Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arizona Patriots Sends A Message To State Government

Arizona—I have no clue where this happened or who was involved. It seems that there was a parked photo radar vehicle along a freeway that needed some corrective action.

Some patriots splashed tar all over the vehicle and then applied a coating of feathers. I assume that the vehicle was unusable for its extortion mission for at least a day or two.

I’d much prefer to see the politicians that enable the extortion program get identical treatment. Perhaps they’d learn that government by extortion is bad government.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Obamacare Train wreck May Become A Stone Around A Despot’s Neck

Washington, DC—One by one America’s largest employers are risking Barack Obama’s and Congress’ wrath as they cry foul. They are reporting significant and unmanageable costs because of the hastily and secretly drafted legislation that’s now the law of the land.

Obamacre threatens every American job and will make economic recovery impossible. In retaliation the Obamacare Congressional block has subpoenaed the corporation’s records and will grill the CEO’s. No evidence will surface showing any benefit to the American economy and this will also bog down the government’s ability to collect taxes and function.

Will we see this crisis become Obama’s excuse to seize and nationalize America’s corporations? If Obama tries that he can count on American people to rise in an armed rebellion against him and his cronies. There will be a gallows waiting for all those Marxist traitors.

No matter what happens, I suspect the corporations will succeed in obtaining an emergency restraining order from the federal courts derailing Obamacare. This significant issue will make the litigation fast track and get before our Supreme Court in a hurry.

If this happens we will avoid a civil war and the Marxists will be branded and peacefully exiled.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Joe Grant, “The Flag Man”

Chicago, IL—It was the very beginning of July, 1970 and I had just finished serving two years in the US Army after being drafted . I was off duty and enjoying the pretty girls at the North end of Oak Street Beach.

I saw a filthy looking hippie and he was wearing a United States flag like a diaper. I viewed the sight with utter contempt. I knew there was some relatively new law that prohibited the, “improper display of the flag.” I saw a sergeant from 018 driving by and asked him if he knew about that somewhat obscure new law. He actually had a copy of it and it was a felony with no misdemeanor reducer.

That was it, we arrested the hippy whose name was Joseph John Grant. It turned out he had a drug conviction and he was soon on his way to the 018 District lock-up after we called for a wagon.

We confiscated the flag and inventoried it as evidence. I soon learned that Grant was unable to post the relatively low bail.

Grant’s is preliminary hearing court date came up and he appeared before one of Chicago’s most colorful judges, Wayne Olson. When the case was called Grant began with his smart-assed attitude and pissed off Olson. The result was the case was continued for 30 days, bail was jacked up well beyond any ability to pay and Grant was ordered to see the Court Psychiatrist, Dr. Kelleher or Dr. K as we used to call him. Eventually Grant pled Guilty to the felony and got probation along with the 45 days or so he served in the Cook County Jail.

Judge Olson wound up doing a stretch at Club Fed after he was snagged in the Grey Lord Investigation of the early 1980’s. The FBI bugged Olson’s chambers and he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Okay, I enjoyed that exercise in justice. Seeing that hippy punished for showing contempt for the flag so many Americans died under now gave me satisfaction. The penalty was harsh but Grant was everything I despised in the days following the Democratic National Convention, Jane Fonda and the sellout of South Viet Nam by the Communists in our own government.

Just a few years later the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the flag desecration laws throughout the land as protected free speech. When the ruling came down I had no problem with it since it reinforced free speech.

My military service was dedicated to freedom so the Joe Grant Flagman Case sparked my interest in the Bill of Rights. Today I’d thank that unwashed hippy for the education.

It’s was not just speech that is protected but unpopular speech. I have to be the first to admit that there is a significant portion of the population that would love to see my blog shut down and see me get beaten or worse. Thank God and our nation’s founders for free speech..

Advice to Businesses like Dana Kathryn Jewelry in Studio City, CA

Click on Gun to enlarge picture. This is a Sig Sauer P-239 with rosewood grips from

Studio City, CA—Okay, I was asked a serious question about prevention of violent robberies like Dana Kathryn Jewelry has suffered twice in two years. I felt a duty to answer. Of course I’d need to come out to the scene and conduct a security audit and without having done that I will offer the following:

Any jewelry or cash business needs have an unobstructed view from the street so robbers can be seen by anyone passing by. DKJ failed in that regard.

The owners and employees need to know that their lives depend on their training and protection. That means firearms and training. Twelve hours with a qualified professional law enforcement trainer like me would cover the basics. Two hours of tactical training at the store must be part of that. Again, GKJ failed.

They seemed to lack a street view camera which may have alerted the sales workers and provided police better accomplice information. Once more, DKJ fell short.

Each business needs to have at least an image of being more difficult to victimize that the surrounding businesses. Criminals are cowards and avoid challanges.

Local police anti-robbery advice mirrors the philosophy of the politicians that appoint them on gun rights and self-defense. Politicians and police have no right to interfere with the very survival rights of citizens. The fact is they meddle and discourage any resistance thereby facilitating the robbery crimes and further endangering the citizens.

Resistance can be risky but not nearly as risky as compliance to the point of allowing the robbers to force you on the floor or to bind you. Each of the robber’s commands you obey emboldens them and invites more personal danger.

This is about mindset and not personality. The store’s owner seems like a lovely lady who would be too horrified to put up a fight. That’s where training can resolve the issue. Above all the woman needs a strong will to survive.

There is no choice here, either take the steps necessary or find another line of work. This is America and the right to self-defense and to keep and carry arms is an absolute right. Surrendering to thugs is un-American

One last but important piece of advice. If you use deadly force to stop a crime and someone other than you is killed or injured DO NOT TALK TO POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT. Making statemets like, "I was in fear of my life, I had to shoot!" is a tacid confession. SAY NOTHING!

Militia Raids A Justice Department Smear Job?

Detroit, MI—Nine people are in custody on allegations that they are part of The Hutaree Militia and that they conspired to murder members of local law enforcement agencies.

Indictments were unsealed this morning that were laid out with well-crafted press releases providing the FBI’s basis for making the raids, seizing property and arresting the accused. I can’t help but smell a big rat at the top of the Obama Justice department.

It’s very simple, the Obama administration knows they have virtually zero support from state and local police. They need to drive a wedge between those Americans resisting the Marxist inspired changes and the local police. This plot along with the overblown press releases may be total fabrication of a government paid snitch.

As for the group I suspect they are a bunch of religious zealots that like guns and play dress-up as they run around in the woods. If they were a real threat they would never had submitted to arrest by the metrosexuals that make up today’s FBI. So far, there is no evidence of a single violent act by this group. That’s hardly the profile of a dangerous group bent on killing cops.

