Sunday, December 31, 2006

Come Friday Was Thirty-Four Years Ago

It was exactly 34 years ago when 25 year-old recruit Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne came home from a New Years party to find herself kidnapped by a serial rapist. The rapist made a deadly error in his victim selection because this time he picked a pretty young woman who had been just days earlier required to carry her service revolver at all times. You can read this story right here.

The stories most viewed by Crimefile’s Visitors in 2006

I know my visitors are cops, news reporters and gun rights activists for the most part. What’s most significant is the interest here in Hollywood’s wildlife making news. The importance of a shot of Britney Spears' beaver cannot be understated!

1. Youporn
2. The Hanging of Hussein
3. Britney's Beaver
4. LAPD hero officer
5. Meeting Dead Celebrities in L.A.
6. Mel Gibson
7. ABC News tell the truth about gun control
8. Maria Bello gets naked with me in a movie
9. Cynthia McKinney's Follies
10. Paris Hilton can't afford a cab

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Something Very Sweet But Sad To End The Year!

Okay, we’ve had enough hate, violence and misery in 2006. As the year is almost over I’m hopeful that 2007 will bring us all some joy. Here is Kathy Mattea singing a a wonderful but somewhat sad song from several years ago that I hope my visitors will enjoy.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Video of The Hanging Of Saddam Hussein

The major TV network suits all know that whoever shows the actual hanging of Saddam Hussein will get huge ratings. Of course they will pretend they don’t want to show this historical event while the news directors eat their hearts out as the hanging winds up all over cyberspace and the airwaves of many countries. The fact is that anyone who wants to see this will be able to do so. I only wish I could charge on a pay per view basis!

After Hussein refuses the hood I find it interesting that one of the masked hangmen offer him a wrap for his neck so he can avoid unsightly rope burns. As better video surfaces you will see it right here!

Here is another view from a cell phone video taken.

Jackass Mike Nifiong Now Facing State Bar Discipline

The North Carolina State Bar filed an ethics complaint against the pandering Durham County Prosecutor, Mike Nifong. This is a rare move against a prosecutor during a pending prosecution anywhere in America.
Crimefile’s predictions:

1. Nifong now has one more serious conflict of interest and cannot be allowed to continue as the prosecutor for the so called, Duke Rape Case. Nifong will soon be replaced on the Duke Rape prosecution by a special prosecutor appointed by the trial court.
2. No lawsuits will ever prevail against Mike Nifong simply because prosecutors and judges have near total immunity from lawsuits even when they are caught red-handed obstructing justice.
3. The defendants in the Duke Rape Case will be cleared at some point short of trial.
4. The taxpayers on Durham County North Carolina will pay millions for the mistake of electing Mike Nifong to that office because of his conduct in this case. Of course the same taxpayers will be forced to pick up Nifong’s legal tab for his defense against the State Bar’s actions.
5. Nifong will get little more than a slap on the wrist despite his misconduct as a prosecutor.

Giving blanket immunity to judges and prosecutors was always a bad idea. It’s time for Americans to rethink and change that policy to prevent serious abuse and corruption by these public officials.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Actor Ray Dannis Has Died

It’s with a heavy heart I must report that Ray Dannis passed away yesterday. Dannis was an actor, humanitarian, World War Two veteran and lifetime resident of Venice, CA.

Dannis starred in several 1960’s horror films, TV shows such as Perry Mason, Gunsmoke, My Three Sons and a very long list of stage plays and commercials.

Dannis was a 40-year energetic contributor to Theater Palisades and was a member of the Board of Directors.

Update: Ray Dannis' funeral will be held on Sunday, January 14th at 10:00 AM at
Hillside Cemetery in Westchester. The address is 6001 South Centinela,
Westchester, CA 90045. There will be a reception afterwards at Ray's nephew's home.

The videos below from the summer of 2006, Ray Dannis is discussing his starring role in the 1960s horror film, The Undertaker And His Pals and the comedy farce FAROUK U with me at his Venice home. This film is out on DVD and can be bought at Dannis died after a short illness on December 28, 2006.

