Friday, August 31, 2012

Carice van Houten Rocks!

The lovely and talented Carice Van Houten ROCKS!

Amsterdam, NL—The amazing actress, singer and talented performer Carice van Houten has released a new music video, Emily.  This is part of an album, See You on the Ice, that’s being released and will be available very soon on ITunes.   
Van Houten, a multiple Golden Calf award winner simply owns her audience on everything she does.  She’s mastered her native language Dutch along with impeccable English and German.  I discovered her multiple talents in the fabulous Paul Verhoeven film, Black Book.
She is a regular performer in the Game of Thrones.  She can also be seen with Holly Hunter in a new film called Jackie.  
Carice is considering a film project right now that I’m involved with but, Carice is in demand everywhere.  The America audiences will soon be discovering her simply because she’s fearless and unstoppable! 
I hope to be able to interview that great lady on video soon for this blog.

Snookered Media Organization again uses Proven Liars, Stark and Wawczak to Smear Drew Peterson

Like vampires risen from the dead,  Len Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark
Bolingbrook, IL--Len Wawczak, 45, and his wife, Paula Stark, 40, are a couple of deadbeats.  They were and still are desperate for cash.  They were involved court collection lawsuits and filed Bankruptcy just before retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson was charged with murder.  
When the Drew Peterson investigation went high profile the tabloids came to town and provided some short-term financial hope for this troubled pair.  They had known Peterson so they put themselves out for the media and police as spies.   
This pair claimed they could get Peterson to implicate himself in criminal activity on tape.  Police wired this couple for months and despite numerous recorded conversations with Peterson they completely failed to trap the retired cop.
They pair lied to various media organizations claiming that they had trapped Peterson on tape with damaging statements.  Of course there were none and the police investigators and prosecutors quickly distanced themselves from the devious duo.
Wawczak and Stark have no value as witnesses to anything including the Peterson Prosecution.  However, the In Sessions show at Headline News fell into their web once again.  In recent years the media seems to have lost their ability to vet their sources.
Additionally, Wawczak was stupid enough to threaten and physically attack Peterson in front of news cameras.  I hope he got paid some cash for his antics because he was arrested and brought to justice in criminal court for battery.
This pathetic couple has risen from the dead like vampires in the night.  Does anyone have a couple of wooden stakes and a mallet?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chicago Cop Blogger Under Fire For Exposing the Truth

Chicago, IL—The subtle genius behind the name of the blog, Detective Shaved Longcock made it nearly impossible for the mainstream media to publicly talk about.   It’s the blog with an unrepeatable name that tactically made media criticism incredibly difficult. 
For the last several years DSLC has been authored by an anonymous, faceless and alleged Chicago cop.  He’s a Chicago cop all right with loads of inside departmental information and a mindset that could only be shaped by working the mean streets of the Windy City.
I’ve talked with DSLC but will never remove his mask or describe his current duty assignment.  I can say that I have sufficient information to report he’s not posting material while on duty. 
DSLC is as edgy as any writer can be as he walks the tightrope between legitimate controversy and what our society deems unacceptable.  DSLC’s reasoning is more than for sheer sensationalism.   He’s desperately trying to give his readers a window into a major life-threatening crisis that the media and city officials simply refuse to face.
Chicago's Better Government Association has gone after DSLC in a not so subtle chilling investigative effort to silence him and his criticism of our failed political leadership.  Along the way the BGA labeled his blog as racist. 
DSLC is far from a racist.  He recognizes the grave threat to public safety in Chicago that we have today and simply demands real solutions. 
In the early 1960s, poor, ignorant and idle African-Americans migrated by the millions from the Deep South.  This was just after the U.S. Supreme (Warren) Court invalidated the one-year residency requirement to collect Illinois’ generous welfare entitlements.
The Southern states offered these African-American economic refugees free one-way bus tickets and $5 to leave.  They found it much cheaper to export this group rather than to continue supporting them.
Communists, Marxists and Socialists operating under the flag of the Democratic Party controlled America’s large Northern cities. They engineered and programed their new migrants to become totally dependent, helpless, ignorant and eventually dangerously violent.