The FBI claims they needed to act against the group since they say there was a planned covert reconnaissance operation. What’s unlawful or violent about that? That’s what my wife did at department stores in the days before the big sales!

I guess it was only a matter of time before the Waco style raids would target potential resistance groups that would obstruct the Marxist takeover of America.

Be wary of anything that emanates from the Obama Justice Department. If you’re a state or local cop don’t fall for this scam that is trying to frighten you into cooperating with Marxist revolutionaries.

Read the actual indictment here:

Cops Working Under The Eyes And Ears Of Big Brother And YouTube

Chicago, IL—Our commercial aircraft carriers have had cockpit voice recorders to analyze aircraft accidents for decades. The pilots union zealously guards that the use of the recordings is for only accident investigation. The contents of the recordings can’t be used for any other purpose.

In an effort to sort out the wide range of highly fictional accounts of police/violator contacts administrators are putting video/voice recorders in police vehicles. Suspects and sometimes police have been known to “recreate” events in courtrooms and sometimes lives are ruined by what the juries and judges choose to believe.

In a perfect world nobody would ever tell lies especially under oath. The fact is if the mouths of humans are moving, they’re probably telling lies. That’s especially true of police/violator contacts.

If the conversations in police vehicles were recorded and made public cops would always be in trouble. The already high police divorce statistics would be off the charts and there would be grounds to fire most officers for one violation or another. You see, free speech is not really free since what you say can get you in a world of trouble. Even cops need privacy.

Imagine being trapped in a car where every word you say during your work shift is recorded and preserved for later use against you. There would never be any privacy. One could argue that corruption would be made more challenging but who is willing to work under those conditions?

So far, several hundred Chicago police vehicles are equipped with the video/voice recorders and many officers are disabling or simply not allowing the equipment to operate.

Police administrators are countering that the officers are being cleared of phony allegations over 90 percent of the time. Somehow I see a deeper divide between police and the public through the recording equipment. Casual conversations will quickly be a thing of the past.

To suggest that cops will get used to this new technological tool is a fantasy.

Any recording system that would be acceptable to officers is the one where exactly what’s recorded is under full control of the officer. The officer needs to be able to activate the equipment at his or her pleasure. I don’t anticipate that happening and the police unions need to step in and draw a line in the sand.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to be work as a cop under today’s conditions. With every man woman and child in possession of a cell-phone video camera, GPS vehicle tracking systems, and YouTube, any other line of work would be better.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Armed Robbery At Fashionable Ventura Boulevard Jewelry Store

Studio City, CA—Dana Kathryn Jewelry is no stranger to armed robbers and they’ve been hit before. This time as in the last, the three thugs were caught on tape doing their nasty deed.

During Thursday’s lunchhour the trio posed as customers, drew guns and ordered salesladies to the floor and bound them with plastic zip-ties. They gathered some $200,000.00 in jewelry and cash before they fled into a grey automobile.

The Los Angeles area businesses are easy pickings for criminals since they don’t believe in armed resistance. Of course sometimes the thugs kill their unarmed victims. Failure to train and arm those in the Jewelry or cash businesses has been redundantly proven to be a real killer.

Once again it’s nice to see just how well all those California gun laws protect everyone.

The victims waited ten minutes for the LAPD to respond to the emergency. That lackluster response does not make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I guess this store is really popular with African-American thugs that enjoy terrorizing White people.

From The LAPD:
Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) North Hollywood Area Detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying three armed bandits who stole $200,000.00 worth of jewelry.

On March 25, 2010, at around 11:45 a.m., two male black suspects entered a jewelry store located in the 12600 block of Ventura Boulevard posing as customers. The suspects engaged in conversation with the victim for several minutes then produced handguns and ordered the victim to the floor. The suspects then restrained the victim using zip ties and continued with the robbery. Shortly after subduing the victim, the suspects opened another door to the location and allowed a third suspect to enter the jewelry store. The three suspects then ransacked the store, took jewelry from the display counters and safe within the jewelry store. The suspects drove off in a dark grey vehicle in an unknown direction.

Suspect #1 is described as a male Black with black hair and brown eyes, about 25 years-old, 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighing about 190 pounds and last seen wearing a black/brown button hooded cardigan.

Suspect #2 is a male Black with black hair and brown eyes, about 30 years-old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing about 198 pounds and last seen wearing dark jeans with earrings on both ears.

Suspect #3 is described as a male Black, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing about 200 pounds and last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to call LAPD’s North Hollywood Area Robbery Detectives Mahoney or Hammer at 818-623-4061

Here is video from the last stick-up that resulted in arrests and prison terms for the that crew.

For the current video, here is KTLA-TV’s story:


Simple Proof Of Treason By Obama And Members Of Congress

Washington, DC—Yes, we have a undeniable dependence on oil from Muslim controlled nations. These nations are rich and powerful because of American money. These same Muslim nations are run by irrational, primitive and religious zealots that threaten the free world.

We have huge oil deposits in our own soil and Americans are desperate for jobs. Additionally we need additional oil refineries. We could immediately put well over 100,000 Americans to work drilling and processing the fuel we need. This would also greatly reduce or disable the military capabilities of those Muslim nations.

Our dependence on oil is not going to end anytime soon. Why must we also be dependent upon less than friendly nations?

Any politician that does not demand we drill and refine our own oil is not serving the interests of the United States of America. We have loads of traitors in Congress serving interests of other nations and their political agendas.

The Global Warming scam and suggestions that our drilling is somehow more harmful to this planet than the drilling in the Mideast is downright laughable.

We need to demand drilling right now of Barack Obama and those members of Congress. Those that continue to obstruct should be impeached and punished. We need the jobs and the revenue now. That would stimulate our economy a lot better than propping up failed automakers and corrupt banks and Wall Street whore houses.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is something all Americans desperately need right now. Americans need jobs and to get out from under Muslim ownership. We need to make enough noise so those bastards in Washington, DC do what they are told.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is Tort Reform Really A Good Idea?

Washington, DC—Tort reform has gone nowhere and perhaps that’s not so bad. When they talk about tort reform they raise a few cases of crazy or runaway jury verdicts to seemingly undeserving people. Judges routinely reduce overblown awards and there is the appeal process.

Civil litigation is the protection the law provides that curbs reckless, negligent acts by powerful corporations and government agencies. The gate keeper preventing frivolous lawsuits is the high cost of litigation. Filing such suits is expensive and abuse of the process has serious sanctions.

