Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Punishment For Mary Lacy?

Okay, I told you so! Read my story of August 17th and look at the time of day I posted my predictions. This arrest of John Mark Karr was indeed an exercise in wasting time and tax money. I called this Mary Lacy’s Waterloo suggesting this might end her political career.

Over the decades I’ve had my battles with prosecutors. As a cop I would bemoan a refusal to prosecute a case as laziness or corruption. As a criminal defense investigator I nearly came to blows with prosecutors more than once over what I considered a political or malicious prosecution. Prosecutors are always in the hot seat because, right or wrong somebody is always mad at them.

There are also rogue and despicable prosecutors like Kenneth Jack Peasley of Tucson, Arizona. Peasley was disbarred for knowingly putting perjured testimony before a jury on a death penalty case. Peasley should have been prosecuted and imprisoned in addition to being disbarred.

Mary Lacy jumped the gun in her zeal to deal with a pedophile that confessed to killing Jonbenet Ramsey. On the 17th Lacy told the world she had not yet investigated her case but that there were exigent circumstances that caused her to drag Karr to Boulder. I can’t help but believe that she believed that Karr had victimized children in other U.S. jurisdictions and somebody would want to prosecute Karr if the Ramsey case was not solved.

Lacy had probable cause to instigate the arrest however minimal it was. As long as there is no evidence that the arrest was made to get Lacy, a politician her place in the spotlight, I will support her decision to haul the very creepy John Mark Karr before a judge.

It may be no small benefit that Karr is now known to millions of American parents and children alike. I don’t think many people will be entrusting Karr with their children.

Where are the DVDs?

There are so many TV shows that vanished from television. Fans were abandoned as TV executives made their fickle decisions to take away our shows. This show was pure eye candy that was always good for a gag. IT’S A LIVING, had a really special lady in the cast who stood out and that was the adorable little Cassie who was played by the incomparable Ann Jillian.

It’s time to print those DVDs!

Monday, August 28, 2006

What A Jewel I Have For My Audience Today!

I have had some real thrills in my life. One was playing a Muleteer in the play, Man of La Mancha in Scottsdale, Arizona and another was meeting and making a friend the playwright responsible for that Broadway hit, Dale Wasserman. About five years ago I introduced Dale to a fabulous version of the title song. Sung not by a man, but by a beautiful and amazing woman, Linda Eder. Dale is a little jaded in his old age and has heard a few billion people sing that song before. This time Dale really lit up because he never heard that song sung with so much energy before. Here is Linda Eder she will blow you away!

What’s next for John Mark Karr?

I predicted the results that has freed former Jonbenet Ramsey murder suspect, John Mark Karr. That twisted nut case was released from charges since extradition on misdemeanor cases never happens. If Karr stays out of California he will face no further punishment.

If as first reported Karr broke the law in Thailand he will never be extradited and escape any and all punishment there. In many jurisdictions Karr will not even be required to register as a sex offender for his misdemeanor convictions.

You ask if this is the end of the story now? Hardly, additional grief and aggravation is in store for our pedophile.

I fully expect greed to take over as parents start coaching their children into repressed memory nonsense as a way to go after school districts anywhere Karr has been employed. Cops will do their investigations, arrest and extradite Karr and start the circus all over again.

If this somehow all blows over, perhaps the very creepy, John Mark Karr will have a handsome book contract.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parole Hearing For Manson Girl In September

Leslie Van Houten now aged 57 was a murdering member of the Manson Family. As a teen, she left a life of wealth and privilege to join a cult of drug freaks. They were the Manson family that left a trail of horror never seen before or since in the Los Angeles area.

The incredible grip that Manson had of total mind control over his “family” has never been satisfactorily explained to me. These women would do absolutely anything Manson desired. There were heavy drugs in the mix that spawned this murdering machine.

Van Houten helped kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. She was a part of the cult that also killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others in hopes of starting a revolution of which they would be the only survivors. Van Houten was never known or accused to be personally involved with the Tate killings.

Van Houten was once Prom Queen material that had gone terribly wrong. Originally she was sentenced to death for her despicable acts, but that was commuted to Life with parole in 1972. She’s been a model prisoner, repentant and up for parole 15 times before. Van Houten's next trip before the parole board is set for September 7, 2006 at the women's prison in Corona, California.

While in prison, aside for renouncing Manson long ago, Van Houten has earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree. She works as a clerk in a chaplain's office and has not been the subject of a disciplinary report since 1976, for possession of marijuana (inside prison).

Van Houten later went through alcohol and drug rehab, group therapy and psychotherapy in prison. She has helped lead drug and alcohol programs for other women, including a relapse prevention program for long-time members of a mutual support group which shares experience, strength, and hope. She chairs two Friday nights per month.

Can we ever forgive the mad acts of some drug-crazed kid from nearly 40 years ago? Can she ever be redeemed and reclaimed as a human being that deserves freedom again?

Van Houten won a re-trial in the courts in 1978 and was freed on bail for a six month period of time. She never ran or garnered police attention during that period.

Call me soft or whatever you want. I say let the woman out. It’s time for her to make a contribution to our world.

Parole hearing information:
09/07/06 -VAN HOUTEN,LESLIE CDC #W13378 1:30 PM at 16756 Chino-Corona Road, Corona, CA 92878. (909) 597-1771

I found this interesting video containing prison interviews of the Manson Family by Diane Sawyer.

Update! Van Houten denied Parole!

New Policing Technique Coming To Your Department!

We all want to find the right way to do police work. Perhaps this is the answer in the new perfected police procedures coming soon to police departments everywhere!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Air Travel Torture

Are there Snakes on your plane? There really are snakes and they’re employed in airline security! These snakes are smart enough to stay off the planes and avoid the crap they force on the public.

Officials at the TSA have lost their minds. Luggage nightmares, excessive pawing and the officious attitudes by the overwhelmed and under trained TSA workers are the current standard. Add long lines and the insane confiscation of deodorant and mouthwash all creating a very objectionable and smelly experience.

