Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Geoff Pinkus Examines Chicago Policewoman’s Life And Film Making

Chicago, IL—Tonight at midnight (Chicago time) I will be live in Studio at WIND 560 radio with Goeff Pinkus talking about the life of Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne Erwin Biebel.

As many of my readers know I’m working on making a feature film on this great lady’s early career and amazing brush with death. The Film is called, Come Friday and you can learn more about it here.

You’re invited to listen in by actual broadcast or though live streaming audio right here!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hijacking At The L.A. Festival of Books

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Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—Unfortunately, this event has a small but rather goofy dark side. Some people want to push their own political agendas down the throats of others. I have no problem with political discussion provided it’s germane to the place, time and targeted people.

I met one author who came in with his lovely wife to sell his books and set up a booth to do just that. The author, Neville W. Cramer wrote, Immigration Chaos. Cramer is a retired INS special agent. His premise is a simple one, American politicians will support any immigration enforcement efforts as long as they don’t work.

Okay, opinions are divided between those that do and don’t want laws regulating immigration. Apparently free speech is only welcome by some if they agree with the message. At least one fist fight broke out at the booth stared by an open border supporter.

I can’t wait to read Cramer’s book and can be counted on to review it here. You can learn more about Immigration Chaos right here.

Next I attended a discussion panel called, “Memoir: The KaBoom Generation” . That title was a little spin on baby boomers.

This panel was moderated by writer and TV producer, Sara Davidson and the other panelist were long time music writer, Danny Goldberg and writer, producer and actor Mike Farrell. Farrell is also an anti-death penalty and human rights activist. The discussion was about book writing, entertainment and the trials and tribulations of the panelist while writing their books.

This was an enjoyable panel discussion until the audience was invited to ask questions. The panel was hijacked by five total morons fighting both sides of Mideast political matters. When this began audience members by the scores began racing for the exits. Finally order was restored. If these clowns are so passionate about this matter they should go there and detonate suicide bombs on each other and leave the rest of us alone.

I have to say the panelist handled the troublemakers with absolute grace.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your Guided Tour of The Festival of Books at UCLA

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—There are few thing to do that are as much fun as meeting lots of celebrity authors. Nearly every publishing company around sends their writers to this two-day event.

The price for this adventure is right, it’s free! However at $3.00 per bottle they will charge you here it’s best to bring your own water!

There are loads of booths and exhibits for the children. I guess we all want to keep the brats away from TV and those nasty video video games these days.

I put up a video so you can see what’s going on.

Here is a little treat from The Festival of Books hosted by UCLA Today

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—Today was the first of the two day Festival of Books sponsored by the L.A. Times and many other organizations. Every author around of any significance is here. They're there pressing the flesh as they sell and sign their books.

I have lots of video and will edit and post it later but wanted to give you a little treat from singer/actress Kristen Chenoweth. She starred in the Broadway smash, Wicked and had a starring role in the West Wing. I’m hoping to figure a way for her to tuck me into bed every night and sing for me! Somehow I don’t think that will happen except in my dreams.

Lame Apologies Are Like No Apologies Janet!

Washington, DC-- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano met with officials of the American Legion. Napolitano blamed the distribution of insulting and provoking report about veterans on her staffers. The report suggested our veterans were potential domestic terrorists sent out to law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

The fact is the report went out and was never recalled. The damage was not repaired and Napolitano passed the buck with lightening speed. Napolitano believes what was in that report or it would have never been published as a warning to every law enforcement agency in America.

The report was in every way consistent with the philosophy the former Arizona Governor.

The report backfired because too many of the cops that received and read it are themselves now branded as terrorists since they honorably served in the Armed Forces of The United States.

The Regime of Barack Obama has shown over the last 100 days that they hate the American form of government and has an obvious Marxist Agenda.

I don’t have a clue why Napolitano even bothered to talk to the American Legion since she and the Whitehouse are at a bloodless war against Americans and our Constitution. I expect that war will turn bloody very soon if the arrogant Obama Regime and their Congressional minions does not back off of their agenda.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drew Peterson Has A Right To Own A Gun

Bolingbrook, Il,-- For over a year now retired police sergeant, Drew Peterson has been called a lot of names including, suspect but never charged in connection with any mishaps involving his former wives.

The Illinois State Police have either revoked or cancelled Peterson’s Firearms Owner’s Identification Card without cause and so far, has refused to provide a hearing.

Since the action by the ISP two court decisions have come down, one from the US Supreme Court, District of Columbia v. Heller that held the right to keep and bear arms was an individual right. The question left open was whether the Second Amendment was only a protection against federal not state gun prohibitions.

The other case was decided just this week by the Uber-Liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This court ruled in Nordyke v. King that the states must honor Second Amendment rights under incorporation provided by the 14th Amendment. Now there is little doubt that many state gun laws and prohibitions will fall. The Nordyke case will never be appealed to the Supreme Court by either side.

In addition the FOID card is considered property and can’t be taken without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.

It’s pure and simple that the Illinois State Police have violated Drew Peterson’s Civil Rights under color of law.

Today Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky sent a strong letter to the Illinois State Police demanding a hearing on the matter. Unless they either hold a hearing and show just cause or reinstate Peterson’s FOID card The next step will be the filing of an indefensible civil rights lawsuit against the Illinois State Police.