It is and should be a jury that assigns personal responsibility and applies Darwin’s Law or simply denies the claims of the unworthy or dishonest. On the other hand it’s the jury that makes a deserving plaintiff whole again.

The contingent fee system allows wage earners or folks of limited wealth to bring lawsuits when they are injured or otherwise victimized. The hefty cost of litigation is defrayed until there is a recovery within the claim system.

The lawyers agree to gamble on the likelihood of a settlement or jury verdict by taking a percentage, usually one third of the recovery. Lawyers are always reluctant to take cases that don’t have merit. Without the ability to sue people would never recover damages for death, injury or destroyed businesses.

Without serious civil tort consequences, government agencies, medical providers and manufacturers would be immune from abusing the rest of us. The tort system protects all of us and taking its teeth away would invite an avalanche of arrogance and bad behavior.

Insurance covers most Americans and unless there is coverage the contingent fee lawyers will never take those cases. The insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums and not paying claims. They’re always looking for ways to avoid living up to their responsibilities. It’s all about profit, nothing more.

We have a jury system and it works to protect all of us from bogus lawsuits and to order compensation when they deem that reasonable. I will trust our juries a lot more than politicians, lobbyists or insurance adjusters any day. The tort system is not broken, leave it alone.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Anarchy Is On The Way!

Washington, DC—Chairman Barack Obama and his fellow Marxist revolutionaries in our Congress have hijacked the health and insurance industries. Members of our Congress never read what they passed. This was nothing less than a plan to destroy the American way of life. This was nothing less than a mass Marxist conspiracy.

Caterpillar Tractors and now AT&T along with a whole gang of other companies have discovered the new law is catastrophic to their ability to continue providing products and the jobs. We can expect the rest of the businesses to learn the truth to this HCR destructive device that will plunge America into absolute chaos.

The Obama Administration intends to follow up with martial law and grab the power to shut down what’s left of our Bill of Rights. Obama will point to the, “necessary actions” that were taken by Abraham Lincoln to suspend Habeas Corpus.

Lincoln in fact did that and a whole lot more; he seized private property including newspapers, railroads and telegraphs. Lincoln imprisoned 30,000 Americans without trials, and ordered the arrest of legislative members to prevent their voting. Lincoln actually deported a sitting member of Congress, Clement L. Vallandigham from Ohio that objected to the imposition of the Income Tax. Oh yes, Lincoln waged war on the South without the consent of Congress. Yes, Lincoln was a despot and tyrant who was canonized as a saint by revisionist historians.

With our country in a state of anarchy Obama can be counted upon to invite foreign Communist troops to bring peace and order to a new United Socialist States of America. The Socialist executioners will be working overtime to put down the resistance.

Americans must draw a line in the sand and react defensively while we still can to the treason and overthrow of our Constitution. Better for despots and tyrants to suffer the guillotine than loyal Americans.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Can No Longer Afford Drug Enforcement in America

Everyday people are murdered because of our Drug War. People who are, or believed to be snitches, dealers, pharmacists, are killed because of the Drug War. Then there are ordinary people killed during the commission of robberies and burglaries by desperate drug addicts funding their habits.

The reasons for the drug related murders are varied and numerous. Cops needlessly risk their lives over the impossible task of eliminating drug abuse. They only effect law enforcement has, involves the correlation between drug prices and the level of enforcement.

The more enforcement we authorize, the bigger the illicit profits are for criminals. Drug enforcement is nearly as big a business as drug dealing. The entire industry needs to be shut down. Legalization and taxation is no solution because there is still a huge opportunity for criminal tax evasion corruption. We need to refrain from regulation of any drugs not involved with medical treatment.

The immediate impact would be a huge reduction in illegal immigration by drug criminals. Property crimes would be drastically reduced since the cost of illicit drugs is no more than sugar, coffee or tea.

Police and corrections people can devote their time to dealing with whatever crime is left. There will also be billions saved in the cost of prosecution and defense of drug crimes. Public defenders represent the bulk of drug offenders. The DEA budget alone is staggering. These agents could be all be redirected at foreign terrorists.

Some of the savings can also be redirected to providing medical interdiction and help to those who actually want it.

Would we have more addicts? Humans are always attracted to behavior that is deemed illegal. I just don’t see people putting that poison in their bodies just because it’s legal. Laws against impaired driving and such can still be enforced. Zoning laws can restrict where drugs can be sold.

Throwing hundreds of billions of our tax dollars away to fund an industry that makes even more money because of well intentioned drug laws is insane.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To The Visitors Of This Blog

I want to take the time to thank my visitors for reading and watching Crime, Guns. And Videotape.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with the stuff I publish here. I love the ability to have you all explore my ideas and offer your own.

I thank you all as we approach what may be the darkest days of our lives. Together we will endure and keep liberty and freedom alive.

Congressional Member Death Threats Reported!

Washington, DC--Some members of our Congress have reported death threats and broken windows at their district offices. It seems too many Americans won’t accept redistribution of wealth and Socialism without a fight.

There is another side of this issue and that is an out-of-control Congress with a slight majority of members violating their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. Have they brought this on themselves?

When it comes to the hard won rights of Americans there is no room for compromise. Our veterans cemeteries make that abundantly clear. However some in Congress and the Whitehouse just don’t get it. They also need to remember we outlawed slavery!

When our politicians stray from the Constitution it sometimes takes years and even decades for the courts to reaffirm freedoms. Our politicians must error on the side of freedom and liberty or they may face removal through legal or even extra-legal means.

Tampering with freedom is considered risky business in any society. Tyrants have been able to shroud themselves with security since the beginning of government. History has often demonstrated that sometimes politicians and dictators are killed and that comes with the territory.

I won’t condemn every attack against political leaders. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and other despots certainly showed an uncanny ability to cheat the assassin. Sometimes tyrants get what they deserve.

The hostile, Socialist takeover of the American Health Care and Insurance Industry is un-American and those responsible should expect punishment both legal and extra-legal.

Arizona Gun Control Evolution

Phoenix, AZ—Arizona always had open carry rights for people excluding felons, mental defectives and those addicted to alcohol or drugs. Concealed weapons were outlawed for all but police in the 1960’s.

Arizona had a population explosion of people from New York and Chicago for the relaxed Arizona lifestyle. Some of those people went into total shock when they saw others peacefully carrying guns. The early 1980’s brought suggestions of simply allowing permits for concealed weapons, That concept sent fear and condemnation throughout the State Legislature.

The late Prescott, representative Dave Carson introduced various bills forward to allow for concealed weapons. The Eastern transplants that joined the legislature went into absolute panic. Arizona’s police chiefs dutifully testified how this change would bring shootouts to every traffic accident. That, despite existing laws, that allowed motorists to carry loaded guns in glove compartments. Carson’s bills went nowhere.