Of course this is pale by comparison to the silliness that the clowns running the Airports in the UK have dreamed up. The latest threats have sent UK air travel into the Land of Oz.

There was a minor tire inflation problem on a full, Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick U.K. to Havana, Cuba. Passengers were held captive in their seats for seven straight hours as the plane simply sat on the tarmac. Police were finally sent in to quell the hostile passengers they feared would riot.

The economic fallout from this kind of abuse is destroying the tourism and hospitality industries. There is only so much torture people will be willing to accept. The idea of taking a vacation trip that begins in an airport will not be on my agenda, perhaps ever again. If I can’t walk, drive or boat to my destination, I will avoid it and the airport related torture.

This video is an attempt at humor but I see this as a sign of things to come.

Read about that Virgin Atlantic here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Do We Need Alien Felons Living In America?

Our immigration enforcement farce defies explanation. Mexico and many South American countries have exported their crime, poverty and ignorance straight to our soil. Traitors in our own government deliberately allowed this to happen as a means to create a huge economic crisis. This attack is as damaging as any rockets or bombs.

The vast majority of Americans and legal aliens want the immigration laws on the books enforced. Our government officials refuse to do their job despite our demands.

Among the millions of illegal aliens more than ten percent are convicted felons. What possible excuse could there be to not immediately round up and deport those identified criminals? I don’t think that’s asking too much of our beleaguered politicians and the bureaucrats they appoint to enforce our laws.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Musical Scenes from Cop Rock!

Yes I found more scenes from this fun but failed TV musical cop show created by Steven Bochco. Sit back and enjoy this blast from the past.
Baby Merchant

Beautiful Eyes

Garbage in garbage out

Good Life

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Ramsey Case and American Criminal Justice.

I’ve never suggested or offered anyone as a suspect for killing Jonbenet Ramsey. It’s routine in such cases to look close to the victim for a killer. The sad truth is too often we humans kill the ones we love much more often than strangers.

One or both of Jonbenet’s parents were or are the usual suspects absent evidence of a killer from outside the home. There’s just no probable cause to implicate anyone. The fact is people get away with despicable crimes everyday. Cops are not clairvoyant and too often make mistakes that lead to false convictions and or simply miss clues.

The latest Ramsey blunder is just too bizarre for my better senses. This gadfly pedophile John Karr is getting his 15 minutes he thinks will help sell his Jonbenet book as he manipulates the criminal justice system with his sick hoax.

I could easily visit L.A Superior Court in the morning and get TV news pool video for my blog. This court proceeding will shed no light on anything and is a waste of time for the media to cover.

I could also cover the press conference that is sure to be held by Karr’s unpaid former lawyers from his kiddieporn case seeking self-promotion, but they won’t be offering anything more than to proclaim Karr’s innocence. Extradition to Colorado is going to happen as this circus soon travels to Boulder.

Forgive me but rather than to fight L.A.’s legendary rush hour traffic, I’m going to sleep in tomorrow rather than face the crush of reporters reminiscent of O.J. Simpson’s first appearance in Court. Trust me I told you what tomorrow’s news was today.

Do You Want To Be The Next President Of The United States?

It’s easier than you think! First you must we well known and reasonably popular. Second you need a platform of solid rock. You can easily win if you run on a single issue, illegal immigration.

Simply take the hard line to seal the borders, locate and deport the illegal aliens with a priority on beginning with those with criminal records. Getting rid of even Green Card holding felons would be very popular and give our crime rate a break too.

Maintain this platform and you will win the largest landslide in history.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Restraint Tools For Prisoners On Airlines.

Airlines prohibit police from transporting prisoners handcuffed. To keep prisoners under control they use a leg brace on the prisoner underneath his or her pants. They can also use a locking shock belt under the prisoner’s shirt remotely controlled by officers escorting the prisoner.

It’s highly unlikely that one or both of these devices were not used on John Mark Karr for the trip from Bangkok to Los Angeles.

Leg Brace Link

Shock Belt Link

Pedophile Gets VIP treatment?

Only in America can a pedophile prisoner dine on champagne and King prawns in business class for a 15-hour trip to Los Angeles. This is unbelievable.

Read about it!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mary Lacy’s Waterloo

Boulder County, Colorado District Attorney coyly confessed that “exigent circumstances” necessitated the arrest before they investigated their case. The fear of their confessed suspect’s international flight must have been paramount in the decision to cause the arrest with the minimal probable cause based on John Mark Karr’s confession.

There are a lot of places an American fugitive can go in Asia where extradition is unlikely. Thailand has an excellent history of returning our criminals.

This is a hot news story that will soon freeze over once D.A. Lacy’s sleuths investigate the plausibility of Karr’s murderous claims. I expect this new lead to dry up as Ms. Lacy’s foes at the Boulder Police Department enjoy the failure of these efforts.

Lacy will be remembered for her failure here than anything she’s ever done in her career.

Lacy's Statement:
Aug. 17, 2006 News Conference
Statement from Mary Lacy

Good morning.

As you are now aware, John Mark Karr, 41 years old, was arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey yesterday morning at approximately 6:00 am in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Karr was living in Bangkok. He began his employment as a second grade teacher in a Bangkok international school on Tuesday of this week.

Mr. Karr has traveled extensively since leaving the United States several years ago. The District Attorneys' Office in conjunction with many other law enforcement agencies have spent the past few months locating, identifying and yesterday, arresting Mr. Karr. Much work has been done in those efforts. There is much more work that needs to be done now that the suspect is in custody. Our preference would have been to complete that work out of the public eye. That is obviously not possible this morning.

You all have many questions that you are anxious to have answered. John Karr is presumed innocent. We are rightfully constrained by the code of professional conduct and the presumption of innocence from answering those questions today.

