Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An analysis Of Today’s Senate “Gun Violence Hearing”

Gabby Giffords

Washington, DC—After two decades of setbacks the gun ban movement was all but dead in America. Concealed carry had swept the nation and the last two standing gun banswere struck down in two separate recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 
With fewer restrictions and millions more guns in circulation the nation’s crime and gun accident rate has been dropping everywhere but in Chicago.   Of coursetoday the Windy City’s draconian gun ban is on the judicial ropes.
The Second Amendment has reemerged from an avalanche ofpolice raids, arrests and civil rights violations. The Brady Institute was allbut shuttered but for their hope that Barack Obama, a proven gun rights and liberty hater would somehow turn back the tide. 
Recent mass shootings, particularly the Sandy Hook School inNewtown, CT were shamelessly exploited by the political Left and their news media cheerleaders.  Long time Gun Ban Scam advocates Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer couldn’t wait to dance in the blood of the murdered Sandy Hook children re-arguing old and failed propaganda.
Lost in the argument is the fact that every recent mass shooter was a known mental patient being treated with drugs rather than being institutionalized.  The failures were notbecause of a lack of gun laws but a failed mental health system and thereluctance of medical officials to send in data on their patients.
This time the memory in Congress is crystal clear of how the1994 so-called Assault Weapons Ban Congressional supporters were swept out ofoffice by angry voters.  Apparently thevote for Diane Feinstein’s wet dream is just not there and passage theDemocratically controlled Senate is unlikely. The Bill would not stand a chance in the House if it somehow got out ofthe Senate.
Still Feinstein promised the Loony Left she’d bring hergun-grabbing bill forward for consideration and could not back down.  Today Feinstein and Schumer were unusually subdued as they put their number one sacrificial lamb in a senate witness chair.  The hapless lamb was police Chief James Johnson of the failed Socialist utopia of Baltimore, MD.   He provided his lockstep gun ban support and misinformation to the committee. 
They also brought in former Democratic Congresswoman GabbyGiffords and her retired astronaut husband to garner an emotional response and sympathy.  The poor woman was paraded around like a show pony before the committee. Her attacker was a well-known mentally disturbed man who local officials negligently ignored.  Had they taken reasonable action he’d had been institutionalized.
There were three unstoppable experts that explained thescope and purpose of America’s constitutionally protected gun rights.  The three led by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre along with women’s right’s advocate Gayle Trotter and gun rights author and lawyer David Kopel.
The sour note came from Illinois Senator Dick Durbin thatcould not contain his hatred for gun owners and advocates.  His target was the faulty 100 round magazine used at the Colorado movie theater shooting. That unpopular and faulty M-4 platform magazine failed making the argument against it mute.   Durbin’sleadership is exactly exactly what went wrong with the Socialist nightmare of Chicago, IL. 
This is not to suggest for a moment that the gun bannerswon’t keep trying.  We must remain constantly on guard.
The gun banners are noticing a new shift by gun owners to protect their rights as the Second Amendment was originally intended!  They have begun to understand, that Americans will not tolerate any more Waco or Randy Weaver style gun raids. 
Our politicians have noticed that their latest propaganda efforts sent Americans to the gun stores cleaning them out of every available gunor round of ammunition. These Americans were and are preparing for war, notfuture restrictions.  Ban our guns if you dare and face resistance unlike any you could imagine.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grips From Eagle Grips Will Personalize Your Guns

Carol Stream, IL—In this western Chicago suburb is a business I’ve been associated with for over four decades, Eagle Grips.  It’s a high end gun grip maker that has graced hundreds of gun magazine cover throughout the world. 
They offer genuine ivory, Sambar Stag, Mother of Pearl and American Elk Grips along with Rosewood and Ebony wood.  
Now they developed a new process creating a material called Kirinite.  I can’t describe this material anything short of elegant and wonderful.  The material is impervious to dulling or scratching and the grips stick to the hands and fingers of the shooters.  Every possible property you’d ever want.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Police and Court’s Forced Media Perp Walks are an Affront to Justice

My 1934 Bank Robbery Arrest Booking Photo Before I Broke Out of the Crown Point, IN Jail...

