Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a great Memorial Day…

Washington, DC—Our fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery are resting in peace on this somber day because that Communist traitor Barack Obama won’t be desecrating their graves with his appearance.

Here is an especially good rendition of Taps for you to remember some special veteran with.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Threatening Mayor Richard M. Daley

Chicago, IL—Politicians and threats go together. That has never been more prevalent in my lifetime than right now. Politicians are reaching their corrupt greedy fingers in American’s pockets more than ever as turn taxation into extortion and slavery.

At the same time despite a solid Supreme Court ruling many politicians still are doing all they can to keep law-abiding people disarmed and unable to defend themselves and families from criminals or a criminal government.

Threats are the product of the powerless. They are nearly always hollow and the people making them have little ability to carry them out. Threats are little more than an annoyance.

What idiot wanting to kill or hurt someone would give their victim a warning? The target simply could take precautions minimizing the threat.

In recent years lawmakers have conjoined the word terrorist to threats and raised their significance. Most threats are considered felony crimes. This is a horrible sign of a very troubling government.

During the reign of the Third Reich, making a threat against Adolf Hitler was a capital offense. The arrested many on flimsy evidence, held show trials and executions always followed.

Christopher Traynor Fox, 39 of San Jose, CA is accused of making a telephone threat against Mayor Richard M. Daley. Officials suggested this was over Daley’s stand on gun control.

Normally politicians get threats and never make them public because doing so empowers their tormentors.

Things are changing as frightened politicians hide behind armed bodyguards and have their visiting constituents searched like criminals. This is always the first sign of the formation of a police state.

It was just this week when Daley at a press conference picked up a combat rifle with a bayonet telling a reporter he’s stick it up his but to show the effectiveness of the weapon.

Daley was much more of a threat to the reporter than Fox was making a prank call from thousands of miles away. We will have to wait and see whether this was a credible threat.

Fox is being held on $1 million bail as officials are arranging for the expensive extradition process to bring Fox to Chicago for a show trial. This is at a time when extradition is only used in very important cases because of difficult economic times.

With this kind of a heavy handed approach, Daley is asking for an escalation in threats and violence. Daley may yet make himself a target of opportunity for someone that can tolerate a corrupt, nasty dictator. We can only hope.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman, A Tragic Life Indeed

Breaking News... As I just posted the story sad news came down that the 4'8" TV star had died.

Salt Lake City, UT
--Today, former child actor, Gary Coleman, 42 is in a coma and on life support after being injured in a fall. His health was already on the ropes after two kidney transplants and ongoing dialysis treatment. He’s suffering from a serious brain injury.

Coleman was a cute child star on the TV sitcom Different Strokes. He made money in the millions that his greedy parents wasted on a lavish lifestyle. When he reached adulthood the money all vanished.

The child stars of Coleman’s day were nearly all in trouble, using drugs and making horrible choices. Coleman somehow managed to avoid being involved in any drug scandals.

Coleman’s star faded as he grew older and settled for low paying commercial work and gigs that offered little. Coleman was rejected by Hollywood as if his talent for comedy was deemed dead. He wound up as a celebrity security guard for a while. Who could take this little guy seriously as someone that could protect anyone or anything?

Coleman was nearly always broke and victimized by women who only dated him for his fame and potential for fortune. Coleman’s sex appeal was that of a toad. I suspect it was impossible for him to tell friends for those exploiting him.

Coleman’s relationships were disasters that often involved police intervention. American courts have shifted away from fairness and due process to some kind of prophylactic role in domestic matters. Coleman was on the receiving end of scorn and bad publicity. Many people have been convinced Coleman’s a drug abusing troll that beats women despite any real evidence. Public perception can be awful.

I don’t think anyone really believes this young man will be on this earth much longer. Who ever told that lie, that all men were created equal?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conspiracy To Obstruct, Aid and Abet The Violation of Federal Laws

Washington, DC—This sounds very serious doesn’t it. These are despicable crimes that would get any perpetrator many years in a federal prison. Except of course when the criminal conspirators are above the law. Wait a minute! I thought nobody in America is above the law? But clearly some are above the law.

President Barack Obama, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lead a long list of public officials that have gone out of their way to conspire and violate every United States Immigration Law. They have done everything possible to prevent the arrest and deportation of immigration criminals trespassing on our soil and stealing those entitlements reserved for citizens and legal immigrants. .

These criminals must be arrested and brought to justice since their crimes are much greater than those of the trespassers themselves.

Can we pick and choose what laws we want to obey? Apparently you can if you’re able to simply and lawlessly dictate to the U.S. Attorney and other law enforcement agencies to violate their oaths and public trust.

American’s have the right to force prosecution of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and loads of other violations against anyone breaking our laws.

We put people like Martha Stewart in prison for a whole lot less. Perhaps we need to force our officials to obey the laws they demand we live under. Clearly these officials deserve to face arrest, indictment, prosecution and punishment for their continuing criminal enterprise.

Perhaps we will at a minimum see a racketeering lawsuit against these criminals filed on behalf of citizens, legal immigrants and taxpayers that have been adversely impacted? The courts would have to grant an Injunction or Mandamus forcing them to comply with the law.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Parolee Identified As Dead Home Invader

UPDATE: 27 May 2010 No charges against elderly man who killed home invader
Chicago police News affairs says there will be no charges against the 80-year-old man who shot and killed a burglar who had broken into his West Side home.

Police questioned the homeowner for several hours after the early Wednesday morning shooting but released him without comment.

Family members and neighbors said the man was a Korean War veteran and his 83-year-old wife is a retired nurse. They said the couple have been married about 60 years and have lived in the same house on the 600 block of N. Sawyer Ave. for 40 years.

The man, his wife, and their 12-year-old great-grandson were all unharmed.

Chicago, IL
—An 80 year-old Korean war veteran defended his elderly wife and 12 year-old grandson from a career criminal this morning that had invaded their home. The robber fired a shot at the victim who returned fire killing him.

The dead man was wearing a mask, and had socks over his hands to prevent leaving any fingerprints at the crime scene. He was armed with a .38 revolver.

The dead man is 29 year-old Anthony Nelson. Nelson was released from the Illinois department of corrections last December. He has an extensive rap sheet for drug and weapons violations.

Thankfully the elderly victim chose to ignore Chicago’s draconian gun ban and was able to protect himself and his family.