What I can tell you in a generic sense is that in all serious cases, we work hard with law enforcement not to make an arrest until the investigation is substantially complete. That optimal situation best protects the rights of the suspect. There are circumstances that may exist in any case which mandate an arrest before an investigation is complete. The primary reason is public safety. A secondary reason is fear of flight. In short, exigent circumstances can drive the timing of an arrest. I am not commenting on the particular nature of this investigation or arrest.

There is a great deal of speculation and a desire for quick answer. We should all heed the poignant advice John Ramsey gave yesterday. Do not jump to judgment. Do not speculate. Let the justice system take its course.

Let us continue to do our job thoroughly. The analysis of the evidence in this case continues on a day-by-day basis.

What I can and very much want to share with you is a deep appreciation for the hard work, total cooperation and dedication of many individuals and agencies across this country and in Thailand. You can surely imagine the logistical difficulty of conducting an international investigation of this nature, particularly when their day is our night and our night is their day.

Our role in the investigation of JonBenet Ramsey's murder has been to follow up on all legitimate leads that we have received from law enforcement and concerned citizens. There have been many, particularly around dates of interest such as anniversaries. John and Patsy Ramsey have cooperated fully with each and every request that we have forwarded to them.

I would like to briefly introduce to you my chief investigator Tom Bennett, who continues to lead our investigative efforts. Also my top assistants Peter Maguire and Bill Nagel who have worked closely with Tom and his unit. Each of them join me today in extending our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the many individuals and agencies that have assisted us, in particular,

The Royal Thailand Police, Bangkok, Thailand
Department of Special Investigations, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Edwin Williams and Sgt. Cameron Rowe of the Roswell, Georgia, Police Department
Steve Paganucci of the Atlanta FBI and the Atlanta field office of the FBI
The Atlanta Police Department
The Cobb County Sheriff's Department
Gary Phillips, SA assigned to the US Embassy with ICE under the EPT of Homeland Security
Ann Hurst, ICE
Taekuk Cho, ICE
Dan Kelly, Special Agent with the FBI in Bangkok
Jeff Copp, Special Agent in Charge, and Tony Rouco, SA, of ICE in Denver, CO
True Rowan with OIA in Washington D.C.
Chris Sonderby with OIA in Bangkok

At every level in Thailand, law enforcement joined forces to provide 24 hour assistance to our investigators here and in Bangkok seven days a week. We are overwhelmed by the selfless dedication and hard work of these individuals and agencies. We cannot adequately express our thanks.

I also wish to thank Chief Mark Beckner of the Boulder Police Department who has offered to provide any and all assistance that we may require as the investigation moves onto home ground. We are grateful for the professional and cooperative relationships that we enjoy with his department at every level and look forward to working together.

And finally, to our man on the ground in Bangkok who has worked tirelessly for us since leaving Denver International Airport for Thailand with little more than four hours notice a week ago Monday..........thank you to District Attorney Investigator Mark Spray, come on home. Tom can use your help here. We need to get you two back in the same time zone.

Please allow me to introduce special agent Jeff Copp with the Denver Office of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement under the Department of Homeland Security.

Prime Time Confessions

What’s this really about?

I’m convinced that John Mark Karr is a nut job and not a killer. Karr is apparently obsessed with children and their murders. I watched with amazement as Karr dryly tells the international media, “I was with Jonbenet when she died." and, "It was an accident.” That sound bite is beyond belief.

My prediction is that Karr will be behind bars for several months and never match the DNA sample or be implicated by any physical evidence.

Karr’s history as a second grade teacher, kiddieporn aficionado and Thailand sex tourist makes him a prime candidate.

Sexually assaulting and killing Jonbenet Ramsey would give a twisted pedophile the highest status among the other freaks of similar ilk. Is Karr bragging to claim the status to impress other pedophiles? If John Mark Karr was starving for attention he’s in store for a lot more than his 15 minutes of fame.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Arrest Made in The Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Case

The small Boulder, Colorado Police Department was just not up to the task of this tragic murder investigation. The December 26, 1996 killing has remained unsolved and gone cold. Aside from the murder three additional people were destroyed too. Jonbenet’s parents and brother suffered untold abuse, scorn, hatred and humiliation.

Patsy Ramsey died this year from cancer, but my guess is a broken heart was the real malady that took her life. A Ramsey family spokesperson has told of an arrest in this case. So far Boulder police have remained mum on this story.

One thing for sure putting together a credible and sucessful murder prosecution now will be a real challange.

Update: The Boulder County District Attorney’s office has confirmed that a suspect that has implicated himself was found in Thailand and their investigators have traveled there to interview him. So far they’ve declined to name the suspect who is in custody on unrelated sex charges. Extradition procedures must be made and you can bet that photographers will be waiting to snap his picture in connection with his court appearances.

Suspect information: John Mark Karr, 41 of Georgia. Karr is reportedly a second grade school teacher. The Boulder DA is holding a press conference for 10:00 AM Thursday, August 17, 2006.

Additional information: I could find no history of Karr living in Colorado, however there is a time when Jonbenet lived near Atlanta at the same time Karr did. Karr has a Wife listed as Lara M. Karr who resided with him in Alabama and Petaluma, CA. Karr is not listed as a “registered” sex offender in any public list within any state of the United States.

I'm starting to have serious doubts that John Karr is really involved with the murder of John Benet Ramsey. I think I'd confess to setting the Chicago Fire if I thought that would get me out of some Thai jail.

This is what CNN is reporting...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My War and Miss Saigon

Mine was the Viet Nam War. One day in May of 1968, I received a letter from the President of the United States. It seems Lyndon Johnson ordered me into the armed forces with only a 30-day notice. I reported for duty at the induction center in Chicago and found myself beginning basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I had a job to do for my country in order to earn my Freedom and Liberty.

