Saturday, October 31, 2009

Media’s Love For Obama May Be Cooling Off

Washington, DC—They were all in the bag for the young, charismatic, Left leaning Presidential Candidate turned President, Barack Obama.

No small part of this media excitement was the pathetic performance of George W. Bush for eight solid years. Bush managed to waste as many tax dollars as any Democrat. Immigration enforcement was reduced to a sad joke as Bush took us to impossible adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The media is learning that rather than the Liberal image they created for Obama in reality he was nothing less than a genuine Communist. American media with all their faults have always jealously fought for open government records and the right to publish and broadcast without government interference. They are starting to learn free speech is in real danger.

Everywhere Communism has gained a foothold in any country the concept of free speech was eliminated. The Obama Administration despite redundant promises of openness and transparency reneged and began secret strategy with the shadow Czar Government. Of course the Czars included a questionable bunch of Communists, tax cheats and worse.

The media knows they have been used, abused and misled. Even the staunchest of Liberal journalists reject censorship and government control. They loathe government's concealing of public records or being misled.

I see the media starting to wake up and their seeming mild discomfort is turning to anger. The media made Barack Obama and the media can turn on him in an instant. I predict that they will soon begin doing their job and asking those questions they’ve avoided for more than a year.

The big question I have is, which members of the media will begin to report what’s really going on in America and which will remain on the Obama Propaganda Machine?

Elections In NJ, NY, VA Are A Referendum On The Obama Administration

Washington, DC—Today the Far Left in our government are zealously pandering Obamacare and the continued destruction of Freedom and free enterprise. That's about to change somewhat.

The election outcome Tuesday will set the mood for just how Congress will accept the Marxist agenda of the current Whitehouse. It does not look good for the Liberals. To the Whitehouse the upcoming minor elections are a giant wet blanket.

Since politicians like the perks of office holding they always seek to do what it takes to keep their seats. They may not be true to their constituents but they can be counted on to be true to themselves. Some serious cold water may be dousing the fire behind the Obama Administration after Tuesday.

I suspect we are going to hear the Whitehouse whine about, Congress doing nothing for the next three years even though there is a Democratic majority. I like that idea and would like to lay Congress off for the next couple of years like so many other American workers. If they were laid off for a few years, would we really miss Congress al all?

Conservative Themed Film Making All But Dead, For Now

Los Angeles, CA—There is no question that the capital of America’s subversive, Leftist, Marxist philosophy is Hollywood. The who’s who of stars, writers and directors love to outdo each other showing their allegiance to all things Left.

Of course these clowns make their money not from a Socialist system but a free market where they can earn tens of millions for each film. They live lavish lifestyles as they castigate the American way of life and buy their Communist friend’s various political offices.

Hollywood’s Leftist elite use their fame as a Marxist pulpit as they whine about the blacklisting days of the 1950s. The fact is Hollywood was always loaded with Communists that professed hatred for the American system of government. That still is true today.

Blacklisting was and is real today. Conservative themed films are very rare but are usually huge moneymakers if they are allowed to see the light of day. The films, Dirty Harry and Death Wish attacked the Social Justice crowd’s ideals as the film’s criminals were stopped dead in their tracks through justifiable homicide. Both of these films saw life in numerous sequels.

The film, Red Dawn made money at the box office but also made a pariah of its director and writer, John Milius. That film depicted heroic high school kids defeating a Communist invasion on American soil.

I have experienced firsthand rejection of my film, Come Friday that is based on a true story of a Chicago policewoman, because those in Hollywood can’t deal with the subject matter. The film’s villain is an African-American that viciously kidnapped, raped and robbed scores of White women on Chicago’s Gold Coast. After the justice system failed and the serial rapist was let go he took up his old ways only to be shot dead by a lovely, off-duty recruit policewoman he kidnapped at gun point.

Incredibly, I had offers to make, Come Friday if I’d change the race of the rapist or his victims. They told me it was just too racially charged! In this case the purveyors of Social Justice and Marxist ideals in the film industry just could not deal with the truth.

Things are slowly changing because the financing arrangements have become far more creative. The cost of equipment for making films is only a fraction of it once was and many more filmmakers know this craft.

There is no reason a large film studio can be built far from Hollywood where control is centered with the investors and actual artists rather than Leftist talent agents, gone wild like in Hollywood.

