Thursday, January 31, 2008

It’s SHOT SHOW Time In Las Vegas!

There is no question that this even is the largest show of firearms, hunting and outdoor fun in the world. February 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention center will host manufacturers from nearly every corner of the globe.

The dollar has taken a severe beating abroad which will make it easier for foreign dealers to buy lots of goods made by our American workers.

I plan to show some highlights from this event right here at crimefile News.
More information on the SHOT SHOW can be found here.

Britney Spears Is A Lot Closer To Marilyn Monroe this Morning

This morning Britney Spears will wake in Westwood’s UCLA Medical Center only a short walk from the legendary Marilyn Monroe’s crypt at the Westwood Memorial Park.

Spears was removed from her home and hospitalized under a 72 hour hold arranged by her own psychiatrist. The scene was and is beyond chaotic as nearly 100 people comprised of cops, firemen, paparazzi photographers escorted her to the hospital.

I won’t speculate on a diagnosis of Spears’ medical condition but her life is far from normal as Spears has been subject to constant privacy invasion and surveillance by the sleaziest tabloid operations. You can properly argue that Spears is a co-conspirator to the exposure of every intimate detail of her life. it’s now time for the tabloid vultures circling over Spears to take the high road and end their coverage of this troubled young woman at least and until she can heal.

With Spears’ enormous financial holdings her helpers, family and friends seem to be motivated by greed rather than any desire to help Spears.

Sadly, the Britney Spears death watch well is underway. I don’t think this woman can ever last longer that the 36 years Marilyn Monroe graced this earth. Spears will be strangled to death by her fans, the morbidly curious, government bureaucrats, opportunists looking to loot her estate and the managers of our sleazy media organizations.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wesley Snipes Criminal Tax Evasion Trial Nears Its End

Wesley Snipes’ future is now in the hands of a federal court jury over a gaggle of felony tax fraud and evasion charges. Snipes is facing as much as 16 years in prison if convicted. The IRS wants him convicted as an example to anyone who’s unhappy with tax system circus.

Crooked Politicians and their contractors have bled Americans for far too long. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves because confiscatory taxation is exactly why we revolted against England. We are plundered far more today by our own government than King George ever dreamed possible.

We have a tax code that even the experts can’t understand and ordinary folks are expected to simply shut up and send money off to be squandered at every level of government. There has to be a better, simpler and more equitable to handle taxes. We must find way to kill or at least slow down the greedy tax monster.

We taxed ourselves to death and at the same time we’ve allowed illegal aliens to bankrupt our schools, destroy our health care, insurance systems and overload our courts and prisons beyond the breaking point.

At the beginning of the American experiment our founding fathers allowed only land owners or taxpayers the right to vote. We’ve given every freeloader and deadbeat the right to vote and now they make up the majority as they demand the Nanny system of government.

I hope to see Wesley Snipes and his co-defendants win this round with the government. Perhaps government can be forced into a simplified total redesign of the tax system. We can count on the bottom feeding politicians, contractors, and CPA’s to fight hard to keep things just the way they are as they take even more from us.

The truth is that the most common tax dissenter’s legal arguments against the IRS are far easier to understand and accept than our tax code.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting New Law Enforcement Friends In L.A.

Today I made some new friends that came in from the Philippines in order to attend a seminar on Internet cybercrime hosted by the FBI. These fine officers are on the cutting edge of the fight against worldwide Internet scams and child sexual exploitation.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the policewomen wearing uniform skirts instead of patrolman pants. Oh, to return to the days when men were men and women were women.

These fine officers are enjoying quite an adventure during their visit. I think Crimefile News has gained some new readers!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dreaming About Gloria Loring…

Long ago when I was a young cop the astonishingly beautiful Gloria Loring was cast as Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives.  Cops work nights and sometimes become hooked on soaps. I got hooked on Gloria! She is what fantasies are made of.

I regret I still never met Gloria or got to make a complete fool out of myself trying to date her. I would have stuttered like Porky Pig if I ever got to look into her gorgeous eyes.

I have a dear contemporary actress friend living in Sherman Oaks whose known Gloria for many years. I hope that I may yet get the opportunity to impress this babe/actress/songbird with my unintentional Porky Pig impersonation.

Yes, she's currently married to Rene Lagler and her son Robin Thicke is a huge star now.

