Monday, June 30, 2008

The Maxwell Street Of L.A.

For my Chicago readers there was the old neighborhood called Maxwell Street. You could buy anything there but you had to keep a sharp eye out for rip offs and scams. That Rolex watch at an incredible low price will turn your wrist green and stop dead in a few days.

The four gallons of high quality deck enamel you bought may turn out to be tap water once you get home, open the cans and start your project. In fairness the market could save you a lot of money and it was fun. The air had that familar smell of Vienna hot dogs everwhere. Urban renewal brought the death of Maxwell Street as I knew it. Gone today are the street vendors that gave the place character.

Maxwell Street has a nickname, Jew Town or JT for short.. That’s because the property owners and vendors were predominately Jewish. The employees were mostly African-American. An interesting culture of sorts was born as a result. Many Africa-Americans named their children after their bosses. Names like Seymour, Morris, and Jacob were common monikers for many of these dark skinned kids.

In L.A. it’s called the Fashion District near the downtown area. The property and shops are owned by Asians and the workers are Mexicans. Nobody checks things like Green Cards and on payday they save paper by not writing checks. I guess cash is sufficient!

The same consumer issues exist in the Fashion District about poor quality or worse. The proliferation in pirated designer labeled clothing and DVDs of the latest Hollywood films are everywhere. Then there are many quality items you can round up as you save a bundle over mall prices.

This Sunday I met a great gal, Officer Traci Allen of LAPD’s Central District. Traci was the only law today in anyone’s sight. Allen knows her beat well along with all the usual suspects. She was both delightful to talk to and no shrinking violet as a lawman. Yes, I said lawman because I will never recognize this job as gender neutral. It’s a man’s job some exceptional women can do.

Officer Allen has our 12th District boys and girls beat. She’s never had to do traffic control for snow removal. Allen seems to fight crime in a sort of cat and mouse way. The sellers of pirated films display their wares on the sidewalk keeping an eye out for the heat. When Allen is close enough to see much of anything, the pirates scoot away leaving their abandoned booty behind. Allen bags the goods for later reports and evidence inventory procedures. There are lots of uniformed security guards around that look out for Officer Allen.

My friemd Raj Singh and I did a little shopping amd I captured the sights for a YouTube moment.

Here’s a short video that contains a special message from officer Allen for the fine Chicago officers of 012.

Moe The Chimp Is On The Lam!

DEVORE, CA—Orphaned when poachers killed his mother Moe was adopted by humans as a child. Moe was raised by his proud parents, St. James and LaDonna Davis of West Covina. Little Moe had a great life until government got involved. Moe was ordered by a court to serve hard time at the critter sanctuary.

This became an even more dreadful tale because what happened when Moe's mom and dad went to visit Moe in 2005. Some other jealous and angry chimps in the facility escaped their enclosure and horrifically Mauled St. James Davis’ face and genitals.

Yesterday Moe planned and executed a daring jailbreak and is now the subject of an, "All Points Bulletin." Animal control officers and police aided with helicopters are looking for this wrongly incarcerated and heartbroken fugitive critter. Poor little Moe missed the only parents he ever knew. Moe’ future is bleak because he never learned normal survival skills otherwise I’d cheer and yell, “Run Moe run!”

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reducing Gun Violence Through Gun Rights In Chicago

Chicago-Mayor Richard M.Daley is in an emotional crisis because of the Heller case reaffirmation of the right to keep and bear arms. Daley is wrong and of course he thinks I’m wrong. I have a new idea for my own hometown.

Like it or not gun rights are here to stay, even in Chicago. We have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor with those law-abiding people who need the protection the most and want guns. Nobody hates gun crime and violence more than law-abiding gun owners.

I have said the genocide in Chicago’s ghettos is no different than those bands of cowardly, armed thugs victimizing the unarmed and helpless in Darfur, Africa. A trip through the Cook County Medical Examiner's Morgue tells a sad tale about the truth that the vast majority of violent deaths are African-Americans.

The City of Chicago needs another approach to the entire problem. That needs to begin on Chicago's toughest, segregated African-American neighborhoods. With minimal funding using existing public buildings and churches, I can return to Chicago, start an outreach program to aid with some serious peace keeping.

We can organize these forgotten people into a militia. We begin with recruiting and training those with a valid FOID card right in their own neighborhood. We need to provide free training in safety, marksmanship and the justifiable use of deadly force. Most importantly we need to work out an understanding between Chicago police and the gun owners on a course of conduct during incidents where there is a police presence.

The militia members will learn that just like the police they can defuse a lot of violence without ever firing a shot. The militia will in turn pass on to others what they’ve learned about gun safety and responsibility. The program will rely heavily on the concept of personal responsibility.

We’ve learned that gun permits holders are an exceptionally well behaved segment of society.

Upon completion of training Chicago’s new Chicago Peace Militia will take what they learned and begin a new chapter of cooperation with police. This program offers the only real hope to end the strangle hold that violent street gangs have in these neighborhoods. Later this program can be expanded to every neighborhood.

The goal here is a simple one, we all can agree upon, to reduce violence and protect the children. Someday guns can return to being desired for only hunting and sports shooting. Chicago has nothing to lose and everything to gain working with the only viable choice they have. Government only works when there is a partnership between citizens and government.

The Term, Illegal Guns Does Not Exist In America Anymore

Because of D.C. vs. Heller guns are no longer contraband. Too many politicians considered every gun an illegal gun. Now their dream of see police rounding up guns from American homes is dead. The days of raiding gun collectors and destroying their collections under color of law is over. Now the criminals are the over-zealous public officials that dare to violate gun owner’s civil rights.

Gun control and those decades old gun bans only served to empower and embolden criminals to dominate and victimize the unarmed.

Futile legislative efforts are still moving forward pushed by politicians desperate to force disarmament of the law-abiding despite the Supreme Court’s Heller opinion. The rub is that untold millions more of our tax money will be funding frivolous litigation by government to circumvent the law of the land. Money will always be better spent on police and border enforcement.

The handwringing and emotional reaction by ignorant people who fully expect to see the sky fall because our guns are now solidly protected by the Constitution is sad to watch. I suspect that the recent discussion and attention may have been positive for a percentage of the population.

