Friday, November 25, 2011

Information Needed On Scottsdale Justifiable Homicide

Scottsdale, AZ—The November 10th fatal shooting behind the CVS pharmacy at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads is still under investigation by the defense team headed by Phoenix attorney, Richard D. Gierloff.

There are still unanswered questions about battery and used golf cart store proprietor, Paul “Tom” Pearson, 50 (DOB 02-17-61), his habits and business dealings.

Don’t assume for a second that the information you may possess is already known. Please, out of simple fairness and necessity please share it with the defense team.

Thomas' personal vehicle sported a dealer’s plate registered to his battery business that is a licensed motor vehicle dealership. The problem is they were not selling cars. Such use of a dealer’s plate is in violation of state law.

There are many unanswered questions bout Pearson and why he used his own three-ton vehicle as a deadly weapon threatening David Appleton for nearly two miles in busy Scottsdale traffic.

Please contact me at the phone number or e-mail address you will find right here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scottsdale Police Released the 911 Tape and Initial Reports on Scottsdale Justifiable Homicide

Scottsdale, AZ—As soon as Scottsdale police arrested long time lawyer David Appleton, sordid half-truths, lies and damn lies began to surface. The arrest was not backed by any evidence of a crime.

A detective simply refused to accept the only living witness’ account of the violent assault and justifiable use of deadly force. The evidence shows that the dead man Paul “Tom” Pearson was responsible for his own sudden demise.

1. The dead man was felled by a close to contact bullet wound to the chest.
2. Blood was observed on Appleton’s driver’s side door at on the ground with the fatally wounded assailant.
3. The dead man reportedly told his cousin over the phone that he was chasing someone that ran a traffic control device. That conversation ended with the dead man making a challenge, “You won’t shoot me with that gun!” That challenge was made as Appleton’s attacker had his massive hand squeezing his throat.
4. Police falsely stated there was no sign of injury or the attack that Appleton told them about. Police covered-up the fact that Appleton’s torn shirt and ripped off buttons were located and impounded for the crime lab by police.
5. Pearson’s wife Vicki told police that her husband had called her telling her he was coming straight home from work. She told police she did not understand why her husband would pass their home at Los Gatos and Pima Roads and continue for another mile to the CVS store.
6. Rather than take Appleton to a physician police simply diagnosed the 59 year-old lawyer as uninjured. Symptoms of strangulation are easily observed by any qualified physician if they would bother to have him examined.

Arizona’s Castle Doctrine allows deadly force to be used against anyone trying to enter or extract a person from a motor vehicle they occupy. Pearson’s criminal assault resulted in his death.

This is nothing more than a sad tale of a highway bully taking his rage out on a smaller and older man. Had Pearson simply been able to control his temper and make that turn into the Los Gatos development where his family was waiting for him he’d still be alive today.

Listening to the 911 call made by Appleton tells volumes about how he responsibly did all he could to help the man that attacked him after he was felled by a single shot.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Scottsdale Justifiable Homicide, an Analysis of a Tragedy

Scottsdale, AZ—I must say every driver has experienced the rude or inconsiderate motorist make offensive or even dangerous maneuvers. Many of us feel there’s never a cop around when you need one. The urge to take the law into our own hands is one that fortunately passes quickly for most of us.

The event of November 10th at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads killed one man and changed the life of another forever. Valley Battery, and used golf cart shop proprietor Paul “Tom” Pearson, 50 apparently became angered at a maneuver of David Appleton, 59 a lawyer. Pearson chased Appleton North on Pima Road passing his by own home on Los Gatos for more than a mile. Pearson caught up with Appleton who fled into the strip mall containing a CVS store to hide from Pearson. That failed when Pearson quickly located his prey.

The larger and younger Pearson quickly exited his vehicle and aggressively charged up to Appleton’s driver’s side car window. Pearson grabbed Appleton by his shirt and throat effectively strangling the older man. Appleton produced a small revolver to deter the younger, obviously athletic and larger stranger. When the sight of the gun did not seem to faze Pearson, Appleton’s options ran out and a single gunshot felled Pearson.

Under the Arizona Castle Doctrine, the law is clear citizen’s have the absolute right to use deadly force to end efforts to invade the motor vehicles they occupy. That right also allows the use of deadly force to prevent any attempts to forcibly extract occupants of a motor vehicle.