I must confess to borrowing Gloria's picture from her website. You can visit Gloria's site, see many more pictures and buy her great music at the Official Gloria Loring Site.

Sit back and watch Gloria sing her hit, Friends and Lovers.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is Richard M. Daley Ed Burke’s Puppet?

It’s Alderman Ed Burke the Finance Committee Chairman that doles out millions of taxpayer cash like water to campaign contributors like Jenner & Block to do the work of Chicago’s Corporation Counsel’s lawyers. This is done with little or no oversight.

Alderman Burke that is perhaps the only Alderman in America with a 1$ million dollar a year police bodyguard detail over a long forgotten decades old threat. Is Daley asleep at the wheel or just too afraid of Alderman Burke to end this kind unnecessary waste? What about the 49 other Aldermen and women?

How does Alderman Burke get to keep a $9 million dollar donated campaign war chest when he’s not been opposed in any election in memory? Generous contributor’s with lots of clout and huge wasteful city contracts paid Burke well for throwing tax money away.

The Shackman Decree may have ended patronage appointments but Burke and Daley have been able to outsource enough work. Work like that of the Hired Truck scandal to maintain any power lost because of Shackman.

Why do Chicago’s taxpayers have to pay millions of dollars to lawyers to protect Edward Burke whenever he’s been the target of federal investigations?

This Burke story is one that will keep on giving. Club Fed is waiting for their new residents.

You Know Your Country is In Deep Trouble When…

Every non-taxpaying, deadbeat in America gets $300.00 free money in the form of a “tax rebate” even if they never paid a dime in taxes.

Making America’s hard working taxpayers pay for this outrage in beyond insane. This is nothing more than a very tired Marxist idea to redistribute wealth.

We don’t need a tax rebate. What we need is a leaner and more efficient government with fewer bureaucrats putting their greedy hands in our pants.

The freeloaders who are given $300.00 of their fellow American’s money will simply use it for illegal drugs, liquor or bail bonds.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chicago May Be ready for Reform

A new investigation is expected to be launched into the criminal activities of Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke and his wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice, Anne M. Burke. The Burkes are accused of fixing murder cases and at least one high profile child molestation case.

There are some serious issues involving statutes of limitations that won’t affect State Bar and judicial conduct matters. There are plenty of matters recent enough to bring indictments.

Payoffs in the form of contracts awarded for Chicago’s legal work, Chicago Mob ties, new ghost pay-rolling allegations, along with fixing a court appeal to help the Emerald Gambling Casino regain their revoked license will all be under a new government microscope.

Alderman Burke was the son of a politically appointed Sheriff’s Deputy who rose through political ranks. Burke became a Chicago cop in 1965 and worked his way through DePaul Law School. When Burke’s father died in 1968 the younger Burke took a leave of absence from the police department to succeed his father’s position in the 14th Ward. Allegedly Ed Burke aligned himself with the Chicago Mob, got his inexperienced lawyer wife appointed to the Illinois Appellate Court and later the Supreme Court.

Many of these allegations are not new and were profiled in Robert Cooley’s book, WHEN CORRUPTION WAS KING that’s now being developed in Hollywood as a feature film.

Alderman Burke has a limousine, drivers and a large contingent of Chicago police bodyguards at his disposal because of an alleged threat made decades ago. I’ve been told taxpayers fund this at 1$ million a year. Along with his bodyguards Burke is also allowed by law to carry guns. No wonder Chicago is the land of constant tax increases.

If Chicago has a King and Queen they are the Burkes. They have the real power over the city’s government, at least for now. I’m told their lives are about to change.

Stay tuned! I expect to get some documents that are part of the investigation and will publish them here.

Hollywood Stars, Drug Addictions and Behavior Issues

It’s very difficult to find success as an actor in Hollywood. First you have to be able to perform before cameras and audiences without looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding car. As far as acting skills go I will point you to two multi-millionaire stars, Steven Segal and William Shatner.

The reality is that the Hollywood gate keepers are the established agents. Agents can make nearly any homeless man or woman an instant millionaire if they simply are able stand still and talk. Usually its relatives, bed-mates or close friends of Hollywood powerbrokers that are made into stars. Of course there are those very talented exceptions that can do things like sing, dance or act better than anyone who make it on their own merits.