This justifiable shooting comes just as the Chicago Gun Ban’s legitimacy is being examined by the United States Supreme Court in the McDonald case. The ruling is expected to be handed down before the court’s summer recess in June. Legal experts seem to agree that the prohibition violates the constitution and will be struck down.

Mayor Richard M. Daley is unreasoably emotionally tied to the gun ban that only protects the likes of career criminals like Anthony nelson. The law has no impact on violent crime other than to enable it assuring criminals their victims have no ability to resist.

Barack Obama shares Daley’s hatred for gun rights and has voted against them in the Illinois legislature and the United States Senate. In an amazing paradox the Chicago Sun Times reported that the elderly victim was wearing a t-shirt with Obama Name and likeness on it.

Perhaps that information will find its way to the Whitehouse, where Obama can recognize that law abiding African-Americans disarmed by the gun ban are being slaughtered by vicious criminals every day. I doubt that our gun rights hating Socialist president cares.

Chicago Lawyer Says he’ll represent The 85 year-old homeowner for free!

Chicago, IL—High profile Chicago lawyer Joel Brodsky announced exclusively to Crimefile News that he’d take on the case of the 85 year-old Garfield Park man who killed a home invader this morning without charge if he’s arrested for violation of the city’s 30 year old gun ban.

Brodsky came forward after reading this blog saying, "Self defense isn’t just a right, it’s a duty. If this man is prosecuted for saving his own life it’s not just a travesty, its justice turned inside out ".

Brodsky is the lawyer representing retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson on murder allegations.

Update: The Victim’s age is now confirmed now at 80. He turned 80 last April.

Earlier story.

Rare Day In Chicago, 85 year old home owner kills home invasion suspect!

Chicago, IL—An unidentified East Garfield Park elderly couple were awakened by an armed yet to be unidentified home invader at 5:20 A.M..

The 85 year-old unidentified male homeowner, apparently dared possess a handgun banned in the Windy City for 30 years. That gun of his became a lifesaver as he was able to stop the crime by killing the violent offender in what appears to be a Justifiable Homicide.

The Chicago police news affairs section had nothing to say beyond that the shooting was under investigation and arrests have not been made. They plan to provide an update sometime this evening.

The timing of this shooting coincides with the United States Supreme Court’s expected decision on the controversial gun ban. Legal experts have predicted that McDonald vs. City of Chicago would strike down the gun ban before the court’s summer recess in June.

Critics like Crimefile News have long ridiculed the law as un-Constitutional and ineffective. The law only impacts the law-abiding citizens of Chicago.

Chicago police superintendent Jody “J-Fled” Weis recently said the police are powerless and cannot control crime that happens inside homes. Apparently this is just another “inside Crime” where the public is on their own.

The big question’s here are, will they arrest the old couple and hold a Show Trial so other Chicagoans that crime victims that fight back can expect punishment along with a criminal record.

Update: The Victim’s age is now confirmed now at 80. He turned 80 last April.

Breaking Sad News—Phoenix Police Officer Murdered

Phoenix, AZ—Details are scarce but A Squaw Peak Precinct officer has been gunned down near 19th Avenue and Thomas. One man is in custody at this hour.

See Video from KTVK-TV this morning.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live in Chicago? Carrying a gun is a must.

Chicago, IL—The undermanned, outgunned and demoralized police department can barely protect themselves as they move from one bloody crime scene to another. Proactive policing is impossible in the Windy City as warm weather brings out a flood of predatory armed thugs, stalking prey.

The North side parks and beaches have seen a dramatic rise in racially motivated armed robberies, beatings, rapes and killings. The perpetrators are predominately African-American gang members prowling in wolf packs looking for vulnerable victims.

Going to Chicago’s parks especially in nice weather is simply too dangerous. If you must go and have the training bring a suitable large caliber gun and enough ammunition for multiple attackers. Going anywhere at all in Chicago without a meaningful way to protect yourself is crazy.

Chicago’s politicians spent a bundle of tax dollars on corrupt contracts to improve the park system but have not properly funded necessary policing there. The park system is reduced to nothing more than an attractive nuisance and fertile grounds for all manner of violent crime.

If you want to enjoy a fine park perhaps you should go to one of many wonderful places an hour or two’s drive from Chicago. There is the terrific Starved Rock State Park in Ottawa, Ill. You can rent inexpensive, romantic cabins there and enjoy wonderful meals at the main lodge. Nearby is a great public shooting range where you can keep up your self-defense skills.

Remember folks the clock is ticking until all of Barack Obama’s checks start bouncing and civil unrest make Chicago uninhabitable. That could only change if fed up Chicagoans, begin to use their second Amendment rights and refuse to be victims. The cowardly predators will quickly vanish rather than to face real resistance.

Remember if you shoot a scumbag no law requires you stay there or call the police. You have an absolute right and duty to yourself to remain silent.

Leave the scene collecting any and all weapons you can. If contacted by the police remember these four words, “I WANT A LAWER.”

Do not admit anything including being in fear for your life. Save that for your lawyer or a jury if they arrest you. Talking to police will almost guarantee your arrest. Silence is truly golden.

Deadly Mexican Heroin Threatens Users---So What!

Government officials are warning the nation’s heroin addicts of a deadly shipment of especially pure heroin that puts users down like bad dogs.

I despise drug laws and the Drug War because they have destroyed our once sacred Fourth Amendment and has cost taxpayers untold billions. I totally resent funding the Police State that the Drug War has created.

The only beneficiaries of the Drug War are the drug Lords and over-paid government Drug Czars.

An early and quick death for those pathetic humans that have hooked themselves of drugs is the best possible cure to their problems. I have seen so many families torn apart because of addicted and their foolishness.

Untold amounts of innocent people are killed in crossfire between cops, drug dealers and rival drug dealers. I have seen lives destroyed by bogus prosecutions of innocent people as well as the destructive raids on homes based on then lies of police snitches. Yes, cops have killed many innocent homeowners after raiding the wrong houses.

Along with all the police raid and drug dispute mayhem there are of course the millions of burglaries, armed robberies and associated murders committed by heroin addicts supporting their drug appetites.

Drug addicts are monkeys on the backs of taxpayers, their families and loved ones. The Drug War is an ugly stain on America that must end through legalization. Taxing illicit drugs will only create new opportunities for criminals and must not be allowed.