You’ve seen them all over your televisions, computer screens and in newspaper photos.  The images of some accused person wearing prison jump suits, prison stripes, handcuffs and even bulletproof vests.  Nearly every prisoner always looks very unhappy.  
I’m not talking about convicted criminals but people that are simply accused of crimes.  Okay more that 80% of those accused of crime later plead guilty or are convicted of something.  The real truth is many are actually innocent have a right to and deserve a fair trial.
Today more than ever the stories about high profile arrests are seen by virtually everyone. Before the Internet you had to watch TV news at certain times on your TV set or locate and read a newspaper.  Now through our new multimedia technology we are bombarded with these stories and images like never before.
I want you to imagine your father, mother sister or child being accused of a crime.  Every arrestee is forced to pose for a police-booking photo and have their fingerprints imaged.  This is an understandably emotional time for anyone but imagine how horrible that can be for the innocent. Those photos are considered a public record and must be turned over to the media in all but some federal cases. The sad truth is the more distressed you are in the picture the more it will be replayed by TV news editors.
It’s difficult enough for anyone being booked for a crime or worse paraded before the media in handcuffs and prison garb.  Who could smile or even hope to appear somewhat normal?  This is nothing less than a hopelessly degrading spectacle.
What goes through a potential juror’s mind to watch a hapless and frightened suspect being hustled through a Perp Walk by the cops or worse yet, the Court?   It’s an image that screams Guilty Criminal to anyone viewing.  How is that fair or in anyway advance the presumption of innocence guaranteed by our Constitution?
The media demands that their cameras be allowed into courtrooms.  Our cops, prosecutors and judges love their own celebrity being associated with notorious cases.  Our public officials love the cameras and mug for them at every opportunity, too often at the expense of innocents.
I can tell you from personal experience that cops tell the media exactly when they bring in prisoners where cameras are allowed.  Then they put on a dramatic Perp Walk show that TV makes for great TV. 
In court trials we make it a practice not to parade the defendants before the jury in jail garb and chains.  We know this influences juries improperly.  However these same accused defendants must appear in numerous proceedings pre-trial in chains and prison uniforms. If cameras are allowed in these proceedings the jurors are bound to see them and imagine the worst.
I’m not a fan of cameras in our courts.  Prosecutors and judges always seem to perform for the cameras rather than simply do their jobs.  Additionally during trials witnesses can learn what others testified to in real time.  This guarantees perjury will be impossible to expose by lawyers as the witnesses tailor their lies to each other.  Remember we exclude witnesses from watching the trial until after they testify.  Video cameras have an adverse impact on the basic fairness of our trials. 
Media Perp Walks and televised court proceedings are wrong especially if posted, published or broadcasted before the end of a criminal trial. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

AR-15/M-16/M-4 Rifle Platforms are Low Powered and Ineffective!

Washington-DC—The latest political assault on gun rights seems to surround this rifle platform more than any. However they are planning to ban millions of other handguns, rifles and shotguns along the way.  Ignorance and stupidity is leading the gun banners and grabbers in the wrong direction. 
The AR-15/M-16/M-4 is essentially the same short rifle or carbine.  It fires a miniscule .223caliber/5.56 MM cartridge.  
The already banned military M-16/M-4 assault rifle versionis fully automatic is not part of this argument.  The military version was designed so that the user could pull the trigger once and fire two to three rounds.  Holding the trigger back would of courseallow a machinegun type burst of fire until the magazine of up to 30 rounds went empty. However the barrel would be quickly destroyed by heat with thiskind of fire.  This little rifle was onlydesigned to fire the short bursts doubling or tripling the likelihood the target would be hit. 
The cost of ammunition is very high and any normal machinegun firing would quickly send all but its wealthiest owners to the poorhouse.  Even for the emergency of self-defense, slow and deliberate fire is the best way to effectively fight for your life.  Spraying lead and praying forhits is no help in any firefight.
This rifle platform was a suitable weapon for close range jungle combat such as we had in Viet Nam. No heavy armor to penetrate or substantial building materials werepresent in most of Viet Nam to defeat this tiny round of ammunition.  The other advantage was that soldiers couldcarry more ammunition.  In most urbansettings building materials and light armor can easily stops this round.
The civilian version this is a semi-automatic rifle that canonly discharge a single round for every pull of the trigger.  For deer hunting this is a horrible roundbecause it is much more likely to only wound and make the animals suffer.  The ignorant politicians and media insist onhyping this little rifle as a so-called “high-powered weapon of war”.  It’s really better suited for small game likegroundhogs.  By the way, since this is only semi-automatic it is NOT an assault rifle!
The little civilian, semi-automatic carbine is great forsimple close range, self-defense.  It’seasy for training purposes and it’s looks are incredibly intimidating to thepoint of misleading the ignorant that don’t know better.
A much more suitable military rifle cartridge is the standard  .30 caliber, 7.62 MM X 54 NATOround. It’s used for deer hunting, military combat and sniping operations. 
The 7.62 round itself has substantially more gunpowder and lead!  The M-14 platform was a superiorweapon for combat.  The rifle is heavierand makes troop movements slower and more cumbersome for the physicallyweak.   The round penetrates armor alongwith building materials and it will dispatch enemy soldiers or criminals in ahurry.
For me I much prefer the M-14 platform or the more expensiveand substantially classier FNFAL rifles. They both fire the 7.62 MM NATO round. 
If we have another Civil War, our civilian resistance willoutgun government agents because they will have many more, larger hunting stylerifles.  Well-placed shots from America’scivilian bolt action and scoped deer rifles will far outgun the M-4 carbinesissued to any force sent out to confiscate firearms. 
We were not given the 2nd Amendment to keep andbear inferior or ineffective firearms. We were give this right so we could resist tyrannical attempts to disarmus.  Are they going to wage war againstgun owners?  They can count on anunnecessary bloodbath.  We will tolerateno more Wacos or Randy Weaver assaults. The Gallows await the despots!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Watching Explicit Pornography Somehow Worse for Children Than Watching Violence?

