Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heather Locklear Set Up By Tabloid Snitch Seeking Cash

MONTECITO, CA—Heather Locklear was apparently spotted by a tabloid magazine snitch looking for a way to sell photographs and video.

TMZ.com has posted a 911 call that may have been designed to simply bring police to Locklear and her car for investigation of DUI when there was no basis for such a call.

The caller knew for sure that pictures of Locklear doing, “Simon Sez”, or the routine field sobriety test with the police would have cash value even without an arrest. The investigation would also bring a flurry of questions from an officer. Questions like,”are you taking any medication?“ top the list.

Most Americans are unaware they do not have to answer any questions, or cooperate with police by following requests to submit to their examinations and field sobriety testing. Drivers must agree to breathalyzer and in some jurisdictions blood testing or face the loss of their driver's license. Those tests don’t happen until after an officer actually makes a DUI arrest.

Most DUI arrests can be avoided by simply remaining silent, asking for a lawyer and not performing those embarrassing dance maneuvers for police. The problem for real drunks is they can't remember to follow such advice when they are under the influence.

Heather Locklear had a real problem to deal with that the average driver will never face. The total embarrassment and career killing exposure that even an innocent police stop would bring to her had to have a giant impact.

That kind of pressure brought on by simple stone cold fear would cause anyone to appear to be under the influence. The influence of real fear would also mimic impairment.

Most people don’t know that you can be arrested for being under the influence of any number of prescribed medicines. In a police stop that impairment diagnoses is not made by a physician but a cop with some limited training. Taking most medicines as directed does not cause sufficient impalement to justify an arrest.

This arrest of Locklear has a really foul odor to it since it was brought on by apparent financial greed. The CHP officer apparently allowed a 911 caller’s information to influence the scope and direction of what transpired. I hope Locklear’s lawyer Blair Berk gets her life back for her soon.

See what TMZ published here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Games Some Prosecutors Play

Las Vegas, NV—Some star struck prosecutors and cops want to take credit for putting O.J. Simpson behind bars. Instead of justice it’s about status and bragging rights. They want to brag that they could do what Los Angeles authorities couldn’t do, and that's convicting the former sports hero.

I say former sports hero because Simpson no longer has that special admiration. Today the public treats him with suspicion at best and many believe he somehow got away with double murder. Today and for always, Simpson is a kind of a dark celebrity, more famous for his perceived connection to a despicable and brutal crime than his outstanding achievements on the gridiron.

Now Simpson is on trial as a jury has to figure out just which group of thugs, thieves and liars robbed the other of Simpson’s personal memorabilia. The stories have changed despite sporadic surreptitious recordings by ringleader and convicted arsonist, Thomas Riccio. Riccio has profited by more than $200 K for arranging the entire event police and prosecutors are calling an armed robbery/kidnapping.

Prosecutors have used those tricks and tools defense attorneys will never have. One is the ability to buy whatever testimony they want through immunity and get out of jail free cards given to confessed criminals. The other is a trashy stunt they pulled with their own prosecution witness, Alfred Beardsley.

When prosecutors called sports memorabilia dealer, Beardsley as their witness he was in custody for a parole violation in California. They cleaned up Beardsley, dressed him in a suit for court and delivered him to the jury looking like any ordinary businessman. But when Simpson’s lawyer’s called for Beardsley as a defense witness a few days later he was brought into court wearing jail garb and chains. This was a cheap shot to say the least.

Simpson must sit as an all White jury passes judgment on him on this case that was only filed because he was O.J. Simpson. Simpson faces life in prison should he be convicted in a case where nobody was injured and the property taken was in fact Simpsons'. Will O.J. Simpson get a fair verdict in Sin City? The odds are against that happening.

What a Great Depression Would be Like Today In America.

In 1929 America was a place for self-reliant self-starters. There was no such thing as government welfare, food stamps and so called income tax credits that supplemented income rather than take money from underemployed workers.

Americans were able to deal with deprivation and knew how to live off the land. Today Americans would simply starve.

Cutting off money to the people government turned into totally dependent and helpless leaches will prove bloody. These people will resort to violence when their demands for entitlements fall on deaf ears.

Today we have millions of Americans addicted to expensive illegal narcotic drugs. They can be counted upon to give us a crime wave like we’ve never imagined.

The only growth industry I envision is private security and small arms sales. Will we as a people learn self-reliance and how to work together as a result of hard times?

Will charity return to replace government handouts? I don’t see a wartime economy improving things since we’ve been at war for several years.

The only salvation for America is to defeat Communism and Socialism. God help us all.


Washington, DC—Our Congress and President George Bush would never leave Wall Street crooks high and dry! They came through for their pals while putting their hands deep in our pockets.

In America you had a right under free enterprise to make investment gambles and lose your money. Bad companies were suposed to be allowed to go under so more reliable companies could prosper. Not anymore! Now the government will guarantee every crappy investment you could possibly make.

This is a variation of Mel Brooks idea explored in his film and play, The Producers where a couple of crooked buffoons try to make the world’s worst play with intentions of overselling ownership and getting rich. Now companies can count on being rewarded for failures and mismanagement.

What about ordinary gamblers who are bad at math and never win? They deserve full protection from the taxpayers too!

I was recently talking with a friend about the possibility of being homeless sleeping by the railroad track because of a destroyed economy. My friend offered up the idea of having outdoor meals of Jackrabbit stew may be in our future.

I can only wonder how long the American experiment can hold out now that free enterprise is dead?

An Update: 9/29 1:00 PM My report about the death of free enterprise may have been greatly exaggerated since the “sure thing” bailout failed in Congress. Maybe there is hope after all! Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Celebrity Meltdown?

MONTECITO, CA—Pretty and talented TV star Heather Locklear has had her troubles lately. In June she checked into a Tucson, AZ medical facility, for some behavioral issues that came to light after a disturbing 911 call.

Saturday afternoon Locklear was arrested by an officer of the California Highway Patrol for DUI. Locklear was reportedly taking prescription medication that police believe impaired her ability to drive.

I wonder if the officer administering sobriety tests on Locklear took into account Locklear’s very real emotional reaction to the horrible privacy invasion and effect of this exposure on her career?

These kinds of arrests go unnoticed for most Americans but Locklear gets an overdose of humiliation because of her celebrity status. It does seem unfair. This arrest will be resolved with little more than a slap on the wrist in its worst case scenario.

