Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Future US Elections as the Obama Administration Obstructs Justice

Philadelphia, PA—During the last Presidential Election, three Black Panther thugs, Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson station themselves in their Panther uniforms and were brandishing clubs to menace voters.

Eventually the three thugs were charged in a civil complaint with violating the Voter Rights Act in November 2008 by using coercion, threats and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

Barack Obama
won the election and installed African-American, Eric Holder as the nation’s top prosecutor. All charges were soon dropped against the thugs. Many people including myself concluded that Holder dropped the pending charges over Obama’s and Holders own racial motivation and hatred

Now the former Justice Department Lawyer, J. Christian Adams has come forward and accused Holder of Obstructing Justice. Christian now in private practice actually quit his job to protest the Obama administration's handling of the so-called, New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case has accused Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for racially motivated reasons.

The actions of the Obama administration have cast a dangerous shadow over American election process by ratifying this conduct by armed racist extremists. Barack Obama is proving more every day that he is a genuine threat to America and our way of life.

Here is a video of what you can expect next time you vote as long as Obama is in the Whitehouse.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ex-Convict Wanted For Killing Two Tampa, FL Cops Today

Tampa, FL--This is Dontae Rashawn Morris, who gunned down to Tampa Florida police officers. If you see him do us all a favor, and kill him.

Update: They have this killer in custody as of early evening 2 July 2010.

Now’s the Time to send Mayor Daley and City Hall your Message on Guns

Chicago, IL—Chicagoans had a great civil rights victory in the Supreme Court yesterday. The law abiding people living in the Windy City may now possess and use handguns for self-defense. The days of providing criminals with a population of unarmed and defenseless victims are over.

Law-abiding people throughout the United States have proven to be responsible with their gun rights including the right to carry them. Those perpetrating unlawful gun violence are always the same troublesome criminals we fail to keep locked away.

Chicagoans need not accept Mayor Richard M. Daley’s violence enabling agenda of eliminating meaningful self defense. Above all Daley and their cronies are power hungry politicians that will never risk losing power by angering voters.

The end of the gun ban is the best crime fighting tool Chicago has had in decades. Concealed carry rights would end government sponsored domination criminals have over the people of Illinois.

Daley and the City council of Chicago need to hear from voters demanding that no new gun ordinances be enacted and tell him to stop fighting concealed carry in Illinois. Call Daley and your Alderman today at 312-744-4000 and tell them who you are and what you want, before they violate your civil rights. Of course you will only be able to leave a message. If you don’t call you deserve what you will get, more tyranny.

There is also a rally planned for downtown Chicago on July 9. 2010. Attend this event and bring every friend you possibly can!
Chicago July 9 2010 Gun Rights Rally

Where Is The Civilian Security Force Obama Promised Us?

Washington, DC—During his campaign for President Barack Obama promised a second civilian force equal and as well-funded as the military. The media never bothered to ask him about those peculiar plans because they knew full well what he meant. The Leftist media was in the tank for their new charismatic Messiah and did not want to scuttle his campaign over those ominous remarks.

The world had experience with these civilian security forces many times before. They are a necessary tool in every socialist political movement. Most recently Chairman Mao Zedong brought China his Red Guard. What had happened was the population was disillusioned and rejecting Socialism. There was a real possibility of the popular anti-Socialist uprising.

Mao countered the resistance to Socialism with his Cultural Revolution. With Mao’s new civilian force created out of unemployed thugs that spread the word of Socialism through beatings, arson, and terror. They successfully got the population back on the correct political track as they handed out little red books with Mao’s politically correct thoughts to everyone they encountered.

Early in Adolph Hitler’s campaign he used his civilian security force, again made up of unemployed thugs that had the ability to convince those who did not want to live under National Socialism to be quiet and lay down.

Hitler’s force was called the SA or Sturm Abteilung (Storm Unit). The SA wore snappy uniforms and clubs. They targeted newspapers, anti-Socialists, rival Communists and Jews thought to be obstacles of National Socialism.

Military and police forces are usually much too honorable and disciplined to do the dirty work, that a force of paid street thugs, are more than willing to do. These civilian security forces know how to “regulate” speech and publishing and that’s so important for Socialism to survive.

Watch as Obama talks about his own SA or Red Guard plans. America, how’d you miss this?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Two More Arrested In the 2008 Century City Goldfinger Murder

Los Angeles, CALAPD announced they have two additional suspects in custody for the gruesome stabbing murder of Pamela Goudie Fayed in a Century City parking garage on July 28, 2008. The victim had parked her car there for a lawyer’s visit.

Police have arrested her husband James M. Fayed and an employee Luis Moya who are awaiting trial for the killing. They are charged with Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

The gold trading firm owned by the Fayeds is believed by federal prosecutors to have been involved in a lucrative ongoing Ponzi scheme.

Now Steven Vincente Simmons, 21, and Gabriel J. Marquez, 45 have been arrested on warrants for the murder. Marquez is also being held on unrelated felony charges.

Prosecutors have claimed that Fayed paid Moya $25,000.00 to kill his wife.

Sources close to this investigation tell me this case is far from being wrapped up and they’re still trying to find sufficient evidence to establish Probable Cause to bind the new suspects over for trial.

Police and prosecutors believe that the Fayed woman was murdered because she was exposing criminal conduct of her estranged husband and their business. Marquez was caught on video as he fled the parking garage in an SUV rented with a credit card belonging to James Fayed.

I am told there may yet be an additional arrest for this crime.

Why Daley Can’t Restrict Guns In Chicago Like In DC.

Chicago, IL—An angry Mayor Richard M. Daley vowed to make new laws to thwart today’s McDonald Decision by the United States Supreme Court.