Ray Dannis on his film FAROUK U

Dannis was a dear friend, mentor and a personal hero. I will update this with more information soon.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Long Beach Cop Shooter Found And Killed

Breaking News! Santa Anna, CA-Officers here were involved in a shooting with a man who is believed to be 36-year-old Oscar Gabriel Gallegos. Gallegos is now dead. He was the assailant who shot and critically wounded two Long Beach, CA officers, 37-year-old Abe Yap, and 39-year-old Roy Wade, Jr. on December 22. The Medical Examiner is on the way to the scene and formal identification is pending. Sometimes justice just happens…

Free Speech Gone Wild

Imagine you have a hot bedmate that chronicles every kinky or embarrassing detail of your encounters on a blog. Add to that the fact that you have a high profile job and your coworkers have read that blog and now you’re the hot topic at the water-cooler. Should your bedmate’s journalistic exercise be protected as free speech under the First Amendment?

Is this any different then that paramour of Paris Hilton taping their romp and selling DVDs? That fellow was able to purchase a $6-million dollar home with the proceeds of his artistic efforts to the chagrin of that famous Hollywood bad girl.

Now Robert Steinbuch and his blogging-bedmate Jessica Cutler are in a federal court learning answers to those questions. I somehow suspect the legal remedy Steinbuch is seeking here will only bring him fame and lots of additional attention. I just can’t imagine the logic of his lawsuit. Perhaps as Steinbuch’s profile is raised we will figure out why he filed this action. Here is an Associated Press report on the case.

Justifiable LAPD Shooting Caught On Tape

A vehicle pursuit ended in the justifiable shooting death of an unarmed man in Van Nuys, CA by LAPD officers. Watch the dead mans actions just before he’s gunned down and you will see why the cops reasonably felt they were in fear of their lives. Perhaps the man now identified as Joseph Scott Spidell, 45, was intentionally committing, “suicide by cop”. Officers later discovered Spidell had been holding a socket used to remove spark plugs.

Now imagine the same scenario with a lone officer and no video. Video courtesy of KNBC-TV

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

He Served His Country

Gerald R. Ford has passed away. This man answered the call of his country with dignity and grace. Rest in peace Mr. President.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

I could not top this Christmas story from so long ago when I was a young cop. I am republishing this because it’s really special to me and I hope everyone else that reads it.

I remember working every Christmas of my life when I was a cop. I never really minded that because it was always an easy day.

One such Christmas, We received a disturbance call and responded to a rat hole apartment building on Chicago's Roosevelt Road. We came in expecting trouble but found no disturbance. The problem was that the mom and dad of the house could not operate their brand new Polaroid camera.

The apartment was modest, but clean and tidy with fresh cake and cookies on the table. Our mom and dad were both unable to read the camera instruction book. There were five kids with their presents that needed to get their pictures taken next to their Christmas tree. That was a quick fix. Before we left we took pictures of the whole family all smiling and happy.

One thing more, there was a cross and the wall with a picture of Jesus Christ. In the middle of poverty there were some lucky children being raised by two parents that had some dignity and pride. That made my Christmas a little more enjoyable.

Crime, Guns and Video Tape wishes all our visitors a wonderful Holiday Season!

A Montage For A Young Fallen Police Hero

Young Michael Gordon became a cop as did his father and other members of his family. Michael's law enforcement career included service as an Army MP, spending two years as a cop in suburban Riverside where his father served as an assistant chief and two years as a Chicago cop. That was until a drunken driver and illegal alien snuffed out Michael’s life while he was on routine patrol in 2004.

Michael’s brother, John Gordon sent me this bittersweet video montage tribute to a young role model and fallen officer. I’m honored to post it for my visitors.

You can learn more about Michael Gordon here.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Long Beach PD Identifies Cop Shooter Suspect

Two Long Beach police officers were critically wounded after making a routine traffic stop yesterday. Tonight the officers, identified by Chief Anthony Batts as 37-year-old Abe Yap, a nine-year veteran and 39-year-old Roy Wade, Jr.. They both are still both fighting for their lives at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

Wade, sustained the worst injuries, he was shot multiple times in the chest and throat. The rookie police officer is described by Batts as a gentle giant who wanted to become a professional basketball player. Wade was only three weeks out of the police academy.

