Monday, April 30, 2012

Concealed Carry, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground Laws Protect the Elderly, infirmed and Women

Trayvon Martin, the 6'2" bully

The case of Trayvon Martin losing his life while attacking George Zimmerman has brought the debate of concealed carry and various laws regulating uses of deadly force in the court of public opinion.
In Chicago two African-American public school teachers were caught on cell phone video telling students that the NRA wants to murder little “porch monkeys.”  That hogwash was and is nothing less than outrageous, racist and divisive propaganda.  Politicians tax us to pay for this kind of education?  I thought it was more important that children learn how to read and write? Certainly that’s not the case in Chicago! 
Many Americans are pacifists or gun rights haters and can’t accept the right the founding fathers gave us all to defend families and ourselves.   That is the law of the land and a simple majority cannot nullify the constitution.   That has never prevented politicians from saddling us with unenforceable laws barred by the Bill of Rights.
The bullies of the world hate surprises.  They want to carefully pick their targets they know don’t have a chance to defeat them.  Bullies everywhere are discovering that many of their intended victims are packing heat, the hard way.  In the vast majority of the cases a shot is never fired but the bully’s fun is stopped cold.
The fact is concealed carry has given the elderly and women a solid and meaningful survival option.  Over the last 50 years state and local governments demanded that the weak had to submit to rape, robbery and murder.   The carrying of a weapon for self-defense would stigmatize them with a lifetime criminal history.
Laws preventing the bearing of arms can victimize only law-abiding and productive taxpayers.  If arrested or convicted they lose their jobs and business licenses.
A concealed weapon conviction has always had a no effect on dangerous criminals.  Amazingly these charges are the ones used to offer sweetheart plea bargain deals.  They dismiss felony charges for a guilty plea on a misdemeanor gun pinch. The criminal is then free to victimize many more people!
Gun control has always been counter-productive in America.  The locations with the most draconian gun laws always grow more violent with each new gun law. The jurisdictions with minimal gun prohibitions never see an increase in violence and on the contrary crime has been reduced.
We must legalize self-defense to protect the weakest members of our society.  They are our parents, wives and daughters.  We must end the un-American policy of requiring victims to prove they were acting in self-defense return the burden of proof where it belongs.
Stand your ground laws guarantee that nobody has to turn his or her backs on an attacker and become even more vulnerable.  What about the intended victim with bad feet who can’t run or a woman in high heels? 
This is really more about ending the tolerance of criminals that cannot seem to keep their stinking hands to themselves. Why must we continue to accept that kind of criminal act?  Frankly we need to let them suffer the consequences of Darwin’s Law.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let Me Respond to Those Who Hate My Defense of Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson 
Bolingbrook, IL—In this once sleepy town outside of Chicago things were quiet and simpler.  Drew Peterson’s legend placed this suburb on the national map.  Or more precisely mishaps involving a 30-year career cop’s wives brought the nation and even Hollywood’s spotlight here.
Drew Peterson is not my friend, relative or former co-worker of mine.  I’ve only spoken with him once while having a lunch with him and his primary lawyer Joel Brodsky.   That was just two days before he was arrested.  He was polite, personable and well mannered.  I’ve not been retained as Peterson’s defense investigator, at least not yet.
I have little interest in defending this honorably retired cop other than defense investigations of the accused is what I do in order to pay my rent.  When I take on a case I'm fully committed gaining any and all evidence to help a client. 
I am however going to zealously defend Peterson's presumption of innocence, due process and the right to legal counsel.  That is just what I’ve done.
Peterson is charged with the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.  They were embroiled in a divorce fight for control over marital assets.   Savio was found in her locked home inside her bathtub dead.  Originally this was investigated and ruled an accident. 
Let’s argue for a moment that Dr. Michael Baden who was hired by FOX News to do a second autopsy of the woman years later is correct in his opinion that Savio was murdered.   We can only guess that Peterson did this.  A not so insignificant problem is trying to figure out how Peterson could gain entry to the house just after Savio changed the locks.  People have argued that Peterson had the motive but it appears he lacked the means and opportunity to kill Savio.   Frankly Baden’s autopsy findings are incredibly weak even if anyone was to believe them.
Stacy Peterson is this hapless cop’s fourth wife.  She, like her own mother who disappeared years earlier is missing.  Before you begin to suggest Peterson was involved with that too you need to know that they have never met.
Stacy Peterson was seeing other men including a young man from Coal City, IL who told police that Stacy told him of her desire to slip away and disappear just days before she did.  Frankly I suspect any of the men she was dating of involvement if there was foul play.  Stacy has never been found and Peterson has never been charged in connection with that disappearance.
There are those that don’t want or need evidence to convict and hang Peterson for what they claim are two murders.  That kind of due process we can expect out of Communists and Nazis.  I’d hope, only the most ignorant Americans would accept that kind of justice.  There are millions of ignorant Americans that don’t understand that they and their loved ones would eventually suffer under that kind of a dangerous police state.
Peterson will never win the title of husband of the year and neither would most cops.  Cops have a difficult life of constant conflict; occasional violence and they make lousy husbands.   Nobody ever talks about some grim realities of the notoriously high suicide rate and the inescapable fact of rampant undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with this profession.  
Peterson like all of us deserves the presumption of innocence and the credit for never having been convicted of a crime in his life.  Illinois politicians made a special law just for Drew Peterson to allow hearsay evidence into an American court.  That is nothing less than shocking.  Is has the strong order of an Ex-Post-Facto law enacted after an event that is being retroactively applied in addition to it’s other frightening aspects.
Nobody including me has to like Peterson’s marital history or the way some people claim he treats women.  We are free to dislike or even hate him but when we accept the violation of his rights to a speedy trial, due process and allow for hearsay evidence we are only hurting ourselves and way of life.
I’m not really defending Drew Peterson, but myself and everyone else from bad government.  Every government in history has victimized his or her own people at one point or another.  Our own government has slipped into a police state over the last four or five decades.  It will only get worse unless we stop the slide.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicago’s Hudson Murder Trial Exposes African-American Culture of Crime

