Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Joe Hosey Drew Peterson Smear Project Worked and he Can’t Get a Fair Trial Now.

Joliet, IL—I have written some two-dozen articles on the Drew Peterson case.

I have lamented the fact that our Bill of Rights that guarantee speedy and fair trials along with the right to confront accusers has been tossed out the window.

They don’t have the evidence needed try Peterson so they’re simply got him in indefinite detention. He’s been locked for 3 ½ years with out a trial or even a date when one will begin.

The made for TV film, Untouchable has been fictionalized to the fantasy of its author. It has little basis in reality but it was broadcast as a “true” story. The viewers see the film's scenes as truthful recreations of actual events.

My Peterson articles were well read all along. However upon television’s release of the film Google being searched by film viewers has sent my blog into record-breaking viewership.

I have gotten massive comments from these Television viewers that are abusive, frightening and hateful. Not one comment from the new Peterson film fans has shown doubt of Peterson’s guilt. I have had little choice but to delete all of the ignorant and misleading comments since they libel Peterson.

That sends a chilling message to me. That message is if you can delay a criminal trial long enough for Hollywood to make a film the jury pool is poisoned for good.

What the courts seem to refuse to recognize is that jurors lie about their biases. They lie about their exposure to news articles, Internet activities and other influencing material with abandon.

I’m convinced that Drew Peterson can never get a fair trial now since most Americans have been electronically bombarded the wildly popular belief that he’s guilty of killing two wives.

In the Peterson case a change of venue can’t help. I can say only a few people I’ve met anywhere including Europe don’t know about this case and formed an opinion that Drew Peterson is guilty.

I don’t know how the courts will be able to deal with this legal disaster. Judges can simply pretend that the seated jury is unbiased and let them do whatever they please.

If the courts rule the hearsay as inadmissible, despite any other evidence a conviction would be possible based on our modern day information age.

The Internet has changed pretrial and trial publicity forever. Sequestering jurors during high profile trials has never been so urgent. The courts will have no choice but to revisit the issue of pre-trial and trial publicity.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A summer adventure for Cops, Lawyers, Judges, History Buffs, and Reporters

Germany—People involved in the law, courts and justice need so see what’s not taught in law school. They need to see how the law can quickly go wrong even in a sophisticated and civilized society.

Under National Socialism, justice was perverted into a filmed spectator sport where capital punishment for even minor resistance to government became acceptable and frequent.

I’ve spent decades inside the criminal justice system. I have always wondered where the line is drawn for determining just when justice becomes Judicial Tyranny. Trust me it’s not easy to figure out unless of course you’re the victim justice gone wrong.

My visits to Germany have taken me to some very infamous places deep inside Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Nuremberg.

It is shocking and indeed moving to stand where the authorities were criminals dispensing their justice under color of law. To say these visits were life changing is an understatement. For lawyers, judges and those working in and around or courts, what’s past is prologue.

This trip is not about the Holocaust but rather how the Nazis treated German non-Jews that spoke out against the Nazi police state. Jews were stripped of their citizenship and were not entitled to even Nazi Due Process. The German citizen turned in by a neighbor was in for some real horror at the People's Court. Government propaganda made people believe that the accused citizens would be treated fairly. Americans today are grossly ignorant of just how the Nazi dictatorship manipulated the truth and easily fooled the public.

You will meet Judge Roland Friesler, President of the People’s Court shown above. He was a former Communist who embraced National Socialism. Frisler can be seen in action in many videos on YouTube.

This horrible man was killed during an allied bombing raid in 1944. Rather than seek refuge in the shelter he was trying to gather and protect the files of the defendants being tried before his court.

Unfortunately Frisler is alive and presiding in courtrooms all over the world including our own. Every practicing lawyer has seen Frisler in one form or another.

I want to lead a small tour to Germany to the actual sites of Nazi administered Judicial Tyranny.

The criminal trials of the Third Reich all involved career cops investigating the reports of busybody snitches. They established probable cause for some wartime anti-terrorism violation arresting their suspects.

Torture was not used except in major conspiracy cases. The cops made detailed reports and forwarded the cases to Nazi prosecutors that filed formal complaints in The People's Court.

The accused had a right to an appointed attorney that functioned as a bearer of bad news to the accused.

A public trial was held and the prosecution always won. Death sentences were handed down for trivial anti-Nazi offenses using wartime as an excuse.

The fixed trials were well documented and the sham appeal process was really quick. Nazi Justice was very swift.

The Third Reich’s executioners were very buzy.

Sippenshaft Justice: That German word translates to Kin Liability. This was a Nazi tool of collective punishment used primarily after the Stauffenberg July 20, 1944 failed bomb plot. Relatives those accused of crimes against the Reich often were executed or imprisoned. Nina Von Stauffenberg was sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp and her children were renamed and placed in an orphanage.

Today this great nation celebrates human rights and is a terrific friend of America. The food here is as good as it gets with sweets to die for. This also calls for a river cruise with wine, cheese grapes and breathtaking views. German nightlife is really exciting. You'll find elegance, entertainment and lots of fun.

Places on the proposed agenda:

1. Munich: Here we would visit the University and the Stadleheim Prison. This is about the students and teachers who made up the White Rose. That group simply created and passed out leaflets critical of the Third Reich government. Sophie Scholl was just 21 years old when she was arrested, tried, convicted and beheaded within four days. We will visit the places here where Adolph Hitler brought National Socialism into the world’s spotlight. The Dachau Concentration Camp is near Munich where many resisters or there spouses were sent for punishment.