Today some five generations later the Marxists have deliberately created as a new culture of people with zero self-reliance, self-respect or respect for any human life.
Marxism can only work with a huge ignorant poor population living under the boot of a police state.
Today, African-Americans commit nearly all of Chicago’s murders, rapes and robberies.  It’s not about skin color, genes or some biological failure, it’s about a bankrupt, vile culture that’s tolerated, facilitated and enabled.  It’s nothing less than a very real form of genocide.   How many more dangerous human monsters are we going to create?
Until we admit we’ve created this class of destroyed lives and lost souls we can’t begin to find treatment or cures.  It’s not about money.   It’s about self-reliance, self-respect and the will to be productive.  Link cards, food stamps and free housing destroy the human spirit.  
We must turn the Chicago Public Schools into educational facilities rather than the free day care it has been providing.  We must snuff out the culture we created by inspiring children into becoming role models instead of gangsters and whores.  We need to instill manners, etiquette and simple politeness to every child from day one. 
We must force African-Americans to speak English and to prepare themselves for professional responsibilities.  They must learn how to raise children in two-parent homes and follow the Golden Rule.  
If we can somehow return Chicago’s African-Americans to the human race they can survive and prosper.  Right now our politicians will only try anything as long as it wastes millions and does not work.
In the mean time all law-abiding citizens need to be able to defend themselves and the African-American combat zones must be tamed and reclaimed.
As for DSLC, he’s never once suggested that African-Americans are inferior or don’t deserve equal protection under law.  He has simply done all he could to expose what our city administration and media wants covered up.  If we can’t even talk about it how can we find the remedies we need? 
We must be prepared to vigorously and aggressively protect DSLC from anyone who’d dare silence him.   If we don’t protect his freedom of thought, speech or the right to publish, who will protect ours?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Peterson Defense Rests! What’s Next in the Murder Trial?

Drew Peterson    Photo by Paul Huebl 

Joliet, IL--Lawyers for Accused retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson rested their case today.  There’s no reason for Peterson to testify because everyone knows what he has to say.  He formally declined to do so.  
Prosecutors get yet another bite ate the apple putting on their hired gun, expert witnesses to cancel out Peterson’s.   The defense will cross-examine but the tricky part will by for prosecutors not to punish the jury with the total duplication of their murder speculation.
Throughout the day both sides will offer up jury instructions to the court.  The rub here is addressing the barrage of never before admitted hearsay evidence brought on by the new Drew Peterson Law.  The judge may have a few instructions of his own. 
Next come the final arguments beginning with the prosecutor claiming they’ve proven their case, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  That’s a difficult concept for even the brightest lawyers to define.  In this case it will be a miracle if prosecutors don’t again cross boundaries in their attempt to poison the jury.
The defense will get their turn and attack the case made through gossip, hatred and emotion.  As for attacking viable physical evidence, there is none. They will ask the jury to put aside the hype, guess work and wild speculation and work with proof.  They will also ask the jury to follow the rules and be fair.  They will tell the jury that there is no murder, nor a killer to be found or punished.
The prosecution will get a second shot to beg the jury for a conviction and waive Kathleen Savio’s picture around in dramatic fashion to play on juror’s raw emotions.
Look for yet another mistrial motion or two, which probably will be once more denied.
The jury will be sworn and sent to deliberate.  Realistically they have all be saturated with tweets and every form of media about this legal mess.  They will break off into two groups.  One group will ask, “Where’s the beef?”  The other group will express their hatred to Peterson and his lawyers.  Will they be able to settle on a unanimous verdict? 
If it’s anything like the mock trial some three years ago the answer will be, no way.  Of course this jury knows that this was not intended to be a fair trial.  Anything is possible.

The Better Government Association Speaks Out on Detective ShavedLongcock’s Blog!

