Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen, Demons, Lawyers and CBS

Hollywood, CA—I was not going to weigh in on this story until I began to think of the huge collateral damage caused by the abrupt cancellation of, Two and A Half Men.

Estimates of the financial loss to CBS are an astronomical, quarter-billion dollars. The show was wildly successful during a period when people everywhere have been avoiding television altogether. The show was the main choice of our airlines to entertain passengers in the sky. Yes, the show is downright funny and the players all have great chemistry.

At the heart of this mess is a talented, handsome but troubled Charlie Sheen. Exhibitionistic excessive womanizing, drug and alcohol consumption has taken center stage. That behavior seems to now be pushing Sheen out in the cold.

Sheen has been reckless not only with his own blessed career but the careers of everyone connected to the show. I don’t want to see this quality show end. The losers will include the fans

America’s Drug War is beyond an abject failure. It has destroyed many more lives than the drugs themselves if that’s possible. It has also torpedoed the basic freedom that made this once great county. Americans still believe that drugs are bad and enforcement is good. The Drug War was absolute proof that propaganda is a powerful tool.

Sheen has opened a very public war of vitriol with the show’s creator and CBS. The dispute is as ugly as anything this town has ever seen. There is no end to the disaster in sight.

Let’s talk about Sheen’s chemical dependence. There are loads of so-called experts on this subject and they all have one thing in common, failure. I say there are no experts and we must let nature take its course. The treatment programs are meaningless exercises fueled by relapse. Either Sheen will survive or he won’t and only he, not the government, CBS or anyone else can do anything about it.

One thing for sure, Sheen has gotten through eight season of his show and despite his difficulties has avoided interruption. The current stoppage is not because sheen could not perform but over the publicity generated by off-duty behavior deemed scandalous by our society’s moral code.

What must happen is that Sheen needs calm down and try to behave. I want a ceasefire and the two sides to negotiate a settlement that includes the resumption of the show with Sheen provided he shows up sane and sober with the proviso he can deliver the product he has for the last eight years.

CBS and Sheen are not so big or tough that they can’t put this mess where it belongs, behind them. Quality shows are too difficult to come by in the vast wasteland of television.

The only people that will profit from this continued public battle are the bottom-feeding lawyers that are gearing up for years of great paydays. In the meantime the rest of the cast and crew of the show have to learn how they will be making car and mortgage payments.

As for Sheen he like all of us is aging. His shelf-life in entertainment is too short to endanger his health and that of the people that count on their's and Sheen's ability for survival.

Charlie Sheen is may be very rich with money but he is impoverished in many other ways. His dad, Martin Sheen for example is one truly fine human being. The elder Sheen can only be suffering greatly right now because of this mess.

If I could I’d lock all of these players in a room together and not let anyone eat, drink or use the bathroom until they could resolve this in a way that does not hurt innocent people.

In the world of entertainment the only real truth is that, the show must go on. This show must go on too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Socialism Can Be So Much Fun!

When enough people want the free ride Socialism promises, they’ve made the bed they probably will have to sleep in for the rest of their lives. Of course any nation could simple get recreated by a Socialist style, coup d'état.

When Socialists gain power they always convince the peons that they need so many more laws for their own good and safety. Perhaps convince is the wrong word, perhaps insist may be a better choice here. This can happen all at once of slowly over decades like it has in the United States.

Since so many the peons will eventually find themselves somewhat uncomfortable or enslaved they too often vote with their feet and find a freer place to live and raise their family.

This is where all those new and helpful laws they enacted come in handy. So many things become illegal nearly everyone becomes a criminal. The police can round up the violators of ration card abuse, curfew violations or fraternization with those counter-revolutionary terrorists. Now they have fertile pool of peons they can create government snitches from. It’s all very simple snitch or lose their family and be imprisoned. Soon everyone is snitching on everyone and government knows all!

The only way out is to slaughter the Socialist Party leaders and return freedom, starting with scuttling all those unneeded laws, frisking checkpoints and phony anti-terrorist programs.

Perhaps we must make snitching socially unacceptable through severe retaliation. I’m not in any way suggesting we protect thugs, rapists or such. It’s very simple here. If the law involved has no victim or personal violence to innocent people snitching must be discouraged.

Anyone helping Socialists maintain absolute power and control on the other hand is fair game for any curbside or extra-judicial punishment at all. Perhaps we can show our displeasure with those traitors working for the TSA Socialist Jobs Program. A good candidate might be someone just like TSA Screener, Butler who was caught on tape trying to seize my camera from me outside of an airport terminal.

Ms. Butler had no legal authority to assault or rob me of my camera under any federal, state or local law. TSA screeners thankfully have no power of arrest. Ms.Butler, did not need any law here because she appointed herself not only judge, jury and executioner but also as a lawmaker!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Having too much fun with video tonight!

Okay, a close pal gave me a video green screen for a present. He knows I’m always looking for things to juice up my blog. I broke the thing out tonight and gave it a little spin. Within a couple of Moments I was in both the Borgata of Scottsdale, AZ and outside a movie theater in Westwood Village of L.A. There is magic in television indeed!

Hidden From View, Cops Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Chicago, IL—Being a cop here can bring on incredible pain and suffering. There is the avalanche of verbal and sometimes physical abuse from suspects. There’s always the constant reality of placing yourself in danger responding to radio calls.

If it’s not the low level of humanity you must deal with everyday it’s the threat and fear of swift and draconian departmental discipline that can put officers under the gun.

Cops must never show fear, or appear to be stressed out. Cops have no choice but to put up an act that masks reality. If a suspect smells a cop’s emotional blood he will walk all over him or her. If the department sees anything too emotional manifested by a cop he will be disgraced and sidelined.

Cops become very proficient in hiding their emotional suffering, fears, depression and general anxiety.

I can’t help but think about Chicago policeman Bill Cozzi. He was verbally abused by Randle Miles who was very combative in a hospital emergency room. Miles was already restrained in a wheel chair but it did not prevent him from spitting on Cozzi.