2. Frankfurt: Here was the site of the second major war crimes trial after the Nazi government fell.

3. Berlin's Bendlerblock German Resistance Memorial Center: This great city is the location of the German Resistance Museum dedicated to the victims of judicial Tyranny. It is the site of the firing squad executions of Colonel Claus Van Stauffenberg and the other conspirators that tried to stop Hitler in the Wolf’s Lair Bombing. Here you can learn about 5000 people murdered in the name of the law. The pictures, stories and actual Nazi court documents are all here for your inspection.

4. Berlin’s Plotzensee Prison Memorial: Here you can see the execution chamber where at least 5000 German citizens were either beheaded or hanged on piano wire. On a single night in this room nearly 300 men and women were placed in a line for their turn on the wire.

5. 8 Prinz Albrecht Street Gestapo and SS Headquarters building: Only a small portion of this infamous structure is left. Next to the remains is a new museum, the Topography of Terror Documentation Center dedicated to exposing this dreaded Homeland Security organization. They have thousands of photographs and 12 years of police related reports for viewing. Here you can learn about turning neighborhood busybodies and your own children into snitches.

6. Berlins People’s Court: allied bombing destroyed this courthouse that took the life of the court’s President, Roland Frisler in 1944. Today the beautiful Sonny Center stands there with many wonderful restaurants and great stores. There is a simple brass marker at the court’s former entrance.

7. Berlin’s Spandau Prison: The actual prison is a closed supermarket but there are a significant number of buildings of this military complex of similar architecture. This is of course where the imprisoned war criminals such as Rudolph Hess and Albert Speer were held for decades after the war.

8. Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum: The Nazi regime felt the need for preventative detention of political dissidents in 1936 so that visitors to the Olympic Games would see no signs of resistance. They quickly rounded up their detractors and interred them in this concentration camp near Berlin. This place housed all manner of misfit, criminals, homosexuals and the racially rejected. More than 200,000 people were detained here until it was liberated in 1945. Needless to say tens of thousands did not survive incarceration here. The Soviets quietly continued using the facility for their own agenda for years after the war.

9. Nuremberg: Here is where the Nazis promulgated their race laws, outlawing Jews and stripping them of their citizenship. This is also where the Hall of Justice that was the scene of the first and largest War Crimes Trial. Also here is that stadium where Adolph Hitler addressed thousands in a military display of might.

To do this right I’d plan on about ten days. Many will want to explore other German or European cities and can do so once this tour is concluded.

I would also shoot a broadcast quality video of our adventures that would be distributed to everyone on this tour.

I want to plan this tour for this summer so anyone interested needs only to click on my color picture in the sidebar and send me an e-mail.

If I have some takers I will work to get the best possible deal for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. A smaller group may be more desirable and the cost may insure that. I will gather costs based on the response.

For follow-up information let me direct you to two DVD's. Get the Blu-Ray version of Valkerie starring Tom Cruise. The two hours of extras will give you lots of information. The second one is, Sophie Scholl, the Final Days. That film is about a 21 year-old girl, her brother and a friend caught passing out anti-Nazi hand bills for a group called, The White Rose.

UPDATE: The cost for great accommodations so far is coming in around $3,000 Per person based on double occupancy. Meals other than hotel breakfasts are extra.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

God, Gun Laws and Self-Defense

Los Angeles, CA—It’s appropriate that I write about this in jurisdiction with crappy gun laws, where they have unlocked the prison doors. Politicians here hate gun rights and have chosen for you to die rather than be able to fend off a killer. That’s the ugly truth.

I’m not very religious but this is a way to keep a seemingly complicated issue simple.

Our creator made man. Man was born into this world with some very necessary gifts.

1. Man was given the gift of fear. Without this we’d not have survived childhood.
2. Additionally man was given the basic instinct for survival and that with fear tells us exactly what to do in order to survive.
3. Last we were given the ability to make, or acquire tools/weapons that we need to survive.
We also know evolution has refined our gifts throughout time.

Everyday in America stronger, armed and better armed people commit atrocities against smaller, weaker or poorly armed victims. You either have means and ability to survive or you don’t.

Criminals have fear too and nearly always run when they face even a fair fight. Some politicians don’t want criminals endangered or to feel the need to run. These politicians are accessories to these criminls and they facilitate situations where law-abiding folks are unprotected and vulnerable to robbery, rape and murder.

I ask you why we should ever surrender the gifts our creator gave us to some mentally challenged politician? What politician has the right to take those gifts from us?

We not only have the right to protect our selves, families and neighbors but an absolute duty to do so that as a human being.

To stand by and watch someone rob, rape or murder is fundamentally wrong. Calling 911 and waiting 20 minutes for help will bring you little more than a clean up crew to remove the bodies.

Americans and our police must learn to ignore politicians trampling on the rights of law-abiding citizens to possess and carry arms as guarenteed under our Second Amendment.

In Los Angeles and surrounding communities they have slowly began mass prisoner releases. The crime right is climbing some 300% already and the worst is yet to come.

Those who remain untrained, unarmed and unprotected may learn about Darwin’s law the hard way.

If you’re attacked, simply shoot if you have to and scoot. Don’t hang around because some accomplice of your attacker may kill you. Don’t call 911 and make no statement to anyone but a lawyer about the shooting or why you shot. If police catch up with you simply say, “I want a lawyer.”

In the meantime you can only demand that your politicians return your gun rights.

Should you choose to carry a gun be discreet and avoid conflict. Remember the Fourth Amendment that protects you from unreasonable police searches still exists somewhat.

Judge the risk of being charged with a misdemeanor by remembering how many times you’ve been stopped and searched by a cop. That rick should be miniscule.

