Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sensational Chicago Police Sex Case Sounds Overblown

Chicago, IL—If investigators really thought there was a Kidnapping/Sexual Assault involving two of their own they’d have been charged and had taken the perpwalk by now. I’m not making light of the media reports of the accusations.

Right now the published reports seem to indicate that a drunken and very promiscuous young woman willingly engaged in public sex in a police vehicle, played strip-poker with the two cops when she finally degenerated into a psychotic crisis.

Was a crime involved? Was it only misdemeanor, Public Indecency? Right now, Kidnapping and Sexual Assault sounds very unlikely.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here. I suspect that there may be terminal police rule violations along with a boatload of humiliation.

Keeping the cop's names secret will never happen. Of course the claimant and I use that in monetary terms will enjoy complete anonymity just like that phony Duke La Cross rape victim.

This case begs for a complete investigation. They will be going over communications logs involving these officers and their assignment. Surveillance tape will be found and any lies may well be exposed.

This case sounds a lot like that of a high-ranking public employee who managed to do high level government business over his office telephone while receiving oral sex. That fellow lied about the incident under oath and was exposed. He never lost a day’s pay and receives a handsome pension today. That of course was President Bill Clinton. I don’t think any lowly Chicago cops will fare as well as Buba did.

Remember how the Clinton apoligists said it was all just sex? So mush for Equal Protection under law.

If there is Probable Cause of a serious crime here it deserves prosecution and the accused deserve a fair day in court.

Chicago Cops On Trial

Chicago, IL—There may have been a time when prosecutors protected cops from even valid allegations of criminal conduct. If that was the case, the pendulum has swung the other way, and with a vengeance.

The current Cook County State’s Attorney ran on a political platform promising her police hating constituents she’d relentlessly prosecute police abusing their badge. That seems to indicate that she wanted to treat cops unequally and to a more punitive extent that other citizens. That seems to be the case with the way cop’s cases are handled in this administration.

Prosecutors can count on Cook County juries within the First Municipal District of Chicago to be heavily stacked with police hating minorities. Knowing this is beyond unsettling to any cop trying to get a fair trial in Chicago.

Any Chicago cop sent to jail or prison would be in constant danger as inmates would most certainly stalk them. Since the Illinois correctional system’s population is 95%, non-White, a White Chicago cop is assured massive additional punishment on account of simple race and occupation. That extra-judicial punishment comes from inmates, not properly controlled by the short staffed prisons.

Chicago cops and their families fear this and that results in many destroyed careers and needless felony convictions. That’s because the officers plead to bogus charges simply to avoid the specter of constant sexual assault or being stabbed to death in prison. They will accept any punishment short of being incarcerated and subjected to constant horror. Believe it, when I say prosecutors take full advantage of this situation when they offer plea agreements to accused cops.

Chicago police officers sometimes can get free representation from the lawyers working for the FOP. They fail for the most part because they are too often lazy, uncaring and ineffective. I have never seen a case yet where an FOP lawyer had bothered to obtain the needed assistance of a decent criminal defense investigator.

The FOP’s criminal defense money would be better far spent in the form of a cash grant to officers for the representation of their choice. Cops may find themselves better off with public defenders that at least have massive experience with serious felony cases. The rub here is they have heavy caseloads and suffer from a lack of resources. Innocence seems to motivate public defenders because they infrequently are assigned to represent anyone but extreme losers.

I like it when an accused is represented by the public defender and I’m hired to assist them separately. These too often underrated lawyers love the things I’m known for doing like taking a wrecking ball to the state’s case exposing one lie at a time. Cops needing lawyers seem to pick whet they believe are cop friendly or get their names in headlines. That's nearly always a poor choice. Accused cops need to make better informed choices of lawyers that get innocent clients their lives returned. That’s not an easy task in the laid back Cook County Criminal Courts.

Cops needing a criminal lawyer need to get recommendations from almost anyone other than a working cop! Cops in trouble need top criminal litigators and investigators especially if they are innocent or vastly overcharged.

Run like Hell when the lawyer says, “Don’t worry about a thing kid, bring in that hefty retainer and we will get you off.” The days of Dean Wolfson are gone, probably for our current lifetimes. Promises are easy, not cheap and usually broken. Justice, especially for a Chicago cop may bankrupt an entire family.

Everyone somehow believes that an acquittal will somehow bring a financial payback. Nothing could be further from the truth. It happens but it’s usually a rare event.

The Case of Chicago policeman Bill Cozzi has given every cop a clear warning. Administrative Rights protections are no longer enforceable. Do not under any circumstances say anything to investigators without having a decent criminal lawyer at your side. You may lose your job but that beats a prison term and felony conviction any day

If you’re a cop and become charged with a serious felony you will be in a fight for your very life.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama was supposed to reduce not expand the Wars of George W. Bush

When I ask Barack Obama's supporters if they’re still happy with their choice they all say how much better he was than George Bush. I guess they did not know that Bush was not up for re-election and they had other choices both in a primary and general election. Obama’s supporters are really not that smart anyway so it’s understandable.

We sent our children to fight in Afghanistan then again in Iraq. I saw little value in either war that has cost hundreds of billions and sent too many of our kids, home in rubber bags. I was never a fan of either George Bush.

Obama was billed as being a candidate that would get us out of these dubious wars. Obama was the one who’d lead us to peace and peaceful coexistence with the entire world. They even gave this jerk the Nobel Peace Prize he never earned!

As hard as I try I cannot think of an excuse for Obama to involve us in Libya’s revolution. There are no good guys on either side of this war so why are we involved at all?