A good heroin addict is a dead heroin addict.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gays In the Military

Washington, DC—It’s one thing to be in an all volunteer military since you made a choice of your own free will knowing the situations, danger and discomfort you may experience. You’ve made your own bed when you volunteered.

It’s completely different when you are conscripted for service in the draft like I was. I was forced to accept living in close quarters with petty criminals, chain smokers, drug users and people with poor hygiene. I’m sure there were Gays in my Army but the slightest manifestation of that trait brought swift punishment. In reality the Max Klinger character from MASH Gay or not would have been sent home as soon as he put on a dress.

When you serve in the military you lose all privacy as you are forced to shower and sleep in close proximity to people you find revolting. You are required to sleep with another man in a tiny pup tent. For the most part it is almost tolerable if the tent buddy is clean and heterosexual. It’s still too close than I’d like to be to any man.

Now the Gays will be free to flaunt their lifestyle, and troll for sex partners without interference. That could work only if they create segregated Gay only living arrangements. Gays have a right to exist and defend their country. I reserve the right to not live with them in confined quarters. I don’t see how the military will be able respect the rights of all involved. This is a bad idea when Gays can find other ways to serve their country.

If we have any expansion of war or outbreak the draft will resume. Gays were excused from serving without penalty. The same was never true for the heterosexual men. Had I been able to simply opt out of the draft I would have done so.

Somehow getting drafted and getting sent to Germany as a medical corpsman was a major adventure in my life. The medics were a better educated, better behaved and generally a better class of solider to serve with than the line troops. Medics also got star treatment from all combat soldiers. Being called “Doc” was an honor for me.

Everyday We’re closer to a Second Civil War

Washington, DC—Barack Obama is slipping in the polls, his candidates are dropping like flies and they have no choice but to grab power much sooner than November. This bunch will never just quietly go away.

It’s the United States Constitution vs. Socialism. Neither form of government is compatible with the other. With over 50 percent of Americans collecting entitlements the taxpaying minority are slaves to the majority. Many entitlement addicted inhabitants of this continent want to replace our form of government with Socialism. The results would be a non-productive and desperately poor America.

Obama and his minions have been planning their Coup De’Tat in secret waiting for the right move. Ideally it would be with the support of the voters although it takes more than a majority to change the constitution. Obama is close to his simple majority goal, but not close enough.

Obama’s shadow government, loaded with Communist and Socialist Czars has not been sitting idle. These people answer to nobody but Obama.

Obama knows he will have difficulty motivating the military and law enforcement against the people. Obama knows he can count on troops from China, and other Communist nations to try and take control of Americans resisting the revolution. It would be the nastiest holocaust the world has ever known.

Adolph Hitler bought loyalty from his military leadership with vast gifts of money, land, and businesses seized in the name of National Socialism. Obama’s cabal would certainly use anything that would work.

Obama is poised to shut down the Internet, declare martial law and suspend the Constitution using the precedent set by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago. He will say it’s necessary for public safety and the good of the country.

Anyone who thinks this is too far-fetched is a fool. Optimism kills millions that expected tyrannical governments to quickly pass.

Americans must be ready, well trained, armed and have a plan for resistance. Inner city thugs will be fighting for Obama but thankfully they are so undisciplined and don’t possess minimal skills for the firearms they have or will get. Most trained American military veterans would make short work of street gangs and such.

Obama’s minions have been calling peaceful resistance to their agenda racism and even anti-government Sedition.

The timetable demands that if they are going to do this they better move quickly. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Obama has been laying low from the media. Obama also knows that his citizenship and birth status can’t be kept under wraps much longer.

We Must Protect Internet Free Speech at All Cost

Washington, DC—Whoever controls the information, controls the world. Our founding fathers knew that only too well and as a result we have the First Amendment in our Bill of rights. Without free speech we will have no freedom at all.

All of the other rights we have, have been curtailed drastically without amending our Constitution in the last two centuries. The right to keep and bear arms, to be free from unreasonable searches, or to receive due process have all been shortchanged by government. Extortionate taxation has enslaved productive Americans in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment outlawing slavery.

The First Amendment has survived somewhat but is under attack everyday by politicians demanding political correctness and of course only they will decide what is correct.

Incumbent politicians particularly Leftists hate the Internet’s power. Their voting records and misdeeds are published and voters become educated. The Leftists whine and claim misleading information makes them victims of slander and libel.

The laws against defamation have not been repealed and unlike newspapers and TV anyone can immediately post whatever they want to set the record straight if something published in Cyberspace offends them. All men are truly equal in Cyberspace. Try that with NBC, ABC or CBS.

Yes, Internet free speech is under real attack through legislation with skillfully chosen and misleading titles like Net Neutrality and The Fairness Doctrine. Many politicians (virtually all on the Left) want to make some in the new media more equal than others.

After the invention of radio and nearly every home in the world having access to those broadcasts, it was a politician’s dream come true. Not just anyone could broadcast and governments had absolute control of content. Roosevelt, Stalin and Hitler mesmerized their populations with cult like control. People were addicted to this new media. The despots would broadcast their one sided rants and the listeners were hopelessly sucked in.

Soon the television came along and the leftists understood the power of media enough to do whatever it took to own and control it. The major newspapers, television and radio stations spoke with a single leftist voice. The journalism schools were also part of this power grab.

The Conservatives never were able to stay in front of the information race. They were only able to get their message out through books that few people read.

Nobody knew the media better than that National Socialist, Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels. He was the man who got Adolph Hitler on the front pages of the world’s newspapers and covers of several Time Magazine issues. Goebbels media skills convinced the world that Hitler was real Hope and Change for a deeply troubled Europe.

If people heard it on the radio or read it in the newspaper they were convinced it had to be true. In hindsight we know a great deal of seemingly credible half-truths and outright lies were broadcast or published each and every day.

With an unfiltered Internet anyone with computer access can post the written word, voice recording, photographs and video without cost. The days of bully pulpits are nearly over and free speech reigns supreme.

Any 12 year-old with a cell-phone video camera or web camera can broadcast whatever political message he pleases in numerous YouTube style sites. Facebook alone hosts constant political give and take with millions of postings.

Today the consumers of the new Cyberspace media are more sophisticated and the information posted does not go un-investigated. It’s much more difficult to control anyone at all when you can’t control the information.