It’s been two years since the gun ban in the District of Columbia has been defeated. DC officials required training, testing, fingerprints, ballistic samples to obstruct would be gun owners. That crap will never work in Chicago.

Right now the gun ban is dead and Chicagoans can buy all the handguns they want. There are huge problems for residents of DC who could not simply purchase their gun in a nearby state without violating the Gun Control Act of 1968. There is only one approved gun dealer in DC that must follow every dictate of that city. So far only 800 handguns have been delivered under this gauntlet.

Chicago is very different since Chicago residents can buy guns from any dealer or private party in the State of Illinois and bring them into Chicago if they have a valid Illinois firearm owner’s identification card.

The City of Chicago cannot prosecute you for a law they make after you bring the gun into the city or before they make their laws. They may make some reasonable requirements to allow you to register that gun but they have no control over how you obtain it.

Now is a great time to buy a handgun if you live in Chicago.

Don’t become a frightened sheep waiting for Daley to tell you whether you can protect yourself or family. You will surly bleed to death first.

Call your state representatives and demand concealed weapons permit law now. Trust me those phone calls work at the state level.

Note: In a very technical sense the law is still on the books until the 7th Court of Appeals writes the proper order as mandated by the high court. However it will be absolutely impossible to prosecute anyone since the Court made it very clear that the Chicago gun ban violates citizen’s second Amendment rights. People convicted of violating the ban can have their convictions reversed if they file proper motions with the courts.

Very few cases ever involve only a failure to register ordinance violation. There are usually other violations connected.

The McDonald case now opens the door to anyone arrested for Unlawful Use of A Weapon (UUW is carrying a concealed weapon in Illinois) to challenge the law itself. If you have a right to keep them, you also have a right to bear them.

It’s Time for America’s Concealed Carry Rights

Chicago, ILThe United States Supreme Court has spoken twice about gun bans deleting them from the books of jurisdictions that have enacted them. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, is now the settled law of the land.

The two primary cases, Heller and McDonald ended any dispute over the right to simply possess firearms. That was a narrow question and opinion implies a broader answer. If the people have a right to keep arms under the Second Amendment they also have the same right to bear those arms.

The few local jurisdictions in America that have banned concealed weapons for sane, sober and law-abiding Americans need to stop violating people’s rights.

Lower court judges have the correct legal tools to protect the rights of people arrested or those precluded from bearing arms.

Politicians need to learn that public opinion has dramatically shifted away from gun control as a valid or effective way to reduce violence in our society. That has be reflected in the vast number of states that have either repealed concealed weapon bans or provided permits to qualified applicants.

The requirements of some jurisdictions to demonstrate to public officials a need to bear arms has always invited government corruption or arbitrary and baseless denials. Of course that is an unconstitutional infringement of the right to bear arms and must end.

Now is the time to begin a new push in every state using both the courts and the state legislatures to not infringe on the rights of law-abiding the right to protect themselves and families outside of their home. It is outside of the safety and comfort of one’s own home here the dangers of rape, robbery and murder are greatest.

I hope that the more reasonable politicians in my home state of Illinois will take umbrage of the Supreme Court cases and the shifting political direction of gun control and allow for meaningful self-defense.

Should anyone be arrested for carrying a gun on the street or in their cars their defense lawyers can use the McDonald case as a defense in the criminal court while they seek an injunction in federal court barring prosecution and sue for the violation of your civil rights.

Supreme Court Opinion’s Most Telling paragraph

Washington, DC—When it comes to legal matters emotions creep into the mix. People have beliefs that are based upon myths or facts. Arguments are made incorporating these factors. The gun rights hating forces want to blame gun violence on that freedom itself.

All the laws and the police state we live in can’t keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals. The gun rights haters have either not figured that fact out yet or have some other agenda.

In the mix of today’s opinion that I posted earlier was this telling paragraph:

Chicago enacted its handgun ban to protect its residents “from the loss of property and injury or death from firearms.” See Chicago, Ill., Journal of Proceedings of the City Council, p. 10049 (Mar. 19, 1982). The Chicago petitioners and their amici, however, argue that the handgun ban has left them vulnerable to criminals. Chicago Police Department statistics, we are told, reveal that the City’s handgun murder rate has actually increased since the ban was enacted1 and that Chicago residents now face one of the highest murder rates in the country and rates of other violent crimes that exceed the average in comparable cities.2

The Court has spoken! The politicians in state and local governments cannot infringe on your right to keep and bear arms.

U.S. Supreme Court Shoots Down Chicago’s 28 Year-Old Gun Ban!

Chicago, Il—The long awaited opinion on Chicago’s facilitation and enablement of violent crime has been handed down this morning. Chicago’s infamous and un-American gun ban is no more!

Some 28 years ago, Chicago’s politicians outlawed the possession of handguns within the city by all but police, private investigators and City Council members. The result was predictable, law-abiding citizens were at the mercy of violent criminals that were relentlessly victimizing them unchallenged. Meaningful self-defense was absolutely outlawed by these politicians.

Chicago politicians long believed that the Second Amendment was some meaningless and obsolete antique and ignored it accordingly. For decades they’ve simply been violating Chicagoan’s Civil Rights.

Even before the anticipated decision was delivered these thug politicians are planning new violations of the law of our land with additional ingenious obstructionist ordinances that violates rights. In the end it will be taxpayers footing the legal bills and jury awards against the bankrupt City of Chicago.

The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation came to the aid of several Chicagoans including Otis McDonald that wanted the illegitimate and un-American law shot down. Chicago’s politicians wasted millions of taxpayer’s dollars in a miserable economy fighting to continue their, Thug Protection Program.

Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr
. authored the opinion for the court

What the court’s action does is to remand the fate of the Chicago gun ordinance in the hands of the 7th Circuit court for further action consistent with today's opinion. They must write the formal order.

The entire opinion is below:

McDonald vs City of Chicago

How One Hero Dealt With Socialists

Berlin, Germany—July 20, 1944 was a sad day for Germany, An effort to end Adolph Hitler’s idea of Hope and Change failed when a bombing attempt was unsuccessful. Hundreds of German Nazi resistance patriots were rounded up tortured, tried and executed for their various roles in the movement.

Germany had a military with a proud tradition that was made up of honorable and brave men. The regular military was not suitable to carry out Hitler’s most cowardly and despicable acts. Hitler created his own parallel quasi-military group of Nazis under the SS label for that purpose. The SS were responsible for carrying out the foulest Nazi deeds instead of the regular military.

The majority of the resistance leaders were members of Germany’s regular military who learned of Hitler’s horror show and understood their duty to stop it. Hitler’s ongoing atrocities were a state secret and few Germans knew the truth. Thousands did know the truth and tried to stop National Socialism. Those heroes are memorialized today at the Bendlerblock German Resistance Museum in Berlin.

The military and civilian conspirators against National Socialism were put on trial before The Peoples Court President, Judge Roland Freisler. These were propaganda show trials that were filmed to set an example to other German citizens.

One of the plotters was a recently retired general, Erwin von Witzleben, 62 (pictured above) who understood his duty to the men, women and children of Germany. After being convicted, berated and castigated by Judge Freisler stood his ground telling the Nazi jurist, "You may hand us over to the executioner but in three months time, the disgusted and harried people will bring you to book and drag you alive through the dirt in the streets!"

Frisler escaped that well-deserved fate but was killed in an Allied bombing raid on Febuary 3, 1945 at the age of 51.

Generalfeldmarschall Erwin von Witzleben was a hero and role model to Germany and civilization.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Are So May Americans Ignorant About Their Government?

This melting pot, America is filled with a vast majority of incredibly ignorant people. When it comes to government even the educated Americans don’t really have a clue about it or their rights. Being ignorant never prevents Americans from having strong political opinions.

Poverty flourishes in the large cities that have become Entitlement Utopias. These cities are run by Socialist politicians that make every effort to keep their poor well fed, thoroughly dependent and as ignorant as possible. Big city politicians use ignorance and poverty for incumbency protection.

When I find myself in a political discussion with fellow members of our population there are glaring examples of pathetic ignorance. People support or oppose legislation not because they’ve read it but because of the misleading but descriptive titles like Campaign Finance Reform or Net Neutrality. The clever titles are thought up to automatically garner support by people that would absolutely hate the legislation if they bothered to read or understand the bills themselves.

You can’t encounter many Americans anywhere that are able to give you more that 40 seconds of conversation about what the Bill of Rights does for Americans. Most talk vaguely about freedom of speech, religion and press. After that they begin to stammer and ramble because they never learned or have forgotten what they did learn. In a way that’s a good sign that they’ve had a good life and have not needed to study what their rights were to survive. The dark side is people don’t bother to protect rights that they can’t feel being violated.

The treasonous, Barack Obama has been very good for Americans. Obama’s Socialist agenda is certainly not good, but because of the threat he poses to our constitution and freedom, Americans are beginning to notice. Obama has sparked renewed interest in Americans about our government system along with its historical roots.

Socialism can only succeed if the population is too ignorant to stop it. Once in place, Socialism stays in nations for many generations and of course there’s always the obligatory and massive holocaust where all who dare disagree are purged.

For Americans the Internet is the place where we exchange our information. He who has the on and off switch controls that information. Giving politicians the right to control that switch or the content of the Internet also gives them absolute power. We must force our government stay out of regulation, taxing or molesting our Internet in any way.

Socialism and Freedom of Speech can never exist together. Socialism, poverty and deprivation are always constant companions, except of course for those enlightened and elite party members. Please remember to stay out of the way of their limousines.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

National Defense Begins With Border Security

Phoenix, AZ—I don’t care where you stand on the issue of criminal immigration. It’s understandable why people want to live in America. The reason people want to come here is because of all the things Barack Obama and his Socialist Gang wants to change like the free market, liberty and freedom.

Those One World Socialists want the entire globe under their rule. One World is another way of saying, there is no escape. Socialist countries have border security, not to keep people out but to prevent people from fleeing their oppression. With a one World Socialist government borders would become totally irrelevant.

American taxpayers can’t continue to provide free schooling and medical care for all of South and Central America like we’ve been doing. That failed policy has bankrupted us and damaged our way of life. Those countries and their corrupt governments have exported only poverty, drugs and violence to our heartland.

Terrorists know the American political climate has destroyed our border defense and that they can move all manner of weapons of mass destruction along with agents to place and detonate them. Dirty bombs, chemicals to poison our food or water supplies along with their delivery systems are easily transported across our border.

Only a fool would believe that terrorists did not change their method of attack from commercial air travel attacks to other means. Our own Whitehouse has been occupied by our enemies for more than a year. We are under the most serious attack this nation has ever faced. The enemy is in absolute controls our borders.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asked Barack Obama for border security and instead got a flag of surrender. Signs posted by our federal government acknowledging the acceptance of the invasion warning Americans to stay away.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Drew Peterson Trial Is Theater of The Absurd

Joliet, IL—Surreptitious autopsy video recording by Fox News, prosecutors and police spreading rumors of the located corpse seem no more than a device to taint the jury pool. I guess when you don’t have evidence; smoke mirrors and trickery must be employed. All this in an effort to convict retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson at any cost.