Obama was and is a total fraud. He has slapped the faces and humiliated those fools that elected him. Obama has done all he could to destroy the economy and bankrupt America and hard working Americans. The only answer this Communist traitor has is to print more money and enslave a nation to an insurmountable debt.

It’s for Obama to fold his tent and crawl back under the rock he came from.

Controlling Government Spending One Car at a Time

A huge expense that American taxpayers must fund, are the automobiles that government workers, bureaucrats and politicians use.

Most working Americans must use their own cars for company business and are lucky to get the minimum IRS deduction for that requirement.

Our local, state and federal governments on the other hand buy and maintain millions of cars for those privileged politicians and their appointed political hacks. Many of these cars are Cadillac Escalades or Lincoln Navigators and such. Rather than place government license plates the vehicles have civilian plates on them.

Outside of military, police, fire and postal vehicles few if any other government vehicles have any markings at all. Those using them can usually take care of most of their personal needs with them. If they are observed driving outside of working hours they can always claim they were taking the vehicle to a car wash.

The worst offending states are California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and the others that are now bankrupt. Looking at the cars driven at taxpayer expense it’s easy to see why.

We need to take the cars away for the most part. The others that can show a need for a taxpayer funded car should have the least expensive cars available with clear markings of the government agency involved.

In a time of financial disaster why do we allow the government elite the cars most taxpayers cannot afford?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Executed For Speech and Thought

Nuremberg, Germany—Of all the Nazi’s tried and condemned to death at the main War Crimes Trial here, one stands out as a travesty of Justice.

Julius Streicher was the founder and publisher of Der Stürmer newspaper, which became a central element of the Nazi propaganda machine. Streicher also published three vile, anti-Semitic books for children.

Striecher was the Nazi poster boy for pure hate. He had no special government power nor did he control any aspect of the genocide. He was nothing more than a zealous Nazi cheerleader.

Streicher was simply a world class Jew baiter who published hateful material. Streicher was no more than a Nazi propagandist and a hatemonger. He’s not someone that I’d ever want to have lunch or socialize with.

Stricher was tried and convicted as a war criminal simply for his thoughts and published words. That was a total Orwellian travesty of justice.

The subsequent hanging of Stricher was an apparently just another act judicial tyranny and murder under color of law. I guess hate and hate speech is only permissible when the targets are politically correct.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Nazi Defense, I was Only Following Orders

Nuremberg, Germany—At the end of World War Two, many high ranking German military and civilians were tried and hanged for Crimes Against Humanity.

In the tribunals many of these defendants raised the defense that they were only following orders. That defense was scoffed at and ridiculed since these men and women (yes, we hanged German women too) were involved in one of the greatest mass murders in history.

What most casual observers did not really know, was that every member of the military had to swear a personal oath of allegiance to Adolph Hitler rather than the German people or a Constitution. The penalty for speaking out, resisting or obstructing Hitler was death.

The mass gassing of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mental patients was a closely guarded state secret. What few knew was that the members of the military and government that had no idea what some Nazis were doing far away in Eastern Poland. That is, beyond relocating and resettling people on account of their race or religion.

Even Anti-Semitic Germans were horrified to learn of the murders of men women and children. The Jews that were shipped off to the death camps were more knowledgeable of their fate than the average German citizen. The lack of resistance seems to indicate that the secrecy of the genocide program worked very well.

Thankfully most bigots are not murderers or the human race would have perished long ago. Nearly everyone finds some culture or behavior of other races less than desirable. Of course there will always be those few who believe in genocide.

In the mix of German society there were Jews that were actually in the ranks of the military and SS including some 150,000 soldiers, seven Generals and at least one Field Marshall. Some of these men were hiding among the troops and many others were simply in the military before the Nazis gained power. Nobody can imagine Jews taking an oath to Adolph Hitler but it happened.

That oath and the penalties for violating it coerced many to do things they’d ordinarily refuse.

What everyone seems to ignore was the Jewish Councils established to assist the Nazi’s in their genocide. It was these councils rather than the Nazi’s that selected who would face evacuation to the death camps first.

The other’s that too often escaped punishment for collaboration with the Nazis were the Kappos, (A Jewish Kappo is pictured above) who marshaled fellow Jews around with clubs. These unfortunate souls saw perhaps an extended life and better conditions trough facilitation of the monstrous crimes of the Nazis.

Never let your government operate in secret.

What the War Crimes Trials established was a duty to always resist tyranny no matter the risk or cost to one’s self. It is an interesting concept that we have overlooked. Of course it is only the winners of wars that label and hang war criminals. It is only the losers of the wars that are led to the gallows.

Illinois and the War on Gun Rights

Chicago, IL—It began here in 1968 after the assassinations of Senator Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Some people actually believed that restrictive gun laws would somehow prevent criminals from committing murders. They began a campaign in earnest to repeal the Second Amendment. A one-sided propaganda war was waged by the Liberal media.

Gun-rights haters created a media crisis out of those two killings that were the result of a somewhat divided nation. The Viet Nam War was an American loyalty test. Americans including Kennedy and King failed that test as they chose to support the Communist regime of North Viet Nam rather than those seeking freedom. That as people actually spat upon our young military veterans as they returned home from that war.

The gun rights haters turned their scorn on gun owners and did all they could to label them as disturbed, dangerous and violent. They spread a phony message that guns were only meant for one thing, killing. People believed the phony propaganda, not taking into account all the violence prevented and lives saved because law-abiding people were armed. The mere display of a gun has sent many a cowardly predator running for their lives without a single shot being fired.