Scottsdale police suggest that Appleton was the aggressor despite the fact that the lawyer’s shirt was ripped and buttons were torn away. When police arrived they found Pearson unconscious but still clinging to life next to Appleton’s driver’s door.

Scottsdale police have refused to turn over the 911 tapes of this incident to the media. The withholding of this vital and public information is both curious and suspect

The detective interviewed the cooperative lawyer and without an additional eyewitness, surveillance video and chose not to believe what he was told.

Appleton has no history of violence or participation in contact sports. He’s a scholarly man who does his combat on paper in legal briefs or in courtrooms. Appleton was obviously very afraid of the bully who was choking him. I guess the homicide detective that decided to arrest Appleton went to a different police academy than I did.

Pearson’s temper got the best of him and that lapse cost him his life. More than that, Pearson’s failure left his beautiful wife Vicki along with his three daughters to fend without him forever. I can tell you for sure that these fine young women are in Appleton’s prayers and will be for the rest of his life.

There is no crime here on Appleton’s part but nonetheless; this is a life-changing event for this senior lawyer.

For now this case will be under the watchful eye of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. They must carefully review the results of the Medical Examiner and toxicology reports, crime lab findings and other evidence to make a final determination whether to bring a criminal charge.

Both Pearson and Appleton have strong supporters and right now emotions are high on both sides. This will all be decided on the simple words of Arizona’s Castle Doctrine that spells out the justifiable use of deadly force.

There is a strong lesson here for every motorist. Courtesy can be as contagious as is a great smile. Anger has no place on our highways.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Murder Charges Dismissed Against Scottsdale Lawyer David Appleton

Phoenix, AZ—David Appleton has had a very rough and expensive week. Last Thursday night the 59 year-old lawyer was chased down Pima Road by an angry driver who cornered him behind a drug store, jumped out of his vehicle and attempted to strangle him. Appleton apparently produced a .38 revolver in an effort to halt the attack. When the sight of the gun had no effect on his younger assailant a single shot ended the life of an angry, Paul “Tom” Pearson.

Scottsdale police refused to believe Appleton’s claims of self-defense and arrested him on murder charges. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office reviewed the known facts and physical evidence and found there was insufficient evidence to support the charges. Prosecutors motioned the court this morning to dismiss the direct complaint.

Should the Scottsdale police find enough evidence for probable cause they may bring it forward to prosecutors for prosecution. For now Dave Appleton is free.

Everyone in the defense side of this case including David Appleton recognize the sorrow that Pearson’s wife and three daughters are going through right now. I think it’s fair to say that Pearson had a good side that his family and friends will miss. I hope that his family is able to move on and experience success and love that Pearson surely would have wanted for them.

There is a lesson to learn here and that’s to try and ignore those drivers that irritate all of us. Arizona gives motorists the same protection and people have in their homes. Deadly force can be used to prevent crimes and assaults in cars as well as homes. Conflict avoidance is always the best policy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Scottsdale Police Investigation of Road Rage Homicide is Lacking

Scottsdale, AZ—Last Thursday nights fatal shooting at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads outside of the CVS Drug Store needs further investigation.

With minimal evidence cops chose to arrest long time Scottsdale lawyer David Appleton, 59 for murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Paul “Tom” Pearson, 50. The facts are that Pearson took offense to Appleton’s driving and decided to chase down and assault the older lawyer.

Apparently Pearson selected the wrong person to place in a martial arts sleeper hold. The lawyer was lawfully armed with a .38 caliber revolver and shot his assailant in obvious self-defense.

Appleton is not without friends that know he is a gentle and reasonable man. These folks met me at the scene of the shooting to speak of for their friend.

Additionally these folks also expressed sadness for the dead man’s family saying this tragedy did not have to happen if Pearson simply let pass whatever driving failure he had witnessed. You can’t simply reach through the driver’s window and choke out every crappy driver.

The question remains if County Attorney Bill Montgomery will follow through with a prosecution of David Appleton. You can indict a ham sandwich for anything these days but fairness must prevail.

Here is the video from the scene:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Arizona Lawyer Charged With Murder, But Was It Justifiable Homicide?

Scottsdale, AZ—Long time lawyer Dave Appleton, 59 apparently called police for help because a motorist had chased him and threatened him with a motor vehicle. The chase ended in a fatal shooting at a CVS pharmacy parking lot at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads @ 7:30 PM.

