Saturday, April 28, 2007

There Are Eight Million Reasons For Gun Rights

Meet Jack Rhodes, 44. New York police say he’s the man who was caught on tape beating and robbing a 101 year-old woman, Rose Morat.

People who commit atrocities like Rhodes now stands accused of deserve to be stopped cold in the act of committing their crimes.

Quoting from that old TV series about the NYPD. “There are eight million stories in the Naked City and this is one of them.”

Read about his arrest here

Information on that great TV series, Naked City.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Utah Allows Guns On College Campuses

The lovers of the Gun Free Zone concept must really hate Utah. The gun-rights haters will scream that gun carrying students and faculty members will leave a trail of dead bodies wherever they go.

Allowing the law-abiding sane and sober folks to be armed on campuses will promote safety rather then be a threat. More armed good people can and will overwhelm the evil ones.

Read about Utah here.

Spector Trial Has The Day Off

The Phil Spector trial won’t resume until Monday.

I though I’d share this new photo of “Phil Spector” that popped up in Cyberspace courtesy of someone who does not share my take on this case. This was too good not to share with my readers. Somebody has too much time on their hands...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spector Lawyer Guts the Prosecutor

Left to right Roger Jay Rosen, Phil Spector and Linda Kinney-Baden

Spector’s lead lawyer, Bruce Cuttler has his brash style but leading the charge in the defense opening statement is Linda Kenney-Baden. Kenney-Baden specializes in forensic evidence matters that will make or break this case. Kenney-Baden shot the prosecutions theory full of holes and promised to deliver a who’s who list of forensic experts that will make it clear to the jury that Lana Clarkson died by her own hand.

Linda Kenney-Baden is an gifted lawyer, author and happenes to be the wife of leading forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. So far this attorney has made an impressive splash into Spector’s legal nightmare. Kenney-Baben has the right stuff to satisfy any CSI influenced jury members. She has a knack for explaining complicated scientific evidence with short sentences and simple words.

Today the tables turned in the Spector trial circus. Folks you heard it from me Phil Spector is going to get his life back.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spector Trial Is Theater Of The Absurd

Prosecutor Alan Jackson’s opening statement was a redundant litany of Spector’s 67 years of failed relationships with women. Ancient accusations of gunplay were hammered over, over and over again to taint the jury. Are these incidents even relevant? Perhaps if these claims were more recent than decades ago and they resulted in successful prosecutions that would be admissible evidence. The fact is these events did not rise to the level of prosecution when they happened, if they happened. Judge Larry Paul Fidler is way off base by allowing this garbage to pollute the fact-finding process.

Perhaps more relevant to this inquiry are accounts of the alcohol Spector may have consumed. That’s really the only offering of tangible information about the event made by Jackson. Jackson claimed the excited remark attributed to Spector by limo driver Adriano DeSouza. DeSouza has less that a sufficient command of the English language placing anything he claims to have heard in serious doubt.

Spector seems so alone, nervous and frightened as he listens to the prosecutor's fifth-hand accounts of these stories. You could clearly see Spector wince and shake his head no as Jackson droned on trashing his reputation. Spector knows full well that he is on the wrong end of Fiddler’s flawed ruling. This as the prosecutor administers the poison to the jury which is intended to deprive Spector of his right to a fair trial. My first impression is that this is going to be trial of celebrity gossip.

Alan Jackson pulled a slick maneuver to keep out the helpful tape recorded statements made by Spector to police. It remains to be seen if legal doors open to allow the tapes to be played.

Defense lawyer Burce Cutler was a real bull in the china shop as he had a way to let argument creep into his opening statement, which wont finish until tomorrow. I suspect Judge Fidler plans on taking Cutler to the woodshed first thing in the morning. I will be amazed if Cutler can avoid being held in contempt of court before this is over. I can only say RAH! RAH to Cutler!

Say what you will about Spector he’s never injured anyone let alone kill them.