From Fort Leonard Wood, I was sent to Light Weapons Infantry training at the beautiful Fort Ord in Northern California. Soon as I finished that training I got my orders for Viet Nam. My heart pounded as I read the orders but I was not surprised and was resigned to my fate. Somehow at the last minute I cheated the odds and was the only lad from my company to be rerouted to Germany with new set of orders. Soon I had the good fortune to wind up as a medical corpsman in a busy dispensary.

I hate how we as a country reneged on our promise to the people of South Viet Nam to free them from the yoke and brutality of Communism. The Bolsheviks in our own Congress fought for the Communist victory as other Bolsheviks were killing my fellow soldiers in Viet Nam. I hate the direction these same Bolshevik bastards have taken this once great country ever since.

The final insult came as Siagon was falling and the last lucky Vietnamese people were evacuated from the roof of the American Embassy by helicopter. It was so painful for me to watch the deaths of 58,000 brave young American men to have lost its purpose. The enemies of our own country and way of life had infiltrated our own Congress and Government.

Viet Nam was a sad tale with only a heartbreaking ending. In some ways I’ve felt guilty for having escaped combat duty in that horrible war. Then there is that bittersweet reminder in opera form. The Madame Butterfly of my war, the incredible musical, Miss Saigon. If you’ve not seen this you’ve missed something special. I’ve seen it three times and that’s just not enough for me. It’s always an emotional experience for me to see. I found three wonderful promotional clips that I have put up for your enjoyment or perhaps just for mine. I’m not sure.

Adventures in TV News Live Shots

You never konw quite what to expext...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ready For Prime Time?

I am in this short scene with fellow Chicagoan, Joe Mantegna in an episode of Joan of Arcadia. Don’t blink your eyes and miss my mug as I take an order and serve the Chief some lemonade. This Chief does not drink on duty.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Calm Down Folks!

Three young Arab men were “caught” with 1000 cellular telephones, and jailed on really high bail. Their “crime” is alleged to be money laundering? Okay, just try to get a conviction on that one.

Officials have admitted they don’t really know what’s going on with the cell phone purchases but think something’s, just not right. Terrorists have been known to set off bombs with cell phones! Without the bombs this is really weak suggestion.

The only thing that makes sense here is the reselling of the phones for simple profit. If it’s obvious that the phones can be sold for more money than these guys paid for the phones then, what’s the beef? That’s commerce, and what our entire economy is all about!

Don’t get me wrong we need to watch for suspicious activities but I think watching whoever is buying fertilizer would make more sense.

I think that the Arabs living in or visiting this country are a much bigger threat than the Japanese folks were that we rounded up and put in camps during World War Two. Is that the next step here?

Liquid Bombs You And The TSA

Nearly the entire TSA airline security program in nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed more to provide passengers with a false sense of security. The American public has been fooled into believing that the level of inconvenience, aggravation and humiliation they’ve been required to withstand somehow guarantees their security. This is the dirty secret our government does not want anyone to know.

Liquid explosives are nothing new and were around long before airplanes were invented. The political hacks in charge of the FAA and TSA were told this and also know determined bombers cannot be stopped. There are loads of low tech ways to detonate bomb materials without cell phones, batteries and wires. The only way to control bombers is prevent all passengers, crews, baggage, and belongings from being loaded on the airplanes.

Although I’m not an explosives expert I learned a thing or two as a medical Corpsman attached to an Army Combat Engineer Battalion and also as a cop. I knew enough to know that the TSA’s bomb detection equipment could never even slow down someone that knew just what I know.

I figured several ways to defeat the TSA and bring down a commercial airplane. If I could do this certainly our enemies could too. Thankfully this also made another fact abundantly clear; that blowing up our airliners is just not that important to the terrorists.

Passenger screening and terror prevention begins and ends with real law enforcement profiling. Armed and trained law enforcement people can protect us much better than those TSA workers.

It’s also time to demand that every trained and screened cop in America be encouraged and allowed to fly with their firearms. Let’s end the TSA’s security shell game.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I’ve Become A Blogcaster

First there was the soapbox, then the printing press. Later came the radio followed by TV and the world of dialup Internet. Now with broadband there is no limit of our ability to send our message to the masses.

With Google Video, Digital Live and Youtube along with a growing list of free video hosts the computer has been the place to post or watch the blogcasts.

I began this as a blooger last December. Since then I’ve learned how to use and abuse print, photos and video all at once. Presto, I’ve become a blogcaster!

The most amazing thing about blogcasting is you can do whatever you want. Total free speech, well almost. The opposite side of this sword is that you risk offending friends, business peers and clients who will never agree with all that you put out in cyberspace.

I have instant ratings via the site counter to see what works or not. A story headline can do nothing or bring in the viewers.

Soon our television sets will all be large flat panel jobs will be primarily used only to watch sports or movies. News and most entertainment will be blogcasted and watched on laptops and desktop computers throughout the land.

What’s the bad news? I discovered putting up a really lame home video of Brittany Spears brings in a lot more viewers than a news story that affects our lives. I guess I’m in trouble when sitting in some dentist’s office, reading an issue of People Magazine and I don’t have a clue who most of the people are in all those pictures.

Friday, August 11, 2006

TSA’s War On Airline Passengers with video...

Have you had enough? If not, don’t worry you will very soon. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) patronage hacks are dreaming up new torture just for you!

Nobody in their right mind would take a commercial flight anywhere today unless they had no other choice. Taking a commercial flight now has all the glamour of flying via Con-Air. Con-Air is the nickname for the government fleet that hauls prisoners around the country. There is also a private prison version of Con-Air.

There are loads of people too frightened to fly and many more people like me that hate the degradation of being treated like a prison inmate by people with fewer credentials then that of prison guards.

How can the commercial airlines survive? This latest blow came not from terrorists, but our government’s response to a terror plot in the UK that was never hatched. The damage done yesterday is beyond repair. Chalk up yet another victory for Arab terrorists and their allies, our very own TSA.