The trial also promises to be a Hearsay Orgy! It will be reduced to something like this, “Stacy told me that Kathleen told her that Drew Peterson killed her.” Who does Peterson get to confront in court on that one? Should there be a conviction the appellate process will explode before sense can be made out of The Illinois Drew Peterson Law.

At the eleventh hour, prosecutors have still been shoveling discovery material on Peterson’s lawyers they should have turned over nearly a year ago. Judge Steven White has done everything in his power to give Peterson a dream appeal record.

There is however bad news for the folks that don’t have a life that pine to see Peterson suffering in the defendant's hot seat. They will have to attend the trial in order to see or hear any portion of it. Illinois courts in my lifetime have never allowed radio, TV or even still cameras into courtrooms. This will also prevent witnesses from hearing other witnesses’ testimony. Excluding witnesses from hearing others testify is a wonderful way to expose perjury. That’s a good thing.

I don’t see how this mess can begin by July 6th as Judge White has dictated. They are in such a hurry that this will be a massive mess rather than a trial. Will County will be the laughing stock of the American criminal Justice system before it’s over.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prosecution Misconduct clouds the Drew Peterson Case

Joliet, IL—I can’t understand how our courts continue to allow prosecutors, medical examiners and cops to hide autopsy evidence. They don’t want defense expert witnesses, judges and juries to see the post Mortem examinations.

Prosecutors do however, love to waive gory autopsy still photos intended to inflame jurors rather than to prove some point. This can only be a nefarious effort to cover-up evidence, professional bungling and bogus findings by medical examiners.

All the necessary high definition video equipment that would eliminate guesswork by the courts and juries is cheap, easy to operate and above all objective. More importantly it’s necessary for the fair administration of justice. To not preserve a full digital video record of autopsies deprives people on trial for their very lives the kind of fairness expected in an American court.

Perhaps it will take additional legislation to demand some reasonable evidence integrity into our criminal courts.

One thing for sure all reports, photos, moving pictures, test results, notes and names of people present at autopsies must be turned over to the defense under, Brady vs. Maryland. It’s called the discovery process. The law of the land is that evidence not disclosed to the defense can’t be introduced at trial.

What facilitated an Indictment and trial of Drew Peterson was the second exhumation of and third autopsy of Drew Peterson’s third wife Kathleen Savio.

The third and final examination or at least parts of it were video recorded by Fox News who paid famed pathologist, Dr. Michael Badden for the third and so far final autopsy. Dr. Badden's second opinion was that homicide rather than an accident resulted in the death. That Fox News tape has never been turned over as required and Peterson’s experts have not been able to consider that important evidence.

Repetitive autopsies are an incredible mess to begin with. All of the internal organs that have been dissected, sectioned and discarded are placed in a large plastic bag that later gets shoved into the abdominal cavity. Any pathologists conducting the second or third autopsies must search through the bag to locate, identify and reexamine everything.

Organs damaged during the first or second autopsy can be incorrectly attributed to being an injury that caused the death. Depending on the decomposition involved the pathologist would be motivated to take every possible shortcut of these especially nasty procedures.

In the Peterson case there are three competing autopsies with opposite findings and no digital video recording of them has surfaced.

A lot of people may hate drew Peterson, but if we can’t demand a fair trial for him who will insist on one for you or someone you love under similar circumstances?

The revelation of this grievous discovery violation should end this prosecution altogether. The integrity of the entire investigation has been redundantly compromised in the effort to convict Drew Peterson at all cost. The Will County State’s Attorney is has displayed the ethics of disbarred and disgraced Duke University, rape prosecutor, Mike Nifong. Enough is enough.

Chicago Gun Ban Will Be Shot Down Monday!

Washington, DC—There can be little doubt now that the Supreme Court’s parting shot before the summer recess will hit Mayor Richard M. Daley right in the butt. Monday will be the last day the court issues opinions until their next term.

For the first time in 30 years, law-abiding Chicagoans will have a level playing field with the criminals to defend themselves, families and their property.

George W. Bus
h appointee, Associate Justice Samuel Alito is expected to write the opinion for the majority in the McDonald case.

The issue is whether the Second Amendment is incorporated by the 14th Amendment to the States. In simpler terms, the McDonald decision will determine whether state and local governments can infringe on American’s right to keep and bear arms.

We have to see is just how narrow this opinion will be. The next big issues on the line deal with the ability of states to restrict the bearing of arms or to ban certain types of arms. I think the conventional wisdom is obvious and lower courts should begin to recognize that Americans have a right, not to just the keep firearms but also to bear them.

Another issue is whether states can ban firearms over cosmetic appearances or the number of rounds they hold. Again the lower courts may begin with a presumption that they are simply ARMS and Americans have the right to keep and bear them.

Just because the Second Amendment is the law of the land won’t prevent un-American freedom hating politicians like Daley from violating their oaths to defend the constitution.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s Time For Our Generals to Act!

Washington, DC—Our Hope and Change President is on an anti-American mission to destroy the free market, economy and currency of the United States. He’s replacing our form of government and constitution with a Socialist model. That’s Treason pure and simple.

When Adolph Hitler became so destructive and criminal many the generals of the German military knew they had a duty to end the suffering of Germany’s families. They did too little, much too late. They were inept and failed in their attempts to remove the despot. Eventually they gave their very lives along with many other top German officials. When the dust settled thousands of honorable military and civilian resisters of National Socialism were murdered under the color of law.