Gun ownership became politically incorrect and was barely tolerated for those horrible hunters that want to thrill-kill helpless game animals. The gun haters will never take the time to understand conservation and the reality that we have healthy game in America because of the hunters.

Mayor Richard J. Daley spearheaded the gun legislation with a state Firearm Owner’s Identification card and total, but free gun registration. Daley and the other politicians promised that they’d never charge for the Registration. Gun owners of course knew that was just another lie.

The U.S. Supreme Court soon ruled twice that convicted felons cannot be charged with failure to register themselves or guns! The Court held that making felons fill out registration forms violated their Constitutional rights against self-incrimination since they can’t possess a gun in the first place. The entire reasoning for the new gun laws went right out the window!

The gun laws were enacted and the law-abiding gun owners followed them religiously. Criminals were emboldened by the campaign they knew would protect them as the robbed, raped and murdered. Almost to the day the laws were passed violent crime and murder of cops began to skyrocket.

Mayor Daley also appointed the first ever Gun Czar, General Francis P. Kane of the Illinois National Guard. Kane promised to help bring an end to gun violence as he enjoyed his ability to hold news conferences and display weapons seized from Chicagoans.

Chicago police began seizing weapons with little or no excuse. If the person wanted their gun returned they’d have to hire a lawyer and sue. The cost to recaim a gun was much more than that of the gun itself. Thousands of guns were taken without anyone being convicted of anything at all.

Apparently the new Gun Czar liked the seized weapons and began a curious program where he begun using them for training National Guard soldiers. Kane helped himself to thousands of seized guns.

Chicago police soon ran into something very interesting. They would arrest gang members with guns and the guns had tiny numbers etched into them that read for example, F-68179. That was identical to what the Chicago police crime lab would do to nearly every seized gun! Guns were being recovered that had already been processed by the Chicago police crime lab! Some of the guns surfaced in new homicides!

It turned out that the new Gun Control Czar had a side business of selling the seized guns to Chicago street gangs! They indicted him under state charges and he never spent a minute in jail after they plead him out to a minor crime. Daley never filled the vacant Gun Czar position again.

The useless gun laws became a way of life. The push for more bans succeeded in the City of Chicago as in other areas. Violence increased with each new ban!

During the late 1980’s and 1990’s serious research was done on gun laws and crime statistics. Florida State University professor Gary Kleck and University of Chicago Professor John Lott found some amazing things about American gun laws!

Kleck found that millions of serious crimes were stopped by law-abiding gun owners without shot being fired. Police only recorded the rare times gun-owners shot criminals. When criminals were shot by victims or cops, police always included the justifiable shootings as either homicides or criminal wounding events.

Lott found that in jurisdictions with heavy personal gun ownership there was less crime! Lott’s book, More Guns Less Crime documents the abject failure of gun laws and gun bans in America to do more than create a population of unarmed victims for criminals.

In the late 1980’s some states like Florida passed laws giving the law abiding the right to carry concealed firearms. Many other states relaxed these laws and the right to carry is now guaranteed in all but a few states.

The states began to carefully watch the permit holders. The permit holders have an exemplary record for their conduct. There were a few suspensions and revocations for people who lied about their past or people who used justifiable force who were arrested.

Those, use of force cases were usually decided in favor of the permit holder and the permits were returned. Right to carry has not had an adverse impact on crime or violence. The violence in the Right to Carry States never increased and in most cases decreased.

Right to carry has leveled the playing field for the law-abiding. They now have a chance to fight and survive. The gun bans have proven one thing and that’s that only the law-abiding obey them. Gun control works well against the law-abiding and has no effect on criminals.

Remember the Fourth Amendment prevents police from searching people, their cars and homes for weapons.

Illinois is at a crossroads of sort. Right to carry legislation is becoming popular there too. The Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald cases have made it clear, that state and local governments must not infringe on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Bear as in carry!

No politician or appointed political hack should ever have the power to interfere with the right of an American for defend, himself, family or country. That right was given to us by our creator.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

RT News Giant Is Gaining Viewers Every Day

Moscow, Russia—It’s come a long way from Soviet driven media. Russia Today (News Network) is now known simply as RT.

They broadcast both on airwaves and the internet and quickly respond to disturbances, disasters, and battlefields of the world. They have a seemingly credible operation that broadcasts in English.

I recently began watching this six year-old media source and find that it refreshingly lacks being a Leftist apologist propaganda machine like nearly every American broadcast and cable network.

RT has an uncanny ability to be the first with video from any major story such as the Japan earthquake. They have news bureaus in many of the world’s capitols. I can’t imagine that I ever envisioned a foreign news operation would have more objectivity and credibility than something home grown. They can be found right here.

The Obama Administration’s Contrived Mexican Gun Crisis

Washington, DC—U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton were both involved the culpability chain of the Waco, TX massacre of men, women and children. They have a long-standing and proven track record for violating American’s Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. This pair is at it again.

They have created their own gun crisis to use in a propaganda war against gun rights. They knowingly have instigated, allowed or facilitated the export of firearms from American sources to flow into the hands of Mexican drug cartel criminals.

The purpose has become obvious as they have manufactured their own statistics to convince the media and Americans that our gun rights are the cause of Mexican drug violence.

What is missing is reality here. The guns are ours and we are not awash with the violence. Is there something in the Mexican DNA like a drug-murder gene? I guess the Obama Administration Gunrunning Operation lacks common sense. But let’s not let that get in the way of their propaganda engine that thrives by spreading disinformation.