Former Chicago Cop Convicted of Trying to Murder Cops

Chicago, IL—Some seven years ago on February 21, 2005, Howard Morgan wound up in a gunfight with several cops that he lost in a big way. When it was over Morgan was shot 25 times. What’s amazing is that he lived. Three of the patrol officers were also wounded, presumably by Morgan who was a lawfully armed off duty railroad cop. Morgan previously served asa Chicago cop.

I really have no problem with the amount of times Morgan was shot considering the ineffectiveness of the 9MM round the patrol officers were using.

The incident reportedly began when Morgan was observed driving without headlights around 1:00 AM in an area known for drugs and vice activities.

The big mystery here to me was a motive for Morgan to start shooting. I’m still waiting to hear one. Perhaps we will never know. The Howard Morgan gunfight was followed with all kinds of racial profiling accusations. This seems to be a case of Morgan being the only clear defense witness being outnumbered by at least four patrol officers testifying for the prosecution.

Morgan was tried but the first jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. It took seven very long years to try this case and this time Morgan was convicted on every count. Morgan now faces far more years in prison than he’s got left on earth.

I called this case strange because trying to suggest a reason for Morgan to begin shooting is difficult. That kind of traffic stop would never have resulted in even a citation given under the circumstances since Morgan was a cop. Cops always treat each other very well regardless of race. It's indeed a rare day when one cop writes another cop a traffic citation.

This sad chapter has ended with severe changes to at least four lives. I wish I could feel that justice was served but frankly I don’t have enough information beyond pure faith in the Cook County Criminal Justice System. Okay I confess that there’s not much real justice in Cook County. Let’s hope this jury somehow got it right.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Secret Service and the Hostility Against Obama

Washington, DC—These days I pity the agents of the U.S. Secret Service. They are working overtime trying to separate free speech from actual threats against Barack Obama. That has to be an impossible task.

Frankly Obama has earned all the venom and anger of anyone who values the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American way of life.

Millions of Americans like me were trained by our own country to kill Communists and frankly Obama is considered by many to be a Communist. Seeing one in the Whitehouse is freakish to say the least and is likely to cause violence by any number of veterans.

In Nazi Germany it was a death penalty offense to show any disrespect to Adolph Hitler. We have rejected the notion that mere loathing of an American President is punishable.

Hate speech against Obama is still not a crime. It’s simply a sad state of affairs to have a president that is so un-American and has attacked our basic liberty at every turn.

Yes, I loathe Obama totally and I don’t wish him good health. I have zero respect for what I consider a dangerous criminal. By the same token I only support the lawful arrest, indictment, prosecution, conviction and punishment for Obama’s crimes. They are:

1. Treason by his undermining the Constitution by eliminating Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus Act.
2. For his expansion of the “Patriot Act”.
3. For allowing the groping of the sex organs of men, women and children at our airports by TSA thugs that are immune from state law.
4. For the deliberate export of weapons to Mexican drug criminals to further his propaganda war on our Second Amendment.
5. For his Obstruction of Justice by preventing the enforcement of our immigration laws.

The above acts are indeed crimes. When the American people see these types of crimes go unpunished at what point can they remove a despot by force or violence?

I don’t know the answers. I stay as far away from Obama as I can. Frankly being around him could be dangerous in these hostile times.

Statistically any American President stands a ten percent chance of being assonated. As hated as Obama is, I’m amazed he lasted this long. Being around this lightening rod is dangerous. Bombs meant for Adolph Hitler killed numerous innocent people. Hanging around Obama may get you killed in the crossfire.

As for veteran Secret Service agents they have taken an oath to support, defend and protect the Constitution and can be counted upon to do a far better job of it than Obama. I suspect a number of them can’t stomach the man they must protect.

The good news here is Obama can’t occupy the Whitehouse forever and perhaps sanity will rule as voters send the jerk into exile. What’s needed is a Special Prosecutor to bring that despot to book for his crimes.

The Drew Peterson Blue Barrel, Warm to the Touch.

Joliet, IL--The mentally challenged step-brother of retired police sergeant Drew Peterson, Thomas Morphey had claimed that around the time of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance he helped Peterson move a plastic blue barrel that was, “warm to the touch”.

Aside from a massive and failed police search for the barrel in the area indicated Morphey never contacted the police on his own accord. Was this just a case of some insignificant fool trying to become part of a story getting nationwide publicity?

Among the huge problems of the blue barrel story is that it’s not tied to the death of Kathleen Savio. That’s of course is aside from the question if the blue barrel story is true. No matter what anyone wants to believe there is zero evidence of what the contents of the barrel may have been.

We still don’t know where Stacy Peterson is today. Is she is dead or did she just follow up on her spoken plan to disappear to a place where her older husband would never find her?

The blue barrel was and is a red herring, suited for the gossipmongers. Morphey’s testimony about the blue barrel has no relevance to the case Peterson is charged with. It will never be heard inside the courtroom.

Of course every potential juror will have heard the gossip or have seen the silly Rob Lowe movie.

With Obama’s elimination of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus Act War Games Begin on Americans!

Los Angeles, CA—In the area of the United States that embraces Barack Obama and his band of committed Communists our military are learning how to make urban war on Americans.

The LAPD and Special Forces have taken to our skies to plan urban assaults on civilians. This should send cold chills down you back.

Okay I understand our schools have longs ago abandoned teaching anyone about their rights or our Constitution. You can't begin to protect rights you don’t know about.

At the end of our own Civil War we enacted the Posse Comitatus Act. The purpose was to end any military organizations functioning as civilian law enforcement.

Habeas Corpus is about our rights to never being imprisoned without, probable cause, the right to a lawyer, bail and due process of law. Obama has signed into law a provision that simply eliminates this important liberty.

Obama has recently signed measures into law that eliminates Habeas Corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act. The motivation for this is beyond sinister.