Police officials say the officers were shot Friday afternoon when they pulled over a White Nissan, SUV when the driver, now identified as 36-year-old Oscar Manuel Gallegos got out and opened fire on the officers

Gallegos was described as a local thug by Batts who disclosed his extensive criminal record that includes Assault With A Deadly Weapon, Terrorist Threats and drug charges. Batts also revealed that the suspect is an illegal alien who has been deported several times in the past.

Mexico and many other Latin American countries have exported their poverty, crime and violent criminals here unchecked for far too long. This while our government has elected to not enforce the laws enacted through our representatives. That begs the big question, How Many victims must there be before we seal the borders and deport the criminal aliens?

Miss Nevada USA’s Raunchy Romp Photos

I guess raunchy material is a big part of today’s happening pop culture. Bad girls get to go everywhere is a fact of life. The days of these things ending careers are over except in convents. I predict a bright and prosperous future in entertainment for Katie Rees wearing the red top. This is the real deal fromSplash News. Warning! The photos are graphic!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Best Two TV Series Ever

They just can’t write scripts and produce shows like this anymore! The openings of these great action packed shows are right here…

Those TSA Passenger Searches Can’t Stop Determined Terrorists

Those who read this vlog know that I’m a perennial critic of the TSA passenger-searching program. It’s both un-American and ineffective in prevention of terrorism. Americans have been brainwashed into believing that the system is somehow saving lives. Law enforcement people know that the only effective means of terrorist prevention is through profiling passengers for those common dominators shared by real terrorists.

Our practice of allowing non-citizens from hostile nations to fly on our airplanes is absolutely insane. It’s another 9/11 disaster waiting to happen. We simply don’t need to allow this to be happening.

We also know that no American airport could repel or defeat a surprise-attack from a small squad of heavily armed terrorists. Hundreds of unarmed passengers would be rounded up like sheep and slaughtered before enough police reinforcements could ever be brought in.

The security program hosted by the TSA is only a lame effort to convince ignorant passengers that they are somehow safe. Searching America’s grandmothers like criminals on the other hand is both offensive and a waste of valuable resources.

Here is a video that demonstrates a virtually undetectable explosive that can be disguised as prescription pills, vitamins, candy or dozens of harmless objects. These are called binary explosives. X-Ray and bomb sniffing machines are easily defeated.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Marion Barry Plans to Sue Cops

This crackhead and former mayor of D.C. got popped again this weekend. This time it was the U.S. Park Police arresting Barry for driving on a suspended driver’s license. Barry was treated to handcuffs, a perpwalk and yet another new Glamour Shot.

The allegations of racial profiling were flying everywhere after Barry was stopped and arrested. The stop was initiated when police observed Barry driving too slowly. Driving very slowly is one of the more common signs that a driver is impaired by alcohol, drugs or both.

My guess is that Barry is just gathering new credentials so he can run for Mayor again in this lawless town. Until then, Barry promised to go after the cops and motor vehicle department in court.

How Can This Be True?

We’ve spent hundreds of billions of tax dollars and incarcerated millions of Americans over this natural weed. Not only is this the number one cash crop but it also provides untold jobs for law enforcement, court workers, and a huge number of government contractors. Let us not forget paid government snitches.

The drug war has become a joke as millions of illegal aliens are drawn to this country to earn a living in the drug underworld. Have people stopped using marijuana because it’s against the law? How can America’s politicians be so dumb as to believe the drug prohibitions do anything but increase profits of criminals? I hate drug abuse but have learned long ago the Drug War is worse then the drugs themselves. The take for the Marijuana industry alone is $35 billion a year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chicago Taxpayers Paid Well Over $60K For Gun “Buy Back” Program

The deal was simple bring in a gun and leave with a card worth $50.00 0r $100.00 cash with no questions asked. If you have a shotgun and first saw the barrel short and you could get paid double!