Many Federal agents have now come forward to expose this criminal enterprise operated by our own government. They’ve risked their careers and personal safety to send out the warnings. The major media has done all they could to avoid reporting this story that’s right out of an Orwellian nightmare.

The contrived Mexican Gun Crisis is the latest disaster the Obama Administration now claims they can heroically fix by suspending American’s gun rights with more gun bans.

Obama wants to respond to this phony emergency with a fix just like the Nazi’s had after they torched the Reichtag in Germany. That ended freedom and gave the government huge new powers. Every criminal regime in history has followed this crisis manufacturing concept to increase their powers as they steal liberty.

Are we supposed to now trust these exposed liars with the keys to our hard won Constitutional freedoms?

The good news here is that this conspiracy is being exposed because the Obama Administration has blundered their way through this expensive publicity stunt.

There is a crisis both in Mexico and the United States for sure. That crisis is the Drug War itself. It’s the prohibition that has provided massive profits, carnage as it filled our prisons to the bursting point. The Drug War has killed many more people than the drugs themselves. Addicts are compelled to commit a massive amount of crime to fund their drug cravings. That alone put us all at risk.

Any violence crisis in Mexico can end in a day through calling off the failed Drug War. No more profits, no more killing and no more government excuses to, invade privacy and steal our freedom. Of course lots of government bureaucrats would be looking for work without their precious Drug War.

Ask yourself this question, if drugs were legal would you risk your own life and health to abuse them? Unless you’re already an addict, that’s highly doubtful. How many people experimented with drugs simply because it was the fruit from the forbidden tree?

Is the 100 Billion per year we spend on the Drug War better spent on treatment and research to combat the social blight of our drug addicts?

A side note: Most all of the guns in the picture came from American direct to the Mexican government. The guns then fell into the hands of the criminals. Most of these guns can only be sold to government agencies.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I Learned From the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival

Geneva, Switzerland—-It was indeed a thrill to be invited to attend this event where a documentary film I worked on was being premiered. It was my second visit here in little more than a year.

Geneva is a Swiss city that does the impossible job of sounding the alarm when governments violate basic human rights. The film festival delivered 45 films that show the darkest side of criminal political regimes in the world.

Reporters, producers and photographers risk their lives in order to expose kidnapping, robbery, rape and murders committed by governments and their agents. One undeniable fact emerges from this event, governments are prolific serial killers.

There is no shortage of criminals with big smiles, firm handshakes and convincing oratory that prey upon every nation’s citizenry. They lust after the unlimited wealth, power and rock star status as a government ruler. For the most part these people are pretenders, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Once in power they will torture and kill to maintain that power.

The film makers too often are a naive lot. They want to expose a ruthless despot's violation of human rights as they urgently support rebel groups trying to overthrow these regimes.

The best example of this was the Cuban Revolution more than 50 years ago. Fulgencio Batista was a dictator in this mafia infested playground for wealthy Americans. Batista was a typical ruler found in the Banana Republics of Latin America. He lived lavishly in a poor country where anyone who dared criticize or challenge his authority was jailed or even murdered.

Fidel Castro and his pal Che Guevara set their sights on his power, wealth and status billing themselves as, “freedom fighters.” The world’s media organizations portrayed these fellows as romantic and dedicated heroes that would bring freedom and human rights to this troubled paradise.

Castro was able to overthrow Batista, replacing him and his government with something far worse. The deadly purges that followed became just another Socialist nightmare gone wrong. Castro has ruled this bankrupt nation with an iron fist as he stole whatever he wanted in the nation’s treasury. Socialist dictators like Castro always somehow manage because of their talent to fill the tax coffers through extortionate methods that go back further than Nero’s.

The film makers that specialize in human rights documentaries are always scrambling for funds to facilitate their work. Often these funds come from sources as evil as the people they seek to expose. Human rights film makers must fight the efforts of revolutionaries seeking to turn them into propaganda machines. It’s not easy.

The film makers I met in Geneva have exposed one despot after another. They will never run out of work because there is no shortage of fresh mass graves that can be dug up and investigated around the world.

I suspect without the watchful eye of Geneva we’d be in a more dangerous world.

The proliferation of cheap cameras and computers to edit video has become a powerful tool to expose criminal conduct by government everywhere. That, as more laws are being made to restrict their use accordingly. Governments seek a sort of one way street where they can photograph us as they forbid us the ability to photograph them. That’s no coincidence.

Every law-abiding American needs a gun and the training to use it. Likewise every law-abiding American needs a video camera and the training to use it. Document government abuse whenever or wherever you can.

What was Geneva’s Human Rights Film Festival’s strongest message? Never trust government.

Two Hours and a Lunch in Wannsee

Berlin, Germany—On the outskirts of this great city is a resort community known as Wannsee. This place has a large beautiful lake and serves as a summer playground for those who can afford it.

When the Allies invaded Germany a curious transcript was found in the personal effects of a man named Martin Luther. Luther had been imprisoned in a concentration camp but he had been the Under Secretary of the Reich Foreign Ministry.

This transcript was a Nazi secret document that was supposed to have been read and immediately destroyed. Luther violated the order and preserved it instead. That document shed a spotlight on a two-hour, January 20, 1942 meeting where 15 assembled high-ranking Nazis settled the Jewish Question. The question was answered with a plan to exterminate every Jew within their reach.

The meeting was held in a sumptuous and grand Wannsee villa that exists today as a War Crimes Museum. Visitors can stand and walk on the same floors as the panelists did where the Holocaust was planned.