Carson was undaunted and introduced these bills every year for the next 14 years. Finally Carson’s efforts paid off and the new law brought credibility to none of the violent predictions of Arizona’s naysayers. The concealed weapon permit holders in every state are a law-abiding bunch of folks.

With the liberalization of these laws in America we learned one thing. Gun control works, only on the law abiding. All the gun laws and harsh penalties have zero impact on criminals. Gun laws have only worked to disarm decent people and allow for their victimization.

Now the Arizona Legislature voted to join Vermont and Alaska in allowing for concealed weapons without a permit. Those choosing to carry weapons must not be prohibited to possess weapons by any state or federal law. The governor can be counted upon to sign this measure into law.

Illinois and Wisconsin have total bans on concealed weapons. New York, New Jersey and California radically restrict how guns may be carried with permits that are difficult or impossible to obtain. Many of these jurisdictions have confusing laws that overlap and do little more than give the bewildered and law abiding, criminal records for the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Beret Physician’s Appeal Of Murder Convictions, Set For A Hearing

Richmond, VA—After four decades, a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond will hear arguments in 66-year-old Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald's case on Tuesday.

McDonald was convicted after a horribly botched military police investigation of the murders of his wife Collette, 26 and his daughters Kimberly, six and Kirstin, two.

The key physical evidence that convicted McDonald was a hair found in Kimberly McDonald’s fingernail that experts claimed belonged to her father Jeffery at the trial.

New DNA evidence indicates the hair was excluded as comming from any member of the McDonald family.

The Army CID was rife with incompetence back then and they did not have today’s modern investigative tools. The high profile case spun out of control and the investigation taken over by McDonald’s now deceased father-in-law and various politicians. Getting McDonald convicted became a cause celeb that generated publicity, a book, movie and lots of revenue.

The murders of McDonald’s wife and children were unimaginable and compared to the gruesome Manson Family slaughters in Los Angeles. There was evidence of a band of hippies being involved, a confession from a member of that group and allegations by a Deputy United States Marshall of witness tampering by prosecutors during the trial.

McDaonald was a handsome fellow with a roving eye for the ladies and fell to temptation as so many others have done. Prosecutors turned that into a motive for murder. Infidelity plagues American marriages but murder, thankfully is rarely involved in such relationships.

McDonald has been serving three life terms in federal prison and finally defense evidence may yet see the light of day. Witness that could of and should have given testimony for the defense have since died and admitting their hearsay but sworn statement into evidence will be difficult if not impossible now.

In addition to defense arguments there is the issue of some very real DNA evidence connected to that single hair that prosecutors have kept buried for many years.

McDonald Brief July 20 2009

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Smell War In America

Washington, DC—As the Obama administration and a runaway Congress marches against the freedom and liberty of Americans they show their ignorance of history.

The anger over the Socialist styled healthcare seizure by government is boiling over right now. That, as the Left is emboldened to continue with their Marxist agenda non-stop.

They have enslaved the productive and taxpaying half of this nation to serve the unproductive and ungrateful other half, along with a massive police state.

On this earth there is no place ever inhabited by humans that has not suffered holocaust and war. That’s because some want to impose their will on others by force.

The British learned the hard way that you can only tax and punish, until people go to war. Then there was the time that the North imposed their will over the South. Of course by the time that war was over there was nothing to celebrate over a Union victory. The undertakers were the only ones that won that war.

History shows that the side with the most guns wins. It has not been the Leftists buying up every gun and round of ammunition produced for the last 18 months. Were they buying these weapons in anticipation of new restrictions or preparing for a Second Civil War?

Imposing your will on others by force is always a dangerous idea. History has redundantly demonstrated that fact. Yes folks, I smell war.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A House Divided Against itself Cannot Stand

It was in Springfield, IL on June 16, 1858 when Abraham Lincoln made that famous campaign speech while running for the US Senate. Lincoln foolisly seemed to believe that things would somehow work out without a Civil War.

Lincoln let out that iconic line, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." He followed that up with, “I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.”

We are again at this same crossroad with one half of the nation enslaved to the other half and an out-of-control government. Now yet another Illinois politician may be foolishly optimistic we will avoid a second Civil War.

I don’t think our present government can endure half slave and half free but that’s exactly what Barack Obama has arranged. Obama is The Great Divider.

Most Americans are beginning to realize that the Red Menace we long thought dead is here. Our freedom and liberty is on the ropes as we plunge into an abyss of failed Marxist ideas.

Instead of our economy growing it will be the body count as this Communist revolution has only begun. It is time to purge or be purged folks. We are in for a very rough ride if we can’t politically derail that despot and his henchmen.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adolph Hitler Hurt Germany The Most.

Berlin, Germany—At the end of World War I, Germany signed on to the Treaty of Versailles that saddled the nation with an impossible war debt to pay. This was during the time they were simply printing money as the economy tanked and Germans were actually starving.

Two opposing Socialist political parties fought for control of Germany. The Communists and Nazis battled it out. The winners were the National Socialists led by a charismatic man, Adolph Hitler who expertly used the new media of radio to lead a nation of obedient sheep.

Hitler’s PR manager, Josef Goebbels was a genius that knew to never let a good crisis go to waste. They contrived a crisis and that was the arson blaze of Germany’s Reichstag. Outraged politicians quickly voted to give the Nazis absolute power to crack down on their opposition.

Hitler delivered on his promises to feed Germany and redistribute the wealth. The Jews were targeted since they were both unpopular and wealthy. Jewish property and businesses were confiscated and distributed to Nazi Party faithful. The German people allowed themselves to be totally dependent on the National Socialist government for absolutely everything.

Jews were outlawed and those that did not flee were rounded up and sent off for "resettlement" in Eastern Europe without their assets. The dirty secret was Hitler’s Final Solution to the Jewish Problem along with extermination of the medically unfit. This was also an economical move since you need not care for or feed the dead.

Germans were very desperate for peace, prosperity and security. Hitler and his henchmen seemed to provide even better than expected and that boosted his popularity. Soon Hitler was running out of Jewish money and began the occupation of his European neighboring countries. That of course eventually brought World War II.

Still the German people were overly fond of the National Socialist messiah who filled their food pantries and stomachs with food. Those who knew the real story were tried and executed for High Treason if they made any effort to expose the Nazi atrocities.

We are at a crossroads with crisis after crisis and now we have a overly large, government dependent population that follows Barack Obama like starving puppies. Obama leads them as any other effective cult leader. Obama’s followers are just as giddy as Hitler’s were to be in his presence. The similarities between these two Socialists, is indeed downright spooky.