Chicago, IL—The courtroom of Judge Charles Burns is the scene of a real eye-opener for America.  Although cameras are still barred from Illinois courts there is enough information being printed, broadcasted and published on the Internet to get some needed attention.
The story begins and ends with Jennifer Hudson who was brought up in the incredibly violent Chicago sewer called Englewood.  Our creator gave Jennifer a great voice and the discipline to harness it for a fairytale career far from the sub-human ghetto that spawned her.   That gift may well have saved Jennifer’s life. 
This is about one society failure after another.  It began with Social experimentation by government officials with perhaps nefarious political agendas.  They wanted to give the recently migrated African-Americans a place to settle and live in the Windy City.  What they gave them is deceit, despair and doom.
Many people supported the idea of providing generous entitlements, guessing they  would provide these ignorant, poor and deprived people a way to live the American dream. The supporters of this idea had no clue what monsters were being manufactured.
Along the way the African-Americans being “helped” were robbed of any self-reliance, hope and dignity.   The entitlements simply became a narcotic.  Their public education system was reduced to child day care where teachers were forbidden to demand excellence or explain that wealth comes with scholastic achievement.  
Teachers were simply encouraged not to challenge criminal behavior or their pathetic destruction of our English language into Ebonics.  The school system went on to produce generation after generation of illiterate and unemployable parasites.
More social tinkering came with the War on Drugs.  Since many young people died of drug overdoses our politicians have responded with the Drug War.  The deaths and injuries associated with drug commerce activities made the overdose problem insignificant.  We are taking many more lives with the Drug War and many of those killed are innocent victims not involved with drugs or the trade. 
In Englewood nearly the entire community is receiving entitlements that are supplemented by theft, drug commerce, prostitution and gambling.   Englewood is a Socialist Utopia where few actually contribute anything positive to society.
Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donnelson raised three children as a single mother.   Thankfully this matriarch took Jennifer to church where she learned to sing. 
Jennifer, Julia Hudson and Jason Hudson were brought up on fatty, starchy diets making them fat and health challenged.  Jennifer later had the advantage of wealth, trainers and Weight Watchers keeping her attractive for her fans.
Brother Jason was quickly embedded with the notorious Gangster Disciples.  He sold crack cocaine rocks while protecting his drugs and receipts with a stolen SIG 220  .45 ACP, semi-automatic pistol.  Jason was twice wounded and was crippled by gunfire in the line of duty as a gangbanger. 
Julia went from periods of unemployment to driving a school bus.  Along the way she had a child, Julian King who was being groomed for his coming out with the Gangster Disciples.
Unlike Jennifer Julia had zero discipline, no discovered talent and she has all the appearance of a fat bovine.  The men she could attract were far from desirable and those that associated with her were star struck be her sister Jennifer.  That was not good.
Among the B list gang bangers Julia dated and then married was carjacking ex-convict William Balfour.  He was a monster that should have never been let out of prison.  Balfour courted and married Julia while he reportedly abused her.  It’s believed that Balfour twice stole Jason’s pistol from him ultimately using it for the triple murder and that’s why he’s now facing a criminal court jury.
The death penalty has been eliminated or Balfour would be rapidly on his way to Death Row.  Balfour may be a nasty criminal but everyone including this accused killer in the Englewood Community are victims of Socialism gone wrong. 
The African-American culture of entitlement, drugs, crime and ignorance must end.  Tolerance for skin color and peaceful religion does not mean we have to accept a bankrupt Socialist created mutant culture.
Accepting and tolerating this twisted and violent culture is simply the worst kind of genocide.  The Ku Klux Klan could never have inflicted the kind of death, destruction and misery our social engineers have inflicted on Chicago’s African-Americans. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From My Dead Cold Hands! I don’t think so.