The sanctioning of gun ownership for the law-abiding in America’s largest and most dangerous cities will disrupt the current total rule by cowardly armed thugs. Respectable neighbors will be able to band together and do what outnumbered and beleaguered cops cant.

For new gun owners there is the much needed training on safety, marksmanship and the laws and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blinding Big Brother!

Crimefile is a strong privacy advocate. That is an absolutely futile position to take in our surveillance and data mining society. George Orwell was right. Orwell told us long ago in his book, 1984 and that did not slow what was coming one bit.

Americans allow themselves to be tracked and photographed incessantly. It may be that toll road I-Pass gizmo, your constant use of credit cards or that access card your employer or school gave you.

Your own trusted cell phone provider knows all of your secrets. Anonymous pre-paid cell phones help as long as you throw them away regularly. As an investigator with subpoenas I can prove every step you take in an urban environment.

I simply reconcile the collected data information with the surveillance images and I know where you were and just who you were with.

That information should be frightening to any and all Liberty loving Americans. I’d guess there are at least three of us left on the entire planet.

I’m going to share with you just how the beat the cameras. A hat that will hide your identity is all you need. You can make this yourself by taking a hat and mounting a circle of infra-red LEDs on it. The invisible LEDs will blind the cameras. The images above demonstrate just what the cameras will see.

You have to expect to be watched by both overt and covert cameras.

This will not work against long range telephoto lens cameras unless you IR signals are really significant.

Remember to pay only in cash or use cash gift cards.

When Crimefile Met Oprah.

Chicago—It was a cold evening in the early 1970s and I found myself having a conversation with a pretty brunette I had met near the parking garage window at Marina City where I lived. The girl was attending a meeting for, Women in Broadcasting. I envisioned that group as a bunch of wannabe lady broadcasters. Marina City for those who don't know is on the top of this blog page.

The girl I was chatting with saw this chubby Black girl who was quickly walking into the building. There were the friendly waves and greetings and I was introduced to Oprah Winfrey. I was in my 20’s and had that genetic disposition to size up women only for the most basic of functions. Oprah did not make the final cut.

My first impression of this unremarkable Black girl was that she had a face much better suited for radio than TV. She was friendly enough but I could never envision in a million years that Oprah would become one of the richest women in America and most recognized faces.

Timing in life is everything and Oprah rode the crest of the Affirmative Action wave and parlayed everything into a huge empire.

I only talked with Oprah one other time perhaps a few weeks later in the same place. I just shook my head and thought that lady should give up trying to be a broadcaster and get a real job somewhere. Yes folks, I called it wrong.

Chicago Police Gun Registration Enforcement And Personal Liability.

Officers, don’t make this building your new home!

In light of D.C. vs. Heller the renegade mayor has vowed to force officers of the Chicago Police Department to knowingly violate the civil rights of the citizens of Chicago. We know today that the Chicago gun ban is identical to that of the of the District of Columbia which has been invalidated by the nation’s highest court.

Should officers follow their mayor or police superintendant’s unlawful order to violate rights there is a serious question of personal liability of the officers. Remember every officer took an oath to support, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.

The officers must pose this question to the FOP and at least get a legal opinion from FOP lawyers. The FOP should in turn inform the city that their membership will not take that ride into Civil Rights Hell with any city officials that insist on breaking the law of the land.

This action in and of itself will save Chicago’s taxpayers untold millions of dollars in litigation and lawsuit payout costs. I don’t think there could be criminal charges brought against cops who violate citizen’s civil rights but what guarantees that will never happen? Remember boys and girls in blue that, “I was only following orders” defense did not help the Nazis that were hanged in Nuremberg. It won't work here either.

In the meanwhile look for Alderman Ed Burke to send a king’s ransom to an outside, campaign contribution friendly law firm. They will in turn submit wildly inflated bills that will generate additional tax hikes of a near bankrupt city as they pretend they can win the fight they will lose. It’s business as usual for an incredibly corrupt city.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ramifications Of The Heller Case RE: Assault Weapons And Such.

Several states have laws or pending legislation similar to or identical to the expired federal so-called, assault weapons ban.

USA vs. Miller made it clear that weapons used by the military were and are protected subject to the now defrocked, Militia Collective Right Theory we’ve lived under for 70 years.

The Court in D.C vs. Heller avoided defining constitutionally protected weapons other than to say that, It protects handguns and other weapons "in common use." The court suggested that dangerous or unusual weapons may not be protected and sidestepped saying just what those were.

In order for the gun control lobby to press their case for the assault weapons ban they told any congressman or legislators that would listen that these assault weapons were absolutely everywhere. That makes the case that the temporarily banned scary looking black semi-automatic rifles and pistols with large capacity magazines were and still are, in common use.

On its face the Heller case seems to enjoin federal, state and local governments from at banning or re-banning these weapons currently legal in most states.

My informed guess is the laws of California against weapons of common usage like large capacity rifles and .50 caliber weapons are unconstitutional under Heller.

Wilmette, IL Suspends Gun Ban Enforcement For Heller Decision

WILMETTE, Ill. – Despite this upscale village’s low crime rate, the Liberals that control the town enacted a D.C. and Chicago style handgun ban. The move was symbolic and ignored by many of the residents who simply kept their handguns out-of-sight. The law survived for nearly two decades until till a burglar turned home invader was shot in the act by a man, Hale Demar protecting his family.

Demar was initially charged but the matter was quietly dropped after nationwide publicity brought unwanted attention to Wilmette’s political stand on gun ownership.

Today Wilmette officials announced that rather than risk expensive and futile litigation they will suspend any enforcement of the handgun ban pending further review by the Village Board.

This is a wise decision by the officials of a town where gun ownership or gun crime has always been nearly non-existent.

The only downside of this will be unsafe working conditions for burglars that target expensive homes in Wilmette.

I have to say I respect Wilmette’s Village Board for doing the right thing and honoring their oaths to support, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States despite differing opinions on gun rights.

YouTube Helps Expose Politician’s Lies

Barack Obama never met a gun ban he didn’t love. He supported both the D.C. and Chicago bans and voted for every restriction he could while in the Illinois General Assembly and the United States Senate.

After Obama’s out-of-step remarks about bitter voters clinging to religion and guns he learned his gun-rights hating agenda was a real campaign liability. Obama is singing a much softer tune especially after the Supreme Court Gun Ban Smackdown.

YouTube is great for educating voters and punishing deceptive politicians.

