Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Month In Office And The Gun Bans Are Here

Washington, DC—President Barack Obama lied to America about supporting the Second Amendment. The Obama gun and ammunition banning agenda has been officially announced today by Obama’s top Nazi, Eric Holder who was the architect of the Waco Massacre.

Banning what they deceptively claim, are assault weapons and cop Killer bullets is at the very top of the Obama agenda.

What bullet can’t kill a cop? What arm can’t be used for an assault? Those terms have always been incredibly incendiary and intentionally misleading.

When the founding fathers gave us the right to keep and bear arms they knew war was waged with the deadly arms American’s were given the right to own.

Our emancipators never suggested that the people should have a lower grade of weapon technology than the government.

Currently our Marxists in Congress have the votes to pass whatever they want and will do this in violation of the Constitution knowing that it will take decades or longer to get another decision from our Supreme Court. Obama will do as he always has done and support any effort to ban guns.

These days our gun stores can’t keep firearms or ammunition in stock. The press apparently believes these are people trying to own these items before the Obama administration can ban them. That’s simply wishful thinking.

Guns and ammunition are being hoarded by millions for an all out civil war over hard won American freedom and Obama’s anticipated Marxist tyranny.

The anticipation of tyranny is over now as the War on American’s Liberty and Freedom has begun. It’s too bad that Americans will be fighting and dying on our own soil once again. There is a lot more at stake here than political differences of reasonable men about gun rights.

Obama’s Says, The Check Is In The Mail

Washington, DC—What he did not say is the very worst is yet to come. Barack Obama gave his speech to Congress yesterday. It was full of empty promises and unwarranted optimism. The Obama-nomics plan is simple as the party faithful whores and thieves are flooded with taxpayer cash until the cash itself becomes worthless.

With our currency worth less than the paper it’s printed on it will bring on an insurrection started by Obama supporters unable to get their entitlements and narcotics. Soon with anarchy everywhere, Obama controls the population with a suspended Constitution as he and his fellow Bolsheviks Bring us what Castro brought the Cubans.

Using this contrived national emergency as an excuse I fully expect to see land factories and homes of American’s to be seized and handed over to the Communist Party faithful. History is the teacher here. This happen everywhere in the world on a regular basis.

The real truth is few governments in the world including ours can avoid a civil war, revolution with conditions like the ones our politicians of both parties have manufactured. The trillion dollar giveaway will hasten the process.

Can Americans still save our country? Not without the youth. The problem is our youth has no backbone and live only for their X-Boxes and IPods. Yes folks, as 60s rocker Barry McGuire sang, “We’re on the eve of destruction.”

Monday, February 23, 2009

Few Additional Details Emerge From CHP Officer’s Deadly Marriage Encounter.

Compton, CA—After training and two years of police work under her belt it appears that CHP officer Tomieka Jones Lemons felt threatened enough by her husband to do the unthinkable. The off duty cop shot and killed her spouse, Marcus Lavar Lemons.

Through official Los Angeles Sheriff’s channels I’ve requested the 911 recording involved in the event along with descriptions of any injuries found on Officer Lemons. I also ask for additional information about the actual location of the shooting since the Sheriff’s press release is in conflict with some people who have contacted me claiming to be witnesses. I will post any information as I get it, right here.

We will have to wait for reports of the examination of blood and urine of both parties to surface. The obvious question was alcohol or drugs involved that caused violent behavior?

This whole mess will get the review of Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley who has a poor record of supporting self-defense rights of any armed survivors of violent attacks. Cooley may bankrupt this officer and her family just to let a jury decide whether this was a justified killing.

Even if the dead suspect was unarmed the issue of disparity of force would allow this young woman to use a firearm to ward off an attack.

I hope that the officer was smart enough to make no statements outside the presence of a lawyer. I see the need for an independent defense investigation to aid any defense lawyer instead of waiting for police reports to slowly filter through the discovery process.

Here is the very latest that ABC7 has to offer.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

California Highway Patrol Officer Kills Husband.

Compton, CA—An unidentified police officer has killed her husband here early Saturday morning.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting. They say their investigation is continuing.

A department press release indicated the shooting was prompted when the dead man became physically and verbally abusive. They report that the victim officer retrieved a firearm and killed the suspect.

The killing occurred at a home in the 400 block of Amantha Avenue in Compton, CA.
The press release classified the dead man as the suspect. That translates clearly that there are no current plans to charge the CHP officer with a crime. They are calling the incident “domestic violence” related.

The dead man suffered a single gunshot wound to his upper body and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Let’s hope the officer’s career does not suffer because of her justifiable use of force in this tragic situation.

Update: KCBS-TV has identified the dead suspect as, Marcus Lavar Lemons, 31. Several members of Lemons’ family have alleged that he was a peaceful man and a victim. That has not changed the fact that apparently no evidence of a crime has surfaced. Friends and family members of the dead suspect identified the victim as CHP officer, Tomieka Jones Lemons. The same people that gave the officer’s name also accuse the officer of being drunk. As always the body fluids of the dead suspect and CHP officer will be tested for alcohol and drugs. There will be no quick results to those tests.

The CHP media spokesman, Sgt. Mark Garrett refused to provide the officer Lemons’ age, length of service or unit of assignment. That refusal is long established routine for this kind of an event.

See a video report here.

Will This Be The Currency Of Hope And Change?

Washington, DC—As the Obama administration’s crooks and tax-cheats prepare to print money until it has no value Americans will soon need a replacement for worthless Obama-Bucks.

Gun stores all over America have little or no ammunition to sell anyone. They are selling every new round at heavily inflated prices. Manufacturers can’t seem to crank out enough for people preparing for some historical déjà vu.

Gold is in high demand and 1/8 ounce coins will be the new $100.00 bill as fast as gold prices are skyrocketing. Ammunition rounds will sell for as much as $5.00 per round.

Firearms with ammunition may garner the big buying power. The ability to protect a family during political chaos is priceless.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

California Is Not Broke!