Washington, DC—We’ve all heard that rallying cry about gun rights. What would happen if federal, state or local government agencies came to our doors demanding entry for gun confiscation purposes? 

History is the teacher here, and it tells us universally that people won’t put up a fight. They will simply capitulate under threat of physical force or arrest.

The keeping and bearing of arms in constitutionally protected activity but those are mere words on paper that are routinely ignored at every level of government. People are usually too intimidated to initiate resistance. They won’t fight for their neighbors being unlawfully disarmed and they certainly won’t fight for themselves.

The most recent example of gun confiscation tyranny was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and surrounding communities. Incredibly California supplied their highway patrol officers to Louisiana officials for the express purpose of kicking down doors and confiscating guns without warrants. They looted thousands of guns from law-abiding people.

Instead of people resisting they instead turned over their valuable firearms to never see them again. They complained to deaf ears but not a single public official was penalized for this outrage.

In addition to the massive government tyranny those victimized were left defenseless at a time where roving gangs of violent looters were taking advantage of this disaster.

I visit a lot of gun shows and gun shops all over the nation and the braggarts that use the phrase, “From my dead cold hands!” are everywhere. I’m not suggesting that a tiny percentage of gun owners would not resist, it’s just not the experience.

I have advice for gun owners. Keep a low profile and don’t keep your firearms all one place. Most Americans are not equipped to put up a fight anyway. Government agents will always be well armed and freely use and abuse gas and explosives to make entry to homes. They will kill you and your family if you resist.

I expect that terrible day is coming and few Americans have a plan. Cell phones and the Internet will be shut down reducing any ability to summon help to overcome the resistance. Maybe it’s time to develop a plan for resistance and the common defense.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Paul Huebl to be interviewed by Big John Howell and Amy Jacobson Tuesday Morning

Chicago, IL—Morning drive time is a great spot to be on Chicago’s radio. Big John Howell and Amy Jacobson are talk radio hosts in the Windy City are always looking for thought provoking topics and guests for their show on WIND-AM 560.

They’ve asked me to join them to talk about the sudden death at age 43 of Conservative blogger and frequent Obama critic Andrew Breitbart. They want my take on the possibility of this being murder.

Call in with your questions!

Tune in Tuesday morning 24 April @ 8:00 A.M Chicago time. If you’re outside the broadcast area you can listen to the shows live stream right here:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew Breitbart’s Autopsy Report Lacks Important Answers and Raises More Questions

Los Angeles, CA—The untimely death of Conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart the night before he claimed to be releasing bombshell evidence that would derail Obama’s reelection campaign is beyond suspicious.

I interviewed witness Christopher Lasseter who saw Beritbart cross the street from the Brentwood, step onto a curb and, “drop like a sack of potatoes.” Breitbart collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks. Civilians, cops and paramedics treated him at the scene. He was then transported to and pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center in nearby Westwood.

Lasseter went on to describe Breitbart’s clothing down to his high-end Converse sneakers. Lasseter was not familiar with Breitbart or his background. Lasseter was there walking his dog and became involved with the attempt to follow a 911 operator’s instructions to save the dying man’s life.

I asked Lasseter specifically about Breitbart’s skin color and he said it was “bright red.” That bothered me because as an Army medical corpsman I knew that most heart attack victims turned blue.

I quickly got on the telephone to Palo Alto, California with one of the most respected vascular surgeons in the nation, Tej Singh, MD and asked him about that revelation. I also informed the physician that Breitbart was was consuming wine just before he died.

Dr. Singh reminded me that wine was a vascular dilator and enough of it would turn Breitbart’s skin red. He went on to tell me about Japanese men that drink lots of wine and suffer heart attacks. It’s all too common to see their skin turn red.

The shock of the Breitbart autopsy report is that Beritbart had a blood-alcohol concentration in his blood of .04, which is minimal. Why then was Breitbart’s skin bright red?

Poisons like cyanide, or carbon monoxide are known for turning skin red. There are poisons that can be criminally delivered orally, or through skin that mimic heart attacks, but for the condition of cyanosis where the skin turns blue. Some of these poisons have been in the arsenal of our CIA for decades. The reality is they cannot be detected by normal toxicology testing.

There have been cases where physicians have been convicted of murdering people with such drugs despite the ability of medical examiners to discover the toxins used to kill.

The Los Angeles Coroner released a statement, a preliminary report of their opinion of the cause of Beritbart’s death. They say the 43 year-old suffered a heart attack and they don’t suspect foul play.

It was Breitbart that brought down ACORN, a billion dollar criminal organization that was involved in massive vote fraud efforts that helped Obama get elected for his first term. ACORN lost millions of additional government funds because Breitbart exposed tem to the world for what they were.

There is no question that Breitbart was a target of concern and hate by people inside and supporters of the Obama Administration. Silencing Breitbart had to be high priority for anyone with a serious financial stake in Obama’s reelection. It’s safe to say people were gunning for this man who already inflicted tremendous damage to the campaign.