Washington, DC—Every state in the union has criminalized the sharing of sexually explicit material with children.   We protect our children from any exposure to the natural and wonderful gift of sex.  We express love and find joy when we explore this magic our creator has given us.   However sex is deemed just not safe for children.
Somehow I find the deliberate concealment of sex from children nothing less than perverse.  Children are taught that sexual activity is shameful and somehow wrong.  I have long suspected that this shielding does so much more harm than good.  Sex is a natural part of life like eating and breathing.  We’ve managed to somehow turn sex into something dirty and creepy.
There is nothing wrong with our naked bodies unless we consume too much fried chicken and Twinkies.  Perhaps if kids saw more nakedness and knew about sex early   they’d better understand the importance of good eating habits and exercise.
I’ve learned long ago that Europeans have a much healthier understanding of their sexuality than we do here in America. Instead we’ve made quite a mess.
I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve always wondered if we are doing it all wrong. 
On the other hand, every child sees beatings, torture, senseless violence and even thousands of simulated murders on television and in films. 
Some of the film scenes are quite memorable like the dental torture used on Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man or where Michael Madsen playing Mr. Blond cuts the ear off a tied up cop before he’s murdered in Reservoir Dogs.  Listening to Stealer’s Wheel singing, Stuck In The Middle has never been quite the same for me since.
Children are taught about extreme revenge, hatred and snuffing out human life in every possible way.  Video games are often beyond extreme and human life is cheapened like dirt.  Thankfully most kids can differentiate reality from make believe.  However some cannot. 
Americans have gone from parenting to drugging their kids with Ritalin and a host of pharmaceuticals designed to control behavior.  What are the effects of the chemical cocktails being mixed with constant exposure to gratuities violence?  Every suspect in any somewhat recent mass shootings seems to have been on the latest behavior-modifying drug around. 
As a nation of parents we are a massive failure, especially in our large cities.  Fatherless households doomed to pain and lifetime poverty.  Children are being raised by televisions and X-Boxes.  Public schools have simply become day care centers run by union thugs. 
We need to change our dependent, violent and life wasting culture or we will become extinct. We tolerate the worst possible behavior from our impoverished and unmotivated Black and Hispanic inhabitants and that is just another form of genocide.
Our worthless Presidents and Congress can only think the only cure for crime and violence and is by stealing our freedom and our ability to meaningfully protect families.  That is as they provide themselves with more armed bodyguards every day.  Yes folks we have a giant mess about to consume us all. 

