Thursday, January 25, 2007

How To Wash Your Cat

Meet my little friend Nerak the cat. Cats get dirty and sometimes they too need a bath. Cats hate water except to splash around and make a mess. Nerak is way too tough to bathe. I found this instructional video in case I ever have to do that deed.

Erickson Case Figure Up For Re-Sentencing

Chicago--Two Deputy U.S. Marshals were killed during a wild 1992 escape attempt by bank robber Jeffrey Erickson. One was retired Chicago police officer Harry A. Belluomini and fellow marshal Roy Frakes.

Now an accomplice to the escape, Robert Burke is being re-sentenced for his part in this horrible crime. The family of hero, Harry A. Belluomini is asking for assistance from fellow coppers to let the trial Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer the gravity and impact of this crime on this close-knit police family and the entire community.

Below is a letter from Belluomini’s family:

Re: Robert BURKE 01CR1049

We are asking for your help, in writing letters of concern to Federal Judge Rebecca PALLMEYER, who will be presiding over a re-sentencing hearing on March 7th, 2007, regarding convicted federal prisoner Robert BURKE.

Our father, Harry A. BELLUOMINI was a retired Chicago Police Detective working at the Dirksen Federal Building for the U.S. Marshal Service, when on July 20th, 1992 he was shot and killed by Jeffery ERICKSON, an escaping bank robber. ERICKSON had used a smuggled handcuff key to release his handcuffs. He then disarmed a Marshal’s intern, shot and killed Deputy US Marshal Roy FRAKES, and shot our father, all occurring in the basement of the Federal Building. Our father was able to return fire before dying, mortally wounding ERICKSON. ERICKSON realizing that he was dying, took his own life on the ramp leading from the basement to Jackson Blvd that fateful afternoon.

During 2005 Robert BURKE was convicted of supplying the handcuff key, that facilitated ERICKSON’S attempted escape. (BURKE had been a fugitive, before his arrest, hiding in England before his extradition.) Judge Rebecca PALLMEYER presided over this trial and sentenced BURKE to the maximum penalty allowed by law. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction, and suggested that the case go back to the trial judge for possible reconsideration of the sentence.

We are asking that letters be sent to Judge Rebecca PALLMEYER, requesting that her initial sentence be maintained, and that BURKE be sentenced again to the maximum allowed by law.

Please address your letters as follows:
U.S. Probation Office
219 South Dearborn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60604

With heart felt thanks,

Police Officer Karen BELLUOMINI-BLANC, assigned to Unit 050,
Police Officer Michael BELLUOMINI, assigned to Unit 059, and
Police Officer Anne BELLUOMINI, assigned to the 025th District.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Myspace Lawsuits And Personal Responsibility

Adults and their children are posting their personal photographs and information on MySpace and a similar websites. Predators take advantage of these poster’s naivety and victimize the posters. What a surprise! Criminals case the Internet just as the case homes to burglarize or otherwise invade.

The very same people who put locks on their homes freely post vast amounts of personal information including their sexual preferences for every stranger in the world to view. These same people now want to sue because they became victims of crimes such as sexual assault.

The new American way is get courts and juries to compensate really stupid people to sue who thoughtlessly set themselves up for victimization. Of course suing the criminals involved is out of the question since they rarely have the ability to pay money for their crimes.

These victims are going after the website that allowed them to post their personal information and lure their attackers! While they’re at it they should sue all the software and hardware manufacturers that made these crimes possible. Perhaps they can sue their own parents for wrongful birth too.

When you seek out fame and fortune in any medium you really waive rights to privacy and risk your personal safety. Just ask any accomplished actor, writer, professional athlete, politician or entertainer. Many of these people can’t take the heat their fame brings them.

Fame also attracts unwarranted hate and stalkers. John Lennon, Rebecca Schaffer, Alan Berg all paid an ultimate price for placing their lives before the public. Politicians in every country on earth are frequent targets for bombs, bullets and custard pies.

Hopefully these cases will never make it to a jury but instead are stopped by judges recognizing MySpace and similar websites have no legal duty to think for their customers or police the World Wide Web.