L.A. Gun Buy-Back Is Good For Gun Lovers!

Los Angeles, CA—Once again, taxpayers will get bitten with another gun buy-back, feel good, wastefest.

Los Angeles and the already financially distressed TV stations, CBS 2/ KCAL 9 have teamed up to buy handguns for $100.00 and so called assault weapons for $200.00. Instead of cash they will be handing out Ralph’s grocery store gift certificates or Visa gift cards. I see no difficulty with their form of payment. As usual the nitwits have promised that no questions will be asked.

Now is the time to gather your non-collectable, cheap, rusty junk and use the financial reward to offset the cost of better guns and ammunition.

If you have a nice gun and know for sure it’s not stolen any gun dealer in the country will pay you cash so why bring anything valuable or nice to the dopes running the buy-back program.

If the taxpayers of Los Angeles want the politicians to pay premium prices for rusty scrap they deserve that city’s bankruptcy.

To my friends in Arizona gather all the crap handguns or rusty, broken SKS carbines you can and bring them to L.A. on May 9th to the drop off points and help Los Angeles folks learn that the inmates are running the asylum there.

The rest of the details of this silliness can be found here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let Holder's Witch Hunt Begin!

Washington, DC—The Barack Obama Regime’s Chief Inquisitor Eric H. Holder Jr. will begin their Star Chamber proceedings. The intent is to punish those former officials and lawyers that advised or directed CIA and military folks that responded to safety concerns of every American after the September 11 Attack on America.

After that attack and murder of thousands of Americans, Americans demanded Dirty Harry style efforts to bring those responsible to justice. We got what we asked for but now the Marxists in lockstep with Barack Obama think our intelligence efforts should have been kind and gentle. Holder will persecute anyone he can.

I hope the people involved are smart enough to recite four simple words to Holder’s Gestapo agents, “I want a lawyer!”

Agents of the FBI and lawyers employed by the Justice Department need to follow their oaths and reject any aspect of this nefarious duty. Each and every officer or government agent conducting this witch hunt deserves to be treated like traitors that they may face punishment for Treason for conduct under Holder’s command.

Any American selected for a Grand Jury,Petit or Trial Jury will remember their duty to protect fellow Americans from rogue government agents. Any juror that supports convicting Americans for protecting fellow Americans deserves a beating or worse from their neighbors.

Yes folks, this is yet another step taken by the Obama Administration to ignite a Civil War. Death to Communists and Traitors!

Suicide Or More? Freddie Mac CFO Found Dead

Vienna, VA—41 year-old David Kellerman was found dead hanging in the basement of his home. He was the acting CFO of this troubled and now bailed out lender, Freddie Mac.

Kellerman had worked for the troubled corporation for 16 years. He was found dead inside his Hunter Mill Estates home. Was it really suicide? I can’t help but to smell a bunch of two legged rats and a conspiracy to misdirect some of the staggering amounts of money this company mismanaged.

Was he murdered over a cover-up? If he really committed suicide I can’t help but suspect it was over the funny business that helped financially destroy that business and brought on the nefarious bailout.

This event deserves a solid investigation by anyone but government. The mainstream news media should step in and do this but that will never happen. I hope some bloggers close to the scene will take this on.

Fairfax, County police and medical examiner personnel are the lead agency for this investigation.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Extortion Camera Operator Shot Dead In Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ—As a parting shot to the people of the State of Arizona, former Governor Janet Napolitano arranged to install scores of photo radar traps in a scheme to enrich campaign contributors and extort money from drivers. This despot then went off to join her pals in the Marxist Obama Regime.

This was not about reducing accidents. They have been declining every year. This is about funding a runaway government. This was political extortion, pure and simple.

Many people of Arizona hate the cameras as much as i do. There have been grass-roots efforts to shut them down. The politicians have not responded and have hired thugs to carry out the program. Throughout history only extreme violence seems to curb rogue governments.

No I’m not weeping for the dead man, former golf pro, Doug Georgianni. The 51-year-old had worked for the extortion camera outfit called RedFlex for about three months.

Truthfully I’d rather see a company official or politician responsible for the scheme in a casket instead of this foot soldier. Racketeering and extortion is a risky game to play. Extortion is a horrible business.

People engaged in the business of excessive taxation got a lot worse from our founding fathers who set the example. George Washington, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and thousands of others were the terrorists of their day. We celebrate their victory over extortion and the new nation that resulted.

It’s very simple government must go on a diet or serious population control will begin in America.

To the politicians of Arizona and elsewhere, please take a not so subtle hint and get your hands out of the people’s pockets.

If you want to save hundreds of billions? Get rid of the illegal aliens and stop educating them and providing free medical care with our money. Perhaps it’s time to stop wasting untold billions on a failed and way too violent Drug War. Doing these two things alone would reduce crime and reduce the thoughts of taking American’s gun rights.

A great start would be to eliminate the extortion cameras at once.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gun Penalty Enhancements On Prison Sentences Are Misdirected

In most states if a firearm is used in a crime laws require serious additional punishment. So if instead a criminal uses gasoline, knives, bats or a 3,000 pound car to injure or kill someone that somehow deserves lesser punishment.