Chicago’s Lawless Little Mayor

Chicago—Not since the day the late, former Alabama Governor, George Wallace personally blocked the doors of the University of Alabama has an elected official so outrageously violated people’s civil rights. Wallace used his own body to prevent two young African-American students, Vivian Malone and James Hood from enrolling in that tax supported school. Today Mayor Richard M. Daley has placed himself above the law of the land in his continued effort to support the genocide going on in the Windy City.

Chicago’s little mayor has vowed to ignore the ruling of the nation’s highest court and continue causing the arrest of law-abiding Chicagoans who lawfully possess handguns in their homes for needed self-defense.

In order to fight this Mayor Daley will award millions of dollars of taxpayer money to outside lawyers to fight off the litigation that began yesterday. We all know the law firms receiving the cash know how to generate giant kickbacks in the form of campaign contribution to keep the ethically challenged mayor in office.

Call Mayor Daley at 312- 744-3300 and tell him not to waste your hard earned tax money on a fight he cannot win. Tell Daley that he is violating his oath of office and the civil rights of the people of Chicago. Tell Mayor Daley to stop the genocide in Chicago’s ghettos by allowing the law-abiding African-Americans the human and now well-defined civil right to self-defense.

Watch the outlaw mayor rant and rave right here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Time is Right For Nationwide Concealed Carry

Gun rights advocates like me have long taken the position that any law regulating, registering or the carrying of firearms is unconstitutional. We were waiting many decades for an answer from the Supreme Court.

We got an answer today. In a narrow 5-4 spread we got an almost absolute right to keep common guns in our homes. Today we have a right to keep, but not bear arms. We wanted better, but could have gotten the status quo or something much worse. I don’t expect another gun ruling from the Supreme Court in my lifetime.

Our only avenue for improvement is a political one. We can let out politicians know where we stand and demand even more freedom and protection from criminals. In 1994 after Congress passed the now expired assault weapons ban we taught many of them a lesson they will not soon forget. We were able to turn out many long career gun-rights hating politicians.

With this ruling and a new attitude we can end many registrations schemes that all convicted felons have been exempted by two earlier Supreme Court opinions. We can get nationwide concealed carry with just a little more effort.

The Liberal dream of sending cops into homes confiscating firearms is dead but for a government overthrow or successful invasion from another nation or group of nations.

African –Americans are complaining about Genocide that’s going on in Darfur while they ignore the same slaughter in their own neighborhood. In Chicago’s ghetto roving bands of heavily armed thugs, rob rape, extort and murder unarmed peaceable people. The story is the same in both places. The unarmed die and the armed have a fighting chance to live.

American gun control is as racist today as it was when the Supreme Court went the wrong way with Dread Scott because they were afraid newly freed slaves would have gun rights under the Second Amendment.

Many of us are safe in our homes but we are no so safe on public streets. Americans need to bear arms not just keep them.

Join the NRA and or your state rifle organization. The Second Amendment Foundation and the Jews for the Preservation for Firearms Ownership also do good work for us. For Gay gun owners there’s even the Pink Pistols.

Belong to one of these outfits and press on for the right of every law-abiding American to have nationwide access to concealed carry.

Dealing With A Gun Ban In Your Own City In Light Of The Heller Case.

Mayor Richard M. Daley has declared himself above the law of the land. He now insists in violating the oath he took to support, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. Daley has become an outlaw.

In order to protect your rights should you be in possession of a banned handgun. Go at once with a witness to your local city hall (don’t bring your gun!) Ask and demand that they allow you to keep and register your gun or guns. Follow up with a registered and receipted letter demanding the same.

Should you be arrested after that for possession or failure to register you have proof that you tried to comply with registration laws but were refused.

No court will be able to convict anyone of mere possession of a handgun ever again. The practice that Chicago has of confiscation and destruction of your gun even if you’re found not guilty is also illegal.

Thanks to the kind folks at Galco Leather for the use of their Lady Liberty Image!

Watch Mayor Daley rant, rave and whine right here!

Now That We Have Heller Will Daley Do The Right Thing?

The D.C. gun ban was the victim of a Supreme Court smackdown today. Will Mayor Daley do the right thing and quickly amend the gun prohibitions heading off millions of wasted dollars inviting unnecessary and expensive litigation?

The Court has spoken and D.C. vs. Heller is now the law of the land. Call Mayor Daley and ask him to not waste your money by trying to enforce laws that violate the civil rights of citizens.

Since the court held out gun ownership as a right charging a tax for that right is as invalid as a poll tax and those were outlawed decades ago.

As for Alderman Richard Mell who forgot to register his guns, he needs to know that the NRA needs Plaintiffs to sue Chicago for violating their civil rights to gun possession. He too has the right to keep his toys.

Daley vows to waste your moneny and you can read about that right here.

Breaking News!--The U.S. Supreme Court’s Parting Shot In The Heller Case Was A Bull’s Eye!

Breaking News!--The U.S. Supreme Court’s Parting Shot In The Heller Case Was A Bull’s Eye!

Washington D.C. -- With a historic ruling this morning, the nation’s highest court shot down the 30 year-old District of Columbia handgun ban. Justice Scalia wrote the opinion. Justice Breyer dissented, joined by Justices Stevens, Souter and Ginsburg.

The decision is still being studied at this hour by legal scholars but it’s generally accepted that similar bans on guns in Illinois, New York, and possibly a few other jurisdictions have been voided by this morning’s high court’s ruling in District of Columbia vs. Heller.

The questions are does this new ruling affect other bans on so-called assault weapons? Can government charge fees for permits and registrations and require proficiency tests as a condition of keeping firearms.

One thing for sure this ruling is a severe setback to the gun control zealots of the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center. Their lawyers will be looking for new avenues to ban firearms. Only an overthrow of the government or a Constitutional Amendment will return gun bans to America. Go ahead all you gun- hating Bolsheviks, “Make my day!”

Heller is here!
Read this document on Scribd: 07Heller

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second City Cop site disabled. --open post

I'm sorry to tell you that the SCC site has been disabled for as long as four days. Feel free to post information here as an open post at least until the site is operational.

I’m not sure just what’s going on but I won’t rule out sabotage by Daley and J-Fed. I’m sure they don’t want the daily body count information along with the failings of the department getting publicized. SCC is needed to keep the heat on in order to keep them honest.