Now the military is free to prepare for war on Americans and they're doing it right now in Los Angeles!.

With class warfare on the horizon we can count on certain things. Government workers to be so needy and dependent they will willingly engage in atrocities just to stay employed.

We can either resist now or suffer tyranny for the rest of our lives. We have no choice.

Click here to read more…

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cook County Corruption and Making Nancy Jones a Scapegoat

Chicago, IL—Corrupt politicians love throwing tax money at contributors that provide unneeded good and services. To qualify for the free money you just need to make those kickbacks.

The people responsible for burying the indigent, forgotten and unwanted human remains forgot to pay up so their services went unfunded. The result was an unimaginable crisis at the morgue.

Illinois and virtually every agency controlled by Leftist Democrats are virtually bankrupt because of total corruption.

There’s nobody available to remove and bury the unwanted dead. Let’s blame the Medical Examiner Nancy Jones!

Now they want to create a scapegoat out of anyone but the people responsible for the mess.

What’s needed is ending the costly burials and save a bundle through simple cremation. When remains are not removed within ten days by a funeral home cremation is both reasonable and cost effective.

Families can be given the ashes of their impoverished loved ones. Or they can be buried easier and cheaper.

Forensic pathologists are rare in the medical community. Finding one to run that busy facility is not easy. Dr. Jones should not be punished for the failures of crooked politicians.

More Americans Than Ever Renounce Their Citizenship

Washington, DC—Americans being taxed and bullied to death by the IRS are taking their earning power elsewhere more than ever before.

The Communists and Socialists in our government have found every way possible to punish excellence and productivity.

Communism has never worked anywhere and won’t work here either. Punishing productivity kills jobs, wealth and most importantly the human spirit.

Voting with their feet is always an option for the people we need most in our nation. If we allow this punishment to continue we will have no employers at all.

When the Soviet tyrants of Eastern Europe had that problem they resolved it with endless miles of barbed wire, concrete, dogs, guns, mine fields and soldiers.

Rather than become a refugee perhaps it’s time to take up arms against the internal Communists that violate our Constitution. Running is taking the coward’s way out.

I refuse to become a refugee in the nation I was born in, served in it’s military where I have my friends and family.

I’d rather be dead than RED. Before I die I will send as many REDS to Hell as I can. There are millions of Americans that are preparing for Civil War reacting to Obama’s constant provocations to start class warfare.

If it’s war he wants he will get it unless he vacates our Whitehouse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cameras in Courtrooms are an Invitation to Corruption of Justice and Tyranny

Chicago, IL—The Illinois Supreme Court announced that they intend to allow cameras inside courtrooms bringing live trials for television entertainment.

Entertainment is exactly what they are creating. Turning courtrooms into media circus venues began inside The Peoples Court of Nazi Germany. The Show trials of Hitler’s courts were played in every neighborhood theater along with the regular films.

The Nazis learned from the Romans who dispensed “justice” at the Coliseum. People have an appetite to see the process of punishment utilized against their fellow man. Make no mistake standing trial for a crime in any forum is punishment.

The man pictured above is the father of televised trials. He’s Judge Roland Frisler who sent thousands of German citizens and at least one American woman to their deaths. Their crimes were that they resisted Nazi tyranny.

Another huge problem with televised trials is that it allows witnesses to see and hear each other give testimony. It’s the custom to exclude all witnesses from any court proceeding until after they testified.

People engaged in perjury conspiracies are obstructed by the exclusion. When they hear each other’s testimony they can keep their story lines in order. This move will corrupt trials.

If instead they broadcast trials after they ended lots problems could be avoided. News providers would be upset because the delay would turn news into history.

Lawyers, witnesses and judges turn into defacto entertainers. They play to the theater and embellish their roles. Many witnesses are reluctant to truthfully testify if doing that would prove embarrassing with the whole world watching.

Too many lawyers love the idea of winning television fame as players in the theater of the courtroom.

TV news providers know this will bring ratings and new revenue so they understandable welcome this change.

The Nazi regime used show trials as an intimidation technique to terrorize the population as a way to shut down any resistance to their tyranny.

Don’t allow our courts to become an intimidation tool for government despots. Don’t allow our courts to corrupt the practice of excluding witnesses.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Springfield Armory’s Little Gem, the XDS .45 ACP Sub Compact!

Las Vegas, NV—I’ve never been a fan of polymer frame guns. It’s more because of the sensitive triggers and my fear of an unintended discharge.

Springfield Armory just released their XDS compact .45 ACP pistol. It has an additional grip safety that makes me feel somewhat better.

The size, feel and quality of this little self-defense gun are wonderful.

Sit back and let delightful Dawn present this to you.

California Highway Patrol Officer Convicted of First Degree Murder

Los Angeles, CA—This case should have been a winner but Oakland CA. lawyer Darrell Stallworth apparently was not up to the task.

Of course Stallworth had to deal with his client, Tomieka Jones Lemons Johnson’s statements made to police investigators when she killed her husband, Marcus Lavar Lemons with a single shot from a tiny Browning .25 automatic pistol.

There was a history of domestic violence and a disparity of force involved. Stallworth just did not overcome the prosecutor’s lame suggestion that Johnson was somehow a superior combatant because of police training.

The case was winnable because it took some two years for prosecutors to indict Johnson. Their case was week but the courtroom defense was even weaker.

The defense needed a solid investigation and qualified expert witnesses. It had neither.

Johnson is now facing the rest of her life in prison.

Meet A Gun Rights Advocate, Trainer, Wife and Mother set to shake up the firearms landscape.

