Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Phil Spector Was Railroaded In A Legal Outrage

Los Angeles, CA—Judge Larry Paul Fiddler seemed like such a personable fellow when I met him in San Francisco at a function hosted by the Investigative Reporters and Editors some six years ago. First impressions are sometimes misleading.

Fidler had the duty to give murder suspects a fair trial under our sacred system of justice. When legendary record producer Phil Spector’s murder case came before Judge Fidler, fairness was replaced by judicial tyranny.

Fidler consistently ruled for nearly every request by prosecutors while denying nearly everything for Spector’s defense. Fidler was more biased than any judge I’ve seen in some 40 years.

Fidler was out to prove that a celebrity could get convicted after a stunning series of acquittals of other accused Hollywood notables.

Fidler was asked repeatedly to recuse himself and when he refused the defense went as far as the Court of Appeals and lost the argument.

The real abuse of judicial discretion was surrounding the newly revised California’s evidence code 1101B that could allow the introduction of so-called prior bad acts committed by the defendant.

Fidler allowed a string of women jilted by Spector to come into court and accuse Spector of whatever they wanted. Allegations surfaced that were never reported to police and there was never a prosecution or trial to sort out fact from fiction. The tales were decades old and the women telling them were felons, freeloaders and even sold their stories to the tabloids.

As for the evidence or rather a lack of it, the jury was allowed to be tainted by a very public hate campaign often centering on the aging Spector or his appearance.

The case was far more about salacious gossip than facts. The pretty dead woman, Lana Clarkson was painted as saintly or angelic. The truth was that she was a troubled alcohol and drug addicted woman who stole from her friends and lived under a cloud of poverty and depression.

The prosecutors took steps to cover up Clarkson’s real problems by asking the Los Angeles County Medical Examiners to not conduct the normal psychological autopsy done in such cases. This obstruction of justice was criminal to say the least.

The prosecution made a, Motion to Fix and Judge Filer sustained that motion. The jury was swayed by the avalanche of what should have been inadmissible garbage rather than evidence. The result was a miscarriage of justice.

Lana Clarkson died at her own hands while heavily intoxicated.

Now Phil Spector can watch the Clarkson family loot his estate as he rots in a prison cell for a year or few until his case is reviewed by a higher court.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicago Food Porn-BBQ Ribs @ Twin Anchors

Chicago, IL A weekend in Chicago brought me to my old Chicago haunt of Old Town. My taste buds always scream for some of the great places I used to eat.

Twin Anchors is just such a place where gluttony rules supreme. Here is that place in its glory and weather permitted me sitting in their sidewalk café. Watching the girls go by was better than desert!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jury In Drew Peterson’s Criminal Trial Hangs!

Chicago, IL—A 12-member jury heard the evidence and could not reach a unanimous verdict in the "trial" of murder suspect Drew Peterson.

The jury was picked from random observers at Chicago’s Kent College of Law. Available evidence was presented at a Mock Trial held before retired Cook County Circuit court Judge Richard E. Neville at the school’s Marovitz Courtroom.

The case was prosecuted by WGN radio co-host of Legally Speaking, and lawyer Karen Conti who guided jurors through Peterson’s failings as a husband along with his lecherous fondness for young women. Conti fell short of having any physical evidence that tied Drew Peterson to the death.

Conti had to deal with the original and follow up autopsy results finding Kathleen Savio’s death was the result of an accidental drowning presumably in her own bathtub. Conti suggested the Coroner’s Jury’s verdict was unduly influenced by a member that was a cop that had once worked with Peterson.

The Savio/Peterson marriage was described by Conti as a violent one where both parties called local police on 18 occasions. There was never an incident where either party suffered an apparent injury.

The Defense was presented by lawyer Joseph Lopez. He described Savio as being a feisty woman upset with Peterson’s dumping her for a younger woman.

Lopez hammered at the weakness of the state’s case and suggested that the hearsay evidence offered by Peterson’s now missing young wife Stacy Peterson was unreliable.

Noting that Stacy Peterson was involved with at least one new lover, she met her young minister, Neil Schori, not at a church but at a local restaurant. The ministered claim was that Stacy Peterson revealed that her husband confessed killing his third wife and expressed her own fears she was next in line for murder.

The best advice the minister claimed he could give was to, “Go home and pray about it.” Lopez insisted that the minister had an obligation to tell the young woman to flee from the danger and notify the authorities. The strong suggestion was that of deception by the young minister.

The jury was instructed by Judge Neville and retired for a 30 minute attempt at deliberations. The jury was split six-six and could not agree on a verdict.
The jury panel consisted of nurses, sales people, a banker, office manager and retired folks.

The public event was sponsored by WGN Radio and Moderated by another WGN Legally Speaking co-host lawyer, Greg Adamski. Also on board the trial was jury consultant, Dr. Cindy Adams.

This mini-trial made it clear that prosecutors will have an uphill battle to convict the retired cop of killing his third wife even with questionable hearsay evidence.
That was assuming that the new “Drew Peterson Hearsay Law” stands certain legal challenges even before a real trial will begin.

The entire event was recorded and will be broadcast by WGN on June 14 and 15.