The result is a better educated population and the free ride for dictators is over unless freedom is regulated out of the Internet.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bruce Beresford-Redman Has Returned to L.A. And Lawyers Up!

Los Angeles, CA—After his nightmare in Mexico TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman in once again on U.S. soil. He’s ready to fight to regain custody of his children and get his in-laws out of his home and away from assets.

It was last April 8th that Monica Beresford-Redman’s body was found in a sewer at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. Initially Bruce Beresford-Redman was detained and released pending further investigation. He reportedly was told not to leave the country by Mexican officials. The producer’s in-laws had a field day taking the couple’s children and going after the estate. Now to their chagrin Bruce Beresford-Redman is back.

Bruce Beresford-Redman's in-laws criticized Mexican investigators earlier this month for not arresting him. They complained that the producer would flee. They have an obvious agenda beyond justice and it called simple greed.

Mexico will have to put up or shut up now since Bruce Beresford-Redman is back on U.S. soil. They will have to produce some credible evidence to allow for extradition. As an American citizen Bruce Beresford-Redman has due process rights.

Bruce Beresford-Redman is represented by top notch, Santa Monica criminal lawyer, Richard Hirsch. He’s looking for a family law specialist now to fight for custody of Beresford-Redman’s children.

Husband of murdered woman now missing in Mexico

Cancun, Mexico—Successful TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman’s wife Monica Beresfor-Redman was found murdered here. It’s an unsolved case but suspicion fueled by greed has swept the family of the murdered woman. Just like piranhas the family of, Monica Beresford-Redman are going after marital assets and possession of the couple’s children.

I think most reasonable people would want the killer/s caught and punished. So far the evidence only consists of guesswork and a trouble marriage. That’s hardly enough to ruin a man’s life over.

The Mexican authorities briefly held the hapless husband as a murder suspect but lacked minimal evidence and released him with instructions not to leave Mexico. Now, Rodolfo Garcia, deputy attorney general for Quintana Roo state, reports that he has unsuccessfully tried to bring in Beresford-Redman for some more grilling and can’t find him. Grilling? Fat chance, they want to arrest him especially because he’s well known throughout the world.

Who in their right mind would make themselves available for the terminally corrupt Mexican government? Who would risk rotting in a filthy Mexican jail where hefty bribes rather than innocence will set you free? It’s anyone’s guess how long Beresford-Redman would remain in jail waiting for a day in a Mexican Kangaroo Court.

There is no Bill of Rights in Mexico and residents by the tens of millions vote with their feet to get out of that huge corrupt cesspool. I will never understand the lure of a Mexican vacation. Mexico is a dangerous place to visit and you will be sorry if you don’t bring cash for government official bribery. It's a pretty countryn but it may become your worst nightmare.

The media along with the true-crime junkies have pre-judged Beresford-Redman Guilty without a shred of evidence.

Beresford-Redman has no life anymore so why surface now? He’s far better off to somehow find a new life in a central or South American paradise. Returning to the USA will just end in extradition and a destroyed life.

An Intimate Look into Ghetto Think

Chicago, IL—Young Chicago police Officer Thomas Wortham, IV had just returned from duty in Iraq. The lad had bought a new motorcycle and was visiting his parents. Four dangerous Ghetto Rats with guns tried to rob the young cop.

God given fear and the instinct to survive caused Wortham and his retired policemen father to fight for their lives during the armed ambush. In the process one rat, Brian Floyd, 20 was killed and another rodent was wounded. Thomas Wortham, IV was savagely murdered during this senseless crime.

In the Ghetto, life is cheap and the thought process of the inhabitants is incredibly defective. The African-American concept of right and wrong is bizarre to say the least. Is there something flawed within their genes? Did God somehow shortchange an entire race denying them compassion, humanity or simple decency?

Floyd died during the commission of the robbery and murder of Wortham. The woman who spawned the now dead predatory murderer spoke out. Floyd’s mother Lucille Floyd is obviously a fan of Richard M. Daley’s gun control that only disarms law-abiding people.

She really thinks it was somehow unfair or wrong for her son to have been killed during the savage and vicious crime he was committing. She thinks that these deaths have little importance and everyone should simply move on. Her complaint is that the armed victims fighting back were too accurate with their guns.

It’s alarming that people like Lucille are having children. It’s frightening that we allow these dangerous creatures to roam our streets. Taxpayers pay for the food, shelter and medical care for these ghetto rats. Where in our Constitution does the duty to do this fall on taxpayers? Our welfare system has turned unwed motherhood into a thriving industry. The more babies they make the more taxpayer funds they receive.

The most telling portion of this woman’s remarks was that Brian Floyd and his fellow crime rats are fatherless.

Wortham’s father was at his side still protecting him in every way he could. Is that why Worthham, also an African-American became a contributing member of society?

Sit back and watch Lucille Floyd reveal Ghetto Think:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Worst President Ever, Or Public Enemy Number One?

Washington, DC—The Liberals cheered as Barack Obama promised full government transparency, to get us out of Iraq and to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000.00 per year. Then there was the hope of doing away with the patriot Act and other Liberal fantasies like ending the federal death penalty. None of these things were realized and these things were in fact worsened.

Obama has weakened America’s defense and emboldened Iran and North Korea in the process. Obama has sought to curry favor with every Socialist regime as he has followed the Marx-Engels program as Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong for his policy path for America.

Obama’s non-stop spending and printing of currency backed by nothing is economic suicide planed for a Socialist solution just as Hitler utilized for the Weimar Republic.

Now with over half of the American population addicted to entitlements it’s become popular to turn to ideation of redistributing wealth. That majority population includes as many as 50 million illegal aliens. It takes more than a simple majority of qualified voters to change the Constitution and form of government. A margin of 51 percent of our population does not get to rob the other 49 percent.

The Socialist robbery and enslavement of taxpayers will bring the end of freedom, liberty and our way of life. America was the paragon of a wealthy, free and safe place to live and raise children. America has never been in more danger. Obama and his Socialist Cabal are traitors and criminals. They must be stopped anyway possible.

The Tea Party people must recognize their tepid approach has fallen on deaf ears and much stronger tactics like those used to found this country are in order. We cannot wish the Marxists away they are here to stay unless they are brought to justice for treason.