Chicago, IL—Let me begin by saying I have put the BGA on the spot here.   I’ve asked them some tough questions about their investigation of Detective ShavedLongcock's Blog and they have at least responded.  I’m far from satisfied that I have gotten my questions answered but frankly I did not expect much. 
BGA spokesman Robert Herguth informed CrimefileNews that their organization had concerns that a public employee may be using taxpayer’s time and resources to publish what they believe to be a racist blog.   
In fairness let me agree here in that this is a legitimate question because personal blogging on government time would be an abuse of public money. 
I specifically questioned who or what motivated their investigation of Detective ShavedLongcock and Herguth declined to provide that information.  Additionally I asked Herguth if he could cite any actual passage or two that suggested that African-Americans were inferior or deserved fewer rights that others.  Again he declined that opportunity.
Most importantly here Mr. Herguth told me he was unaware that the Chicago Police Department had long ago blocked access of the department’s computers to every police related blogger that is critical of the administration including mine.  Saying that, the stated concerns of the BGA should end immediately unless they have some additional agenda 
What I find interesting here is that the BGA is a private organization conducting the investigation rather than the police department.  The department may find stepping on their officer’s First Amendment Rights can be very expensive.  I have to wonder if perhaps the BGA is somehow working as an agent for the city?  
One thing for sure is that this story has already taken on a life of its own because anytime efforts are made to chill the rights of Americans to think, speak or publish it’s everyone’s business. 
Let me make it clear that the BGA can investigate and publish what they please unless and until they commit some actionable offense.  I’d like to think that they are above that sort of thing.
I can’t help but bang my head against the wall here that the BGA is not out asking about the $1,000.000.00 taxpayer grant to felons and thugs connected to a group called Ceasefire.  Instead they are going after some little guy writing controversial crap from his laptop. 
I will stay on that I’m always looking for information and tips about any efforts to silence my fellow bloggers.   My cop friends all like to say they all hate the ACLU, that is until they need them.

Breaking News! Has a Popular Chicago Blog been Shut Down?

Chicago, IL—Today, the popular Chicago police inspired blog, Detective ShavedLongcock has been taken down but for a somewhat convoluted report about alleged harassment by Chicago’s, Better Government Association
I’m not sure why the BGA would care about an alleged Chicago cop’s Internet publishing that happens to be more than a little critical of Chicago’s corrupt and rapidly collapsing government. 
Most of this blogger’s readers refer to him as “Shaved”.  Shaved writes biting messages that calls attention to the vastly disproportionate violence in Chicago committed by African-Americans. 
Various local Chicago media operations have denounced Shaved and his blog as racist.   I have to ask, it somehow racist to call attention to and report, that African-Americans commit nearly all of Chicago’s violence? 
One only has to go to the morning felony court call at 26th & California and look at the nearly exclusively African-American defendants answering up to the most violent and despicable crimes imaginable. 
Chicago’s media and politicians have been trying to cover up the reality for decades.  They refuse to face the fact that Chicago is totally under siege by an African-American culture of depravity, drugs and carnage.
Until the problem is acknowledged treatment and cures can never be found or applied.  Shaved has used satire and the stark reality to call attention to the problem
Shaved critics have threatened his life, complained to his advertisers and Google trying to silence him.  Until now Shaved has not wavered.
Now, the privately funded Better Government Association has apparently joined in the attack on Shaved and his right to think, write and publish.
I just put a call into the BGA for their side and concerns about shaved and perhaps other police bloggers like myself.  I’m sure they will get back to me as they promised sometime today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shocking Chicago Child Abduction Cover Up is only Tip of the Iceberg!

Kelly and Amanda with their children      Chicago Tribune Photo
Chicago, IL—Last Saturday evening, at one of Chicago’s most visible landmarks at the Daley Center Plaza a young Caucasian couple were enjoying the Picasso sculpture with their two tender-aged daughters.  Suddenly an African-America, ex-convict snatched two year-old, Myla Davis-Green by the arm claiming the little blond girl was his daughter.  
Imagine the horror that 31 year-old, Kelly Davis and the girl’s mother Amanda Green, both unarmed experienced fighting for possession of their little toddler and her precious life?
After the struggle the kidnapper, James Gates, 55 took off running through streets, alleys and building lobbies.  Davis bravely pursued Gates and finally with police assistance Gates was apprehended blocks away.
I can’t imagine the results of the attack would have been if the couple became so frozen with fear that they let the abduction happen.  The maniac must have had the most unthinkable plans with the innocent and helpless child.    
This story is what our worst nightmares are made of but it did not get media attention for four days!  Chicago’s political creatures are doing whatever they can and have been aided by local media in the effort to cover-up the dangerous epidemic of Black on White crime.
Officials have constantly fudged on the actual murder statistics and suggested that  African-America terror mobs are just ordinary teen-agers out on some mischievous lark. 
The failed Chicago politics of stolen gun and self-defense rights have created an unlivable situation.  The criminals are heavily armed and the law-abiding citizens are helpless, vulnerable and accordingly subjected to unspeakable horror.
The reality of lame efforts by Chicago’s prosecutors and courts to keep known, dangerous and often convicted thugs like Gates segregated from society has made my home town as dangerous as many war zones. 
What will it take to get Chicago’s officials to change their decades old failure to control violence?  Their programs are only considered and accepted if they cost the taxpayers millions and won’t work.
Chicago needs to immediately ask the Illinois Legislature to enact a program that would restore the rights of its law-abiding citizens to carry defensive concealed weapons.
Next the city has a serious police manpower shortage.  The best immediate Band-Aid would be to hire back some of its fit officers who have retired young.  They can be called out for Chicago’s warmer months when crime goes into over-drive. 
To continue pretending there’s no public safety crisis and the incredibly insane policy handing out $1,000,000.00 grants to groups of ex-convicts to control crime has to end.
Chicago’s thugs have been enabled, facilitated and protected by their city administration co-conspirators long enough. 
Chicago’s local media has lost sight of their mission and instead choose act as public relations agents for vile politicians that are snuffing out the very life of a once great city.  Chicago’s media has long ago forfeited the public’s trust.