Sacramento, CA—Don’t believe those rumors that California is $42 billion dollars in the red. They have no problem seeking to implement a brand new $63 million dollar program to prevent fraudulent driver’s license applications. Right now California requires identification, a thumb print and they take full facial photograph.

Now they claim they need more, to facilitate their facial recognition program that would allow among other things a candid photograph of an unknown citizen to be identified through the driver’s license photo database. The privacy invasion and nefarious opportunity possibilities are nearly endless.

The fraud here is that no two people share the same thumb print that alone should prevent multiple driver’s licenses from being issued to one person. Some California politician must have gotten a grand campaign contribution to push this garbage.

Yikes! They’re Landing In The Hudson River…

New York, NY—It’s difficult to imagine just how it would be to see how this US Airways mishap went down. An animation recreating this event with the radio traffic let’s you see just what happened.

Drew Peterson Challenges Geraldo Rivera To A Fight.

Chicago, IL—Drew Peterson along with his new child-bride to be, Christina Raines made an appearance on, Eric “Mancow” Muller’s, Mancow & Cassidy Radio Show on Chicago’s WLS radio station.

The subject came up about the shabby treatment Geraldo Rivera has given Peterson on his Fox News program. Rivera has hurled accusations, insults and hate at Peterson. Peterson of course has become the object of so much police attention and public scorn over one dead wife and the still missing Stacy Peterson.

The reality is a lack of evidence that Peterson has killed or injured anyone at all. That reality has not prevented Rivera from expressing his ratings driven opinion calling Peterson a killer. Peterson has taken Rivera’s boisterous insults in stride but that all may have changed.

Peterson is somewhat miffed that Rivera has been bugging his future father-in-law for interviews since the happy couple reconciled.

It seems that Peterson while being egged on by Mancow, has challenged Rivera to a fight anywhere or anytime. This is starting to be fun! There are so many people that would pay, myself included to see one or both of these middle-aged clowns laid out unconscious on the mart.

Rivera claims to have a Black Belt in Karate and Peterson being a 30-year cop is undoubtedly by default an accomplished street fighter.

I can just imagine this battle taking place to an overflow crowd in Las Vegas. I envision the majority buying tickets will be angry, middle-aged women who will bet heavily on Rivera. One thing for sure they all will want to see real blood!

Mancow contacted Rivera’s producer and so far the macho-reporter does not have mucho guts. The real winner of such an insane match might be some charity group devoted to domestic violence treatment.

Let’s see if Geraldo Rivera is all talk or a hero for his fans. I may be wrong but I don’t think Rivera is up for the challenge…

I had a chat with Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky who would be delighted to see this dispute settled on Pay Per View Cable. “My money is on Peterson, he knows how to fight", according to Brodsky.

You can hear that radio show right here. The part about the fight challenge and call to Rivera is near the end of the show.

Domestic Abuse Crimes and Misdemeanors

Los Angeles, CA—for more than two decades the American criminal justice system has gone bananas over the crime of domestic violence. Our politicians have gone into overdrive ruining lives and have not slowed down the beatings one bit.

It used to be that prosecutions for assault and battery related offenses were halted when the so-called victim wanted them ended. Now, no matter what these cases continue through the courts using hearsay exception laws to sidestep discontinued cooperation by the people initiating these cases usually with a call to 911.

I say so-called, because too many of these allegations are made in attempts to sway divorce settlements and child custody matters before courts. There is also the reality that some people simply lie to police out of temporary anger and vindictiveness.

Some people lose control and batter their significant others in a onetime disgraceful act. They don’t need the cops or courts to make a bigger mess of their lives. Many couples work out their problems and move on to a loving relationship despite challenges.

The police simply should respond to any and all calls, restore peace and make arrests only when absolutely necessary for public safety.

We also have the pathetic people that live for perpetrating or receiving physical abuse. We have moved away from the idea of personal responsibility. Tell me why we never blame the perpetual victim for not leaving the abuser? This is where government should not fail in helping a victim move away from some thug.

Those chronically disturbed couples that live for domestic violence need to be either ignored or forced apart. Too many of them seem to love the Jerry Springer Show lifestyle and attention that brings. I think trailer park exhibition domestic fights are very marketable as family entertainment. The producers of the COPS television show learned that long ago.

As for those people that find themselves in a domestic abuse pattern there is help. Not a government help but, that from churches, friends and family. If a domestic violence victim wants to move on with life by not seeing their significant other prosecuted as a criminal that must be allowed to happen.

It soon became a cruel joke that it was the lesbians in the National Organization for Women that demanded zero-tolerance for domestic violence laws. Once a new generation laws were in place we found some of the biggest bullies were lesbians trying to assert their pseudo-masculinity by beating their partners.

Government have never been good at much beyond national defense and the less they invade our lives and relationships the better.

Under today’s goofy laws a little woman could simply slap her very large spouse in the face for an incredibly degrading insult and receive the mark of Cain in the form of a criminal conviction for life. When the police arrive and see the man’s reddened face they must arrest the woman. The man knows he deserved the slap that did nothing except to cause him embarrassment. Days later when the man sees the error of his way and tells prosecutors he does not want his wife prosecuted the prosecution continues anyway.

In addition that woman is barred by federal law from ever owning or possessing a firearm for life. What if that little woman was a police officer or an armed security guard? Is this really good public policy?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Death Penalty And Human Behavior

Jarratt, VA—There is something I could never understand about the death penalty. Why to the condemned always cooperate with their killers? In the case of hangings the hapless guests of honor actually climb stairs to help their killers get that job done.

I suppose that depression and guilt might rob a man of his natural instinct of survival. But there are many films of Nazis lining up civilians for firing squads, hangings and all forms of inflicting death and there’s never a hint of resistance.

I can’t imagine going out without putting up the fight of my life. I might feign a passive stance but my last act on earth would be trying to at least blind one of my killers for life.