Unlike Hitler’s generals , our military's leaders first duty is to the Constitution of the United States. Hitler’s generals were required to swear an oath not to the Constitution or the people, but to the despot himself.

General Stanley McChrystal
recognized Barack Obama’s intentions and the dangers he poses to all Americans and our way of life. McChristal has a duty to expose Obama and apparently had done just that. Obama has retaliated by relieving McChristal of his command. Obama is the one that should be removed.

I only hope now the other members of our military recognize their sworn duty too. They must protect America from the Communist threat in the Whitehouse.

Gun Registration is no Crime Fighting Tool

Los Angeles, CA—As the Golden state can’t pass a budget, pay its bills or keep dangerous convicts in their prisons, lawmakers want to expand gun registration to all rifles and shotguns. The simple but important question is about any value of registration itself.

State and local registration are duplicating provisions of the 1968 Gun Control Act that required every gun dealer in the United States to record sales information for every transaction. Guns are traced on request of any police agency anyway. Buying a firearm is a complicated process and for many years the FBI has been conducting background investigations on each and every prospective gun buyer at the point of sale.

The proponents of registration claim it’s a needed investigative tool for police. In my 40 years inside the criminal justice system I can tell you that criminals simply don’t leave guns behind at crime scenes. If a gun is found at a crime scene it was seized from the suspect.

We do know that criminals never register their firearms. They are not required by law to do so. Crazy, you say? On two occasions the United States Supreme Court has held that requiring people prohibited by law from possessing firearms to fill out registration applications violates their rights against self-incrimination. They can’t be prosecuted for failure to register!

Some suggest that stolen guns are discovered and returned to the rightful owners. The only way to discover if a gun is stolen is when the owner reports the crime to police. Any person in their right mind who has failed or simply refused to register a firearm won’t report its theft for fear of being prosecuted. Registration is counterproductive to that end.

There are those that think ballistic samples taken and stored from each firearm will somehow solve crimes. That’s never worked in the few places it’s been tried. That’s truly an impossible mission with an astronomical price tag.

When a gun used at a crime is seized from a suspect sometimes it can be matched to projectiles or casings found at a crime scene. That’s the only practical way ballistics examinations help to solve crimes. Police still have to prove that the suspect fired the gun and the shooting was not somehow justifiable.

Registration has genuine value in giving a totalitarian government a list of addresses where doors of citizens can be kicked down and their ability to resist government tyranny can be defeated.

Gun registration is an expensive and yet useless way of fighting crime or keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals. Repealing of existing gun registration laws will give financially strapped government agencies and their taxpayer’s instant relief.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Presidency is Disintegrating--Respect is Fading Fast

Washington, DC—The Office of President of the United States is one that American’s have been taught to respect. I have always respected our presidents even if I disagreed with them, until now.

Barack Obama is very different. He has been on an obvious mission to destroy the free market, our currency, our Constitution and freedom. He wants to recreate America as a Socialist State as he enslaves Americans in the process. I have said many times that Obama is a Communist and traitor in possession of our Whitehouse.

In November 2010 the Obama loyalists in our Congress will get the bums rush by angry taxpayers. If Obama is still President by then, he can count on the reality of investigations and Impeachment. He can also expect a full investigation into his citizenship and birth matters aided with Congressional Subpoenas.

Evidence that proves Obama was ineligible to serve because of birth will not end in Impeachment. Since he was unqualified to serve the whole election becomes undone and every official act and law signed by him becomes null and void.

You can’t impeach someone who is not lawfully in office. I’m not sure if Obama can be prosecuted for misleading people about his birth. Remember Obama has never once publicly answered questions about his origin or denied he was born in Africa as his own grandmother has insisted.

Now we have a flap over a Rolling Stone magazine article called the “Runaway General”. Obama has virtually zero support from America’s military or police and he knows that. Of course the military command staff has to generate the appearance of respect under the difficult circumstances. Even the appearance of respect seems to be failing as the Whitehouse is recalling General Stanley A. McChrystal over the flap.

I can predict that Obama will be even more secretive in the coming months as he hunkers down to protect his ability to continue with the destruction of America.

One thing for sure, America and its freedom have never been in more danger. We can only hope this Obama nightmare too, shall pass.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicago Politicians Are Conspiring To Violate Your Civil Rights

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s politicians know the Chicago Gun Ban violates the Constitution of the United States. They know that the Supreme Court will shoot down the ban one week from today.

The Chicago City Council is openly exploring schemes to violate Chicagoan’s rights with infringements prohibited by the Second Amendment. They intend to make as many laws as they can to unlawfully demand special training, extortionate registration fees, and any other roadblocks to the right of law abiding Chicagoans to defend themselves, families and property.

Their goal of these outlaws is not public safety but simple anti-government refusal to follow the law of the land.

The arrogance of Chicago’s politicians must be met with any and all efforts to stop their criminal insurrection.

Cops have to remember their oaths that begin with supporting, defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States.

Chicagoans can simply start with a call to the Chairman of the City Council Police and Fire Committee, Alderman Anthony Beale (312-744-4000). Tell him he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law for violating your civil rights.

Follow that call up with calls to Mayor Richard M. Daley and Alderman Edward Burke (312-744-4000) who are behind this criminal conspiracy.

The sad part here is Chicago’s taxpayers will be the ones victimized as they are forced to pay for litigation and civil payouts to people whose rights get violated

An Update: The Gun Ban is proving its value as it has facilitated lots of violent armed criminals to victimize the unarmed and helpless. So far police report eight dead among 52 shot across city over weekend. That does not include the beatings and stabbings.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taste of Chicago Needs New Suburban Diggs—It’s Time for a Boycott

Chicago, IL—The “Taste of Chicago” has been an ongoing Chicago tradition for the Windy City’s top restaurants to join together on the lakefront and offer up the best food found anywhere. Chicago’s corrupt Daley/Burke Administration has taken all the fun out of this event.