Las Vegas, NV—Erin Simpson is also a big gun Tucson lawyer! I met this interesting lady in Pittsburgh at last year’s NRA convention. Erin is one to watch as she forces open even more doors to the gun rights community for yet more women.

We have, “Right to Carry” laws in all but a handful of states thanks to some dedicated women like Marion Hammer, Sandi Frohman, actress Lee Purcell and a handful of others. It was a plea from the weaker sex that changed the direction of American gun laws.

The NRA was slow to recruit women perhaps because the good old boys thought only men understood the value of guns as a lifesaver. Women broke down the membership doors of the NRA when they should have been aggressively invited. Thankfully the women are here to stay.

Another sign of hostility that has made women feel unwelcome is some of the thoughtless marketing campaigns exploiting scantly clad ladies using sex to get the attention of men. Erin pointed this out to me in a recent conversation at the Las Vegas SHOT Show and she’s absolutely correct.

Ruger Firearms has used a delightful woman, Kelly Glenn Kimbro. Kimbro is a well known rancher, hunter, guide from Southern Arizona. She’s never caught wearing provocative outfits and her real image is that of an attractive women who is serious about fine firearms. She can be seen in dozens of Ruger posters. Kimbro is a women’s role model in every way.

Sex sells in our world but it need not be tasteless and sleazy. Indeed, women are sexy and using real elegance, glamour to sell fine firearms would offend nobody. Sleazy gun ads don't speak well for men either. Perhaps it's time to bring some class to eye candy.

Erin Simpson is a rising star in the world of Gun Rights, firearms training and self-defense advocacy. I was so impressed with Erin I asked her to sit down in front of the Crimefile News camera so I could introduce her to my blog visitors. Erin has her own informational site and blog that can be seen at: http://www.triggerhappyworld.com/

Sit Back and meet Erin:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drew Peterson Untouchable is a Joe Hosey Smear Job

Joliet, IL—Putting someone in a jail cell for more than three years without even a trial date is incredible and un-American. This is all because Will County Prosecutor James Glasgow wants to introduce the worst kind of hearsay evidence into an American courtroom.

The trial judge refused to allow the hearsay and Glasgow is appealing his loss until he reaches the court of last resort. In the meantime Peterson is being held in jail on a $20 million bail bond requirement.

Most Americans don’t have a clue just what hearsay is or how grossly unfair it is. When we formed America we created protections for people charged with crimes. The simple and foremost right is the one that gives the accused the right to face, confront anyone or anything used against him in court. In the case of testimony that means the right to cross-examine what’s being said.

Let’s begin with hearsay being a simple quote being repeated by an honest person. Remembering and repeating exactly what someone has told you is a difficult task even for news reporters. They take notes and manage to get it wrong more often than you could imagine. You can change the meaning of anything said with the slightest variation of a word. The tone and emphasis of a speaker can also take the exact same words making them sinister when they were not.

In the Peterson case the people offering the banned hearsay evidence stand to profit from Drew Peterson being convicted of murder. They have sued Peterson in civil court and a conviction in the criminal court would assure a money judgment in the civil court.

Our founding fathers understood the dangers and simple unfairness of hearsay and outlawed it in our Constitution. However that act has never stopped politicians like James Glasgow to make every effort to undermine that protection.

We can either have fair trials or accept judicial tyranny like we had in the Salem Witch trials of long ago.

No matter what anyone wants to believe there are certain facts in the Peterson case that won’t go away. Kathleen Savio had been embroiled in a divorce with Peterson and suffered a fatal injury in her bathtub. She changed the locks on the house and Drew Peterson did not have a key. The manner and cause of her death is far from resolved. If she was murdered there is zero evidence Peterson was somehow involved.

Savio’s relatives all claim she was afraid of Peterson and suggested Peterson would harm her. Those claims are thrown about in every contemptuous divorce at one time or another. Thankfully in all but a tiny fraction of cases those claims of threats were either lies made to influence divorce courts or were simply ugly emotional outbursts.

As for Stacy Peterson she is simply missing as her own mother was been long before she ever met Peterson. The presumption of her death is premature and suggesting who may have killed her is anything but proof or even mildly credible evidence. Peterson is not charged with anything related to Stacy Peterson however the finger pointing at Drew Peterson is beyond out-of-Control.

Drew Peterson fought those allegations not only by denial but also by ridiculing his accusers. It’s an understandable position if he’s killed nobody. The families and friends of “victims” are sacred cows and are placed above ridicule in our society no matter what they say or do. The problem here is we must guess if they are even victims.

One time neighborhood newspaper reporter Joe Hosey saw an opportunity to profit from a smear job of Peterson and wasted little time publishing a book and selling rights to a made for TV film.

Peterson’s Innocence Tour of the network TV morning shows backfired and now his ability to obtain an unbiased jury is in serious jeopardy. The crappy made for TV film has poisoned the jury pool forever.

The thing people forgot about Drew Peterson is he has never been accused of a crime in his life and enjoyed a 30-year career with an unblemished record as a cop.

Peterson’s real crime is that he’s become a media legend, based on the reports that he repeatedly traded aging wives for younger and more attractive women.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sig Shakes up the Sub-Compact Pistol World at the SHOT Show Yet Again.

Las Vegas, NV—The Sig Sauer Exhibit at this year’s SHOT Show had another compact surprise!

One of my blog visitors wanted me to do a piece on yet another gun being released. I foolishly passed on taking a second look that the gun because of a personal bias against most polymer frame guns. This all black gun had that familiar look from the distance. Boy was I wrong!

The P224 is simply a cut down larger frame P229, making yet another terrific hideout gun. This can be obtained on .40 S&W or .357 Sig.

This is small enough to look like a mouse gun but looks are deceiving. This gun packs a real punch.