If I was innocent my resistance would at least send a message.

Taking a docile person, chaining them up and strapping them down for an execution with a crew of guards is as cowardly an act a human can commit. That idea has always sickened me enough, that I have vowed to myself that I’d never get involved in an execution.

The unheard of happened when convicted and condemned cop killer was forcibly taken to his death at the Greensville Correctional Center.

Drug dealer, Edward Nathaniel Bell, 43 who was convicted of gunning down Winchester police Sergeant Ricky Timbrook during a foot chase a decade ago, has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence. Bell was put down like a bad dog yesterday but not without an ominous demonstration.

Bell's resistance was limited to thrusting away when the death chamber’s door was opened. Six prison guards overpowered Bell picking him up and strapping him down.

According to corrections officials the last words offered by Bell in the death chamber was, "To the Timbrook family, you definitely have the wrong person," Bell said in the death chamber, addressing the victim's family. "The truth will come out one day. This here, killing me, there's no justice about it."

I’m not clairvoyant and neither is any jury. Usually there are few if any living witnesses to these kinds of events and the life and death decisions made by our juries may well be flawed.

Read more here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is there a Second Spector Mistrial Brewing?

Los Angeles, CA--I’ve learned that at least one unnamed juror in the Phil Spector Trial allegedly is in a panic about having his personal Internet records subpoenaed and is trying to get off the jury before that happens.

I did an earlier story about concerns over this kind of jury misconduct. Perhaps a juror or two has learned that their private Spector case media surfing is not so private especially when they’ve been ordered by the court not to do that.

Of course to the person who contacted me I’d like to know much more about any similar misconduct in the Spector trial. Please call me or send me e-mails.

Please contact the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler @ (213) 974-5781 should you have any information about any misconduct by members of this jury.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Americans Have Been Betrayed By Their Politicians

America and its way of life are on the ropes. Marxism is here because we failed to force the politicians to follow our will, the Constitution and existing laws.

The biggest tragedy of September 11, 2001 is that the Muslim terrorist controlled plane headed to kill our Congress missed its mark. We would have gotten what we really needed a new Congress.

Term limits are the only way to reduce corruption, waste and unresponsive government. Our career Congressmen have proven they are career criminals holding office for simple personal wealth building.

Americans have asked for a halt to illegal immigration along with the free education and medical care for all of Mexico and Central America. That’s no small part of what destroyed the economy. Congress has done nothing to slow down the trespassers or remove them from our soil.

These dysfunctional nations have only exported their poverty, drugs and violence.

We have asked Congress to allow drilling for oil. After lots of lip service and empty promises they’ve still done nothing.

The money involved with these two issues alone would have worked wonders keeping us strong and free. Congress has some other agenda and needs to be fired by the American people. They all need to be ousted.

The Republican Party has a lot of blame here too. They put up an irrelevant Leftist senior citizen that wanted amnesty for illegal aliens to be our president. They brought us George W. Bush who wanted to somehow sort good Muslims from the bad In Iraq. The result is we have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of American youngster’s lives for an impossible task.

Had we stayed out of Iraq we could have watched that country and their next door neighbor Iran control each other population. That would have been a much better solution to the radical Muslim problem in that region of the world.

The elected representatives in America are not loyal to the taxpayers. Their loyalty has been directed to illegal aliens and Marxism. Why should Americans continue to pay taxes to a government that is not on their side?

Baby Food Terrorism Discovered In A Florida Grocery Store

Tamarac, FL—A shocking tale and video here exposed a 50 year-old woman caught on tape tampering with jars of baby food and juice with believed poisen in a local Publix store.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that this twisted soul was discovered by an alert shopper who reported the observations to store employees. A review of security tape and the suspect's own statements verified the tampering.

Shirley W. Ybarra was arrested and is being held without bail. Court records show she was convicted of aggravated battery for stabbing a man in 2006..

See the video here

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WBBM-TV Must Face The Music, Judge Rules

Chicago, ILCook County Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Budzinski has ruled that former WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson’s lawsuit against CBS owned WBBM-TV and others will go forward to a jury.

In any civil lawsuit the most difficult part is getting past the Summary Judgment phase to enable a trial. CBS and the related defendants in this case are represented by the biggest of law firms that crush ordinary plaintiff’s claims every day. This time however, the CBS lawyers was unable to stop Jacobson or sweep this tawdry hatchet job tale under the rug

Amy Jacobson is represented by an effective plaintiff’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. I contacted Zellner who likened Jacobson’s Summary Judgment victory to that story of that infamous David and Goliath duel. “This ruling vindicates Jacobson who was simply doing her job as the rival CBS defendants conspired to invade her privacy as they destroyed her career through a broadcast smear job.”

Amy Jacobson was an award winning reporter that was able to do what nobody else could do, keep Craig Stebic talking and answering questions. Jacobson was trying to learn about Stebic’s wife Lisa Stebic who vanished under suspicious circumstances. Stebic is the “person of interest”, which is a polite term for the usual suspect in law enforcement circles.

Stebic had invoked his right not to talk to police but was still talking to Jacobson. Whatever Stebic said to Jacobson could be used against him because the self-incrimination protections only apply against the police and government.

CBS not only destroyed Jacobson’s career, they also ended any hope of getting Craig Stebic to tell what he knows about his wife’s disappearance..

I see this Jacobson story very clearly. Jacobson was simply doing her job and CBS falsely portrayed her as an adulterous Mata Hari spy. The news value of exposing Jacobson’s investigation was dubious at best.

ultimately CBS managed to cost the reporter her job, house and marriage by their efforts. It’s fair to say now, that the media giant has figured out that the mess that made of Jacobson’s life has backfired in a big way.

Adding insult to injury CBS is suffering record revenue loss and the endless resources to decimate people in the courts are being stretched. I’d say it’s time for CBS to settle before a Cook County jury renders one of those record verdicts they’re so well known to deliver those big corporations. Jacobson’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner knows firsthand about those generous verdicts.