In a related matter yesterday, Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow filed a motion on Wednesday to gag Peterson’s defense attorneys from leaking any information from discovery documents, which must be turned over to Peterson's legal team for the first time next week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Police, Pink Slips and Gun Rights

Ohio, USA-Cash strapped Toledo and Columbus are laying-off cops. Because Ohio is a right to carry state, many citizens will be ready for most anything including those dreaded pink slips.

Like cops the armed citizens need to learn not to bite off more than they can chew and call for back-up. If the police can’t come, arrange it with a well trained neighbor or two to act as your back-up.

Should you come home and find the door broken or otherwise suspect someone is in your home don’t ever try making a house clearing without competent help. Wait for the burglars outside and confront them there. If they threaten you fire shots until the threat passes.

Through it all remember the four words to tell inquiring police, "I want a lawyer" and NOTHING else. Let a neighbor make any 911 calls. Stay off the 911 operator’s recording of your words. Don’t ever answer any questions other than name and address and if you need police or an ambulance.

The 911 operators are trained to redundantly try to get you to incriminate yourself so don’t play their game.

Saying that really lame, “I was in fear of my life” crap is an AMISSION THAT YOU SHOT SOMEONE. Don’t confess, say nothing at all. That’s your right!

Buying A Car From A Bailed Out Car Maker Is Un-American.

Washington, DC: As Barack Obama seizes control of car makers, firing their CEOs and installing his party faithful patronage hacks to run these companies I refuse to buy any the products at any price.

We can all refuse and still let these companies fail sending a message straight to the Whitehouse. My GM days are over for good. It’s too bad but I’d rather drive a Kia.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do Gays Need Marriage?

I have no problem with what Gays do behind closed doors. I’m not anti-Gay but I believe marriage is about a mom, dad and the strong probability of children.

Gays don’t need this strictly symbolic legal status. It makes a mockery out of marriage when gays call themselves husbands and wives. In the case of a transgender person I’d concede that could be a legitimate marriage.

Civil Unions are the way to go for Gays. They can have their honeymoons and give each other presents and such. They can carryon anyway they choose as long as the peace is not breached.

As for Gay adoption, I support it for those in committed relationships that will protect the children. There are so many children put through horrible abuse by their natural parents. There are plenty of kids that need a safe refuge. There is the not so simple issue of a boy growing up sharing with his schoolmates that he has two daddies. I don’t have a clue how that will not cause ridicule and a beating.

Guys have to be more reasonable that to demand a right to marriage when they don’t fit the mold. No matter what the law says the fact that marriage requires both a man and a woman does not change.

Just What We Don’t Need!

Washington, DC—Another judicial activist with a black robe who will circumvent lawmakers with her own Bolshevik ideas has been nominated for the US Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor plainly stated that she is a policy maker right here.

How much longer must we tolerate that Marxist despot in the Whitehouse? Please call your US Senator and demand this woman not be appointed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cell Phones And Prisons

Sacramento, CA—They want yet another law to control prisoners. They are demanding that possession of a cell phone in a prison be made a felony.

Yes, cell phones can be used for nefarious activity but this as a problem is way overblown. I’m in favor of giving inmates cell phones and monitored Internet access.

You can’t get far into the Internet if you can’t read or write. It only makes sense to encourage Internet activity. Computer literate inmates will be more employable upon release that those deprived of this activity.

I have no difficulty with the idea of punishing inmates that commit crimes while in prison. This cell phone crap is more about total control than anything else. This is a different matter in some supermax facility where the inmate will never again see freedom. Most inmates will get out of custody for sure.

A Green Idea From A Conservative.

Want to save millions of barrels of oil? Want to save lots of natural gas and electricity? Want to reduce automobile accidents? Want three day weekends?

That sounds too go to be true doesn’t it? It’s really quite simple we all go to a four-day, ten-hour work week. We take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Schools can do the same as to not create problems with families. The savings in non-renewable energy resources would be spectacular. The saving to businesses and workers would stimulate the economy better than anything our worthless President has proposed.

There are those businesses that need to stay open like grocery stores, restaurants and movie theaters. These businesses will just continue as they always have.

This is a simple fix that will help America get back on its feet sooner.

A Salute to our Fallen Soldiers On Memorial day

A Salute to our Fallen Soldiers On Memorial day

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It’s Time To Retire These Clowns.

Chicago, IL—After a 1960’s major bail bond scandal here involving a prominent Cook County judge, laws were changed. The entire business was jettisoned from the courts in Illinois and the court clerks took over and things were simplified.

The court clerks under the new law would temporarily keep ten percent of the total bail amount required and posted. After an accused defendant made all of his required appearances 90% of the money would be refunded to him or his lawyer by agreement. Conventional bail bond companies keep all of the ten percent as their fee. This money is better used when diverted to defense lawyers.

Absconders would be hunted down by police not clowns like “Dog” The Bounty Hunter. The real benefit is that often lawyers would accept the bond slips as partial payment for services and that cut down the amount of public defenders needed. Should the defendant abscond the court clerk keeps the money. This became a win-win situation for all but the bail bondmen.

Bail bondsmen are a throwback to the olden days of Wyatt Earp and bounty hunters collecting rewards. Those days are gone in Illinois and the entire country would be better off if they followed suit.

