasure it was, I would have never bought the DVDs.

Grabbing and posting local TV news clip with proper credit promotes that TV station’s news product. That’s international publicity that station can’t buy anywhere.

My hope is that the courts don’t hang YOUTUBE for what their users do. This is not the same as the case. Thousands of users like me post original material that they create. Viva YOUTUBE!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gun Free Zones Are Killing our Children!

A major failed experiment of Liberals across the country was to establish GUN FREE ZONES. The concept is simple enough, to ban all firearms within certain areas.

There was no better place to start this grand idea then in our schools. Perhaps a message could be sent to the children that guns are evil and only for killing! It’s double duty, prohibiting and demonizing guns at the same time!

That GFZ concept is usually announced with bold red-letter signs. Additional efforts are taken such as placing minimum wage, poorly trained, guards with empty holsters and metal detectors at the doors of these institution.

In theory the GFZs should work. The reality is that they only work to insure a homicidal maniac can quickly gain control of the Gun Free Zone and kill as many of our children as he pleases. The Gun free Zones and unarmed security guards are no match for a determined and armed assailants or terrorists.

When the so-called Mob gave up control of the Las Vegas hotel/casinos,to new corporations, their gun-shy executives disarmed their security at first opportunity. The result was an, unprecedented surge in take over robberies and killings of tourists. The new Las Vegas executives soon learned their mistakes and re-armed their security staff members. The crime wave has all but ended.

The United States Postal Service used to have armed mailmen assigned to security duties before the creation of the uniformed postal police. These mailmen were disarmed and not replaced by the postal police. The postal police were never in every post office like the armed mailmen. They are called the same way you’d order a pizza, but the pizza would arrive first.

Predictably the new term, “goin’ postal” was born. Disgruntled and disturbed employees began to settle their scores right there without interference from anyone armed. The funeral directors got an increase in business.

As corporations across the country soon adopted the empty holster, guard programs another new term was born, “workplace violence”. The same thing happening in the postal facilities happened in factories everywhere.

When the GFZ programs fail the administrators then waste good money after bad on more metal detectors and empty holster guards. The gun-hating administrators refuse to admit the failure of their experiment. They just can’t seem to learn the lesson that guns are for protecting and saving lives.

You would have though after the tragedy at the Columbine High School, Colorado school officials would have learned something. Obviously they did not.

If you are responsible for the safety of a business, school or other institution sell your metal detectors and hire trained and armed professionals and let them run the security programs. If you have an empty holster guards who can’t be trusted or trained to use a firearm, get rid of them.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chicago Museum Set to Reopen September 30th

When I was a kid growing up in Chicago I discovered a terrific free museum near the Intersections of Clark Street and North Avenue. This was The Chicago Historical Society. Over decades I would spend countless hours inside viewing incredible exhibits that covered every American war, The Fort Dearborn Massacre, The Chicago Fire, The Haymarket Riot and so much more.

There was a jewel. That was the Lincoln exhibit containing the actual furnishings, including the very same bed that Abe Lincoln died in along with all the other furniture. They recreated that boarding house room to every detail. (The actual linens and bloody pillow are preserved at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC where they recreated the missing furniture.) This was also the place to learn how and why Chicago became the city it is today.

This museum boasted the finest gun collection found anywhere in the country. Examples of every kind of firearm could be seen here until guns were demonized in 1968. During the 1970s, as fast as the liberal gun haters on the board of directors could, that fabulous gun collection disappeared and dwindled to just a few. The museum was a victim of political correctness and an insidious form of censorship. I can’t help but reason that the Museum’s board became a tool for revisionist history with that move.

Over a year ago the museum closed for retooling and remodeling. With that came a name change to satisfy the lowbrow inhabitants of Chicago. It will be reopened as, The Chicago History Museum. I will visit the new institution on my very next trip to Chicago. I will reserve my opinion of the changes until I’ve seen them with my own eyes. Yes I’m suspicious and distrusting about more revisions to Chicago’s history.

There are few signs of any of the exhibits that captivated me as a child and young adult on the museum’s website. I can only hope that have not destroyed more history in the name of political correctness.

Museum website

The Colonel Has Left The Range

A giant in the firearms rights and training world, Colonel Jeff Cooper has passed on. He was an educated man and understood what made this country great. Cooper founded his Gunsight training facility in Arizona that went a long way to keeping cops and law-abiding citizens safe. Cooper was an author and wrote thousands of articles throughout his career.

More on Cooper

Monday, September 25, 2006

Repealing the Fourth Amendment

We don’t need no stinkin’ Fourth Amendment! That’s the battle cry this morning from Republican Congressman, Geoff Davis of Kentucky. He’s authored a new anti-drug and anti-weapon law that would require every local district to develop search policies – including strip searches that come with built in civil and criminal immunity against prosecution for teachers and staff.

They are calling this un-American legislation, THE STUDENT TEACHER SAFETY ACT OF 2006. The House passed this trash bill on a voice vote, bypassing the committee process and with no way to hold individual members of the House accountable for their votes.

How did a clown like Representative Geoff Davis get elected in the first place? He’s just another politician who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and then attempts to amend it, avoiding the proper political process for amending the Constitution.

I offer no excuse for this but believe Davis must be incredibly ignorant or just plain insane. Perhaps he thinks we should adopt the policing methods of North Korea? I don’t think even Hitler’s Nazis would have adopted this kind of strategy.

In the early days of America Geoff Davis would have faced a large crowd of men carrying torches who would have hauled him off for an educational session on some fun things that can be done with tar and feathers.

However today’s people that inhabit America have no use for the Bill of Rights that hundreds of thousands of our soldiers have fought and died defending.

I’m trying to figure out what most parents would say about schoolteachers and school employees frisking, fondling and striping their children in the name of public safety?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Drive by Shooting Lessons!

To help the wayward Hispanic hoodrats improve their performance, this instructional video may provide assistance.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick! Stop The World For More TSA Panic

This time it’s the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Somebody forgot he had a small Beretta .25 in his carryon case this morning. When he remembered it was time to quickly leave to avoid being jailed for pure and simple forgetfulness.

The TSA Nazis captured the gun and the bag so whatever threat they thought they had was over. Flights were unnecessarily delayed for 90 minutes anyway as they evacuated two concourses and frisked every passenger again.