The biggest question I have to ask is would CBS have done the same thing if Jacobson was a man? I think that answer is glaringly obvious

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feminine Protection Of A False Sense Of Security?

A Beretta 950BS, .25 Jetfire semi-automatic pistol with genuine Mother of Pearl grips seems like a great accessory to any woman’s wardrobe. Nine shots may be an edge but it well may require all those shots hitting the target to stop a determined attack.

The gun is small, pretty and woefully inadequate unless you’re hunting small mice and your aim is true. Most ladies know that bigger is always better. Don’t call on a little boy to do a man’s job. Women should rely on nothing smaller than .357, .40 or .45 in self-defense situations. The reality is the placement of shots is what really counts. Shock and awe is always a big help too.

The grips are from Eagle Grips

Did Roland Burris Lie While Under Oath?

Did this fine specimen of Chicago Democratic Machine Politics commit perjury? Is he just another criminal? Can anyone succeed in Illinois Democratic politics without being a total political whore and criminal?

Senator Burris, please step forward and spill your guts!

It looks like we have one more, close confidant that can tell us about Barack Obama’s corruption activities. Will Obama be able to keep the bones in his closet quiet? Will Obama be the first US President jailed? Stay tuned folks, the fun is just beginning!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crimefile’s Paul Huebl Will Be On Chicago Overnight With Goeff Pinkus On WIND Radio Chicago

Tuesday February just after midnight (Central Time) 560 on the AM dial. Or you can tune in right here.

The show is hosted by: Geoffremiah Pinkus who is President Barack Obama's new Spiritual Advisor!

We will be talking about the Bolshevik’s Gun Control Wet Dream Bill before Congress. It is by far the most intrusive, privacy invading, search warrant enabling gun bill ever. That and another bill to end the lawful possession of ammunition in America are on Obama’s agenda.

Does anyone think American police and military troops will break down doors to enforce this un-American garbage? How many Americans will die as a result? Do we have enough jails and prisons to hold all the Gun Grab Refuseniks? Are there going to be enough body bags for cops and gun owners alike?

When Marina City And St. Patrick’s Day Was Cool

Marina City Photo courtesy of Steven Dahlman

Chicago, IL—Today this city is a total mess. With the highest taxes anywhere and city services at an all time low the productive Chicago taxpayers have fled elsewhere. There are empty office and apartment buildings everywhere.

Today nobody can drive in and conduct business without dealing with parking rate tax extortion, lousy traffic and most conversations surround the effort to move out of the once great metropolis.

Today the city is run by thieves, the Loony Left along with slow-witted, middle-aged former Black Panthers. It was not always that way.

In the 1960s and 70’s the city was run by Mayor Richard J. Daley. Most Chicagoans including myself had a strong affection for modern Chicago’s father. The best kept secret is that Daley and those closest to him were what we’d today call Blue Dog Democrats. They were somewhat pro-labor and that’s where it ended.

The old man died and the best part of his son who is the mayor today ran down his father’s leg at the time of conception.

In the days of my youth there was no better place to be than downtown on St. Patrick’s Day. It was always celebrated on the 17th of March no matter what day of the week it fell upon. It was an unofficial holiday. No boss could get away with holding employees hostage so everyone could and did celebrate.

During the 1970s I was a happy lad with a great one-bedroom apartment at Marina City. That parade and every other began at my door on State Street, straight to Congress Street on the South.

Green beer was everywhere and the vegetable dye was dumped in the river turning it bright green. All the hot women turned into wild sexual predators. The experience was incredible. There were so many parties to attend and they were mandatory. We’d watch great dancers do the Irish Jig and watch many of our silly friends make total fools of themselves trying to learn to dance while under the influence.

Chicagoans all had wild sex with strangers, along with huge corned beef and cabbage dinners somewhere. That would last as they drank until it was time to hug the commodes. There were few police problems and a good time was had by all.

Today the parade is always on a Saturday, it runs down Michigan Avenue and it is a big so what.

The Internet And The Phil Spector Trial

Los Angeles, CA—Celebrity justice is a strange animal. Either the accused is or because of a sensational crime becomes a celebrity. When that happens it’s dangerous to the very core of our American justice system.

Too often I’ve seen celebrities prosecuted simply because some cops and prosecutors know only too well they may hang on to the coattails of celebrities they too will gain fame and fortune.

The issue of fame and fortune too often taints criminal and civil trials. Indictments are sought just to raise the political profile of prosecutors and other government bureaucrats. Often judges change their personal behavior and make rulings designed to prolong their time in the spotlight. No high profile can begin without a press release boasting of an arrest or indictment

In our society the celebrity phenomenon brings bizarre results. Celebrities are created by the press for talent or some innocent or nefarious involvement in a monumental event.

The O.J. Simpson murder trial made numerous careers of lawyers, writers, broadcasters, a dishonest LAPD homicide detective and a freeloading Simpson house guest. Many went from government salaries to serious financial rewards. Simpson’s prosecutors did not fair too well from publicity simply because they lost the case.

Unfortunately infamy makes people rich as quickly as fame for admirable deeds. Disgraced detective Mark Fuhrman was the only person convicted of a crime in the Simpson case. He used his perjury conviction like a sword to become a multi-millionaire as an author and broadcast crime commentator for Fox News. He also is a talk show host. Today most people have forgotten Fuhrman is a convicted felon. Many people admire this criminal because of his infamous crime!

Judges get in on the act too. Sometimes it’s a career killer like it was for Simpson judge, Lance Ito. Who could forget the dancing Itos from The Tonight Show?

Now we have a new player in celebrity trials, the Internet. Jurors are admonished to avoid the media, Internet or conversations connected to the cases they are asked to judge. It’s nearly impossible to police jury conduct. In low profile cases this particular kind of jury misconduct does not happen.