In the case of anyone arrested for a simple misdemeanor offense and the accused has no a felony conviction or history of failure to appear release on a simple promise to appear statement makes sense. Jail space is needed for dangerous or repetitive criminals.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A song for my visitors…

We’ve had enough mayhem and politics already. Here is some of what really matters in our world.

It’s Time for a politician and bureaucrat Pay Cut

As the politicians and their appointed bureaucrats cut jobs, and tax people everywhere they seem to forget to make their own sacrifices. We have a national financial emergency at every level of government in America.

Elected politicians and appointed officials from the President on down, need to lead by example. The salaries for all these officials should be cut by at least 25% until we can fix our financial woes.

Exceptions can be made for those earning less than $75,000.00 per year.

California Unleashing Tens Of Thousands Of Prisoners Early

Sacramento, CA—Even the Liberal California voters have had enough tax extortion from their public officials and voted down a load of new tax increases. Of Course these same official’s priorities will defy common sense as they fight to end important programs and save the crap most don’t need or want.

Soon they will release over 60,000 prison inmates to the streets early at a time when unemployment is sky high. They will renew their drug habits and get money the only way they can. Violent crimes will soon be off the charts. That as California diligently enforces their laws against concealed weapons on law-abiding citizens.

There is only one solution here and that’s massive civil disobedience. The concealed weapons prohibition violates the Second Amendment and is unenforceable anyway. The lower courts may convict but appeals will be successful.

There is a valid legal defense with respect to violating certain laws like gun laws. That is the necessity defense. That defense kicks in when conditions make violating the law necessary to preserve life, in this case your own. With all the prisoners on the loose fear is a rational response. Of course there will be fiscal curbs on law enforcement resources too. That indeed makes necessity a viable defense.

We can count on fools within state government to proclaim the prisoner exodus will not endanger the public. Anyone believing that is a bigger fool. The actual threat of these criminals dumped on the streets is very real and very dangerous. Carjackings and other robberies will spike along with related murders.

If you choose to carry a firearm do so discreetly. Exercise conflict avoidance and avoid alcohol while you are armed. If stopped by police don’t volunteer to be frisked and if your gun is discovered do not say anything other than to ask for a lawyer. Be polite and non-threatening at all times.

The good news here is they can’t afford the jail space to keep you locked up if you have no criminal history or outstanding warrants. You may find yourself released without posting bail. Be sure to show up for court dates and tell your lawyer that you want to use the necessity defense along with your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drew Peterson To Remain In Jail For The Time Being.

JOLIET, Il-Desperate Will County prosecutors now claim retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson tried to hire a hitman to murder his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Solicitation to commit murder is always a crime and Peterson’s never been charged with that kind of an offense. Since Peterson has not been charged with solicitation it’s a meaningless accusation.

The lack of credibility for such a claim screams as prosecutors successfully headed off a defense effort to reduce the staggering $20 million dollar bail bond keeping Peterson behind bars.

The claim is Peterson offered to pay $25,000 for the murder os Savio who was later found dead in her bathtub. Prosecutors also say Peterson told a fellow officer that he’d be better off if Savio was dead because he’d be financially destroyed by his pending divorce.

Will County Circuit Court Judge Carla J. Alessio-Policandriotesow refused to lower Peterson's bail. Now it’s off to the Illinois Court of Appeals for lawyer Joel Brodsky where he will seek a review of the judge’s action. Stay tuned for further developments.

Obama, A friendly New Face On Ancient Government Tyranny

Washington, DC—Make no mistake about it we and our country is under attack. The enemy is dismantling free enterprise, our economy and our way of life is being destroyed. That enemy is Barack Obama.

Slavery was allegedly ended by the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. It’s now back with a vengeance as Americans are delegated to being extortion victims by an all powerful despot. We are already slaves but it will be so much worse for our children.

Barack Obama’s only solution will bring Martial Law and Waco style brute force everywhere. Americans are beginning to waken and show resistance to Obama’s attack on freedom. Is it already too late? It is time to provide Obama with a strong ultimatum follow the Constitution or face removal, whatever that takes.

America, its way of life and the freedom we fought for is under the most serious attack ever. Obama must be stopped and his machine dismantled at once or we may never recover.

Americans must do whatever is necessary to remove this Communist Traitor from the Whitehouse while sending a solid message to his minions in Congress that a hangman’s noose may await them.

The ignorance of Americans must end. Tell your friends that freedom is not free, it’s only earned with the blood of patriots.

Highlights from The NRA Convention In Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ—For those that missed this great event I have brought you some highlights!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Autopsy Results Are In Sans Sex, Race, Age Or Cause Of Death

Channahon, IL—The partial body found adjacent to the Des Plaines River, near Interstate 55 in Channahon has been examined. The two prominent women who are missing from that area, Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson are still missing.

There will be more information forthcoming to at least officially rule out any possibility of any connection to Peterson or Stebic.