The real key is injury or death. If a criminal in the course of a crime injures, kills or threatens anyone with any dangerous item the enhancement should be uniform.

Violent criminals will use whatever they get their hands on at the moment. It’s the violence itself and not the instrument used that causes harm.

Keeping all violent all offenders off our streets is a much better answer than gun penalty enhancements.

Remember America’s most prolific serial killers Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer had no history of using firearms. The two largest mass murders in American history were accomplished with fertilizer and gasoline. The Oklahoma bombing and the Happyland Social Club in New York arson holocaust did not involve the use of firearms.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gary Sinise Is A True Patriot and Great American!

Gary Sinise is better known as an accomplished and extraordinary actor. He’s a Chicago area lad who followed his dream after being inspired and mentored by his Highland Park high school drama teacher, Barbara Patterson.

Sinise was an original member of Chicago’s world class, Steppenwolf Theatre Company. So many notable stars grew in this celebrity incubator it’s difficult to name them all.

I meet Sinise recently at the Reagan Presidential Library and museum where he and so many of his Hollywood friends honored 43 living Medal of Honor winners at a wonderful black tie dinner underneath Air Force One.

These days Sinise has gone out of his way to thank every veteran he comes into contact with. When Bob Hope died I wondered what A-lister would fill his shoes. Sinise with his, Lt. Dan Band has stepped up to the plate in a big way. I don’t know how this fine man finds the thousands of hours he devotes to veterans.

The Band

For the soft-spoken Sinise this is no act of self-promotion to keep his name viral. Sinise is the real deal who is really helping vets every way he can. Gary Sinise has proven himself to be an American hero.

Here is the website for the Lt. Dan Band.

Twin Despots separated at Birth

On the Presidential Apology Tour--Here are a couple of Marxists who need to go into exile somewhere together.

Barack Obama has a love in with Hugo Chavez.

Phil Spector’s Future

Los Angeles, CA—The chances of legendary record producer Phil Spector getting a new trial are really high. The primary reason is Judge Larry Paul Fidler’s prosecution favoring rulings allowing unprecedented use of ancient and uncharged prior bad acts. These interlopers into the Spector inquiry tainted the jury.

Rather than evidence a successful hate campaign brought a conviction that was not supported by the physical evidence.

I see a solid conspiracy to frame Phil Spector because of the efforts made by officials to evade normal objective investigation efforts by police, prosecutors and the Medical Examiner. Lana Clarkson’s mental state was suspected in playing a role in her death. Documented problems included:

1. Alcoholism
2. Drug addiction.
3. Financial problems
4. Despondency based on writings and other communications
5. Intervention by medical professionals for these problems.

The normal procedures are to conduct a psychological autopsy where these kinds of issues are involved with any case where there is any possibility of suicide. They avoided doing this simple procedure for only one reason, to hide the truth.

What can be done now? The pursuit of motions for mistrial, new trial and other yet to be seen avenues is already underway. The first stop must begin with Judge Fidler. Nobody realistically expects Fidler to do the right thing now but the efforts are necessary to preserve appeal rights.

An investigation into jury misconduct is underway. Motions based on these findings can be introduced with motions at any time to the trial court. There is a Wild Card in this mix and that’s the wrongful death lawsuit pending against Phil Spector by Donna Clarkson.

Spector has the right to defend himself in this civil action too. Spector has the power to bring witnesses forth into forced depositions and court testimony. Additional evidence helpful to Spector will surface here and could affect the conviction if strong enough.

The only public officials that could intercede and bring about a reversal right now is the judge, District attorney or the Governor. That’s not going to happen unless something serious surfaces that proves Spector’s innocence.

A notice of appeal will be filed with the trial court and the lengthy process of appeals will begin. No action will be taken by the Court of Appeals until between one and three years. That’s the normal course of business. I expect at the first stage a new trial will be ordered or the court may even find that the damage was so severe that a new trial would in itself be unfair because of prior defective rulings at the trial court level.

The question is will Spector survive incarceration in a California prison during this process? I think the prognosis is very poor for the 69 year-old Spector whose health has already been severely compromised by this entire ordeal.

Justice ultimately may be denied because once a defendant passes away all litigation will end.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Was CNN’s Susan Roesgen Fighting For Obama Or Reporting News?

Chicago, IL—At Chicago’s Tea Party CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen waded into the crowd to spin the event as anti-government. I guess she thinks anyone that wants to protect the Constitution along with its liberty and freedom must be anti-government. Roesgen also called the event anti-CNN and proclaimed it was being led by Fox News.

Roesgen could not grasp the concept that excessive taxation also takes liberty. Taxation to the point of slavery is anything but freedom. There is a strong argument that today’s working Americans are slaves to corrupt politicians and their contributors. I thought we outlawed slavery long ago.

The problem with Roesgen was that she did not like the answers to her questions and chose to pick fights with the demonstrators. Roesgen became emotional and unprofessional as she tried to advocate the Barack Obama talking points to demonstrators. It was lousy TV news but great TV.

I imagine the public referendum results on this battle of the cable news outlets are in the latest ratings on Tax Day.