I’m having a hard time buying the suggestion that this young man simply had a heart attack considering his “big” announcement never materialized. Breitbart was silenced and those connected to ACORN and the Obama Administration had motive, means and opportunity to kill their nemesis.

Update: I conducted a second interview of Lassiter for and have posted it below:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

America has Turned Into an Orwellian Nightmare

Let me begin by saying that most Americans don’t have a clue just who George Orwell was or what an Orwellian nightmare means. We have dumbed down to such a state of ignorance that government tyranny is easily facilitated despite our Bill of Rights.

Washington, DC—Before the early-1970s most Americans did not have a photo ID. Pictures were not on driver’s licenses. You could board airplanes without ID and you along with your luggage were never searched. You could travel the roads unmolested without those sobriety checkpoints. Cops were never searching bags in city subways.

Taxes and bogus fines did not rise to the level of slavery like they do today. There were no photo radar and red light cameras generating millions for private contractors that kick back cash to politicians campaigns.

Entrances into government buildings did not have security checkpoints. There were no surveillance cameras and cellphones that kept a total history of every call you ever sent or received. There were no black boxes in your car to tell government agents about your driving habits.

If police stopped anyone it was painfully slow for cops to even get driving or criminal histories. Now they have instant digital access. Stores did not have shopper’s cards recording every cash purchase you make. Credit cards were not often used and there was no such thing as a debit card.

The military was precluded since the Civil War from engaging in law enforcement practices against Americans on our own soil. You could not be detained by government without probable cause that you committed a crime and even then you had a right to bail, lawyers and Due Process of law.

There were many fewer search and seizure exceptions allowed by court decisions. The failed Drug War was little more than a lame excuse to steal liberty and privacy.

Today we have the Patriot Act that brings additional draconian provisions every time Congress meets.

Some people say the threat terrorism changed all of that. That’s simply a bold face lie! We have had a Civil War and two World Wars and never suspended civil rights. Okay our Communist President, Franklin D. Roosevelt allowed the roundup and detention of Japanese and some German Americans during World War Two. That was beyond disgraceful and un-American. But of course Roosevelt became a curse on America and fundamental freedom.

Now, a new Berlin Wall of sorts is being erected to prevent Americans that owe taxes from travel outside of the USA. I guess jailing and shooting anyone trying to leave is next.

Since the 1970’s we have surrendered so many civil rights and our privacy to our despotic politicians. The judges they appointed have not done their job of protecting Americans from utter tyranny.

Folks we are in a full-blown police state complete with Gulags and non-stop construction of yet more places to detain yet more Americans. If you think this is somehow necessary you’ve either been brainwashed or you are incredibly stupid.

What will it take for Americans to stand up and reject this horror? We have become a nation of cowards and fools. It’s only a matter of time before this nightmare invites a holocaust of biblical proportions. We must do something while we still can.

Having Fun In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA—The best part of our lives is spent with friends we make along the way. While working on a friend’s film I ran in to an elementary teacher who is also a talented performer. Jack Fry and his pal, Hollywood, were in the film.

I have some dear friends in Berlin and one of them is coming to L.A. next week and I thought that I’d create a buzz with a video staring Jack Fry and Hollywood.

Some background on these ladies shown above: Andrea Fleckenstein is affectionately called “Strudel” by me. Christine Fleckenstein, her daughter is likewise been named, “Baby Strudel”. Both of these ladies are incredibly fun, elegant and gorgeous. Baby Strudel is not just pretty, but also a well-regarded dentist in Berlin.

After Jack and Hollywood appeared in the film they were gracious enough to tell me what they thought of my lady friends and the specter of an impending visit.

Jack has a website and tours the nation with his show. With any luck you may be able to coordinate a time and place to catch his act at sometime soon.

On a side note I can’t imagine how lucky Jack’s students are to have a real showman that can captivate their attention. What American teachers seen to always lack is excitement and showmanship. Droning on like Ben Stein’s character in Ferris Buhler’s Day off as he calls out, “Buhler? Buhler?” is what kids expect these days.

Here is that welcome video Jack and Hollywood made for Strudel and Baby Strudel.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Chicago’s Deadly Violence is Nearly the Exclusive Province to African-American Criminals

Chicago, IL—The murder rate has soared in Chicago as African-Americans rage on each other and White people. In nearly every incident the offenders are Black. There are a few Hispanics killing but White people are rarely a part of the Windy City’s violence other than as victims. This is a deadly public health issue every bit as bad as the plague.

Leftist government officials once again tinkered with failed social experiments by dismantling the vertical ghettos like the Cabrini Green and Robert Taylor housing projects. They sent these inhabitants out to the suburbs by the thousands and to all White neighborhoods like Chicago’s Northwest side. Crimes especially murder are exploding everywhere these African-Americans have been placed.