Germany saw 9 million of its own citizens perish because of Hitler. That does not include the Holocaust, nor the loss of all the Allied soldiers. Socialism was and is nothing more than a killing machine everywhere it has been tried.

For everyone killed or murdered in the name of National Socialism there were nearly two killed in the name of the Communist USSR under Stalin.

Getting rid of Hitler was politically impossible and those that saw the horrible direction Germany was headed had no choice but to plan his assassination. By the time the German resistance got serious, it was too little too late.

We have no choice but to rid our government of every last Socialist and Communist.

The Real Reason Health Care Is Broken In The USA

This is really simple to understand. We have many millions of poor illegal immigrants in our country. They simply don’t have insurance and don’t pay their medical bills as as we are forced to pay their tab of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

This impoverished and uneducated alien group is also involved in all manner of criminal enterprises and suffer many more drug overdoses, stabbing and gunshot wounds than citizens or documented resident aliens. The same is true for their accelerated and astronomical birth rate.

The strain on our medical providers and the medical insurance companies is beyond enormous. Lastly, nothing prevents people who can’t or won’t pay medical bills or illegal aliens from making medical malpractice claims or filing lawsuits against care providers.

If we removed the trespassing aliens. Americans and legal aliens could well afford insurance.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Natalee Holloway's Corpse Scam

Rapho Township, PA—Fame nearly always brings hard cold cash so there are never ending attempts to garner fame such as the infamous Balloon Boy Caper. For every publicity stunt that backfires, there are many more that succeed.

Natalee Holloway disappeared some five years ago after leaving a nightclub with young strangers while drunk on a vacation in Aruba. Today we still don’t know if she was the victim of an accident, foul play or even if she found a new life somewhere by her own volition.

The Holloway case has captured the imaginations of those Americans that don’t have a life and hang on every word of the former prosecutor and now tabloid TV, crime harpy, Nancy Grace. These folks want the young men who were last seen with Holloway hanging from a gallows. Thankfully there is a decent form of Due Process on this Dutch governed island.

Now John and Patti Muldowney have produced a photograph of a shape on the ocean floor taken while snorkel diving. Now they have generated a major speculative media frenzy that has little basis whatsoever. I’m sure they got a hefty price for their photo.

Is the shape human remains? I can’t see a basis to draw any conclusion whatsoever.

If it is somehow a real human corpse, what are the odds that it’s Holloway? I’d ventured to say that millions of corpses have been dumped into our oceans. Some were murdered and others simply buried at sea. Then there are those that drowned or had fatal encounters with sea life.

We all need to learn from this that anyone can dupe the media and make money too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Book, My All Time Favorite Film

Los Angeles, CA—I first wrote about this great 2006 film only last August in a review. I caught the film by accident on the Encore Network one night. What a treat it was!

If there is a God of all film directors I’d have to call him, Paul Verhoven(Basic Instinct, Robo Cop,Total Recall and Independence Day). His other films are pretty good to say the least but he hit a Grand-slam Homerun with Black Book.

I have a serious problem. I can’t stop watching this film, over and over.

If you’ve not heard of this film that perhaps because it’s filmed in Dutch, German and only a bit of English. Don’t worry it’s subtitled in your language. The acting is so superb you will become part of it.

This film is based on a true story of a sexy and beautiful Jewish cabaret singer, played by Carice Van Houten, hiding out in Holland for the duration of the war and Nazi occupation. Van Houten’s character, Rachel Stein aka, Ellis de Vries is drafted into the Dutch Underground and spends the last year of the war, 1944 as a spy. The dangers Stein faces are unimaginable as she proves to be the ultimate survivor. This film is a non-stop thriller.

Verhoven’s entire cast is terrific. Sebastian Koch plays a kinder, gentler, head of the local Gestapo who understandably falls in love with the beautiful espionage agent. The love scenes are real, since these two actors were smitten both on and off screen. Sadly the distance between Amsterdam and Berlin ended their relationship, according to my very own beautiful spy, Andrea, living in Berlin.

You will need a score card to separate the villains from the good guys as every thrilling scene unfolds. The script written by Gerard Soeteman and Paul Verhoeven is as good as it gets.

You will see and recognize Van Houten, Christian Berkel, Waldemar Kobus and that stunning redhead, Halina Reijn from Black Book in the Film, Operation Valkerie that also stared Tom Cruise as Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg. Reijn shows up, this time as a brunette playing Stauffenberg's secratary.

I think the greatest thrill I’d have in my life would be to work with the incredible cast and crew of Black Book in another great European film. Mr. Verhoven, I’m available! Just have your casting director call my agent! Of course there is my screenplay, Come Friday waiting for someone like you to direct!

Carice Van Houten is very busy making more films right now. She has what it takes to be the greatest leading lady ever.

Don’t rent this film, buy it and see if you can stop watching it.

The cast and crew of Black Book.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicago Police Commander Arrested On Misdemeanor Count

Chicago, IL—Yes, I’ve see Chicago police bosses in handcuffs before. In the 1970’s Clarence E. Braasch and Mark Thanasouras made the perp walk and took an extended vacation at Club Fed. That of course involved serious corruption and violations of public trust.

I can’t recall a boss getting pinched for a misdemeanor offense, ever. That all changed last night, with the arrest of Fillmore District Commander, Penelope Trahanas over an allegation of, telephone harassment.

Trahanas is accused of making a threatening call to her former boyfriend, Matthew Jackson, a policeman currently assigned to headquarters. The basis for the arrest surround voicemails left by Trahanas that allegedly threatened Jackson’s career.

Jackson ran to a judge, sought and obtained an Order of Protection against his former lover. Jackson also instigated a departmental investigation of the allegations. Now, Trahanas has made the perp walk, got stripped of her gun, star and police powers.

Of course this mess will be reviewed by the courts that are notoriously slow in Chicago. If there is a guilty plea or a trial ending in conviction the once promising career will end in disgrace.

Capitol Police And That Degrading Visitor Frisking

Washington, DC—Americans seem to be too willing to put up with nearly any kind of abuse in the name of security. Despite solid Fourth Amendment protections Americans entering the buildings their taxes pay for, they submit like sheep to invasive, intrusive and degrading searches of their persons and belongings.

This idea caught on like wildfire in the 1980’s after cowardly judges and bureaucrats wanted special protection from unhappy litigants and taxpayers. Metal detectors and X-Ray machines are everywhere as government agents or government contractors simply violate the rights of visitors conducting government business.