People selected for jury duty too often love this duty for all the wrong reasons. They lie about their prejudices and personal baggage. Like Juror Number Nine in the first Phil Spector trial admitted recently, many of them enter the jury room with their mind already made up. This kind of misconduct eliminates discussion and deliberation as a way to a verdict.

In a low profile case several years ago I wrote about a justifiable shooting case in Hollywood. I wrote about the extensive criminal record and dubious immigration status of the so-called victim. That information was kept out of the trial and not transmitted to the jury.

More than a year had passed since that shooting and I noticed my web counter got 14 Los Angeles area hits on that forgotten story. I guessed why the sudden interest. The trial of the accused began and members of the jury were all doing Google searches on the defendant’s name! They had full access to the information the court ordered withheld and my opinion on just why this was a justifiable use of force.

That trial ended and I got an e-mail and phone call from the foreman of the jury telling me they acquitted the defendant! The IP address of that jury foreman matched that of a visitor to my site numerous times throughout the trial.

The first Phil Spector trial was covered by all manner of media complete with gavel to gavel TV coverage. I had suffered an injury and my movement was very limited as a result. I used that free time to watch the coverage and fully blog the trial.

I discovered an anti-Phil Spector hate campaign develop on the Court TV website and a Sherman Oaks woman’s blog that provided a true hatemonger’s view of the Spector case.

Juror Number Nine from the first Spector trial contacted this woman blogger the very day the trial ended in a mistrial. I remain convinced that this fellow who sought conviction was reading the Sherman Oaks based hate blog every night after the trial recessed.

As for the Spector re-trial only the Sherman Oak's based hate blog is publishing information about this case on a daily basis.

Should Spector be convicted I intend to suggest to the defense lawyers that subpoenas be issued for the ISP information of the juror’s. The website address viewing of the jurors is kept by the ISP and getting that information is simple. I see a mistrial for jury misconduct and perhaps we will see jury members get some unwanted fame.

I think the only right answer in high profile cases is to sequester the jury. That will keep them away from outside influence.

A side note: As some people try to castigate Phil Spector as a hater and abuser of women, that it was Spector who made millionaires out of so many women he promoted as a record producer. Spector brought out some of the most wonderful voices we’ve ever heard.

In case you’ve forgotten, sit back and enjoy the Dancing Itos!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Gift Of Music For A Child

Chicago—I remember when I was a little guy growing up, being raised by my part-time mother. Part-time because she found places and people to do the job she was incapable of, raising a child. I was on my own from age 14 on.

For a while my mother had an older sometime boyfriend who made a modest living as a singer in Chicago nightclubs. He played a guitar and attempted to impress my mother telling her in front of me that when I turned 12 he’d give me a guitar and teach me how to play it. I really wanted that to happen and it never did. I never learned how to play any musical instruments and feel deprived to this day.

As an adult, I could have bought something on my own but that would never have been the same. I’d have enjoyed the gift and more importantly the instruction and attention from a caring adult.

If you play something well and can afford it, find a needy kid that wants the gift of music and help him or her out. I wonder how many legendary entertainers got their boost in life from a musician.

Armed Home Invaders Caught On Tape!

Tucson, AZ—Imagine that you are one of those folks who are not self-reliant and four heavily armed invade your home. Even if you could somehow call 911 the response time is around six or ten minutes before help arrives.

The picture is not pretty. You, along with members of your family would be killed. If the thugs are still there when the police arrive there will be a shoot-out for sure. Perhaps a cop or two will die in a major bloodbath.

This incident turned out much better. A homeowner installed security cameras, and was well armed. When the unthinkable happened the homeowner sprang into action fighting off the attack.

Sit back, have some popcorn and learn how self-defense and self-reliance can make a difference. Now imagine if this incident took place where gun bans are strictly enforced against the law-abiding as they are in Chicago.

more views here:

License Plate Bait For Conservative Cops

Illinois—As Illinois bureaucrats gush and swoon over their new Messiah they took the unprecedented action making a special license plate for those willing to pay an extra fee.

When cops make traffic stops they must decide whether give warnings or write citations. I think seeing this plate will help the good officers make the correct choice.

As for those Conservative cops out there, I’d tell them, happy hunting! Illinois coffers needs all the fines they can collect from people with all that extra cash to pay the higher fee for silliness like an Obama plate.

Update: Someone suggested these plates will be targeted for racial profiling purposes by police. You must be kidding! Black folks are smarter than to waste money on those plates! The Obama plates will only show up on the cars that belong to rich White Liberals!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Liberal Radio Fails In America And The Fairness Doctrine

Washington, DC—The Loony Left politicians desperately want to bring back a major impediment to free speech called, The Fairness Doctrine. This idea was born when television and radio broadcast licenses and band space was greatly limited. Technology cured the problem with nearly unlimited and inexpensive ways to publish ideas. The Fairness Doctrine was no longer needed and discarded with the trash.

Prior to the 1980s Liberal radio talk shows ruled. That was not because of their popularity but the rather station owners preferences. Soon the marketplace determined that a new breed of Conservative political commentary broadcasters drew much larger audiences and made stations more profitable. That changed the landscape and the Liberal talk show hosts became endangered species.

This somehow terrified the Loony Left that their propaganda machine, Air America could not turn a profit. Let’s face it the Loony Left has an ideology that they subscribe to. On the other hand most Democratic voters don’t necessarily believe in anything but free money they get from Left Wing politicians. Of course that free money is proceeds of taxation extortion schemes. The vast majority Democratic voter are incredibly uneducated, ignorant and unmotivated.

Conservative voters are both educated and want to stay informed so they are much more inclined to consume all forms of publishing.

With Conservative talk radio programs being heard in all manner of places the fear is the Democratic voter may learn something that may motivate them into becoming educated and successful taxpayers. When taxpayers outnumber those on the dole, Democrats suddenly become the minority. That’s exactly why the loony Left wants to silence any Conservative message.