The Official Press release:

Joliet, IL---The human remains found yesterday
Coroner of Will County, Illinois
Date: 5/21/2009 For Immediate Release

The Office of Will County Coroner Patrick K. O’Neil is reporting the forensic examination results of partial skeletal remains that were discovered on Wednesday, May 20, 2009. The preliminary forensic examination performed today, May 21, 2009, did not reveal any significant information in reference to the identity, race or sex of the skeletal remains. The partial skeletal remains consisted of a rib cage, spinal column and partial left and right femur bones. The head, arms and below the knee extremities were disarticulated. The search continues for the missing remains. A forensic investigation continues as to whether the disarticulation is a result of a postmortem (after death) artifact or antemortem injury. O’Neil said, “Positive identification may hinge on forensic DNA analysis which is being expedited through the Illinois State Police Forensic Crime Laboratory. “ The Will County Coroner’s Office was given a conservative time frame in receiving forensic DNA and forensic anthropology results of approximately two (2) weeks. A preliminary estimation of how long the unidentified person has been deceased is approximately several months or more.

Additional information: Some other items that were discovered include shreds of blue jeans that contained a small amount of U. S. currency.

The Illinois State Police is investigating the incident. The cause and manner of death remain under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Illinois State Police. No further information is available at this time. Updates will be provided when received.
Office: (815) 727-8455 Fax: (815) 727-8816 57 N. Ottawa Street, Suite 412 Joliet, Illinois 60432

This Woman Is Exactly Why California is A Total Mess

Sacramento, CA--California Speaker of the State Assembly Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) says the budget is “too complicated” for the voters to understand.

Bass actively campaigned for the tax extortion programs soundly defeated by California’s exceptionally Liberal voters. If it was too radical for even California voters, it shows just how far out of step Bass is with the people whose pockets she’s picking. The real problem for Bass is that the voters understood this tax and budget mess only too well.

Karen Bass, please do us a favor and drop dead.

Want to Save Billions? Eliminate The Death Penalty.

Hate murderers? Want to see them punished severely? You need to know a well kept secret. Death penalty cases are litigated, literally to death. The lawyers battle each case for no less than 20 or even 30 years on the average.

The court time, prosecution and defense with gaggles of expert witnesses are all paid by guess who? We are talking about millions of dollars per each condemned inmate.

If the killers are executed they are spared a miserable life of crappy living conditions and food to living with violent scummy fellow inmates. Many people chose suicide over a prison stay anyway.

Depending on the state of confinement it only costs $30 to $65 thousand a year to provide what it takes to keep killers in prison. It would save billions to end the death penalty. Then there are the multitudes of cases where cops and prosecutors get it wrong. Inmates freed after years of confinement because of solid new evidence sue and collect millions more from the taxpayers.

Aside from government getting it wrong and executing and innocent no government should have the power to execute their own citizens. Do we trust Barack Obama and his band of Marxists with that kind of raw power? Think about how Communist governments have killed endless millions of their own citizens.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Woman’s Body Found in South Suburban Chicago

Channahon, IL--Illinois State Police have reportedly pulled a body from the Des Plaines River, near Interstate 55 in Channahon. There are two prominent women who are missing from that area, Lisa Stebic and of course Stacy Peterson.

Details are difficult to obtain right now other than that the body was severely decomposed. Identification is almost certain but determination of the cause of death will prove to be a major challenge.

Some local media reports have claimed the remains were perhaps 30 pounds of bones with underwear. The underwear may be a clue to the corpse’s sex but finding the manner and cause of death will be nearly impossible considering the conditions involved. They will be able to determine the approximate height of the person involved by the bones left behind.

The earlier reports suggesting this was a White woman are probably beyond anyone’s ability. Ruling these remains out as Stebic or Peterson will be easier and quicker than making a positive identification.

Illinois State Police are on the scene processing it. In a large metropolitan area bodies are found on a regular basis.

A few details can be found here.

California Downsize Government? Never!

The Bolshevik Republic of California—They’ve literally taxed and spent themselves to death. This nanny state that educates and provides free medical care for much of Mexico and Central America never let a lack of their own money slow them dowm.

This state has every convoluted gun control law they could possibly invent and spend billions nitpicking and aggravating law–abiding gun owners.

They invent boards and commissions to over-regulate every profession. There you need a special license to do anything beyond clipping your own toenails. California layers government everywhere they can.

California does not have a public building that’s not staffed by security guards that frisk ever visitor like a criminal. The entire country went through two centuries and a Civil War without that kind of intrusion.

Should California really have to make budget cuts they will start by releasing tens of thousands repetitive criminals from their prisons. California is very lenient on all but gun owners anyway.

The last cuts they will make are the never ending benefits to criminal aliens.

Voters have rejected additional tax schemes and now they are trying to get fiscally responsible states to pay for their outrageous folly. This is happening as taxpayers have fled this bankrupt, Socialist failure.

California’s politicians won’t learn downsizing until the citizen’s start hanging them as the common criminals they’ve proven to be.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drew Peterson’s Bail Reduction Motion was filed

Joliet, IL—Drew Peterson’s lead lawyer, Joel Brodsky filed a motion to Reduce Bail on his behalf. This motion is routine where the bail amount is not.

This motion reveals volumes of information that has never been released by the regular media about Drew Peterson's background.

Before this motion can be argued or heard the prosecution motion to oust the trial judge must be ruled on. I fully expect to see a change in the trial judge as I fully expect Peterson’s bail to be reduced.

The reasons for why the bail reduction is indicated are in the following actual motion before the court.
Bond Motion Filed[1]

Surprise! There Was No Bloodbath In Phoenix!