Where does the TSA find the morons that make these stupid decisions? The TSA dopes won’t rest until all the airlines are bankrupt.

I suspect the gun's owner is on video tape and they even have his name and address from his bag. With any luck even so they still may not be able to gather enough probable cause to arrest anyone. Our desperado needs to remain silent and only ask for a lawyer if they come looking for him.

Katrina Victims Ravaging Houston

"When the `Katricians' themselves are quoted as saying the crime rate is going to go up if they don't get more free rent, then it's time to get your concealed-handgun license.” a voice on Houston radio proclaims. Gun shop owner and radio talk-show host, Jim Pruett, voiced this ad. Of course this has become a war of words between the Liberals and Conservatives of this Texas metropolis.

Natural disasters take lives, destroy property and levy an emotional toll on humanity. They also bring out the best and worst of human behavior.

The first response by criminals is always looting and as police are unable to deal with or prevent crime the gangsters naturally escalate their lawlessness. Of course the law-abiding victims of such catastrophes were the obvious prey for the armed thugs.

During and after the evacuations of New Orleans the despot Mayor, Ray Nagin ordered police to rob law abiding citizens of their legally owned firearms and ammunition leaving them helpless unable to defend against the roving gangs of home invasion robbers and rapists. Unfortunately a tyrant politician put the police on the wrong side of the law as the courts soon ruled. It’s amazing some citizen resisting the armed robbery of his firearms did not kill some cop. If that happened it would have been a justifiable homicide. No honorable cop should ever violate his oath of office to enforce some crackpot politician’s obviously unlawful directive.

The generous citizens of Houston opened their homes and arms for the victims of Hurricane Katrina taking in, a quarter-million refugees. They came to Houston in busses, some chartered and other stolen. The crime rate and murders began to soar as a result. With 120,000 evacuees remaining after their free money ran out the crime rate won’t be coming down any time soon.

Houston police say that Katrina evacuees are suspects or victims in 59 of Houston's 262 homicides between January 1 and August 26. That the upper-middle-class, West Houston residents have blamed evacuees for violent crime rates that have increased almost 14 percent in one district and homicides that have nearly doubled in another.

Within two weeks of the Katrina refugees being kicked out of Houston’s hotels I was sent there on an assignment. They were making serious renovations to hotels everywhere in town because of the wanton and outrageous destruction to the rooms and property of the inns caused by their former guests. Most of the hotel employees where I checked in were bitter for their experience with these freeloaders.

It’s too bad the Katrina refugees could not be sent to a city that voted to ban handguns. Anyone foolish enough to support gun bans deserve a lesson too many Katrina evacuees are only too willing to provide.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Accused Chicago Cops Released On Bail

Bail is most important for innocent people accused of crimes. It’s not the issue of freedom so much as the pressure for other prisoners to win their own freedom by claiming you confessed to unsolved crimes. This and a whole host of things that can and do interfere with fair trials happen to people forced to stay in custody.

The four accused officers were ordered held on outrageously high bail not heard of outside First Degree Murder cases where the death penalty cannot be imposed. Of course the prosecutors are very unhappy but bail is no small part of the Bill of Rights. Yes cops have rights too.

The four officers were arrested on September 7 and still face multiple charges including armed violence, home invasion, aggravated kidnapping and delivery of a controlled substance.

Now let the justice system grind through this mess and hopefully the right things will happen. The officers can receive as much as 30 years behind bars if convicted. I hope these cases are only hot air and that the officers are actually innocent. Somehow I think the states witnesses are going to turn out to be a bunch of liars. Stay tuned.

Maria Bello naked in a film with me?

I’ve wanted to be in a film with this stunning actress ever since we met in a Marina Del Rey deli. Well it actually happened and she got naked too! I have a speaking cameo early in the film but unfortunately I’m not in that scene with Bello. William Macy had the real fun!

This is a NC-17 rated film that just opened in the theaters. Its called THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED. This film is a documentary that exposes the inner workings of the Motion Picture Association of America, film ratings system.

Filmmakers, Kirby Dick and Eddie Schmidt a couple of years ago first contacted me about their project. They wanted to determine who at the MPAA made ratings decisions and to determine possible conflicts of interest in the process. The independent filmmakers felt that the ratings deck was stacked against them in favor of their competitors, the major studios. I was none too eager as an actor/screenwriter to get into this mix and anger many of my potential employers.

Our filmmakers went with a colorful, middle-aged, self-professed dyke PI to do the job. There is a lot of humor involved with the unmasking of the anonymous raters and appeal board members. There is also a not so subtle suggestion that these people have a conflict of interest because of their other roles in the film industry.

I expect some serious fallout over Dick and Schmidt’s exposé to come from the powerful MPAA and the studios that created that organization.

Film information and trailer is here.

The story of how paul and Maria met can be found here.

They’re Pledging Allegiance To The Mexican Flag In American Schools?

Dateline Freeport Texas--Nothing that goes on in our schools supported by American taxpayers can surprise me anymore. Is this Liberal or just simple insanity? What was Velasco Elementary School’s Principal Sam Williams thinking when allowed a Mexican Independence Day celebration complete with a pledge of allegiance to the Mexican flag in a school supported by American taxpayers?

Anyone that wants to support a foreign government is free to leave our soil for good and do so. It’s beyond bizarre to see Mexicans who choose to leave that country, trespass on our soil celebrate anything involving that corrupt government while sucking the benefits of a free education from loyal Americans.

Sam Williams needs to be removed from any and all American government payrolls for this slap in the face to every American he facilitated. Williams is a disloyal American has since apologized in an effort to keep his job. It’s too late and we must let every educator in America know this kind of activities will not be tolerated in our schools.

You can hear a radio program in Houston where this even was the hot topic of talk radio yesterday. It’s the Chris Baker show on NewsRadio 740 KTRH.

New Fashion For 2007 Hits the UK Runways!

This little offering at London Fashion Week was part of the Tashi Spring/Summer 2007 collection. It so nice to see designers getting to the bottom of good taste! There’s always hope this too could catch on here.

Will your daughter be the first one her block to sport this trendy little outfit?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Dog’s Dilemma

First let me say I’m no fan of Duane "Dog" Chapman. Chapman is the larger than life convicted felon, who for cash hunts down other felons. The American public’s insatiable and voyeuristic appetite yearning to see life in America’s trailer parks has made the flamboyant Chapman a star of sorts. I have nothing against bounty hunters but I have a problem with felons in general. Chapman paid his debt to society but still carries the, Mark of Cain as an unpardoned felon.