Heather's booking photo is a reminder to always look your best and smile for those over-exposed mugshots.

Locklear's troubles are just a small part of a great career. Hopefully she will soon be in in good health and once more entertaining us in new projects.

A Restraining Order Worked For Once In Phoenix, AZ With A Little Help

Phoenix, AZ—Phoenix police say an unidentified woman went to court and got a restraining order against a yet to be identified man.

That bad news is restraining orders don’t stop bullets, knives or even fists. This time along with a restraining order the woman got herself a gun. It turns out the man this woman sought protection from finally learned his lesson after breaking into her apartment.

In a happy ending to a frightening story, the woman opened fire on the home invader killing him.

Learn more about this from KTVK-TV 3 News In Phoenix.

A simple video Primer On Our Economic Mess and its Cause

Obama’s October Surprise, Hillary Clinton and a Coup d’état

Chicago, IL—Since late Spring I’d heard unsubstantiated rumors from at least one usually reliable source of mine that Barack Obama was in for a political disaster before November. A corruption scandal would undermine his candidacy and perhaps bring about his indictment. I wrote this information off as wishful thinking.

I never once underestimated Hillary Clinton’s political spy network because she’d never spare any expense hiring people like convicted telephone eavesdropper, Anthony Pellicano. Hillary would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. I strongly suspect Clinton knows about most or all of Obama’s criminal activity and culpability. That knowledge has guided this shrewd woman’s actions throughout the campaigns for the highest office in the land. I suspect Clinton has been sitting on this information like a hen on an egg.

Now it’s reported that convicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko who faces scores of years behind bars is ready to play his cards in hopes of getting a deal from the Justice Department before his October 28 sentencing in Federal District Court.

Rezko has both raised substantial campaign funds for Obama and has paid him off with at least one personal cash windfall on a piece of real estate. It’s safe to say Rezko knows where some fresh and very toxic bones are buried in his former confidant’s back yard.

In life as well as politics timing is everything and This may put the Democratic Presidential slate into a large black hole before an incredibly historic election. I predicted a political coup d’état involving Clinton and now the information my source provided is starting to come together.

Today’s Chicago Sun Times tells us that Rezko is ready to play his cards and perhaps change the course of history. At least one Governor and one Presidential nominee have something to worry about. I think we may be in for some change Obama had not anticipated.

My questiion now is who will Illinios Governor Rod Blagojevich rat on to soften his own problems? Will Mayor Daley and Alderman Ed Burke get invited to this party too?

Read the Sun-Times article here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Televised Trials Are Vanishing

Los Angeles—Court TV tried and failed to turn a profit providing gavel to gavel coverage of high profile trials.

The biggest problem was and is we don’t have enough big trials or interested viewers. Frankly what goes on in our courtrooms proves to bore most Americans to tears.

It’s a really rare day where there is a trial such as the O.J. Simpson double murder case that captured the imagination of the entire nation.

Since that trial we have had interest in the Michael Jackson child molesting and the Scott Peterson murder cases. Court TV also spent a fortune promoting their trial coverage to gain viewers.

An overriding reality is that most people are either working or are in school and don’t have the time to watch these cases in America’s courts.

To avoid totally losing their viewers, Court TV found they needed talking heads to tell us what was going on and limited their courtroom coverage. I hate the talking heads for the most part because too often these personalities wish to align themselves somehow as heroes for victims. The TV personalities spend their time polluting and otherwise influencing our jury pool. The result is that a fair trial for accused defendants is too often unobtainable.

The trend for now will be fewer trials getting total coverage. The retrial of legendary record producer Phil Spector will be causality because of a lack of interest and more importantly profits. News directors rightfully say the Spector redo is a waste because for the most part it won’t provide new information.

I want to cover the Spector retrial but unless my effort is sponsored or underwritten there is no way I can cover this. I can’t devote myself to traveling to downtown L.A., pay for parking and tell my readers what’s going on. During the first trial I relied on the Internet feeds to bring those Phil Spector trial stories to this blog.

Trial blogs with knowledgeable writers using a combination of highlights video, written narrative and still photographs are both a great and the only alternative. That requires a blogger to write about the day’s events and a producer to gather video and still images. That also means providing photographers to share the work of providing pool images and video.

The way I see it the only news organization that could handle decent trial coverage is the Associated Press. They sell their content to all the other news organizations. The AP can always be counted on do a great job at least with keeping us all informed about important testimony and evidence unleashed in the courts.

The AP always provides great photos of dramatic trial moments but they are really weak on providing courtroom video right now. Hopefully that will change for the better.

Blogging these trials is still a very expensive proposition for local TV stations. They have little interest in tying up reporters and producers just for a single story they will use for their 40 minutes of actual news coverage for their entire day. TV stations need to maintain websites to provide this kind of extended coverage.

Viewers and advertisers frankly care more about YouTube content than the serious business of TV trials. That simply means unless viewer habits change, fewer trials will be put up for public consumption.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Face Of A Chicago Gun Criminal

Chicago, IL.—It was in September of 2006 when the Chicago police gun team kicked down fire fighter Ted Kozak’s Northwest Chicago door and grabbed his prized gun collection for the second time.

Kozak is a man who devoted his entire life to saving lives and helping his fellow man. Kozak simply likes and collects firearms while living under an assumption there is in fact a Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms in America. Kozak never sold those guns or used them in any kind of evil act.

Apparently police say that there were a couple of fully automatic firearms in Kozak's collection. Those too are collector’s items that can be lawfully owned by people in most jurisdictions outside of Chicago. Chicago simply violates the gun rights of everyone.

One such firearm was a coveted and venerable Thompson .45 caliber M1A1, sub-machine gun. The other was an increasingly rare British Sten-9MM sub-machine gun. These were museum pieces that were in excellent condition despite the reality that they are as much as 70 years old. These are hardly the tools of today’s criminals but items of significant historical interest and value.

Kozak is facing serious prison time if convicted and that would be a travesty. I say we cannot afford to put this fireman in our prison system.

There are a few legal avenues left for Kozak in Chicago where the Circuit Court judges mirror the attitude of the gun-rights hating Mayor Richard M. Daley. I just don’t see common sense or mercy ever being a part of this prosecution.

Ted Kozak is a productive and good citizen. Mr. Kozak deserves the support of every freedom loving American. Help save Ted Kozak.