The city’s government has extortionately taxed everyone especially vendors beyond belief. City inspectors will be out in force putting the arm on vendors for bribes as always. They have made parking impossible and the commute by bus, foot or even bicycle is now become a gauntlet of muggers, sex offenders and aggressive panhandlers for the visitors.

The Daley/Burke Administration has turned Chicago into an entitlement paradise.
It’s also place where the life has been choked out of business and productive taxpayers no longer want to live. Chicago is not a decent place to work or raise children.

The vendors can and must reassemble their event out in the suburban areas where they can acquaint people to really great food. Unless there are some major changes Chicago’ finest dinning places will have to abandon the city anyway.

On my last trip into Chicago a lunch of pizza for two with lemonade at Pizzeria Uno was $50.00 not including the shocking cost to park a car. It was also the first time I saw that place with over half of their tables empty. Civilization is not long for survival under those conditions.

The horrible news is that the politicians have moved thousands of entitlement addicted Blacks and Hispanics into affluent suburban areas. They’ve brought lots of drugs, blight and violence with them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The YouTube Thug Generation Is Here!

Los Angeles, CA-The L.A. Lakers racked up another Basketball Championship and as expected it became an excuse for local Latino misfits to go on an orgy of destruction.

Targeted, were those people in their automobiles leaving the game on their way home. Despite a heavy police presence Hispanic thugs broke windows, set fires and victimized innocent people and their property.

Times and technology has changed enabling thugs to memorialize their great contribution to society. As you can see in the video below a significant portion of the mob had cameras and were creating their own reality TV shows.

Of course police may be able to identify some of these self-made YouTube stars who’s deeds may get them arrested and hopefully deported once the finish their prison time.

These are the crimes we enable and tolerate. Incredibly dumb laws and political climate prevent Americans from protecting and defending their property or even their lives. In a different time in this country there'd have have been a bounty awarded for the cadavers of such criminals. Perhaps it was a better time.

Quality Blogging Requires Capitalization

As I gather material for this blog I’m challenged by obstacles. The ability to devote enough time, travel and acquisition of the necessary hardware is somewhat problematic. Fortunately I do a fair amount of traveling that puts me close to news makers especially in the firearms and gun rights area.

However when I do travel I have other responsibilities that prevent my full attention to this blog. It would be a dream come true to be able to turn this blog into a full time job.

I’m never without video and still cameras in the event I run across something I think will interest my visitors. I never tire in my effort to find official court records and documents that will enlighten my visitors.

Of course I’d love to be able to travel anywhere and bring you to certain political events high profile crimes and trials, but I must rely on others to share videos and photos. I’m always looking for quality video to use that is captured by contributors. If you have a service or product to advertise, please consider crimefile News.

Be advised that I’m always available to anyone wishing to sponsor me to cover a news event that has any reasonable relevance to this blog.

Sponsorship would allow Crimefile news to bring you a lot more of what you came here to see. I’m open for ideas from my visitors…

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Obama Disaster Must End.

Washington, DC—A young political stranger with insufficient experience, a nebulas political platform and a broad smile ran for president at the exact right moment. Barack Obama won the election.

Eight years of a horrible Republican President along with wars in two theaters had taken its toll on American voters.

The Republicans went on to make a terrible choice of a very Liberal and Progressive John McCain to be their candidate. McCain was still eating humble pie after floating his failed, illegal alien amnesty program.

Disillusioned Conservative voters had but two choices that came from the US Senate and their voting records were strikingly similar. Conservatives avoided the polls and the result was a win for Barack Obama.

America had apparently voted for that incredibly vague Hope and Change platform. Obama said he wanted some strange things like a civilian government force with the same power and funding as the military. Nobody ever bothered to ask him to explain what that was all about.

Obama had some serious baggage that was ignored from the criminal racketeering Organization that runs the City of Chicago. Obama’s associating with, wheeling and dealing with felons was just put aside like old news.

The media overlooked Obama’s membership in the W.E.B. Dubois Club. This is a Marxist organization popular with Chicago’s African-American community. The epicenter for this outfit is in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago that Obama calls home.

Obama’s close association with avowed dangerous radicals and Communists along with his hateful 20 year, racist religious advisor somehow became a big, “SO What?”.

Obama’s place of birth is not an issue for voters to decide, but a constitutional mandate that must be followed. There is serious evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, Africa and not naturalized properly by his mother. Obama may well be an illegal alien as he as fought every effort to open records that would revealed the simple truth. There can only be one reason for Obama to hide his birth records, he was not born here.

Obama is here with his duplicative but decidedly Socialist and un-vetted Czar Cabinet. Obama has placed the nation into inevitable bankruptcy as he is destroying every bit of our economy he can. Obama has done all he can to nationalize banks, auto makers and health care to the peril of the free market and competition this country was founded upon.

Obama has operated in secret when he redundantly promised transparency. He has proven himself to be a disappointment to the centrist population and even a surprising segment of the Democratic Party.

Americans are tired of the seemingly ineffective and endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and somehow took Obama’s mixed signals that he’d end those operations. The coffins of America’s fighting men and women still arrive in Delaware at the same pace as when George Bush was around.

The Liberals have given Obama a pass and full pardon for the same exact crap they condemned George Bush over.

Obama’s approval ratings stand at disappointing 41%. If there was an election today Obama would be gone.