Of course our cab drivers, 7-11 clerks or people that face real danger get no special protection from government. This is about protecting the powerful, not the public.

In America we only frisked prisoners or criminal suspects upon Probable Cause or by a Search Warrant. To do otherwise is only the routine of a Police State.

Of course the screening is never used on those who demand others be searched. That is at a minimum a denial of equal protection under law. If one American must submit every American should have to suffer the undignified frisking.

At the Capitol there are members of Congress and their staffers that insist they are above being searched. They bitterly complain when asked to submit to the screening. The result is a plethora of internal police investigations alleging racial profiling, assault and abuse against the hapless Capitol cops. Congress has the power to rid its chambers of the vile practice but they are too timid to do the right thing.

We need to establish once and for all that all Americans are equal. Either everyone or no one should ever lose their right to privacy when entering a public building or airport. This should begin at the U.S. Supreme Court with the screening of those Justices that don’t seem to have a problem with this practice.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Order Of Protection Issued Against Chicago Police Commander

Chicago, IL—I have been a long time critic of the three decade-old popular court process used for disputes, and domestic discord.

Our politicians found a way to sidestep establishing proof beyond a reasonable doubt to punish people accused of threatening behavior. One party visits a courthouse and makes whatever accusations they wish. If that party simply alleges assault, battery, criminal damage to property or some kind of threat the judge issues an Order of Protection that can have dire consequences.

The judge can order an accused person out of his home, to surrender all lawfully owned firearms and make the accused avoid going to his or her place of employment. The accused does have a right to a future civil hearing where the burden of proof is only minimal. The courts will only error on the side of, keeping the order in place. No judge wants to be blamed should something later happen to the complainant.

When the accused is a law enforcement officer or security professional they automatically lose their ability to work if their job requires they be armed.

The Orders of Protection are un-American and the real problem is that only law-abiding people can be counted on to obey them! Criminals violate the orders and kill or injure victims with or without the orders in the normal course of events. The orders just don’t work to protect anyone at all. This well-intentioned crime prevention concept has only been a massive failure.

The place for punishment is after conviction for a crime not upon some unsupported allegation. Far too often the orders are sought for malicious reasons only. Society is no better off with the Orders of Protection than without them to curb domestic violence. Society would be far better off to rid itself of this entire vile concept.

If there exists probable cause of a crime and the suspect is deemed a danger to society judges have the ability to raise the bail beyond the suspect’s ability to gain release.

Now Fillmore District Commander, Penelope Trahanas is on the receiving end of such an order. So far they have not stripped her of her star and gun, however not to do so would give her special treatment. Trahanas’ former boyfriend, Matthew Jackson, also an officer obtained the order complaining of telephone threats. I somehow don’t think this was necessary or that the sworn and armed boyfriend can’t take care of himself without the Order of Protection.

To me it looks like Penelope and Matthew need to move on with their lives without involving the courts or their employer. We need to change the law to keep this crap out of our courts and to quit ruining lives.

The ultimate Taxpayer Protection

U.S. Constitution: Thirteenth Amendment - Slavery And Involuntary Servitude

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Our politicians seem to have forgotten that slavery was outlawed long ago. Our taxation and national debt has made slaves of all taxpaying Americans. Will they establish debtor’s prisons for those who won’t or can’t pay? Every day we are closer to a second Civil War.

Congress and Obama vs. We The People

Washington, DC—Our out-of-Control Congress and President care not what Americans want anymore. They are a bunch or rogue, unresponsive renegades on a Socialist mission.

A large group of these Socialists and Communists inside our own government will do whatever they can, legal or not to strangle freedom in America. Our calls, E-mails and letters are insufficient to get their attention. Stronger messages are the only answer now.

It’s time for, we the people to exercise every option to maintain freedom and liberty. Failure to act will be catastrophic to the American way of life.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sarah Palin To Address The NRA Faithful in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC—Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker at the NRA’s annual meeting, May 14-16, 2110.

As usual there will be a grand exhibit hall full of the latest and greatest firearms. There will be loads of seminars and events tailored for men, women and children.

For lawyers there is also a really useful firearms law seminar that qualifies for CLE credit. This will enable lawyer to defend people accused under unconstitutional gun laws as well as dealing with frivolous civil litigation.

This a great opportunity to be seen with thousands of defenders of our Second Amendment!

Be sure to stop by the Eagle Grips booth for the finest accessories for your handguns.

Yes, Crimefile News will be reporting from the Charlotte Convention Center.

Get all the information about this event right here!

The Benefits Of Ignoring Census Inquiries

Millions of people thoroughly dependant on government need your participation. A high count will bring us the things we really need like more taxes and more career criminal, Congressmen.

The count gives government guidance for where to waste more of your tax money.

By all means cooperate fully so we can a much bigger and powerful government to run every aspect of your life.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Real Freedom Means Less Government

Imagine having speed limits eliminated on major highways? Envision having no vice police for adult prostitution or gambling? Visualize no more drug profits, theft or violence related to drugs that cost no more money to produce than coffee or sugar. More importantly, how many hundreds of billions of dollars would be saved if government ended its over-regulation of human behavior?

Germany has not had speed limits on their highways in our lifetime. The Autobahn is safe and reliable anyway. Prostitution is legal in Europe and the sky never fell. Gamblers gamble despite all laws. Drug addicts consume tons of illicit drugs despite outrageous consequences both legal and life threatening.

If all drugs were legalized would we begin putting needles in our arms just because we could? The answer is no! Drugs are in reality more attractive to young people just because they’re illegal!

Laws against driving under the influence can still be enforced and vice activities can be zoned away from residential areas and schools.

Some would say we should tax these things, but then we’d simply create an extortion programs and make criminal enterprises to evade the taxes.

We are embarking on the greatest depression of all times as we spend ourselves deeper with optimism and bravado. Too many want to believe our anointed Messiah, Barack Obama will save us all through epic government growth and taxation. That Socialist idea has failed absolutely everywhere. Freedom has never failed anywhere.

We were free after the American Revolution but where did all that precious freedom go? We need to take it back.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Phil Spector’s Murder Trial Was An Absolute Sham

Los Angeles, CA—I wrote extensively about legendary record producer, Phil Spector’s first murder trial that ended in a mistrial when jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict. . I was not able to do much with the retrial because of other commitments, but it was even worse that the first trial.

Both trials were as unfair, and as outrageous as I’ve ever seen in my 40 years of experience inside the criminal justice system. During the trials I compared L.A. Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler to Roland Freisler, the President of The People’s Court of Germany’s Third Reich. I don’t think that was an exaggeration because of nearly every ruling made by Fidler.