Cozzi whacked Miles a few times in retaliation with a leather sap. Since Miles was not noticeably injured by Cozzi, the physical assault was what we call an insulting or provoking kind. That was caught on tape and today Cozzi is serving a 40 month federal prison term.

Was Cozzi suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of being a cop? Does anyone really care? The truth is, that mitigation factor was never weighed because Cozzi would have had to admit to a stigmatizing mental disease. It came to making a choice of being called a criminal or a nut. However you call it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome played no minor part in this event.

Cozzi was a real candidate for duty disability as the professionals would have called his assault on Miles symptomatic of mental illness brought on by simple occupational hazards.

Cozzi at a minimum should have received punishment less than incarceration and certainly putting him on duty disability would have made more sense than prosecution and imprisonment. Cozzi should have been allowed to rest and even be returned to duty at some point.

Cozzi’s family was saddled with many tens or even hundreds of thousands in legal costs for both local and Federal prosecutions. Cozzi’s life was destroyed as a result of all the aggregate punishment and disgrace.

Suicide among cops is high and it’s easy to understand why.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ask a Liberal Why He/She Voted for Obama

When I ask people this question the answer was always the same, "Barack Obama is a big disappointment, but George W. Bush was so much worse!”

One, not so minor problem with that answer is that Bush was not running for President! The Republican ticket was led by that Liberal pretend Republican, John McCain. They could have voted for the Liberal they knew instead of that Communist they did not.

Bush was never even close to a Conservative and was a really crappy president. Was Bush really a good reason to elect a Communist to lead our nation?

Obama either is a Muslim or at least has strong Muslim ties. This is evident in his behavior during the uprisings in the Muslim nations. If the Muslims cease fighting among themselves Israel would become a sad memory. It looks like this may well yet play out. We must also remember Obama was raised as a Muslim. We all know Muslims hate Jews.

Obama will be reluctant to help Israel as he keeps our military resources tied up in the very places he criticized Bush for occupying.

It’s strange to have watched Obama and his minions blame Bush for Afghanistan, Iraq and garbage like the Patriot Act. The most complained about Bush policies are more prevalent than ever under Obama!

I guess blaming one’s self for making a disastrous choice in the voting booth is more difficult when you can blame Bush instead! I think it's obvious now that it's like Bush has never left the Whitehouse but for the trillions in additional government waste.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama’s Carpetbagger to be Chicago's Mayor

Chicago, IL—Okay the fix was in on the court challenge over residency. The Welfare Zombies have spoken and the worst possible candidate has won. Of course the others were all real stinkers.

This is the end of police & fire pensions because the cops and firefighters did not support him. There is still money in the pension fund to mismanage, lose or steal. The devil himself will be destroying what’s left of Chicago’s tax base.

Get rid of your Chicago real estate and take the monumental loss. Get out while you can. We are in for a second Civil War and only God can help us now. It will take decades for Chicago to have any hope as a livable place.

To survive you will need to be in a place with a clean water supply and necessary food. The people stranded in Chicago will be helpless.

To my copper pals I say it can only get a lot worse and it will. If you catch a person with a gun and he has no criminal record and is a genuine taxpayer let him or her go. Tell them to stay safe. You will need these people when things blow up. Barack Obama clearly plans to be the second president from Illinois to suspend our Constitution.

If I sound pessimistic it’s because I am. What’s past is Prologue.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago’s Mayoral Primary Race

Chicago, IL—All the candidates come from the depths of Socialist Hell. They all reflect ghetto values of corruption and extortionate taxation of any productive citizens left in this city.

No matter who wins taxpayers will lose. The Welfare Zombies are being exploited more than ever as their chance at living the American Dream is quashed forever. They get more of the same, poverty, violence and narcotics instead of hope.

Chicago has too many generations of ignorant, unmotivated, lazy but prolific breeders have found a place in a surreal and sub-human world. They are at the bottom of human evolution and sinking further every day. Socialism has become a form of genocide for African-Americans in the Windy City.

Government Shutdown? That Thought Makes me Giddy!

Washington, DC—The Socialists in our Congress forgot the will of the American people was to stop the bankrupting of America. Rather than cooperate they want to let the government shut down. That of course would interrupt the entitlement programs. In turn civil unrest by the Welfare Zombies is a real possibility.

Shutting down the TSA is also a welcome possibility as long as the airlines continue to fly without those un-American parasites. Flying could be fun for a change. The TSA is nothing but tyranny against Americans anyway. Despite wasting billions they’ve never stopped a single incident of terrorism, ever.

Frankly I look forward to the shutdown it should stop the hemorrhage of our tax dollars during that period. Perhaps we will see that there are so many agencies we don’t need like the alphabet police and so many agencies created in the last four decades. What wouuld we ever do without an FCC or the FTC?

Imagine seeing the IRS unable to function because of a shutdown? That's so heartbreaking....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Official Crimefile Review of UNKNOWN

Berlin, Germany—Okay, I confess a great love for this city and its people. Berlin , has old world charm, modern elegance and non-stop excitement. Coincidently I will be there in a couple of weeks intoxicating my senses with this incredible metropolis.

Liam Neeson is terrific as usual playing the lead character who arrives in Berlin only to become involved in a spectacular accident and wakes up after a four day coma to find his identity apparently stolen.

By circumstances Neesen is paired up with the incredibly sexy German actress Diane Kruger who plays an accidental hero of epic proportions.

My favorite German actor Sebastian Koch plays a scientist attending a Bio-Tech engineering conference held at the historic, Five Star, Adlon Hotel. Yep, it’s the same place where Michael Jackson dangled his new baby out the window to a large street crowd several years before he died. This grand hotel is a centerpiece for the movie along with many familiar Berlin locations.

The action is non-stop with first rate special effects and stunts. The Berlin subway and train station locations are really fun to watch.

German actor Bruno Ganz plays a retired East German Stazi agent who proves to be a capable private eye who helps unravel the conspiracy. His old contacts and ways serve the story really well.

Frank Langella still has his acting chops as he plays a rich character.

The writing producing and direction are as good as it gets. The story came from a novel by Didier Van Cauwelaert. The screenplay was crafted by Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell. The film was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

I have to say this was well worth the price of admission and will make doubt your own identity before it’s over.