The only winner of TSA’s, War On Passengers, is General Aviation. That’s where the wealthy must now go for humane passenger treatment. When you start your trip at places like the Santa Monica Airport you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the security line unless you’re not a paying customer. Nobody is going, prod you with their hand held metal detector, demand you take off your shoes or surrender your lip-gloss. What you will get is star treatment.

The TSA will only get worse.

How much? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. No they won’t accept your debit card!
You have two options that perhaps this video will help you choose.

The Brittany Spears Meltdown Is Complete!

Marriage and motherhood has taken its toll on Spears who will soon never have to complain about paparazzi cameras chasing here around anymore. Her young husband, Kevin Federline has insured her quick retirement from show business with this videotaped offering of their private moments.

Airline Security Insanity Must End.

Political correctness and ethnic sensitivities protects nobody from terrorists.

We are at war. The only threat comes from those we are at war with. Our enemies are Arab Muslims. To deal with this very real threat they sent in the clowns when we needed the cops.

We train the inflexible TSA clowns to disregard reality to make sure every airline passenger suffers the terrorist treatment not just the usual suspects. We allow the TSA clowns to waste time, effort and money as they treat Americans like the enemy terrorists. We just don’t have our eyes on the ball here.

The only effective security we can maintain is through profiling by professional, trained and equipped law enforcement officers. The non-law enforcement, TSA clowns we hired will never be up to the task.

Additionally we must allow trained and sworn police officers to travel with their firearms. We should encourage them with free flights or flights and greatly reduced fares.

We have never put in place an armed gauntlet of cops to deal with any group of armed terrorists that dare invade our airports. What we have in place could never stop a group of 12 well-trained and armed men on a suicide mission.

We are too busy frisking our fellow Americans to deal with the real threat from Arab Muslims.

We need help, but don’t send in the clowns… Send in the cops!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review of World Trade Center

Frankly, I could not imagine a two-hour feature film telling the story of 9/11. That was just not possible. Screenwriter, Andrea Berloff and director Oliver Stone told a compelling story. A difficult feat since the whole world knows what happened and how this ended. I expected the NYPD and NYFD folks to be skeptical of this project’s resemblance to reality.

New York is a magical place, with its great restaurants, fabulous non-stop entertainment and character. The Wall Street area where the WTC stood is like no other place on Earth. I’d been there before and since the destruction of the towers. The buildings were nothing short of majestic.

In one scene they used the unique fence around the historic St. Paul’s Chapel that still contains George Washington’s special pew. Alexander Hamilton is buried in the adjacent cemetery. During the rescue and recovery operation that was where the cops, firemen and other recovery workers ate and slept for many months. The walls inside were covered with cards and letters from, cops, firemen and children sent from all over the world. That fence was also where photos of lost loved ones and memorial material to the known dead were part of a heartbreaking display.

There are millions of stories that surround 9/11 and the thousands killed and maimed. Families were destroyed and the lives that were not snuffed out were changed forever. I’m sure that the stories of the other dead heroes were no less compelling for making a movie.

This film was about two New York Port Authority cops, John McLoughlin and William Jimeno along with their families. These folks lived the horror that most of us watched on continuous TV news coverage.

The film is a must see. The actors were wonderful with all of them carrying their weight. Maria Bello, Nicholas Cage, Michael Pena and Maggie Gyllenhaal gave Oscar caliber performances. They made this film all too real. Oliver Stone and his crew made the words on the paper script come alive. I expect that the nominations will be many here.

Yes, be sure to bring the Kleenex tissues when you go to see this one.

It was about a year ago on a Sunday afternoon that I went to Jerry’s Delicatessen in Marina Del Rey. There I met the beautiful Maria Belo, who plays John McLoughlin's wife, her boyfriend, Dan McDermott and their good friend actress, Camryn Manheim. I was minding my own business eating my pastrami sandwich when Maria and Dan’s little boy slung a spoon full of strained carrots that hit me in the head! Maria and Camryn all but gave me a shampoo and blow dry getting the mess out of my hair. We all had a good laugh. Sadly, I only recognized Camryn although Maria looked familiar. Soon I was able to chat with Maria and Camryn at a function of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

See the trailer here.

Buy A Private Jet While You Still Can.

This will be the only way you can get around the TSA silliness. Three and four hours added to each way to every flight along with unprecedented aggravations from the low wattage TSA folks who are now in siege mode. I don’t expect things to improve.

I anticipate and huge increase in corporate sales of jets and planes. There’s also a rosy picture for pilots and crewmembers needed to haul the wealthy around so they can avoid the perils of the unwashed flying the unfriendly skies.

In the meantime I will do my best to stay of airplanes. I am not afraid of the terrorists; I simply refuse to put up with the indignity and abuse the TSA will put me through.

CNN has reported American passengers crying during their commercial flights today and clapping once their flight landed safely. That's so pathetic and a sign of how cowardly we’ve become. I’m starting to be ashamed to be an American anymore.

TSA Is In A State Of Siege Today.

My pity goes out to anyone who has to fly today. The TSA will be in NASTY MODE as they ransack your luggage and belongings like Viking warriors. Self-importance of the little airport Nazis will be in overdrive in response to the latest sensational United Kingdom terrorist plot. Why do I fear the TSA screening gauntlet more than any terrorist?

Expect the body cavity searchers to begin. Do you know how much explosive can be carried in human body cavities? The answer for those that don’t know, enough explosives to bring down a 747 can be hidden inside any woman.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

At Least This Inmate Won’t Be In Charge Of The Asylum Anymore…

I’m pleased to report that Cynthia McKinney won’t be recording votes in the halls on Congress anymore. She was and is clearly a nut job that needed to be removed from the public payroll. As Gladys Knight sings, "She’s leaving, on that midnight train to Georgia."

Goodbye dear Cindy, don’t let the door hit you in the can on your way out.

Another Poor Little Black Boy Shot for No Reason By Chicago Police

Here we go again. A couple of African-American teens armed with pellet handguns pull a street stick-up near what’s left of the Cabrini Green Housing Project. Soon officers confront a suspect, 14 year-old, Ellis Woodland who produces his gun and got exactly what he deserved, a trip to the hospital intensive care unit.