In addition to the transcript there is the supporting testimony of Adolph Eichmann who was instrumental in setting the meeting up. That testimony came in Israel after Eichmann was kidnapped in Argentina and brought before a court to answer for Crimes against Humanity. We know for sure exactly what took place at Wannsee.

The panel of 15 included seven trained lawyers. Presumably that was to make sure that Reich Law and the Nuremberg Laws making Jews, persona non grata were followed.

The Chairman of the Panel was the notorious SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich. Heydrich was Hitler’s number one Hatchet Man. He had special powers of persuasion backed by his ability to exercise deadly discipline on anyone attending. Crossing Heydrich was a really bad idea.

Yet two of the panel members, Wilhelm Stutkart and Martin Luthur balked at the outrageous plan exercising nearly tombstone courage. Others suggested the less horrifying solution such as mass sterilization of Jews. Other panelists were simply intimidated into cooperating with the murders of millions of men women and children.

Some panelists complained that the German war effort was dependent upon the Jews they already conscripted for labor. Killing their workers would certainly have an adverse impact on armament production. That compelling argument fell on deaf ears.

By the time lunch was over these Nazis had their Top Secret marching orders.

Jews and Gypsies were efficiently transported far from Germany on rail lines to special state of the art death camps for mass extermination and cremation. Words like resettled and evacuated replaced kidnapped and murdered in the new Nazi lexicon.

HBO re-created the Wannsee Conference in a accurate dramatic film shot at the actual villa with actors Kenneth Branagh and Stanley Tucci. The film is excellent.

After my visit to the Wannsee Museum I had a wonderful lunch nearby but our conversation was much lighter than that dark one in 1942. Here is some video from my visit there last week. Following further below is the trailer for the movie Conspiracy filmed on location at the Wannsee villa.

More photos can be seen here:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste

Berlin, Germany—Recently Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff and now the mayor-elect of Chicago, Rham Emanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” That savvy remark was made by a very accomplished politician and campaigner. Such was Adolph Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels.

Göbbels was a well-educated educated genius that knew how to shape, contain and exploit public opinion as efficiently as anyone in history. Göbbels played the new media of broadcast radio like a violin as he managed to operate this superb new tool to control very thought of the masses!

Here at home Franklin D. Roosevelt and his political cronies did exactly the same thing to a lesser extent. The famous Fireside Chats kept America spellbound as he waged his own propaganda war.

Today every Hollywood press agent of political campaign manager must understand how to create and exploit any kind of crisis to get exactly what they want. Yes, the old publicity stunt can work wonders.

A few years back an ageing Carol Channing was appearing in a Los Angeles show. She needed to sell lots of tickets but her star had faded and she really needed a publicity boost. This is where sharp publicists earn their bread.

As the show was being promoted these was a high dollar theft in L.A. and the victim was none other than Carol Channing. Police were investigating the claim that her designer dress studded with real diamonds was stolen from the hotel. Needless to say if brought out all of Hollywood’s news organizations that informed absolutely everyone that Carol Channing was appearing live in Hollywood for a stage show. The obligatory coverage of the dress caper and photos and statements from the LAPD were secondary to the free publicity the ticket office obtained. This was only part-one to this saga.

As for part-two, as the show was winding down and more tickets were needed to be sold, the stolen dress was found! Imagine that! It seems a homeless man found the dress, knew it must be Channing’s and returned it! The media circus was on again and Channing’s show was extended! Of course, I have absolutely no evidence that this was not more than a coincidence. But go ahead and, you can be the judge on that one.

For politicians the tricks are the same. As the Weimar Republic was struggling with their defeat after World War One, and the Great Depression every politician was fighting to control Germany. There was no shortage of political parties and people ready to exploit the treasury, limousines and prestige of high political office.

The National Socialists under the leadership of Adolph Hitler were competing with the Communists to rule Germany. Both parties were identical in their Marxist based redistribution of wealth platforms. Each party offered a slightly different flavor of Socialism.

Who would the hungry people of Germany trust to lead them out of their financial mess? Neither party had sufficient votes or public support needed to win. That’s where a crisis was and a way to heroically overcome it was needed.

The Reichtag was and still is the Capitol building for Germany. It is the home of the Parliament and government political apparatus. Across the street was another government building where the Nazi Party’s military political leader, Hermann Göring had an apartment. Beneath the street there was a tunnel connecting both buildings.

On, February 27, 1933 an arson fire broke out at the Reichtag and the Nazi wasted no time on blaming the fire on the Communists. Soon a Dutch Communist, Marinus van der Lubbe along with four others were framed for torching this venerable landmark.The Nazis were able to convince the people of Germany that the Communists were plotting against Germany. This was the crisis that Hitler needed in order to win absolute power in Germany through a special Emergency Decree to combat the new Communist threat. Civil rights were suspended so they could immediately round up and deal with the Communists.

Liberty never returned to Germany for 12 long years as Hitler led Germany into a massive world-wide Apocalypse. Before it was over, 50 million human lives that included six-million Jews and Gypsies along with nine-million Germans were needlessly lost.

Hitler was evil but his evilness was somewhat over-rated when compared to other despots. Hitler had more efficient, state of the art technology for murdering the innocent. The deeds of the Nazi agents were meticulously documented for posterity. Any despot leading a major nation could kill more efficiently today if given absolute power. One-party rule anywhere is always dangerous.

A good government is one that operates openly with lots of vigorous debate. If your, City Council, County Board, State Legislature are all in agreement dangerous and evil things are assuredly happening.