Phil Spector Finally Gets His Day In Court

Finally four years after the tragic death of 40 year-old Lana Clarkson a jury will try and determine if this event was the result of a crime. The murder trial of Rock and Roll pioneer, Phil Spector begins in downtown L.A. with opening statements from the prosecution and defense.

Opening statements is where the lawyers for both sides make a contract to deliver evidence to the jury. Will these lawyers be able to deliver what they promise? Over the next month we will watch this madness unfold as Spector’s entire life is put on display.

The dead woman’s drug and alcohol abuse along with her mental state will be explored. This entire circus is being brought forward by the Los Angeles County DA. It’s not the defense that is causing the memory of Lana Clarkson to be exposed.

You can have a front row view unobstructed by TV personalities spinning the evidence. Watch the entire circus right here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big Gun TV News Producer Seated On Spector Jury

As the jury selection is nearing completion the big buzz is about a person selected that lists his occupation as a high profile TV news producer. Apparently this journalist’s duties caused him to gather information about the Spector case. The defense has not run scared and allowed the journalist to stay and judge Spector. The defense is obviously totally convinced the facts and evidence will clear the legendary record producer of charges he murdered the beautiful Lana Clarkson.

Many legal experts say this is risky for the defense, kind of like seating a cop on the jury. I suggest that a journalist will be more inclined to deal with the facts and not guess his way to a verdict.

All along I’ve said the facts and evidence are on Spector’s side. The same cannot be said for thirty-year old allegations made by people who had failed relationships with Spector. Judge Larry Fidler has allowed ancient accusations that were not deemed worthy of a court intervention back then to be tried in his courtroom today in order to sway the jury on the current matter being examined.

In the end we will find that this prosecution was a giant waste of taxpayer’s money and that Spector was outrageously victimized by the system. My safe bet is that Spector will walk free and live out the remainder of his life, watching strangers pointing their fingers at him wherever he goes. Our world is far from a perfect one.

Watch complete trial coverage via live video right here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay so I like cats... That video

When I see this cat pounding the ivories I think of my own little Willie. Willie likes the computer keyboard and surfs the Internet for Kittyporn. But now the little guy is old and feeble. If Willie wants a little pussy he needs a megadose of Viagra.

Yale Bans Realistic Sword Props For Theater Production

Understanding the Liberal mind has become a major challenge. As the UK began an insane program demanding that citizens turn in their knives our own Yale University administration is out to top that program.

In response to the Virginia Tech slaughter, Yale has banned the use of realistic prop swords in their theater productions. I have a serious question. Are Yale’s administrators suffering from acute paranoia or are they just abusing too many illegal substances?

I guess Shakespeare is way to violent for these gentle souls. When they do Romeo and Juliet, will Yale University rewrite the classic to have a kinder and gentler ending? Will the love struck duo do themselves in with a pair children’s colored plastic blunt tip scissors instead of a dagger?

No, I did not make this up. You can read about it right here!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unbelievable Liberal Madness At Boston’s Emmanuel College

We all know there is a difference of opinion as to how gun control played out at VT and the horror there last week. We may be divided on the issue of how to stop these things but we all agree that the senseless violence that took the lives of the innocent victims was indeed beyond horrible. Boston’s Emmanuel College fired professor Nicholas Winset over this four-part video. So much for the free flow of ideas in a college that’s been turned into a Communist reeducation camp.

A news story about this college insanity is here

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anatomy Of Mass Murder At Virginia Tech And Gun Free Killing Zones

This twisted kid, Cho Seung-Hui was beyond hope or help and needed a very long rest at the laughing academy. Nearly everyone at every level failed to do the difficult and intervene for the safety of all involved.

The well-intentioned gun haters prevailed in their quest to make VT a Gun Free Zone. That effort sent a loud clear message to all of the Cho Seung-Hui clones that VT’s policy was their best possible accomplice. The school and government disarmed and tied down the victims so Cho Seung-Hui could murder them without any resistance.