Every additional day Obama is president America sinks further into a quagmire of failed Socialist ideas. Every day Obama is President will obstruct any hope of an economic recovery for America. Everyday Obama is President our defense is being dismantled making us a softer target for attack.

Obama hates the principals under which this country was founded and is obviously committed to its destruction. That makes him a traitor. Obama must be forced out of office while we still have a country.

Always Smile For Your Police Booking Photo

You’ve seen them many times, police mug shots. They are always the same. Those photos of the arrested reveal hostile, sad, drunk or crazy people charged with crimes.

Police show those photos to crime witnesses to establish legal identifications of suspects enabling arrests and indictments. Eye witnesses are absolutely unreliable and will almost never identify a picture of someone with a broad smile in a photo lineup. They always go for a face with the nasty scowl

In cases with media interest editors and news directors always love to redundantly publish those really rude looking and sensational booking photos. A pleasant smile can take a booking photo and turn it into something taken from a Facebook page. The media does not want bore their readers and viewers with routine pleasant faces.

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is an unpleasant experience especially if you’re actually innocent. Trying to muster a smile at a difficult time like that is nearly impossible. If you can manage to smile it may help you immensely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Utah Execution is a Barbaric and Cowardly Act

Draper, UT—I visited the prison here several years ago on an adoption matter. It’s a clean appearing seemingly well run institution for men that have done vile and horrible things. Many are dangerous career criminals housed there that should never be set free until they’re too old to hurt anyone.

After midnight tonight Ronnie Lee Gardner, 49 is going to be escorted to and strapped into a chair and five men will fire .30 Caliber Winchester rifles at a small target on his chest.

Gardner’s crime was a despicable act. He was convicted of capital murder 25 years ago for the 1985 fatal courthouse shooting of attorney Michael Burdell during an escape attempt. He was desperate and 24 years-old back then.

It’s disturbing to me that an entire quarter of a century has passed. That much time would change anyone. There is no evidence since that mad act that indicates he’d re-offend or not find a peaceful way to somehow serve society even if it was behind bars. Killing Gardner now is almost like killing Peter for Paul’s crime.

Gardner made quite an exhaustive appeal to the pardon board. It served no purpose and was a total waste of breath.

Gardner can’t be blamed for the 25 year appeal process since he did not create it. I can’t help but to believe that the freakish delay and half of Gardner’s life was spent dreading his own killing at the hands of the government. At some point this should qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

Gardner sat on Death Row for so long he watched young prison guards grow old and retire while he was waiting to die or get a commutation. That certainly qualifies as “hard time”.

I guess this execution is raw vengeance in its purest form. Taking a captive human to a death chamber is in itself a disgusting act. Being part of this kind of barbarism carries the mark of Cain. There are no heroes here.

I oppose the death penalty not because people don’t deserve that fate but because no government should have the power to kill their own citizens. Every government on earth will abuse that power sooner or later. I have no qualms about killing in legitimate self defense or defense of another.

As for Gardner he’s about to cease to exist or cross over to the “other side” if you believe there is one. One thing for sure his earthly tormentors can punish him no more.

Chicago Handgun Ban Should Have Protected These Armed Robbers!

Chicago, IL—Within the next two weeks legal experts expect that the United States Supreme Court will rule that the 14th Amendment incorporates the Second Amendment applying it to the states.

Simply put for the first time all 50 states can, no longer infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The failure of the court to do this until now has allowed some states to heavily restrict or ban firearms as their gun control schemes have spun out-of-control.

The target of this action is the 30 year-old Chicago handgun ban. The law was passed with the twisted and tortured logic that robbers, rapists and killers would somehow obey the ban on handguns. The only thing that happened was the wholesale disarming of law-abiding Chicagoans. Or what I called The Mugger Protection Act. It’s only the criminals, not the law-abiding that use guns for violent crime.

The law enabled cowardly criminals to do whatever they wanted by eliminating any and all meaningful self defense capability of their victims.

Some smart Chicagoans have recently begun to ignore the ban with the awareness that it was unconstitutional. They have acquired guns and on three occasions in the last three weeks fired their guns into the bodies of dangerous and armed felons.

What are the poor rapists, robbers and killers to do now? Is there no compassion for them anymore? I know that Mayor Daley and his City Council feels that this is just not fair to them!

Adding insult to injury an accomplice of the armed robber killed in last week’s North West side failed Fullerton Pawners stickup, Preracio Williams, 23 pictured above has been arrested.

Now Williams faces a First degree Murder charge for the killing of his pal, Michael McMillan, 24 by the shop’s owner. That is of course in addition to the Armed Robbery charge. Now the poor lad’s life is ruined for sure since he won’t see freedom for many decades.

As for the late Michael McMillan, he got a sweet prison boot camp for another stickup. Now, he’s out of the gene pool.

Had the pawn shop owner respected Daley’s gun ban the two downtrodden African-American lads would have had a much better fate. I guess Daley figures that the victims are less important and expendable.

On June 3, a 27-year-old South Austin man shot and wounded a man who jumped through the window of his home as he was running away from police officers during a drug bust.

That was followed by another shooting on May 26. An 80-year-old Korean War veteran shot and killed a masked home invasion/robber in East Garfield Park. The veteran was also robbed at gunpoint last year.

Because of the Hale Demar Law, neither resident was charged with violating the handgun ban. In both instances, the slain robbers were convicted felons. It’s now expected that the pawn shop owner won’t face charges either.

Times change and now thing may turn against the unfortunate felons of Chicago.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates want to spread their wealth and I can help!