The reason for the increase in violence is a simply a flawed culture not some genetic trait. However, it’s the tolerance for the unique African-American culture of ignorance, hate and violence that fuels the crime. It destroys lives of both the perpetrators and the victims.

Blacks are encouraged not to fit into an integrated society by maintaining a warped value system. It begins with fostering ignorance with their pathetic language, Ebonics. Every third word they use is profane and insulting such as their favorite term, mother fucker. Theft is a way of life along with massive indiscriminate breeding. Traditional American values and standards of conduct are not part of Chicago’s African-American society. Blacks are enabled, encouraged and invited not to conform to the ways of a peaceful productive society.

The news media has done everything possible to cover up the fallout from the Black community. However in recent years there has been an explosion of cheap quality video cameras and every night Black faces of violence are broadcast into Chicago’s homes during the dinner hour.

They’ve tried to blame guns for the culture of murder but the White inhabitants own significantly more firearms and are not turned into killing machines because they own guns. It’s the bankrupt culture, and the tolerance of it that’s the real problem.

Young Black men treat being arrested and pushed through the criminal justice system like White people treat diplomas and scholastic honors. Being sent to jail is somehow considered a bold accomplishment. Rather than being a social stigma a felony conviction is a right of manhood in the African-America big city culture.

Culture tolerance is the new genocide and it’s practiced to the absolute detriment of Chicago’s Blacks and their miserable way of life.

The culture must be shunned, blacklisted and punished or it will continue degenerate in ugliness and misery. Responsible government officials need to de-glamorize bad behavior and begin to do something unheard of in Chicago’s schools. Simply be teaching children that by some conformance, simple manners and embracing education they can gain wealth and actually live the American dream.

Until we attack the rabid, violent and destructive Black culture we will never succeed in bringing kindness, productivity or enjoyment to African-Americans. Frankly they don’t deserve the flawed social programing the political Left has created for them. That programing has been racist and inherently evil.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Judicial Tyranny Reigns Supreme in Illinois for Drew Peterson and Everyone

Chicago, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson has been kept behind bars with a staggering $20 million bail requirement for nearly four years without a trial or even a future trial date. He’s been convicted of nothing and has been denied any right to a speedy trial. Now we can question if he will ever see a fair trial.

Today the Illinois Court of Appeals has made a historic ruling that allows hearsay evidence to be admitted into a criminal trial. That is a troubling sign of where this nation is headed.

I can’t help but see this as a step into Germany’s judicial history 1933-1945. Trials in America are becoming nothing less than a sham designed to convict anyone of anything.

I don’t care what anyone’s opinion is about Drew Peterson’s guilt or innocence. This decision will affect you or someone you love sooner or later. This is nothing short of frightening.

People are ignorant and ignorance is bliss until they or a family member is caught of in our Police State with a pretend Bill of Rights.

This ruling is despicable and tyrannical. These judges must be removed from the bench for violating their sacred oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

Our founding fathers created a judicial system wherein judges protected the accused from government tyranny. Today some judges are a part of the tyranny.

The decision will allow people with a financial interest in a conviction against Drew Peterson to tell the court and jury what they claim Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio told them about things allegedly said by Drew Peterson. This is un-American.

Joel Brodsky who is Peterson's lead lawyer said the following:

The appelllate court said in its opinin that:

"We do not mean to suggest, however, that the circuit court is required to
admit those eight statements during the trial. Rather, we merely hold that
the statements are admissible under Rule of Evidence 804(b)( 5) and should
be admitted under that rule unless the circuit court finds they are
otherwise inadmissible."

"The statements are not admissible on several other grounds and we have the
motions to exclude this evidence prepared and ready to go."

This victory may be short lived for other reasons.

Peterson Appelate Ruling Hearsay

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It’s Reasonable Fear of Martial Law, and Government Oppression boosting Gun Sales

Chicago, IL—As the Windy City residents prepare for a long, hot and violent summer the Chicago Police Department will be unable to keep the peace. Currently as the thermometer goes over 60 degrees African-American neighborhoods become war zones.

Wait until summer. The new African-American craze to create flash thug mobs to overwhelm and rob business can’t be stopped by the meager amount of cops patrolling city streets. Each incident will only empower these criminals more until they are stopped dead.

Chicagoans need to be trained, armed and ready to fight for their lives because 911 calls won’t bring a meaningful response. The mayor and police administration only knows this too well.

There is a greater amount of racial divide in this nation than since the Civil War. That’s been all brought on by, Communists in the Obama Administration and a racist Attorney General. Obama’s minions are itching for a chance to take absolute control of this nation and all of its assets.

The gun stores are nearly sold out of guns and ammunition and the manufacturers are working night and day to fill the orders.

Obama’s Homeland Security Department has just ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition. That revelation has sent a clear message to many Americans that Barack Obama is planning something unthinkable in what used to be a free society.