Keep the comments clean please.

Update Second City Cop is back in good order.

Presidential Endorsement or Kiss of Political Death?

John McCain received the official endorsement by none other than, Tran Trong Duyet the warden of the Hanoi Hilton who called McCain his friend today. The Left Leaning Senator seems to have more in common with Communists than the political direction of America’s founding fathers.

Read more about this here.

Psychic Heller Gun Case Hotline

I must admit the snakes are having a party inside my head as I try to anticipate what we will get from the Supreme Court tomorrow. I predicted on this blog a while back that the Court would wait until the last possible day to lay this egg. I predicted a 7-2 vote in favor of a D.C. Gun Ban Smackdown. The latter came from my legal sources that read their own tea leaves and not mine.

In less than 24 hours we will be able to read the opinion and only then can we begin to speculate what it will mean for America’s gun owners. We can only hope the Justices don’t deliver some convoluted mess that nobody can figure out or one that will require decades of litigation and clarification.

Those usually in the know say Justice Antonin Scalia will be authoring the opinion. It’s well known that Justice Scalia is a hunter who is familiar with firearms.

Sleeping tonight will be more difficult than for children trying to sleep the night before Christmas. Will we get the present we want or a stocking filled with coal?

Death Penalty For Child Rape Struck Down By The Supreme Court Today.

The Supreme Court struck down the death penalty as punishment for child rapists.

Louisiana’s, Patrick Kennedy may be a vile baby rapist who deserved to die for his crime against an innocent child.

That’s what one court and jury thought so he was sent to death Row. I’m not second guessing those proceedings or result. That won’t happen because of today’s ruling by the Supreme Court.

TV pundits like Marc Klass, the father of murder victim Polly Klass were quick to condemn the Supreme Court’s action. Many Americans are really angry about the abolition of death sentences for child rape.

We have, and should a strong emotional attachment to our children who are both innocent and trusting. Children deserve and need our constant and vigilant protection.

Children are too easily manipulated by either malicious or incompetent adults. Too often child rape accusations begin in bad marriages where one spouse accuses the other of this infamous crime. Today’s Supreme Court ruling in Kennedy vs. LA was the right ruling

I only have two more words about this, McMartin Pre-school.

The entire 65 page slip opinion in Kennedy vs. LA of the court is right here for your review and comments.
Read this document on Scribd: Child rape slip opinion of SCOTUS

Supreme Court Wednesday Heller Hotline.

Sorry folks, not today.

You should know that the death penalty for child rape that does not result in death was ruled to be a violation of the Eight Amendment. That came down in the case of Kennedy vs. Louisiana

Three more cases are yet to be decided by the court including Heller. Those are now expected to be released tomorrow.

Here is a tip from my supreme Court source,Jason Harrow, "while it appears that Justice Scalia has the principle opinion in the Guns case, it is not necessarily a majority opinion. It could be a plurality opinion."

The Supreme Court Heller Case Exposed The Brady Bunch’s True Agenda.

The people of the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center have harped incessantly that they only seek “reasonable” regulation of firearms. That as they put all of their political might helping the gun-rights hating politicians of the District of Columbia, that want to keep at all cost, the ban on every handgun and any self-defense use of rifles and shotguns. Those weapons must be unloaded, disassembled and trigger locked at all times.

The stated Brady mission was to only ask for reasonable regulation in an effort to conceal their real mission of ending all civilian ownership of firearms and any right to self-defense.

The Brady Bunch has lamented the decision by the Supreme Court long before it has been revealed. It looks like the Brady Bunch will now have to settle for regulation over the conduct of people misusing firearms rather than the firearms themselves. The days of 100,000 women calling themselves the Million Mom March are over.

The Brady Bunch wants this decision to draw an emotional and generous response, filling the gun-hating group’s coffers enough to provide their staffers golden parachutes for their senior years.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chicago Was Not Always So Miserable To Gun Owners.

While I was growing up in Chicago guns were not contraband, and gun registration was neither mandatory nor taxed. The city had many gun stores and sporting goods stores that sold guns.

Concealed carry was something the ward organizations doled out, not by a simple permit but with a star and the full police powers of a Cook County Deputy Sheriff.

In high school I had my own .22 rifle I carried on a CTA bus on days of ROTC rifle practice. Today that behavior would make any high school kid a national and infamous celebrity.

I can remember when you could buy handguns at high end places like Marshall Field’s, and Abercrombie & Fitch subject to the coveted, permit to purchase.

Other places selling handguns were Sports Incorporated, on North Broadway and H.H. Harris Gun Shop (Herbie Harris’ place) with a gun range just a few doors South of 1121 S. State St. (the former headquarters for Chicago Police).

In early n1968, the gun control movement plastered big posters all over the CTA buses and trains telling Chicagoians that the large bullet in the picture had their name on it. Without gun control we will all die.

Mayor Richard J. Daley and Springfield brought in the Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card required of every gun owner and free but mandatory Chicago gun registration. The promise Daley made is it would always be free and the city and state would be so much safer.

It was with great fanfare that Mayor Daley appointed Illinois National Guard General Francis P. Kane to the position of Chicago’s Gun Czar. Gen. Kane administrated the program in a typical Chicago style. He began a side business disposing of guns confiscated by police to local street gangs.

The opponents of registration prophetically predicted that registration would only become a tool for later confiscation. Today we know just how right they were.

Next came a never ending stack of new gun prohibitions and with each new law criminals became better armed, more violent and brazen.

With the advent of a kinder and gentler recognition of Americans being delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller case we may yet see a return of gun stores in Chicago.

Brinks Home (False Sense of) Security

The commercials are little more than a joke. A couple is at home and in the bedroom when they hear an intruder. Instead of the able-bodied male figure grabbing a gun he slams the flimsy bedroom door cowering behind it.

An alert looking call center employee calls and asks if everything is alright. When the male homeowner informs the call center of the intruder the call center fellow says, “Help is on the way!” Everyone is seen smiling. The story ends and everyone lives happily ever after.

The reality is the call center has to actually get through to the police and then the police must dispatch officers to the scene. The whole process could take somewhere between ten minutes and an hour. We can only hope the cops will arrive while the bodies of the homeowners are still warm.

I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but other than providing an audible alarm the service is worthless.