The plaintiff’s lawyers are banking on juries feeling sorry for theses bimbos and taking money from the wealthy website owners to make these pathetic victims feel better.

MySpace is not your mommy, nanny or bodyguard. Anyone including bloggers that put their pictures, personal information and their opinions online may pay a huge price for doing that. It’s something like riding a bicycle in public. We have to obey safety rules both written and unwritten and watch out for crazy drivers.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BLA Cop Killers Nabbed After 36 Years!

SAN FRANCISCO- 51 year-old, Sergeant John V. Young was murdered on August 29, 1971 during a racist attack on a police station.

The police station was emptied of officers who had responded to an earlier bombing at another location, two men entered the police station and stuck a 12-gauge shotgun through an opening in the bullet proof glass that separated the waiting area from the rest of the police station. The suspects fired between five and ten shotgun blasts, killing Sergeant Young and wounding a civilian employee of the department. Both gunmen then fled from the station house and into a waiting getaway car. Both suspects were later determined to be members of the Black Liberation Army.

Now eight suspects were arrested and charged in connection with Sergeant Young's murder. Advances in forensic investigation and renewed efforts to solve cold cases netted this group of urban terrorists.

Tales of Chicago’s own Count Dante And Many More

Robert Cooley is a former Chicago cop turned lawyer, turned fixer, turned FBI mole-government witness and finally an author. Cooley’s book, When Corruption Was King will make a great feature film that will keep giving sequels or even a TV series.

Cooley’s saga is something you just can’t make up. The Chicago cops working through the 60s, 70s and 80s all lived this story. Cooley documented the murders, the fixes and the deals that were all way over the top.

Chicago’s First Ward politicians along with the Mob controlled the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County courts despite the presence some untouchable officials. Cooley helped unravel many criminal conspiracies.

Was Chicago finally cleaned up you ask? Chicago ain’t ready for reform. Many of the old crooks were made of Teflon and, new crooks replaced the old crooks.

Is Cooley a rat or a bad guy gone good? You’ll have to read his book and see the movie to find out.

Cooley just gave this video interview:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bob Lind Is Performing In California

I received an e-mail this morning from the talented songwriter/singer Bob Lind. He’s returning to the Bolshevik Republic to finish filming a documentary. Along the way he’s making some appearances where you can see him perform.

Lind is most recognized for his fabulous 1960s hit Elusive Butterfly. I wasted no time in making a reservation for one of these shows:
Friday, February 16th -- San Francisco
The Smile Concert
Appearing with The Aerosols and The Music Lovers
3223 Mission
San Francisco, California / 9 p.m.
Info: (415) 550-6994

Sunday, February 18th -- Altadena
2029 N. Lake Ave.
Altadena, California / 7:00 p.m.
Reserve early!
(626) 398-7917

Wednesday, March 7 -- Buelton
The TALES FROM THE TAVERN concert series
appearing with Devon Sproule
The Taproom at Firestone Walker
620 McMurray Road
Buelton, California / 7 p.m.
Info: (805) 688-0383

Bob Lind wants to line up at least one additional concert in the L.A. area South of Santa Barbara. It’s too bad I don’t own a concert venue…

Here is the latest gig!
Saturday, February 24
McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
8 p.m.

Here are a two videos I posted earlier showing both the young Bob Lind and the current one.

Here he is as a kid doing the song!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Covert Weapons And Officer Safety

My Friends at Second City Cop recently called attention to a website alerting officers to the potential threat of hidden weapons they may encounter out on the street.

Weapons possession by the law-abiding should never be a crime but unfortunately too often that's the case in cities and states where politicians voted away the Second Amendment. I have no problem with most or all of the things shown on this site and recognize that normally law-abiding folks will employ some ways to hide needed self-defense weapons. Legitimate self-defense or carrying weapons should never be a crime except for convicted felons or criminals carrying or using them during the commission of a crime.

Our law enforcement officers have a real risk from every kind of assault or threat. These items are rare but officers can never become complacent. Every officer needs to follow his or her training, be aware, and safe.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

FREEDOM WRITERS ExposeThe Crisis In Our Schools

I went to the Westwood, California premiere of the new film Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank. Actor and funnyman Danny DeVito produced this film that’s based on the true story of Long Beach California teacher Erin Gruwell and her somewhat rowdy students.