Las Vegas TV Reporter Sues Over Hearing Loss At A Police Gun Range

Las Vegas, NV-- Former KTNV Channel 13 reporter Christina Brown has filed a law suit over a hearing loss suffered during a story she did about Metro officer’s firearms training. I think this lawsuit is serious business and has merit.

I suffered a similar hearing loss and am hearing impaired today as a result. I’ve used both ear plugs and muffs together ever since my first traumatic ear damage. Some sadistic U.S. Army officials forced me and my basic training company comrades shoot M-14 rifles at Fort Leonard Wood, MO with no hearing protection whatsoever in 1968.

Please, always wear the strongest rated hearing protection while on the range because the damage is irreversible. Hearing aids are miserable to use as I have learned.

You can read about this lawsuit from the Las Vegas Sun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Has Always Hated Your Gun Rights And He Always will

Today Barack Obama’s spokesmen try to falsely present him as a supporter of gun rights. Of course, moving into a national political arena Obama’s gun-rights hatred puts him far out in the Left Wing extreme. The Obama supporters want to soften his life long position to camouflage and diffuse the truth, misleading the nation’s voters.

Obama’s political career was spawned in the Regular Democratic Party of Chicago. For those who don’t know Chicago has been and is controlled by organized crime figures since even before the days of Al Capone. Criminals hate the idea of armed citizens that can resist extortion and every other crime. It’s only natural for them to take the position of demanding outright gun bans. A disarmed and helpless population has always been the goal of Chicago’s politicians.

Obama has never missed an opportunity either in the Illinois General Assembly or the United States Senate to vote to ban or restrict gun ownership and self-defense. Obama has redundantly lashed out against the right to carry concept and has remained in lock-step with Mayor Richard M. Daley that today who is still defying the law of the land handed down in the Supreme Court’s Heller decision.

Yes, Obama as President could either sign into law or veto gun rights bills passed by Congress. More importantly as five members of our Supreme Court are over 70 years old it’s very likely the next President could appoint a record number of judges to the high court. Only one more Liberal gun-rights hater on the court could reverse Heller and give politicians the right to ban firearms.

Just imagine where are gun rights would be if Obama was able to appoint four of his cronies? You need to see firsthand just how Obama’s desperate spokesmen are trying to re-write his horrible gun-rights record.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Has Clean Hands In Bailout Mess

The only candidate who has absolutely clean hands of any responsibility in the Wall Street bailout mess is Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

Unlike Obama, Biden and McCain Sarah Palin is not owned by the lobbyists and the crooks who created the mess. Sarah Palin is the one Americans will trust the most to give us real change. Sarah Palin deserves the trust of all Americans.

Media’s Whitewash Covers up Horrific Racial Crime

Knoxville, KY—It was a crime of incredible depravity and cruelty was committed against a young White couple by four Black thugs. This story is even beyond the worst horror film any Americans have ever seen. Channon Christian, 21 and Chris Newsom, 23 were savagely carjacked, kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered in January of 2007. Most Americans never heard about this crime or its frightening details.

The media would not report this racially charged story. The same was true about another horrific bloodbath in Wichita, KS on the cold night of December 14, 2000, Reginald Carr, 23, and Jonathan Carr, 20, invaded the home of three young Wichita men who had two female guests. The Carr Brothers forced all of them to strip naked. They beat the men and raped the women.

In addition to repeatedly raping the women, the Carr Brothers have been found guilty of forcing them to perform sexual acts on each other, sodomizing one of them, and forcing the three male victims to perform sex acts with each of the women. Then the Carr Brothers robbed them and brutally murdered four of them. One victim survived by chance to identify and testify in court. The Carr brothers are waiting today on Death Row.

The media’s mentality is mind boggling when they routinely refuse to provide the race of wanted murder suspects on newscasts. Minority group members, specifically Blacks and Hispanics commit far more of their share of crime. The media’s whitewashing these crimes does not make them somehow go away. Giving Americans the right and training to protect themselves is the only real answer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Santa Monica College Inspires Musicians, Singers and Actors

Santa Monica, CA.—No it’s not your Ivy League college where the rich kids go. Here the kids are as diverse as can be and nearly all appear to be in a heartbreaking financial struggle. The one thing the kids I saw didn’t lack was spirit.

A few years ago a case I was working on brought me to Santa Monica College. I sat in classes over several months and watched some amazing kids and teachers. This school loves to advertise itself as a gateway for hardworking students to transfer into more prestigious colleges with the help of scholarships and grants.

Between classes the kids socialized, and talked about their dreams of making it big as entertainers. I’ve watched the same kids nervously count change in hopes of being able to get a decent lunch each day. I’ve also seen these kids trying to look their best for recitals with badly run over shoes that reminded me of my own rough start in Chicago at Loop Junior College.

I watched the kids as they came into their first week of class where they had to get up and perform before their classmates. Few were impressive or stood out in their performances. Nearly all hit some really sour notes. What the kids lacked in skill and polish they made up by being absolutely fearless.

By the end of the semester it was all very different as the kids came off as talented professionals. I’d seen firsthand a huge difference with these youngsters. It was awe inspiring and only after a single semester!

Dustin Hoffman who dropped out of SMC credits the school for his own amazing acting career. It’s funny to remember how Hoffman slid right into the role he landed as a rich college student in The Graduate. That great film made Hoffman a film star and a multi-millionaire.

If I could live my own life over again and become an 18 year-old SMC freshman I would do it in a heartbeat. At SMC wealth is not measured by the amount of cash on hand.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nanny Government To The Rescue Again!

Made a bad investment? Bought a home you could not afford? Lost money on a speculative deal? Never worry because the Democrat controlled Congress will let you reach into your neighbor's pocket for a quick bailout!

When the commercial real estate market went sideways with the Charles Keating crap Congress quickly bailed out the crooks and incompetents with the Resolution Trust Corporation. The government sold all the distressed property by running the largest real estate outfit ever. Boy did we pay!

Next property values went through the roof while Americans bought bigger and better houses than ever with easy no money down loans that were not so easy after all. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mismanaged beyond control has a new owner! Guess who? Your nanny was right there with a big milk laden breast to make it all better.

AIG was long rampant with mismanagement and now gets a big reward for a really crappy job, the biggest bailout ever. Free enterprise is over in America.

Terrorists destroy America with bombs. Our own crooked Congress destroys our economy with bailouts to those who deserve it the least. Soon there won’t be enough trees to make the paper required to print the money Congress has funneled for bailouts. Our money will be soon worthless and all our land will be owned by foreign governments. Was this what our founding fathers had in mind?