Why Pay Big $$$ to get Frisked, Fondled and Insulted by TSA Thugs?

TSA Worker
Chicago, IL— In my early adulthood going to a Bears game at Chicago’s Solider Field with girlfriends included a small bottle of brandy and a blanket.  The blanket was used to keep warm while concealing certain enjoyable other mischief during the game.
Back then going to a major sporting event was a lot of fun.  However in recent decades sports teams and certain venues have begun an effort to frisk patrons. 
I hate this despicable effort frankly we’ve fought wars so we’d never have to submit to this kind of crap.   The majority of patrons are too young and just don’t understand the serious implications of what they are willingly accepting.
At first this was about bringing alcohol into the venue but quickly expanded looking for snacks and finally for concealed weapons.  Private security guards who avoided being too invasive or authoritarian did the searches.  Frankly it was more about revenue for their food service contractors than anything else.
I have little interest in going to sports events because of the cost, miserable traffic, and parking issues.  Technology has come to my rescue!  My terrific big screen high definition LED flat panel television allows me to see the games at the best possible vantage point. 
My snacks at home are better, a lot cheaper and don’t involve standing in concession lines.  Frankly I take great delight in staying home and avoiding all of the negatives involved while I lounge on my own very comfortable furniture.
Now the TSA with their cancer like spread over our everyday lives is trying to take over sporting and concert event security.  Even the sheep that have been brainwashed into believing the TSA has some anti-terrorist value are personally uncomfortable near the TSA’s dim-witted and snotty workers.  
Seeing TSA workers at airports is bad enough but tolerating these otherwise unemployable douchebags at an entertainment venue simply kills my enjoyment and spirit.   Who needs a skunk invading their picnic?
I simply won’t attend any event or fly where submitting to searches like a criminal is required unless I have no other options.   Nearly every airline has been put into bankruptcy by the TSA because people have avoided TSA tyranny.
The entire tourism industry has taken a huge financial hit from the Gestapo like TSA and now we have an additional 500 traffic deaths every year because of people like me that refuse to fly when traveling lass than 500 miles.
As Americans we need to draw a line in the sand where our personal liberty is concerned.   We have the power to vote with our wallets and purses.   We can simply stop attending any event where the indignity of frisking is involved.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drew Peterson and the Prosecutor’s Case