If an agent drops an actor and he’s not picked up by another he will be waiting tables as soon as the money he or she already earned runs out. An agent-less actor is an unemployed actor. Producers and their casting directors rarely audition unrepresented actors.

When actors misbehave, use drugs or otherwise become dysfunctional they are a huge risk and liability to film investors. Too many young actors give way to non-therapeutic drugs and every other kind of stupidity as they bite the hands that feed them.

The Hollywood mentality of tolerance has gone way too far as bad behavior seems to be considered more for its free publicity. When actors undergo rehabilitation they return as heroes when they are nothing more than addicted souls waiting for their next relapse.

There are legions of great actors that never grab headlines other than for making box office hits like Jodi Foster, Hillary Swank and Clint Eastwood. The miscreant thespians need to be given the bums rush out the door and other actors deserve their chance at the good life.

I’ll weep more for the actor who came to Hollywood, never found and agent or a chance to live their dream than the likes of River Phoenix, Brad Renfro or Heath Ledger.

Beauty Queen, Actress and Senn High School Alumni dead at 78.

Los Angeles--Lois Nettleton was a terrific actress who was believable in any role she ever played. She was captivating in early and memorable episodes of the Twilight Zone and hundreds of significant roles on stage, screen and television. In Recent years Nettleton had a recurring role in Crossing Jordan. Today she’s been reported to have died of Lung Cancer.

Nettleton was born In the Chicago Suburb of Oak Park, IL. She competed in beauty contests becoming both Miss Chicago and a runner-up in the Miss America Contest. Along the way she attended and graduated from my own Alma Mater, Senn High School on Chicago’s North Side. Nettleton gained her acting chops at the prestigious Goodman Theater of Chicago’s Art Institute.

I’ll never forget Nettleton's role opposite Maximilian Schell in that great film, Man In The Glass Booth in 1975. She played Miriam “Mimi” Rosen, an Israeli prosecutor on a mission to hang a wealthy Jewish-German-American immigrant who orchestrated the theft of the identity and impersonation of a Nazi War Criminal.

A long list of Nettleton's credits can be found here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Not So Wonderful

You’ve heard it said over and over that we have the very best criminal justice system in the world. Best perhaps but far from perfect as we keep changing the rules to make convictions easier for prosecutors to win.

Take young Alton Logan. Did I say young? Today Logan is 54 years-old,and languishing in an Illinois prison cell for more than half of his life. Logan was young when he arrived on that prison bus, but that was 26 years ago. Logan became a convicted murderer, doing life for killing a security guard at a McDonald’s restaurant on Chicago’s South Side.

During the January 11, 1982, robbery at the McDonald's at 11421 S. Halsted St., security guard Lloyd Wycliffe was killed by a shotgun blast and another security guard, Alvin Thompson, were wounded. The gunmen got no money, but stole the guards' handguns.

Just one month later, another man Edgar Hope, Killed one Chicago cop and wounded another aboard a CTA bus Hope used a McDonald’s guard’s stolen handgun to do the deed. Soon Hope was arrested charged with the cop’s murder. Alton Logan was arrested and charged along with Hope for the McDonald’s crime based on an eye-witness’ identification of the two suspects for killing the security guard.

Days later on February 9th two more Chicago cops, William Fahey and Richard O’Brien were murdered. The officer’s service revolvers also stolen by the killers during the crime. Police identified Andrew and Jackie Wilson as the cop’s killers and launched one of the largest manhunts in department history.

On Feb. 13, officers raided a South Side beauty parlor where they learned Andrew Wilson had been hiding. Cops were unable find Wilson, but they did find the revolvers belonging to Fahey and O'Brien, as well as a shotgun. Ballistics tests matched the shotgun to a shotgun shell found at the McDonald's restaurant according to a crime lab report.

Chicago Police Commander, Jon Burge and some of his detectives caught up with the Wilson brothers and interrogated them. Trials were held and the Wilson brothers along with Edgar Hope went to death Row for their crimes and all later had their death sentences commuted by Illinois Governor George Ryan who is doing time of his own in a federal prison cell.

The Wilson brothers and several others involved in despicable murder cases accused Commander Burge and his men of torturing them in order to gain confessions. Burge was fired, sued and is still under investigation decades later because of the allegations.

Andrew Wilson died of natural causes while in prison but one of his best kept secrets did not die with him.