The aggressor, Paul "Tom" Pearson, 50, attacked Appleton through the window of his Toyota SUV. Soon thereafter the Pearson lay dead from a single gunshot. Police grilled Appleton for hours and finally charged him with Second Degree Murder despite a claim to self-defense. Appleton told police the younger man was trying to strangle him.

I’ve known Appleton for 25 years and found him to be a bookish and gentle soul. He is hardly a combatant and I know him to be reasonable and anything but aggressive. He’s not the kind of guy that would flip off another driver with a middle finger or look for trouble. I can't imagine him hurting a soul unless he was in fear of his life.

I suspect that a lot of people know about the dead assailant and I’m asking for any and all information that would assist Appleton in getting a fair trial.

It will take a while to get the toxicological report that would disclose what was fueling Appleton’s attacker.

If you have information about Paul Pearson by all means e-mail or call me. You can even leave a comment with a way to contact you and I won’t publish it. I will forward the information to the proper place.

Appleton is being held on a draconian $500.000.00 cash bail requirement and is due back in court on November 17th @ 8:30 AM.

Appleton being a lawyer should have known better than to talk to the police but he is a cooperative kind of guy. It might have cost him everything. Never talk to the police if you must use force to defend yourself or a family member. I'm on my way to Scottsdale and will get to the bottom of this case.

West Covina Cops In Hot Water For Film Making

West Covina, CA—In this Los Angeles suburb, there is a major scandal! It seems actors wearing police uniforms, driving city owned cars made a little spoof film and posted it on YouTube. Real cops are suspected with involvement in this major transgression.

The city’s politicians were not amused and began an investigation. The beef is the “misuse” of city equipment and working without a film permit required for commercial productions.

I’m sorry, I see don’t see anythinging wrong unless there is a legitimate victim. This should happen more often especially since the equipment and software is so inexpensive and easy to use. No this film won't make it to the Academy Awards any time soon but the film makers are learning and may just make it there someday.

Just so you know the gunshots were simulated with the special effects of Final Cut Pro software.

In case your wondering, I had nothing to do with this film. That’s my story and I’m stikin’ to it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning How To Stop Chicago’s Government Extortion Games

Chicago, IL—The city I was born and raised in has become tyrannical and oppressive. Crooked politicians have turned taxpayers into a human ATM machines enslaving them. The time for resistance is long overdue. The best form of resistance is for taxpayers to remove themselves from the city radar.

They can only own you if you let them so why would you allow that? In the coming weeks I will tell you how to force these crooks out of your pockets. You can make life miserable and impossible for your slave masters.

Let me begin by telling anyone charged with any city ordinance offense to demand a jury trial. Juries won’t convict you any faster than today’s judges but if everyone demanded a jury trial the courts would collapse in a single day. Chicago’s officials could not begin to handle that kind of overwhelming pressure.

You can vanish from the extortionists that are out looking for new ways to rob you through their raw power. Stay tuned right here and you will see your magical powers! Watch the short video below:

Monday, November 07, 2011

Conrad Murray Verdict Is In

Los Angeles, CA—The loonies are all over the Criminal Court Building at 210 Temple Street. This is the location of many high profile trials that attract idle and pathetic people who apparently need to get a life. They chant, carry signs and demand guilty verdicts and punitive maximum penalties. They absolutely have a First Amendment rights to show their ugly ignorance.

Anyone observing a criminal trial who would pray for a guilty verdict or cheer if one was reached needs serious mental health treatment.

The jury has deliberated on this Manslaughter trial less than three days. We are all trying to fathom what the jury has guessed who was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. The verdict will be read at 1:30 PM Pacific time.

The verdict is Guilty--November 29, 2011 is the date for sentencing. Judge remands Murray to custody pending sentencing even though he may well get probation.

I have to ask what defense lawyer would allow a client suspected of a serious crime to be interviewed by police? It was Murray's own words that caused this conviction. NEVER TALK TO THE COPS UNLESS YOU LIKE PRISON.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Gun Grips can be Sexy! Spice up you personal protection!

Carol Stream, IL--In this Chicago suburb Eagle Grips is making incredible choices for gun owners. There is no compromise on materials used. Check out the latest material for your personal protection. You can set your own style and watch your friends copy your lead. Kirinite is the latest material employed by Eagle Grips to dress up your handguns.

James Bond would always be as stylish as possible, How about you? Watch the video below!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Welcome to the Fascist Republic of America

Washington, DC—Today American’s educational system has replaced history and political science with pop culture. We are doomed to repeat history especially when our friends and neighbors don’t know what’s transpired before they arrived.