Last week, bureaucrats and various do-good organizations handed your hard earned tax money over to local thieves and burglars. It cost taxpayers well over $60K for 1200 guns. Most of the guns turned in were old and of questionable serviceability.

A few of the guns are rare collector’s items suitable for museums but unless these surrendered guns are stolen along the way they will be destroyed. That’s happened in the past with thousands of guns entrusted to Chicago officials such as, General Francis P. Kane who later resold the guns to gang members and was never prosecuted.

This cash burning silliness will only cause the void in the marketplace to be replenished with the latest and greatest firearms made. I wonder who may have been murdered so some criminal could steal their guns in order to profit from this City of Chicago fencing operation. With taxpayer’s cash in their pocket criminals can buy drugs and more reliable guns.

The streets will not be safer, but gun-hating politician and bureaucrats will feel so much better. So will the people that make their living replenishing the gun supply.

None of the press reports revealed who financed this scam. It took an e-mail request to a Tribune reporter to even learn as expected that this was a taxpayer rip-off.

AN UPDATE: New information from SECOND CITY COP provides lots of details, that you can read here.

Am I Living In The Musical Past Again?

Perhaps I am! In the late 60’s a song hit the charts that has ever since been sung by loads of singers of every description. Never once was I lucky enough to see the original artist, Bob Lind sing his great hit, Elusive Butterfly. Originally this song was recorded with an orchestra complete with violins. Here is Bob Lind alone outdoors with only a guitar and his voice in more recent times. Here is another real treat!

Here he is as a kid doing the song!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yet Another Crimefile Adventure And A Treat!

Okay my life has taken unusual turns. I can’t truthfully say what I’ll be doing from one moment to the next. I’ve never been one to like the routine.

Not long ago I was lucky enough to get some voice coaching from a good friend who is a real pro that just happens to be an Emmy Award winning singer, writer and producer. This lady, Sue Ann Pinner prepared me for a musical theater production.

Sue Ann had already released four CD’s with her remarkable voice that have sold internationally. During a short break from the lesson Sue Ann played a melody she wrote on her piano. It was a magical melody that had no companion lyrics. Suddenly I had an Illumination! Yep, I saw the light! Until this very moment nobody has written a song about the remarkable life of a great man who recently passed away. I went on a quest to research the man’s life beyond what I already knew.

I’m a fan of story songs such as Marty Robbins’, El Paso, Jimmy Dean’s, Big Bad John and Gordon Lightfoot's, Edmund Fitzgerald. I sat down and wrote the biography and then with Sue Ann at the piano and together we crafted the final words to this song for that wonderful haunting melody. The result was the title track for Sun Ann’s latest CD, ILLUMINATION.

Who is the man Sue Ann sings about? I will give you a hint with this short clip of Illumination but you will just have to guess or buy the CD to find out. As for the other songs on this great CD. They’re showstoppers for sure. You can hear a tease portion of Illuminattion by clicking the play button below.

You can download this music and other musci fron Sue Ann Pinner at iTunes Store and

Of course you can always order this CD right here!

you can also buy it and hear clips from all selections at CD Baby.

New York Newspaper Endangers Gun Owner's Personal Safety

It’s The Journal News, and it placed on line for worldwide viewing the entire pistol permit database providing full names and zip codes of every pistol owner in Westchester and Rockland New York.

In America you have a right to keep and carry a gun. Some believe you also have a right to privacy. It’s outrageous that citizens are forced to get a license to exercise their right to possess a gun and then have their privacy invaded and lives placed in danger by both government and some local rag as a result.

The publication of the list of gun owners now provides every contract killer, home invader and burglar with this sensitive information. It was a horrible thing to do under the color of journalistic work product. Publishing the list just because it's there and a public record, does not make this somehow acceptable or reasonable.

Of course I can see additional harm where paranoid local employers abuse the list to avoid hiring or promoting gun owners. One can only guess what other harm can come from this shameful publication.