It was obvious to me that Judge Fidler had an agenda to convict Spector at any cost after numerous embarrassing high profile acquittals of other celebrity defendants. Fidler was drunk with power as he satisfied the harpy-pundits of that failed TV network, Court TV. It just so happened that I met Judge Fidler when he was invited to San Francisco to attend an Investigative Reporter’s and Editor’s conference in San Francisco with that very pretty, former Court TV correspondent, Beth Karas.

Spector’s trial was not about evidence but was an exercise of pure hatred. The trial manifested hatred for Spector’s wealth, flamboyant hair, manner of dress and lifestyle.

Spector had a lifetime’s worth of gold-digging women satisfying his libido and then angered when Spector did not give them the wealth and fame they sought. The very worst of this group were allowed to testify against Spector about decades old affairs.

Spector’s real crime was his sometimes horrible taste and judgment in the women he allowed in his bed. In that mix were thieves, extortionists and drug addicts. Some would return to haunt Spector for a slim chance at fame and of course the cash they could get from the tabloids for their tall tales.

The dead woman, Lana Clarkson fit Spector’s bedmates well. Clarkson was a failed and now too old actress with habit for ingesting Vicodin nearly a dozen times a day. The poor woman was an alcoholic suffering from depression and was nearly destitute. It was clear that Clarkson was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol when she died.

None the less Clarkson was a sympathetic figure that Hollywood used and spit out. Clarkson was beautiful and there was evidence she tried very hard to gain fame and fortune that sadly never materialized. Clarkson was really just another tragic story from The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Clarkson did not go home with Phil Spector who she just met for anything more than an act of commerce. Spector had money and Clarkson needed some.

A violent death occurred but the evidence of murder just was not there. On the contrary there was a lot of evidence suggesting suicide or a self-inflicted accidental shooting by a drunken woman.

We don’t have a video, instant replay of this tragedy. We and the jury had to guess how Clarkson died. It’s a human trait to want to assign blame for a needless death. The blame went to Phil Spector.

In Judge Fidler’s court Clarkson’s problems were sanitized while any and everyone who wanted was encouraged by the jurist to throw mud on Spector.

Phil Spector was railroaded to a prison cell for more years than the 70 year-old has left on earth. Spector very well may never live long enough to win his appeal. This is wrong.

With The People’s Court of Germany, the public did not see much of anything wrong with Judge Freisler’s show trials either. “Justice” was always administered there, swift and sure. What happened in this Los Angeles courtroom can happen to you or someone you love.

Read now the appeal brief filed on behalf of Phil Spector:
28176613 People vs Phil Spector Appellant s Opening Brief

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tough Questions For The Owners Of Westwood’s Midvale Plaza Apartments

Los Angeles, CA—In light of last night’s Westwood Village home invasion, robbery and kidnapping of a half-dozen UCLA students, lawyers can be counted on to uncover security shortcomings at Midvale Plaza Apartments.

Here are some tough questions:

1. What licensed security or investigative professional was hired to perform a security audit of the premises?
2. Did Midvale Plaza Apartments follow the recommendations?
3. Was there licensed, trained and armed security present, and if not, why not?
4. What in the way of recorded security cameras were present and operational?
5. What instruction did Midvale Plaza Apartments give tenants about not allowing strangers into the building?

Somehow I don’t think Midvale Plaza Apartments will have the right answers. The marketing signs I saw today offer a lot of wonderful extras for the tenants but I did not see safety and security on the list.

This seems to be a new complex. What steps have they taken to protect the very lives of their tenants? Last night’s horror show could have easily degenerated into mass murder bloodbath.

I can only hope that the owners Midvale Plaza Apartments take every possible future step to insure the safety of the tenants that have entrusted them with their very lives. At a minimum their building should be more secure than others in the area.

One last question: Why was there no lock on this door?

There's more:

Earlier story.

Westwood Home Invasion Robbery Traumatizes UCLA Students

Los Angeles, CA--The Midvale Plaza Apartments located at 527 / 540 Midvale Avenue became the scene of a home invasion robbery last night. Six UCLA students were studying for final examinations only to find themselves being held-up at gunpoint.

Four male masked male offenders including one Black and one Asian were armed with at least one shotgun as they forced the students to turn over cash, jewelry, laptops, and their cell phones. The robbery crew tied up the students with shoelaces and forced them all to lie on the floor of the apartment.

The offenders escaped and are now being sought by UCLAPD and LAPD officers who will need all the help they can get.

The robbery makes little sense since students generally have little money. This sounds like a really dangerous crew that needs to be stopped and removed from society. Anyone with information needs to snitch on these thugs in a hurry.

Note: On January 3, 2010 there was another similar home invasion only a block away at 433 Midvale committed by a lone Asian male with a silver colored handgun.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

National Identity Card? Over My Dead Body!

Washington, DC—There may be benefits to this idea. What we really get is a greater Police State. This is about total control over every man woman and child.

They will be scanning your card everywhere, when you travel, vote, are stopped for minor traffic violations, visit government buildings or do your banking. The power connected to those with access to the database is absolute.

This is the kind of program that we need to resist with everything Americans can muster. To wait and see will be too little, too late.

With a national ID card our government will never be suddenly motivated to use any tool in for the apprehension and deportation of illegal aliens. Illegal aliens will still be working for cash under the table.

They will force me to obtain the national identity card over my dead body.

Another Hot Lady Teacher Busted For Teaching Too Much!

Burbank, CA—Another family is going to hit it big in the lawsuit lottery complaining about the “unfortunate” 14 year-old who learned too much, too soon from his sexy and hot English and Social Science teacher.

According to police sources, Amy Beck, 33 allegedly confessed to police that she had sexual relations with the male student between March and September of last year. If Beck really talked to the police she needs a mental evaluation since nobody in their right mind would do that.

For her cooperation Beck is now being held in jail on a $400,000.00 bond

Beck taught for ten years at Burbank’s David Starr Jordan Middle School until she resigned last Friday.

If I was on the criminal jury there could be but one verdict from me, NOT GUILTY.

Okay, I just don’t get it. I don’t see anything but a lucky young lad who got a special treat. If there was a crime here it was the kid blabbing.

As for damages against the school district I’d not give a red cent to anyone if I was on the civil jury.

Yes I would have a different opinion if the sexes were reversed or it was a same sex student-teacher relationship.

Can we please spend precious tax dollars on something important rather than this crap?

Secret Government Cameras Will Be Soon Spying on Chicagoans

Chicago, IL—Adolph Hitler had absolute power during his 12 year reign of terror. Hitler’s wildest dream is about to be outdone in the Windy City if police Superintendent Jody Weiss has his way. The taxpayers of this once great city will be paying for hidden cameras to spy on themselves.