FOXNEWS 3,390,000
MSNBC 1,210,000
CNN 1,070,000

Fox News played Roesgen’s confrontational clip over and over as a solid demonstration of perceived CNN’s pro-Obama bias. CNN is playing to their own smaller audience and they have every right to do that because the ethical matters of traditional journalism have gone by the wayside.

True journalism gave way to subtle slanting. Over the decades the subtle slanting became full blown advocacy. News as we knew it is dead and today we have a free-for-all. Perhaps it’s more honest. They can report and we will decide.

I have to say in the final analysis if news presenters and writers would all disclose their bias instead of pretending the public would be better served. Saying that I can’t condemn Susan Roesgen for her bias.

Captured video by a bystander:

Here is the CNN story:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solving Mexico’s Violence Problems

Mexico City, Mexico—As Barack Obama continues his Apology Tour he is now bowing to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

They both are trying to solve a problem. They want to stop Mexico’s drug violence without interrupting the flow of illegal aliens and poverty into the United States.

The simple solution seems to elude these fellows. They can use Mexican and American law enforcement in a joint effort to seal off the border. The laws and sovereignty of both countries would be adequately protected with little violence. Our guns and narco-cash would stay North and Mexico’s narcotics and trespassers would stay South.

Instead the fix for Mexico’s problems is to reduce American’s hard won liberty and freedom. They don’t want to impede Mexico’s export of poverty, violence and narcotics into the United States.

We cannot afford the cost of money and freedom offered by our Congress or Obama.

YouTube Stars Arrested After Their “Fun” Video Is Posted

Click on photo to enlarge

Conover, N.C.—Domino’s Pizza has to scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for people willing to work for minimum wage. It’s the nature of the business. Some people can take an entry level job making pizzas and move up and on. Others are doomed to fail.

Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer had jobs at Domino’s until they grossed out anyone who saw the video they posted.

Actress and author, Tori Spelling even has a cameo appearance in this cinema masterpiece!

The two cretins have been charged with felony violations of contaminating food distributed to the public. As you can see above Hammonds is also a registered sex offender.

Prosecutors will have to prove that the tainted food product was actually delivered. Domino’s may well sue the two performers and get a well-deserved whopping punitive damage judgment that could haunt these stupid kids for the rest of their lives.

Next time I want pizza delivered it will come from Papa John’s.

I suspect that video of these two will be yanked down soon. the video did get yanked on a bogus copyright claim
but you can see the fun here!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day

So many Americans love to send their money to Washington, DC these days. I guess it gives them a heartwarming feeling. The more money they send the better they feel!

Then, there are the others who see the massive theft, mismanagement and waste of American’s hard earned cash by politicians and bureaucrats.

Our government was not created with the intent that it becomes the giant extortion program we have today with taxes on top of taxes making yet more taxes.

Government is badly broken and unlike a business government refuses to downsize and layoff unnecessary workers or end wasteful programs. Instead as things get tough the government inflates itself with more programs and regulation of every aspect of every American life.

Americans have less freedom, liberty or fruit of their labor than ever before.

As the so-called Tea Parties are held across our land today, remember that even King George did not try and collect a fraction of what we are forced to pay and he had a bloody rebellion. Are the modern Tea Party raiders mad enough to risk their lives fighting government corruption and the destruction of our Constitution?

Americans, it seems have lost their love of freedom and would rather be slaves. For all Americans, the slavery has just begun. Today’s Americans don’t want to put their cell phones and Ipods down and fight for freedom. They’d rather be disarmed, helpless and ignorant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Americans Don’t Want the Bill Of Rights

Tracy, CA—In this city of 81,500 people the police department boasted of an important arrest in connection with the murder of eight year-old Sandra Cantu.

The cops bagged a Sunday school teacher, Melissa Huckaby, 28 and accused her of rape and child molestation in addition to the killing.

There is no question that a despicable and horrific crime occurred. There is no eye-witness, video tape and the cops are not clairvoyant. Something led the cops to believe they had probable cause to make the arrest but have revealed no information other than to admit they did not discover a motive for the crime.

As usual a brigade of self-righteous harpies, have surfaced and began to condemn the suspect and demand she be put to death. I don’t suggest for a second that child killers don’t deserve some serious punishment. We have a process for this called a fair trial designed to determine guilt if it even exists.

I must take offense to the lynch-mob hate campaigns that always begin at the first sign of an infamous crime. They zero in on whoever the cops arrest and see their role as that of demanding justice. They cite whatever gossip hits print, TV or the Internet as the evidence as they pronounce guilt.

So many Americans have given their very lives so we could have a Bill of Rights that so many Americans hate with a vile passion. If the Bill of Rights was put on a public referendum today for a vote it would most definitely fail.

Gearing Up for Civil War In America

Washington, DC—There is little question except that Barack Obama and his minions want to rule the country with the Iron Fist of Communism.

Obama campaigned on hope and change but proceeded to destroy out monetary and economic system from the anti-American, Karl Marx playbook instead.

Conservative Americans, especially veterans have begun hoarding firearms and ammunition not over fear of new restrictive new gun laws but for predictable need to protect our Constitution, liberty and freedom. The rhetoric’s tone and volume is getting louder and more forceful every day.