Sit back and watch the trailer for UKNOWN

Gun Shows, Gun Liberty and Amazing Reality

Today in all but a handful of Leftist run states ordinary law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry loaded, concealed firearms for self defense. These same people attend gun shows including the Massive SHOT Show (60,000 attendees) and the NRA Annual Convention (30,000 attendees).

All of these people with so many guns but there are never any shootings or violence connected with these events. The same is true of local gun shows. Please someone anyone, tell be about a criminal shooting at a gun show? The answer is there are none anywhere.

If gun liberty is as dangerous as we are led to believe by the gun rights haters there would by at least some evidence of violence surrounding these massive firearm handling events.

The truth is guns are only dangerous if you need one and can’t get one. Apparently one of the safest places in America is at a gun show! The real truth is we are all safer with more, not fewer law-abiding people armed with loaded firearms.

World Wide Socialist Assault on Liberty by Governments Must be Defeated

Today it’s Communist China cracking down with heavy handed and routine Socialist tactics. People resisting this government are disappearing at an alarming rate as the days of Mao Zedong and the Red Guard seem to have returned.

Along with the enslavement, depravation and poverty brought on with Socialism is the shocking mandate that people fleeing these regimes be shot in the back. Death without a trial is the penalty for anyone that tries to escape from Socialism.

Socialist governments always create and maintain vast snitch networks where their government agents use bribery, extortion and fear to recruit participants.

Socialist government agents threaten mothers with taking their children if they refused to spy on their own families and neighbors.

East Germany was a frightening example of Socialist tyranny. The German people were fresh out the 12 year reign of a madman when the Berlin Wall went up in 1961. They simply traded the Gestapo for the Stazi but the tyranny continued. Millions of lives destroyed under Socialist control until Germany was reunified in 1989.

The Socialists are here in our American Congress and Whitehouse and we face the very same threat as Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano establishes a Socialist Snitch Program in America. This is beyond dangerous and we can either resist or be reduced to prisoners.

Americans must remember, what’s past is prologue.

Socialists murdering those that dare flee their so-called Utopias speak volumes of just how wonderful Socialism really is. In case you forgot about Socialist’s murdering those trying to escape let me show you some memorials to those shot in the back fleeing East Berlin.

I shot this video in Berlin during the “20 Jahr Mauerfest” on November 9, 2009. Mauerfest was the celebration of the wall and Socialism falling.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Government Pensions, Unions and Betrayal

Chicago, IL—Every state that has been hijacked by Socialists politicians over the last four decades has extorted from the taxpayers all they could. Understandably taxpayers have fled these places and there is no more to plunder.

Unions were strong in these states as they pushed hard on behalf of their employees to get fair working conditions and a livable salary with benefits. Of course these same unions have vigorously sought to destroy immigration laws that prevented the export of crime, poverty and narcotics into America across our Southern border. As a predictable result, our schools and medical facilities have been destroyed.

The problem is Socialists politicians have opened the treasury to illegal aliens, welfare cheats, the narcotics dependant and serial thieves. That is when these Socialists were not giving fraudulent vendor contracts to their pals.

All of the Socialist controlled jurisdictions are now bankrupt. They are demanding that the frugal states bail them out despite their chronic corruption. This should never happen. These same Socialists politicians have been allowed to squander the pension contributions of their employees. The results were predictable, insolvent retirement programs.

The price for bringing the foxes to the taxpayer henhouses is that there are no hens left. These jurisdictions have only one answer to their problem. It’s the same answer that any American has that lived beyond their means for too long, filing bankruptcy. Government is not somehow immune from the penalties of overspending.

It is a foregone conclusion that the promise of a retirement pension will turn into an empty promise for so many state and local government employees.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy will allow the jurisdictions to halt payments, reorganize and make payments in a rate lower than promised. If that does not cure the problem which I suspect it won’t the next step is to convert to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 would give the pensioners paltry lump sums of whatever is left.

This was more about theft of government funds by elected politicians and the bureaucrats they appointed. These criminals need to be held accountable.

The hard cold facts are that those who are dependent on the pensions they earned to survive wont. There is no fix for this. Socialist politicians spread poverty wherever they go. Why should any, city, county or state be different?

The victimized employees need to direct their rage where it belongs, on the criminal Socialist politicians their unions supported.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remove all Lawless Wisconsin Lawmakers and Teachers from the Public Payroll.

The voters of this state demanded change. They elected people that would protect taxpayers. Teachers are in for some serious belt tightening in a state that has spent itself into bankruptcy.

Thousands of teachers and the Leftist, pro-union members of the state Legislature have gone into a lawless rebellion.

Perhaps we can put an end to educating Central and South America's children that trespass on our soil to save come cash while we are at it.

The answer is simple, fire all renegade teachers for abandoning their positions and impeach the members of the Legislature that willfully fled the state to obstruct the democratic process.

There are plenty of unemployed people that are qualified to babysit children in the public day care program they like to call a school system. Let them have the jobs.

As for the AWOL lawmakers, they all violated their oaths to faithfully perform their dities and can be now be removed.

Insuring Our Freedom One Video at a Time

Chicago, IL-Many of my blog visitors want to get in on the act of providing information to the world about important matters.

It is easier and cheaper than ever to capture and edit video. Cheap Flip HD style cameras are everywhere but with just a little additional effort you can make them watchable and tell the story through simple editing and narration.

Don’t ramble on as you shoot video about what you see but instead add the narration during editing. Trust me, you will sound more intelligent. Of course you can add a stand-up where you face the camera and give a 15-20 second sound bite.

Stay wide with the lens and move close to the subject you’re shooting. You will get much better audio especially with the on camera microphones. Avoid the zoom feature whenever possible.

Take the time to shoot the action holding the camera very still and keeping the camera recording. I does not cost you money to keep the camera rolling like in the days of expensive film and processing. Every shot should be held for no less than 20 seconds.

We all see government waste, dangerous conditions and criminal events. When in doubt shoot the video. Don’t be in a hurry to delete it either.