Already some of the teachers are complaining that this story is out of context to realty and that there was nothing-special going on in Gruwell’s class. I somehow expected that along with condemnation from the teacher’s unions where mediocrity in teaching is maintained at all cost.

I began to think about my own teachers in Chicago schools. There were the popular teachers but only a tiny percentage of them were in anyway inspiring. If teachers are not excited about the subjects they teach how the Hell can they inspire the kids they’re teaching? I could count the teachers who inspired me on two fingers. American teachers for the most part get a D or an F for inspiring their students.

Erin Gruewell different is different because of her energy, inspiration and the excitement she generates as a teacher. I was able to interview most of the stars of this film asking all of them the same question. The answers were the same. I pulled out young actor Dominic Daniel’s interview and put it here because it best proves my point. Actors all must be able to read and comprehend better than most people in order to play their parts well. Getting an agent and making it in Hollywood is a huge challenge. Those that succeed make millions. Wyatt is well into a great career and he told me very clearly how he arrived to this point.

Also I talked with Erin Gruwell herself and you can watch her respond to my questions.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cop Killer Executed

Huntsville, TX--Yes, I hate the death penalty even for convicted cop killers. My biggest fear of an innocent man being put to death does not apply here. Tonight Jonathan Moore, 32 was strapped down to the table and put down like a bad dog. Before he died he looked his victim’s widow, Jennifer Morgan in the eye and said, "It was done out of fear, stupidity and immaturity. It wasn't until I got locked up and saw the newspaper; I saw his face and smile and I realized I had killed a good man."

Moore went to his death with both grace and dignity after he repeatedly apologized for killing a young San Antonio police officer, Fabian Dominguez, 29 who interrupted a burglary in 1995. Moore was only 22 years old when he put in motion an ugly 12-year ride to Hell for himself.

More acknowledged that he was a disappointment for his family and friends. Not even this execution will reverse the severe damage and grief caused by an insane criminal act. For some strange reason I find comfort that Moore has been freed from his demons. If there is redemption perhaps Moore has been forgiven.

As for capital punishment it may be kinder to the killers than a lifetime in a cage with other convicts. This adds up to two young lives wasted as now two families suffer.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 2007 SHOT SHOW In Orlando

This is the place were what’s new is really not so new. Old firearms are repackaged as new and improved versions.

First and foremost I have to explain why I brought back no video. Having to travel by air across country is torture because of the TSA weenies. I refuse to allow these jerks to abuse my video equipment for any reason. Las Vegas is a lot closer and I can drive there with my equipment next year.

A learned friend of mine summed up today's firearms industry. The last exciting thing to improve firearms was the inventions of the cased cartridge and smokeless powder. That was nearly a century ago. The only improvements since have been in sighting systems and ergonomics. Technology has just not brought much in the way of improvements. The 1911 .45 ACP pistol is as old as it’s name and is still being manufactured today more than ever. When you think of it my friend is absolutely correct. With all the hype we use to talk about new guns that arrive on the scene you’d think we found something really new when it’s nothing more than the same old stuff.

The law enforcement section of the SHOT SHOW is where it’s happening these days but the wares there are fully automatic weapons, silencers and alike. These were the law enforcement tools that were kept out of cop’s reach for public relations reasons for decades.

This SHOT SHOW was like the quiet before the storm. The Democrats have taken over both Houses of Congress and there are no Second Amendment protectors in sight willing to run for President in the next election. Gun owners are complacent again letting their NRA memberships expire giving gun-rights haters a green light to bring us additional gun bans.

New Device Will Save Cop’s Careers

I’ve never been a fan of the Taser stun gun. They are a public relations nightmare in too many cases. The Westwood, CA, November 2006 UCLA library incident is an example where an 18-year veteran officer is battling the threat of unwarranted civil litigation. This in a land where the jury pool is polluted with extreme, Liberal cop haters. As for the UCLA officer’s continued employment, I suspect that’s shaky too in an academic institution top-heavy with the Liberal elite. The Taser carries the reputation with it of an ugly American past where cops used cattle prods on African-Americans to gain compliance in Southern states.