This can be stopped only by a swift, sure and determined defense. I see little way around the dark days ahead. Everyone will need to stockpile food, water, batteries, ammunition, family service, walkie -talkie, ham radios and medical supplies. Power, the Internet and cell phones will be shut down. Generators and fuel will be coveted.

Cooperating with government under these conditions will be suicidal. Resist, resist and resist some more.

Violent Criminals and their Families Hate Stand Your Ground Laws

Los Angeles, CA--In light of the recent shooting death of Travon Martin a criminal minority of people are demanding an end to the Stand Your Ground laws throughout the nation.

For it's only criminals that need their victims unarmed and afraid. Yes, they're learning that criminals can be killed too and that assaulting others now can be a very dangerous endeavor.

Only criminals, bullies, their families and friends could support laws that prevent, particularly older, smaller or weaker folks from a meaningful way to defend themselves. If victims don't appear weak or small, groups of thugs will appear and overpower them.

It is really very simple rather than risk death or injury, thugs need to learn to keep their filthy hands to themselves. Only then they will find themselves unconcerned with Stand Your Ground laws.

We need to bring an absolute end to governments holding crime victims down while criminals rape rob and murder them. What could possibly be so objectionable about that?

There're certainly are a number of grieving single mothers mourning the loss of their not so little thugs. Perhaps if they were better parents, their children would not be out committing these crimes. The problem is really one of a violence culture that remains unchecked in so many inner-city communities.

There can be no excuse or forgiveness for assaulting or otherwise injuring others. Government has no business shielding dangerous criminals from law-abiding citizens protecting themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, inner-city, African-Americans are particularly fond of physical violence to solve their disputes or to take property from others. They must be forced to conform to the same laws and culture as the rest of society.

There is no place for criminal assault in a civilized society. Perhaps with a few thousand additional Trayvon Martins being sent so their makers, thugs will learn how to keep their hands to themselves

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NRA Annual Meet Up in St. Louis, a Warning

St. Louis, MO.—This week some 60,000 NRA members will descend on this metropolis for the Annual Convention and Exhibit.

The membership of the NRA loathes the Obama Administration for their non-stop liberty grabbing exploits. I’m convinced that ACORN and members of the SEIU may try and invent a crisis intended to discredit the NRA.

St. Louis has an Obama loving African-American population that may show hostility to the convention visitors. Many are full of hate and misinformation on the apparent justifiable shooting of the young gangster Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Emotions are running high and this year I expect to see African-Americans wearing hoodies as they try and provoke trouble. There is at least one anti-NRA rally planed by African-Americans for Saturday at 1 PM that is surrounding the issue of Trayvon Martin.

I caution convention visitors to avoid problem neighborhoods and conflicts. I also caution anyone that may want to victimize NRA members that they will be facing an army of armed and trained visitors. Should some criminals make the mistake of starting violence on attendees, my money is on the NRA folks.

There has never been a violent incident in or around an NRA convention despite the staggering amount of armed visitors in our memory.

St. Louis has been a good host in the past and we can hope that tradition continues. With any luck the curse of the Obama Administration will pass quickly.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tolerance has become a Tool of Genocide in America

Chicago, IL—Let me fist say skin color or religion never has influenced my interaction with my fellow human beings. I harbor no bias or malice against anyone because of being born with a different appearance than my own. Having said that I have a severe dislike for the so-called “African-American” bankrupt and violent culture.

Genocide is an ugly word along with holocaust. The Leftist social engineers of our society have programmed a huge segment of the African-American population for extermination through politically correct demands of unequivocal and forced tolerance for a depraved and sickly culture.

African-Americans have been programmed by the Socialists to be needy, dependent and hateful. This segment of the population has been groomed for disaster. They have been encouraged to demand equality in the job market despite meeting educational and necessary job skills. If they don’t have something they want such as a pair over-priced sneakers or an IPhone they take it with force and violence.

The same is true with encouraging members of this race to be angry, reactionary and criminally aggressive. Pathetic single mothers have been turned in to breeding machines being rewarded for bringing children into this world that are destined to abject failure.

These mothers name their children with monikers that set them apart from White people. They invent African sounding names or names associated with Black separatist organizations or cults. In doing so people working in human resources departments are provided a red flag warnings about the culture of job applicants. I wonder how many qualified job seekers have had applications discarded because of the names given to them by ignorant mothers?

African-Americans view and use the public schools as child day care and free breakfast and lunch programs. Learning takes a back seat since the single mothers don’t value or understand the benefits of a solid education. Instead the mothers demand that the schools and teachers overlook bad behavior, disrespect and gangster habits.

We have created a single parent society through the structure of our welfare payment system. Children’s fathers are not much more than sperm donors. These men are encouraged to be irresponsible as they deprive their children a father or positive role model.

African-Americans are programed to athletic endeavors instead of intellectual activities. The racist suggestion is that they lack sufficient brainpower for any other kind of success. The fact that Black boys and men are encouraged to wear sports gear despite any hope that they will ever compete and become professional athletes. The clothing styles of choice have become more associated with identification with violent criminal street gangs than any sports team.