Most government bureaucrats hate video cameras because they know their misconduct, rudeness and waste will haunt them if captured.

The Flip cameras are small so there is no reason to ever be without one on your person. If you don’t yet know how to edit video get help from someone trustworthy. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to edit and upload video for the world to see.

Camera phones work but their images are not up for good viewing. Stick to the HD digital video cameras rather than even the I-phone cameras.

Get that video up on a favorite blog, hopefully, Of course you may even create your own.

He who controls the information controls the world. Dictators always could control the information in the past. Now they have to turn off the Internet to silence their critics. The people now have the power to get vital information out with little or no filtering.

YouTube has been trying to control content by pulling videos that their employees don’t like, but there are other sites. You can also put the same video up on hundreds of sites similar to YouTube. They won’t all remove something controversial. Put your video up on Facebook and ask your friends to share it with their friends.

Don’t be the one to say, “Shucks, I wish I had my camera with me for this!”

Keeping the flow of information open keeps government in check. Report on government misconduct whenever possible. Homeland Security is asking for people to inform on their neighbors. Why inform anything to Homeland Security when you can inform the world about Civil Rights abuse by Homeland Security?

Just the threat of exposure because of the proliferation of cameras helps keep the government in check.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why American Education Gets a Failing Grade

Today I’m going to attack crappy teachers, their unions and blatant tenure abuse.

We have an outrageous dropout rate in America despite offering taxpayer provided classes through high school. When teachers fail our youngsters they set them up for a life of poverty, heartbreak and deprivation. The conventional wisdom is to blame the students and their parents rather than the sacred cows we call teachers.

The teaching profession was hijacked by the politically far Left many decades ago and the ignorance of Americans screams out this fact constantly. The American educational system has been sabotaged in order to fail America.

Being a teacher requires more than reciting lessons and going through the motions of teaching. The problem is that the vast majority of teachers lack the most important skill to keep the students captivated, interested and excited. That is simple showmanship.

Teaching demands that the person giving the class be interested, excited and enthusiastic about the subject being taught. If the teacher has a deadpan delivery few if any students are going to get interested or even want to pay attention in class. Deadpan delivery is failure in the making. When teachers fail out comes the “bell curve” grading system to pretend failure does not exist.

Teachers need to look and act sharp. They need to speak well with energy and excitement. A great teacher has the stage presence of a rock star and can set a fire inside the minds of the students enabling them to master the material.

Teachers need to reinforce the fact that educational success means wealth, comfort and fewer worries in life. They refuse to do that out of allegiance to Leftist political correctness.

Teachers refuse to condemn poverty and ignorance especially in the poorest neighborhoods. Poverty and ignorance is unacceptable in a society outside of prehistoric cave dwellers. The students must be made to understand this.

I have a question for all of my blog visitors. What percentage of your teachers inspired or excited you about anything at all. I know the answer and it’s around ten percent or less. That in itself is an American tragedy.

Any war on poverty begins or ends with teachers. The soldiers for this war must be the best they can be. Teachers must learn to turn the floor of their classroom into a stage and show your students how what you’re teaching them will bring great opportunities into their lives. You cannot teach without humor. A class of smiling students is the class where the gift of knowledge is passed on.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Judicial Tyranny

Phoenix, AZ—I’ve been inside lots of courtrooms here as I have in Chicago and Los Angeles. I’ve see judicial tyranny first hand in all of these courts. It is frightening to see this anywhere but the judges are given absolute power and power corrupts. Personal baggage accompanies every judge to the bench simply because they’re human. The question is how bad can they get?

It is our appellate safeguards that were designed to prevent judicial abuse and error. This process is somewhat problematic since the ranks of judges are filled with law schools chums, good ol’ boys and even former lovers. Judges are also linked by mutual political sponsors.

The role of judges is a simple one, to act as a buffer between citizens and the government. They are intended to be the guardians of fairness at least in theory. This has nothing really to do with Liberal or Conservative politics but simple humanity and equity. There are good judges and then there are terrible judges. Removing bad judges is incredibly difficult in most cases.

The most glaring examples of bad judges come from all sides of the political spectrum. Judges either follow the written law or they corrupt the law. There is at time incredible pressure on judges by their political sponsors to arrive at less than legal decisions. There are people that actually buy the desired outcome of cases with cold hard cash. Operations Greylord and Gambit uncovered mass judicial corruption in Chicago. Prison terms and suicides marked those sad chapters of judicial history. I've pernonally been in the courtroom of every one of those judges involved.

The fact is our judges have the power over the quality of our lives and even life itself. Any court in American can dispense tyranny rather than justice simply because the power to do so exists. People are conditioned to believe their government is fair or there would not be courts. People everywhere are incredibly naive.

I have a quote I wrote that I live by and that is, “If justice happens, it’s usually by mistake and for all the wrong reasons.” Cynical you say? No, that just the way it really is.

I’m going to Berlin Germany again in a couple of weeks and plan to take a closer look at one of the most tyrannical judges in modern history. That was the late, Dr. Roland Freisler (30 October 1893–3 February 1945). He became State Secretary of Adolf Hitler's Reich Ministry of Justice and President of the Volksgerichtshof (People's Court). This court handled political actions against Hitler's dictatorial regime by conducting a series of show trials. The defendants in Freisler’s court were not Jews but rather German citizens many of whom were denounced or implicated by their neighbors and some cases their own children.

There was genarally only one verdict and sentence in Freisler’s court, Guilty and only one sentence, death. Freisler’s trials were public and were often intended to be show trials. Freisler simply made murder by government legal in Germany.

Judge Freisler would have faced a court and probable hanging for his own crimes but for an Allied bombing raid that hit his court killing him on 3 February 1945.

Freisler was sent to be a panelist with 15 other high ranking Nazis at the Wannsee Conference 20 January 1942 where they came up with the, “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” Freisler made that action legal too.