Cho Seung-Hui could have killed many more if he used common gasoline or propane gas as his murder weapon instead of a gun.

Many hundreds of million dollars later the Brady background checks have not improved anything. We know that the checks prevented the sale of firearms to Americans who somehow failed or forgot to pay a parking ticket. Criminals steal guns, buy guns from other criminals, simply lie on the Brady application or use phony identification to buy guns from licensed dealers.

This event has caused both sides of the gun control debate to put their helmets on and jump in their bunkers. This time the people who were agnostic about gun control have seen the all too real mistake of putting their personal safety in the hands of government instead of using much more reliable self help.

When deciding whether to surrender your personal safety to the campus cops, unarmed mall security and undermanned local police the lesson here is a harsh one. We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves for that task. This event above all others makes self-help the only dependable choice.

Shifting the blame from nut-jobs, criminals and terrorists to the gun has not nor will ever remedy the failure of government to remove the likes of Cho Seung-Hui from society.

As Liberals wring their hands and dream up more ways to turn our entire country into a Gun Free Killing Zone, this horrifying event has already made an impression on others just like Cho Seung-Hui who will now seek their own 15 minutes of fame. We now know that the Columbine killings influenced Cho Seung-Hui to murder 32 innocent people and maim many others.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

He Is Exactly Why Law Abiding Americans Need Guns And Gun Rights

This mutant slipped through some serious cracks in our system and was allowed to kill students and faculty member of Virginia Tech. This of course, in the softest possible target area, a GUN FREE ZONE where self-defense is a crime.

Mental Health Records Privacy Threat To Public Safety

We have all watched the horror show at Virginia Tech and its aftermath. The torment, heartbreak and litigation will go on for decades yet to come.

There are those that what to blame gun rights in America for this but much larger mass murders were committed with gasoline or fertilizer bombs. There is far more to preventing this kind of carnage than those futile efforts to control the sale of lethal materials that kill.

Cho Seung-Hui was a frightening fellow that raised the eyebrows of students, teachers and even his parents. Despite two separate stalking complaints, reports of odd behavior, a commitment by a judge and efforts by his own parents to get him treatment there was no serious intervention.

A few decades ago our mental hospitals were overflowing with troubled people but today’s society lets troubled people like Cho Seung-Hui wander the streets. New and “enlightened” thinking brought the change in how we deal with the mentally ill folks in our society.

We claim we want to keep guns out of the hands of maniacs but we refuse to provide the names of those people who threaten our safety to law enforcement. There is no way for gun sellers or anyone else can determine if a person has been diagnosed with mental disease. We rely on the buyer’s representations on a gun form. The fact is that Cho Seung-Hui lied on his gun application.

This really is not about gun or gun-rights but simple public safety. We must remove twisted souls like Cho Seung-Hui before they do these things. Law enforcement must react swiftly to behavior issues related to mental health.

Mental health professionals must be forced to report to law enforcement the names and data on people receiving treatment or those who need but refuse treatment.

Most importantly all Americans must be able to defend themselves from criminal, maniacs and anyone who threatens their safety. You can’t make those well intentioned and ineffective gun bans that hold down the law-abiding so that they can be victimized by the Mental Health Records Privacy Threat To Public Safety.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Silliness Of Gun Free Zones Never More Evident

We need more answers about alien VT killer, Cho Seung-Hui's mental health questions. He may well have falsified his #4473 gun appliciation form. His removing a serial number from a firearm is a felony as is possession of a defaced firearm. Assault and murder with a firearm is also a serious crime. All the gun laws in the world won’t deter determined criminals. How will a so-called Gun-Free Zone do anything at all but provide opportunities for criminals and maniacs?

The only way to stop people like the VT mutant is with superior firepower. The folly of the Gun Free zone is evident.