Personally, I would not have used the Taser in that UCLA incident only because I fear the predictable outcry and circus especially when applied to an unruly minority group member. Nobody seems to care that the UCLA case like so many others only injured the pride of the so-called victim.

At the Orlando, FL 2007 SHOT SHOW, I met with Taser representative, Jay Keyhoe who is a Connecticut cop. Keyhoe showed me a somewhat new accessory for that Taser device. The Taser Cam is a small digital video camera that captures all of the behavior and sound from the suspect. Because of the built-in microphone the entire verbal exchange is fully recorded too. This device will would perhaps end any and all questions as to how and why the Taser was used.

I knew that Taser intended to offer the camera nearly two years ago but I have not seen that concept materialize until now. The Taser International website does not yet show this offering. Taser does have a full-page photo ad featuring this on the back cover of this months POLICE magazine.

I suspect that California’s goofy law against surreptitious audio recording even when it’s your own conversation will interfere with deployment of this accessory in that state. The device can be altered to collect only the video if necessary. There is a law enforcement exception to the law that may well allow that audio recording. Security people would not be exempt from that law.

I think that this camera apparatus will go a long way to defuse incendiary and misleading descriptions of the use of the Tasers in the future. I anticipate this will save officer’s reputations, jobs and taxpayer dollars used for defending bogus lawsuits.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Crimefile To Visit Shot Show In Orlando

I will be on assignment at the largest gun show in the world. It’s the 2007 SHOT SHOW. You may just find me around the Eagle Grips Booth. I don’t expect to be posting until the following Monday. Stay safe!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Oprah Tapes

Yes, I’ve heard the rumors for years. My Chicago copper friends have told me about responding to The Oprah floor of her North Michigan Avenue highrise where Oprah had some over the top quarrels with her live in boyfriend, Steadman.

Oprah is an unquestioned success at business and leading legions of Oprah Zombies through her TV show/ministry. Some have told me that Oprah runs her, Harpo Productions, Inc. like a cult and does not mirror the persona she portrays on television.

Now the cat’s out of the bag on the “Oprah Tapes” after a Georgia man was arrested last month by the FBI in connection with an elaborate extortion conspiracy. Apparently not every Harpo employee fell under Oprah’s spell or this would not have happened.

Now Oprah can count on the dark side of her life getting full exposure. It’s going to be interesting to see if Oprah’s Zombies will still be around after the revelations.

Here is the latest information from the AP.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Brady Campaign Has It Backwards

Some seriously mixed up folks run the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. This outfit has been screaming for “sensible gun laws” since the day they were spawned. Sensible gun laws is Brady code for a total gun ban. They only want to ban guns that are too small, too big, and too powerful or shoot ammunition.

Their propaganda somehow suggests that their ideal laws will somehow make people safer from violence and bloodshed. To support their efforts they have graded every state and the District of Columbia in their report card they publish on their website. The states with the highest rate of violence always lead with the highest marks for Brady choice gun control. Somehow the Brady fools think their favored gun laws reduce violence.

Why is it that the states geeting failing grades from Brady are the safest most crime free states and the ones getting the top marks have out-of-control rates for crime and violence? The restrictive gun laws in the most violent states have been there for decades.

No, I did not make this stuff up. You can check their website yourself.

The states getting high marks from Brady:
Illinois: A-
New York: B+
California: A-
District of Columbia: B
New Jersey: A-

The states that received failing grades from Brady:
Vermont: D-
Utah: D-
Wyoming: F
North Dakota: D
New Mexico: F
New Hampshire: D-
Idaho: F+
Alaska: F+
Maine: D-
Montana: F

I simply ask anyone concerned with their family being exposed to violence and the dangers of crime, what states do you think are safer places to live?

Even a broken clock gives the right time twice a day. The Brady people are never right.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A video To Show You What’s New In TV News

It’s not very pretty, but it’s cheap. At the level of your local TV news we are in the new age of the Backpack Journalist, Video Journalist or the One Man Band. The news organization sends one person to do the work of four. He or she also must edit the video for broadcast.