The Phoenix Grand Jury Today Refused to Indict Lawyer David Appleton

Phoenix, AZ-Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced this morning that the Grand Jury returned a No Bill, refusing to Indict Scottsdale lawyer David Appleton, 60. 
In November 2011, Appleton shot and killed rodeo cowboy, Paul “Tom” Pearson, 50 after a vehicle chase in Scottsdale.  Apparently Pearson did not like Appleton’s driving and began chasing him for miles on the highway.  Appleton sought refuge and concealment in a shopping strip mall but was soon located and attacked by Pearson.
Pearson grabbed Appleton by the throat strangling him and the lawyer fired a single shot from a .38 revolver striking him in the heart and spine.  Pearson died from his wound despite EMT lifesaving efforts.
As for Appleton he’s told me that not a day has gone by when he has not said a prayer for Pearson’s lovely widow, Vicky and their three daughters. 
The death of Pearson added to already hard financial times for the Pearson family.  Do to the miserable economy their upscale Scottsdale Art Gallery was shut down.   With the daughters in school this has challenged them far more than they deserve.
Pearson’s fatal mistake cost his family more than anyone could have imagined.  If only Pearson could have controlled himself he’d still be alive today.  There is a sad moral to this tragic story.  Keep your hands to yourself and let the cops enforce our traffic laws. 
The castle doctrine is the law of the land in Arizona and is explained in the video below.  Additional a second video reveals what Appleton’s friends had to say about him the next morning:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange Traitor or Hero?

Berlin, Germany – On a soundstage here filming has begun on the WikiLeaks story.  It surrounds a reporter, Julian Assange who apparently hacked and captured tons of secret government communications. He soon released them to the world.  
To no one’s surprise the governments involved have mislead the world of their agendas and conduct.   America has been running a secret government and gotten involved in dubious wars that our citizens know little about. 
We learned from Assange and his cohorts that our politicians cannot be trusted.  For his revelations Assange should be a hero.  Letting the world know about the lies, distortions and reality should have brought about political revolt. Instead ignorant Americans continue follow their Judas Goat straight to Hell.
My favorite actress, Carice van Houten is playing the spokeswoman for Assange and his group.  I know the film will be good and hopefully it will enlighten the world.
I’ve been ashamed of the wholesale deception, fraud and criminality of my own government for years.  Our government does not reflect the values of the citizens I know anymore. We must begin to hold those politicians in our government accountable.  Frankly we need to find ways to appoint special prosecutors to go after these miscreants.

Bloggers, Libel Laws and Reader Comments

Cyberspace—When anyone publishes material in any form where it’s expected to be viewed by others there is a responsibility that accompanies the offering.
We must simply remember the so-called Golden Rule and there will never be a controversy.  However disagreement, revenge and hate have been in abundance on the free for all we call the Internet. 
The laws of libel are for the most part simple.  Don’t publish lies about any living person or organization.  Only the living have standing to sue so only simple decency regulates what you publish about the departed souls in our world.
Imagine if you suggested in a story that a major soft drink company sold a cola drink that contained poison.  Okay, one could argue that too much sugar was toxic and life threatening. Before it was over some major beverage manufacturer would own you even if sugar could be considered harmful.
You can ask the question about whether someone is a crook in safety but calling someone a crook without evidence is dangerous and actionable.
Blogger postings invite comments from readers that for the most part are anonymous.  So far bloggers have escaped responsibility for libelous comments posted by readers.  Again simple decency should prevail on the blog publisher’s part and offensive libel should be stopped cold.  This is far from settled law and will be litigated for years to come.
I don’t think many bloggers want to be the test case shelling out many tens of thousands to find out how the law shakes out.
As for me my venom is hot and biting but I have no desire for publishing lies or cruel remarks about the undeserving.  
I am careful to delete comments that are profane or that make allegations that I’m unable to verify.   I judge comments and try error on the side of reasonableness.  When in doubt the comment goes away. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