Everywhere a Socialist flag flies they murder millions of their own citizens and it won’t be any different here.

Barack Obama is an even bigger threat to the United States that what we saw on September 11, 2001. Obama has the keys to or nuclear missiles and currency printing presses. Barack Obama is not a Liberal, he’s a total Marxist. We must cut this cancer out before it consumes us.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Daley Says He Will Find Ways Around The Law To Deny Gun Rights!

Chicago, Il—For 30 years politicians in the Windy City have aided violent criminals by keeping law-abiding people disarmed through a gun ban. Local government here has enabled violent crime rather than fight it.

Mayor Richard M. Daley is emotionally, pathologically and insanely motivated to find ways to circumvent the United States Supreme Court’s expected gun rights ruling in the McDonald case.

For nearly a half hour Daley used a table laden with guns as movie props to express his hatred for them and Chicagoans right to keep and bear them.

Daley made it clear he will dictate new laws designed to frustrate those who want the means to defend themselves and families with firearms. Daley will demand liability insurance, excessive training and extortionate taxation. Liability insurance for gun misuse is not offered anywhere and if there was such a thing Daley knows it would be unaffordable.

Daley falsely claims that without the gun ban the murder rate would be 30% higher. Every study ever conducted shows gun laws have increased murder rates and that millions of American citizens use guns to stop violent crimes without even firing a single shot.

Daley is a lawless thug using color of law to violate the Constitutional rights of citizens. All lawless thugs including Daley need to be stopped cold. They are a cancer in our government that needs to be cut out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mexican President Needs To Go Home

Washington, DC—As he condemns Arizona new law to make illegal immigration illegal, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is now demanding gun bans in America. He falsely claimed that the 45,000 guns seized in Mexico came from the USA when in fact they were from China or the former Soviet Union. We don’t sell those fully automatic imported weapons here.

The corrupt and anti-business Mexican government is the real reason for Mexico's poverty, lack of schools and medical care. The only business that succeeds in Mexico is the illegal drug trade. A high percentage of Mexican drug criminals work for that government.

As he tells Arizona their new immigration law is unreasonable, Calderon should instead ask the US to adopt the Mexican immigration laws instead. The Mexican laws make ours look very Liberal.

President Calderon, please go back under that rock in Mexico and take that Communist traitor, Barack Obama with you!

A Sign Of Obama’s Popularity among Taxpayers

I can fully understand the feelings of the people behind this angry display at Yester Years Pub and Grill near Milwaukee. This act was not about the dark color of Obama’s skin but the Red color of his Marxist treason against America. I will not condemn their action but instead call out to The Great Divider, Barack Obama to resign before we have a second Civil War.

Not Even Off Duty Cops Are Safe In Chicago-Cop Murdered, One Robber Dead And One Wounded

Chicago, IL—While Chicago police superintendent Jody “J-Fled” Weis has made excuses for inside/outside murders the wanton violence continues. This time a young cop, 30 year-old Thomas Wortham IV visiting his parents was murdered apparently by thugs trying to rob the off-duty officer of his motorcycle. Worthman was a three year veteran assigned to the Englewood district.

The murdered cop’s dad, a retired officer thankfully opened fire with his son on the offenders, killing one and wounding another. A third suspect is being sought at this hour.

Sights and Sounds from The 2010 NRA Annual Meeting

Charlotte, NC—The South has it charm and Charlotte is a great city to host a meeting of 60,000 folks here with National Rifle Association celebrating freedom.

I thought I’d give you a peek inside the convention center. I have lots of video and will try to add more over the next few days.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Capitol Cockroaches Are Finally Worried

Washington, DC—They are the cockroaches in a filthy kitchen when the lights are turned on. Their nefarious activities used to escape notice as the voters were totally ignorant of the massive corruption in our government. Not anymore!

The way Americans get their information has changed. No longer do a few large newspapers and three Television networks control what is published or broadcast.

The new media is here! Talk radio and Internet bloggers have brought a bright searchlight into the halls of federal, state and local governments. Learning how politicians waste the money they seize from hapless taxpayers is now as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Incumbent politicians are learning their misdeeds no longer escape public scrutiny. Americans are finding out about betrayed public trust, lies and unbridled arrogance by their elected officials. Elections are suddenly ending lifetime political careers because of educated voters. The incumbents know their days are numbered.

Yes, they are afraid. They are staying awake nights trying to figure ways to legislate draconian regulation of political speech. Like all cockroaches they hate the light. The misleading title of so-called Net Neutrality, the FCC power grab over the Internet and a return of the unfair, Fairness Doctrine are all on the table. Why all the fuss you ask? Why they simply want to silence criticism or exposure of government corruption.

Socialism can never survive with free speech and a free press. With the Internet freedom thriving and the cockroaches absolutely hate it. They have to shut down the information or face certain exile. The Socialists are never going to give up efforts to control speech without a massive fight. I smell gun smoke!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Americans May Revolt Against Slavery

Washington, DC—The administration of Barack Obama is actively enslaving America’s taxpayers. That’s a direct violation of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution that reads, “Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

What has happened is that a slim majority of entitlement addicted voters have been able to elect wealth redistributing Marxists to public office. Now those politicians are enslaving hardworking taxpayers to excessively pay for entitlement programs that have no basis in our Constitution. The Constitution has not been amended to allow the seizure of our money to fund entitlements for anyone.

Government agents seizing property have no more legitimacy than armed robbers. It’s very simple, either Americans will capitulate to the tyranny or forcefully resist. Frankly I’d prefer politicians understand they will become targets for American marksmen and not endanger themselves through treason. For those who think they are somehow above the Constitution perhaps violence may well be warranted.

At some point Americans must sue the government for violating their rights and seek injunctions against the redistribution of wealth. If the courts won’t protect Americans I suspect we can count on the smell of gun smoke in our air

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Legendary Chicago Mob Hit Man, Harry “The Hook” Harry Aleman, 69 Has Died

Galesburg, IL—Serving 100 years for a 1973 union official hit gave Harry Aleman a miserable but well deserved life. An Illinois Department of corrections spokesman announced that Aleman died of an undisclosed illness while in prison here.

Aleman’s life both in and outside of prison is a first rate Hollywood tale. Nobody but Aleman knew for sure but the hit man was blamed for well more than a dozen killings.

