Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Entire World Saw How India’s Gun Laws, Police Equipment And Training Facilitated The Mumbai Attack.

Mumbai, India—I have seen local police weapons during my trips there. The FNFAL battle rifles, Enfield bolt action rifles, Sten guns, revolvers and various 9MM semi-automatic pistols are in the hands of local police on a limited basis.

The average Indian cop carries nothing but a long stick but has arms close at hand in this low crime rate country. I’m not sure about the availability of ammunition for the heavier of these weapons.

The first hand reports of news picture editor, Sebastian D'Souza, from the Mumbai Mirror of how police cowered from two terrorists firing weapons at the Sivaji Terminal railway station suggested that those railroad cops were not trusted with ammunition.

Since when are terrorists more capable, better trained and equipped then any police agency? That seems to be the case in Mumbai. The blame lies directly with the India Parliament and their facilitation of the terrorists.

The Brits came in dominated and disarmed the entire nation during their rule. They created a dangerous mindset that continued long after they left over 60 years ago.

I have seen many shotguns in possession of people associated with money changers and banks. Civilian gun ownership exists but is way over-regulated and virtually outlawed for homeland security or meaningful self-defense.

India was and is a preferential target for terrorists because of their anti-gun rights philosophy. We just saw ten young men enter India’s financial capital with small arms and backpacks place the entire city of 19 million in a state of siege. The little thugs were unstoppable as they mowed down no less than 20 cops.

The Indian Parliament in New Delhi needs to re-think the entire issue of police training and equipment at the state and local level. They also need to bring gun liberty to Indian citizens so they too are a force for homeland security like they are in Switzerland.

This latest attack has sent a horribly clear message to every democracy that over-regulating firearms weakens any country and makes them attractive targets for similar deadly invasions.

Our own American politicians facilitated the carnage of 9/11 when they refused to keep all American pilots armed and trained. They further facilitated the huge property damage by disarming the off duty cops that fly as passengers.

The American mainstream media gave our government a total pass by ignoring the facts that allowed a handful of troublemakers to bring an entire nation to its knees.

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest."


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I do support ur views on current position of Police as here In Bharat(india) we consider them as our social line of defense & depends a lot on'em for even our personnal security, the scenario must be changed now.. ! It is hell next to impossible for us to get arm license that too for the guns of WW1 times, cant even think for those poly-carbonated ones.
Authorities in Bharat must think on the needs for arming the nationalist's hands. !