A great film was made about one of Freisler’s Show trials, Sophie Scholl, The Final Days. Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst all German students in Munich who were tried on the same day by Freisler. You can get this film at Blockbuster, or Netflix. This film made in 1995 will haunt you for sure.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Politicians, Propaganda and Real People

Berlin, Germany—As I get ready to return to this beautiful city and visit some terrific friends I love, I’m examining its history. I’ve learned one thing in life and that is nobody is immune from poisonous propaganda. Politicians and dictators tell the people what to do and they all follow orders just like the Americans that line up like sheep for the lawless TSA officials.

Germany was ruled by fear that was fueled by a despicable program of neighbors recruited by the government to spy on neighbors. In this environment of terror you’re expected duty was to give total allegiance to your leader or get reported.

This is no different that our own Obama Administration’s current Homeland Security Snitch Program that’s being built by our very own, Janet Napolitano.

The Germans were duped by governments ruling them that operated in secret. Yes, the exact way Obama’s Czars have been making policy behind closed doors. Secret government breeds evil. We have secret government now just as the NAZIS did in Germany.

Remember, the cleverly coded term used in private by NAZI bureaucrats, “The Final Solution to the Jewish Question” was really the program to murder millions. The Holocaust was a carefully guarded state secret formulated on January 20, 1942 behind the closed doors of a huge estate in Wannsee, outside of Berlin and away from journalists. Obama has learned about secrecy from the experts.

What’s past is prologue. We can count on a propaganda film like this being shown to the foreign army that occupies what’s left of America.

I served in the post war occupation Army during the Viet Nam War. They did not show me this disgraceful film that shown to earlier American troops. The film blamed all the war crimes by a notorious secret dictatorship on obedient German civilians.

Yes, this can and will happen in America at some point in the future but we must stop secret government while we can.

Taxpayer Funding for Public Radio and TV is Un-American and Wrong

Washington, DC—I can’t imagine where the idea that the Government should fund television or radio broadcasts came from. The idea is really ugly effort to control what Americans hear or view. It also is a threat to the free market principal.

Yes, there has been really fine programming from this public broadcasting mixed in with lots of Leftist propaganda. The fine programming such as Sesame Street could succeed independently without taxpayer support. The specials along with the Frontline news series would have little difficulty finding their way onto the broadcast or cable spectrum.

National Public Radio commentary however only belongs in the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda run by Dr. Göbbels. This is shockingly contrary to what our founding fathers would have wanted Americans forced to fund.

The NPR and PBS operations should be put on the auction block and sold off to private owners. Then they could compete in the free market where they belong.

The same people that beckon to the constant begging calls for money by PBS can invest their cash in the shows of their choice.

Taxpayers are being forced to fund public broadcasting and that is actually taking the food from their mouths. That is outrageous especially in tough economic times.

Another Interesting Las Vegas SHOT Show Item

Las Vegas, NV--I don’t want to overlook a new revolver from Smith & Wesson. It’s called, “The Governor” and it’s very versatile in ammunition choices and would be a formidable defense revolver for sure.

Cops Forced to Live in the Cities They Protect

Chicago, IL—For a city politician to suggest that if a residency requirement for city employees was lifted that there’d be a mass exodus is an important and very negative admission about that city’s misery index.

The sad truth is that the City of Chicago is no longer a decent place to live and raise a family. Residents of the city not sponging off of government entitlements are constant targets. They are targets of local criminals, and a city that can’t seem to find enough ways of making the city unaffordable through extortionate taxation schemes.

White people are now the all-time robbery and home invasion choice for African-American thugs in the Windy city. The stores in the upscale White neighborhoods are now the exclusive fertile prey for Chicago’s more mobile, African-American criminals

Sending children to Chicago’s schools is a dangerous prospect. A check of sex offender registries, consistently show that Chicago’s African-Americans dominate the list. One can explain why theft crimes are increased as African-Americans suffer from poverty but someone tell me please what poverty has to do with raping women and children? Again it’s about a bankrupt culture.

The Chicago Police Department had a hard and fast rule that prohibits cops from being assigned to the district where they reside. The idea is to keep cops from having to police their own neighbors. That’s sound logic but should be expanded to the entire city not just the districts.

Right now city employees that would try and sell their homes cannot because there are no buyers.

The City of Chicago cannot give their cops a deserved raise pay-raise but they can let them leave the city where they will pay less in taxes, parking fees and for goods and services in the suburbs.

Today Chicago is exclusively run by Communists, criminals and entitlement zombies. But for the wealthiest people who can afford to live in nearly all White and low crime neighborhoods Chicago disappearing middle income neighborhoods have become absolutely unlivable.

There is no fix outside changing the violent, drug-filled and bankrupt culture of the African-American community and finding decent and honest people to lead Chicago out of the darkness. Frankly without a civil war that’s never going to happen.

To force cops to live in the city invites police corruption and racism. It is time to let cops get a little refuge from the misery associated with living with the criminals they are asked to arrest.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Government’s Warrantless Searches of Americans are Tyrannical and Pernicious

I don’t care where you go anymore some government agent is violating your privacy and Fourth Amendment rights. Searching law-abiding people as dangerous criminals is something out of an Orwellian nightmare. It is here and like in all police states people are simply afraid to question the abuse of authority.

We’d normally expect protection from our courts but as it turns out our courts are some of the biggest offenders with their intrusive and unlawful search programs. They are not going admit they are violating anyone’s rights or end their misconduct. We need our elected officials to take their oaths to support, defend and protect the Constitution seriously or remove them.

Here are just some of the places when your rights are violated by our tyrannical police state:

1. Entering commercial aircraft.
2. Entering a passenger train.
3. Entering a government building.
4. Entering a cruise ship.
5. When reporting for mandatory jury duty.
6. When responding to a court subpoena as a witness.
7. Entering venues for sports and concert events.

One thing for certain the numbers of places where you must submit to searches formerly meant only for criminals is increasing every day.

They suggest this kind of search happens only after you waive your rights and that’s total nonsense. They suggest that you don’t have to enter these places if you want to avoid being gropped, fondled and insulted. That’s like saying you can avoid bad air by simply not breathing.

Americans must travel by air and rail. The must do business in government buildings and there are sometimes serious penalties for those who refuse to enter government buildings.