If the mob wanted you rubbed out they sent the ubiquitous Mr. Aleman who’d unceremoniously kill you. Several of Aleman’s victims were shot dead as they waited to be served in their favorite Chicago area lunchtime eatery.

Others were dispatched by being shot in the head with a .22 pistol equipped with a silencer at or near their homes.

Because of police and judicial corruption Aleman was free to kill again and again.

In 1972 Teamster steward, William Logan was shot-gunned to death. Part of the motivation to kill Logan may have been because of Logan’s in-laws wanted to end abuse and a child custody dispute between Logan and his wife.

Harry was arrested and indicted for the Logan killing after he was identified by less than perfect witnesses and tried for the crime. Aleman was tried by the late Cook County Judge, Frank Wilson at a bench trial. Most fixed cases in Chicago never involved juries. This case was fixed by Chicago cop turned fixer-lawyer, thrned government witness Bob Cooley for a mere cash payment of $10,000.00 to the judge.

Cooley who’d later write a book, When Corruption Was King, simply told FBI and Justice Department officials just how he was able to fix the case. That book is currently in development as a motion picture in Hollywood.

Aleman who was actually acquitted was tried again for the murder and this time convicted. The courts would later rule that there was no double jeopardy since fixing the first trial guaranteed the outcome.

The irony here was had that murder case gone to a jury the weak evidence most likely would have caused a jury to acquit anyway without a fix.

In 1990 outside his Peoria, Arizona vacation home Judge Wilson shot himself dead in an apparent suicide over Bob Cooley’s revelations. The hapless judge was facing ruination and a certain term in a federal prison for fixing the case.

Cooley was the basis for numerous federal prosecutions under Operation Gambit that dealt a heavy blow to a significant portion of the Daley/Burke Crime Family Cabal in Chicago.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama’s Birthplace Is A Needless Controversy

Washington, DC—The questions about Barack Obama’s place of birth will never cease until the mystery is solved.

If Obama was born in Hawaii as some records reflect, the unsealing of actual birth records and forensic examination of them would put the matter to rest forever.

There are passport, visa and student loan discrepancies that also cast a shadow over the man who promised America transparency.

Not only does Obama refuse to allow the release on this information he has quietly spent well over a million dollars avoiding litigation seeking the release of the information. There can be no question that Obama has something damning to hide from America.

There are three groups with divided views on the subject.
1. The diehard Obama supporters that want him in the Whitehouse no matter where he was born or what the Constitution says.
2. There are the people that want the matter openly resolved so the chips fall where they may.
3. There are those that just want Obama out of the Whitehouse no matter where he was born and capitalize on the so-called, “birther” issue.

The majority of Americans fall in the second two categories.

Obama’s own Grandmother and others In Kenya, Africa was very proud that Obama was born there and have made numerous public statements about that. That’s difficult evidence to argue against.

There are many people that know the truth. There are real documents that would put an end to the litigation, nagging doubts and the obvious and expensive efforts by Obama to hide the simple truth.

Obama’s redundant campaign promise was that he would run a transparent administration. The opposite is what we have received from day one.

This is really a simple issue to remedy. Americans should simply stop any and all cooperation with government in any form until all the records are open. Americans are entitled to know the truth.

Americans have the power to force the issue and should. A peaceful effort may well prevent a Civil War as more and more Americans doubt the legitimacy of Barack Obama as our President.

Perhaps there is some kind of student loan or admissions fraud involved. The fact is there has to be a nefarious reason for the secrecy.

It appears that Obama may well be an illegal alien and should be removed from office at once.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Israel Has Been Bluffing About Nukes For decades

Tel Aviv, Israel—The biggest clue to me of the nuke PR scam was the Jonathan Pollard Spy Case. If they had the bomb along with the ability to use it why’d they need Pollard?

It’s no secret that Israel is in the gunsights of every Arab neighbor. Today’s Whitehouse will never back Israel. If Israel had the bomb they’d have used it to neutralize the very real threat of Iran by now.

Israel’s days are numbered because the Barack Obama Administration has been sending mixed messages that seem to invite unlimited aggression against Israel and no retaliation for Arab threats.

For all of my Jewish friends that voted for Obama you’re probably going to see your worst nightmare come true, because with Obama in control the Arabs have all but been invited to attack Israel by the Whitehouse. The Arabs will lose Obama’s protection the second he’s out of office. This may be their only chance to own Israel.

The Jews living in America don’t get it but those in Israel know it all too well.

Let The Rod Blagojevich Lynching Begin!

Chicago, IL—I’m no fan of Former Governor Rod Blagojevich because he’s part and parcel of the criminal enterprise that runs Chicago and now the Whitehouse. Blago is set to spin the Wheel Of Misfortune at Chicago's Fderal District Court on June 3rd.

Still Blago is entitled to a fair trial with proper discovery and the right to subpoena witnesses for his defense. Blago will get anything but a fair trial and can count on being in prison at least until the U.A. Supreme Court has an opportunity to look at the 7th Circuit court of Appeals judges legal sabotage of Blago’s rights.

I’m absolutely convinced that Barack Obama is part and parcel to any attempts to sell his former senate seat. Blago has the goods on Obama and I don’t think he’s willing to fall on his sword without bringing down Obama and his presidency. I’d be absolutely shocked if Obama is not part of every criminal conspiracy that gave him an opportunity to do what Chicago Democrats all do.

Blago should have gotten immunity to bring down all the Chicago rats. Instead they have tried to craft a trial where release of facts of other’s criminal activity is forbidden.

The old criminal defense war horses, Sam Adam, Sr. and Ed Genson have been hogtied by the court in every way possible. Defending the hapless Blago under those conditions will be challenging to say the least.

I look for Genson and Adam to stir the Whitehouse excrement in a big way. If they don’t, their client is sure to do that during his show trial at the Dirkson building.

The problem is the unlimited ability the Whitehouse and Chicago democratic party has to extort from and bribe anyone and everyone. Witnesses, judges, prosecutors, jurors and defense lawyers will all have the payday of their wildest dreams if they cooperate. There will be hell to pay if they don’t.

If I appear cynical please forgive me. I was born and raised in Chicago and am intimately familiar with the inside of the Democratic machine. I have testified as a cop witness several times against and at least one time for people represented by Genson and Adam in Court. I know to expect the unexpected here.