Okay gun-rights haters give us YOUR solution…

Austin Texas Tower Hero Ramero “Ray” Martinez

When Ray was a young off duty, Austin Texas Cop he raced to the Texas Clock Tower when he heard about the armed rampage of Charles Whitman in 1966. Martinez along with officer Houston McCoy and the aid of one armed civilian, Alan Crum (pictured at right) heroically entered the tower and killed the crazed gunman ending that bloody siege.

Ray Martinez does not buy into that Gun Free Zone crap and has nothing but praise for the many Texas Civilians that helped keep Whitman pinned down with fire from their hunting rifles.

I met Ray more than a year ago in Houston and took this picture of a fine hero. It was real a pleasure to me this fellow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bloodbath at Virginia Tech Gun Free Zone Soft Target

The numbers keep rising of the dead and injured. This story will unfold as always that a flake or felon went on a killing spree. So far about 50 innocent people were shot by the gunman.

The real question I have is could this mutant been stopped by an armed citizen early in this bloodbath? Sadly the answer is yes.

There was the University of Texas Clock Tower incident in Austin with Charles Whitman in 1966. Soon Whitman was being shot at by many Texas, Bubbas with high-powered hunting rifles. The armed Texas Bubbas saved lives by keeping Whitman down in defensive mode. Oh yes, Whitman was shot and killed by an armed civilian hero, Alan Crumb who was with the young, hero Austin Cop I met last year named Ramiro Martinez. Armed civilians saved the day in Austin.

Gun Free Zones only work to create and maintain soft targets.

Breaking News-Another Gun Free Zone killing.

They had this battle when they created a so-called “Gun Free Zone” at Virginia Tech. They punished at least one student who had a valid concealed weapon permit and successfully fought efforts to legalize self-defense at this school.

This morning a gunman entered a dorm and killed at least one student and he’s loose at this hour on the campus. How many defenseless people must be murdered in these Gun Free Zones” before the gun-rights haters jusy go away?

Legislative effort to address this problem failed after they punished a student with a valid concealed weapon permit for mere possession of a handgun.

The suspect has been arrested. There was an earlier incident here involving a spree killer and his history is quite a read!

I think it's time to legalize self-defense at this and other colleges in our nation.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Racial Slurs By Imus And Others In America

Yes, racial hatred is ugly and those who use racial slurs in a hurtful manner are ignorant jerks. But now I have to ask, what ever happened to the idea that stick and stones make break my bones but names will never hurt me?

We as a society have given in to way too much sensitivity and political correctness. We have placed far more importance on people using racist language. By doing that we also made those words far more shocking and hurtful.

Every ethnic group on this earth has been the target of bad humor and insults. Ignorant statements attributed to Don Imus, Mel Gibson and a few others just don’t deserve the attention they have received. Giving such importance to people making racial invites even more such statements. It’s time for all of us to lighten up, thicken our skins and ignore these unimportant people.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

July 4th 2007 Is The Day All Drug Fugitives Can End The Drug War

There are millions of people wandering American streets who are wanted by police. We have a huge and unsolvable problem. Just in the state of Pennsylvania alone there are 1.4 million fugitives and we have absolutely nowhere to put them.

The failed Drug War has fueled this dirty little secret. The vast majority of the fugitives are wanted for drug violation or violations of probation or parole connected to what else but more drug violations.

The system is broken beyond repair and lost in the mix of that vast abyss of fugitives are arsonists, forgers, robbers, rapists, burglars and of course killers.

If all the people wanted on drug related arrest warrants picked a single day to surrender our entire criminal justice system would collapse. There would be no way to provide the judges, prosecutors, public defenders or jail facilities to deal with this mess.

Overwhelming and breaking the system can do what many in this country want, to bring an end to the American Drug War once and for all. I’d pick July 4th 2007 as the day to force the issue. Remember the courts are closed this day and the jails, and prisons would be way undermanned. Total amnesty for drug offenders is the only possible fix for this unusal kind of protest demonstration.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Friendly Fire Fells Career FBI Agent In New Jersey

52 year-old FBI Special Agent Barry Bush was accidentally shot and killed by another agent duiring a surveillance operation on a group of three suspects wanted for robbing several banks in central New Jersey.