In every nation on earth there is some politician with the desire to control and own every country on earth. These evil would-be despots all have charisma, charm and a nice smile. They have all learned from the great despots that preceded them and that what’s past is prologue. They have all learned to never let a good crisis go to waste.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Death Penalty and American Justice

Berlin, Germany—I must admit that I’ve long ago parted company with the vast majority of cops on the death penalty. It’s not that those savage, sadistic and cruel thugs who murder innocent people deserve any mercy at all, because they don’t.

I will never waiver in my absolute belief in the use of immediate deadly force by any citizen to stop a violent felony crime in progress. Self-defense and the protection of our families is a right given to us by our creator and must never be inhibited by our politicians and bureaucrats.

For me the problem is government. Governments including ours are run by politicians and their appointed political hacks that nearly all enrich themselves and blunder through their turn at “public service”. Unfortunately as we know only too well these people can’t seem to have the simple skills to even count small change.

Even if our government officials are not being malicious or grossly incompetent they constantly make lots of mistakes. Those mistakes happen incredibly too often when it comes to the death penalty. I have favored a higher standard of proof at the minimum rather than that nearly impossible to define term, Reasonable Doubt. Right now murder convictions are based on the guess of some jury.

Governments can and do change in a heartbeat. Other factors such as the steady effort by the nation's prosecutors to allow courts to weigh evidence precluded by our Bill of Rights. Once unconstitutional laws are passed, it can take decades before the courts get around to striking them down.

You may like the political make up of your government today but bad health, elections and political violence can bring you a leader that you will loathe. It is unwise to give more than minimal power to any politicians that affect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The power over our very own lives is what many people are willing to entrust politicians to defend and protect. I’m unwilling to do that ever.

Plötzensee Prison was a long-time, Prussian correctional facility for criminals. They supported the idea of the death penalty in Germany. The criminals convicted of despicable, cruel or infamous murder were placed under the executioner’s axe at a rate of less than ten per year.

Plötzensee changed when law enforcement duties were handed to thugs and political hacks loyal to Adolph Hitler. The standard of proof was changed and the kinds of allowable evidence in the courts of the Third Reich.

Nazi courtrooms and justice was only allowable for those people not outlawed by mere genetics. Jews and Gypsies had no rights and were deported to resettlement locations where they were simply liquidated in secret.

No less than five thousand Germans were tried and executed for treason for any resistance or disrespect to the Hitler Administration. Thousands of others were sent to work concentration camps inside Germany for very long terms.

Unfortunately the Third Reich is always singled out as an anomaly or very unusual criminal regime. These governments are everywhere in the world today but lack the kind of meticulous record keeping, photographic and film proof created by the Nazis themselves.

The winners of wars never face was crimes trials. Josef Stalin’s government murdered tens of millions and their soldiers and bureaucrats raped the women and children of Berlin for years after they controlled this area. They all escaped any civil or military punishment.

The evil of the Third Reich is not some genetic defect that only affects Germans. That evil is in every government on earth waiting for power that citizens will willingly give them.

Americans have the duty to keep a sharp watch over our freedom. We somehow failed as we have passed loads of laws restricting freedom. Hate speech and thought is under attack every day. Imagine if in America you could not openly express hate for someone as evil as Adolph Hitler? That was a capital crime under Nazi law.

Don’t trust your government not to abuse the power to kill their own citizens.

Learn more about the Death Penalty in this video:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Judicial Tyranny Investigated by Crimefile News

Berlin, Germany--I´m right now investigating Adolph Hitler´s judge that sentenced over 5,000 good Germans to death for government resistance. His name is Dr. Roland Friesler. In addition he was the judge that made the Holocaust legal by decree.

Above is a plack that is where this Nazi´s courthouse once stood in Berlin. It is where the Sony Center stands in Pottsdamher Platz.

I will have a lot to say about him later. You can take it to the bank that Friesler´s judicial tyranny exists today in neary every American courthouse. Friesler clones must be purged wherever they are found.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Battle: L.A.

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—Another star-studded premier is happening for The Battle: L.A.

A guess this film is about space invaders rather than the much more likely revolt of the Entitlement Zombies once Barack Obama’s checks start bouncing.

They’re getting ready for the star’s arrival and hordes of autograph seeking fans.
See the preparations and below that is the actual trailer for the film. I will be on the plane bound for Europe during the premier and I think I will wait until this film hits Netflix.

Sheen TV—Wayne’s World On Steroids!

Sherman Oaks, CA—Charlie Sheen is embroiled in a media war unpatrolled anywhere in history. I’m not sure what’s really going on in Sheen’s world. For all I know this whole apocalypse could be nothing more than a giant publicity stunt.

By all appearances this multi-millionaire is going through a meltdown fueled by alcohol, drugs and the largest ingredient, massive ego. Is this all just an act? There is no shortage of comedy, heartbreak and drama in this media Armageddon.

“Sheen’s Korner” broadcasts are done with a simple computer with broadband, a cheap camera and ordinary household lighting. Anyone, almost anywhere could do better quality broadcasts than Sheen has produced so far. The public lure of Sheen’s broadcasts seems to be sheer morbid voyeurism.

Sheen’s normally clean-cut TV appearance is embellished by the best TV make-up people who are noticeably and sorely needed for, Sheen’s Korner. He certainly looks like he’s on an extended bender on his show.

Should Sheen, CBS, Warner Brothers and the show’s creator resumed, Two and a Half Men right now it would break every ratings record ever established.