This video is humorous but will show you how to improve your odds of survival. This lady has an audible alarm of her own. When the cops come she will be alive and well as long as the government does not violate her civil rights claiming she violated some unconstitutional gun law.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some Gun Owners Seek Open Carry In Texas.

Most states allow the open carrying of firearms. Texas does not. There is a movement to allow for this questionable practice. I don’t support any government restrictions on law –abiding gun owners in connection to the possession or carrying of firearms.

Open carry is fine for hunters, cowboy sports shooters and such. As for open carry in malls, or on public streets I believe it’s dangerous and may invite a breach of the peace. Why give criminals the advantage of knowing you’re armed? In the case of women and strength challenged men you may be inviting a strong armed robbery of your gun.

Cops are trained and paid to travel around looking for trouble. Barring an insurrection or law enforcement breakdown citizens should avoid conflict whenever possible. Open carry will bring conflict.

Carrying an exposed gun will draw comments and provocation from troublemakers, drunks and mentally disturbed people. This practice should be avoided. If Texas legalizes open carry and they should, gun owners would do best to continue carrying concealed.

Open carry should not be a serious priority when there are more pressing gun-rights battles to fight.

The Internet and America’s Democracy Will Stand or Fall Together

He who controls the information controls the world. That old saying has been proven so many times in history. Today in the USA it’s the literate people with computers and Internet access that control most of the information.

For most of the last five decades a few TV networks, radio stations and a daily newspaper told Americans what to think and how to vote. The human condition causes people to follow others who become either self-installed or elected leaders.

Free speech is the enemy of dictatorships and bad government. The Internet is the ultimate place to learn and exchange information about those things like the government that control or lives.

The Internet has done wonder to inform Americans that they have an absolute right to own and carry concealed weapons for self-defense. There can be no question that we have, “Right to Carry” in all but a handful of states because of Internet Activism.

Former Presidential candidate John Kerry lost an election to what he says was the Swiftboat veterans. The reality was the Swiftboat information was unleashed by the Internet under control of someone other than the organized single-minded major Liberal media. That election was so close it’s obvious that Kerry’s not so flattering past kept him out of the Whitehouse.

When CBS’ Dan Rather and 60 Minutes tried to smear George Bush it was bloggers using the Internet that exposed the forgery and the truth about the origin of the bogus information.

I was told today by a long time friend and insider to Chicago’s Democratic Party that at least in the Windy City, they are trying to figure out ways of shutting down the Internet. They want to shut down the Internet 60 or 90 days before the November election in an attempt to control the information. These City Hall insiders want to somehow extend the McCain-Finegold Campaign Finance Reform Law to the Internet thereby shutting up bloggers.

They have discussed technical ways to do this by forcing Internet providers to use the same software China uses to block political criticism for periods before our own elections. They are angry with what they’re calling hate speech and smears against would be President Barack Obama.

“Let’s just call it all hate speech and ban it!” “That should work!” “The public should be willing to refrain from seeing political sites and messages for the good of our country!” I guess this Internet freedom was just too good to last folks.

Sensational Crime and 100 Years of the FBI

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation is ready to celebrate 100 years of existence they put up their top 100 cases for history hungry crime buffs. They did leave out their daring Martha Stewart pinch, and that’s a good thing.

I think J.Edgar Hoover has rolled over in his grave a few times since his death. That as the face of the FBI has changed from actor Jimmy Stewarts’s image to today’s metrosexual, minority and women of the new bureau who are now in charge. Along with those changes the bureau has been handed additional jurisdiction over common street crimes.

Whatever your opinion of the bureau may be their top 100 cases were definitely made for the silver screen.

Read about them here!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obama’s Reported Poll Lead Over McCain Is Misleading

The Republican Party got hijacked by its Liberal wing and their Presidential contenders turned out to be a sorry bunch. They all had serious Liberal baggage. Rising to the top of that heap of Liberal deadwood was Senator John McCain who consistently gave Conservatives all the wrong answers.

McCain was an easy sell to any Conservative that did not know him. His time in the Hanoi Hilton Hellhole qualified McCain as an anti-Communist and Conservative in nearly anyone’s eyes. Those perceptions were very misleading. The problem is that McCain has embraced the Socialist ways of his captors. His Senate votes were never all that different than either Clinton’s or Obama’s.

McCain’s answers on Immigration, Gun Control and Campaign Financing are in line with anything but Conservatives. McCain is a tough pill for any real Republican to swallow. I know of no Conservatives that are happy with this aging pretend Republican. The polls I believe are reflecting voters, sans the unhappy Conservatives who won’t participate in polls.

One thing for sure if McCain plans to win he needs to at least learn how to lie to Conservatives and claim he’s changing his Left Wing ways. That worked well for George Herbert Walker Bush when he fibbed about, no new taxes or gun control. McCain can’t win with just those disappointed and angry Clinton supporters alone.

Looking Ahead For YouTube and Video Sharing

Los Angeles, Westwood Village—Film Independent’s Los Angeles Film Festival is here until June 29th. YouTube is here sharing tips and needed information with film makers.

To begin, YouTube owes its life to the pornographers that paved the Information Highway with gold for them. Had there not been a huge market waiting to pay in order to see cyber broadcast displays of affection the technology may have been behind a decade or even two.

YouTube managed to put themselves out front despite shortcomings and stiff competition. The possibilities for this 800-pound gorilla are endless and the next generation is just beginning.

They are unveiling a new higher resolution format to take us out of Data Compression Hell. The new images you’ll be seeing are not the kid stuff of Coke and Mentos fame.

They’ve added a remarkable tracking feature that allows you to see the demographics of your audience and the destination your viewers came from. Of all the videos I’ve uploaded mostly for this blog I was absolutely shocked to learn two of them have a 100% male audience. The obvious question is, what did I do piss the ladies off?

Getting your video featured by YouTube is like winning the lottery. A really entertaining video may never get the attention it deserves and some pathetic juvenile offering will get a gazillion hits. There are just too many videos for anyone to really look for the good stuff to feature at Youtube. The only answer here is using good TAG words to bring in people using search terms.

Copyright infringement if a giant buzz word right now and the subject of a mountain of litigation. The copyright holders are finally realizing that their protected products that have been pirated have actually generated new and unexpected revenue! It’s not YouTube but their users who brought new life to performances long forgotten and new money for the victims of the infringement.

