Sunday, November 09, 2008

Crimefile Weighs In On The Burning Issue Of Same Sex Marriage.

Los Angeles, CA—For the past several days in California the Gay marriage proponents are fighting mad learning about a fight for rights. Voters just passed a ballot provision to outlaw Gay Marriage. I’m no more sympathetic about Gay rights than most Gays are about protecting my gun rights.

Rights are rights and worth shedding blood to keep and protect. Do Gays have a right to be married in the legal sense? No, the Constitution had not provided for that. Should they have that right? Yes, if they can get Americans to create that right under our Constitution. Until then it must be a state by state issue.

I did not grow up to accept gays or their strange lifestyle. As an adult I learned they are human and more importantly the checks I’ve gotten from Gay clients spend just as fast as the ones I get from my straight clients.

Later I learned to tolerate Gays and I have no interest in controlling what they do behind closed doors. Allright, if they're hot looking lesbians I want to watch. We are a diverse society and yes there are Gays that are staunch defenders of our Second Amendment rights, hence the Gay gun association known as the Pink Pistols.

My religion is just, that, my religion and I don’t expect any others to follow my church teachings.

Gay marriage troubles me for one simple reason. It will add yet another large group to recipients of our already bankrupt Social Security system. If we could trade off the illegal aliens, drug addicts and people who never paid into the system I’d go for gay marriage in a heartbeat.

Would the right to life groups trade taxpayer funded birth control medical services for an end to abortion on demand? Can you imagine if the right to life crowd, gun owners and Gays all joined forces as a single political force to protect each other’s rights? It would be a happier and better world for sure.

How about a single Constitutional Amendment that would create an actual right to life for the unborn, marriage for Gays and absolute Gun Rights for the law-abiding, sane and sober with total elimination of all Gun Free Zones? I know we are all better off with more liberty rather than less. Okay that’s not possible and will never happen.

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