Sheen is a devilishly clever lad and born showman. Is there perhaps more to, Charlie Sheen’s Winning than meets the eye?

I personally want Sheen to succeed. Sheen’s many talents have enabled so many people to realize the American dream with lucrative employment connected to Sheens projects.

If as most people suspect, Sheen is going through a dark period of illness, addiction and the road to suicide, this is beyond tragic.

Sheen above all has to be a father to his young children. Yes, he can support them incredibly well but he has a more important duty and that’s to be their role model.

If Charlie is suffering from illness he needs treatment and those bridges that were burned must all be rebuilt by all involved. Those people who have been hurt need to do the right thing and that’s to help this fellow in spite of himself.

I want this war over, the show to continue and everyone involved to profit like they never have before. That can happen. Sheen’s young life hangs in the balance. Sheen and his family deserve a better entertainment effort than, Charlie sheen’s Winning. Sheen could easily retire in a grand lifestyle, but I insist that he also has an obligation to share his talent with the world. Let’s hope this was all just a grand publicity stunt.

Click here for SHEEN'S KORNER.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Oak Brook Police Officer Stephen Peterson Files a Lawsuit to Keep his Job

Oak Brook, IL—The son of retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson refused to tell investigators what they wanted to hear about his father. The penalty was that he be discharged in a two-fold effort. Part one was simply to pressure and punish Drew Peterson and part two was to turn the younger Peterson into a snitch.

Oak Brook Police Chief Thomas Sheahan danced vigorously to the music of Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow. Glasgow simply brought a case against the elder Peterson despite a lack of admissible evidence and is suffering embarrassment accordingly as a result.

The good news here is they will be in a different court where Glasgow has no jurisdiction. I don’t think this action by the Oak Brook Police and Fire commissioners will pass Constitutional muster.

The younger Peterson’s FOP lawyer, Tamera Cummings fired the first shot with her petition filed below:

Stephen Peterson wrongful discharge petition

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lindsay Lohan’s Defense Investigation Laundry List

Venice, CALindsay Lohan is accused of the felony crime of Grand Theft. This was in connection with the temporary removal of a necklace from a jewelry store. The reasons for the removal are not all that clear nor is the intent to permanently deprive needed to establish a theft case.

As a criminal defense investigator these are what I would do to establish Lohan’s innocence:
1. Learn the reasonable value or worth for the necklace to see if it really meets the threshold minimum dollar amount required to classify this as a felony offense.
2. Interview every witness listed in the police or news media reports. The witnesses’ friends must be also interviewed to determine inconsistent statements. There will always be inconsistent statements in a case like this.
3. Conduct a full background investigation on every witness including examination of internet social networking sites visited by these people.
4. Examine the scene where this event took place.
5. Determine if any media leaks were the result of witness instigation or celebrity information commerce.
6. Establish any and all increased traffic to the “victim” business and their website after this story was published in the media and its influence on the witnesses.
7. Full investigation of prospective jurors and their social networking activities. This would continue throughout any trial.
8. Any other tasks though necessary by the defense counsel.

The defense lawyers have no choice but to fully test the evidence. Failure to do so could result in a wrongful conviction and years of unnecessary appeal work.

Lindsay Lohan cannot risk a serious conviction. It would affect her ability to work and for any future foreign travel.

I already believe the state’s theory is full of gaping holes and that Lohan should be very reluctant to seek any plea bargain that could damage her significantly. Of course that’s a decision she must make on her own after being fully advised by her lawyers.

The next question I have, are Lohan’s lawyers up to the task of trying this case? I’m not so sure of the answer. One of her lawyers, Blair Berk is a master at facilitating generous plea agreements. That’s however not the same as trying the case.

Me, I’d bring in Chicago Uber-Defender, Jed Stone. Stone is one of the better death penalty lawyers in America. He may be over-kill but he has special abilities to get the right information to the jurors in a way they can all understand.

In any even I hope this case plays out in a way that will make us proud of our Bill of Rights and the way we conduct criminal trials.

You never know when the victims show their real motives in matters landing in our criminal courts. Check out this one!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Hiring and Promotion for The Chicago Police Department is a Disaster

Chicago, IL—It began in the 1970’s when it became obvious that Chicago educated African Americans and Hispanics were not literate enough to pass the police civil service examinations. Lawsuits were filed making claims that the tests were culturally biased. This notion was in vogue with the political left. The testing as we knew it was scrapped.

Yes, the department really did not hire very many woman and the ones they did were either Matrons for the lockups or Policewomen for the Youth Division. There were no rank promotions after that. It was generally accepted that women were the weaker sex and could not have presence and appearance of a strong man for those difficult people police must deal with. Others feared the day when our daughters would be killed in the line of duty just like the men.

Frankly the women had to compete with thousands of women for a handful of positions so academically they were for the most part brighter and better educated than most of the male officers.

The real cultural issue was simple enough. African-Americans in Chicago were not motivated to succeed in school or do much more than collect entitlements. That was and is Chicago's African-American culture. Should some ghetto dwellwrs change their minds at age 20-21 it’s really too late to re-enter school to learn the basics and failure with poverty is the hand they’re dealt.

White males were left out in the cold unless they were politically connected by blood or at least bed sheets.

The Socialists running the city turned over hiring and promotion to neighborhood political strongmen. That includes the local reverends.

The new police headquarters at 35th Steert and Michigan Avenue has the well-deserved nickname of Fort Fellatio. Your imagination will help you arrive at how that became the moniker.