The sought after professional pursuits of young African-American men are in the world of drug dealing and human trafficking. Both of those occupational roles require incredible cruelty and despicable behavior. If drugs and prostitution were legal, pimps and drug peddlers would have to become businessmen in order to survive. The criminalization of victimless crime on the other hand creates victims.

We are not doing African-Americans any favor by tolerating the culture that American Socialism has created. Any culture that consists of hate, violence, cruelty and a false sense of entitlement is on a collision course with genocide. The Ku Klux Klan in their wildest dreams can’t hurt American’s Blacks nearly as much are they hurt themselves.

We have to begin with intolerance of the modern African-American inner-city model. We have to teach respect, kindness and most importantly the value of educational achievement to African-Americans. We have turned welfare payments into a narcotic more dangerous than heroin. What was to be a helping hand in an emergency has become a way of life.

Millions of African-Americans have been long deprived of self-reliance, self-respect and simple dignity by the Socialists and leftist grooming them as a sub-human species.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Filmmaking is Slowing Becoming Democratized Through Technology

Hollywood, CA—As I prepare to both act and crew in an independent film things are quickly changing in terms of power.

The current system is awash in criminal racketeering, restraint of trade and anti-trust activities. There are about five talent agencies that currently determine what films will be made and who will act in them.

Actors hire agents to represent them and get them work. However, the agents have somehow reversed this to them hiring the actors. The talent agencies tell the studios what films they can make and just who will act, direct, shoot or write.

Massive amounts of money are gathered in what’s considered risky investments to make films. The talent agencies seem to control the cash flow. More importantly they control the movie theater owners and just what films will hit the big screen. The Agencies had the ability to intimidate, bully and control the screen owners and exactly what films will see the light of day.

However this system is changing at the talent agents can’t do anything about it. The large flat screen TVs are here with fabulous sound systems. They are in homes with the best snacks, and that important pause button for bathroom runs.

In our home theaters we don’t have to deal with traffic, parking, rude theater patrons, or the noise of others. Americans are waiting for Blu-Ray disks rather than go out to the theaters and pay through the nose for popcorn, candy and sodas.

The only thing that keeps people going to the movies is the Hollywood hype selling the films and the fact that if anyone wants to see a film quickly they can’t buy, stream or rent them until after they grow hair in the movie houses.

The film theater is an endangered species. It’s only a matter of time and they will be no more. The industry has tried to pump life into them with novel concepts of serving dinners with a movie. That idea quickly fizzled with crappy and over-priced food.

It will be impossible for the talent agencies to control, Netflix, Wal-Mart, Costco and the others that rent, stream or sell films to the public.

Currently half of the cost to make each film spent on advertising and publicity. With the Internet filmmakers are learning they can create their own buzz to inform consumers of their films. YouTube, is loaded with trailers today and it’s the best place to learn about available films.

In days gone by a film would be produced, hyped and shown in a theater for a limited time. Television would buy them for their commercial driven programming and that was the end of a film’s life.

Now every film made can be reproduced cheaply and be available for any consumer at any moment. That means by simply sending out reminder advertising motivates people to rediscover films they enjoyed in the past. What that means is a film now can generate income from now until eternity.

Adding to this mix is the reality that quality films can be made with cheaper equipment and that filmmakers can no longer be controlled by the talent agencies means there will be more, not less films to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Movie Theaters are Disappearing at an Alarming Rate

Chicago, IL—As a child of the 1950’s I can tell you about seeing a first run motion picture at a great theater. People watched the newspapers for word of a new blockbuster coming to the silver screen. The planned a special date that might include a dinner out.

Chicago’s downtown theaters were spectacular, the popping sound and smell of fresh popped popcorn filled the air. There was plush carpeting, comfortable seats and a huge screen with huge curtains that opened and closed.

Pretty, well-dressed young women occupied the ticket windows. Young men wearing formal suits with red jackets were the ushers. The ushers had small brooms and shinny brass dustpans. They ran around looking for any fallen popcorn and swept it up instantly. They were constantly moving those red velvet ropes to usher people into the theater in an orderly fashion.

The moviegoers were always dressed to the nines. They were well behaved, friendly and always smiling. Everyone at the theater had a grand experience. The films of that era were terrific. I can remember being a sixth grader going to see the film Ben Hur, with Charlton Heston at the Michael Todd Theater. For me that was a special night indeed.

That era changed and things were never the same.

In the 1960s, Chicago became the host of a huge migration of African-Americans seeking substantially higher welfare rates provided by the large Northern cities. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the one-year residency requirements before even applying for welfare were somehow unlawful. The rush for the free money was in full swing. Southern states paid for one-way bus transportation to rid themselves of these poor, ignorant, dependent Blacks.