Predictably a large group of neighborhood troublemakers and street gang hoodlums converged on the 18th District station to protest the shooting. The ex-convict, son of a slain Black Panther Party Leader, Fred Hampton, who is also a felon was leading the mob. Fred Hampton, Jr. was quoted, "Another black man has been shot down by the police. "Excessive force is putting it mildly. Our babies aren't even immune to this."

I see the usual misdirected anger. It’s time to recognize the culture of violence, crime and the failure of parents to steer their children away from this conduct. Instead they celebrate and glorify the behavior with pride as a part of being Black. African-Americans in places like Cabrini Green murder each other at a rate much higher than the Ku Klux Klan did Blacks since post Civil War reconstruction.

African-Americans need to change their culture in America, learn to value education and be a part of a great country. Instead too many practice their own brand of racism and apartheid, rejecting any culture that’s not lawless, violent or that involves hard work.

As for the officers, I thank God they are safe after their encounter with the armed savages.

You can see the video and read more here.

Brain dead Lawmakers In L.A. Love Gun Control At Any Price

Gun laws for the sake of making gun laws. They can’t get what they want and that’s total destruction of the Right To Keep and Bear Arms. They won’t rest until every law-abiding citizen has been forced through gun bans to turn in every gun or anything that even looks like a gun. The next best thing they can do is to stay awake nights in order to dream up some new law that would bring about the incremental end to all gun rights.

Here we go again with a wonderfully stupid idea. L.A. City Council members want to make it a crime not to report a stolen or lost firearm within 48 hours. That sounds simple until some gun owner discovers a missing firearm and can’t remember when he saw it last. Reporting the crime now may bring prosecution under this legislative abomination. What will happen? The stolen gun will now never be recovered and police will never get the chance to arrest the criminal for theft of a firearm.

Upon the expiration of 48 hours and one minute the hapless gun owner can’t be forced to report anything. Why you ask? Because the Fifth Amendment, absolute right against self-incrimination kicked in ending any requirement he had to report the theft. Now we have unintended consequences. The theft will never be reported.

If anything the government should do everything to encourage reporting the loss or theft of firearms. If the lawmakers could stick to making laws that affect criminals rather than the law-abiding they might someday reduce crime and violence.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Only In California Can You Cash In Because You’re A Convicted Sex Offender!

The latest California insanity is for convicted rapists and child molesters to sign leases, move into apartments and then inform their new landlord they’ve been convicted of rape or molesting children.

What happen next is truly amazing! The sex offenders offer to move out for a cash settlement usually in the thousands of dollars. The chagrinned landlords actually pay this legal extortion for fear the word will get out to the other tenants of their new neighbor. The landlord have little choice in the matter.

California does not allow landlords to use past criminal sex offenses to deny housing to potential tenants. California's Bolshevik politicians don’t want the poor sex offenders to suffer more punishment than state law dishes out on theses dangerous deviants.

Why Do I Think This Sniper Monster May Be Innocent?

I have a huge problem accepting the theory handed out by police that 33 year-old Dale Shawn Hausner is a serial killer. Hausner does not live in the world of intrigue and paranoia and is proving to be really a sociable fellow.

Having a full time job at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for nearly a decade, Hausner also was working part time as a photographer and bartender. When you add that he’s involved with a cable access TV show and cares for his own pre-school daughter where could he find the time to stalk and kill strangers?

Police ballistic evidence will be either non-existent or very weak since a shotgun was apparently used in the attacks. This case will be won or lost by a battle of surveillance videotape and data from gasoline purchases and cell phone records.

Today Hausner gave a jailhouse interview and freely answered all questions until his court appointed Public Defender, Garrett W. Simpson got there and gagged him, shutting down the chat fest. Hausner's demeanor was as straightforward as I’ve ever seen in over 30 years.

The press conference law enforcement officials gave last Friday announcing the arrest of monster snipers was very reminiscent of the Litchfield Park, Arizona, Buddhist Monk Massacre of the early 1990s. In that case too, police officials spent more time congratulating themselves for their horrible police work than offering evidence.

Four boys from Tucson were framed and put through months of pure Hell as prosecutors demanded the death penalty. In the end the Tucson boys were vindicated and freed. The boys also lightened the Maricopa County treasury by many millions of dollars.

The immediate evidence to justify the arrests will be found in search warrant affidavits and police reports. We can count on the officials hiding these documents only if their case is really lame. If they have real evidence they will shout about it from the rooftops.

I predict officials will hide everything from public view opting for a secret Grand Jury Indictment instead of a public Preliminary Hearing to make their case for probable Cause.

I’d ask County Attorney Andrew Thomas to tread carefully here and shut this down quickly when the evidence just doesn’t add up correctly.

Watch the interview here on the KTVK-TV website,

Stupid Fireman Tricks!

Here are some firemen with too much free time, a clothes dryer and a cell phone video camera try out for a Darwin award.

It’s The Media And Their Pundits Who Are Running Our Wars!

With the unprecedented instant coverage of the Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Israel conflicts, our Television media has the ability to influence our government like never before in history.

The media pundits are pulled from huge lists and used depending on what the news editors want our government to do. Tell me it ain’t so, Joe?

Politicians care about one thing, re-election and will do anything to please the media. That’s why we need term limits more than ever. It is true and downright spooky.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Old Bolshevik Is Really Dead…

His reign of absolute power over the island nation of Cuba has ended. Castro’s cronies want to hang on in their world where the dictator’s incumbency is guaranteed by raw power and support from other Communist nations and too many Communist leaning American politicians.

It was our own Leftist politicians that provided protection for the Castro regime by making laws that prohibit the Cuban ex-patriots from assisting in the overthrow of that despot. The laws created to prevent the American government from killing foreign tyrants were the brainchild of Castro’s Communist allies who are or were members of the United States Congress.