I thank my visitor for making me take a second look. Sit back and watch Scott introduce you to the P224:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sig Shakes up the Sub-Compact Pistol World at the SHOT Show!

Las Vegas, NV—The SHOT Show always has a few surprises and I found a good one at the Sig Sauer exhibit. It’s the P 938 sub-compact 9 MM pistol.

It’s based somewhat on the venerable 1911 design but in miniature! This is a 9MM that will take the title of the ultimate backup or hideout gun.

Sit back and Adam will show you this gem that’s available right now.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Live streaming video from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, NV--I will have LIVE video up and running during the SHOT Show in Sin City. The show runs 17-20 January. On 16 Jan they will have Media Day at the Range...

Read more: http://www.outdoorhub.com/poma-media-center/#ixzz1izvLlZ7M

Video from the Las Vegas Strip I shot last night:

Sunday, January 08, 2012

How Many Young Mothers Must Go to Bed Fearful Every Night in America?

Chicago, IL—In this city law-abiding people are routinely placed into unnecessary danger and abject fear by their own government.

Is being placed in fear somehow more tolerable than hunger or being denied medical care? For too many politicians, forcing people to live in fear is a desirable goal.

Is it perhaps because these oblivious politicians live in safe well-protected neighborhoods, drive reliable cars and work in government buildings where everyone is searched before they enter? Is there a more sinister motive to their gun prohibition agenda?

Every night in places like Chicago, New York and Newark young mothers must put their children to bed in abject fear. Working mothers must take public transportation to various night jobs throughout these cities that have stripped them of their human right to self-defense. The vicious predators roaming around in these cities all depend on government to keep the people they rob, rape and murder unarmed.

The cities that deny the right to meaningful self-defense are also the most crime-ridden and dangerous.
We all know in most places in our nation we can order a pizza by telephone and get a quicker response than by calling police.

When you call the police in an emergency you’re simply asking for someone with a gun to come and protect you from a real threat.

Is it just too much to demand from our politicians the rights to keep and bear arms already granted by our Constitution?

In Oklahoma a very young mother widowed days earlier spent 20 agonizing minutes on the telephone with a police dispatcher while two armed creeps were trying to force their way into her home. Finally they succeeded in this home invasion threatening young Sarah McKinley (pictured above) who was forced to shoot and kill one of the intruders. Thankfully she was armed with a revolver and a shotgun.

That story got a lot of press attention only because deadly force was actually used.

There are many millions of other similar crimes that are simply interrupted when potential victims are armed and threaten cowardly thugs that flee for their lives. Those cases never get media attention because there’s no blood on the sidewalk to photograph and sensationalize.

The founders of this nation gave gun rights to Americans so that citizens need not fear criminals without and within our government.

We must purge every last political traitor that tampers with the basic human right to self-defense.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Gun Rights Must Become Recognized as a Global Human Right.

Berlin, Germany—It’s appropriate that the fight begin here because this is where the Nazi’s actually perfected gun control.

It’s here in Berlin that Adolph Hitler and his propaganda minister; Josef Goebbels demonized citizen’s gun rights as a threat to public safety.Guns were outlawed and the especially law-abiding and obedient German people surrendered their guns and liberty to that despicable and criminal regime.

Too many people on this planet have forgotten how 12 years of gun control and National Socialist rule caused the deaths of six-million Jews and Gypsies along with nine-million Germans.

It was the successful Nazi administered gun control that facilitated the abject horror on this nation and its citizens. Without arms it became impossible for Germany’s population to regain their liberty and freedom by any means.

We have experimented with gun control in America since it began during Post-Civil War Reconstruction as a way to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed and defenseless. Gun control has failed as a crime control tool everywhere it’s been tried. Not only has it failed, gun control actually guaranteed criminals safety as they robbed, raped and murdered. Gun control became the very best protection a violent thug could ask for.

America has more guns than ever with a sudden increase over the last decade to an estimated total nearly 300,000,000.

The rate of shooting and violent crimes has gone down everywhere gun laws have been relaxed. Gun related accidents have also gone down dramatically with the increase in gun ownership.

Governments are always the most prolific killers of their own citizens. Why would any Human Rights Advocate suggest citizens surrender the ability to fight genocide and tyranny?

The possession and carrying of arms for self-defense is a basic human right. No government should be able to disarm law-abiding citizens. No law-abiding citizen should ever have to go to bed frightened and disarmed.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices

Chicago, IL--Carrying a firearm in this city is forbidden and only the law abiding obey that unconstitutional mandate. So what do you do when government holds you down for muggers, rapists and killers? You do whatever you can to avoid the savages that inflict harm. Here is an idea I had several years ago that is finally being developed. A filter for your GPS that will warn you as you stray near dangerous ghettos. There is no question that this will save lives!

I always recommend that law-abiding gun owners always avoid conflict. This application will help you do just that!

This ought to prove fun when the Liberals and whiners call this idea racist. No it's all about taking steps to insure personal safety.

Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices « CBS Seattle

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Phoenix Broadcasting Icon and Mentor Bill Heywood and Wife Found Dead

Scottsdale, AZ—One of the fathers of Phoenix radio broadcasting, Bill Heywood and his wife Susan were both found dead from gunshot wounds in a hotel here.

Heywood had the perfect mellow voice and could talk sensibly to a microphone about nothing for hours. He was considered a broadcasting pro and seemed destined to work forever in his well-paying high profile gig. He always had a warm smile in his voice and never dared utter a discouraging word. All of that changed.

Radio audiences dwindled but for drive time. Formats changed from music to hot-button talk shows. The local disk jockeys like Heywood were replaced by syndicated talent and forced out of the business. Heywood was washed up well before his time and then went into real estate just in time to see that industry tank too.