Phoenix, AZ—The annual convention and gun show of the National Rifle Association ended and despite 65,000 plus gun-packing gun enthusiast there were no shootings, gun accidents or for that matter any violent crimes committed in downtown Phoenix during the convention.

Instead, this group expressed displeasure with the Obama Administration and their un-American agenda that goes far beyond gun rights. Speakers included Wayne La Pierre, Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, Ollie North, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and many others. Plans were mapped out for protecting gun rights under the very real Obama threat to our way of life and national defense.

Many of my blog readers managed to find me and say hi. I have lots of video that I must still edit and post. I have also included many of the photos taken below that included a trip to Sedona where we took a Pink Jeep tour.

You will see my long time pal, Raj Singh and his lovely wife Daman. They own Eagle Grips that was founded by Harbans Singh nearly 40 years ago in Chicago.

Click on the picture below and see 140 pictures from this show and Sedona.


Fugitive Soccer Mom Released From Michigan Prison

Pittsfield Township, MI—Marie Walsh enjoyed her life in San Diego decades after escaping from a Michigan prison where she was serving hard time under an unusually harsh sentence for selling drugs as a teen.

Walsh lefts her past and her old habits behind as she entered a new respectable life as a mother of three. All went well until that dreaded day when someone informed on Marie and there was a visit from the US Marshall’s fugitive chasers at her upscale home.

Walsh was jailed, extradited, shackled and driven on a seemingly endless ride on a prison bus back to the very place she had fled from so long ago.

What greeted Walsh was a prison occupied by 90%, violent African-American low-life women who would abuse the White socialite for the next thirteen months. I’ve not talked to Walsh just yet but have heard the story so many times before about how White inmates are extorted from, beaten and vilified by the African-Americans from prison workers of both races.

I know Walsh went through absolute Hell as Michigan Governor Granholm did nothing. It figures that that Granholm who is an Obama supporter did not want to show mercy to an obviously rehabilitated White woman. Granholm did not want to lose a single vote from the heavy African-American voting-block.

The racist Detroit, MI-Wayne County Michigan Prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy could not wait to compound Walsh’s troubles by going after her for a decades old escape charge trying to add additional years to Walsh’s incarceration. Instead of more jail Walsh received probation.

Michigan taxpayers wasted a bundle on this lady and neither Michigan nor America is one bit safer as a result. Of course the money spent on lawyers by Walsh and her family for lawyers did not help this lady’s retirement package.

Marie Walsh paid for her sins well beyond what she owed. Now at least she will never fear a knock at her door as long as America stays a free country. What will never go away are the nightmares and horrible memories associated with her ordeal. Tonight Walsh will sleep in her own bed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dolla Be Dead

Los Angeles, CA—The Chicago born rapper known as Dolla was shot in the head in broad daylight at the entrance of the Upscale Beverly Center today. He was all of 21 years-old.

Rappin’ is hazardous to the health as The Notorious BIG, and Tupac also learned the hard way in recent times.

No, I won’t be sending flowers or attending the funeral. I’m just wondering which one of these dopes will be next.

Ya know, I'm begining to enjoy rappers after all!

More Good News!
The genius believed responsible for this killing is in custody.

23-year-old Aubrey Louis Berry of Georgia was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday night. His bail is set at $1 million.

Barry was arrested with a loaded 9MM handgun at Terminal1. We can only guess if he intended to board the plane with the weapon or not.

Berry was found at the ticket counter at Terminal 1. The silver Mercedes believed to be the getaway car was found in an airport parking facility. The great news is now there are two less jerks to worry about.

Drew Peterson Has A New Lawyer

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson is due in court this morning for his Arraignment. A motion for a bail reduction will be presented by the defense as a first order of business once a formal plea of Not Guilty is entered on the record.

The charges came as a result of a reinvestigation into the death of Peterson's third wife who was found dead in her bathtub.

The defense will also make a routine motion for production and discovery asking for all documents generated by police during the entire investigation.

The judge will begin a schedule for the disclosure of documents.

Should the judge not reduce the bail to something similar to other local cases Peterson’s Defense team will run straight to the Court of Appeals to have the lower court’s bail reviewed further.

In addition to Peterson’s lawyers Joel Brodsky, Reem Odeh and Andrew Abood a new heavy hitter has climbed aboard. That’s a former Chicago police homicide detective turned lawyer, turned prosecutor and now major crime defense attorney, John Paul Carroll. In addition to being a lawyer, Carroll is also a licensed private investigator.

Brodsky will be heading up this venerable team that has the difficult challenge of getting Peterson a fair trial.

Note: In response to some unpublished comments, John Carroll has been previously consulted for Drew Peterson’s various legal issues. There has not been an official defense team for the instant case because it had not yet been filed. Now as of the Arraignment the defense team is in place.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Helping Your Gun Hating Next Door Neighbor!

For those who have outspoken neighbors who don’t like self-defense, guns or gun rights here’s a sign for your own front yard!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sharing Artistic Video!

A very dear friend sent me a video this morning from Berlin, Germany. I thought I’d share it with my readers! Thank you Andrea!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

One More Blast From The Past

Jim Croce was only 30 years-old when he died in a place crash on June 30, 1973. He was another singer-song writer that made this e world a better place to live. Of course he had a whole catalog of great material out but never lived long enough to spend any of the money. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite but this one was so mellow.