Andrew Luster, is heir to the Max Factor fortune, a rapist (convicted in absentia), and bail absconder who fled to Mexico. No, I’m no fan of Luster either.

Last is the incredibly corrupt Mexican Nation. I have not had an urge to visit Mexico for any reason. The government is in serious need of an invasion or revolution. The Mexican leaders need to be turned out and soon.

Those are the players and I don't like any of them.

Chapman tracked down bail jumper Luster in Mexico where Chapman’s trade is prohibited. Soon Luster was safely locked away in an American prison. The bad news is Chapman was arrested for some kidnapping or unlawful restraint allegation for his role in the return of Luster to the United States. Chapman posted bail and quickly failed to appear and went on to build a high profile with his T.V show on the A&E Network.

Chapman’s new and high profile was his undoing. Some Mexican official’s now believe that Chapman has struck it rich and they want their share. They put out an extradition request to get Chapman back to Mexico where they will simply sell him his freedom. Does Mexico want some justice for some real transgression? Does anyone in Mexico really care that some Gringo rapist was taken away by some other Gringo? This is about the unbridled greed of Mexican bureaucrats and nothing more.

One thing for sure if Chapman does not pay up they will see to it that he will spend years in a horrid Mexican prison. Somehow I don’t think the Gringo bounty hunter will do to very well with his new prison neighbors.

I think there should be a political or diplomatic solution rather than allow the extortion and or over-reaction to Chapman’s transgression. If the “dog” has any friends they should be all over President George Bush like a cheap suit to intervene in this debacle.

Here is the latest as of 9/22/06

Monday, September 18, 2006

Being A Cop In San Francisco

San Francisco is Ground Zero with all that’s wrong with America. Bolsheviks run the city, where homosexuals wallow in decadence, debauchery and doom. It’s a city where cops are viewed to have only one mission, enforcing hate crime laws.

San Francisco was not always that way. This once beautiful metropolis was one of the better places to live on the face of the earth. That changed over the last four decades.

The laws that regulate police were made by the rest of California’s citizens, who have different and more traditional values. The officers are sworn to uphold all of California’s laws and are not merely the Gay Gestapo.

The chief of police, Heather Fong reflects the mentality of today’s San Francisco. She’s not fond of cops either.

Last July, Officer Nick-Tomasito Birco was killed in the line of duty while engaged in a vehicle pursuit of a robbery suspect with an incredible criminal history. Of course the local population and their media trashed the officer and his efforts to keep the ungrateful people of San Francisco safe before the officer’s body was cold.

The hapless San Francisco police officers are very lucky to have found a stand up guy, Gary Delagnes, as president of the San Francisco Police Officer Association. Here he speaks out on the murder of Officer Birco. You’ll love the way Delagnes handles the San Francisco media.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Young Chicago Man Shot Dead By Vigilante!

It happened despite every legislative effort to prevent this sort of thing. Chicago does its best to provide safe-working conditions for muggers, rapists and killers through unyielding gun bans. You see in Chicago only criminals and cops can carry guns. Of course there are those politicians who want to disarm the cops too! So far they’ve managed to reduce firing range training from four times per year to one for Chicago police officers.

The unthinkable happened this time. Instead of a couple simply turning over their cash or property, they strong-armed one of their armed robbers taking his gun away and shooting him.

Wounded, Jon Diego Sylvester, 31 then fled to a get away car. The vigilante killer held a second robber at gunpoint until police arrived. Sylvester’s third unknown accomplice drove him to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park where he died.

It turned out that the trio of robbers obtained another man’s cash and wristwatch moments earlier. At least that man did not try to take the law into his own hands!

I’m sure Chicago’s lawmakers are wringing their hands to come up with some new laws to prevent crime victims from harming other robbers like poor Jon Sylvester who simply need money.

Note: Some people don't get that I wrote this in jest to Chicago's gun bans. The victim here are not a vigilante but a hero. Score one for Darwin!

Here is what WBBM-TV had to say

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A young cop with a lot of class!

Here is a traffic stop and arrest that just could not go right but for the expert handling by a young copper aided by two fellow officers and Taser stun gun. This kid has the right stuff and this video should be shown in every police academy.

The Pope was correct about Islam!

I don’t give a rat’s ass if anyone was offended by Pope Benedict’s remarks suggesting, that early Islam was spread by violence. I’m no expert on Islam but we’ve all seen way too many severed heads of the innocent non-believers. History has proven the pope to be correct.

When I travel to India I always visit the Golden Temple, which is the seat of the Sikh faith in Amritsar along the Pakistan border. There is a museum there where cameras are forbidden. In the museum are photographs and paintings that go back some six hundred years that document Muslim massacres of Sikhs. One photo shows the turbaned heads of Sikh men displayed in bookcases. A huge painting shows the cowardly Muslim warriors raiding a large Sikh village while the men were away. The Muslim bastards murdered the Sikh women’s babies, cut them into small pieces strung the pieces into garlands and forced the women to wear them around their necks. That of course came in conjunction with mass rape.

In early raids on the Golden Temple Muslims took great delight in filling the huge water tank around the temple with the blood of non-believing Sikhs. The Muslims had an inability to co-exist with the Hindus, Sikhs and Catholics in India. When Gandhi’s followers won Independence from the British Empire, there were two countries born instead of one. Pakistan refused to be part of India. Together the Muslims and the rest of the population of India could have become the world's strongest economic power but for non-stop Muslim violence.

If the Muslims want credibility they will have to begin to behave themselves. Since Islam was founded in the 7th century, by the prophet Muhammad, Muslims have redundently proven that they have been incapable of doing. The so-called peaceful or moderate Muslims failed and refused to help in controlling the carnage and are just as culpable as the radical element.

Just how will the peace loving Muslims prove their religion is one of love and understanding when told of the Pope's remarks? By burning Catholic churches of course. How many heads of priests or nuns are the goofy Muslims going to put on display over this?

We have to find a final solution to the dangerous and deadly Muslim problem in our world while we still can. We only have two choices, convert to Islam or kill all the Muslims.