It's not just Democrats we must blame for thus mess. Unfortunately we have a bunch of lobbyist owned lawmakers who run as Republicans despite the fact that they vote with the Democrats.

It would have been a lot better if on September 11, 2001, Flight #93 hit its intended target and gave us the Congressional term limits we were not smart enough to give ourselves.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What’s Next In The Goldfinger Murder Case?

Los Angeles, CA—Right now James Fayed, 45 and Jose Moya, 47 are in a fight for their very lives. This fact has probably not really been digested by the two accused killers as they adjust to life inside the L.A. County Jail. The defense lawyers have no choice but to give their clients hope and keep them in the mood to help them fight the charges. The lawyers also have to be paid to take on this promised long and protracted fight.

It’s too early in this prosecution to learn just what prosecutors have learned from the LAPD and other agencies involved in this nasty murder probe. Fayed's wife Pamela Fayed 44, was slashed, hacked and stabbed to death in a parking garrage in Century City, CA on July 28th. These facts will slowly surface over the next two or three years. We will all know a lot more quickly if prosecutors opt for a Preliminary Hearing.

I’d expect to see lots of data and video that our new high-tech surveillance society now provides. The suspects like all of us are constantly tracked and photographed everywhere we go. Once they obtained the cell phone and credit card records the cops ran around gathering the video at the gas stations, drug stores and commercial buildings where the cards were used. The cops already know much more than most people can imagine.

The defense has to gather all they can to show other potential suspects and motives for the murder. They have to anticipate who adverse witnesses are and begin exhausting background investigations to either implicate their involvement in the killing or at least impeachment material for their expected testimony. This effort requires top notch and aggressive private investigators.

The defense attorneys begin their damage control carefully working a public relations campaign if for no other reason is to try and insure his client as fair a trial as possible. Reading reports of the L.A. Times I have already read the three ugliest words in a defense lawyer’s vocabulary, jail house snitch. That means we will hear a so-called confession bought and paid for with a get out of jail free card for some total scum-bag.

Now’s the time prosecutors have to make one of their most important decisions. That is to hold a public Preliminary Hearing or to seek an Indictment by a secret Grand Jury. The goal here is to get a finding that there is in fact Probable Cause to hold the accused for trial on the murder and related charges. This is not so challenging as the old saying goes, any good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. The difficult but true part here is that 80% of criminal defendants find themselves convicted.

We will learn shortly the route prosecutors will take to drive Fayed and Moya straight to the Death House by the Bay.

This case has a companion mess and that the tremendous assets tied up in the federal investigation of Fayed’s business they already called a Ponzi scheme. The feds have reportedly moved to dismiss the single indictment for operating without a required license. Will they also release control of the assets?

I suspect Pamela Fayed’s 18 year-old daughter could be in line to control the assets and protect the many investors who are unable to get their money refunded at present. A receivership appointed by a court makes more sense and identified investors will be repaid at least with whatever percentage of their money that has been located and protected. The investors must get legal advice and secure their claims to avoid missing time limits.

This investigation has yet to play out. The unidentified co-conspirators have not been located or arrested and the investigation is continuing. This is a story that should wind up at some point as a feature film.

Will the correct people pay for this brutal and cowardly crime? Will the investors see their money again? We will have to see what’s next in the Goldfinger Murder Case.

Is Judge Hearing The O.J. Simpson Case Bi-Polar?

Las Vegas, NV—Judge Jackie Glass must have come right out of Central Casting to hear the O.J. Simpson case. Glass is an excitable, drama queen who loves to yell at lawyers like an angry mother dealing with really bad children.

It’s hard to tell if she is simply playing to the cameras or she’s this way all the time. In a single day, Glass has proven herself to be better suited for a low-budget Hollywood film rather than a real trial.

Yesterday state’s witness and sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong was wincing in pain and grabbing his chest during his testimony. I was suffering a similar reaction to Judge Glass’ emotional tantrums in her zealous efforts to keep order in the court.

I can’t help but see a prejudicial effect that would defeat a fair trial for any defendant in Judge Glass’ courtroom.

Judges automatically gain huge respect from jurors who are emotionally programmed by society to except and believe judges are infallible leaders who must be obeyed.

Judges’ powers extend far beyond the simple ruling on legal issues before them. They also have the ability to convey a certain verdict to impressionable jurors.

The Simpson trial already seems headed for trouble like most high profile criminal court cases in this country.

Update: As the prosecution's case is winding down I have noticed that Judge Glass has been very fair to both sides. That makes her histronic much more bearable for me. I guess we are not all the same on this earth.

A Happier Update About An Outrageous Gun Arrest.

Denver, CO—It was during the Democratic National Convention when a Wyoming businessman and African hunter Joseph Calanchini was simply trying to check into a hotel. He was abruptly kidnapped, robbed and internationally humiliated by the Denver Police Department. You can read the original story here.

A concerned hotel employee called police and reported that fact that his luggage included a rifle case. Police detained Calanchini,searched him, his possessions and arrested him despite the fact he broke no laws. They took him off to jail and charged him with violating some gun laws anyway.

The seized his property including his lawfully owned firearms and have never returned it to date. Prosecutors have ended Calanchini’s Orwellian nightmare after police failed to produce evidence for prosecution.

Now it’s time for Calanchini to have his lawyer make a demand for money to compensate him for the violation of civil rights, kidnapping, interruption of business and for doing grievous injury to his reputation.

The taxpayers in Denver need to learn the hard way they have elected and allowed the appointment of rogue public officials. Perhaps they can afford the $10 or 20 million Calanchini deserves for his trouble.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Total Destruction of A Media Flak

Los Angeles, CA—As soon as I heard that incredible admission of fault come from her lips, I knew a head would roll. I further speculated it would be the woman who made the official, authorized public admission; Metrolink’s media flak Denise Tyrrell. Tyrrell resigned today.

No public official or corporation head in their right mind would everv agree to accept the blame along with the hundreds of millions of dollars of liability under any conditions. Add to this that a major investigation has just begun by the NTSB, FBI, LASD and perhaps a few more agencies to definitely determine the cause of the horrific train collision and related carnage. Nature, defects, sabotage, space aliens and poltergeists all had to be ruled out before the actual finger pointing could ever begin.