For Violence in America There is No Cure, Only a Treatment

Las Vegas, NV—As Obama and his minions want to further diminish liberty and freedom in the name of public safety you need to read much further.
The possession and carrying of firearms is constitutionally protected activity.  Pure and simple this was guaranteed so Americans could use deadly force against government officials trying to disarm them. 
Americans somehow accepted that their gun rights artificially converted into a coveted privilege for the rich and politically connected.  Just because it’s been that way for decades does not make it legal or constitutional.
California is about to enter a state of siege.  The California Department of Corrections has been releasing felons at an alarming rate to comply with a court order.  They don’t have nearly enough parole agents to keep up with the young, dangerous and unemployable thugs being let loose.  Parole agents have warned me to tell the public what the politicians are trying to hide.  Crime is suddenly skyrocketing and the released felons are the source.
Many Americans have grown accustomed to watching TV and movies that show incredibly well trained cops arrive on scene to stop crime always in the nick of time. 
The truth is they can’t respond before you bleed out from your wounds and die.  Police service really only provides a clean up crew for the bloody mess left by thieves, thugs rapists and killers.  They may or may not be able to find and arrest the criminals long after the damage is already done and lives are simply lost forever.
Americans must learn to accept the responsibility to protect themselves and their families.  That means obtaining firearms and the training to safely and lawfully use them.   That also means avoiding risky behavior and conflicts.  We also have a duty to protect our neighbors and nation.  The problem is that a small majority of our population has turned over that important duty to inefficient government. 
When the police respond to help you they often have great difficulty determining just who the offenders are and often make matters much worse than before they arrived.
Calling 911 can bring you much bigger problems than you could ever imagine.  911 should be used only for medical emergencies and fire suppression only.   The only real need for police is to document insurance losses.
I will make an exception for those who come home finding burglary signs.  Let the cops make entry to and clear it of burglars.  Entering your home after signs of burglary is foolhardy and risky for sure.  Even for cops this is never a one-man job.  Cops have dogs, shotguns, protective vests and the manpower for such events.
We need to demand that honorable people trained and armed with firearms protect our children.   We need to reinforce physical barriers, lighting and alarms at our homes and businesses.  We also need to be aware of our surroundings those strangers entering our space.
Until recent decades nearly every security guard in America was armed to deal with the unthinkable.   Today, unfit, ignorant, untrained and otherwise unemployable people wearing quasi-police style costumes have replaced armed security guards.  The mere illusion of security and Gun Free Zone signs are absolutely meaningless to criminals while these efforts seem to satisfy the general public.
Firearm owners need to beef up their own security because recent demands for guns and ammunition have emptied gun shops across the nation making them desirable targets for criminals. 
At least one family member should be packing an adequate defense gun whenever possible.  This is no different than wearing a seat belt while driving.  
Ask yourself, why you’d turn over your personal safety to strangers who may cut and run away when you need them most? 
The only workable treatment for violent crime is a combination of conflict avoidance, awareness and being well prepared for the unthinkable.

Gunfight, Tyrannical Politicians Against American Liberty

Las Vegas, NV—I spent some quality time with an incredible assortment of firearms of every type here at the SHOT Show.  When that ended the very upscale Las Vegas Antique Arms Show at the Rivera Convention Center was my next stop.  Between the two shows there were nearly 100,000 people.  There were no assaults, accidents or even disturbances of any kind.  Crime takes a holiday in Las Vegas with all these gun-packing visitors.
The mood at the shows was angry and even confrontational about suggestions that liberty and freedom be compromised away or surrendered for the bogus promise of public safety. 
Today's Americans are more educated than ever about gun rights and why we have them in the first place.  The Second Amendment guarantees our right to keep and carry firearms.  It exists to fundamentally allow Americans to use force and violence against anyone trying to violate those Constitutional freedoms!  That simply means politicians, bureaucrats and their agents may lose their lives should they try and make an end run around liberty or freedom.
There is a proper political method for taking liberty or freedom by way of a Constitutional Amendment.  The process was designed to be very difficult to protect even Americans with minority concerns.
Too many Americans are totally ignorant and believe that a simple 51% majority is enough to restrict our hard won freedom.  Of course Europeans that don’t like our gun freedom don’t understand why changing our Constitution was designed to be so difficult.
The consensus among those that don’t like our gun rights is that the Second Amendment is somehow outdated.   The Constitution is the Law of the land and the emotional response, whims or tyranny of our politicians cannot lawfully bring infringement on our rights to possess and carry firearms.   So-called, good intentions simply do not justify or authorize violating American’s rights.
People and politicians love to compromise their way to agreements.  Over recent decades many Americans have grown to accept blatant violations of the Civil Rights when is comes to firearms.  That however does not make the past infringements legal! 
We did not create a right to keep and bear inferior or ineffective arms.  Our founding fathers did not open the door for Gun Free Zones or a way to monitor and spy on gun owners through bogus registration schemes.
Politicians have managed to lead so many Americans to believe that possessing or carrying firearms is a tightly restricted privilege rather than what it really is, constitutionally protected activity.
Restricting the ability of Americans to buy guns in their state of residence, forcing them to pay fees or register themselves like sex offenders or their guns like motor vehicles is simply government tyranny.  
The U.S. Supreme Court decisions made in the recent Heller and McDonald cases made it clear that Americans have the right to keep and carry guns for defense of self, family, neighbors and country.  States and local governments are absolutely forbidden to infringe on gun rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. 
Frankly the politician’s using the threat of force and violence against Americans in efforts to infringe on their gun rights is treason, tyranny and criminal.  The Second Amendment was created for just the state of siege Barack Obama is trying to assemble.  
The Americans I talked to attending the two huge firearms shows made it clear that they have amassed more firearms and ammunition to violently resist any additional infringements on their rights to keep and carry firearms.  
These same people I talked with began efforts or have organized in their own community to violently swarm any federal, state or local agents raiding their fellow gun owners.  They have vowed to stop cold any raids like the ones we saw against Randy Weaver or the Waco Branch Dravidians.  
The law of the land does not allow for politicians to decide what freedoms they can take from us.  On the contrary that law of the land allows us to resist their tyranny.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gun Owners Beware! You are Now a Crime Target!