Three weeks ago a Cuban friend alerted me that short wave radio traffic suggested that Castro had died. Apparently that has been a popular and persistent rumor.

This time the radio traffic was different. It was based on sighting of crying women and solemn government bureaucrats in and around Castro’s residence. My friend is not sure that Castro was even still alive to undergo the reported surgery last week.

The Cuban government’s silence today is deafening as the Bolshevik bastards called up their reserves and went into high military alert to deal with an anticipated insurrection led by Cuban folks wanting an end to that hideous form of government and the leftovers of the current regime.

I Played My Last Slot Machine

I’ve never been much of a gambler. I don’t think I’ve ever risked more than $110.00 on games or slot machines. When in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Indian gaming casinos I would give in to the temptation of watching the coins in my pocket disappear into those, hypnotic one-armed bandits. The sound of the coins dropping into the machine’s payout bowl makes great for music and excitement.

In case you don’t know as of a couple years ago, all of the gambling Mecca’s slot machines have gone to the new IRS friendly paper system. That’s right! No more sound of the coins dancing in and out of the Machines. The thrill is all gone for me and I thank the casinos for helping me keep my coins at times when I’m stuck in the Las Vegas airport.

I’m really glad the wage grabbing IRS can get their money from the fools redeeming their winning vouchers. I just don’t play anymore…

Monster Sniper Does Not Fit The Profile Of A Serial Killer

The art of behavioral science is a lot older that that popular Thomas Harris book and later film, Silence Of The Lambs. That of course is the concept of building profiles of the kind of suspect that would be responsible for a crime. Scientists have been trying to learn about what makes killers and criminals. The theories are numerous but the real facts are elusive. However, the fruits of modern police profiling efforts have resulted in stopping many serial killers in their tracks.

Killers responsible for the types of crimes such as stalking and shooting strangers bring to mind certain traits and demographics that become a common denominator or profile to help cops. These Phoenix sniper suspects, Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman don’t really fit the mold. Especially when examining Hausner’s background. Hausner is way too social and involved in too many productive activities unlike most serial killers.

I’m drawn to the concept that Truman Capote outlined in his book, IN COLD BLOOD. In that tale of woe, experts believed that the two killers alone could not be capable of their horrible crime. But when the two different personalities were combined that mixture created a third very volatile and monstrous result.

Somewhere in all this hocus-pocus, six innocent people were murdered and scores were wounded or otherwise traumatized by these crimes. If the law enforcement officials are right in their assertions that Hauser and Dieteman are the killers. It’s clear that the pair somehow became addicted to hunting their fellow human beings for sport. Apparently we all live in a very dark world.

Will we ever be able to find, isolate and manage the crime gene that can control the human mind? The fact is nobody will really care to learn from this duo but will instead put them both on the fast track to getting lethal injections at the Florence Arizona Prison Death House.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Police K-9 Killed By AN Officer

Police K-9 Killed By AN Officer

Yes, I love dogs. They are nicer, loyal and certainly make our lives richer. Some dogs like Seeing Eye, helper or police K-9s have real jobs that they live to perform. I don’t know what went wrong here but I’m sure it was no small heartbreak for the handler of “Dago” today.

Here’s the sad tale of Dago from WLS-TV in Chicago.

I have my own wonder-dog, Gypsy. She’s a private eye K-9. No she she’s not a trained killer she’s just a wonderful friend.

Monsters Have Been Found And Arrested In Phoenix!

Monsters, not suspected monsters but REAL MONSTERS according to officials now stand accused of being behind the killings and wounding of numerous innocent people over the past year. I’m amazed to see these law enforcement pros risk creating huge adverse, pre-trial publicity blunders here.

These authorities claim to have now linked these monsters to the killings of six people and wounding of 17 others, mostly pedestrians and bicyclists, since May 2005 in the "Serial Shooter" case.

This morning Phoenix politicians and law enforcement held a half hour Love In where they said that two men in their custody were monsters. I say Love In since they spent no less than 25 minutes saying how wonderful they and their efforts were to apprehend the monsters. The two monsters were spotted on surveillance video connected to a area Wal Mart arson cases by BATFE agents.

The two, so-called monsters are Dale Shawn Hausner, 33 and his Pal Samuel John Dieteman, 31 are in the police confessionals (interrogation rooms) as we speak. Will they be smart enough to say, I want a lawyer? Nah, that’ll never happen.

Dale Hausner is a photographer and bartender who has his own website where he mugs with boxers Bernard Hopkins, Mike Tyson and others. Hausner has been in local Phoenix courts for a slew of traffic violations. Hausner was also convicted of shoplifting and failure to appear in court according to Peoria Arizona City Court records.

Dieteman had his share of traffic citations and was wanted on an outstanding shoplifting warrant from the Glendale City Court.

Hausner's website was shut down so here are a couple of photographs...

Boxer Mike Tyson and Hausner

Boxer Bernard Hopkins with hausner

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is Boss Harvey Levin A Cyberspace Troll?

I’ve only met Levin once and that was last October when was being launched. Levin is a sharp lawyer, promoter and TV producer. is a website/blog not unlike Crimefile. The difference is a staff of two-dozen seasoned photographers, producers and webmeisters in the TMZ stable and the non-stop popular Hollywood gossip. TMZ’s content along with well paying sponsors keep TMZ afloat. Crime Guns and Video Tape is still just a labor of love.

The Mel Gibson DUI/Jew baiting rant is Levin’s hottest story yet. For Levin this is his breakout and vindication as the Captain of the TMZ ship. Levin’s job is to continue throwing gasoline on this bonfire and make TMZ a household name.

Is Levin hurting an alcoholic for his own gain? I don’t really think so. I see this outrageous event ending in a huge love-in where Gibson comes out healthy, wealthy and wise from the hype. America likes to forgive the high profile repentant.