When you raise this issue with folks they will say that, “times have changed and things are different now.” That’s a ridicules and ignorant statement to make. We have gone over 200 years in this country without suspending the Fourth Amendment. That was even during the Civil War, World War One and World War two.

In America we are only a heartbeat away from having the kind of government that was ruled by the likes of Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao Zedong. You must stop despots in their tracks or perish.

My question to America is, when will we have enough of this tyranny? As always, what's past is prologue.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Putting an End to an Unwanted Lindsay Lohan Prosecution

Los Angeles, CA—In the past several decades we’ve managed to become a Police State. Government has taken total control over people’s lives with tactics that are harmful to our relationships involving, family, friends and business associates.

An example is actress Lindsay Lohan. The actress now stands accused of felony theft of a necklace. The store owner has publicly said she wanted her property returned and not the arrest or prosecution of Lohan.

There is a way out for anyone that does not want to cooperate in prosecution. The prosecutors will force you to testify threatening contempt punishment including jail if you refuse to testify. They will also threaten you with criminal charges if you now claim that your original story to them was false. Here is how it would work in the Lohan case.

Prosecutors have a digital video recording of the alleged movement of Lohan with the necklace as she leaves the store. That video alone is absolute hearsay and therefore inadmissible as evidence without an eye witness that can say he that video reflects what they saw with their own eyes.

I’m not suggesting a perjuries denial by a witness under oath. But anyone can force anything they wish out of their memories. It then is simple enough to tell prosecutors that you’ve put this matter out of your mind and cannot recall anything about it. If they persist in forcing you to testify you can simply tell the court that you’ve put that police contact and investigation in the land of unpleasant or regretful memories and no can no longer recall.

The primary block to any perjury prosecution is the statement by a party or witness that they cannot recall. That cannot punish anyone for what they cannot recall.

The store owner in the Lohan case has every right to contact the District Attorney and tell them they cannot recall. A quick phone call, note or other communication to the defense attorney to this information would result in a dismissal. Prosecutors would be unable to continue in the absence of a confession by the defendant.

If the jewelry store owner is sincere in her claim she does not want to prosecute Lohan she can do just that without fear of reprisal from anyone.

Why should taxpayer be funding prosecutions of anyone where there is no willing victim? Perhaps we can begin to end the nearly absolute power of prosecutors, one case at a time. After all, a victim has the right to not be a victim.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

LA Passport Office Security Mindboggling

Los Angeles, CA—I have always said that security should be taken seriously. Security officers should be well screened, well-trained and well-armed and that anything less actually creates more dangerous conditions and vulnerabilities.

The security on some government buildings has gone well out-of-control. Our government has wasted untold billions in payments to government contractors for crap America does not want or need. The L.A. Passport office is an example of wasteful spending.

First of all who ever heard of an assault or robbery of a passport office clerk? The job is not confrontational or less than pleasant. Issuing travel documents can’t be more dangerous than states issuing drivers licenses.

To apply for a passport in person there is an incredible gauntlet that defies imagination. There are nearly a dozen uniformed and armed security officers. Entering the passport offices requires a TSA style search. Cameras, sharp objects, pepper sprays and such are strictly forbidden.

Once inside the passport offices heavy bank like bullet and bomb resistant windows protect every clerk from any contact with the already frisked and unarmed applicants.

Surveillance cameras and vigilant security guards monitor the applicants no differently than maximum security prison convicts.

Signs everywhere preclude weapons, cameras and cell phone use. I’m not sure what the camera ban is all about, but let’s say it is not quite perfect.

Can anyone please tell me why we need to waste these kinds of resources that could better be used to protect our borders and our endangered Border Patrol officers instead?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is Starring in Felony Court Tomorrow

Updated 2/9/11 at 2:10 PM. Los Angeles, CA—Lindsay Lohan will be starring as an accused felon in this real life drama. She will be appearing with her lawyer at the Airport (LAX) Court at 1:30 PM.

Lohan will be served with a criminal complaint through her lawyer and advised of her rights. There should be no issue of bail assuming Lohan appears.

The rub here is a likely probation violation that may get Lohan taken into custody. That would bring about the question of bail.

Under the judicial microscope will be an allegation that the troubled actress purloined a $2,500.00 necklace from a Venice Jeweler. That will take many months if not over a year to resolve under most conditions.

The defense will be entitled to police investigative reports as part the discovery process. Lohan will need a top notch experienced criminal defense investigator to assist her lawyer in getting the evidence.

The whole thing sounds fishy to me because of the delay in reporting and because they knowingly let her leave the store wearing the merchandise. There also seems to be a Hollywood policy for jewelers and such to loan out their wares for marketing purposes.

That necklace now has an increased value not only because Lohan wore it but because of the controversy that suddenly surrounds it. That in and of itself, could have motivated the theft allegation.

UPDATE 2/9/11 2:10 PM:

Lohan was ordered to post $40,000 bail to secure her release on the theft charge and allegation of the Probation Violation.

There was talk of a “settlement” in this matter. That indicates that a misdemeanor plea agreement of some sort is in the works.

A conviction for a misdemeanor would cause a probation violation and undoubtedly a jail term as part of any agreement.

In court today the prosecutor alleged that Lohan had flowers sent to the “victim” and asked for an order precluding any future contact by Lohan or her agents. That order was granted with the exception of Lohan’s lawyer and or defense investigators.

Lohan remains to be fingerprinted, photographed and for bail to be posted by a waiting bondsman. I suspect that could take hours to complete.

Bail is to insure a defendant’s appearance in court and since Lohan came in without more than a summons indicates she in fairness should not be required to do more but promise to appear in the future. Bail here seems particularly punitive without a lack of evidence that she would abscond.

The judge went out of his way to admonish Lohan that she’d be jailed without bond should she be accused of any additional offenses pending the outcome of this theft case.

Crimefile Reviews: The Chicago Code

Los Angeles, CA—How do you do a TV show about the inner-workings of the Chicago Police Department? The answer is, you can’t.