A full news crew for a properly done story is made four professionals. A reporter, photographer, soundman and a field producer are the minimum most network news shows send to cover a story. Details and perfection are the constant goal of these well-paid journalists that bring news stories into your living room.

With the information explosion of the Internet and cable news the TV news audience and revenue has been reduced. Along with that the well-paid and glamorous TV news jobs are not so slowly vanishing. Reporters are being invited to do the job of four people for the same or even less money then they were making before this crisis.

The VJ or OMB has to learn all four jobs and do them all and the results have not been very impressive. They are sent out with much cheaper hi-end consumer camcorders that only cost a fraction of the professional industry standard. In fairness these cameras do remarkably well in the right hands.

Who are the best-qualified candidates to fill these new jobs? They are all posting right now on Youtube and Myspace. Today they are filming themselves setting fire to their farts and bringing us those Mentos and Diet Coke offerings.

The goal is to get more VJs out to cover more stories. Here is a video made by some less than enthusiastic news folks who will show you how this new program really works.

Musicians Threaten Air Travel Safety

The dopes that run our TSA are at it again! If you are not smart enough to work in the fast food industry the TSA will hire you for a management position.

Things are not any better in Europe when it comes to common sense or real security for airliners since they follow our lead as in monkey see, monkey do.

These days musicians are refusing to travel because too often their prized instruments are no longer allowed as carryon baggage. Many of the instruments are priceless and irreplaceable. The result we will be fewer artists touring here and our musicians will not be playing in Europe.

I can’t accept that these goofballs running airline security can’t just leave these fine folks and their valuable instruments alone.

What will it take to get the American public to reign in and cut funding for this out-of-control government agency? This is not an issue of public safety but one of petty power and government insanity.

Why is a musical instrument somehow safer in checked baggage? Are the airliner cargo holds somehow bomb proof? You can read much more about this issue here.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

They strung him up now what?

A bunch of bloodthirsty Muslims tried and now have hanged their vicious fellow Muslim, Saddam Hussein. So what was the advantage? How is anyone better off?

When Hussein was in charge people died in acts of revenge and downright wanton murder. Hussein was in the jug for the last three years and now has been tied up and hanged while bloodthirsty Muslims never stopped killing each other at the same or a greater rate.

We wanted Hussein dead because of Crimes Against Humanity. Since when have Muslims been humane to anyone, let alone each other? If that’s the reason to Hang Hussein there is not enough rope to hang all the other Muslims that deserve the same fate.

Talk about an impossible mission, pacifying Muslims is truly unattainable. Why are we trying to deal with this wild bunch of cutthroats? They are only doing what’s natural for them.

I don’t support the Bolshevik politicians that hate George Bush but I don’t want one more American kid killed or maimed in Iraq. I say bring them home so the natural population control there can resume. The fewer Muslims on this earth make things safer for everyone else.

I only have one question. Had we not invaded Iraq would Iraq have gotten into another war with Iran and caused elimination of many more violent Muslims? I think that would have been a much better solution to have several million fewer Muslims.

Oprah Opens $40 million School In South Africa

Oprah has the right to do what she pleases with her considerable wealth created here in America. Oprah’s choice to donate a King’s ransom is half a world as children suffer just a few miles away from her Harpo Studios in Chicago is mind-boggling.

Too many of Chicago’s African-American kids are being raised by drug abusing, shiftless trashy parents who would steal anything and everything donated to their kids. How about a fully staffed 24-7 safe house where children could go to eat free meals, sleep, shower, get clean clothes, play, watch TV, use computers and study in a safe environment where adults are not allowed other than staff members.

I don’t want to suggest South Africa’s poorest children don’t deserve a break but what about the kids in Oprah’s back yard? Since Oprah made her money here taking it to South Africa is un-American to say the least.

Perhaps protecting some of our own kids could translate into success stories where our own disadvantaged children could escape the cycle of bad influence, drugs, and violence. I can’t help but believe that many children may just grow up with a chance to break the welfare dependant mold of their parents.