Letting the poor and uneducated learn there is a path to self-reliance and financial success is just what the Marxists fear. Communism only flourishes when the elite can keep the masses ignorant, poor, and dependent.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crimefile’s Message To President Obama

...and then there is this travesty.

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Rookie Mistakes Or, I Won And I Am In Charge!

Washington DC—With less than a month in office Barack Obama has generated some messy blunders. That "change you can believe in" involved Obama’s trolling to find and appoint the Clinton Administration’s same old, tired bureaucrats.

Like a who’s who of usual political suspects, Obama’s top choices for Cabinet found their way to the top of the list. The tax cheats, and of course those professional Capitol Hill influence peddlers are everywhere. This is anything but change.

Fort Knox is being opened for every crooked, Loony Left political creature in America. Real help to Main Street Americans is not part of Obama’s program. If that was really the case Obama’s administration would suspend tax withholdings from American’s paychecks. Obama and his crew could suspend tax payments for companies that don’t demote or lay off workers.

Instead of helping Americans Obama’s orchestrating the biggest bribe package to political campaign contributors in world history.

The new “transparent government” promises have just not materialized.

The latest public slaps in the new President’s face came from the Caterpillar Tractor CEO that shot down Obama’s puffed claims that the so-called Stimulus Bill would put this company’s laid off employees to work.

Another slap came with an attempt to legitimize Obama-nomics by abusing respected New Hampshire Senator, Judd Gregg’s appointment as Secretary of Commerce. Clearly this was done to suggest Gregg somehow endorsed that Marxist trash legislation.

Considering the new paint in the Oval Office has not yet dried this sputtering start shows Obama will lead us straight to Hell.

Gun Control Gets a $10 Million Boost Under The So Called Stimulus Bill

Washington DC—The Bolshevik authored Stimulus Bill is a crooked politician’s wet dream. They have funded every possible program to destroy America rather than create or save real jobs.

Never let it be said the Loony Left would miss a chance to harass gun owners. They did this with an additional $10 million dollar gift to BATFE. Please, anyone tell how stepped up gun law enforcement will stimulate the economy? Page 720 outlines the scheme:

$10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.

Only the Lord knows how many middle-aged gun collectors will have their lives destroyed in the name of economy stimulation.

Mass Prisoner Release, Reduced Law Enforcement Budgets And Gun Bans

Bolshevik Union of California—As this bankrupt state releases brigades of felons from the prisons to the street, law enforcement resources are being drastically cut. That’s a deadly combination.

Officials in the most populous and crime prone areas of this state offer only prosecution and lifetime criminal records for anyone who dares carry a gun for self protection. Police chiefs and Sheriffs have ability to issue concealed weapons permits but steadfastly refuse to enable more violent crime.

As our criminals go wild in the streets disrespect for law with be universal. The normally law-abiding people will begin to selectively obey laws as the cops get overwhelmed. Nobody in their right mind should submit to victimization over violating some well intentioned gun law. Choosing to risk getting criminal record over being made a paraplegic by a criminal is not really a difficult alternative.

It’s time for the Loony Left politicians to re-think their position on the human right of self-defense. Not everyone can afford to hire armed bodyguards in this failing economy. Not everyone lives in safe neighborhood or works in guarded ivory towers like our politicians.

Get Ready For The Bloodbath.

Bolshevik Union of California—We know a judge has ruled that Loony Left Wing California must release tens of thousands of felons from their prisons. This is beyond horrible when you consider they don’t believe in incarceration punishment anyway. Criminals must prove they are really bad before they get a significant prison term there.

Now Orange County is eliminating a significant percentage of probation officers. Without supervision we can count on seeing the first installment of Felons Gone Wild.

Whatever you do don’t carry a concealed weapon for the defense of yourselves, or family because Orange County’s appointed Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens will be gunning for you!

Read more right here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Obama-nomics Plan In Action

Washington, DC—As the Loony Left leads us forward into this inevitable Socialist train wreck we will have to draw on the inspiration of the ultimate survivor. Learn from this dear man the art of dealing with hard times.

The Very Best Example Of Why We Have This Economic Nightmare

Here Senator Charles Schumer clearly demonstrates just how absolute power corrupts absolutely. With a smirk Schumer proclaims Americans don’t care about pork spending. There must be a warm place in Hell for this traitor!

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens Needs To Resign Now.

Orange County, CA—The Board of Supervisors meeting was filled with an over capacity crowd as the newly appointed Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens explained her position revoking and not issuing concealed weapons permits to qualified citizens.

Hutchens demonstrated an attitude that made light of the rights and needs of people requesting the ability to protect themselves and families. Strong evidence of that disrespect was revealed with the release of numerous insulting text messages sent between the hand-picked, high ranking deputies she sent to fight attempts to get Hutchens to take a more measured approach to the permit policy at the last board meeting.

Hutchens informed 423, out of 999 concealed weapon permit holders of her intent to revoke their permits unless they could prove their need for protection would satisfy new demands by the Sheriff. Board members, Chris Norby and Janet Nguyen suggested that sending the notices was a form coercion designed to cause permit holder to abandon their rights and needs for the permits.

Hutches sent a heavy handed force of deputies to intimidate and humiliate people who came to monitor board action at the last meeting. Additionaly it was learned that deputies took control of surveillance cameras to spy on board member’s personal notes.

Hutchens’ gun-rights hatred may be appreciated in San Francisco or Los Angeles but is not welcome in Conservative Orange County. She’d never be elected as Sheriff now and her short tenure should come to an unceremonious and quick end.

Numerous speakers called for a no-confidence vote of Hutchens by board members and called for the Sheriff’s resignation.

Hutchens apologized for the” unprofessional text messages.” That is much too little, too late to resurrect the embattled Sheriff’s image. It’s time for Hutchens to enjoy her retirement and to quit enabling violent criminals by disarming trained and vetted civilians who have the right to self-defense.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is dead wrong for Orange County, California. Trying to hang on to her job will not avoid the inevitable. Orange County’s Conservative voters that never voted for the appointed Sheriff in the first place will oust her at first opportunity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrating The 200th Birthday of A Maniacal Tyrant

USA-Make no mistake the losers of wars are not the ones that write the history books. The winners of our incredibly destructive Civil War elevated a world class brutal tyrant to sainthood.