Heywood’s wife, Susan was his agent and with her primary client out of work she was idled too. Along the way were collection lawsuits, the foreclosure of their comfortable Biltmore Estates home and a Bankruptcy. Health insurance was another disaster as Susan began to suffer.

For the Heywoods there was no way out as hope and our economy failed them. They had suffered enough so after leaving a suicide note they shared a gun to end their misery.

I wish there was a lesson here we could all learn but there’s not. The reality is the Heywoods somehow deserved better but it’s a very tough world for so many. Perhaps the religious people are right and there’s a hereafter with no troubles or stress. I hope that’s the case and they can once again enjoy laughter.

Here is some vintage promotional video for Bill Heywood:

You survived the deadly shooting and suddenly your next grave threat is inside the Criminal Justice System

Phoenix, AZ—It’s appropriate that we get specific to Arizona because they have a much better tolerance for people that use deadly force in self-defense or the defense of a third person. This is about the Golden Hours between and arrest and an Indictment by a Grand Jury. Once you’re arrested or otherwise labeled as a suspect the race begins to indict you for, Manslaughter or even Murder.

Needless to say you’ve not uttered a word to police beyond your name, date of birth along with a request for a lawyer.

The Golden Hours is a tiny time period where you can defeat a prosecution and spare yourself and family from Bankruptcy, divorce, home foreclosure, car repossession and even years in prison. Depending on complications prosecutors could secure an Indictment against you in just a day or two.

Aside from being a gun rights leader of our nation, Arizona has solid protections from abusive arrest and prosecution as well additional protection from bogus lawsuits. Just because that’s the law does not mean you will be spared a spin at the Wheel of Judicial Misfortune.

Judges, lawyers and prosecutors all think they understand the dynamics of lethal self-defense. They fact is most only got they education from Hollywood productions. Just because they are in the criminal justice business does not mean they understand what happened in a fight for someone’s life.

Unfortunately criminal defense lawyers are sometimes little help because real self-defense cases are very rare in the system. Assumptions are made that the violent event is the product of an argument rather than an attack based on race, robbery, mistaken identity, rape or a violent over-reaction to a driving infraction on some highway.

For example you shot a carjacker in the back. The police and prosecutors may understandably believe you simply played God and executed the hapless criminal. There are various things that happen in the split second of a shooting and a self-defense expert can often give a convincing explanation for the back wound. You can wait two or three years for a criminal trial and a jury to decide your fate or you can make a case before a Grand Jury.

These two case cites, are the law that creates your golden hours:

Herrell v. Sargeant, 189 Ariz. 627 (1997) holding that the state's failure to present a fair and impartial presentation to the grand jury of the facts that related to the justification of crime prevention required that the case be sent back to the grand jury.

Trebus v. Davis, 189 Ariz. 62 (1997) holding conditions where the state must inform the grand jury that the defendant is requesting to testify to the grand jury. The state must also present exculpatory information sent by the defense in a letter to the prosecutor.

The Trebus case is about a suspect giving testimony before the Grand Jury. Such testimony is nearly always a terrible idea and must be avoided. Trebus does force prosecutors to fairly present exculpatory information to a Grand Jury empowered to determine if you should stand trial on a felony accusation. Having a lawyer present Trebus material to a prosecutor is critical. Saying that, too many lawyers routinely let those Golden Hours slip away ignoring Trebus.

The big question is how can you save yourself from an unnecessary Indictment and criminal trial with the help of Trebus? That’s where I come in as a criminal defense private investigator.

First I must be called, retained and let loose to do my job. Your lawyer if you have one will be busy trying to arrange your bail. My responsibility is to respond to the scene and investigate on your behalf. I need to find possible witnesses and interview them right away on video or digital media before their stories get spun to what prosecutors want to hear.

I have to examine the scene of the incident looking for things the cops missed like, surveillance video sources, shell casings or suspected blood. I need to shoot still photos and video of the scene so defense lawyers can see what was there. Getting out late to a scene may be disastrous especially in construction areas.

I need to find those witnesses that the cops blew off because their stories did not match what they wanted to hear. Believe me that happens all the time. Either I find them early or they may never be found. I also must examine the backgrounds of witnesses for criminal or civil fraud history.

Police and prosecutors almost never turn over witness statements or for that matter any evidence to the defense until more than a month after an Indictment when it’s way too late to use this information.

I have to see what material the cops gave to the news media because often I find gold in what they provided to them and sometimes more importantly withheld. Police agencies love to flood the media with self-serving press releases about their “heroic” deeds connected with high profile arrests. Yes, any self-defense type shooting will qualify as high profile.

I have to remain in constant contact with your lawyer during the Golden Hours to make sure nothing is overlooked.

What happens next is any helpful information I find is reduced to writing in a “Trebus Letter” and delivered to the prosecutors before the Grand Jury is convened. Let me also say prosecutors are not necessarily evil; even they don’t like prosecuting innocent people. There are those cases where prosecutors want a jury to decide if your use of deadly force was really justified. The only problem is that may take years and all of your worldly assets.

I have seen more than one person jailed for years only to be tried and acquitted having lost everything while they were in jail pending trial. They leave the jail wearing the same clothes they had on when they were arrested. How sad is that?

Call me to do your investigation and perhaps I can help you choose a top-notch lawyer like Jed Stone or Joel Brodsky of Chicago or Richard Gierloff in Arizona.

You can visit my PI website at the top of this page on the right hand side. Simply click on hire me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The L.A. Arson Case get’s Stranger by the Second and Very Sad

Hollywood, CAHarry Burkhart, 24 lived with his 53 year-old mother, Dorothee Burkhart on Sunset Blvd. Apparently they ran a sex entertainment business website called HollywoodTantraMassage.com. They advertised sex services just short of prostitution. Dorothee Burkhart is seen here in a photo from that website.