The Chicago Code’s creator, Shawn Ryan instead created a strange parallel universe that has the look of a fantasy CPD. The actors are too pretty and well groomed to be the real thing. Don’t get me wrong there are pretty cops in Chicago that care about their appearance but they make a much smaller percentage of the department. Frankly, Chicago cops for the most part need a serious glamour makeover.

Having Jennifer Beales as police superintendent Colvin, is great for this entertainment effort. She looks so cute in her Superintendent’s field cap indoors. Wearing the cap indoors looks so out of place until you think about the different rules of feminine fashion dictate where women wear hats indoors unlike men. In today’s real life women all but stopped wearing hats and too many of today’s men wear ball caps while they eat in restaurants. A cop serving at an indoor security post should wear the cap. Cops addressing the City Council should not.

Here the story line begins when Superintendent Colvin begins by biting the very hand that fed her. Targeting the powerful Alderman, played by Delroy Lindo as a suspect in a major homicide investigation would not happen in Chicago, ever.

The intense, Prima Donna detective played by Jason Clark is an interesting character as he changes partners like his underwear. Seeing a Superintendent targeted for a hit is unheard of and sensational to say the least. I can’t deny this is entertaining. The acting is top quality and the characters are rich.

I have to say Chicago has never looked better in film and the Chicago cop props are first rate and authentic. This cannot be taken as reality even if they try and rip stories from actual Chicago headlines.

All things considered this show should be a hit series and employ lots of Chicago actors for a good run. I enjoyed the pilot show and hope the writers can sustain the momentum.

If only the men and women of the Chicago Police Department would try and compete with sharp uniforms, great hair and makeup of this parallel universe.

If only my agent could get me a recurring role in this show as a corrupt Cook County judge this series would really rock! Yes, I’d like to get my fingers into the writing and producing of this too.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boycott the Absolute Cowards of the NFL

Dallas, TX—Super Bowl Sunday will be a fest for cowards and sheep. An American event will be transformed into something America should be deeply ashamed of. No longer can we say we are in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Francis Scott key would pull his song, The Star Spangled Banner from this event if he were alive today. The mutual cowards of the NFL and our Federal government are frisking every attendee of the Super Bowl. They’re looking for weapons, cameras, laser pointers, fireworks and a host of additional harmless items such as simple hair spray. Metal detectors and pat-down frisking await anyone foolish enough to submit to this garbage.

Any real American would skip this candyassed exercise in pure revulsion. I have stopped attending any event where the venue demands patrons be frisked. No event that carries a frisk as part of the price of admission will be attended by me.

This year I’m also going to skip watching these NFL cowards on TV too. No Super Bowl commercials or half-time shows for me. Yep, I already turned down one Super Bowl party invite. Thinking about tens of thousands of sports fans submitting to the un-American frisking in a Police State has zero appeal for me.

This is not the country I grew up in and I am losing interest in living here with so many sickening cowards.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Adolph Hitler’s Remarkable Success Can’t be Ignored

Berlin, Germany—Timing is everything and for one budding world leader he made all the right moves.

Let me say that National Socialism and Adolph Hitler left a nasty scar on this earth that will remain forever. Hitler should forever be remembered as one really evil politician. If we must thank Hitler it will be for the many thousands of miles of film, photographs and documents the NAZI’s left behind that documents their horror.

Hitler was a student of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Hitler was and is a product of the Radical Left wing as was Josef Stalin. Hitler had his own spin on Socialism. The radical Left wing has made a nearly seven decade deceptive campaign to somehow assign Hitler to the Far Right. I guess they don’t want to accept Hitler as one of their own.

Hitler redistributed wealth in grand style and fed the starving people of Germany. He was considered a rising Socialist star as he was selected for Time Magazine's Man of The Year.

Hitler came from the middle class. He studied art, architecture and politics. Hitler served Germany in World War One and earned the Iron Cross for bravery. Hitler was also injured in a mustard gas attack that put him in a Munich Hospital.

Hitler created his own image as a popular public speaker and man of new political ideas. This gifted public speaker could attract a crowd and keep them spellbound. Soon Hitler was making a good living by charging people admission to hear him speak.

Hitler quickly felt the ability to challenge the post World War One German government with an attempted coup d'état. This effort was the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 waged against the Weimar Republic by some 3,000 NAZI’s.

When the dust settled fifteen NAZI’s and four German cops lay dead. Hitler and some of his cronies were arrested for Treason, tried and convicted. Hitler managed to turn his trial into a spotlight political venue where he characterized his acts as done for the good of the German people. Hitler’s trial became his moment in the sun. Hitler only served about eight months behind bars for his crimes using that time to write Mein Kamph (My Struggle).

Hitler emerged from prison more popular than ever. The NAZI movement was still a minority trying to break out into the political mainstream. Hitler began a wildly successful political campaign using political promises instead of force to gain absolute power. Like all politicians, Hitler promised something for everyone.

One only has to see the numerous historical films of huge adoring crowds that followed Hitler wherever he went. Countless women and girls shed tears of joy just for an opportunity to be momentarily close to the rising rock star of National Socialism.

Had it not been for his ill-advised attack on the Soviet Union Hitler may have survived to be considered the greatest political leader of all times.

As for anti-Semitism and the deportation along with the enslavement of Jews was popular at the time. The elite Jewish financial leaders were blamed for all that ailed Germany. When it came to the Jewish question the secret plan of total liquidation only became problematic when exposed by the Allies at the fall of Germany. I don’t think even the world’s staunchest Jew haters could stomach the idea of the Holocaust. Murdering women and children has no place in any civilization.

Adolph Hitler was genuinely loved by the people of Germany. When government becomes so powerful and all-important to people this is the result each and every time throughout history. Government can never be allowed to grow like the Socialists demand, or people will always suffer. In the end 50,000 million people perished during World War Two. That includes six-million Jews and nine million good Germans.

Political leaders are hazardous for our health and safety. Politicians should be reduced to being simple servants hired to make roads, infrastructure and maintain national defense.

Study every so-called great leader in the world and you will find a total corrupt tyrant behind their phony smiles. Trading liberty for wealth or security is always dangerous and foolhardy.