In the very end TMZ's Managing Editor, Harvey Levin will somehow make Mel Gibson even more popular and sell more tickets to his movies.

Gun Hatred making National News

This was no news story. However some editor thought this was somehow newsworthy. Okay it could hazard if the wrong person found the item. Anyone please tell me how it any worse than someone leaving keys in a 3000 pound automobile that the wrong person may drive away? Here nothing happened but some Associated Press newsbunny’s imagination ran away with the possibilities here. The moral of this story may be that Glock 21 is a poor substitute for toilet paper. My suggestion is your newspaper may work better for that purpose!

The “story”…

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Law Enforcement Sikhs Turbans And Terrorism Video

For more than 35 years I’ve been close to a Sikh family that emigrated from India and continued here. The family name is Singh, which does not provide much information since all Sikhs are named Singh. Sikhs have demonstrated their discipline, bravery and loyalty in various military units throughout the world. I actually met a U.S. Army (Indian born) Sikh drafted just like me in 1969 who was allowed to wear his turban while assigned as a medic. He made sergeant really quick.

Sikhs only make up three percent of the India population and are one of the more peaceful cultures in the world. The men are not supposed shave or cut their hair. They must wear turbans, a bracelet, called a kara and they are also supposed to always carry a dagger called a Kirpan. The Kirpan is in conflict with many weapons laws throughout this country. I’m really not sure why since I’d always trust a Sikh I’ve never met before, any day over a strange American.

I’ve had the great fortune to be a guest in India and have seen much more than American tourists ever do in that emerging and productive country.

The infamous events of 9-11 have brought disgrace on some turbans, but not the Sikh turban. Since the Sikh religion began 600 years ago the Muslims have targeted the Sikhs for murder and torture. Sikhs are truly a kind and peaceful group that deserve our protection and friendship. The Sikh turban is different than those we’ve seen on the heads of Arab terrorists.

This short video shows some of the problems in New York City.

Here’s a street stop video for you!

The citizen you're contacting here says, "But, I’m her daddy…" And you're response is, "Yeah, sure you are!"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The L.A. County Deputy sheriff that arrested Mel Gibson is Jewish

This makes the Gibson’s tantrum story much more understandable. It was Gibson’s angry reaction once he learned he was getting arrested. Nearly every cop in America has been the target of those personal, verbal attacks where the drunk driver throws every insult under the son at us. Deputy James Mee who is Jewish was on the receiving end of Gibson’s offensive rant.

Gibson was and is a big shot in Malibu and as such felt he should be immune from arrest, at least in his own mind. When Gibson was not getting out of being arrested he acted like a spoiled kid. This also explains why this arrest and the conduct was leaked to and published worldwide.

The four pages of Deputy Mee’s report that published was obviously designed to make a case for the tabloids rather than the court. The other side of the coin here is that anyone who tries to offend a cop does so at their own peril. It’s fair to say Gibson got what he deserved. Usually the goofs we arrest who pull this crap have nothing to lose and nobody ever cares what they call us. This time it was very different.

Gibson's war of words was directed at one cop, not evry Jew on the planet. That does not make this right but understandable. Gibson was not simply going home but to a jail cell at least for a little while.

Gibson has taken responsibility and profusely apologized for his temper tantrum. I think that Deputy Mee also sees that his anger may have influenced his handling of this arrest. There is no winner here.

The Wrath Of Hollywood Jews Blacklisting And Collateral Damage

Hollywood is the land of dreams. Hopeful writers, actors, producers, and an entire food chain of artist wait sometimes years for a chance to work on a worthwhile film project. ABC had recently green lighted a mini series that revolves around a pair of lovers trapped during the Holocaust.

Some 25 years ago there was another TV mini series called Holocaust that launched the careers of at least two of today’s mega actors, Meryl Streep and James Woods. I personally know too many actors and writers that are on the verge of living in their cars in order to fulfill their dreams of entertaining their fellow man. For the lucky ones, they finally receive an offer for their first big break that they’ve sacrificed so much to win.

Imagine you’ve waited years for your chance and your new project involves actor/director Mel Gibson and ABC cancels your job. Now you won’t get the chance to put food on your table. Apparently that’s exactly what’s happening as ABC exacts retribution against Mel Gibson for his drunken anti-Semitic rant.

I want to ask ABC and Rabbi Marvin Heir, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group that asked that this project to be cancelled to please reconsider blacklisting Mel Gibson. Why? Because of the collateral damage that will be done to so many other artist’s livelihoods that were intended to work on a meaningful project.

Forgiveness would send a much larger message to the wealthy Gibson and bigots everywhere that blacklisting him while punishing innocent and needy artists can never accomplish. I ask, if being a Jew means that you never have to forgive anyone?

Here is more directly from Mel Gibson: Tue Aug 01 2006 11:10:45 ET

August 2, 2006 -- There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of Anti-Semitic remark. I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a DUI charge.

I am a public person, and when I say something, either articulated and thought out, or blurted out in a moment of insanity, my words carry weight in the public arena. As a result, I must assume personal responsibility for my words and apologize directly to those who have been hurt and offended by those words.

The tenets of what I profess to believe necessitate that I exercise charity and tolerance as a way of life. Every human being is God’s child, and if I wish to honor my God I have to honor his children. But please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith.

I’m not just asking for forgiveness. I would like to take it one step further, and meet with leaders in the Jewish community, with whom I can have a one on one discussion to discern the appropriate path for healing.

I have begun an ongoing program of recovery and what I am now realizing is that I cannot do it alone. I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display, and I am asking the Jewish community, whom I have personally offended, to help me on my journey through recovery. Again, I am reaching out to the Jewish community for its help. I know there will be many in that community who will want nothing to do with me, and that would be understandable. But I pray that that door is not forever closed.

This is not about a film. Nor is it about artistic license. This is about real life and recognizing the consequences hurtful words can have. It’s about existing in harmony in a world that seems to have gone mad.

Read about the blacklisting here.