Drew Peterson   Photo by Paul Huebl

Joliet, IL—The prosecution in the murder trial of retired Bolingbrook, IL police sergeant Drew Peterson is taking its last gasp. 
The Illinois Legislature put their foot on the scales of justice by enacting the, “Drew Peterson Hearsay Law.”  That allowed gossip rather than sworn direct testimony be used as evidence in this trial.  They still, have yet to make a case for murder.
They put up two forensic experts that were convinced that Kathleen Savio was murdered based on their re-examination of remains that had been decaying in a grave for over three years.  They may be right but it’s only their best guess and speculation.
Of course there is the original investigation and autopsy on fresh remains that were determined to be the result of an accidental death.  We can’t now guess that if the first group of investigators and experts did a better job what the results might have been.  It is what it is.
The problem with the prosecution, their investigators and experts is that none of them could recreate the event.  They can’t even say how Savio received her scalp wound or if or when the scene was somehow rearranged.
Nobody can explain how Drew Peterson could enter the house since the locks were changed and he was not welcome there.
Savio was prescribed mood-altering drugs but apparently was not taking them.  She hated Drew Peterson and made no secret of that fact as she fought in court for his police pension and other assets.  It’s a reality that divorce litigants seek favor from the court by making extreme allegations during court proceedings. 
The missing Stacy Peterson is really not a part of this case.  Many people want to believe she is dead and that Peterson murdered her.  That case has lots of huge problems.  Unanswered questions are all around, none the least of which is where is she and if she’s dead, how’d she get that way.
Stacy was another woman troubled by a crappy marriage to Drew Peterson.  She consoled herself with dating other men. 
There are two very troubling hearsay witnesses in this mess.  One is the preacher I call Rev. Bootycall.  This religious leader meets his attractive, troubled and married lady followers, not at the house of worship, but at coffee houses.   I hope I’m not the only one that sees how inappropriate that conduct appears. 
 I consider Rev. Bootycall an opportunist looking to expand his fan base and celebrity His “contribution” here will certainly help in that regard. 
The next pathetic soul is the alleged hit-man candidate.  This unemployed and unemployable loser is another opportunist.  Once the tabloids came throwing money around he “suddenly remembered” that Drew Peterson solicited him to murder Savio.  His hearsay testimony stands alone without a shred of evidence he’s telling the truth. 
Hearsay has been kept out of American courts for a reason.  The defendant must be given an opportunity to confront his accuser in court.  Drew Peterson has been denied that most fundamental right in the Will County Circuit Court.  That is what I call, government tyranny.
Even with the hearsay, there is insufficient evidence of a crime and no evidence beyond the motive of an uncomfortable divorce. 
The Judge should grant a rare Directed Verdict of Not Guilty.  If that does not happen Peterson’s lawyers will have to offer up the sworn testimony of investigators, experts and perhaps an impeachment witness or two.  
As for the jury, they’re reading everything they can find on the web and other sources.  Some will hate Drew Peterson but some will try and be fair.  Getting a conviction from a unanimous jury should be difficult if not impossible.  We will have to see what the near future will hold. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

NYPD Officers Turned a Street Murder into a Bloodbath of Innocent Civilians

New York, NY—Yesterday a man fired from his job exacted revenge on a fellow employee in front of the Empire State Building by shooting him dead with a .45 pistol.   The man fled and local construction workers reportedly directed cops to the armed offender on the crowded city street. 
Police officers apparently felt threatened by the armed killer and opened fire upon him killing him.   In the process nine innocent bystanders suffered bullet wounds.  Today it was sadly determined that every bystander injured was shot by police bullets. 
Only a small percentage of cops really like firearms and strive to become proficient with them.  Most cops are satisfied if they can simply get a minimum qualifying shooting score.   That being said are the standards for qualification set high enough?
In my days as a cop in Chicago I was required to qualify four times per year on the range.   The department paid for the ammunition I used and that alone does not make anyone a proficient shooter. 
The best firearms marksmen that compete in tournaments have ammunition delivered to them on wooden palates by forklifts. They don’t become so incredibly accurate by shooting four times a year, not by a long shot.
What they have done with the Chicago Police Department is a public safety scandal.  They have reduced the number of qualification times per year to just one.  They only issue each officer 30 rounds for practice per year.  
Because of the limited constraints on qualification and practice the issue of fraud connected to the scoring and identification efforts of the officers actually shooting.  From the top down many officers just can’t qualify and range masters simply hold their nose and look the other way.  It's difficult to let police bosses fake scores and not give the same courtesy to patrol officers. 
There are officers that are reasonably effective with such limited practice but they are rare to find.  Most however desperately need the in service firearms training. 
Most gun battles take place between arm’s length and little more.   Cops rarely fire at suspects more than three meters away.  Marksmanship generally is not an issue. But that’s hardly comforting to the public that sees the wonderful but faked shooting skills of their favorite fictional TV cop heroes.   The public expects and deserves better.
Cop shooting deaths are down, not because they have better skills, but because of protective vests, better firearms and holsters.  A few decades ago more than 50% of officers killed were shot with their own guns.  Improved gun retention training and better holsters have made a big difference.
Modern emergency medical practitioners deserves a huge salute these days because they are able to save the lives of more than 90% of those victims who are shot by firearms.
For my cop readers, please for your own safety please get to the range and sharpen up because your families want you safe.