Snitches are Vital to Barack Obama’s Police State

Dallas, TX—Barack Obama’s answer to Heinrich Himmler wants Super Bowl fans to become Homeland Security snitches. Janet Napolitano brought her plan to recruit busybodies and others that don’t have a life to become her secret police to the Super Bowl.

The Gestapo was a relatively small organization that relied on a huge snitch network during the 12 year Nazi Reich horror. Government clerks simply read the snitch reports and dispatched the Gestapo officers who quickly rounded up those turned in by their neighbors for resisting National Socialism.

There will always be those despicable people in our world that turn their neighbors and family members in for fun and profit. They need to be identified, exposed and severely punished by American patriots.

I’m not suggesting that robbers, rapists and killers should not be exposed but the new Homeland Security program is clearly looking to get a handle on resistance to their political efforts to fundamentally change America into a Socialist form of government. We all have a duty to report real crime to local authorities.

Homeland security has been deliberately vague on the type and scope of information they’re looking for other than to say, suspicious. That is a sign that they want petty details in volume to selectively use against counter-revolutionaries and patriots.

We must dismantle, de-fund and decapitate Homeland Security while we still can. This organization’s direction is absolute control over Americans and the total destruction of our sacred Bill of rights. The TSA’s full frontal assault on our Fourth Amendment is just Napolitano’s opening act. This is no small threat. What’s past is prologue.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sig-Sauer’s dazzling .45 Rings My Bell

Las Vegas, NV—I’ve been so busy I’ve not gotten all my SHOT Show favorites up to share with the Crimefile News viewers.

This is a variation on the P-220 .45 ACP that has a lot to offer. This Sig would also make a great service pistol for a street cop.

Liberty is Non-Negotiable in America-Stop Homeland Security Now

Washington, DC—For the past several decades America has allowed politicians to take us down the path of selling liberty for promised security.

Today the biggest threat to liberty in American history its Homeland Security Department and its massive power. This beast must be dismantled, defunded and destroyed before it’s too late. This un-American perversion of law enforcement is nothing more than the clear sign of the Police State we fought so many wars to prevent.

Every totalitarian, Fascist, Communist or Nazi state has sold their population that freedom was somehow dangerous and that security was for necessary public safety. The despots systematically disarmed their population before enslaving them and eventually murdering them.

I talk a lot about the National Socialists and Adolph Hitler because the photos, films and massive documentary evidence they left behind is unparalleled in world history. You need not rely on people’s faulty or biased recollections to know what happened inside National Socialism.

As Hitler was given power in Germany he was a wildly popular man, looked up to as a savior and role model. Time Magazine named him, Man of the Year. Liberty soon vanished as Hitler outlawed, civilian gun ownership, censored media and even thought. Searching of people, backpacks, vehicles, businesses and homes by government security forces was sold as necessary for everyone’s safety and security.

In the end of a twelve year reign six million Jews and nine million more good German citizens perished under National Socialism. There was no liberty or security for those left in Germany lucky enough to escape with their lives. The Soviet soldiers turned what was left of the German female population into personal sex slaves.

What’s past is prologue. This was the case in every government created by man at some point. It was the Nazis that documented the reality of every government that values security over liberty and privacy.

You can't balance the needs of security with freedom. Freedom is paramount or there is no security. Without liberty there is no public safety.

Real public safety begins and ends with access to the tools and training you need to protect yourself, family and community. Security is best left to the individual citizens rather than government.

Government is always about power, corruption and absolute control. Government breeds slavery, greed and celebrity for those in control. Government must be under the control of the people rather than the other way around. That’s the rub because government feeds on itself to gain growth and power.

When government get’s too big the best way to control it is to not feed the monster. Taxation must be under control of the taxed rather than the government. Taxpayers need to control what they pay, but for now the government makes that decision.

We must learn to say no to the TSA, BATFE, DEA, IRS, EPA, and the FBI. We have local law enforcement and don’t need to pay twice for law enforcement services. That’s especially true when their efforts are not needed or wanted in our communities. We can say no by defunding these government parasites.

We must defend liberty first, last and always. We can never fight hard enough to protect freedom and liberty. This fight never ends. We must always be ready to kill all enemies of freedom before they kill us. That includes those seeking or holding office that threaten our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sikh Daggers in American Schools is Much More than a Religious Issue!

Canton Township, MI—Let me begin by saying that Sikhs are primarily from India and are not Muslims. Sikhs have been victimized and murdered by Muslims throughout their six-century history.

The Sikh religion is very much like Christianity but without Christ. That is the Golden Rule that Christians observe is paramount to the Sikh faith. The Sikhs are not complicated or violent. They avoid drugs, alcohol and tabbaco.

For a Sikh, the carrying of the kirpan (Sikh dagger) represents a commitment to fight evil. The Sikhs believe in the duty to defend themselves, families and community. Yes, you may count on for the help and protection of total strangers by Sikhs. Sikhs have served honorably and with distinction in all militaries of the free world.

All male Sikhs are required to wear the proper turban and carry the kirpan. Unfortunately laws against weapons that violate the Second Amendment also violate the right of the Sikh-American’s First Amendment.

Knives in school were a vastly over-stated problem in American schools. It was not real violence but because of the famous play and later movie, West Side Story that politicians all across America saw with the fictional Jets and Sharks dancing across the stage with switchblade knives. That dramatic sight sent lawmakers into a panic at legislatures and city councils all over. They outlawed these knives virtually overnight.

The hysteria got worse, instead of better as school children were disciplined over toys and even pictures of knives. Violence in schools is not controlled by prohibitions of Boy Scout knives but by the presence of real cops or armed security. The unarmed security people and metal detectors used by school districts across our nation are a total waste of money.

At least in the Plymouth-Canton School District in Detroit they have regained some sense. They have decided to allow Sikh students the right to carry their daggers.

This is a good first start. It’s time to let any child carry things like Boy Scout knives. Kids were trusted with such items until the loony Liberals got absolute power in our schools decades ago.

The Sikh is a trustworthy person and a great friend to have.