Of course what this pathetic rag fails to mention is that convicted felons and people otherwise barred from possession such as illegal aliens cannot be prosecuted for failure to obtain permits or resister their firearms. The United States Supreme Court has twice ruled that requirement violates Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

New York, their politicians along with their muck-racking organizations are committed to do anything they can to obstruct, tax or otherwise punish lawful gun owners.

This is just one more reason for Americans to revolt against the deprivation of their firearms rights by refusal to participate in schemes that tax, invade privacy or otherwise infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. Gun owners can simply refuse to convict people of gun law violations when serving on jury duty.

It was not long ago that the personal data from driver’s licenses and motor vehicles where shut down from public viewing by Congress for reasons of public safety.

Of course the home address of every former or retired cop that owns a pistol can be obtained as a public record from the government agencies that issue the permits. Somehow I don’t see that as good public policy.

I’m posting a link here to the Journal’s database so all gun owners can see this outrage with their own eyes and take whatever steps necessary to prevent this from being repeated elsewhere.

Time Magazine Person Of The Year

Time recognized the creators and consumers of the new Internet media free for all as the Person Of The Year. That’s the millions of people writing, filming, watching and reading blogs, vlogs and Youtube. The new technology has revolutionized the way we get and share our information, performances and thoughts. The question is not if but when government reglates and taxes this to death?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Chicago Police Video

I’m not sure where this one came from but it’s described on Youtube as, “Two young recruits from the Swedish police academy spend a few weeks with members of the Chicago’s police department. Only trailer.”

The Official Crimefile Review of LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA

In mid October I was treated to a screening of the Clint Eastwood, Steven Speilberg first offering, Flags of Our Fathers. I had no clue they made a second film to tell the other side of this story. Today I saw this screening in Hollywood.

In every war as the bodies of the dead are collected it’s those personal effects found that tell the story behind the life that was snuffed out by the horrors of combat. They are the photographs of the families and those heartbreaking letters. War is dehumanizing and too often motions pictures never show the other side of the conflict. The World War II films from Hollywood used ethnic slurs like kraut or Jap to describe hateful and faceless enemy soldiers. The truth is that it’s always the conscripts who fight to maintain their way of life in their own country. These lads are sent fight all wars started by politicians and dictators.

For the Japanese soldiers there was no glory in their shameful defeat. Unimaginable hardship, fear and loneliness are always the constant companion of the combat soldier. Imagine going home to an enemy occupation of your homeland if you survived the war.

This epic is told from the point of view of, Saigo a young husband, father to be that had his little family bakery shut down and his equipment confiscated by his government for the war effort. Soon he was drafted to presumably die for his country. A 22-year old actor, Kazunari Ninomiya rocked in this role hopefully to an Oscar Award. .

Ken Watanabe, convincingly plays, General Tadamichi Kuribayashi and is at the top of his game acting in both English and Japanese.

I can’t recommend either of these two contenders enough as must see films.

The official website.

LAPD Promotional Sex Mess In The News

Wealth and power are the most reliable aphrodisiacs that attract women. Such may be the case at the LAPD where a sex sandal is rocking the department these days. I’m not passing judgment on the allegations involved but this may give new meaning to "Oral Boards".

This is an incredibly timeless story where only the names and dates change. Here is a link to this sordid tale that’s winding its way through the courts in Los Angeles.

Happy Anniversary for Crimefile News Visitors!

It was a year ago today that I suffered a profound hearing loss and inability to do many of the things I normally do everyday.

I was picked for an acting role of a recurring character in a primetime TV series after an audition and two callbacks. Just a few days later, I was out of the makeup chair and on the set. I could not hear the director or anyone else. The director quickly lost patience and I was replaced. Needless to say that has also affected much of the other work I do along the way.

To keep from going nuts I began this blog turned vlog. My doctors told me that the hearing loss would be temporary and they were right. It just took a lot longer then they anticipated for me to hear again. Finally my hearing has returned nearly 90% and for that I’m grateful. This vlog has made a little lemonade out of some really sour lemons.