I have talked to two performers who are somewhat retired today about this phenomena. Neither star owns the rights to what was posted on Youtube. They both told me they were really happy to see their fans had done this and has sparked new interest and sales of material they created decades before YouTube ever existed.

YouTube has opened the YouTube Screening Room to serious film makers. They will be showing four new films every week. Aside from sharing revenue I would not be surprised to see YouTube providing needed capital to their own proven box office winners.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here’s a Great Target For The Bad Guys

This little tanker holds 9000 gallons of liquid gold. This is truly a hot commodity for any terrorists or armed robbers. This vehicle has a single and guaranteed by law to be unarmed driver. At least that’s the case in California, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin and New Jersey where concealed weapons are non-existent or simply just refused.

These drivers must risk their life as they avoid fires and accidents and now the skyrocketing price of fuel will make these drivers marked men.

Killers, robbers and terrorists need to know that so many American politicians are looking out for their welfare!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The L.A. Film Festival, Is Up and Running!

It’s time for Screenings, seminars, friends and lots of fun in Westwood Village. . It’s all here at least through June 26.

Watch your Back Mr. Obama…

Juan Perón: “Dice are rolling - the knives are out. Would-be presidents are all around, I don't say they mean harm, but they'd each give an arm... to see us six feet underground.” That quote from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Evita could be expected today from Party Nominee, Barack Obama to his wife Michelle when talking about their fellow Democrats.

This is the quite before the storm that I expect to erupt during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The Machiavellian, Second Place Winner did not get a wooden stake driven through her heart and has only suspended her campaign.

Mrs. Clinton has legions of people out digging for her and she has or will get the information to sink Obama’s ship. The former First Lady has used the services of Anthony Pellicano the convicted wire-tapper who kept C-4 explosives and at least one hand grenade in his office safe. Pellicano and Mrs. Clinton share the same philosophy, to find out no matter what it takes. Pellicano may be behind bars but there are plenty others that look just as fashionable in wiretapper's headphones as he ever did.

The Obama’s have a graveyard of skeletons in their closet that are only starting to rattle. Their associations with known criminals, corrupt officials, racists, and terrorists have just begun to gain attention.

The Obama financial portfolio has lots of forensic accountants digging for political gold nuggets that are waiting explode in Denver. I expect that the Democratic ticket will be re-slated with, guess who?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chicago—Join Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp downtown in a first ever Gun Rights Rally!

Read this document on Scribd: correctedchirally

Chicago--Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp is best remembered for her having lunch with her parents at a Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen, Texas when an armed madman crashed his pick-up truck right into the cafeteria and began random executions of innocent people on October 16, 1991.

Dr. Gratia-Hupp, a chiropractor and competitive handgun shooter regretfully obeyed the Texas law forbidding the carrying of concealed weapons. Gratia-Hupp’s gun was in her car instead of with her when she needed it most.

The result was the gunman was never challenged as he shot 43 people killing 23 including both of Gratia-Hupp’s parents. The carnage finally ended when the crazed killer, George Jo Hennard shot himself dead. None of us can imagine the horror of seeing our own parents savagely slaughtered.

Dr. Gratia-Hupp answered her call to duty and became an incredibly articulate speaker and powerful gun-rights advocate.

Soon Gratia-Hupp took on anti-gun-rights zealot, Senator Chuck Schumer during a gun control bill debate in a televised Senate committee hearing. Gratia-Hupp was nothing less than heroic in the way she shamed the pathetic politician for his position.

Dr. Gratia-Hupp went on to serve several terms in the Texas Legislature where she brought Right To Carry legislation all the way home and improved it considerably in latter sessions.

I’m proud to say I was able to met this hero at an NRA convention in 1993 and give her a hug. Now it’s your turn!

Tell your neighbors and friends to make this a peaceful event Midwest politicians will never forget.

This great lady can be seen in this video.

Hollywood Movie’s Gun Images and Public Perceptions

Hollywood—Guns are sexy, powerful and contraband for all except spies, police and the military. Of course we want Hollywood’s sexiest stars to sport them for movie posters. Get Smart star, Anne Hathaway seen here is truly a movie babe with a gun.

The power of guns, especially hand guns is amazing as the movie makers have demonstrated. A single shot kills nearly every time as the victim is blown over a car and sent crashing into a plate glass window. At least that’s what those talented special effects guys repeatedly demonstrate for us.

The truth is the Hollywood’s magic bullets don’t exist and handguns aren’t nearly as effective as most people including gun owners believe. Most gun owners have never been in a shooting or have ever seen anyone shot.

In the films special people, like San Francisco police detective, Dirty Harry Callahan and the Death Wish Vigilante, Paul Kersey seem to do more than their fair share of population control or what some call retroactive abortions.

It’s the guns that are too often the real stars of Hollywood, they are so exotic and flashy like the human stars they are seen in the film with.

Guns have their own star-power; just ask any gun dealers what happens after a hit movie with a gun in a starring role hits the screen.

The real star of Dirty Harry was never Clint Eastwood. Eastwood was chopped liver compared to the Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum. Dirty Harry sold many thousands of Smith & Wesson Model #29s that simply sat on store shelves until, “Make my day” became one of the most parroted movie lines in history.

Movies cause people’s imaginations to run wild and don’t count on screenwriters to abandon guns anytime soon. Guns sell movies and movies sell guns. Hollywood’s representations of guns have also sold politicians on making many more gun laws.

The best example I can give you of Hollywood’s power to influence lawmakers was how the Broadway play turned into a movie, West Side Story brought us the near total ban of switchblade knives in America in the early 1960s.

See A Very Fair CNN Report On Gun Control In America

More Americans per year are killed by cigarettes, booze and bacon than firearms. It's the gun deaths get the highest possible visibility and redundant news reporting.

In recent time the truth about guns and the failure of gun bans to even slow down violence is starting to see light.

The NRA Wants You To Fight In a Courtroom!

With the expected success of D.C vs. Heller in defeating the Gun Ban in our nation’s capital the NRA is setting their sights on vigorous challenges to jurisdictions that violate the gun rights of their citizens.

In the best case scenario, jurisdictions like Chicago and New York will read and obey the law of the land without wasting tax dollars trying to enforce laws that have been struck down by Heller.