Chicago’s downtown area became overrun with these new migrants. Ugly behavior and crime skyrocketed. Chicago’s loop became an area to avoid. Any activity at the theaters involved a crew of off duty cops hired to aggressively deal with troublemakers.

By 1970 I had a part-time security gig at Continental Trailways bus depot. If I needed assistance the off duty cops working security at the nearby Chicago or State and Lake Theaters would come to my aid and of course I had to assist them at times. Purse snatching and sexual battery were incredibly common crimes. The crime was always Black on White or Black on Black. White criminals were never found downtown.

Over the decades White taxpayers fled the city in droves and the entitlement collecting Black population procreated faster than rabbits. Chicago is bankrupt and is showing no signs of recovery today.

Challenges to running a movie theater have not improved over the last five decades. Now theaters are shuttering their doors at an alarming rate.

Today parking cars in large cities is incredibly expensive and not without blame are those extortionate local taxes. The theaters are dark, dingy and poorly staffed. Many of the patrons are dressed down and often have offensive odors. Going to the movie theater has lost its luster.

Today everyone can afford a large flat screen TV with a terrific sound system. The Blu-Ray DVD experience is amazing. Why would anyone waste gasoline, parking expense and subject him or herself to street crime just to see a film?

Theaters have jacked up the prices of popcorn, candy and drinks comparable with meals in restaurants. That was a counter-productive move for sure.

That brings up yet another issue. Racketeering, and Restraint of Trade is rampant in the film industry. The nation’s film screens were limited and they were forced to show what studios demanded and for time periods dictated to the theater owners. Failure to obey would result in not getting any first-run films.

Independent filmmakers are finally getting a level playing field. The cost associated with the equipment to make movies has plummeted as the technology of the equipment has improved dramatically. Filmmaking will be more about art and less about clout and power. Anyone can sell their DVD’s to Wal-Mart or distribute them through

With the death of the movie house and the reality of the home theater film distribution must change dramatically. All films are now promoted sold, streamed over the Internet or rented. Yes, Hollywood’s mafia is still trying everything possible to keep distribution under their thumbs. They are trying novel ideas like serving dinner with a movie. That experiment has failed because you can’t compete with home cooking and those home theaters.

The winner of this shakeout, are consumers, filmmakers and those supplying content to home theaters.

Some of the best local theaters in America can be found in L.A.’s Westwood Village. How long will they remain open? There were seven and now there are just three left.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Are You Ready for a Dangerous Summer in Chicago? This Will Protect You!

Chicago, IL—As the summer approaches predators can be counted upon to roam the streets looking for victims. You must constantly be aware of your surroundings and prepared for the eventuality of an attack.

The Chicago Police Department can barely answer their telephones, and respond to those calls at an ever, slower rate. The department in exceptionally undermanned outgunned and demoralized. The Illinois Department of Corrections has been releasing criminals at a record rate due to funding issues.

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear in McDonald vs. City of Chicago the keeping and bearing of arms is a right of the law abiding. The politicians here have chosen to disarm citizens with laws that are both un-Constitutional and immoral.

Forcing citizens to fend for themselves and to remain unarmed in a violent and dangerous city is both bad public policy and incredibly unreasonable.

Be sure to have a safe and reliable handgun and the training to use it while outside of your homes. The gun won’t make you taller, stronger, braver or smarter but it will give you an even chance to survive when the unthinkable happens. Also obtain a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card.

Should you have to shoot an attacker, get away from the scene in a hurry for your safety and do not discuss what happened with anyone but a lawyer. No law requires you to call 911 or stay at the scene. The laws surrounding traffic accidents do not apply in shooting cases.

Law abiding citizens are not out creating disturbances or otherwise attracting police attention so being frisked by some cop just doesn’t happen. Carry your gun discreetly and only you and your attackers will know your secret.

Always remember to never waive your rights to a physical search or answering questions by police. They understand when you assert or invoke your rights.

No decent Chicago cop will want to arrest you if you’re discovered with a gun unless you have a criminal record or are engaged in misbehavior. The fact that you have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card establishes that you are not a convicted criminal.

Better that you can protect yourself and family than the grim alternative.

Paul Huebl is Always Available for an Assignment from a Blog Visitor

Los Angeles, CA—As a private investigator, investigative documentary producer/film-maker I’m always waiting for one of my blog visitors or their businesses to send me out on a special assignment.

As a result of this blog I’m often retained for various professional assignments. Most of the time I can’t share the details of those assignments with my readers. However there are times when I can.

My visitors are my assignment managers and they have the ability unleash the Crimefile News monster on a story. Technology and the Internet forced the new media and bloggers to find non-traditional funding sources. Blog visitors can pay their favorite bloggers to cover and profile whatever they like.

I’m ready to take my state-of-the-art sophisticated video tools on the road to cover any event for anyone. Contact me for details and I can provide cost estimates and give you an idea of what to expect. I can do a single story or a series depending upon the nature of the assignment.