Dorothy was arrested by the feds on a German theft warrant related to non-payment for a boob job and some fraud related to apartment rentals. On it’s face it looks to be an issue of a fugitive from German justice who was visiting here on a 90-day tourist permit.

When Harry’s mother was taken away by authorities on December 28, he was suspected of engaging in a 53 fire arson spree.

Apparently Harry’s story is far more complicated since a physician had previously diagnosed him as autistic along with suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and other issues. Harry Burkhart was obviously in a major state of panic without his only support. Acting out through the dangerous arson spree was obviously a desperate cry for help.

Considering Harry’s being stranded in a foreign country his world was coming to an end. We can’t hold Harry responsible for his mother’s conduct and apparently his own conduct may well be beyond his control too.

My thoughts are to return both mother and son to Germany under the circumstances. I know Germany will obtain the proper treatment for Harry as his mother faces the music for the allegations against her.

Harry’s arson spree was horrible costing some $3 million dollars. Thankfully nobody died. Isolating Harry Burkhart in an American prison under these circumstances would do far more harm than good.

Harry will face a judge in Van Nuys Wednesday morning and his mother has another date with a federal magistrate on Friday. They both need lawyers. Neither has a particularly good command of the English language.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Was it Immigration Injustice that motivated the Los Angeles Arson Fires?

Los Angeles, CA—We have an immigration law long on the books but we also have a government run by Communists and Socialists. These criminals simply obstruct justice by providing sanctuary for certain illegal immigrants.

Our officials allow for the tsunami style importation of crime poverty and drugs from all of Mexico and Central America. Additionally these same traitors have opened our borders to millions of Muslims from nations wanting to destroy us.

This engineered and illegal immigration policy has destroyed our health care and educational system by overloading it with Hispanic and Muslim freeloaders. Our “elected” insurgents are intentionally destroying our entire economy and our free market.

Most Americans are unaware that our Immigration policy is much different for English speaking, educated and wealthy Europeans wanting to live here. To begin with the Europeans follow our laws and cooperate with Immigration officials. For that, they are rewarded with instant deportation. It’s far more difficult for a European to immigrate to our soil even though they always pay their own way.

The 55 arson fires set in three short days may have been set by a German national over the treatment by our government of his mother. For me it is very understandable that this German fellow apparently used arson to call attention to the deportation of his elderly mother. I can’t forgive his crimes but understand the anger at the blanket discrimination against Europeans.

Our officials simply refuse to enforce and apply all immigration laws on an equal basis. The government assisted the massive Hispanic immigration invasion of our nation is for one reason alone. It’s to change the balance of values, culture and power to favor Socialism.

I don’t blame the immigrants. It was the insurgents and terrorists in our own government that have done all they could to succeed as they have in this bloodless coup d'état.

Now these same Communist insurgents have declared war on Americans, our freedom and way of life through the Patriot Act, TSA terror and the new government power of indefinite detention without trial of American citizens. They also ended the prohibition of the military performing police functions over Americans on their own soil. These are the tools of an iron fisted police state.

The victims of Nazi, Chinese, Soviet and Cambodian atrocities all cooperated and could not visualize what was happening to them. They failed to resist and that failure facilitated Holocaust after Holocaust. The time to resist government tyranny is now. Waiting for a political fix for tyranny never works. Tyrants must be severely punished right now or we will never have another chance.

You can simply cooperate your way to your death camp or you can stop the bastards cold in their tracks before they disarm and murder you. Our own government has given itself absolute power and our funding fathers are rolling over in their graves right now.

Suspect information and update:

An immigration official recognized the suspect from his mother's deportation hearing and notified the Sheriff's department and LAPD. He is being held on a $250,000.00 bail. His name is Harry Burkhart, 24. His DOB is 7/21/87 and he's due in court on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Los Angeles is Under an Arson Siege. Is this Terrorism?

Los Angeles, CA—In a world where the word terrorism is misused to describe schoolyard children threatening each other there are real threats. Our government has been using scare tactics to justify eliminating privacy and liberty exactly like Nazi regime did during the Third Reich. Josef Goebbels and Obams’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel both understood the power grabbing benefits of crisis exploitation.

What’s very real here are some 40 similar arson fires apparently started in building carports. The fires include Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Burbank Sun Valley and at least one on the Westside of L.A. If this is the product of a single arsonist he is prolific, busy and very dangerous.

Today they released a grainy video of an older heavy, pony tail wearing, White male with a resemblance to the legendary rocker, Meatloaf. Police say unknown subject is a “person of interest”. Cops also say the same subject has been seen at more than one of the arson fires.

Arson is a peculiar crime that can have numerous motives including sexual release. Revenge, insurance fraud or an attempt to cover-up some other crime are the most common motives.

Arsonists leave signatures behind and that’s usually their undoing. We are in age of video surveillance and police may have much more incriminating video of their ‘person of interest” they are ready to disclose. Details of the method used to ignite the fires ,is being kept secret by police as not to taint the interrogation process should they bag a suspect.

Video surveillance cameras are cheaper and better than ever and should be freely used by property owners. It’s important to keep carport areas free from rubbish and flammable materials. Motion detectors that activate lights and alarms are advisable. Vigilance is important. There are never enough police to prevent crime.

Every state allows the use deadly force to stop an arsonist. You don’t need to make demands he stop the attempt before you shoot. Shooting an arsonist is generally a good idea but confessing such an event to police is not.

Could this be genuine terrorism? It’s too early to say