Genson and Adam can be rich legends if they take Obama down or rich whores if they sell out their client. There is a lot more at stake here that a criminally charged client’s retainer. History will be made and it’s the winners that write the books.

Greek EU Bailout Is A Terrible Idea!

Berlin, Germany—I can’t help but feel that sensible Germans feel betrayed by their, chancellor, Angela Merkel.

An EU coalition with Merkel’s leadership and our Socialist President, Barack Obama’s influence has agreed to loan Greece $650 Billion for a bailout. There is zero chance the money will ever be repaid and German families will suffer greatly because of the Greek politicians that spent Greece into bankruptcy.

I can’t imagine what Merkel was thinking. Merkel certainly sounded a death knell for her own political future. Merkel is following Barack Obama straight to Hell!

Instead of bailing Greece out they should have kicked that country out of the EU. Other European countries kept their own currency and Germany would have been better off to return to Deutsche Marks and ditching the Euro.

Greece has become a country for entitlement addicted losers. That government and the fools that elected it should be the ones to suffer not German families.

This is a sad day for Germany and a sad day for Europe. Instead of one country in dire straits, all of Europe will face economic disaster.

I’m sorry that Greeks are now fighting in the streets and doing without. It’s only a matter of time and that will be the state of reality in America. Printing money with nothing to back it is society suicide.

This bailout plan is nothing more than a huge step in the direction of world Socialism. Socialists have always brought nothing but death and misery to every country they have dominated. Germany above all countries should be fighting Socialism not supporting it.

Germany has dramatically changed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. They now have three generations of pathetic people that only know how to survive with government handouts.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicago Cop Busted In Connection With Police Board Payoff Scheme

Chicago, IL—Chicago police officers disciplined for “sustained” complaints of wrongdoing are entitled to hearings before the nine-member Chicago Police Board. The board operates pretty much in secret and there have long been assertions with mysterious cases that show that, some officers are far more equal than others.

Clout seems to rule at the police board rather than simple justice. The secrecy seems to prevail and then video recordings made at the police board hearings never see daylight. The board is comprised of members that do little but sign off on hearing officer’s recommendations. They don’t attend the hearing but claim they read the transcripts. Board members are simply fortunate people that need not show up for work.

Today the U.S. Attorney announced the unsealing of a criminal complaint against 12 year police veteran, Victor Brown for lying to the FBI.

The FBI claims they have an officer/informant that paid $4,500 between 2008 and 2009 to Brown to fix his police board case. They claim to have recordings that show that when Brown was questioned by FBI agents he denied accepting cash or promising to fix cases.

The big question is obviously, is just how dirty are the board members? Since the current police superintendent Jody “J-Fled” Weis, was personally involved in the investigation it’s stained with the taint of insider medaling. The police board members are sacred cows that will be protected at all cost.

The US Attorney claims that this investigation is ongoing but somehow I don’t think that political holdover will be rocking the police board’s boat anytime soon.

I’m not going to judge officer Brown because I’ve learned long ago that things are not always as they seem in the city run by the Daley/Burke Crime families.

Today Brown was released on $50,000.00 bail. Brown is going to need a top criminal lawyer and investigator to avoid prison. If they sent Martha Stewart away for this, imagine what they’ll do to a Chicago cop.

Below is a copy of the complaint:
Brown Complaint

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Obama Knows The Information Age And Its Gadgets Undermine His Marxist Plans

Hampton, VA-- Hampton University was the site of a Commencement address by Barack Obama.

Obama went on the attack of modern devices such as the IPad and XBox that deliver non-stop information. Obama claimed they were a diversion that places new strains on democracy. He went on to suggest his own critic's messages somehow are void of truth. Obama’s own truth can be measured in his 100% rate of failure to live up to campaign promises he made starting with transparency.

What Obama really meant is the great strains are on him and his Marxist agenda for a one world Socialist government from which there’d be no escape. Information and education had long been a foe of every Socialist. In order for Socialism to take hold a country needs a majority of people desperately needy and ignorant. Then the Socialists keep them that way.

Obama and his minions would shut down and silence his critics like Crimefile News if they could get away with that un-Constitutional move. In any Socialist country criticizing the leaders or the form of government carries the most draconian penalties. There are many of millions who dared to speak out that were murdered by Socialists. The truth, free speech and Marxism can’t co-exist.

The day that America stops zealously protecting free speech is the day we will all be Marxist slaves. Right now free speech is not very popular with the Whitehouse. A war by Obama against free speech should result in a war against Obama.

Barack Obama is the real threat to democracy and our Constitution. Barack Obama is just another despot Marxist that needs to be arrested, tried for treason, convicted and hanged.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Celebrating The Fall Of Tyranny And Socialism In Germany

Berlin, Germany—It was last November that I was fortunately involved with a documentary film that brought me to this wonderful city.

When I was drafted into the Army I somehow was sent to Germany instead of Viet Nam. For me it was pillow fights with delightful frauleins instead of firefights with Charlie Cong. I must say I fought very bravely.

I was lucky enough to be there for the celebration of the end of tyranny and that dreaded wall.

My dear friend Andrea, better known by me as, The Strudel was my beautiful tour guide.

Accepting Tyranny Is A Human Failing

USA—Today’s inhabitants of this large country don’t have a clue about Freedom and Liberty. Why? That’s because these people are too young and have never experienced life without absolute government control.

Imagine walking around without a government issued photo ID. Imagine walking into government buildings and boarding boats, trains and planes without being searched like a criminal. Imagine having a small business where you can hire or do business with who you please. Imagine being able to sell or rent your property only to someone you choose.

Imagine that you hard earned money not being confiscated from you and turned over to narcotic addicts, illegal aliens, welfare cheats or corrupt politicians and their hand-picked corrupt government vendors.

Imagine having police officers you could depend upon for real help rather than government extortion agents looking for ways to confiscate your hard earned money.

Imagine having the disposable cash to take care of your parents and special needs children without incompetent, meddlesome and intrusive government interference. Imagine deciding for yourself who deserves your financial assistance.

Imagine being able to keep and bear arms without infringement to defend yourself and family as the Constitution once guaranteed.

This was the country I was raised in but it has taken a sharp turn into the Socialist abyss in recent decades.

