Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack Obama’s Communist Revolution Is Here

American Marxists are a strange bunch. Along with their hard corps philosophy and today they nearly all hate wearing the label of their Party. It was Senator Joe McCarthy that used a new medium, television to tell America that we had a subversive group inside America invading all of our educational and political institutions.

During the McCarthy era, America was in actual war in Korea as a very real Cold War developed between America and the Communist countries of China and Russia. Very simply Socialists hate American freedom and want to destroy it. Communists and Socialists worldwide have a goal to convert America to their failed, brutal and miserable form of government.

McCarthy effectively made Communist and Socialist dirty words in America as people began an effective campaign to shun, boycott and expose Americans who became enamored with or converted to Communism. The famous Hollywood Blacklisting was an example.

Communists were able to attract some very talented producers, writers and actors. They soon fell on hard times over their beliefs. Blacklisting was considered a legal form of discrimination. The Blacklisting was also in serious conflict with our own cherished First Amendment. Blacklisting was in and of itself un-American. Americans should be above punishing people with unpopular speach and ideas like Communists and Nazis.

Eventually the American Communists turned the tables on McCarthy as they began a wildly effective smear campaign and discredited him. The Communists never again would use those two ugly words to describe their political idealism.

The cornerstone of Marxism is for the redistribution of American wealth after their revolution. For the most part it’s a false promise because the meaningful employment is handed over only to the committed party faithful.

The way to a true Socialist revolution, is to promise the poor and ignorant a better life through, something for nothing. Once the Communists take over the poor are still poor and get nothing but continual empty promises of a brighter future. That just never happens. The middle class becomes a lower class and victims of slavery.

The hotbeds of Communist activity were New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The heroes of the Communist are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed for handing over the atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets. Others such as Morton Sobell , Victor Perlo , Nathan Gregory Silvermaster , David Greenglass and Alger Hiss should have faced the same fate but survived.

Barack Obama’s primary idol was W.E. B. Du Bois, who brought the teachings of Communism to America’s African-Americans. Chicago's Communist seat has always been in Hyde Park where Obama lives today.

But for the Rosenberg traitors American Communists, survived and systematically began massive efforts to get their party faithful inside every media organization and educational institution in America.

Karl Marx knew full well that whoever controls the information can control the world. The revolution will not end until they remake our Constitution. That will be difficult but not impossible. They may try to create a new Constitutional Convention where a bare majority can rewrite it instead of the 2/3 majority required for Amendments. The other option is to align America under a Communist controlled group like the United Nations. The American Constitution would simply be superseded by the UN charter.

Unfortunately the Socialist revolution has arrived with the immense help of a $600 million advertising campaign. The election of a Marxist as our President is here and the revolution is in progress. Communist sympathizers everywhere will call and others like me alarmists who want to impede progress and simple social reform.

We don't have to accept Socialism and that's exactly why we have a Second Amendment. We must isolate, arrest, try, convict and hang the tratiors of our American Democracy. The alternative is the death of our freedom, liberty and way of life.

Communism and Socialism is not cool.

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