Citizen privacy has been on the ropes in modern times. With data collection, telephone records, privately operated surveillance cameras, I-pass toll roads, photo traffic enforcement, the TSA along with their naked cameras and relaxed government searching rules, there’s no escape. The only final privacy frontiers left to violate will be government bed, toilet and shower cameras.

There are those that will say, “We must do everything possible to catch criminals.” That, as they suggest just where to position the cameras. Of course it will be away, from themselves but toward their neighbors.

Is there no expense government can’t seem to incur? It’s great to live in a country than can afford to spend unlimited money on maintaining a police state.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

An Image for Those Who Love Socialism

China--Here we have loyal, brave, Kool-Aid drinking Socialists at work. We need to ask our politicians why do we trade or do any business at all with these despicable tyrants?

Click on picture to enlarge.

Dealing With Captured American al-Qaida, Adam Gadahan

Karachi, Pakistan—In 2004, I began investigating Adam Gadahan in Southern California. He’d become a big news story following a captured American Taliban fighter, John Walker Lindh now doing serious federal prison time. I interviewed Gadahan's family members and people that knew him before he relocated to Pakistan.

Gadahan grew up in a rural area of Riverside County, CA. Gadahan's father still owns the goat farm there. Gadahan became a Muslim joined a Mosque in Orange County where his hot temper got his a brush with the law. His assault on another Muslim at the Mosque resulted in his only known criminal record.

Gadahan was vigorously defended by is aunt who first claimed that her nephew was not involved with al-Qaida but later suggested that he’s must have been brainwashed in Pakistan.

One thing we know for sure Gadahn made videos that threatened his former country, tried to recruit Americans to join the al-Qaida terror campaign and pissed off a lot of Americans. He also urged al-Qaida sympathetic Americans to make war here.

Gadahan was soon indicted and had a $1 million bounty placed on his head. Finally Gadahan has been captured and may face now the music for his behavior.

Gadahan was charged with Treason. The only person in recent memory to face that charge was 70 year-old lady lawyer Lynne Stewart. Stewart is doing time for that right now.

The defense of treason is protected free speech. Gadahan’s propaganda videos are all speech but really nasty speech at that.

I’m much more interested in his associations and knowledge. I’d give him immunity if his revelations could cripple or destroy al-Qaida. I’d hope they’d give this kid the opportunity to redeem himself. Of course if he can’t deliver that he can rot in prison for the rest of his life. Treason is not a capital offense these days.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Paul why do you hate the TSA and its workers?

Los Angeles, CA—I had a chance meeting with a TSA official high up in the food chain. I will not name this contact for obvious reasons. I will call the person, Col Klink the fictional German POW camp character from Hogan’s Heroes.

Col. Klink knew I had written scores of articles condemning the TSA and their employees. Klink also knew about a nasty run in I had two months ago at LAX. Klink said, these are just people trying to make a living at a very difficult job and they don’t deserve the constant bashing you give them. He further said, “They are only following the mandates given to them.”

I explained to Klink that that “only following orders” defense did not work for Nazi war criminals and the TSA workers should not rely on that either.

I told Klink we have a Fourth Amendment that was intended to protect Americans from warrant-less search and seizure when probable cause of criminal activity does not exist. Klink retorted with his belief that we don’t have to board commercial aircraft and that this is voluntary. I told Klink to tell that lie to people traveling because their livelihood requires it or people going to funerals of loved ones, I’m just not buying it.

The TSA does not properly select, hire, train or supervise their workers. The TSA is a total mess that’s beyond repair. It’s a jobs program gone wrong.

To begin with the searching of passengers will never preclude or even slow down the introduction of explosives or weapons on airplanes except for the passengers that care about the laws of contraband and weapons.

If wardens of maximum security prisons can’t keep weapons and drugs out of their facilities the TSA mission is indeed impossible.

I also told Klink that I believe that the government has only created the illusion of security through passenger, inconvenience, harassment and abuse. The government feels the public would believe we are unprotected and endangered without their layers of pretend security and high visibility.

Klink agreed that the TSA was involved in a security charade costing Americans hundreds of billions of dollars. Klink said Homeland Security officials would expect the airlines to go bankrupt over frightened passengers staying away especially after 9/11.

Klink said the public is ungrateful, rude and disrespectful to their officers and that bloggers like me legitimize that behavior. Klink told me too many passengers place a higher value on their perceived rights than the fragile feelings of the TSA workers and that is a recipe for unacceptable conflict.

I told Klink the TSA workers are overly impressed with their own importance. Further, I said the TSA workers view themselves as heroic law enforcement officers saving American lives and that’s pure hogwash.

Klink talked about low morale, poor self image and high turnover affecting workers in a negative ways. Klink said that they constantly reinforce to their officers that they are not cops and have very little authority to do more that contact police or federal law enforcement on an observe and report basis. Klink cited the expensive snappy new blue uniforms and gold police style badges as needed to combat their morale issues.

I told Klink that when there is a conflict or issues of attitude between his screeners and passengers that the screeners retaliate with slower and closer inspections of the passenger’s personal belongings. The passenger is treated like a criminal in a true sadistic sense and that is horrible.

Klink actually asked me, what I’d do in the way commercial air travel anti-terrorism security? Since he opened that door I hit him hard with answers.

I’d reduce the TSA employee numbers to 25% of the current strength. TSA employees would be properly selected, trained, armed and have limited police powers.

Routine searching of passengers and their luggage would end. All off duty local, state and federal law enforcement officers would be allowed to carry their loaded duty weapons.

All pilots would be required to be trained and armed with weapons to continue working. Pilots would have full police powers throughout every airport and aircraft they are assigned.

Every agent of the TSA would be engaged in criminal profiling, selecting passengers for screening based on behavior standards and suspicious activity. K-9 officers would be meeting and greeting passengers on a routine basis.

No person with a passport from a country we are at war with, declared or not, shall board our aircraft.

No citizen will ever face arrest or prosecution if they inadvertently pack or have a legal firearms or knife in their luggage. All legal property taken for safekeeping will be returned by mail or common carrier at the expense of the passenger.

The last thing that was brought up was whether I’d get involved with training TSA officers if requested. I told Klink that TSA officials would accept me for that role over their dead bodies. I told him I’d do it on a contract for my regular hourly rate.

Klink said I should have been called to testify in Congress when they were making laws. I told Klink that would only happen in a perfect world.

This is a typical TSA screener at her best playing God outside of the airport terminal. This nation is in trouble.