This is not written to start anti-Muslim hate but for simple non-Muslim survival.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Convicted Killer Jailed After 30 Years On The Lam

This tale must have been torn from the pages of a Victor Hugo novel. In 1964, a 19 year-old girl was stabbed to death in a Detroit hotel. That was 42 years ago. The suspect was a 34 year-old man by the name of Thomas Ball. God only knows what led up to that horrific killing.

Ball was arrested and convicted and sent to prison. Somewhere along the way Ball was diagnosed with mental illness and was sent to a Michigan psychiatric facility where in 1976 he escaped, never to be seen again. That is until now.

Something very unusual happened, Ball the escaped and convicted murderer changed his ways, to live an unassuming and quiet law abiding family life. He had a long time relationship with a woman who died a natural death last year just outside of Nashville. Finally the long arm of the law caught up with Ball who is now known as Tom Fry.

Ball who is now 76 years-old, has been just scooped up and must face whatever the law puts him through. Before the escape Ball would have been out after serving just four more years before he would have gotten paroled.

I say 30 years, as a fugitive along with the 12 years he’s already served is enough under these circumstances. Somehow I thing being a fugitive somehow helped Ball from re-offending since he had to keep the lowest possible profile.

I say Ball is now redeemed and it’s time to forgive him and allow him to continue as law-abiding citizen. I hope there’s a Governor’s commutation or pardon waiting Ball instead of additional years in prison.

Chicago to brand gun owners with scarlet letter

The same punishment that forces convicted pedophiles to register as sex offenders is next for those who run afoul of Chicago’s gun bans and petty firearm registration/taxation schemes.

Under a proposed city law, by Aldermen Burke and Carothers anyone with as much as a single conviction under Chicago’s goofy anti-gun rights ordinances would be required to check in with the cops every six months. They’d be forced to provide information of their name and or alias, as well as their height, weight, eye color, driver's license information and a photo ID. Offenders also would have to provide police with their place of employment and details of their conviction.

Under another feel-good proposal by Alderman Burt Natarus plans to outlaw any sale or transfer of a BB gun.

Chicago’s politicians have a hatred for Freedom, Liberty and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Update: A lawyer who is a recognized gun law expert informed me that Burt Natarus' deam BB gun prohibition will violate the federal law that both regulates BB guns and preempts the states from making laws inconsistant with the federal law.

Poor Burt Natarus will just have to find another way to steal more Liberty and Freedom.

Here is the federal law on the issue:
15 U.S. Code section 5001
(a) Acts prohibited
It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, enter into
commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or
imitation firearm unless such firearm contains, or has affixed to
it, a marking approved by the Secretary of Commerce, as provided in
subsection (b) of this section.
(b) Distinctive marking or device; exception; waiver; adjustments
and changes
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) or (3), each toy,
look-alike, or imitation firearm shall have as an integral part,
permanently affixed, a blaze orange plug inserted in the barrel of
such toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm. Such plug shall be
recessed no more than 6 millimeters from the muzzle end of the
barrel of such firearm.
(2) The Secretary of Commerce may provide for an alternate
marking or device for any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm not
capable of being marked as provided in paragraph (1) and may waive
the requirement of any such marking or device for any toy,
look-alike, or imitation firearm that will only be used in the
theatrical, movie or television industry.
(3) The Secretary is authorized to make adjustments and changes
in the marking system provided for by this section, after
consulting with interested persons.
(c) "Look-alike firearm" defined
For purposes of this section, the term "look-alike firearm" means
any imitation of any original firearm which was manufactured,
designed, and produced since 1898, including and limited to toy
guns, water guns, replica nonguns, and air-soft guns firing
nonmetallic projectiles. Such term does not include any look-alike,
nonfiring, collector replica of an antique firearm developed prior
to 1898, or traditional B-B, paint-ball, or pellet-firing air guns
that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure.
(d) Study and report
The Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics is authorized
and directed to conduct a study of the criminal misuse of toy,
look-alike and imitation firearms, including studying police
reports of such incidences and shall report on such incidences
relative to marked and unmarked firearms.
(c) (!1) Technical evaluation of marking systems

The Director of (!2) National Institute of Justice is authorized
and directed to conduct a technical evaluation of the marking
systems provided for in subsection (b) of this section to determine
their effectiveness in police combat situations. The Director shall
begin the study within 3 months after November 5, 1988, and such
study shall be completed within 9 months after November 5, 1988.

(f) Effective date
This section shall become effective on the date 6 months after
November 5, 1988, and shall apply to toy, look-alike, and imitation
firearms manufactured or entered into commerce after November 5,
(g) Preemption of State or local laws or ordinances; exceptions
The provisions of this section shall supersede any provision of
State or local laws or ordinances which provide for markings or
identification inconsistent with provisions of this section
provided that no State shall -
(i) prohibit the sale or manufacture of any look-alike,
nonfiring, collector replica of an antique firearm developed
prior to 1898, or
(ii) prohibit the sale (other than prohibiting the sale to
minors) of traditional B-B, paint ball, or pellet-firing air guns
that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure.

The Fourth Amendment Is Alive At The West Los Angeles VA Hospital.

Nearly four years ago I visited the VA Hospital in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. I was both shocked and offended to see an airport style gauntlet of X-Ray machines and metal detectors manned by VA police officers. It was beyond sad to me to watch the heroes and defenders of our freedom searched like criminals while seeking their health care needs.

I should have complained loudly but I was silent about this travesty. I can’t imagine what ignoramus bureaucrat could have possibly ordered this un-American insult. I figured it had to be some non-veteran political hack who thought he was doing something wonderful.

Let me say that there are a small percentage of veterans who find themselves hospitalized there for metal health and drug abuse reasons. I guess you could argue that something bad could happen. This, while I have not seen one other hospital in the United States frisking patients and visitors. The excuse for this ongoing outrage and civil rights violation was non-existent.

The vary nature of this VA Hospital’s clientele would be for them to immediately jump up and protect their care givers and fellow veterans in the event of a threat or breach of the peace from any source.

Recent times have brought the return of dignity and privacy to our heroes using this institution and its facilities. The frisking gauntlet is gone. The watchful VA police are still there as they should be to protect our veterans and their fine caregivers.

I stayed silent when I first observed the offensive frisking program. I won’t be silent in my rejoicing to see that blight on freedom removed. To the administrators that ended the insult I offer my sincerest thank you.