The Civil War should never have happened the North should have recognized the simple rights of the Southern states. Instead more young Americans had to die in an unnecessary war than in all other wars we’ve ever been involved with combined. We would have had a United States with local control.

Instead we have Washington, DC dictating every aspect of life to every state. Contrary to popular misconceptions the Civil War was not about slavery.

As for Abraham Lincoln the tyrant, he suspended the Constitution, shut down newspapers and jailed Americans without trial. Anyone speaking against that despot wound up in jail. Government thugs were sent to search homes, and businesses without warrants under this “great American leader'.

If there was a misdeed of John Wilkes Booth it was that he did too little, too late.

The Lincoln Sainthood PR Machine has brainwashed millions for nearly 150 years. Calling this un-American dictator one of the greatest presidents does a giant disservice to the scores of other men who lived up to their oaths of office.

With tough times ahead and a bogus stimulus plan that can only destroy our free market system we are about to repeat history.

As the narcotics addicts can’t afford their drugs, our prisons begin the wholesale release inmates they can’t afford to hold and the free money folks can’t get food stamps or cash life will be unbearable.

Crime will go wild as public anger spills over to the conditions of post World War I Europe. Freedom, prosperity and safety will be a thing of the past.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Prison Inmates Gone Wild! Thugs, Thieves And Killers To Roam Free!

Sacramento, CA—A panel of federal judges have ordered the release of tens of thousands of California felons from prison confinement. The court’s intentions are clear but the details have yet to be worked out. California just happens to be the state with the most liberal sentencing schemes in the country must release these bums.

The get out of jail free policy is perfect for a state that bars the law-abiding from concealed weapons permits for reasonable self-defense. I guess they want more population control, the problem is they’re controlling that portion of the population consisted of these predator’s future victims.

I foresee the Loony Left in charge of our government reducing spending on prisons rather than their pork projects. The body count will be staggering.

It really makes no sense to unload thousands of thieves and thugs who can be counted upon to commit more crimes than ever during our financial crisis. The goal is to reduce the prison population be half within three years. If there is any doubt that the inmates are in charge of the asylum. Just wait for the fireworks.

Anyone Can Sue Anyone In America For Anything

Douglas, AZRoger Barnett, 64 owns a ranch here. Barnett’s property has become a haven for criminal aliens trespassing, burglarizing, killing cattle and running drugs. Barnett had no choice but to abandon his property or use the law of citizen’s arrest. In the last decade he’s turned over 12,000 criminal aliens to law enforcement authorities.

Barnett has spent tens of thousands of dollars reinforcing his property with signage, sensors, fencing and every possible method of crime prevention. Anyone who can detain so may criminals without killing any has used genuine restraint.

Now 16 criminal aliens are claiming Barnett violated their civil rights and are demanding millions. The trial judge should never let this travesty get to a jury in the first place.

I hope that a jury of Barnett’s peers laughs the criminal aliens and their lawyers out of court. Likewise I hope Barnett gets attorney’s fees awarded and they bankrupt the scumbag lawyers that brought the action.

It’s just because of our worthless Congress that refused to require enforcement of the law of the land the criminal aliens are so emboldened. Laws only apply against Americans in America.

Perhaps the trespassers need to fall into a few pungi-stick filled holes. Perhaps ranchers quit calling the cops and feed the aliens to the local coyotes and buzzards. Mexico has only exported drugs, crime and poverty to America. The Mexican government needs to be overthrown.

Read more about this stinking story here.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Best Evidence That The Kennedy Assassination Was Not A Conspiracy.

Click on pictures to enlarge.
Dallas, TX—On November 22, 1963 the act of a dysfunctional creep took the life of an American President, John F. Kennedy. Killing a president is a pointless act because he is followed by a Vice President that shares the same views.

I have been convinced that Lee Oswald wanted to be a big man in Fidel Castro’s eyes and get a hero’s welcome in Cuba. Oswald had no financing or resources to further his deed.

Oswald bought the rifle used for a mere $20.00. It was an unpopular, bolt-action 6.5MM Italian war surplus rife barely adequate for the job.

On the same Klein’s Sporting Goods ad was the venerable US Army, 30.06, M-1 Grand, semi-automatic rifle. The Garand has much more power, accuracy and the ability of firing more than twice the number of shots in the same time limitations. The Garand cost $90.00 and was listed in the same advertisement.

Additionally there were a number of powerful, accurate hunting style rifles that could have been purchased with fine optical scopes that would have produced shot groups no bigger than a quarter at that distance.

Had there been a conspiracy the people involved would have insisted a much better rifle was used. Oswald had little money from a low paying job and could not afford something better. As a former Marine he had his training with the Garand. Oswald would have stuck to what he was most familiar with but simply did not have the money.

IWA Is Europe’s Best Arms Show

Nuremberg, Germany—They still have firearms in Europe. In fact, cowboy action shooting hobbyists have taken over by storm. Hunting and conservation is still important to thousands across the Atlantic. Not every country has joined the extreme gun banning of the UK. March 13 through 16 this will be the place to be.

Of course there are lots of law enforcement products and agencies with their checkbooks needing the latest and greatest equipment.

This is the place to see the newest firearms and accessories anywhere on the continent. Of course buyers and exhibitors from more than 100 countries attend this annual event. It’s that time again even though this grand old city’s weather is still a little nippy. But there is a lot to see and do here for the over 30,000 people expected to attend.

The American manufacturers exhibiting here find this show as a great place to do business. Like the American SHOT SHOW this is only open to members of the trade and journalists.

Now if I can only figure out how I can participate in this event…

Here is the official IWA website in English.