Communism/Socialism has been romanticized and legitimized by our educators despite the brutality, misery and despair it has brought nation after nation. The same educators won’t tell you about executing people fleeing from Communist/Socialist governments or taking the children of couples away for adoptions with strangers based on rumors that they were planning to flee.

If you ask our Leftist educators about Adolph Hitler or the Nazis you will be told the big lie that they weren’t Socialists. The first thing Hitler did was to redistribute the wealth. The word Nazi replaced National Socialist.

You can’t have Communism/Socialism and a Bill of Rights like we claim to have in America. Marxists say they are all equal but the government does not answer to anyone and the preferred party faithful wallow in decadent luxury while the people starve. Frankly a good Communist/Socialist is a dead Communist/Socialist.

In China today the super rich never pay a dime in taxes while those who must work to survive are simply slaves. Communism/Socialism is nothing less that legalized slavery.

Socialism is supposed to be the kinder, gentler form of Communism. You can’t maintain Communism or Socialism without fascism. Privacy, freedom of speech and due process protections is always the first targets of Communist/Socialist politicians/dictators.

To get the masses to accept our police state, fear is the primary tool. Frightening the citizenry claiming constant terrorist threats, works. History always shows humans will trade liberty for the mere illusion of safety and security. But soon the government terrorizes those same citizens much more than they could ever imagine.

The citizens of Communist/Socialist nations soon become too frightened to demand that their freedom be returned. That’s when the Socialist politicians/dictators brag that they have a 100% approval rating.

In Socialist nations there is never a division of opinion in their administrations. Dissension is always dealt with in secret mass graves.

Today Homeland Security is spreading fear everywhere through propaganda as they take control of every form of travel. They want you to believe everything they do is for our own safety. The real problem is we need protection from Homeland security, that fascist bitch, Janet Napolitano and her army of unwashed and unemployable TSA thugs.

We can either resist Barack Obama and his appointed traitors or live in a world that even George Orwell could not envision. Beware that behind Obama is an army of would-be Communist/Socialist dictators and many of them are in the Republican Party.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The official Crimefile Review of, “THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY”

Los Angeles, CA—Former Chicago police, Area-6 Burglary dick Dennis Farina took on a great role and has knocked it out of the park. Farina has been a successful actor ever since he consulted with movie director Michael Mann on the film Thief. Farina got a bit part in the film and former Area-6 Robbery sergeant Chuck Adamson wound up a somewhat meatier role as a corrupt Chicago police sergeant (a big stretch-not!)

Adamson went on to be a screenwriter until he passed away a couple of years ago in Oregon where he retired.

Farina never forgot where he came from and still attends copper’s retirement parties and funerals.

I was lucky enough to see a screening of the film and have a chat with Farina after the film. At 68, Farina is still in rare form and seems ready to take on the world.

As for the film associated with Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater it was a dream vehicle for Farina. The story was penned and directed by Joe Maggio. The film was shot in an incredible 19 days. Needless to say it was all Chicago through and through.

Farina’s character Joe May was an ageing small time hustler who returns from an extended Cook County Hospital stay after surviving a bout with pneumonia. May is a man with few friends and an estranged son. There are of course his acquaintances and a former partner who retired in an assisted living home.

May returns to his low rent apartment of 40 years, only to learn it was rented out to a young single mother, Jenny (Jamie Allman), and her adorable pre-teen daughter, Angelina (Meredith Droeger). May’s property was sent out to the trash by the land lord and he suddenly finds himself homeless and too proud to ask for help.

Jenny is involved in an abusive relationship with a control freak thug who just happens to be a cop and a collision course is set in motion.

May is in the struggle of his life to re-establish some kind of relevancy and to maintain his dignity. May’s search for work is aggravated by his age but he puts one foot in front of the other and moves forward. His search takes him to a sleazy and nasty underworld boss played by Gary Cole. Enough spoiling of the plot here so I will move on.

The real muscle of this film is that is about real people with real problems and emotions that must be faced. There are no special effects, expensive sets with the usual Hollywood eye candy. There is just a great script, wonderful actors that makes seeing this film compelling. It will make you want to be a little nicer to the Joe Mays in your life.

I don’t write reviews on films I don’t like. I love this film, cast and crew. Spend the money and see it in the theater. It’s definitely a date film so bring that special someone.