States such as Texas are taking steps to protect their sovereignty from the malignant spread of the new Federal Socialism.

The reorganized Department of Homeland Security should be renamed The Department of Homeland Oppression. They have released a propaganda report to law enforcement agencies that suggest military veterans are a threat to America. What those despots in the Obama Administration recognize is that veterans will fight for our Constitution along with the freedom and liberty it guarantees.

Hopefully Obama and his band of Communists find out quickly that our military and police will obey their oaths to protect the Constitution and turn against a rogue federal government long before they will turn on productive and hardworking Americans.

Obama and his Communists will have to be prepared to conscript the illegal aliens, the prison population and minority street gangs for the kind of military duty they have in mind against freedom loving Americans. As our own government properly taught me during my own two-years of military service, the only good Communist is a dead Communist.

Here is that Homeland Security Propaganda report.

Spector Verdict Is An Injustice

Los Angeles, CA—Legendary record producer Phil Spector should have never been arrested. Spector was arrested, tried and put through two trials that were unfair and un-American.

The most outrageous departure from fairness was the introduction of evidence of some failed relationships spanning 30 years. Recently in California lazy prosecutors created a voter proposition that would allow them to bring up uncharged or proven past allegations. I say lazy because this made convicting people including innocents a lot easier.

In Spector’s case the allegations were actually outside that proposition that became law. Most states would never allow that kind of gossip to taint a defendant’s trial.

The accusations against Spector should have stood or fallen on the scientific evidence alone. The jury was heavily influenced by gossip and hate rather than evidence.

The jury in this high-profile case should have been sequestered because of the media interest and thousands of pages of material posted on the internet most of which is inaccurate or worse. Jurors cannot be trusted to discontinue their Internet use while assigned to their duties. A Google search of Phil Spector and murder provided these results: “Results 1 - 50 of about 431,000 for Phil Spector Murder. (0.34 seconds)”

Judge Larry Paul Fidler took the prosecution’s side from the very beginning of the case, ruling for them on nearly every point raised during the pendency of the case.

This kind of injustice rarely gets anyone’s attention until they or a loved one is suddenly on trial.

I’m confident that Phil Spector’s conviction and sentence will be overturned. I’m not so confident that Phil Spector will survive long enough for the legal reviews of these serious issues.

In the mean time we can count on Lana Clarkson’s mother to use this conviction to her advantage in a civil court to loot Phil Spector’s sizable estate.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Breaking News! Phil Spector Verdict Is In!

Los Angeles, CA—The jury deliberating the second murder trial of record producing legend, Phil Spector has returned a verdict.

KNBC planed a live webcast but that effort failed. Here is the latest:

Los Angeles, CA—The six man, six woman jury in the Phil Spector case returned a Guilty verdict on the Second Degree Murder charge and a finding that he used a gun in the commission of a crime.

The prosecution has demanded that Spector be remanded to custody pending appeal. The defense has lots of motions to make now for an appeal bond and for a new trial.

Judge Larry Paul Fidler remanded Spector into custody until May 29, 2009 when he will be sentenced. Spector will be taken off to the L.A. County Jail where he will be held.

There will be more events today and we will have to wait for them to unfold.

Rethinking Private Security In A Troubled America

Prior to the 1970’s nearly every security officer or guard was armed but for those working in jails or prisons. It was common for security people to make physical arrests and see them trough the court system. Those days are over.

A wave of anti-gun hysteria caused businesses and government officials to begin a disarmament of sorts. Insurance companies contributed to this trend by charging the industry higher premiums for customers that had armed security as a way to increase profits.

Training for private security workers virtually ended and slowly the holsters became empty. The interference in crime decreased as security took a new approach, Observe and Report. This made security officers as effective as any other hostage.

Observe and Report functions today can be delegated to passive video surveillance cameras. They are more accurate and have a much better memory than the mall cop. The function of today’s security workers is to simply dial 911 and wait. Most of the time with respect to minor problems this concept, seems to work. The trespassers, thieves and vandals leave the area before police arrive and go unpunished for their crimes.

The power of arrest is vested in every security guard and citizen. Making a citizen’s arrest is dangerous. The risks of injury are real, but more significant are civil and criminal liabilities that will victimize the citizen that dares to make an arrest.

Training security workers entrusted with arrest duties is essential, expensive and accordingly avoided. The corporate game of let’s pretend we have security and hope for the best is today’s policy.

Now we have real problems. Terrorists and seriously disturbed people prefer attacking soft targets like malls with pretend security. As our economy tanks desperate drug addicts and people with hungry families will be resorting to armed robbery and daring thefts. People and property will be at a greater risk than ever before in our lifetimes.

Administration of real security issues with the Observe and Report mall cop is an invitation to armed and violent criminals to do whatever they want to do. They can be counted upon to take full advantage of any security lapse.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Knut Gets a Tasty Snack!

Berlin, Germany—Who could forget the cute cuddly little Polar bear cub named Knut. He was the star of the Berlin Zoo. He’s still a beautiful creature but he’s all grown now and does what the big bears do, eat people.

Yesterday some woman entered Knut’s cage where he and some pals were feeding. I guess he thought he was getting a special treat and began to munch on his visitor.