As for the searching and ID requirements, I redundantly hear that sigh and remark that we live in troubled times and it’s necessary. That’s incredibly bogus since we had numerous wars including a Civil War and did not resort to trading freedom for pretend security. We’ve become a nation of cowards.

Every day in America, Socialist politicians try to sell us on even more freedom robbing regulation and it will never end. For example they want “reasonable limits” on talk radio and bloggers claiming unnecessary incitement of Americans. The Socialists know that they only survive if the majority of the population is ignorant and free speech interferes by giving the population too much information.

A huge goal of the Socialists is to strangle the bloggers and free speech with their effort to control the Internet. Their legislative agenda carries the benign title of “Net Neutrality”. Political dissent is Socialism's greatest enemy and must be shut down if they are to get the absolute power they need.

America’s Socialist politicians currently have a majority and an agenda to convert this country into another colossal Socialist failure that will see the murder of millions. That’s the way it always happens where the Socialist flag flies.

These rogue despots have turned a deaf ear to Americans as they violate the constitution. Americans have a long and traditional absolute duty to use force and violence to preserve the Constitution. Killing enemies of freedom is a reasonable response. Being an American politician with a Socialist agenda must be seen as a very risky occupation.

Parting ways with our Constitution should be fatal to all politicians. What will Americans do to see the return of freedom now? Will Americans simply hold a few more Tea part demonstrations and then simply submit to Socialism. Americans can either significantly ratchet up their resistance or become total slaves to another Socialist failure and holocaust.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Roman Polanski Case Is Killing Lots Of Trees

Geneva, Switzerland—Last November I was privileged to be working in Geneva, and Lausanne Switzerland on a death penalty case. The Roman Polanski case was just getting started. Since then, they have killed an entire forest to make the paper to argue this case in two countries.

I learned that my Swiss friends were all angry that their country would dare meddle in the decades old foreign case. They were even angrier that Polanski was invited to Switzerland for a film award and arrested. It was somewhat like arresting a government diplomat.

The Swiss are known for their refusal to interfere with other countries legal squabbles. This whole affair has been handled very un-Swiss like by the Swiss government.

That being said I wanted in the worse way to investigate and report the state of this entire mess while I was there. That was impossible since I was up to my ears in the other matter. The other matter deserved my entire attention.

I wrote about the Polanski odyssey trying to reveal as much as I could under the circumstances. I have been blessed with contributions of information and such from readers. I’ve not seen fit to do more than let them post news articles and argument that for the most part supports Polanski as comments on the earlier stories. .

I’d love to have the funding to put together the, end all reveal of this entire debacle. I want to spend time in the Swiss and California courts covering this case exclusively until it’s finished.

Today I received the contribution of a recent filing of the Los Angeles County D.A. and will post it. I only wish I had every document from every court from every position to, publish.

I don’t hide my belief that Polanski has been punished enough and is the victim now of political grandstanding and judicial misconduct. He’s not seen the grave of his beautiful young wife who was murdered by the Manson Family in over 40 years. I say enough is enough.

Samantha Geimer, the now middle aged woman who Polanski was accused of molesting as a child has begged prosecutors to let the matter rest. She has been ignored.

Nobody but Polanski and Geimer know for sure what really happened and the case never was tested by a jury. We don't know what kind of "help" Geimer had with her statements to police. Was her statement colored by a parental effort to get a big civil court payday? We will never know.

Polanski pled guilty to a somewhat soft penalty and then the judge reneged on that plea agreement. Everyone conveniently forgets that in Europe the age of consent is a lot younger than California. In several American states there would never been a prosecution.

Polanski served time in the Chino State prison and was released only to learn he was about to get a much longer term. Polanski is a slight man and being sent to prison as a celebrity with a child molester label is horrifying to say the least. Polanski fled to France. France refused the request for extradition.

A huge question I ask is where have prosecutors been in the case of thousands of teen and pre-teen girls that have gotten pregnant? Rarely is there prosecutions in those cases. Is Polanski more important because he generates more headlines for prosecutors?

Polanski suffered grievously as a child under Nazi occupation, his native Poland was then occupied by the Communists and the lad to flee once again from the Bolsheviks to France. Despite all Polanski has become a legendary film maker who has entertained millions of people all over the world with his artistry.

In keeping with my effort to inform my readers I’m posting the entire brief filed by prosecutors. I will publish whatever I can under the circumstances. Oh what I’d give to have the funding to do this right!
Filing opposing release of Gunson testimony

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Arizona, Photo Speed Enforcement Extortion Program Ended!

Phoenix, AZ—On her way out of town that Barack Obama Kool-Aid drinking former governor, Janet Napolitano, left a big pile of Leftist excrement here. Revenue generating, photo speed enforcement was brought in to fund runaway state spending.

The current Governor Jan Brewer cancelled the contract with the private company victimizing drivers on Arizona’s highways. The cameras will vanish on July 16.

Of course the Arizona Department of Public Safety will continue to patrol and cite drivers over safety issues.

In recent years extortion has been the tool of choice for government against Americans. The trend is epidemic as politicians have learned that they stay in power through awarding government contracts for unneeded goods and services. The same politicians have bankrupted America and extortion is the only program they know to keep the cash flowing into their campaign funds.

I’m proud to have known this great lady for a very long time and must declare that Governor Jan Brewer ROCKS!

How to turn a Seven Year-Old Boy Into A Cop Killer

Columbia, MO—The local police SWAT Team gathered their resources and guns for an important drug raid. They were invading the home of Jonathan E. Whitworth, 25 on February 11, 2010. Also present were the suspect’s wife, seven year old child along with their two dogs.

In came the police heroes with their warrant as they quickly shot both pets in front of the child. You can hear the horrible cries of the animals on the video. I can’t imagine what the little boy thinks today about police officers. That trauma will haunt him for the rest of his life. I know he’d like to do to the cops involved exactly what they did to his dogs.

The raid yielded a very small amount of marijuana. Was this police action worthwhile?

It’s almost laughable that police charged Whitworth with child endangerment over the marijuana. Considering no less than seven rounds were discharged by police in this home, in the immediate vicinity of the child they claim was endangered.

This is precisely why I hate the Drug War. This kind of enforcement happens every day and is a cancer on our freedom.

The Drug War has been far worse that the drugs themselves. The Drug War has been a war of profit on both sides. It needs to end now.

The video is nasty and heartbreaking.