A Blast from the Past

Harry Chapin was quite a musician and singer. His life was ended at 38 years of age when he had a heart attack and accident while driving in 1981.

Of all his works he’s known best for this masterpiece:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drew Peterson, Innocence or Arrogance?

Joliet, IL—As retired Bolingbrook polce sergeant and now murder suspect Drew Peterson sits in a jail cell waiting for his day in court the court of public opinion has already weighed in and found him guilty.

No special damning evidence has surfaced. The state has a paper thin case that more about third party hearsay and letters than evidence. This is more about trial by police and prosecution press release.

Forget the dispute over the cause of death associated with Peterson’s third wife for a moment and let’s concentrate on her alleged letters to police and prosecutors claiming she was predicting her own murder. I’ve seen those letters so many times before and always under the same circumstances of a crumbling marriage where considerable assets and children are involved.

In the old days before no fault divorces were the American norm every wife had to accuse every husband of beatings and death threats or they could not get a divorce. Go to any courthouse in the country and look at those divorce papers from the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s they all list those allegations, every one. It became a game that everyone including the attorneys and judges simply had to play.

In recent times the allegations or beatings, threats and drug use are in every divorce complaint where child custody is an issue. Is it about child custody or money? Child custody seems to take a back seat to cool hard cash. The spouse married to the significant wage earner of the house can’t get that ten grand a month child support without gaining full custody of the children.

Allegations become extortion levers as some women put pictures of themselves in safety deposit boxes and make a record for later use in court. It’s an ugly business, but as a private investigator it’s played out in case after case that I've seen with my own eyes.

The sad part is when the allegations are actually true. That’s the realty in less than five percent of custody battles.

As to the original question I posed is Drew Peterson, innocent, arrogant or perhaps both? I’ve been around thousands of people accused of crimes and found that there is no standard conduct of the actually innocent suspect. Some become withdrawn and depressed, some scream bloody murder and many are just like Drew Peterson.

The Drew Peterson types are outraged that they’re even a suspect at all. As their neighbors and former friends begin attacking them, the reaction is to come out swinging. They begin to ridicule their detractors like that fat, and obnoxious woman next door with the dyed blond hair or Peterson’s wive's relatives with the tattoos and piercings.

Peterson fell into an ugly fight with some repulsive people and is going to need an image makeover in order to get a fair trial. Peterson will have to be in the capable hands of a great defense time. I predict Peterson will post a lower more reasonable bail and put up a fierce fight for his life now.

I’d like to think most Americans don’t want Peterson convicted unless he’s guilty.

As for the family members of wives, number three and four they know a Guilty Verdict will get them free money that belongs to Peterson’s children. Under those circumstances we’d all be arrogant.

Visit Eagle Grips At The NRA Convention

Phoenix, AZ—Should you make it here to voice your concerns about gun rights and the Obama Factor, stop by exhibit booth number 2406 where Eagle Grips will be selling products at the show.

The finest grips from all materials are here that will fit your fine handguns. From the concealable, Secret Service model grips I designed, to the most elegant Gunfighter grips for those cowboy revolvers will be there just for you. .

Sooner or later you may even see me stop by that booth!

The Eagle Grips Website is right here!

TV Icon, Actress Farrah Fawcett Near Death

Los Angeles, CA—Time is quickly running out for this once glamorous TV star and pin up model. She’s unable to keep food down, lost most of her once fabulous hair and is about 85 pounds all the result of anal cancer.

Her long time partner, actor Ryan O’Neal and their son Redmond O'Neal are both facing felony drug charges. Redmond is in the L.A. County jail as his mother faces death without him on Mother’s day.

I’d hope there is a judge somewhere with a heart to let him out at least until his mother passes. What a price to pay for being accused of committing a victimless crime. The Drug War just keeps on giving.

Farrah Fawcett is too young to die at age 62. I can only wish her a peaceful journey to where ever we go after life.

The Supremes and Diana Ross-What Might Have Been

In the 1960s The Supremes were hot. Soon egos ruled and it became, Diana Ross and the Supremes. Then there were no more Supremes.

The Supremes were always better than what we wound up with. Then there was that embarrassing tour of Diana Ross and the “new” Supremes.

Just in case you forgot about former Supreme,Mary Wilson, you can see here that she was anything but chopped liver. I always ask, “What might have been?”

Packing Loaded Guns, Arizona and the NRA Convention

Phoenix, AZ—Accepting the conventional wisdom of our nation’s gun control zealots Phoenix, Arizona is about to have the grandest bloodbath ever.

You see this state that allows open personal carrying and transporting in unlocked car glove compartments, loaded guns without any special permits is about to be invaded. Let me not forget to mention if you bother to obtain a “shall issue”, concealed weapons permit from this your own state you can conceal all of the unregistered guns in Arizona you want.

Who is invading this gun happy city you ask? At least 60,000 members of the National Rifle Association will be there all week. The convention will bring these gun-packin’ folks, like minded in their efforts to protect gun rights in America.

Now if the conventional gun-grabbing wisdom and logic is even remotely correct these gun nuts will be involved in numerous mass shootings. The hospitals and undertakers will be doing a land office business as mothers all over the city will be crying over the loss of their children.