I was asked tonight if Commander Penny Trahanas better known as Hennypenny was qualified to be a District Commander. My response was simple, I don’t know since she’s not been tested. We don’t know if she is smart or literate enough. She does however, apparently have the right political sponsor.

As for her personal life it has proven to be a major embarrassment with criminal charges and now a child abuse complaint.

Trahanas' wisdom for allowing assorted vagabonds, and beggars the run of the Harrison District to me is both appalling and dangerous.

As for the pending matter with Hennypenny’s teenage daughter, that’s why we have Due Process. That being said, a police commander has to avoid the appearance of improperly. In that regard she has failed.

Update: There are now published reports that Commander Penny Trahanas has abdicated the District Commander’s Throne in 011. At this point giving up her gold star will cause her to revert to the rank of captain and this will result in her reassignment in some other unit. Retirement may hold a better option for her in the long run.

This will improve things for the beleaguered Filmore Rangers formerly under Hennypenny’s command in the short term.

In any event it’s doubtful that Chicago will see an end to fraternization or nepotism or promotion by fellatio. The current culture of the Chicago Police Department must return to just and discipline for all officers. The return of legitimate civil service testing is one sure way to improve department morale and the quality of those selected to lead their fellow officers. Without reform this once proud department is doomed.

As for Captain Trahanas, she deserves full due process and punishment to harsher than any other officer if she has been found to have violated laws or departmental rules. Immunity for the chosen few should become a thing of the past.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lisa Madigan Wants to Make Stalking and Killing Cops Easier in Illinois!

Chicago, IL—Illinois forces it's gun owners to surrender their privacy rights for the privilege of possessing a firearm. You say owning a gun is a right in Illinois? Surly you jest! If you are required to pay for a FOID card and wait months to receive it that’s hardly a right at all considering they don’t make you wait for a driver’s license. The same holds true for waiting periods and redundant background investigations. Remember driving is not a right, but a privilege!

Illinois requires completed applications with your personal demographics and a photograph. Attorney General Lisa Madigan feels that this is a public record and intends to disclose it to anyone and everyone accordingly.

I’m not saying Madigan’s legal opinion is wrong at all. I think she’s absolutely correct! It’s the requirement for gun owners to provide the information before they can enjoy their second Amendment rights is what’s wrong!

Most police agencies require all current and retired cops who possess firearms to have the FOID card as a condition of employment even though the law has a peace officer exemption.

Anyone wanting to kill a cop will have free access to the home address of every cop in Illinois! Criminals will be able to quickly learn whether the people they intend to rob, rape or murder owns a gun! If this is unsettling and even frightening then something needs to remedy this mess.

This matter should be addressed with emergency legislation. The legislation should protect all city, county and state records. Hunting licenses are also a great source for this kind of privacy invasion.

I support the notion that public records are just that. I don’t however support government collecting this kind of information from its citizens.

L.A. Tunnel Gang Scores Millions in Jewelry Heist

Los Angeles, CA—It happened in the downtown Jewelry District of this city. Right out of a Hollywood screenwriter’s imagination, like the Michael Mann plot for that James Caan flick, Thief.

It was on February 19, 2011, between the hours of 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM when an industrious pair of thieves tunneled through the walls and lifted some really hot ice worth well over $3 million. This was at a yet to be named business located in the 600 block of South Broadway.

Rather than put their merchandise in the vault that night, employees left the goodies out in the display cases like candy. Yes, I agree this scenario has a strong odor of being an, inside job. Getting the LAPD to prove that theory is yet another matter.

The merry burglars were able to tunnel in to the business with ease and they purloined the gems while fully covered with hooded outfits and back packs.

The question I have is will insurance cover this claim if they simply did not vault the loot while the store was closed?

Stay tuned and see if LAPD’s, Sergeant Joe Friday can crack this caper! Somehow, I don’t think he up to the task.

Sit back and watch the gang do their magic to the elegant music of George Gershwin.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Your Turn, Tell Me What You Want Me To Cover

The fun about having a blog is that you get to do what you want to do subject of course to your budget of time and money. I know a lot of you may have ideas for stories and this would be a great time to put in your requests.

Christina Aguilera’s West Hollywood Arrest Sounds Fishy

West Hollywood, CA—While most of us slept last night, singer Christina Aguilera found herself under arrest and booked into jail for public intoxication .

The singer’s boyfriend was stopped by Sheriff’s deputies and arrested for DUI. Aguilera was simply a passenger in the car. I have a huge problem with this arrest. Since the singer was inside the car sitting I’d suggest she was not appearing on a public way in a state of intoxication until she was ordered out of the vehicle by the deputies.

There is no question that the deputies had responsibility for the safety and well-being of the allegedly drunken singer. But she could have been handed over to a sober friend or relative rather than get booked in the slammer!

The way I see it there was no crime since she was sitting in a car at night. Nobody could possibly tell whether she was sober or intoxicated to become offended by that sight. Things however changed when the cops forced her out to public view. The deputies created the crime for which Aguilera was arrested.

Celebrity justice means that the cops, prosecutors and judges involved in celebrity cases get fame. Perhaps this time the fame should come in a form of a whopping judgment for the violation of Christina Aguilera’s Civil Rights.

Update: An L.A. County spokesman has said this morning that she was arrested for safekeeping and there will be no prosecution referral to the DA’s office.

We used to make “safekeeping” arrests in Chicago until the Federal Court deemed that a Civil Rights violation. I think what happened is they got some needed legal advice and now want to cut their losses. Oooops! This ain't Mayberry and this was not Otis arresting himself!