Justice Derailed

Attorney Marc Miller was defending Hope who told him that Alton Logan was not involved with the McDonald’s crime and that Andrew Wilson was. Miller approached The two public defenders assigned to the Wilson brothers, Dale Coventry and Jamie Kunz telling them of Hope’s assertions.

Soon Coventry confronted Andrew Wilson with Hope’s revelations. Wilson laughed about someone else getting the blame and confessed that he not Logan did the McDonald’s stick-up and murder. The lawyers for the Wilson brothers knew that Alton Logan was an innocent man as prosecutors unsuccessfully sought to put him to death.

Rather than interfere with Logan’s worst nightmare Coventry and Kunz prepared a sworn affidavit in March of 1982, saying the following: "I have obtained information through privileged sources that a man named Alton Logan who was charged with the fatal shooting of Lloyd Wickliffe at on or about 11 Jan. 82 is in fact not responsible for that shooting that in fact another person was responsible." Coventry and Kunz signed it, as did a witness and a notary public. Then they sealed it in a metal box where it’s been until Cook County Circuit Court Judge James Schreier ruled that since Andrew Wilson died they could reveal Andrew Wilson’s statements to the lawyers.

This should be a no-brainer quickly setting Alton Logan who has maintained his innocence for nearly three decades free. Not so fast! That affidavit, now brittle and yellowed from being locked in that box all those years and the sworn testimony of the two public defenders is hearsay evidence and may never be admissible in court.

Since the secret affidavit has seen the light of day, Logan’s current lawyer Harold Wilson has filed motions with the court for DNA testing of evidentiary items to uncover the truth. So far the Illinois Attorney’s office has stonewalled that request.

The Illinois Attorney General has the ball in her court and can control everything. I believe we will see a big fight over the not so new but well concealed evidence. Will they do the right thing? Stay tuned!

APRIL 18, 2008 UPDATE!
Judge ordered a new trial for Logan and set bail.

Alton Logan's family say they took up a collection in the lobby of the Cook County Criminal Courthouse on Friday and quickly came up with the $1,000 needed for his release.

A tearful Logan says he feels great leaving the courthouse surrounded by friends and family.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Harvey Levin Please Have A Little Mercy

Imaging being cast in movies as the cool and suave spy, 007. Then you meet really sexy girl and you marry her.

Later, after having children and the yummiest food in your refrigerator your wife begins to change. That’s bad enough but TMZ roving photographers will share your wife’s new figure with the world. Stop with those whale jokes already! Harvey, you’re a son of a bitch!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chicago Police Outsource Internal Investigations

Okay, there were some very serious incidents and corruption within the ranks of Chicago cops in recent times. City politicians sacked the 32 year old, civilian run Office of Professional Standards in favor of a new, Independent Police Review Authority.

Now because of a backlog of investigations the city has turned to outside lawyers and private investigators to work these cases. At first blush I want to condemn this idea as insane. But then I have to say that rotten departmental politics and associated outside political corruption have destroyed the careers of many fine officers. The department rigged results in too many cases rather than conduct fair or impartial investigations.

The backlog of cases needs to be addressed another simple and inexpensive way. All complaints would be reduced by 70% by just doing the following:
1. Require all complaints to be made under oath.
2. Every case of a false report should be prosecuted.

Sending these cases to outsiders is unprecedented in any police agencies I’ve ever heard about. The system may be the best or worst thing that ever happened to the men and women sworn to protect Chicago’s citizens.

As a licensed private investigator I’d take that kind of assignment very seriously. Having worn the uniform and been subject to abuse by local residents and their phony allegations I would do what OPS or the IAD has never done, demand prosecution of people making false reports. Cops would be lucky to have me investigate these cases.

We will all just have to hold our breath and hope for the best. I’m already holding my nose as I have began to smell funny business in the awarding of these investigation contracts.

Ugly Zero Tolerance Policies Get Uglier

GRAYSLAKE, Il. Christopher Berger, 18, is an honor student at Grayslake Central High School who faces an adult criminal record for the rest of his life. Why you ask? It seems that school officials found the lad’s jacket on school property, searched the pockets and found a small multi-tool that contained a knife blade. Police were called and in addition to school punishment Berger was charged with Reckless Conduct and now needs a lawyer.