The woman must have been more than a little cuckoo. She was lucky to escape with her life. If I can get through life without Knut biting me on the butt I won’t feel deprived. Remember, when you go to the zoo Don’t Feed The Bears!


Click on picture to enlarge!

Tucson, AZ—I was lucky enough to get a DVD of legal scholar, David T. Hardy’s two-hour film about the origin and over two-hundred years of interpolation of American gun rights.

The film was copyrighted in 2006 before the Supreme Court ruled on the Heller case that held that the Second Amendment was an individual right rather than the right of state governments or a collective right.

Unless you have a love for law, the courts and lawyers explaining and arguing the law, don’t try watching this film alone at home. For me it was as good as it gets.

Hardy’s film took the scattered court rulings on gun rights juxtaposed to the located writings of the framers of our freedom and liberty.

For lawyers that defend Americans accused of weapons possession related charges this film is a must. The same is true of people who make laws.

Hardy has not failed to cover the ugly side of gun control that targeted African-Americans from the day slaves were freed until today.

This film is a must for those members of the Congressional Black Caucus in our Congress. Of course those people don’t seem to really care about the rights of their own people to stop genocide.

For those who like to defend gun rights this film will give you the tools to do that in debates, anytime and anywhere.

You can get your own copy of this masterpiece right here.

Maritime Gun Control Works Really Well!

International law and Title 46 USC regulates our merchant vessels anywhere in the world. There is no right to firearms or reasonable self-defense.

Sarah Brady and her minions has spread their malignant anti-gun plague everywhere including American cargo ships thousands of miles from our shores.

We are seeing pirates taking advantage of those gun laws. The merchant vessels are sitting ducks for all manner of violent crime.

Why must we enable criminals by providing soft unarmed victims everywhere?

Remember This CBS TV Cop Series, NIGHT HEAT?

New York, NY-French Connection cop turned feature film and TV producer Sonny Grosso (pictured above) made several movies and produced this cop drama TV series Night Heat. It was well written and acted by an ensemble cast in Toronto, Canada.

The theme song was written, composed and sang by the late, Domenic Troiano. Troiano passed away in 2005 at the age of 59 of prostrate cancer.

For some reason this show was never released on DVD. That’s a shame since the writers and cast could make a little money on a great series being reborn.

Information on the cast and crew from IMDB.

Happy Easter Boys And Girls!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Favorite Arizona Firearm Retailer Is Legendary Guns

Phoenix, AZ—On19th Avenue just North of Camelback Rd sits Arizona’s premier gun shop, Legendary Guns. They’ve been here since 1988 serving cowboy collectors, shooters, hunters, cops and people seeking to maintain meaningful self defense tools.

The staff of this shop is knowledgeable, helpful and diligent as they serve customers. The prices are competitive and most importantly they have the most difficult to obtain and stock firearms anywhere.

Dave LaRue is the driving force along with co-owner Joe Forbregd behind this business. I noticed years ago when I first patronized this shop how LaRue and his workers suggested training to their customers and nitpicked the legal details of gun sales requirements.

For those lucky enough to live in Arizona gun purchases can be completed in less than ten minutes. They can pay cash and carry their firearms on the spot provided they successful pass the mandated background checks.

There is a staff gunsmith on the premises to make repairs and install those accessories for the customers. Dealing with these boys has always been an enjoyable experience for me.

Despite the recent Obama factor run on firearms and ammunition Legendary’s Gun’s suppliers have favored this dealer and there seems to be no shortage here.

For those traveling to Phoenix to attend the NRA convention a visit to Legendary Guns is a good idea. Legendary can always ship purchases to any customer’s licensed dealers anywhere in the country.

Visit their website right here!

I recently interviewed Dave LaRue at the Winter Range gathering so you can meet the legend himself.

This Time The Boogeyman Is A Woman!

Tracy, CA-Little, eight year-old Sandra Cantu was missing. The usual suspect sought by police is nearly always some twisted male pedophile. Cops are out checking every creep in or passing through the neighborhood. As always police hope they’d somehow find the child alive somewhere but as time passes. That kind of luck was not happening with this case.

Ten days later on April 6, farm workers draining a nearby irrigation pond found a suitcase that contained the murdered child’s remains. There is little in the way of mayhem that can disturb a veteran cop. I know of no cop than can stomach dealing with the abused or murdered children he many encounter during his career. These cases are indeed the tough ones to deal with.

Right now the information is being guarded by police and prosecutors but their investigation caused them to ask 28 year-old Melissa Huckaby if she’d stop by the station and help police reconstruct the dead child’s last days of life.

Police already knew that Huckaby a Sunday school teacher at Clover Road Baptist Church, where her grandfather is the pastor, received a visit from the murdered girl who came to play with the suspect’s own five year-old daughter.

Whatever happened during that interview ended with Huckaby’s arrest for murdering the little girl. Police using warrants searched the Huckaby family home and vehicles. Huckaby told police her suitcase was left in her driveway and later turned up missing.

Investigators confronted their suspect with inconsistencies in her statements. During the interview police believe they developed probable cause to arrest Huckaby for murdering the girl.