Can something go wrong? Sure but that’s the risk we Americans are willing to take in order to live in a free society.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nancy Grace Is Missing

I hope to see that headline soon. Of course I mean just from television. This pretend journalist former prosecutor again proved her worthlessness by badgering a mother of a missing toddler on national television. The woman, Melinda Duckett promptly killed herself after Grace’s outrageous grilling.

It’s one thing for a cop or prosecutor on the inside of an investigation to conduct a confrontational interview in a private interrogation room. It’s another for a media outsider to try this on national television as a form of infotainment to boost sagging ratings.

The cops and prosecutors at least have all of the information connected to the investigation. Nancy Grace was not privy to that kind of information. Grace’s actions were nothing short of meddling in an ongoing police investigation that apparently drove a distraught woman to suicide.

Grace wants us to believe she was just “helping” this mystery to a solution. We have to remember Grace is not a cop or prosecutor but merely someone who broadcasts information and entertainment.

Nancy Grace was emotionally unfit to be a prosecutor and does not belong in news or news related broadcasting.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Our Politically Correct War On Terrorism

Talk about a paradox! Instead of going after the enemy we make war on America’s own airline passengers.

Instead of relentlessly bombing the countries responsible for or supporting the carnage of 9/11, we sacrifice our troops by invading the countries to sort out the good guys from the bad. Talk about an impossible and utterly ridiculous military mission!

We can use one real and unforgettable show of force to cause these Muslims to behave or simply eliminate these populations that spawn the cancer. We have the tools to do the job and should use them instead of watching our children coming home in rubber bags and wheelchairs.

George Bush and our politicians tell us we are at war. I say then let’s fight a real war and send our troops home.

As for our anti-terrorism programs at home they must begin and end strictly through the proven use of profiling for those most likely to do us harm.

Political correctness has no place in any war on terror. Instead of wasting time watching our potential terror targets, we need to put Muslims living here under surveillance. Every American should be vigilant of the activities of all Muslims in their communities. Watching Muslims would be far more effective.

Perhaps George Bush could use the same battle plans on the Muslims as the Clinton Administration used on the American men, women and children they killed in Waco, Texas. I guess killing Americans that violate gun bans is more palatable for our leaders than killing Muslims out to destroy America.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great Jack Webb Monologue on being a cop

I found this great clip and want to share it with my copper friends. This is Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday explaining what it is to be a cop to the young rookie, played by actor Kent McCord.

Video Of A Post Mortem Examination Of A Young Woman

To determine the exact cause and manner of a person’s death requires a complete internal examination. This video shows how this is done. This young woman died a premature death that authorities suspect is the result of an accidental drug overdose.

Most people have only heard about these medical examinations that happen after death. Usually specialists called forensic pathologists perform them. Part of this kind of an examination involves a multitude of toxicology tests to find drugs and poisons. Each organ is examined, weighed, and sectioned with a portion of tissues being saved.

Unless an attending physician has been treating someone for a life threatening aliment for a while and can determine the cause of death as being from that malady an autopsy must be performed.

During autopsies the pathologists are very talkative often speaking into a recorder microphone while doing the examination. Unfortunately there is no audio so we don’t Aknow what is being found that contributed to or caused this woman’s death.

The most noticeable abnormalities I could see were that the woman had breast implants and one of her kidneys was smaller and diseased.

I caution that viewer discretion is recommended and that this is very real.

Most of the missing audio can be heard here.

Another Gun Collector victimized by Chicago Police

Hitler’s Gestapo is alive and well as they raided a Chicago man’s Northwest side home because he collects firearms in America where the Constitution gives all people the right to keep and bear arms.

Yes, another White man with ho history of crime or violence was arrested and his gun collection taken away. Chicago fireman Ted Kozak is a collector of guns and other war relics. By law he’s required to live in Chicago where guns are banned or lose his job, pension and livelihood.

As usual cops claim he had machineguns (they are nearly always tested later and found not to be machineguns). A pinhead BATFE spokesman told the Chicago Sun Times that one of them was “a Sten machine-gun (sic), which had been issued to German troops”. Sten machineguns were made and issued by the UK, not the Germans. There are plenty of semi-automatic replicas of the Sten available made for collectors like Kozak. .

The claim that he had a Thompson machinegun is going to fizzle since there are loads of Thompson look alike semi-automatic carbines around for collectors too.

Of course because he had among the relics Nazi artifacts the effort to demonize the fireman as a White racist are underway.

This is not the first time they raided Kozak, they did it before in 1992. When that case fizzled they gave him back his guns.

It’s time to leave people alone who possess firearms and are not felons, insane or otherwise involved in crime. It’s time for the United States Supreme Court to rule on gun bans like Chicago’s. Do we have the right spelled out by the Constitution or not? It’s time to leave people like Ted Kozak alone.

Here is the Chicago Sun Times article

Please will somebody find and kill this man

A convicted kidnapper, rapist, robber and ex-convict, 35 year-old, Dedrick Griham has escaped from prison and needs to be put to sleep like a mad dog. Here was his last brush with the law.

News Flash! They caught this mutant and he's now in custody!

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review Of Hollywoodland

It’s a tragic tale of an actor in Hollywood in the 1950’s. George Reeves was the star of the hugely popular Adventures of Superman. Reeves was a serious actor who knew taking such a role could terminally typecast him. Reeves was killed in his home at 1579 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills on June 16, 1959 from a gun shot wound to his head. The death was ruled a suicide.

Reeves is special to me because as a five year old I’d rush next door to a lucky playmate’s apartment who had a TV set to watch this exciting series. At five, I found George Reeves to be a real hero and Noel Neil to be the girl of my dreams when she played Lois Lane. I was a fifth grader when I learned of Reeves death. Every kid I knew was saddened by Reeves untimely death.

The Hollywood of the 1950’s is really not much different than today’s Hollywood. Powerful people change lives for better or worse every day. Hollywood has its dark side. Making films is sometimes a cutthroat business. Hollywood is a place where dreams come true, sometimes.

Hollywood is never fond to make films about its insiders and it's understandable why it took 50 years to tell the story. The story telling was done well by Paul Bernbaum’s screenplay along with great directing by Allen Coulter. The complex life of Reeves and the other people at the forefront of this story were fully fleshed out.