Illinois is one of those states that have written law after law banning every possible type of instrument that could be used to inflict harm. When I was a Boy Scout attending Catholic school, on meeting days we proudly carried our Boy Scout knives on a chain from our belts. No, we did not arrange West Side Story style rumbles nor did any animals suffer because of our “Reckless Conduct”. That of course was long before the Uber Liberals had total control of Illinois state and local government.

Berger is clearly the victim of yet another insane Zero Tolerance policy. Berger wants to go to college and be a firefighter. He will face almost certain rejection should he be convicted of a crime. Of course there are those hateful bastards that applaud that kind of result.

This reminds me of all the people we’ve convicted of crimes for forgetfully bringing some type of knife or gun in carry-on baggage as they board enter an airport for a flight.

When I was a young policeman I had to enter the Cook County jail and was stopped by a jail guard who told me that he had to search me before I could enter. I asked the older jailer if sworn police officers are not trustworthy. The response was they even search Warden, Jack Johnson because we may forget and accidently introduce a weapon inside the jail. That made sense to me since they did not try and make criminals out of forgetful cops.

Someone please tell me why this silliness with Christopher Berger is going to a criminal court on February 20, 2008? Why must Judges, prosecutors and court reporters have their time wasted over this lad’s perceived threat to public safety?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Case Anyone Didn’t know Tigers Can Kick Your Ass!

It was closing time at the San Francisco Zoo and three young fellows were at or near the tiger exhibit. The actions of the trio are subject to speculation but the results were not. An obviously agitated tiger found her way out of the enclosure and began to dine on the three visitors killing one.

No, I can’t blame the tiger for being a large carnivore and stepping out for a little snack. But there must have been a lot more than hunger involved. How many thousands of visitors could visit these magnificent creatures without such a mishap? I can’t help but believe that the lads were mean spirited and taunted the tiger causing the event. If that was the case I think that was another example of Darwin’s law and some truly poetic justice.

You Ring, We Rat Bail Bonds

Miguel Pereira, the owner of You Ring We Spring bail bonds arranged to get O.J. Simpson released for bragging rights and to see himself on TV. Pereira also waived Simpson’s premium payment of $18,000.00. When Pereira’s publicity ran out he saw the opportunity to personally take Simpson into custody and grace TV sets worldwide with his own image.

Pereira saved Simpson’s November rambling recorded telephone message for a second wave of publicity where he could be the star. Plain and simple, Miguel Pereira is a big fat rat who sought fame at Simpson’s expense.

Did Simpson’s phone call really amount to an attempt to influence or intimidate a witness? The answer is clearly, no. Had that been the case prosecutors would have convened a grand Jury and Indicted Simpson on new charges before sundown.

Bail is our Sixth Amendment Constitutional right should we ever be accused of a crime. The purpose of bail is to insure the appearance of the suspect in court. Courts have later ruled that in addition, protection of the public is an additional consideration.

Simpson is in no way a special flight risk and has always appeared in court when required. Simpson has a right to a fair trial and now the alleged victim of the crime Simpson is accused of wants the charges dropped. Has the O.J. Simpson Circus wasted enough time of our government officials?

Update: According to a published report from correspondent extraordinaire, LINDA DEUTSCH of the associated Press, our “hero”, Miguel Pereira took a queue from Simpson’s co-defendant. It seems Pereira concealed a digital recording device on his person in an effort to record some juicy statements from the Juice during travel back to the Clark county Jail. I can only conclude that the recordings were for later sale.

I seriously doubt that lawyers, investigators or their clients would ever knowingly patronize this bonding company or Mr. Pereira’s services for any reason. Nobody likes a rat.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thoughts Of Viet Nam And America’s Shame

I was drafted for that war and was sent to be a medical corpsman in Germany somehow avoiding the death and destruction in Viet Nam. I watched the total sellout of the people we promised to protect from the yoke of Communism. Many soldiers returned who like Green Beret Sergeant Barry Sadler never had their name inscribed on the Viet Nam War Memorial.

A wounded Sergeant Sadler returned home and would later die at his own hands in 1989 despite the achievement of his hit song, and some minor publishing success. In a side drama, Sergeant Sadler was arrested, tried and acquitted for the 1978 murder of Nashville song writer Lee Emerson.

Watch as Sergeant Sadler sings his hit song, The Ballad Of The Green Beret.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real ID Or Government Gone Wild?