The startling admission that the now deceased train’s engineer failed to stop at a red signal was woefully pre-mature. I’m not saying Tyrrell’s confession on behalf of Metrolink was wrong or implausible. Tyrrell should have sent the superior that authorized the liability declaration of guilt to a psychiatrist and simply refused to deliver the information to the public.

Tyrrell simply had to go after that national press conference hit the airwaves. Tyrrell should have been smart enough to figure anyone who made such a horrible blunder as to authorize such a unparalleled release of information would quickly get some serious amnesia.

Perhaps Tyrrell can find a new job as a Wal-Mart greeter. I don’t ever expect to see her again in this life working as a press spokesperson.

GoldFinger Murder Investigation Yields Two Arrests, Husband now Charged!

Los Angeles, CA—As Reported here last night, Jose Luis Moya, 47 has been charged with the July 28, 2008 slashing, hacking and stabbing murder of 44 year-old Pamela Fayed in a Century City parking garage.

Today the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced that in addition to Moya, James Michael Fayed, 45 has also been charged with capitol murder.

James Fayed reportedly paid Moya $25,000.00 to arrange the murder of his wife. The complaint also lists the involvement of at least one additional co-conspirator who is not yet in police custody.

This adds considerably to the legal troubles of James Fayed who has already been charged in connection with running what federal prosecutors called an, unlicensed Ponzi scheme involving gold investments and trading.

The Murder complaint already alleges death penalty eligible, “special circumstances”. These are aggravators that enhance the nature of the crime beyond simple killing. So far they are claiming that the crime was committed for financial gain and that the killers were lying in wait. More factors may lead Fayed and Moya straight to the lethal injection room at San Quentin Prison on the San Francisco Bay.

This ongoing murder prosecution, will most likely cause the gold trading businesses owned and operated by the Fayeds to be placed in a court appointed receivership. That action would facilitate investors getting repaid with any company assets located and placed under control of the government.

Initial court appearances for Moya and Fayed are set for today and tomorrow respectively.

It's also expected that James Fayed will be moved from the somewhat posh Federal detention Facility to the Los Angeles County Jail.

The actual Court Complaints:
Read this document on Scribd: Fayed Murder Complaint

Police OfficersAnd Mental Illness

Chicago, IL—A Chicago police officer shot and critically wounded his own two young children and killed himself at his near, South side Chicago home. It’s hard to ever imagine anyone being driven to this kind of behavior for any reason.

Police officers above all are subjected to non-stop conflict, assault and hatred. Police officers are not really prepared for some of those experiences that can injure their metal stability during academy training. Most cops simply cope, raise their families and later retire without a major problem.

We’ve all heard about combat soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Are police officers somehow immune from this aliment? There are only so many life threatening, abusive or hurtful events a human can endure before he or she snaps. Most officers seem to complete entire careers without any symptoms of mental illness.

Police officers have to deal with depression and suicide at a higher rate that the general population. Police officers also have to see the darkest parts of our world that we protect ourselves from. Death, injury, and unimaginable behavior is investigated by our police officers every day.

We really don’t know much about mental illness and only know how to confine or drug the people that suffer those diseases. Let’s hope they find a way to prevent this kind of event in the future.

My prayers are with the loved ones of this police family.

Which group of Thugs, Thieves and Liars robbed The Other?

Las Vegas, NV—The Circus starts this morning in Las Vegas. It will be the greatest show on earth watched by millions. Where you ask? Why it inside the Clark County Court! It’s the O.J. Simpson trial. Opening statements are set to begin barring last minute diversions.

The street outside will be filled with genuine clowns and publicity hounds. Reporters from everywhere will have crews loitering until the court takes their recesses and they swing into action. Live coverage of the trial is promised by a new start up TV business called The Legal Edge who promised to broadcast to any media outlets willing to pay their fees.

This is the chance for an all White jury to return a new verdict on the double-murder trial in which Simpson was acquitted. Nobody cares about the sports memorabilia thieves who claim to be robbery and kidnapping victims. This trial will really be about the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Prosecutors can be counted upon to beat the Goldman civil verdict and judgment to death showing how Simpson evaded any punishment at all for his “guilt” in the double murder. This will be anything but a fair trial.

The odds of gaining a conviction in any criminal trial are 80%. Color O.J. Simpson convicted and gone to prison for life. Nobody can overcome this kind of prejudicial prosecution.

This will prove to be a farce and a circus that shows the frailty of humans and their emotions over the American system of justice and simple fairness.

First Goldfinger Murder Arrest Nets Key Fayed Employee

Los Angeles, CA--Records of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department revealed that, Jose Luis Moya, 47 has been charged with the hacking, slashing and stabbing death of Pamela Fayed, 44 last July in Century City, CA. Moya was ordered, held without bail by a L.A. Superior Court Commissioner.

Moya was arrested on September 11, 2998 by officers from the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Division. So far, police are keeping mum about this arrest.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that Moya, a key employee of James Fayed is part of a conspiracy to murder Pamela Fayed and that he is not believed to be the actual killer of the woman.

We expect that information about the evidence that established probable cause for this arrest is contained in a new bunch of search warrants used to gather more evidence from property under control of Moya.

Anthony Fayed, the fugitive brother of James Fayed is still being sought for questioning.

So far James Fayed has not been charged with murder or conspiracy. Since he is already being held without bail on a federal charges police and prosecutors have no need to rush murder charges against Fayed.

The details of the Moya arrest are expected to emerge this week, Stay tuned!

See Moya Booking Information(Click on Picture to enlarge):

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Each Nasty Smear Of Sarah Palin Sinks Obama’s Campaign Further

Destroying a middle-American hockey-mom is A lot tougher than the desperate and despicable Obama supporters ever thought. They’ve been taking any and every molehill and tried to turn it into a mountain.

The molehill I like the most is that Sarah Palin wanted her brother-in-law fried from his position as a state trooper. It’s matter of record that among other deeds, this dope used a police Taser gun to electrify his own ten year-old son. We would all really hate Palin if she did not take steps to protect her nephew and the public.

Reporters’ trying to trick the 44 year-old mother of five during an interview has a particular smelly odor to it. Sarah Palin is the first major political candidate that can really bring the change that other politicians only promise.

Aside from her obvious leadership skills, Sarah Palin most positively and properly reflects the average American more than any politician seeking a high office in my life time. Sara Rocks!

Gun Free Zone Follies Enable Armed Robbers In Ohio

Note the sign in the DQ window.