Because of the mystery of Reeves' death his mother, played by Lois Smith wanted to get to the bottom of rumors of murder. She hired an imperfect PI in and imperfect world to solve the case. The PI in real life was Jerry Geisler. The PI’s name was changed and Oscar winner Adrien Brody who was convincing played the composite character, Louis Simo who to me (I’m a licensed Hollywood PI) was the real deal. Diane Lane was a winner as Reeve’s married girlfriend, Toni Mannix, and Ben Affleck really pulled off his part playing the doomed George Reeves. The cast has no slackers anywhere. This is a must see movie for any George Reeves or Superman fan.

I feel compelled to give you my professional opinion; George Reeves killed himself while under the influence of America’s number one killer, alcohol. The questions raised by the conspiracy buffs are without merit. The main issue surrounds the lack of fingerprints on the handgun used. In real life handguns involved in shootings rarely yield usable prints. The sad truth is that the death of George Reeves was a real loss.

I say go see this thought provoking film, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Here is an article on Reeves that seems to shed a little light on the real story.

The Move trailer is here

Burglar strangled by nurse.

Dateline Portland, OR---Talk about strange news stories, this one is unusual! Emergency room nurse, Susan Kuhnhausen, 51, returned home from work to find Edward Dalton Haffey, 59 burglarizing her dwelling. Haffey, who was armed with a hammer was quickly strangled to death by Kuhnhausen using only her bare hands! Kuhnhausen is a hefty gal who outweighed the five foot nine 180 pound crook by some 80 pounds.

Police have determined that Kuhnhausen used reasonable force and her actions were justified. The dead man was a career criminal with a long history. Kuhnhausen surpassed even the legendary Nurse Rached from the Cuckoo’s Nest!

Crimefile salutes Kuhnhausen for being one spunky old gal!

Update! That was no simple burglar! The cops say that dead guy was a hit man hired by Susan Kuhnhausen's estranged husban to kill her! Read about it here.

Chicago Police Officers Making Really Bad News

The Chicago Police department has had troubles in its history. None seem so serious as the latest saga of corruption. I only hope this is overblown and more sizzle than substance.

I’ve heard the rumors for a while and avoided spreading them but now four cops of the Special Operations Section have been arrested and are facing Class X Felony charges. Class X charges carry 30-year prison terms.

Right now officers Jerome Finnigan, 43; Thomas Sherry, 32; Carl Suchocki, 32, and Keith Herrera, 28, have been charged with an array of despicable acts including kidnapping, home invasion and drug charges. The current allegations among other things are that the officers raided drug dealers, stealing all the guns, drugs and money. Some arrestees have claimed they were framed by officers using narcotics stolen by the cops from other criminals.

Four more officers including a sergeant are also suspected, have been stripped of their guns, stars and police powers and are under investigation. The easiest way for them to get out of criminal charges is to implicate others for even more wrongdoing.

The rumors are that perhaps some of these officers are cooperating in the investigation implicating yet more officers. There are lots of video and audio recordings that will find their way into prosecution evidence.

Hundreds, if not more criminal cases have been or will be dismissed against people arrested by these officers. People will be released from jail and prisons as a result. You can expect a huge waive of lawsuits claiming false arrest to be filed in various courts soon.

I just don’t see the victims of these officer’s alleged crimes as being sympathetic in any way. They are some the dangerous slime of predatory creatures that inhabit this earth.

I’m thinking back to the early 1960’s and the Summerdale police burglary scandal that brought in major reforms and O.W. Wilson to lead the department. That seemed so pale by comparison.

Right now Chicago’s drug dealers and street gang rats are rejoicing because this will have a huge impact on future enforcement against them.

I’m going to restate my position about the failed Drug War. The Drug War has created a much deadlier and perverse culture than the drugs themselves. We must rethink our drug law enforcement.

Wilmette Illinois A Genuine Safe Haven For Home Invaders

If you are a home invasion burglar or rapist let me direct
you straight to the upscale Chicago suburb of Wilmette, IL to enhance your career. The folks in this town are really wealthy. The young women are Grade A Choice. The folks here are all unarmed! This village has banned handguns for its residents. Wilmette provides great opportunities and easy pickin’s just for you. Why risk life and limb anywhere else?

34 year-old, Mario Billings is a man who knows! Oops! Three years ago there was a little glitch in Billing’s exciting career as a home invasion robber. You see he picked the home of Hale Demar to burglarize twice! The second time the outrageous Mr. Demar had armed himself with a handgun despite Wilmette’s ban. When Billings returned the second time, that awful Mr. Demar used that illegal gun to hurt this poor man!

The good news was that the long arm of the law swung into action and arrested Mr. Demar who was punished for his indiscretion. Wilmette officials could not charge Demar with more serious charges because state law still allows deadly force for self-defense. They let him off with a slap on the wrist.

Whatever trouble poor Mr. Billings got into after he was released from the St. Francis Hospital, it was not enough to keep him down or out. Mr. Billings was released from the honor farm on August 25th.

The resilient Mr. Billings resumed his chosen line of work in the safe Village of Wilmette. Something else went wrong this time when he was arrested for another home invasion on the same block as the Demar household.

I can’t understand Mr. Billings now. He invaded the Demar home twice before, why didn’t he just let himself back into that home again? Didn’t Mr. Billings believe that Hale Demar learned his lesson and now keeps his home free of those evil handguns? Mr. Billings missed his chance to get even with that mean Mr. Demar for shooting him.

My message to Mr. Demar is the good cops in Wilmette are just waiting to catch you with another gun!

The moderates in the Illinois Legislature offered a fix to pervent future gun ban prosecutions discovered as a result of someone using justifiable self-defense. This was too little and too late to help Hale Demar.

Here was the legislature's response to the Wilmette miscarriage of justice. They also overrode the governor's veto. The worthless,US junior senator from Illinois (Obama) voted against this perfectly reasonable legislation when he was in the Ill. Senate.

Illinois (720 ILCS 5/24-10)

Sec. 24-10. Municipal ordinance regulating firearms; affirmative defense to a violation. It is an affirmative defense to a violation of a municipal ordinance that prohibits, regulates, or restricts the private ownership of firearms if the individual who is charged with the violation used the firearm in an act of self-defense or defense of another as defined in Sections 7-1 and 7-2 of this Code when on his or her land or in his or her abode or fixed place of business.