Obama Assassination Facts

Washington, DC—The United States Secret Service had better keep the new president, Barack Obama in a bunker for his own safety. There is more than a little chatter about killing our elected leader on the Internet. Out of curiosity I put Obama and assassination into the Google search engine. This was the staggering and shocking result: “Results 1 - 10 of about 3,320,000 for Obama assassination. (0.28 seconds)”

Then I took the term’s Bush and assassination and got this result: “Results 301,000 for bush assassination. (0.33 seconds)” George W. Bush was the most unpopular President of my lifetime and he held office for eight years! Also in that same figure you must include George H.W. Bush who served four years.

There are people who hate Obama for the color of his skin and a lot more that hate the Red color of his politics. Those were the motivations for this chatter for the most part of the tiny percentage of sites I read.

The so called, Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package is considered anti-American by many millions including myself. Many millions also feel Obama is a threat to our form of government and way of life.

Based on the chatter I suspect that there will be competing teams of assassins unaware that others have given themselves that kind of a mission. Aside from foreign governments, mental defectives the Secret Service will be finding more mainstream Americans that are convinced Obama must be stopped at all cost.

Only time will tell us about Obama’s mortality, but with 3,320,000 Internet conversations dedicated to that subject, I’d say things look pretty grim after less than one month in office.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

What Form Of Government Do We Have Now?

Most Americans are confused. They don’t know the Right from the Left. Here is a short but informative political science lesson. You will see clearly where we are headed.

Communists Are Now Running Our Government

Washington, DC—It’s a sad day for America as the dedicated Communists have the majority and are able to destroy our free market system. They had the opportunity to stop the runaway corruption in our banking system but these same politicians were a big part of the problem creating the bank failures and monetary crisis.

The Communists have figured out a way to make things much worse if that was possible. This action will soon bring about unrest, Martial Law and Armageddon before it’s over. They have gotten what they wanted a clear path to the end of freedom, liberty and our way of life.

Every politician that supported this so-called, “Stimulus Package” is now an enemy of The United States of America. The same is true for any President that would dare sign this garbage into law. They should be arrested and tried for treason. They violated their oaths to protect our Constitution.

Friday, February 06, 2009

When A Flip-Off Becomes A Felony

Portsmouth, NH—With our new Communist leadership we are becoming more like Cuba and North Korea every day. We’ve made a huge issue of dispute resolution through various types of court restraining orders. Sooner or later the Bolshevik style make work projects will be to construct enough prisons to hold most Americans.

In rare situations the orders serve their purpose. Orders are merely pieces of paper. If you really need protection get training and carry a gun!

One silly case got a man charged with a felony crime for flipping off someone under the protection of one of those orders. Was that overkill? You bet. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Amerika, Comrade!
Read more about this sordid story here.

The Ultimate Empty Suit Is Showing His Lack Of Leadership

Washington, DC—The world’s Communist/Socialist elite put record sums of cash behind a man of little experience or substance. They subverted the election process with the help of willing media by creating a celebrity. If they wanted a celebrity Paris Hilton had more to offer.

Barack Obama has been faltering as he’s allowed the Loony Left in our Congress to load the so-called “Stimulus Bill” with billions of tax dollars for crap that can only destroy the free market as we know it. There is nothing for Americans that have paid taxes except a promise of ruin.

We have an economy that is depressed. The only avenue for remedy is less government and taxes. Instead they are manufacturing a full blown Catastrophe that will ultimately create a human holocaust.

As we make our currency worthless by over-printing and distributing it we will find ourselves bartering food, fuel and possessions.

Crime will rise off the charts as the millions of drug addicted people in this country will no longer be able to support their habits. City governments will no longer be able to cope as we begin a deadly orgy of population control.

Anger and frustration is never good for any country’s population. History has shown us that the only way governments seem to deal with that kind of unrest is by suspending rights and killing civilians.

I don’t have the confidence that our current government officials will avoid creating the conditions for a Civil War that will prove to be the most destructive and war this world has ever seen.

Chaos, Anarchy and deprivation are on the horizon because of Communists in our own government. Anyone that does not recognize that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are in fact Communists are total fools. Freedom cannot last as we travel into this new direction.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I have A Better Answer Than The Obama Team To Fix Our Economy

Washington, DC—As Barack Obama and the other Communists in our government order endless amounts of money printed and given away for crap we don’t need, I have a better idea. They don’t have enough people or presses to print all the money they want to throw around.

There is a solution! Let everyone with a copy machine duplicate all the money they need! No checks to write or send around and the paper won’t be any more worthless than government printed money is about to become.

God help us all.

Unemployed and Underemployed Americans Need Jobs, Not More Government.

Washington, DC-Rewarding corrupt and failing businesses with taxpayer money in the form of bailouts is both un-American and insane. If anyone deserves rewards it’s profitable well-run companies that employ people! The reward should be to stop taxing these companies and to encourage them to reinvest into hiring more people.

The idea of the non-stop printing of money backed by nothing will do nothing except destroy our economy and way of life. Putting out another trillion dollars to those special interests who contribute to political campaigns to provide garbage we don’t want or need is beyond baffling. That’s just what they’re doing.

Instead of giving money away let’s let Americans keep and spend their own money on things and services they need. Why do we need bureaucrats to take our money and then return it subject to complicated accounting schemes? Of course along the way crooks are there to siphon off vast amounts of money through fraud.

Barack Obama and his band of Bolsheviks are set to destroy this country. We are on our way to our darkest chapter in history. The fallout will also jeopardize the lives of every inhabitant of every other non-Communist free country in the world.

Get ready for shortages of food, fuel, energy, water, medical care and of course peace and security. Watch as the Internet is shut down for “our safety” as they suspend our Constitution as a, “necessary way to combat domestic terrorism.”

Warrantless searches of people, vehicles and homes will become commonplace. Well-paid government snitches will be everywhere. Was this the “CHANGE” people voted for? How many millions of lives will this “Change” cost?

Folks we are better off dead than being Red.