For those old enough to remember, our politicians assured us that Social Security numbers would only be used for benefits and not identification. Okay their lied. Our Social Security number became our number one identification landmark.

Now Secretary Michael Chertoff, head of the Department of Homeland Security has told us that we need to adopt the REAL ID program or we will all die from terrorist attacks. Real ID is the back door attempt at creating a National Identity Card from all the driver’s licenses and state issued ID cards made uniform, secure and tamper-proof loaded into a single BIG BROTHER database.

You can always argue the benefits to public safety of total government control over all Americans. I'd argue government only need register, identify and keep tabs on criminals, foreigners and terrorists. They’ve never done that very well and now they demand total control over all of us.

Chertoff claimed only terrorists and enemy agents would object to REAL ID. I think Chertoff forgot that all Americans that value the Freedom and Liberty so many Americans died for would object to this government con-job too.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Star Or Mom Star?

We all know about On Star service offered with today’s automobiles. It’s designed to help you in emergencies and lots of good things. There is also a huge Big Brother aspect that could even allow the remote monitoring of your conversations as you drive the streets and highways. That takes me to the latest service I’m offering to my clients, MOM STAR!

When I think of a composite American mother I think of the role model for all times Mrs. Cleaver. She of course was the mother of Wally and Theodore Beaver” Cleaver on the 50s TV show, Leave It To Beaver. Any good mom is slow to cut the apron strings to her children and continue to worry about their well being for the rest of their lives. Moms specialize in keeping us all from engaging in risky behavior. It may well be true that none of us would have lived without our mom’s protection.

We all have to allow our children to learn how to drive and somehow provide them with safe and secure basic transportation. Our kids all want the fastest and flashiest cars on the planet as they promise to obey all traffic laws as they dream of NASCAR like maneuvers in rush-hour traffic.

MOM STAR has become a service the mom’s I know are demanding from me these days. What is MOM STAR you ask? It’s the latest greatest device that allows moms to know exactly what her children are doing with their cars. For example whenever junior travels over a certain speed, say 75 miles per hour mom gets a text message on her cell phone telling her the speed, location, direction and duration. Mom can fire up her computer from anywhere in the world and watch the exact movement of the car in real time. Mom can also learn on which side of the railroad tracks her children have found new friends.

You might ask what’s preventing mom from doing the same thing with dad’s car? Absolutely nothing.

If you need this kind of service you can get it right here.

Monday, January 07, 2008

California’s Gun Crime Problems Amid Crazy Gun Laws

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Tia Fisher exemplifies why gun laws hurt rather than help public safety. Convicted felon, Curtis Harris, 34 could not possess a weapon because of state and federal gun laws that even the National rifle Association support. Nobody wants convicted criminals running around with guns except maybe Judge Fisher.

You see this felon Curtis Harris was not a model citizen or husband. He had used duct tape, handcuffs and a stun gun to kidnap his wife, Monica Harris, 37. This miscreant had a previous felony conviction and later reoffended in two incidents in which he kidnapped his wife over a three-day time span in November.

Harris’s lawyer worked out a deal for him to plead guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and was waiting for his sentencing to a new 16 month prison term. Harris waited not in jail but out on the street without any bail requirement, courtesy of Judge Fisher.

Curtis Harris was free to do what was next. Curtis Harris soon contacted his estranged wife in violation of a court order and shortly returned killing her and then himself.

California is a place where law-abiding folks have few gun rights while violent criminals are set free to arm themselves and stalk their prey. Again, as usual gun laws worked only to aid criminals.

Hillary Clinton Is Seeing Reality

Conservatives loathe this divisive, Left Wing lighting rod that reeks of deception and tired Karl Marx Bolshevism.

Mrs. Clinton targeted and tried to turn American’s gun owners into criminals. She sought to bring welfare mothers and their children into America’s Veteran’s hospitals under her first un-American healthcare plan. Bigger taxes, bigger government and less freedom, was and is Clinton’s hallmark.

Whitehouse scandals during the last Clinton administration all included questionable conduct by this former First Lady. Her husband has the distinction to be only the second American President to be impeached. Her husband was the only president caught lying while under oath. You may argue that she should not pay for her husband’s wrongs but she never condemned them either.

Iowa voters have spoken well. Mrs. Clinton, stop wasting our time, you’re not wanted. Please just go away!