I learned some new tricks along the way about blogging, vlogging and the related technology. I hope my difficulties have brought a little humor, entertainment and at the same time shed some light on how precious our Liberty and Freedom really is in this country. I’ve had fun because of all you fine folks that visit Crime, Guns and Video Tape.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Video Montage Of Chicago Police At Work

I received a video this morning that provides a rare exhibition of Chicago’s finest at work. This is an artsy montage of photos and video clips going as far back as the Haymarket Riot and decades later 1968 Democratic National Convention. This is a must see video I think everyone will enjoy.

Your Next Hot Date May Require The Right Contract

We do live in a rather litigious society where sometimes allegations have process servers working overtime. The below video may be the scenario for your next hot date needed to keep you out of a courtroom.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It’s Time To Disbar Mike Nifong

The latest revelation in the Duke University rape case is the parade of numerous men’s DNA found in the alleged victim’s underwear that did not include any of the accused Duke lacrosse players. This crucial evidence was apparently not turned over to the defense in a timely fashion as required by long established law (Brady vs. Maryland).

This is just one more in a long line of outrageous examples that showcase prosecutorial misconduct and a concerted effort to deny the defendants their fair day in court. This alone should be a enough basis to remove Nifong and his office from further control of this case. The court can appoint a special prosecutor who would have the power to reinvestigate, reevaluate and dismiss the indictment if that’s what’s warranted.

Should the facts be as they appear, Nifong’s career as a lawyer should end in disbarment. The accused and their family’s money damages are increasing every day since their arrest and indictment. It’s time to cut the losses.

Chicago Politicians Are Murderers.

Again, the laws that prohibit meaningful self-defense in Chicago assisted a mass murderer. Chicago’s gun laws very effectively disarmed the law-abiding workers of a downtown law firm but did not disarm a mass killer. Chicago politicians that enacted those gun laws were willing accomplices to the actual murders.

How many more law-abiding people will be forced to go unarmed to be robbed, raped or murdered in cities where the predators have all manner of deadly weapons?

The decades old experiment in gun control has failed because it’s simply unworkable. Gun laws only have meaning for the law-abiding that prefer to obey the law. As for violent criminals these gun laws have no meaning whatsoever.

Guns save lives and that’s exactly why we train and arm our cops with them. In modern times all but a tiny handful of states have allowed the law-abiding the right to carry firearms for legitimate self-defense. Illinois, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia still have absolute bans and prohibitions that actually protect and assist violent criminals.

New York, and California have incredibly cumbersome, gun permit systems that only help the wealthy and politically connected residents while leaving everyone else vulnerable to victimization. How can this be in a country that claims to provide, equal protection under the law?

In recent times with the help of computers tracking both concealed weapon permit holders and crime have definitively proven that issuing concealed weapons permits in no way increases crime or accidents. The fact is that because of these lawfully carried firearms more crimes are prevented without even firing shots. Another benefit is that the permit-holder's guns are not sitting in homes or car trunks waiting, unattended for burglars.

Call or e-mail all of your politicians today and tell them to give law-abiding Americans the right to meaningful self-defense through a nationwide right to carry concealed weapons.

Forty Percent of Swift & Co. Workers Arrested!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid netted nearly half of all employees of this long established meatpacking company plants in six states. These arrests were not made for being in this country illegally but for crimes associated with Identity Theft designed to fool Swift & Co. into hiring them.

The financial damage to Swift & Co. will be huge as they scramble to replace their workers. The upside is that there are now a lot of job openings that can be filled by unemployed and under employed American and legal resident workers who need and deserve them.

I hope that the other American companies that have been hiring illegal aliens get the message they have to do a lot more than wink at the bogus documents presented by their job applicants or face this kind of business interruption and financial loss.

These, immigrant, identity thieves deserve some jail time before they are returned to their native countries. Just ask the opinions of those people trying to buy home and cars why were rejected because of credit reports related this kind of fraud.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Hated Most Reality TV Shows Until Tonight-Now Its Emmy Award Time

I knew the reality TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had pulled out all the stops to make a new wheelchair friendly house for the paralyzed LAPD hero, Kristina Ripatti. This beautiful young wife and mom was trapped in a small home that prevented her from doing those special things moms want and need to do.