Columbus, OH—The owners of the North side, Dairy Queen located at Tamarack Circle South wanted to send their message with a sign prohibiting firearms to show just where they stood on gun rights.

The message was obviously not lost on a local armed robber who instantly saw that this was a safe place for him to rob. The cowardly gunman shot the manager, Jack Workman, 55 as he was giving him the money.

During the robbery an unidentified 16 year-old girl was pistol whipped by the dangerous thug who escaped with the proceeds from the cash register. The manager was very lucky to be transported to the hospital where he’s listed in stable condition rather than the morgue.

The sign just like the deeply flawed philosophy behind it failed as it always does. Gun Free Zones enable violent crimes rather than suppress them. It’s too bad that Jack Workman was not trained and armed so he could at least have a chance to defend himself.

Thanks go to the remarkable Professor John Lott who found this story.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye West And Bodyguard Commit Robbery Caught On Tape At LAX

Los Angeles, CA.--A photographer spotted celebrity Kanye West at Terminal Four at LAX this morning. West was with his bodyguard/manager, Don Crowley.

As the photographer began snapping pictures of West, when West violently and forcibly wrestled the camera away from the photographer and smashed it on the ground.

A TMZ video photographer was likewise assaulted and robbed of his equipment that was also smashed by both West and Crowley.

Police were called and somewhat soft-balled the arrest by charging the two thugs only with vandalism. There is video showing the physical force that was used to steal and subsequently destroy the cameras equipment.

The proper charge here is robbery, not simple vandalism. This is the kind of behavior we put people in prison for rather than hand out short jail terms, probation or fines.

I can understand a celebrity’s need for privacy but it’s something they gave up when they chose to publically entertain. In public places like airports, streets and such anyone has a right to take their picture and or try to make contact.

The tabloid photographers are here and they more often enhance careers rather than damage them. Assaulting and robbing these workers is both thuggish and criminal. West and Crowley should receive the same punishment as any common strong-armed robbers in Los Angeles.

These jerks can easily afford to compensate the photographers for their equipment and the working time they will lose replacing the tools of their trade. That is not nearly enough of a price to pay for what was caught on tmz.com’s videotape.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Undoing Of A Presidential Campaign

55 days into the General Election and The Barack Obama Jihad is steadily hurling lies, insults and political mayhem at an Alaskan Hockey-mom. They are in a disorganized major panic over the selection of the suddenly popular Sarah Palin to be Vice President on the GOP ticket.

They’re frantically hunting for new solutions such as dumping Joe Biden from their ticket and bringing in Hillary Clinton. This reversal now would make Obama the laughing stock of America’s politics.

The real problem is Obama himself. A rash of avoidable gaffes, along with the mistakes of the DNC and the Clinton/Obama pre-convention slug fest has mortally cracked the Boy Wonder's veneer.

Hillary Clinton has smartly stayed out of the relentless Obama bashing of Sarah Palin. Clinton is giving herself another shot at the top spot in 2012. If Obama were to somehow win this election Clinton as a V.P. could never be nominated for President in 2012.

Obama was a viable candidate until he fell under his own weight. He became distracted and instantly lost sight of reality and that was he was not running against Sarah Palin, but John McCain.

Man Held In Unprovoked Attack Against Drew Peterson Pled Guilty today.

Bolingbrook, IL--Len Wawczak claimed Drew Peterson would be charged for murder long before he’d be facing a battery charge in court. Wawczak was wrong charges have not been brought against Peterson in connection with the disappearance of his wife Stacy Peterson.

Wawczak assaulted Peterson in an unprovoked, videotaped attack outside a Bolingbrook barber shop last July.

Wawczak entered a Guilty plea for that crime this morning before Will County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Nash. Nash will decide Wawczak’s punishment before Friday.

Wawczak bragged about his criminal deed to any and everyone who would listen including national news outlets. It’s clear he is neither repentant and would repeat the crime at first opportunity.

Wawczak’s conduct clearly demonstrated that he is both dangerous and obviously mentally unstable.

Drew Peterson deserves the protection of the law from the likes of the obsessed, out-of-control, admitted criminal Len Wawczak. Hopefully some jail time and closely supervised probation will keep a tight leash on this miscreant.

In the meantime the Wawczak diversion should not affect the search for the missing Stacy Peterson. Drew Peterson has denied any wrongdoing and has been only charged with a highly technical weapon possession violation.

Obama Could Not Even Face Up To A Poor Choice Of Words.

Speaking in front of a group his diehard supporters Barack Obama simply swept his thoughtless, hurtful and sexist “Lipstick on a pig” remark under his rug.

Then there is the real issue that Obama’s admitted cocaine abuse removing his inhibitions was what enabled such an offensive remark.

I don’t care if you chose to view the remark as malicious or simply thoughtless it’s in no way acceptable for any candidate for the position as our President.

Obama has never once confessed to any mistake ever and loves to pass blame to others. For this latest gaffe Obama is blaming the very media organizations that bent over backwards putting him always in the best possible light.

Obama has proven he does not have the judgment needed to hold any office of public trust.

Watch Obama blame the media for his “Lipstick” gaffe:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It’s Time to Test Obama For Drug Use!

When people apply for even the most menial of jobs drug testing is required. Admitted cocaine user Barack Obama’s displaying signs and symptoms of obvious cocaine abuse. Obama's off teleprompter speech is so slow and so measured and yet so full of constant gaffs.

A physician friend of mine suggested that Obama is sucking the crack pipe. When he called it to my attention I could see the symptoms this medical expert saw and pointed out.

The latest act of drug ridden reckless speech was the incredibly nasty, “Lipstick on a pig” crack he directed at V.P. candidate Sarah Palin that’s preserved on YouTube for posterity.

That kind of offensive gutter politics is what we’d saw in old style Chicago ward races for Alderman where the inebriated candidates never cared because the elections were always fixed.

Obama’s offensive “Lipstick on a pig” remark should cause every woman in America to think twice about Obama and just who he really is.

I think Obama should undergo public drug testing. I suspect he'd test positive for illegal drugs.

Watch the video

Want A Really “Green” Idea That Saves Lots Of Oil?

I don’t think anyone is really serious about this issue. I see lots of people claiming to be Green and trying to make money with alternative fuel sources along with smoke and mirrors.

Billionaire, T. Boone Pickens wants us all to switch to his product, natural gas. Aside from making Pickens much richer, that of course would cost Americans many billions to convert vehicles that now burn gasoline.