Now Huckaby is facing charges for kidnapping and murder. What remains to be revealed is the motive for the crime. As the case is presented to a preliminary hearing court or a Grand Jury those details will probably not be released by police or prosecutors. The grisly details will be saved for a public courtroom presentation.

Huckaby has been chatty with reporters from jail since her arrest as this video shows.

Huckaby Booking Information

Friday, April 10, 2009

They’re Killing John Demjanjuk Once Again!

Cleveland, OH—It was nearly 20 years ago when I got a call from this man’s son-in-law asking for my help. The story was that John Demjanjuk was in an Israeli prison cell, under a death by hanging sentence for war crimes as the notorious Ivan The Terrible.

The great document detective Bill Flynn of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety made a startling discovery. The Nazi identity card that contained John Demjanjuk’s photograph was a forgery. It was a paste-up job created from different documents as a prosecution tool to murder the accused. When it became evident Israel freed Demjanjuk.

The United States Office of Special Investigation was charged with finding, investigating and seeking punishment for Nazi war criminals. This agency was ineffective, inexperienced and had no problem falsifying evidence to Kill John Demjanjuk.

Once Demjanjuk was in the clear the Embarrassed OSI set out to frame him again this time claiming he was a lower level death camp guard. To achieve deportation the OSI need not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt because the standard of proof is much lower.

The ailing, accused Nazi is 88 years old now. He's spent the last 30 years successfully fighting off false and unproven allegations. The money spent on his defense over the decades has been astronomical.

The OSI has convinced German officials that there is a basis to hold yet another War Crimes Trial. The German courts have issued a warrant for Demjanjuk’s arrest. The United States Government has revoked Demjanjuk’s citizenship and it seems that the accused Nazi will be forced onto an airplane for a trip to a German jail cell.

This case has taught me something over the decades. The criminal justice system of Israel can teach a thing or two to American Justice. Somehow I think that Demjanjuk will find much more fairness in a German court than he ever got in an American court.

I only wish that I could assist Demjanjuk’s German lawyers as a defense investigator. I know John Demjanjuk’s family is flat broke and needs all the help they can get. I remain convinced John Demjanjuk is innocent. My question will all these trials kill him before a verdict is rendered?

The very latest news about new pending appeal.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Venice Beach Awash With Homeless, Needs A Break

Venice, CA—In this strange area of Los Angeles’ West side, the rich, poor and homeless exist in very close proximity to each other. This is an artsy beach community that has been undergoing a decade of gentrification.

Historically Venice has been awash with violent Black and Hispanic street gangs that are currently in somewhat of a truce. The violence seems to be tentatively under control.

The violence has been replaced by an overload of idle, unwashed homeless people. The blight is everywhere now and there is not a solution in sight.

Roving bands of homeless illegal aliens “borrow” the grocery carts from the supermarkets and fill them with recyclables taken from the blue recycle bins on private property and the alleyways. The end result is every cart in every Venice store is covered with disgusting sticky paper and goo.

There is a mechanized battalion of homeless living in poorly maintained camper, vans and cars. They take up residence in the parking places in front of expensive homes. These homeless people use the local business restrooms to bathe and make an incredible mess. It’s beyond ugly and out-of –control.

The LAPD does not enforce theft, parking or trespassing laws involving the smelly unwashed homeless population. It is less about sympathy and more about having to deal with the smell of these small time lawbreakers. Imagine arresting a couple of these hobos. Officers would have to frisk them and inspect their belongings. Then they must transport, and book them. It’s a contact the police will avoid at all cost.

The churches, charities, government and local politicians need to give relief to the taxpaying residents of Venice. They need to move these lost souls to an industrial area of Los Angeles. Toilets, hot showers and a place to wash clothes is every bit as important as food to these people. Services designed to help the homeless find jobs and training need to be nearby. The illegal aliens need to be bussed over to immigration officials for deportation.

With our current economy disaster this type of living will become more prevalent than ever. Letting these people lower the property values of Venice is no answer at all. The proper and charitable thing is to deal with this mess before it gets worse.

Spector Jury on another misconduct opportunity Holiday!

Los Angeles, CA—The jury in the retrial of music legend Phil Spector must need more time to catch up on their Internet surfing of Spector related websites. This time it’s a woman juror who reportedly complained of illness and the jury was sent home.

Reportedly the ill juror will call in the morning and provide an update on her condition. Depending on the report the jury may return to deliberate only for a half day because of Good Friday.

In any event the jury deliberations will continue on Monday. I know they found the Clarkson family hate blogger’s site, now perhaps they can find mine, for another point of view.

Update: As of 8:35 AM Friday, the ill juror is on the mend and deliberations will resume at least for a half-day.

Caught On Tape, This is Just Too Rich!

Boynton Beach, FL- Homeowner Jeanne Thomas, 43 was at work and decided to check on her home via her new covert camera hooked up streaming live video over the Internet.

After she was burglarized in October Thomas installed the video surveillance system.

To Thomas’ surprise she saw two burglars in the act of looting her possessions yet again. The cops responded to Thomas’ call and no less than four dangerous criminals were removed from the streets. On the video you can see the cops enter and clear the intended victim’s house after they rounded up the rats.

Too bad these burglars did not find an armed homeowner that might have sent them away in rubber body bags.