We know from experience that will not be the case. Instead too many politicians will try to stall and delay following the Supreme Court’s edict. Instead they will continue to prosecute gun owners engaged in constitutional protected activity. Those politicians will abuse tax dollars as they fight the very constitution they were sworn to protect.

In order to force certain jurisdiction to end handgun bans similar to that of the District of Columbia. Law abiding plaintiffs must be located that have been impacted by guns bans. The fight will continue in courtrooms until the unlawful government activity is ended.

There seem to be sufficient plaintiff for Chicago and the suburbs that have banned guns but more are needed. Specifically Oak Park, Illinois residents that wish to challenge the ban there must come forward. There are certain requirements for the plaintiff’s as follows:

1. Must not have a criminal record.

2. Must have an IL FOID card.

3. Must live in Oak Park, IL.

4. Must cooperate and assist the lawyer assigned to the case. This will only take a minimum amount of time.

5. Must be over 21 years of age.

6. Must be sane and sober.

7. Must want to register or re-register an existing gun currently stored outside of the jurisdiction, or obtain a new one.


1. You will help restore liberty, freedom and safety to your household.

2. You may possibly win money damages against the city or town that's violating your rights.

3. There will be no cost for legal services.

If you qualify click here and contact me by e-mail or telephone for further instructions.

Sheriff Joe Is On The Right Side Of Our Illegal Immigration Debate

Phoenix, AZ—Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the middle of a re-election campaign and a firestorm of controversy. Arpaio is steadily rounding up those who dare violate our borders by sneaking into our country.

The looney Liberals and open borders people are going nuts with their massive and well publicized campaign to stop the popular Sheriff. I’m not without criticism of this sheriff, I don’t agree with all of his methods or publicity stunts. For the most part I support his aggressive stand on crime and the fact that he’s truly fearless.

On the illegal Immigration issue Arpaio is preventing a never ending theft of medical and educational resources from taxpayers. Illegal immigration is exactly why too many Americans don’t have proper health care and our schools are in a mess. The sheriff’s policy also impacts the crime and illegal drug trade which behind poverty are Mexico’s largest exports to our country.

The majority of Americans want the mass violations of our borders and the plundering of our taxes by these invaders to end. Our politicians have not responded to the will of the people and have not been held accountable for their failure to protect America.

If the primary campaign issues for an elected official is over real immigration law enforcement I fully expect that Arpaio will be re-elected in November.

Supreme Court Hotline

This morning the Court issued some opinions and D.C. vs. Heller was not one of them. I'm learning that the court may even release Heller a few days later then Monday, June 23, 2008. Let's just hurry up and wait!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Biggest Obama Gaffe Yet

I’ve never considered President George W. Bush very bright. There was a foul odor in the voting booth that caused me to hold my nose as I read the candidate’s names. I punched out my chad and left the polling place.

This coming election will bring even a stronger odor so I’m voting absentee this time. Bush is no genius but Obama is incredibly dumb.

With Americans in total shock at what they see at the gas pumps, the war between the tree huggers and the rest of us is over. 300,000,000 people in this country are facing massive inflation on everything we consume because of the price of fuel. That problem compounds our existing massive mortgage loan foreclosure crisis

Once John McCain came out and said it was time to drill here, Barack Obama shot from the hip with the same old Bolshevik talking point about saving the planet. The Bolsheviks should be smart enough to recognize that the environmental issues are not going to change because we drill on one part of the earth as opposed to others.

Obama accused McCain of flip-flopping on this issue and dug his heels in that he is opposed to oil exploration within the United States.

This is simple Obama would rather Americans pay extortionate prices to his Muslim friends that want us dead. Obama really put himself on the wrong side of this issue.

The New Sheriff In Town Wants Your Gun…

There’s a new Sheriff in Orange County, California and she’s vowed to review the concealed weapon permits issued by her deposed predecessor. Sandra Hutchens says she’ll yank all permits where she does not feel there’s a “good reason” for them.

Hutchens’ old boss L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca never found a good reason to issue a permit in Los Angeles to anyone other than politicians and government bureaucrats. I expect Hutchens to revoke most of the permits issued and the local stalkers will read in the newspaper just who is no longer protected with a “legal” concealed weapon.

This is where common sense has to step in and civil disobedience needs to take over. The good citizens of Orange County need to ignore the Sheriff’s arbitrary power over their very own life and death. For the sake of the lives of your family simply carry your gun if you feel the need to do so with or without a permit. Don’t let some bimbo decide if your life and that of your family are worthy of protection outside of your home!

The Heller case is FIVE DAYS away from becoming the law of the land. I expect it will rewrite bans against the bearing of arms in the Bolshevik Republic of California.

Citizens of Orange County should tell their new Sheriff to pack her bags and get out of town, by sundown!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can We Please Start Drilling?

It’s long past time to drill for oil here at home. We also need a couple of new oil refineries. The immediate benefit would be thousands of needed jobs for Americans. After a few years we would start getting some relief from gas pump torture.

We also need to co-exist with nature so let’s do it carefully. Oil escapes into the ocean and groundwater as a natural occurrence. It’s part of nature.

It would be so nice to see an end to those goofy picket signs that demand, “No Blood For Oil” carried by those same clowns that show up to protest every issue.

I’m also tired of seeing the photos of the great grandchildren of poor Arab farmers and sheepherders who now wallow in obscene wealth because of extortionate oil prices.

Americans need a break from the obstructionists on the Democratic side of the Congressional aisle. They need to give us solutions instead of additional hardship.

High Tension Within The Secret Service Ranks.

They are expecting a total free-for-all at the August 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. We will see firsthand just how the supporters of Mrs. Clinton intend on supporting Barak Obama. I expect an attempted party political coup de'ta on the convention floor. This of course would just be a bunch of really angry women.

I don’t think we’ve begun to see how much fear and hate Obama can generate. So many people I’ve talked to really see Obama as an enemy agent. The threats have never been higher. The Internet is abuzz with more than just criticism for the man who would be President.

I pity the Secret Service agents because as always they will be in the line of fire. I have heard from reliable law enforcement friends that there is already unprecedented tension among the ranks of Obama’s protective detail. They fully expect something ugly to happen any moment.

If anything happens to Obama the racial unrest would make the Rodney King or Martin Luther King riots seem like a tea party. Lets hope people vote with ballots and not bullets.

Somebody Please, Kill This Man!