That war-zone scenario is pure hogwash. Criminals that engage in mugging, rape and car-jacking during this convention may well find they have chosen the wrong line of work.

Please feel free compare the crime statistics for all cities with what happens in Phoenix this week.

If you were wondering, that's me holding a real Chicago Typewriter.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Drew Peterson’s Gettin’ The Treatment

Joliet, IL—For the past 18 months Illinois State Police have been investigating retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson.

One of Peterson’s four wives died in a bathtub and yet another is missing. I have no problem with cops and prosecutors doing their sworn duty by vigorously investigating these two matters.

Drew Peterson was called a murder suspect by officials long before they had minimal probable cause to suggest that. Peterson had had numerous search warrants served on his home and vehicles. He’s had property seized and kept by police. Peterson has cooperated with and not obstructed this investigation.

Prosecutors took special steps to influence the Illinois legislature to make a special law that would allow them to arrest and charge Peterson with murder by allowing third-party hearsay evidence at trial. Of course this untested law will get full scrutiny now. Making special laws for specific defendants is also unconstitutional.

Drew Peterson has not been charged with capital murder that would negate bail being set. Instead of a standard bond, an unheard of $20 million dollar bail has been ordered. That outrageous bail can’t possibly stand appellate review should that be sought.

Generally the law allows for those higher bail amounts in cases where the proof is evident or the presumption is great or the defendant has somehow demonstrated that he is a flight risk. Those factors are not present so a reasonable bail is called for here. My thoughts are the very highest bail should not exceed $250,000.00 allowing him to be released for %10 percent or $25,000.00 in cash or property.

There can be no question Peterson knew they were looking to jail him. He had more than ample opportunity to flee the jurisdiction and chose not to do so. Earlier police and prosecutors charged Peterson with a bogus gun law violation and Peterson never missed the chance to appear in court and seek clearing his name. The case was properly tossed out. Peterson stayed put.

Peterson has children, a pension and strong ties to the community. Peterson has never been convicted of any crime at all.

The Illinois State police were told by Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky he’d surrender Peterson any time they want him. Not only did they take Peterson down like a fugitive, they invited TV news crews to film the grand event.

The Will County Sheriff’s department knew Drew Peterson’s lawyer had arranged a continuance on the arraignment. The Sheriff ‘s department chose to hold a media driven Red Carpet Perp Walk for Peterson anyway. They paraded him before TV cameras with unusually high security. Handcuffs, belly chains, leg irons and a special chaining connecting them all were applied to Peterson along with a bright red jumpsuit.

Two very portly county jail guards took the very unusual step of parking an unnecessary distance from the courthouse prisoner receiving door then held both of his arms so they could display Peterson rather than simply bring him to court. It was a silly exercise to say the least.

Why all the special treatment you ask? Peterson unlike the vast majority of defendants has steadfastly spoken up for himself, and proclaimed his innocence to the point of hiring a publicist. TV appearances and his highly visible effort to move on with his life have obviously angered officials, family members of wives number three and four and many members of the public that can’t consume enough of this news story.

Peterson’s efforts proclaim his innocence and move forward with his life has been branded as arrogance. That happens a lot with accused suspects that are later exonerated. What’s the big deal here? Peterson has an serious obligation to his children to make all the money he can so seeking work doing TV shows and such is very reasonable.

The Peterson case is a full blown circus now and the question is, with all the special treatment can he get a fair trial? Stay tuned.

There is one additional issue here, Peterson is now incredibly famous. The cops and prosecutors working this case know they too will win fame now too. This always affects the outcome of high profile cases in a negative way.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The New Trend In Big City Law Enforcement Recruiting

I’d hoped I’d never see the day when cops would be recruited from the ranks of petty criminals. There is a double sin involved here, committing a crime and getting caught.

I’ve heard the horror stories of cops with criminal records. The small wealthy town of Paradise Valley, Arizona hired at least one criminal, Brian D. McFarland who actually got convicted for impersonating a police officer. He was arrested in a Milwaukee, WI tavern bathroom by an undercover cop. McFarland went on to be the most sued officer in Arizona law enforcement history racking up millions in legal fees and damage awards.

Now cities are scraping the bottom of the barrel intentionally hiring thieves, thugs and liars for the sacred position of trust.

Dealing With Killers and Accused Killers

I’ve been asked lately with it’s like to be around killers. Yes I’ve been around killers during the last four decades. Killers come from all walks of life and kill for necessity, thrills, sexual gratification, commerce, revenge and hatred. I’m sure I missed some here.

I’ve been on or in prison Death Rows, jails, court lock ups and all manner of transportation with killers.

Some of the killers I met were Congressional Medal of Honor winners, cops, ordinary citizens engaged in warfare and self-defense. I have met those who killed others by accident and even a medical care provider who administered the wrong drug.

Most killers involved in criminal homicide are dysfunctional people who were shortchanged when it came to intelligence, emotional health and simple patience. There are other factors that aggravate their shortcomings such as poverty and racism. Racism is a two way street. There are Caucasian people who are victimized by empowered minority group member who hate.

Many of my clients are people who killed in self-defense and found themselves facing bogus criminal charges including murder.

I have also met people who committed murder and were devastated by their own actions and remorseful. Then there are the true sociopaths that justify their actions based on the race or occupation of their victims.