Chicago, IL-- These two money making giants say they want to give away half of their money. Okay I want to get into this line! I need several million dollars to make my film, Come Friday about heroic Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne. It was New Year’s morning when serial rapist and career criminal Robert Ellis stalked and kidnapped the 25 year old recruit policewoman.

Ellis kidnapped and raped nearly 50 attractive young women on Chicago’s gold Coast. On a legal technicality he was set free and his crimes continued. Some really great cops made Ellis their personal target but were never able to bag the cunning rapist. Ellis wore a surgical mask and was always armed with a gun or knife. He always struck on Friday Night. Chicago’s media dubbed him The Friday Night Rapist.

I want to employ a director, actors, extras, editors as I pump some needed cash into Chicago’s struggling economy. There will be lots of work for off duty Chicago cops.

This struggling film producer and screenwriter must have the cash in order to open some Hollywood doors to tell the exciting story of a real American role model. Yes, Ann Leybourne absolutely deserves the honor.

You generous billionaires could do something really fine. As for any profits from the film, perhaps could be turned into a scholarship program for the children of Chicago’s finest.

Flight Attendants Are good For?

Chicago, IL—For 32 years Patti DeLuna, 61 has been in the skies serving passengers for three different airlines. The past 14 of those years have been with American Airlines.

Patti had a little secret; she knew how to do more than serve peanuts and drinks. She learned how to fly airplanes long ago.

Being a commercial airline pilot was impossible in DeLuna’s younger days because you could not get the job without being a military pilot first regardless of experience or training. DeLuna went ahead and got a commercial pilot's rating anyway in 1970 and several years later became a flight attendant.

Monday was hardly a different day for DeLuna as a mid-air medical emergency developed in the cockpit. The First Officer was stricken and unable to assist the Captain with the landing of that little Boeing 767 airship.

After an announcement for pilots on board the plane got no results DeLuna sprang into action and took over the First Officer’s duties like the pro she is. Although she had not piloted a plane for 20 years she did her part bring the plane in for a routine and safe landing.

I have a friend who is an American Airlines pilot and Captain. The good captain laments that the flight attendants for the most part have no interest in learning anything at all about flying the plane. You’d think they use their position and proximity to learn if for no other reason to assist in an emergency. My friend is absolutely correct.

It’s too bad that the glut of military pilots was not exhausted earlier when DeLuna was entering the work force. Had that been the case she’d have been a career pilot, been forced to retire because of age and would be enjoying a big fat pension check right now.

Somehow I don’t think retirement would ever suit DeLuna. She has proven that she has the right stuff.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Infuriating New Airline Baggage fees Are Only Part of the Problem

Charlotte, NC—Along with all the grief associated with today’s air travel, the airlines are not helping themselves into profitability. They are adding more reasons to avoid flying altogether.

I arrived at the airport only to learn from Delta Airlines that I must fork over an additional $25.00 fee for my 25” roll-away bag each way. It was not the money that angered me but the nickel-dime low brow treatment.

I forked over the additional payment only to see panicked passengers who have avoided the charges overfilling the overhead storage bins. Smart travelers were trying to find clever ways to beat the extra charges. Needless to say the overhead bins get stuffed full before nearly half of the passengers are let on to the plane.

Loading the plane took a significant longer time and the flight attendants began confiscating small bags of passenger’s valuables that because of a lack of space in the overloaded bins. The confiscated bags included laptops and cameras that were now in for a rough ride and also being offered up as theft targets. This clearly is needless additional trauma for passengers.

I’d much prefer the airlines simply left the baggage matters to the status quo and raised the prices accordingly. Most people try to avoid waiting for checked baggage anyway.

In the long run this new baggage scheme should and will cost the airlines even more paying customers. What a dumb idea.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Pro-Obama Thug, This Time It’s A Congressman!

Washington, DC—Watch Congressman Bob Etheridge, Democrat from North Carolina, as he violently manhandles a passive student asking simple questions on a public sidewalk.

This is nothing more than a criminal assault and battery that deserves prosecution in both a criminal and civil court.

This is the new thuggish attitude of the Socialists of the Barack Obama Administration. Yes, it reminiscent of the Brownshirts of National Socialism’s SA that brought Adolph Hitler to absolute power.

If Etheridge escapes prosecution that’s a sure sign of the Obama Administration actually is gaining that dreaded absolute power.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brady Campaign Is On The Ropes

They’ve changed their name many times but their mission is the same. They want what they’ve called sensible gun control. They’ve wanted to ban every gun in civilian homes in America. They’ve pushed their agenda with a loud voice for a couple of decades but now thankfully, they’re running out of gas.

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt them a fatal blow when they re-affirmed the Second Amendment in the Heller case. Now the Brady Bunch is bracing for another defeat with the McDonald case due any Monday this month.

More importantly the truth has emerged through the new media about the failure of gun control to do anything but empower and enable violent criminals. Before the Internet, with only the major TV networks and Leftist newspapers, spreading their misleading and poisonous propaganda was smooth sailing. Those days are over now

In the last two decades, the Right to Carry, has swept the nation as law-abiding citizens regained the right to protect themselves on main Street. That massive movement has shot big holes in every Brady argument they’ve ever made.

The Brady Bunch is now trying to sell their mailing list. The list would have value among Liberal and Left Wing causes. Frankly they need the money to keep their doors open and meet their staff’s payroll. Nobody wants to donate to a lost cause.

Even with a career gun rights hater like Barack Obama in the Whitehouse there is little chance of gaining ground against the latest edicts of the nation’s highest court. The future of gun control is bleak indeed.

The Liberals and leftists are throwing all their money to protect their incumbent Congressional candidates from being ousted. There’s nothing left for the Brady Bunch.