Yes, The George Orwell’s Thought Police Are Here In A Big Way

More than two decades beyond 1984 the Thought Police have a huge presence and demand unlimited access inside our heads. Nonsense you say? Just ask Michael T Arnold. He returned from the Philippines to the LAX Airport with his laptop computer and U.S. Customs during a routine search read his mind or in this case his computer hard drive. Unfortunately Arnold’s thoughts about children engaged in sexual activity.

Child pornography was located on the computer’s hard drive and now Arnold faces years in prison. Los Angeles Federal Judge, Dean D. Pregerson granted a defense motion to suppress the hard drive evidence from court proceedings. The government lawyers appealed and we now will wait for the courts to speak about this issue.

The prognosis for Mr. Arnold and the privacy of the rest of the nation is not good. The Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals seems to think a hard drive that contains financial, reminder memos, lawyer client, doctor patient, and trade secret information deserves no special protection in an unrelated child porn case. I suspect there will be a privacy showdown in the Supreme Court in the next few years.

Today cops include computers and their storage devices are in every request for a search warrant and judges sign the warrants without a second thought even when there seems to be no connection to a crime or the subject of the investigation does not own or even know how to use a computer.

Police evidence lockers are filled with thousands of seized computers that languish for years waiting for forensic examination and possible court trials. By the time computers are returned to innocent owners their computers and their operating systems are outdated.

The sexual exploitation of children is really ugly. Police probing into our thoughts and hard drives is far worse. Old established investigative methods of locating, rounding up, trying, and punishing pedophiles still work rather well. Even without the Thought Police we have always netted enough of these sick bastards to overflow our prisons. We don’t need the Thought Police in America!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It’s Time To Investigate Dr. Phil McGraw’s Professional Conduct

We all know Britney Spears was sent against her will for a mental evaluation that was interrupted well short of the normal 72 hour period. It was cut short for one reason and one reason only the physicians at Cedar Sinai Hospital felt she was not a danger to herself or others.

Sure Spears has done some nutty things but the diagnosis for mental illness is the within the province of medical experts examining Spears not the exaggerated media reports or the public’s conjecture and gossip.

I have to ask what prompted this LAPD SWAT standoff. I suspect I know the answer. Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline called the cops and suggested that Spears was drug intoxicated, insane and armed with a handgun. Yes, Spears owns at least one handgun and that troubles the LAPD enough for them to error on the side of taking Spear’s gun away from her even absent any evidence of a crime. If that’s the case I understand why Spears refused police demands. Her rights were violated.

What about the unwanted interloper, Phil McGraw? McGraw used Spear’s fame and current news making problems to raise his own profile and television ratings. Without being invited into Spear’s life McGraw publically diagnosed Spears as being in dire need of mental treatment. Of course McGraw is not a physician and is unqualified to make that call. As a psychologist McGraw could be a part of someone’s mental health treatment program but he was not asked for his services.

McGraw’s real outrage was engaging in public speculation of a possible mental condition and his calling Spears Crazy. McGraw has been televising people’s private mental health conditions for far too long. Mental health matters are private and not for public consumption as entertainment. I find McGraw’s behavior actionable in a civil court and would support Spears in any lawsuit against McGraw. The boards of any states granting McGraw professional licenses need to investigate and take proper action.

As for Kevin Federline, it’s obvious that Spears’s problems began when she cohabitated with him. Did Federline introduce her to drugs? Federline's role and motives need further examination.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Murdering Britney Spears

Los Angeles—The very troubled Britney Spears is in Cedar Sinai Hospital for a much needed mental health evaluation. Police responding to a custody dispute found the irrational singer in a state where she may pose a danger to herself or others. The standard protocol for police and paramedics was followed by signing Spears in for mental health observation and treatment.

Spear’s behavior for the past couple of years seems to be influenced by the scandal sheets and Spears has become sad caricature of a circus performer dancing at the direction of the likes of cruel paparazzi photographers who are laughing at this suffering creature rather than with her.

It’s only a matter of time before police or paramedics find this once vibrant, talented and beautiful young woman dead, perhaps after she hangs herself or intentionally ingests a lethal drug overdose. The public’s morbid need to consume the fringe media products should be listed as the cause of death for Britney Spears.

I have a deadly serious question for TMZ’s Harvey Levin. Is the pursuit of Britney Spears just business or a premeditated murder?