Killers are all different. Some are wonderful people and some are the worst. There is no common denominator other than taking a life has changed theirs. Sometimes people are credited with killings they did not commit. Their lives change too

Actual Murder Indictment against Drew Peterson

Chicago lawyer Joel Brodsky with Drew Peterson last week in Chicago after lunch.
Here is the charging document in the Drew Peterson case. It looks like the defense will present a motion to reduce bail on May 18, 3009. This site will have all the latest information, stay tuned.

The brand new, so-called Forfeiture by Wrongdoing statute to allow hearsay evidence will be central to this prosecution. That law was passed by special request of the Will County State’s Attorney specifically for the Peterson case. The legal experts I’ve talked to say the law is unconstitutional and can’t possibly stand.

Peterson Indictment

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Latest Drew Peterson Arrest Detals

Lockport, IL—Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow backed up by Illinois State Police Captain Carl Dobrich held a guarded press conference to Chicago area at 8:30 PM tonight. They released details of a 2 count Grand Jury Indictment of retired police sergeant Drew Peterson in connection with the death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Peterson was arrested after a street stop by state police at Lily Cache Lane and Weber Road in Bolingbrook without incident at 5:35 PM Chicago time.

The state police were kind enough to invite the media for their big capture. They also managed to choreograph Peterson’s arrest while his lawyer Joel Brodsky was boarding a plane to New York.

The bond set on the warrant was an previously unheard $20 million. That will either get lowered by the trial court or Brodsky can be counted to take it to the Illinois Court of Appeals.

Peterson children were rounded up for supervision either by DCFS or Peterson’s oldest son. Police also executed yet another search warrant on Peterson’s home.

Glasgow admitted that they have an uphill battle with a new Illinois law drafted specifically to the Peterson case that allows the use of third party hearsay under certain conditions. This untested law may well be ruled patently unconstitutional. Only time and judicial review will provide answers to these questions.

Already the people that hate Drew Peterson are out celebrating the arrest. I suspect they will be disappointed when the bail is reduced, and due process takes its course.

In the mean time both Dobrich and Glasgow vowed to keep searching for Stacy Peterson.

The state police also managed to choreograph Peterson’s arrest while his lawyer Joel Brodsky was boarding a plane to New York.

I will have updates and will be on the Geoff Pinkus Show on WIND 560 tonight talking about these developments.

From the State's Attorney Press Release:
"JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow and Illinois State Police Captain Carl Dobrich announce that Drew Walter Peterson was arrested today (Thursday, May 7, 2009) after a Special Grand Jury issued an indictment for first-degree murder alleging he killed Kathleen Savio five years ago.

At the request of State’s Attorney Glasgow and Illinois State Police detectives, Circuit Judge Daniel Rozak issued a warrant for Peterson’s arrest Thursday afternoon. Judge Rozak set bail for Peterson at $20 million. He must post 10 percent or $2 million to secure his release while awaiting trial.

Illinois State Police arrested Peterson without incident late Thursday afternoon during a traffic stop at Weber Road and Lily Cache Lane in Bolingbrook.

The two-count Bill of Indictment alleges that Peterson, on or about Feb. 29, 2004, “without lawful justification and with the intent to kill Kathleen Savio, caused Kathleen Savio to inhale fluid, thereby causing the death of Kathleen Savio.”

Kathleen Savio, who was Peterson’s third wife, was found dead in her bathtub on March 1, 2004. Charges were not filed in the case five years ago by the prior state’s attorney who held office when Kathleen Savio was murdered.

Glasgow reopened the case and convened a Special Grand Jury to investigate her murder in November 2007. The Special Grand Jury also is investigating the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Drew Peterson is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. Friday, May 8 in courtroom 405 at the Will County Courthouse, 14 W. Jefferson St., Joliet.

The Will County State's Attorney's Office reminds the public that an indictment is not evidence of guilt. A defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

Breaking News! Drew Peterson Charged With Murder!

Bolingbrook, IL—I knew time was running out for the Will County Grand Jury. They had to indict Drew Peterson or recess.

They voted a True Bill in connection with the death of Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio who was found dead in a bathtub in March, 2004. Illinois State Police made the arrest on the Indictment Warrant this afternoon.

The accidental death was reinvestigated complete with a second autopsy after police obtained a court order to exhume her body. Officials reclassified the death as a homicide.

We will have to wait and see just what evidence had led to the charge. I will post a copy of the actual indictment here as soon as I Can get it. I will have details such as bail and custory status with the actual charges as soon as I can get them.

I have to say a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. We will have to wait now for the wheels of justice to do its thing. Somehow I’m convinced there is a thinnest of cases here. This may be reduced to a battle of experts on the cause of death rather than other evidence. There will be a bail hearing for Peterson on Monday at the Will County Circuit Court in Joliet, IL.

I am also convinced that we will hear from people claiming to that Grand Jury that Peterson made incriminating statements or outright confessions so they can get their 15 minutes of fame off the back of a celebrity suspect.

Peterson's lawyer, Joel Brodsky is in route to New York as we speak and I have not yet talked with him.

I don’t expect a clear answer in 2009. These things take time to resolve.

There will be a live presser with police and prosecutors at 8:30 PM Chicago Time right here!