A simple way to save lots of gasoline would be for America to simply change the work week. Four ten-hour days or even three twelve-hour days would cost us nothing and save us all a bundle. For those who suffer big city gridlock as many as four hours a week of wasted drive time could also be saved.

The fuel savings would be tremendous. There would be fewer accidents on our roads and Americans would have more time to spend being parents instead of commuters.

A bonus to this plan would be a serious reduction of greenhouse gasses dumped into the air would make a visible difference.

The longer work days with three or four days off in a row, has been a big hit with cops everywhere. In Southern California, police departments that don’t adopt the short work week programs find their tenured officers leaving to departments that have. Those cops have portable pension plans so there is little or no downside when they switch departments.

America’s workforce and their so-called “Green” politicians should be at the forefront making this plan happen.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

What’s A Community Organizer Senator Obama?

That’s a fair question and that title could have covered people working to organize communities for the Nazi Party, The KKK, or the Communist Party anywhere.

The Black Panther Party was a very violent organization based on hatred of all White Americans. They too called themselves, community organizers.

I have no clue from this vague description what Barack Obama was selling or to who. It really sounds like a way for him to cover a period of unemployment.

Middle-aged men routinely say they are or were self-employed consultants to avoid admitting periods of idleness. There is an amount of social disgrace in being out of work.

Of course Michelle Obama was a Chicago Democratic Party insider and that helped get Obama out of the community organization business and on the government’s payroll. Chicago Democratic Party insiders are never unemployed.

For Sarah Palin to suggest that being the Mayor of her home town with responsibilities trumps Obama’s “organizing” function any day is fair play. Obama is so distracted and off his game since he and his minions forgot they’re running against John McCain, not Sarah Palin.

Obama needs to realize he’s really ready for his prize as a second place winner in the November election.

As always the Democratic Party buries their dead. With any luck Obama can keep his Senate seat longer than Carol Mosley Brown kept hers.

Palin Panic--Creating a Jihad in Obama’s Camp

V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin brought major excitement to an otherwise really dull Presidential campaign. Her energy, charm and good looks have sent Obama’s campaigners into a major panic.

I spent a couple of days chatting with every Liberal looking person in L.A. I could. Somehow for the most part Liberals are so easy to spot in any crowd. I’d start the conversation with a, “What do you think of John McCain’s new sidekick”? For fun I’d make a sour face to get an honest reaction.

The Liberals I talked to expressed fear, anger and loathing. One middle-aged man wearing lots of gold jewelry standing at a rent-a-car counter was actually foaming at the mouth while screaming about Palin. He claimed that we were somehow getting four more years of Bush on account of Palin coming out at the eleventh hour. He called it a sneak attack saying, “Obama can’t deal with this so late in the game!”

One very Liberal Hollywood agent said, “Unfortunately Palin has communication and theatrical skills way beyond Obama’s” The agent went on to say Palin has the looks, talent, voice and energy that any casting director would die for.” “It’s now going to be a really tough race for Obama and to me it does not look good”, said the agent.

I talked with a UCLA nurse who said it was overdue for a woman to be on the ballot. She defended Palin as appearing candid, saying she, “somehow just didn’t trust Obama.” The nurse said, “He (Obama) just seems too measured and sneaky for me.” The nurse made it clear she was a life-long Democratic voter who will vote for McCain this time.

Reportedly Obama’s camp is desperately trying to get their effective female campaigners to somehow return the public’s attention to Obama.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lies and Doctored Photos Smearing Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin hit the political scene somewhat like a secret weapon. Palin has what most voters have been looking for. Palin has a fresh face and she is a tough Washington outsider who understands middle-America and the challenges of family life.

Palin and her speech sent major shockwaves into the formerly confident Obama Cabal and their reaction was to undertake a giant smear campaign-Jihad. The problem for the Obama’s people is that the public won’t buy into the falsehoods.

Fox News took on the seven most common phony stories generated and here is their audit of the facts.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Chicago Police Administration Demanding DNA Samples From Officers.

Chicago, IL—According to Lodge 7 of The Fraternal Order of Police, the Chicago Police Department in an unprecedented move is urging officers to sign a consent form and submit to DNA sampling. Their intentions are anyone’s prognostication but the best guess is they will put the identifiers into the giant criminal DNA database called CODIS.

We can only guess what privacy invasion mischief the department will engage in with this information. The officers will have to just accept the plan on blind faith. I, on the other hand subscribe to the saying, “In God we trust, all others we verify.”

Somehow I can see some goofy, merit selected, Chicago police bosses bringing in bed sheets or soiled underwear to crime labs in order to determine who their significant others were sleeping with.

If the Chicago Police Department is allowed to pull this off in America this won’t be a good place for anyone to live. This is worse than even George Orwell envisioned.

Will The Godfinger Murder Suspect Be Released On Bail?

Los Angeles, CA—James Michael Fayed, 45 is still in the Metropolitan Detention Center being held on a single low grade felony charge for operating his gold trading company without a license. In most cases like Fayed’s, a relatively low bond would or a simple promise to appear in future court proceedings would bring about a defendant’s release.

Fayed’s case is anything but ordinary. Fayed’s estranged wife, Pamela Fayed, 44 was hacked, slashed and stabbed to death in a Century City Parking structure late last July. The killer used a getaway vehicle rented with James Fayed’s credit card.

It became clear that the Fayeds were involved in a high stakes, nasty divorce and that Pamela had agreed to join forces with the Justice Department in an investigation into James Fayed’s business practices.

Federal prosecutors successfully argued that because of the LAPD’s ongoing murder case that Fayed is a flight risk with access to substantial funds to finance his potential getaway.

The problem is the LAPD murder investigation has stalled, a person of interest, Anthony Fayed, 52 who was already a fugitive has been out of reach to the homicide investigators.

Statistically this murder investigation is unlikely to result in and Indictment with each passing day. However as long as Fayed is behind bars there is no rush to seek an Indictment for murder charges.

Without murder charges somewhere on the horizon Fayed must be allowed to obtain release on bail. This wrangling over the pre-trial release will certainly end over the next 45 or 60 days. Right now it’s anyone’s guess just how this will play out.

There is of course a likely “wild card” and that would be a second federal Indictment brought for other crimes now under investigation. Crimes such as fraud, racketeering and money laundering could result in charges that would justify a much steeper bail amount, but bail none the less.