This was an excellent opportunity for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to make some fantastic television, of course with the hearts, minds and talents of builders, fellow cops, firemen and lots of just plain folks. They did a two-hour special show that was terrific.

I knew this sweet but sad story would make any grown man cry. I also knew that there was a special screening with the guests of honor at an overflowing Torrance church that I could have attended as a journalist. I just could not deal with the emotional side of this story so I chose not to attend and instead experience the show at home.

This fantastic act of kindness is merely a jump-start for this young family to deal with a lifetime of hardship. Kristina Ripatti and Tim Pearce lost their privacy as part and parcel of the tragedy but they also gained the love and prayers of an entire nation. Kristina Ripatti and your family, we love you.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Congressional Black Caucus Is The New KKK

African-Americans have long standing problems in American. Too many African-Americans are born into sub-standard education, poverty, crime and drug abuse. In addition, African-Americans are over-represented in our jails, prisons or on parole and probation.

African-Americans are truly second-class citizens who are now forced by a majority of our politicians and the Congressional Black Caucus to compete for jobs, medical care and other entitlements with 20 million illegal alien invaders who are voraciously looting our country and assets.

The most vulnerable African-Americans are the law-abiding ones who are forced by circumstances to live in the highest crime neighborhoods in America. They are victims of burglary, robbery, extortion, sexual assault and murder.

In the large cities like New York, Chicago and the District of Columbia self-defense handguns are banned setting these citizens up for the easy victimization and all of its related suffering. Of course the violent criminals in these communities have never found it difficult to arm themselves with all manner of deadly weapons.

Post Civil War reconstruction and the progressive political mindset to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed gave birth to the American Gun Control Movement. Various firearm permit schemes along with segregation laws, voter literacy tests and poll taxes were quickly put in place to control the second-class race. African-Americans were deemed by their race to be unqualified to vote, possess firearms or enter White establishments.

Most of the civil rights issues have improved in the last 150 years. That is except the most basic of rights to self-preservation and self-defense. Law-abiding African-Americans have seen their right to meaningful self-defense hijacked by big city Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus who have forced gun bans on all but criminals.

Leading the charge to continue the civil rights abuses in America are the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. These folks are doing the work and deeds of the emasculated Ku Klux Klan by keeping law abiding African-Americans disarmed, defenseless and disenfranchised. Who needs the Klan when you have the Congressional Black Caucus?

Monday, December 04, 2006

This Is Talent!

One of the things I love about my vlog is that I can provide whatever content that I feel like. Today I received this clip e-mailed to me by a retired Chicago burglary sergeant from the old Area Six (Thanks Jim!). Sit back and enjoy the next couple of minutes with Bianca Ryan.
Amazing 11 year old!!!

Take a gun hater shooting!

There are two sides to the gun argument. There is no middle ground on this volatile issue nor should there be. Of course there are those that say they believe in gun rights but support “reasonable regulation”. Those are the same “reasonable regulations” that are painstakingly obeyed by the law abiding and ignored by criminals.

Gun laws always work on the law-abiding. Gun laws cannot reduce violent crime since criminals don’t care about laws or right and wrong. Gun laws do help violent criminals avoid capture or injury while they victimize others. Gun control brings false promises as it actually makes our world a more dangerous place.

Gun and gun rights haters have been raised on the religion that demonized guns. These folks have been told that, “Guns serve just one purpose, killing!” On first blush this seems to make sense until you take the time to investigate the truth. The reality is that guns save lives by deterring violent criminals. The human survival instinct keeps violent criminals away from armed police and citizens. Statisticians such as Professors John Lott and Garry Kleck have proven the case against gun control as a way to reduce crime and violence. The gun and gun rights haters need to learn the truth.