Las Vegas, NV-As more than 60,000 people descend on the SHOT Show in Sin City they collections are home alone. Because of Obama are firearms have tripled in value overnight. At to criminals they may seem priceless.

Please put extra security on your firearms so they don't fall into the wrong hands. I would ask that you spread this message far and wide and warn your friends especially in states with the nastiest gun bans.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The 2013 SHOT Show Will Open Next Week in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, NVThe Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Trade Show is about to begin in Sin City!  The public is not invited but even so as many as 60,000 visitors involved in the trade will attend.  This is the largest gun show in the world.
Lots of celebrities will be on hand along with every significant firearm and accessory manufacturer in the world. 
In the 35-year history of this show there’s never been a shooting, accidental or otherwise despite the presence of thousands of people and even more firearms.

This year Second Amendment infringing political efforts will be heavily on the minds of the exhibitors and visitors alike. 
Here on display will be the latest and greatest new products of every type for the Great Outdoors. 
Additionally there is a special law enforcement/military section with every imaginable public safety related items. 
Las Vegas has those great show and buffets.   Needless to say I will be attending the show and reporting on whatever I think my visitors may like.  As always I enjoy meeting some of my blog visitors at the show!

Whatever you do, don't dare miss the Eagle Grips booth!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Registering Gun Owner and their Guns Like Sex Offenders is an Outrage that Must End!

Blogger Paul Huebl with a S&W model 29 .44 Magnum revolver.  

Washington, DC—Creating lists of law-abiding Americans with firearms has no benefits whatsoever.  Guns are almost never left at crime scenes and when they are learning the legal owners identity is usually meaningless because the offender is either captured or killed.
There are two U.S. Supreme Court cases that make it clear that persons precluded by law from owning firearms cannot be forced to register their guns or face prosecution when they don’t.  Registration violates their rights against self-incrimination.
We all saw the recent fallout from the names and personal information being published by a Leftist newspaper trying to somehow shame gun owners.  That list also told every thug, rapist and killer where to find unarmed and helpless victims. 
Proponents of registration schemes claim that gun registration is harmless and no different than drivers and automobile licensing.  They’re dead wrong because driving or owning a car is not constitutionally protected activity.  The license to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment!  I should add that charging citizens a fee  to exercise their right to keep and bear arms is no more lawful that the Poll Taxes of the Deep South.
Canada had a gun registry for decades that was incredibly expensive, wasteful and ineffective.  They finally saw the light and jettisoned it for good.  Remember Canada has no express right to own firearms like America does.
Gun rights are set aside for combatting government tyranny and for self-defense.  We should not be relegated only antique or ineffective arms for this purpose.  The U.S. Supreme Court called the suggestion that the Second Amendment only protected the kind of muskets that were available at the time of its promulgation frivolous in the recent Heller case.  The Heller case really covers the M-4/AR-15 and magazine capacity issues adequately. 
Registering gun owners like sex offenders and felons serves no purpose except to harass and infringe on the rights of your fellow Americans.  That is in itself unlawful.
We must also remember the millions of soldiers buried in veteran’s cemeteries that gave their lives so we could have the freedom and liberty that Barack Obama and his cronies are trying to take from Americans.  Millions of us are ready to take up arms to defend those rights like the Minutemen of our Revolutionary War once again. Please, let’s not force gun owners to take to the streets to protect their Constitutional rights again.  The fact is that we will if that becomes necessary because of any act of war against Americans by tyrannical government actions.
The very politicians and bureaucrats that are pushing this oppression will be the very first targets for armed resistance.