(Source: P.A. 93-1048, eff. 11-16-04.)

Here’s what WLS-TV had to say.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Enemies Foreign and Domestic According to Bill Clinton

Among other things the Clinton Administration had two groups to deal with. One was a self-professed preacher, and his flock of people with no history or plans of violence. They were David Koresh and his Branch Davidian’s of Waco Texas. Some of the Davidians made the mistake of not respecting recently passed gun control laws. The other was a terror group with a track record of extreme hatred and violence. That was the Al Qaeda bunch founded in 1988 by Osama Bin Laden. We all know who was and is the real danger to our society.

The Clinton Administration was much more emotional about its love of gun bans and hatred of gun rights in America than any very real foreign threats. It was with great resolve that Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno ordered tanks and helicopters to wage war on the Waco church’s men, women and children. This while the Clinton mob could not stomach taking Bin Laden out while they had plenty of chances to do so.

Frankly I think every American would have rather have seen the Davidians left alone and Bin Laden killed. This is not a case of hindsight but one of misguided and Un-Constitutional agendas.

I wonder if Bill Clinton was making these dumb decisions in the Oval Office while some intern was performing a sex act upon him?

Parole Nixed For Leslie Van Houten Again

The California Board of Parole has denied convicted Manson Family Killer for the sixteenth time. Van Houten has been in prison for nearly four decades after being convicted of killing Leno and Rosemary LaBianca during a horrific home invasion at their Los Feliz Home in 1969.

According to corrections spokesman Tip Kindell, the board determined that Van Houten still presents a risk to public safety.

The board heard from three perennial witnesses, two relatives of the victims and a prosecutor opposing Van Houten’s parole. For the first time at a parole hearing, Van Houten and her attorney refused to talk about the macabre details of the crime with board members. L.A lawyer, Christy Webb did most of the talking on Van Houten’s behalf.

The Board members recognized Van Houten’s exceptional progress. Instead of making her wait another two years for the next hearing the board ordered another review in 12 months with the admonishment that this does not mean she will in fact be paroled then.

The Manson Family members and Robert Kennedy’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan are among inmates having served the longest time in a California prison. Gregory Powell is another senior inmate who's been in custody since 1963 for the kidnapping of L.A. police detectives Ian Campbell and Karl Hettinger. Powell and Jimmy Lee Smith executed Detective Campbell while Hettinger was able to escape with his life. Powell was already an established career criminal when he murdered Campbell.

Here's what KNBC-TV had to say...

Paris Hilton, from Runway Walk to Perp Walk

Dateline Hollywood --- Rich girl, model and sometime porn star, Paris Hilton normally walks really well on the runway. Last night however she did not walk so well during a session of Simon Sez she was performing for a Hollywood Division copper’s field sobriety test. Soon the officer had Hilton doing the “perp walk” in front of police booking camera. That photo when released will be the magazine cover shot Hilton won’t like. The good news for Hilton is there is no such thing as bad publicity. Of course you can always check out the video at

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Illinois Governor Prison Fellowship Club

I don’t know how Chicago’s Mayors never get sent to Club Fed. I’ve been hearing juicy rumors for four years that Richard M. Daley may get a vacation there soon but who knows for sure.

As for the Governors of Illinois, I’ve seen three get sentenced to the club.

Otto Kerner, who had a brilliant military career, served on important Presidential Commissions, was elected Governor, and resigned to accept a seat as a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals. Kerner fell from Judgeship for corruption as Governor right into a prison cell. Kerner died a defeated man in 1976. I met Kerner’s beautiful daughter and her brother just after the old man died. These fine kids suffered tremendously as a result of Judge Kerner’s crimes.

Dan Walker, a political gadfly, and lawyer worked for Chicago’s Montgomery Wards. Walker won the Governor’s office as a Maverick, Left Wing Democrat after he walked the entire state in an unusual campaign. Walker after leaving office got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. He was indicted on a Bank Fraud and Perjury beef. Soon, Walker did the “perp walk” to the Federal Courthouse and then walked into his prison cell.

Now Governor George Ryan has joined this club with a six and one half year stretch he may be unable to survive at age 70.

For George Ryan he was sparred from being taken into custody and hauled away. Often in federal matters the judges order the hapless jailbird to report on his own like a kid going off to college. Here the judge is weighing bail pending appeal. If Ryan gets that deal he can litigate and evade prison for more years than he has left on this earth. Don’t we all hope we can get that kind of break should we betray the public trust.

How many other states can claim three Governors imprisoned within three decades?

When I think of Illinois politicians I think of the former Secretary of State Paul Powell. When he died in Springfield’s St. Nicholas Hotel they found millions of dollars stuffed in shoe boxes in a closet.

Update: the fellowship has a new member! Welcome Governor Rod Blagojevich! See the 76 page complaint here.

Gina Gallo Chicago Cop Author

Gina Gallo worked the really tough assignments in Chicago for 16 years but due to serious injuries in the line of duty she was forced into an early retirement. With a Master’s Degree Gallo was better educated than most cops and was by no means a wilting violet. Gallo could kick ass and take names with the best of them but what would you expect from a second-generation cop? During her police career Gallo, a single mom raised two fine boys who have since grown up and made their mom proud though their military service.

Incidentally, Gallo is a six-foot tall Amazon warrior and adrenalin junkie who has graduated to the ranks of accomplished writers. Gallo’s books hit the street a while back and are available through her website, but now at least one her books is in development for a film. I strongly suspect that great things will be flowing from Gallo’s red-hot computer for many years to come. Gallo has opened those Hollywood doors with a sledgehammer just like if they were at the entrance of some Chicago crack house.

Look for Gallo’s personal appearance on The News Hour with Jim Leher on PBS in the evening September 11, 2006. The show will be exploring the impact of the 9/11 attack on America five years later.

Here's where you can see this in your viewing area

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Tribute To Steve Irwin

I videotaped a beautiful and majestic stingray while in Maui. I know that Steve Irwin loved all these critters and would never feel contempt for one that injured or killed him.

The incredible energy and enthusiasm displayed by Irwin made him a larger than life legend. Steve was a world-class showman, conservationist and teacher. Millions of children and adults have been touched by Steve Irwin’s wonderful but short life. It will be impossible to fill this icon’s shoes.