Bush was in a car that tried to block one suspect acting as a scout for his accomplices outside the PNC Bank in Readington, New Jersey. A van full of agents pulled up next to the suspect's car, and one of the agents accidentally fired his rifle as he exited the vehicle.

The FBI and legendary Director, J. Edgar Hoover were victims of their own over-promotion. They have given themselves an undeserved reputation as an elite and superior force with training that is somehow far beyond that of mere policemen.

The effectiveness of police combat techniques are shaped by a combination of training and actual field experience with violent and near violent encounters with dangerous criminals. Hoover was a world class PR man who could have made millions with ad campaigns. The public’s perception of FBI agents, have been formed by over playing their shootouts with bank robbers. Local cops deal with many more bank robbers than all of the FBI’s finest.

FBI agents for the most part really don’t become involved with that many dangerous criminals. Their prey is a more often older White Collar criminals these days. They arrest more people for nothing more than simply lying to them during interviews. Martha Stewart and crooked politicians are just not known for violent encounters.

Street cops on the other hand get superior firearms training and lots of experience with violence at every level of arrest they make. Cops have to use their side arms nearly every day. Thankfully they can control these encounters and rarely ever have to even fire a single shot. Crossfire scenarios are the constant companion of street cops and not FBI agents.

An even more horrible and tragic event took the life of rookie Special Agent Robin Ahrens in Phoenix

If you look at FBI line of duty deaths in recent years you can quickly see that they have had more than their share of mishaps involving their own firearms. FBI agents just don’t have the street crime experience and it shows. I think perhaps FBI agents need to spend a few months interning in a hot local police district as part of their training.

On its face this latest case looks to be an act of negligence, but without all the facts I’m withholding judgment until I know more.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Police Profiling In Harris County Texas Tags Bubba

What’s the “Bubba profile” you ask? Just that, it’s some red necked, White boy with a pick up truck and a gun that is singled out for selective enforcement. In Houston the cops and prosecutors are out-of-line as they make their own law that supercedes all other law in this East Texas land.

Most cops claim to be in favor of gun rights as they earn their brownie points by arresting people for petty and even unwritten gun law violations. Government prosecutors must present all cases in court. You’d think between the cops and prosecutors some common sense and discretion might prevail. That’s just not so in the Houston area where some cops and the Harris County D.A. have placed their own warped judgment above the law.

The Federal and Texas Constitutions have mandated rights to keep and bear arms. In recent years the Texas Legislature have debated and relaxed gun laws that have either dubious value or no impact on crime or criminals.

To combat abuses the ACLU has come forward to help “Bubba” from victimization. That’s right, the same ACLU we all hate, that is, until we need them!

There’s something else very troubling in Houston where Charles A. Rosenthal Jr., the district attorney of Harris County, which includes Houston, astonishingly argues, “The presumption of innocence does not make the person innocent.” I guess they don’t need no stinkin’ Bill of Rights in Houston.

You have to read this story to believe it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Fellow Deserves A New And Bigger IPOD

This cool photo and story was found on Flicker the photo sharing website. I copied the information accompanying this photograph. The good news is that a young man is safe tonight, but Apple needs to replace his Ipod without charge for the free advertising.

“Photos sent to me by my friend Danny with this caption:
My wife’s uncle works in a military hospital and told me about this. It’s pretty amazing. Kevin Garrad (3rd Infantry Division) was on a street patrol in Iraq (Tikrit I believe) and as he rounded the corner of a building an armed (AK-47) insurgent came from the other side.

The two of them were within just a few feet of each other when they opened fire. The insurgent was killed and Kevin was hit in the left chest where his IPod was in his jacket pocket. It slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Fortunately, Kevin suffered no wound.”