You can see a copy of a portion of the police reports and more right here!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More Americans Rejecting Gun Control Than Ever!

Atlanta, GA-In 2001 54% of polled Americans supported more restrictive gun laws and bans. The number has been dropping steadily ever since. More recently the percentage of gun control supporters is at only 39%. This is according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

I’d like to think I know the reason for the changing attitude. The public has witnessed laws against carrying concealed weapons relaxing across the country. As hundreds of thousands of right to carry permits have been issued the permit holders have not been misusing their guns. Of course the criminals who are barred from possessing guns at all are still doing what they do, using guns in crimes.

The second area is the unfiltered Internet that has unlocked the information and given gun rights advocates a voice they have effectively used to educate others about the facts and politics of gun bans that only work well against the law-abiding.

Law enforcement officer’s attitudes on gun rights have also significantly improved. In recent years the cops on the street that have learned that right to carry permit holders are trustworthy.

Meet Lance Thomas, He’s A Watchmaker Who Knows About Gun Rights

Los Angeles, CA—Like any large metropolitan area in America criminal violence is all too familiar. Lance Thomas must have looked like a patsy to the local thugs. I guess some people have to learn the hard way. Thomas is a great teacher.

Will The Tax Day Tea Parties Slow Down The Communist Takeover Of America?

Washington, DC—Angry Americans are planning nationwide peaceful demonstrations that are being called Tea Parties. They're designed to send a message to the new administration that brought us more than hope and change. They really brought us their giant Bolshevik wet dream instead.

The real Boston Tea Party was anything but a peaceful demonstration. It involved the forceful boarding of Royal Ships and the destruction of a great deal of the King’s property. That tea party got more than the King’s attention it was the beginning of a horrible war that ultimately established this once great and free country.

The government takeover of private industry is in now full swing along with the re-distribution of wealth.

Our new government is allowing enemy nations to arm and test their weapons of mass destruction while our new President vows to disarm America.

Americans are about to see a massive effort to bring unprecedented, unconstitutional gun laws and persecutions of gun owners refusing to follow the government dictate.

I fully expect the April 15 Tea Parties to end with not a single concession and nothing but the continued forced march to Communism over our backs.

Americans must get ready to destroy this un-American cancer that’s spreading across our land. A good Communist is a dead Communist. Freedom has never been free; we will once again be forced to earn it with our blood.

We can only head of a holocaust if we can convince the administration that we are serious about our freedom and American way of life.

Gun Control Sensationalism And Myth As A Propaganda Tool

Los Angeles, CA—In the movie making capitol of the world there are few if any films that don’t include the use or misuse of a firearm. In addition to the fantasy creations are the magical powers the special effects can provide to the effectiveness of movie guns.

We’ve all see the shootings where the victim (usually a bad guy) is shot by some cop. The victim flies backwards over a parked car and through a plate glass store window. No modern handgun, rifle or shotgun is capable of doing that.

In that early James Bond film, From Russia with Love the hero used the pictured Armalite AR-7 rifle with a small scope to bring town an enemy helicopter with two crew members in a spectacular explosion. I guess an impossible shot like that is what makes him and not me, James Bond. That little AR-7 rifle he used fires the tiny .22 long rifle bullets picture above. Yes, a .22 can cause a fatal wound to a human being or game animal. No, it won’t blow up a helicopter!

Next are the wildly popular war carbines, the M-16, M-4 and Ak-47 weapons copies. Unlike their military lookalikes, these legal these carbines are not machine guns. They only fire one round for each pull of the trigger.

These weapons are much lower powered that your grandfathers shotgun! The lightweight ammunition allows for more of it to be carried by soldiers. The war where their value was established was in the jungles of Viet Nam. Little cover but lots of concealing vegetation made the penetrating rifle rounds from the venerable M-1 Garand and the later M-14 too big and too heavy for soldiers.

The soldiers could carry and shoot twice as many rounds with a big trade off in power and penetration. Outside of the jungle the 5.56 or .30 Russian round is too underpowered for combat.

I have to laugh at the ignorant gun haters that love to say, “you don’t hunt deer with an AK-47.” The suggestion is that the poor deer would be turned into a well-done burger with a single shot from some weapon with massive power. The problem with using those modern small underpowered war rounds is that wounding rather than a clean painless killing of the deer would happen. That’s not to say a skilled hunter could not accomplish a quick kill of a deer with these weapons. The question is why risk having an innocent deer suffer before it gets consumed at a dinner table?

Gun rights advocates have always demanded their liberty to use firearms for defense of country, family and self. The Second Amendment was not promulgated to protect the right to hunt.

Americans are guaranteed the right to meaningful self-defense with small arms that include those demonized, Saturday Night Specials and Assault Weapons loaded with those dreaded, Cop Killer Bullets!

The legislative and congressional lawmakers who dream up and vote on those unconstitutional gun laws have zero experience with firearms other than what they saw in the movies. They are ignorant, fearful and only work from the emotional side of the gun control debate. Their lack of knowledge makes them unqualified to begin to regulate firearms.

Of course why go after the criminals that misuse weapons, when you can attack everyone who owns a gun? Gun laws work really well. Just ask the murder victims who were denied by law the right to possess, carry or use a gun for self-defense.