I thought Steve would like Christopher Cross', Sailing for this relaxing video.

I’m Not Fond Of George Bush

Which one you ask? They are clones of each other, Texas Liberals that think they’re conservative. Neither Bush was forthright with their promises to voters and led us into more massive government spending.

The freefall immigration agenda of George W. Bush amounts to nothing short of treason. The threat to our economy and way of life from illegal immigration is far more severe than what’s going on in those rogue Arab nations.

I was never supportive of the war in Iraq but support every last one of our soldiers. When you make war you don’t come in and try to separate the good guys from the bad. You bomb until there is only scorched earth. The Bush policy in Iraq stinks and is killing our soldiers.

The Democrats have gone so far to the land of Karl Marx that they won’t settle until we are all slaves with their tax plans. The Democrats have nothing to offer America except poverty and pain unless you’re a government contractor.

In short we are now stuck with the most worthless bunch of whack jobs, crooks and Marxists that we’ve ever had.

There is nobody I trust to run the Whitehouse currently in Government. We need to find a candidate from outside the American political scene who is loyal to the concept of the U.S. Constitution.

L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley Is Wasting Our Money

Tomorrow at the L.A. Superior Court, Dept 108, jury selection is expected to begin in the trial of 89 year old Russell Weller for the July 16, 2003 horrific accident that killed 10 and injured 60 people at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Weller's trial is not expected to begin with opening statements until after September 11, 2006

This is a case of an elderly driver suffering from the ageing process and a colossal tragedy. Weller has an otherwise unblemished record in spite of living longer then most Americans.

The trial will prove be a battle of high rent experts paid to testify about the ageing process and it’s effect on drivers.

Steve Cooley’s office is contending Weller’s mishap was no accident but the result of a violent crime without possessing any real evidence of intent.

The defense led by Mark Overland will argue that this was the case of a decent elderly man who simply thought he had his foot on the break pedal instead of the accelerator. The harder Weller pushed the faster his buick traveled. This is an all to common event for older drivers.

Can’t common sense enter somewhere in this mix to give an old man the benefit of the doubt?

I can’t help but believe this really a case of bad government using an old man’s infirmity to cover-up its own negligence by not erecting proper barriers to protect pedestrians at the Farmer’s Market.

Mr. Cooley, have a heart and quit your goofy attempt to give Mr. Weller the kind of stress that may well kill him at his age. Prosecuting Weller will not bring the dead back to life nor cure the injured.

Let's hope for a jury with more sense than Steve Cooley.

This is an early morning report on the jury selection with accident scene video from KNBC-TV.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Steve Irwin Dead tonight.

Steve Irwin, 44 was the director of the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, and host of Animal Planet's series The Crocodile Hunter. He was a consummate adventurer who was every bit a great entertainer. Steve died the way he lived playing among God's creatures. A stingray somehow managed to penetrate Irwin’s heart with his stinger tail.

Irwin died with his boots on. I wish his pretty wife Terri Irwin a giant hug from all of us. We all lost someone special.

The James Bond In Me…

When I take one of my trips to India I can’t help but think of that James Bond Movie, Octapussy filmed there. The fantasy of the beautiful women, gadgets, and guns can cause an overactive imagination to run wild. Bond always gets the girl and never flies coach in a commercial aircraft. Oh well. Here from the sound track is the lovely Rita Coolidge singing that great song from Octapussy.

Is The American Al-Qaeda Convert A CIA Or Mossad Operative?

Back when young Adam Gadahn was first spotted on the media radar I conducted an extensive background investigation on the lad. I found his assault case against a leader of the Muslim Mosque in Gardenia, CA. He lived both in L.A. and his father's goat farm in rural Orange County. After September 11, 2001, Gadahn quickly gathered his Muslim credentials and moved to Pakistan and is now with the leadership of that terror group.

The most unusual thing about this fellow was his Jewish heritage. He changed from his father’s name, Pearlman to Gadahn. Adam Pearlman is not an Arab name by any stretch. After investigating his family I became convinced he was a plant. I just don’t see Al-Qaeda folks being so tolerant as to knowingly allow a Jew into their midst.

Despite the FBI officially requesting information they curiously have not listed Gadahn/Pearlman as wanted even after his videotaped propaganda statements were broadcast around the world.

I can only think of one possible reason Al-Qaeda has been so ineffective. Our government knows just what they are doing these days. Bombing Al-Qaeda leadership locations may well kill or injure the best spy the West has right now.

When Adam Pearlman Gadhan returns to the United States he’s going to have one Hell of a book to write.

Another View The War On Drugs (video)

Penn and Teller make a convincing argument for ending the Drug War.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Video Of A Rough Night For The LAPD And Chief Bratton

I found this graphic ABC News video that tells the story of the shooting of two cops from the Southeast Division in 2003. This is one more reason for my cop brothers to review their training and spend more time on the range.

Is Warren Jeffs Becoming A Martyr?

I’m no fan of polygamist churches but accept their right to exist under our First Amendment. I think they are far less troubling than too many Islamic religious sects that exist within the USA.

Warren Jeffs was put on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list because he, as a religious leader arranged marriages where teenaged girls were wedded to older men. Many folks view these marriages as cases of child molestation.

This age issue is a pure cultural thing. One could rightly suggest that God and nature decides when sex begins with the simple development of our bodies and organs rather than age. Some of our states have really young ages of consent or marriage reflecting that local culture. As I say this, I would not want my own teenaged daughter (if I had one) anywhere near some man.

I noticed one thing about Warren Jeff’s detractors. The most vocal ones are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Jeffs and his church left the conventional Mormon Church because of religious differences involving polygamy.

The LDS church rejected polygamy long ago even though they promoted that lifestyle in the beginning of their teachings. The LDS Mormons seem to have a special contempt for Jeffs as a genuine threat to the conventional Mormon Church. I can’t help but believe that this whole Warren Jeffs mess is born out of religious persecution.

One thing for sure, this case and the battles in or out of court are far from over. The vast majority of these girls are devoted followers of Jeffs’ polygamist group, and they embrace their marriages and religious choice for their entire lives.

I don’t belong to or believe in Jeffs’ church, but except their right to exist and worship any way they please. I can’t help but ask, what is going on here? Is this a righteous law enforcement investigation and prosecution or a witch-hunt?