I have reviewed the very latest documents filed in this case and have seen nothing new worth posting. The next shoe to fall will either be a new federal Indictment, a state murder Indictment or the release of James Fayed on bail.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Author Faces Prison On Bogus Gun Possession Charges

Plymouth, MA—67 year-old prolific author, Peter Manso is under a felony indictment in Massachusetts. This all happened while Manso was away and police responding to a burglar alarm call discovered he had a banned rifle and some “large capacity” ammunition magazines.

Manso was also charged because his gun owner’s card that was issued for life expired under a new state law. There are some side issues involving the legality of the search of Manso’s home by police.

One thing is clear, Manso is no criminal nor is he a threat to anyone. This boils down to a simple question. Was Manso simply engaging in his Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms?

With the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on Heller vs. D.C. the answer is clear on its face. These state laws are in serious conflict with the Second Amendment according to Heller. Prosecutors on the other hand want to ignore Heller and simply violate Manso’s civil rights.

My first thoughts are that Manso should seek an emergency injunction from the United States District Court against this obvious civil rights matter. Of course that’s one for Manso’s lawyers to decide.

Perhaps someday soon we will enjoy an America where gun laws only apply to violent criminals rather than model senior citizens. Manso now faces up to ten years in the Gulag for these so-called “transgressions”.

Read more about this outrage here.

The Inside Scoop Of McCain’s VP Choice

I know you’re all wondering how it came about. I have the “exclusive" video of just how this went down!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why The McCain-Palin Ticket will Win

I was going to sit out this election because I could not hold my nose long enough to vote for the too Liberal John McCain. That all changed with the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket for me and millions of conservatives. For the record, real conservatives have never been fond of either president named Bush.

Obama’s Problems:

1. American Jews rightfully don’t trust or like Obama.
2. Too many Hillary Clinton supporters have bailed from Obama’s campaign.
3. For a change, real conservatives will find their way to the polling places this election with zeal.
4. Obama can never win without those Americans he hates because they, as he says, “cling to their religion and guns.”
5. Michele Obama presented herself as an anti-American racist.
6. People are learning more everyday about Obama’s personal corruption inside Illinois Democratic politics.
7. Americans want real change, not lip service and empty promises.
8. Simple anti-Black bigotry will bring usually agnostic Democratic voters to the polls to vote against Obama.
9. The pro-Left media giants have lost their propaganda powers to the free speech on the Internet just like their audience and readers.
10. Barack Obama is uniquely unqualified to be President.

Obama can’t overcome these issues that will only be more evident as the election draws near. This race won’t even be close.

Congressional Incest and Inbreeding Makes For Horrible Presidential Candidates!

The Congress of the United States has its lowest approval rating ever. If you mention the simple word Congress it makes any American frown. We really hate this group of collective whores.

Becoming a congressman was never intended to be a career. It was for Americans who live and work in our economy to spend a few years serving their fellow Americans and return their district and the economy they were sent to protect. That has all changed for the worse.

Being a member of Congress is a dull job of staffing committees and hearing endless testimony from people supporting or working against various laws and handouts to special interest groups. Most of our politicians don’t arrive in Washington D.C as millionaires but nearly all of them leave very wealthy.

Sitting in congressional committee hearings does not prepare anyone for being Commander and Chief of our armed forces or President. The position does expose these legislative types to foreign aid and issues of international relations but you can get this experience in many other ways including universities. Being a member of congress brings members every level and kind of corruption and evil influence possible. Lobbyists from every kind of business and foreign governments are there to grease palms and sway loyalties away from an American ideal.

Congress is the last place we should go looking for Presidential Candidates. The constant inbreeding brings the worst of the political genes to our political conventions. This is the reason why our presidents can barely scrape a tiny majority of the relatively few Americans that bother to vote anymore.

Governor Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh Alaska air in comparison to what we’ve installed in our Whitehouse in many decades. The lobbyists don’t own her or her family. Palin’s agenda seems to support what and why America exists. I have all the faith in her should she have to take over filling her Vice-Presidential role that she is smart enough and honest enough for the job.

Palin knows how to delegate responsibilities and rely on others for special experience. I don’t think this lady will simply wait for a crisis before Palin has hands on knowledge and skills for the ultimate role as the most powerful world’s leader.

Gun Control From Another Perspective, The Criminals

Here are two short films that talk about the evil s of the private possession and carrying of guns by ordinary people.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Gunman Opens Fire at UCLA Campus

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—It was 11:30 PM Friday when a heavily armed homeless man pulled out a pistol and fired it at a traffic signal and concrete wall. This happened on a deserted corner of Le Conte and Broxton Avenues.

Gene Carlton Bush, 52, is a well know local guy who was recognized for his art-work. His friends call him “Dutch”. At least one local restaurant, The Habibi Cafe utilized his services to decorate the popular eatery. Bush was apparently living in his van with his gun collection. Bush has no known criminal record. Nobody can guess just what crisis prompted his behavior.

For whatever reason, Bush fired a few shots in what can only be described as a non-threatening manner to get police attention. Was Bush trying to commit, “Suicide By Cop?” Soon the UCLA police responded and using minimal force and a Taser they subdued him. Reportedly Bush has been making anti-government statements. I suspect he was only parroting words heard at the recent Democratic National Convention.

A subsequent search of Bush's White Ford van revealed 10,000 rounds of ammunition and writings police suggest is a manifesto of sorts called, “The Secret”. Okay he writes! Maybe he was trying to pull off a Hollywood publicity stunt to sell his writings.

Bush could have gone on a deadly rampage at one of the restaurants nearby or the always crowded Starbucks coffee house. Instead Bush used a quiet corner for this drama.

I spoke with Saad Fathi, the owner of The Habibi Café who has known Bush for several years. “Dutch was reliable, honest, friendly and has never shown anger or violence” said Fathi, "He was able to replicate the difficult Arabic script on Fathi's walls and he painted the catering trucks too."

I asked Fathi if he had enough faith in Bush to post his bail. “I’d bail him out in a minute if he asked me” Fathi responded.

In any event I suspect the local media will make a big deal out of this incident where nobody was hurt or really threatened. Bush needs little time out way from his guns, not a jail cell. We can only hope Bush gets whatever help he needs and deserves.

As for the UCLA cops I must commend them for professionalism because they were able to bring a peaceful end to Bush’s emotional crisis. Bravo, UCLA PD.