I’m asking every gun owner to take that gun hating friend of yours to a gun range and teach them how to shoot a handgun. Difficult you say? Not if you make it a challenge! Most of these folks have never fired a handgun in their lives. You simply tell your friend that before they can boast a valid opinion about firearms and gun control they need to at least have fired a gun.

There is no need to preach about gun rights to your friend. When you teach these folks about safety, marksmanship and hopefully some of the issues concerning the law and liability connected to the justifiable use of deadly force you will find you’ve change lives and minds.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Tempe Arizona Police Littering Diversion Program

I could not pass on this one! It seems as though this respected Arizona police agency has gone out of their way to conform to absolute political correctness.

An officer recently let two minor littering suspects Rap their way out of a citation. Okay, I laughed and won’t apologize for that. I can’t help but put myself in the litterbug’s shoes. Getting out of a court appearance and fine is always a gift. This one was novel.

The incident was taped and broadcast on a local cable access TV show, called, Tempe Streetbeat and some overly sensitive Black viewers complained. The segment in question showed Sergeant Chuck Schoville made a street stop and after ID checks invited the two lads to perform a Rap about the dangers of littering. The two offenders quickly rapped their way to freedom and they all had a good laugh.

All laughed but NAACP who was demanding action from the Police chief. As for the young rappers, I suspect that California lawyer Gloria Alred is got her investigators out looking for them for a multi-million dollar settlement and book deal. Watch the Video and what Fox News has to say.

The Newest TSA Outrage

Why it’s that new TV anchor babe in the TSA screening line! Are those babies real, or just implants? Soon the TSA screeners will know that secret! Their new X-Ray machines will answer that question. The abuse possibilities here are endless.

The bigger question to ask at what point do we tell the TSA and the politicians that appoint, regulate and pay them that enough is enough? This incremental seizure of our liberty, privacy and dignity has to stop somewhere.

Americans don’t have to tolerate this garbage. If our government wants to make us safe they can simply keep non-citizens from enemy countries off of our planes.

The TSA is a much bigger threat to our Bill of Rights then any enemy country. The same Homeland security that won’t stop the illegal alien invasion, deport the criminal aliens that are here now demands to X-Ray me when I travel? I say its time to commence whatever it takes to eliminate the TSA and the politicians that support them.

Government Informants And Injustice

The Drug War has brought a plague of evil on our country, as did Prohibition. Murder, public corruption and wrongful imprisonment are the sad consequences of our drug control policy. I’ve grown weary of this ineffective, and impossible quest to control the uncontrollable behavior of our drug addicts.

A chief byproduct of the War on Drugs has been the new RICO laws, and lots of new and diabolical ways to obtain sworn testimony tailored to the exact needs of prosecutors so they can win convictions in court.

It’s a crime to offer something of value to a witness in exchange for testimony. That’s of course only, if the witness is sought by a defense lawyer seeking to exonerate a defendant. Prosecutors can routinely offer a witness his very life in exchange for testimony. Every inhabitant of our jails and prisons know they can tell tales and get decades taken off of their sentences if a prosecutor needs it to convict someone when real evidence is either too weak or non-existent.

When criminal cases finally wind their way to trial and the evidence has not materialized too many desperate prosecutors go to the jails seeking inmates who were or are in custody with the defendant. They bring in the inmates one at a time and interview them. The interview is really an audition to see just which despicable louse can sound the most believable before a jury. The lucky inmate turned snitch is cleaned up, put in a suit and paraded before the jury.

Too often in cases this informant testimony turns out to be the only “evidence” of a defendant’s guilt. This is true in cases where people are arrested on mistaken information or the evidence that became the basis for the actual arrest or otherwise evaporates before trial.

Out of this madness with the help of Internet publishing came the website, Whose A Rat. This site posts names, mug shots, actual court records and other information on the rats that offer themselves up for the prosecution’s generous payout.

The Rats are exposed to the wrath of the both the underworld and innocent suspects by this site which is also popular with defense lawyers trying to learn more about the snitches used against their clients.

Perhaps a better way would be to end all rewards for snitches to keep the system both honest and fair.