I don’t care if the Brits want to wallow in Liberalism. Radical Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada, Osama bin Laden's right hand man in Europe is set to be released from prison in the next 24 hours.

I can only guess how many lives this clown has and will continue cost innocent people. Somebody please kill is guy.

More on this story here.

Capital Punishment Japanese Style—The Hangman is Busy

My regular readers know I hate capital punishment for two simple reasons. We make mistakes sometimes convicting the innocent and governments that have the power to kill its own citizens always abuse that power sooner or later.

I’m not fond of murderers and really believe many deserve swift and sure death but I refuse to entrust government to carry out that chore.

Japan is not my idea of a free country. Police regularly inspect people’s homes and businesses without a warrant. Self-defense weapons are banned.

I can’t comment on the quality or fairness of their criminal justice system. Criminal suspects have an automatic stigma that interferes with justice everywhere in the world.

Japan has quietly hanged 13 people in less than a year. Because of various appeals decades go by before the extreme punishment is actually carried out in Japan.

The latest victim of the gallows sounds like a perfect candidate we all would want to see dancing at the end of the rope. Tsutomu Miyazaki, 45 dubbed by the media as the “Cannibal Nerd” was convicted of the kidnapping , molesting, murdering and eating the body parts of little girls between four and seven years-old. They called Miyazaki a serial killer but did not specify how many girls he murdered.

As for the other dozen people hanged in less than a year, I can provide no information on their supposed crimes.

It was not that long ago when Japan was committing war crimes and horrific atrocities against American military prisoners, both men and women. That conduct only ended after we incinerated a significant portion of Japan's population with the Atom Bomb. The Japanese culture seems to have a mean streak.

Read more about Japan’s capital punishment here.

McCain vs. Obama and who’s On First

It’s being reported that Obama has a slight lead on McCain. That in no way means Obama is really that popular, but that McCain is still loathed by Conservatives. Obama and McCain’s Senate votes were too often the same.

I’ve complained consistently that there was not one candidate offered up by either party worthy of my vote. The situation went from bad to worse if that was possible.

America is once again being tested with an impending war between Israel and Iran, a monetary crisis aggravated by massive home loan foreclosures and rocketing fuel prices.

We are facing unprecedented inflation and the civil unrest that will result when the poor are deprived of the entitlements they are accustomed to receiving.

Both Obama and McCain are empty suits that will bring this nation more harm than good. Like I said we will be tested.

More on the polls, putting Obama in front here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Countdown to the Heller Case-Seven Days.

Washington,D.C.--It looks as though I accurately predicted the U.S. Supreme Court would hold Heller for its parting shot, Monday June 23rd.

I have done everything I could to figure out how the court can decide this case. Try as I might I can only come up with is the simple answer. Either there is or is not a right to keep and bear arms. It’s an all or nothing proposition.

Predicting The Supreme Court’s direction is dangerous since all nine members have personal agendas. Far too many of those agendas are not in line with what our founding fathers envisioned.

Can rights be doled out or regulated? The short answer is that rights are rights. Americans that have not lost their rights through due process of law can keep and carry suitable military arms.

What can be regulated is conduct with these arms and that’s already covered by laws against assault, battery and murder.

This may seem like a gun owners, Wish List but it’s not. This is based on the way other Constitutional rights are normally honored by government. Somehow our Second Amendment found itself as an orphan since it was never applied to the states through the 14th Amendment. That’s about to change.

The concept of keeping and bearing arms in America is not something new. That right has just been ignored sometime after 1934. My prediction is that on June 23, 2008 the Second Amendment will be dusted off and returned to a free America.

If Keeping and bearing of arms is a right that means:

1. No more Gun Free Zones will exist in America.
2. No taxes or charges on registration or permits.
3. Permits and Registration must be instantly issued.
4. Gun sales will have no residency requirements.
5. No purchase or transfer waiting periods.
6. No regulation of multiple sales of firearms.
7. Gun Dealers will not be regulated more than any other retail establishment such as one selling alcohol.
8. Barrel length and firing rate will no longer be a concern of government.
9. Proficiency or written testing requirements before possession or carrying of firearms will no longer be required.
10. Any law abiding American will be able to manufacture a firearm and ammunition.

Laws that will survive Heller:

1. Government firearm and or owner registration schemes that don’t deny or delay firearm possession or carrying. (Remember that twice the Supreme Court has held that convicted felon's self-incrimination rights preclude their having to register.)
2. Laws that require majority of age to be reached before purchase or transfer.
3. Laws restricting felon's rights to guns.

The impact of a right to keep and bear arms is that our society will begin to exhibit newfound politeness. Criminals will find that using crime and violence against others will shorten their lifespan. Guns will lose a lot of their glamour and mystique because the common man or woman will be once again able to own and carry them.

I don’t expect that the Supreme Court will use such a broad brush other than to strike down the D.C. Gun Ban. The other issues will come to pass as our local courts litigate pending and new civil or criminal cases using the old and now new law of the land.

Update: The court has at least 20 more opinions due before June 23 including Heller. The court announced they’d meet on Thursday morning which means they will unload some more cases. I still stand on my prediction that Heller will be their parting shot on June 23rd. If anything changes I will have it here first!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Must Address This Problem Here Soon Or Suffer

America’s love for political correctness may kill us all.

Tim Russert 1950-2008

Jessie Jackson's Pointless Political Demonstration

Lake Barrington, IL--Rev. Jessie Jackson brought in some 80 gun haters to Lake Barrington, Il to get a high end firearm manufacturer some publicity.

DS ARMS specializes in making great civilian semi-automatic copies of the venerable, 65 year- old FNFAL rifles. That Browning design made the FAL one of the top ten battle rifles ever produced.

There is a serious problem with using this rifle and that’s the cost. You can buy perhaps three AK-47 rifles for the cost of one DS ARMS Copy.

DS ARMS’ products have not made their way to police crime labs because of their use in crimes. So Jessie, what’s the big deal here? We know you hate the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment but are you really that ignorant?

Jessie, gun laws were created specifically to keep you and all African-Americans disarmed at the point in our time when the slaves were freed. I guess you want to honor the tradition of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jessie we've seen what happens to unarmed Negros in Africa who were being protected by the United Nations instead of having gun rights. Is that what you want here? Jessie is population control your agenda?


Read more and see the video here.