Learn more about Come Friday here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Local Television News Breaks New Ground

Washington, DC—It’s November Sweeps time which is the most important rating period for television all year. They must do whatever they can to attract and keep or fold up their tent and disappear.

This time it is a lesson in breast self-examination without censorship. Frankly I don’t know how TV has gotten away with the bogus self-exam stories without exposing real breasts.

My God even men have breasts! Okay, men’s breasts are far less interesting than women’s. Bare breasts are everywhere in our world and the sight of them is not graphic, lurid or shocking. Why the big deal? Especially when the life and death matter of breast cancer is involved?

ABC-7 did their job of informing the public about breast self-examination. Men need the information too since they never miss a chance to explore their girlfriends and wives. It is often that a man discovers lumps and other symptoms. It may be rare but sometimes men get breast cancer too.

ABC-7 went out of their way to redundantly warn viewers of the “graphic adult content” and I wonder if that was intended to attract and keep viewers. No warning should be needed for images of women’s breasts. I don’t think the sight of them will change anyone’s life. That kind of censorship is silly and unnecessary.

Here is the report and please excuse me if I don’t warn you about the content. If you don’t like it take your little mouse and you can quickly escape from this blog!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

News Reporters Promoting their products, It’s a good idea

Los Angeles, CA—As the news sources from radio, TV and the Internet are increasingly more plentiful, keeping track of your favorite reporters seems to becomes more difficult. The truth is it is easier than ever! One thing for sure we can ignore TV news schedules and look for those news packages on the net.

Most news reporters don’t go the extra mile to keep us informed. They get their assignments and get something out to satisfy the suits back at their stations. Some reporters bring a little show business to their work because keeping the attention of the audience is paramount, but generally there’s little else.

Most of my favorite reporters are some of the incredibly attractive women and I watch them for all what some people would say are the wrong reasons. I don’t care about weather unless it’s extreme. I watch a certain hot blond on KCAL/KCBS-TV not to learn about the weather but simply to watch her.

When I want to get the hard news too many of the lady reporters have a habit of getting out of the way of the news and covering it from the distance. For me I’m not happy until the reporter gets inside the story from the inside. Timid reporters suck.

One reporter that can be counted to get right in the center of the news is KNBC-TV’s top morning news gun, Robert Kovacik. A while back he was reporting on an early morning murder story and the manhunt police were conducting for the reportedly armed and dangerous suspect. Kovacik encountered the suspect while on a live shot and never blinked as he began a totally unexpected, exclusive interview with the killer!

I’ve not seen that kind of work since KSAZ-TV reporter Steve Kraft and I approached and interviewed numerous wanted fugitives in Phoenix. Okay I confess I was packing a .45 for personal protection at the time. Some of the fugitives whined about not wanting to go to jail but there was no hostility.

Kovacik certainly was unarmed and if he had any fear at all he never showed it as he went the extra mile to make sure his viewers got the whole story.

With Twitter and Facebook reporters can make their work available 24/7 and their work can be viewed anywhere in the world. I will soon be globe hopping and getting my news from Geneva and Berlin. I often go to India and feel empowered when I can see my personal favorite’s on the Internet. Yep, I will need to see what the weather is in L.A. too!

As our news sources improve their websites it’s never been easier to skip the junk and go right to the pros for your information.

Good reporters deserve your patronage. You can catch Kovacik on Twitter right here:

Today JFK Would Be Branded A Right Wing Extremist

John Fitzgerald “Jack Kennedy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Being driven by a master Capitalist, Joseph P Kennedy, Jack went all the way to the top. He did pay his dues every step of the way as a patriot.

When the American way of life was threatened during World War II, young Kennedy tried to enlist in the Army only to be rejected because of a bad back.

Not being deterred he went to the Navy and had his dad call in favors so he could go to combat for his fellow Americans. Kennedy wound up as a skipper of a PT boat and undertook a disastrous rescue mission. The deaths and injuries on that PT boat are convincing evidence that Kennedy was no coward. Kennedy in fact was like every other member of his crew, a genuine hero.

Jack Kennedy understood the importance of a national defense and our Second Amendment when he became a life member of the National Rifle Association.

Kennedy was elected to the Senate and later as our President. The Communist menace was everywhere including inside our own government. Kennedy went to Berlin, Germany to proclaim our alliance to the German people standing up to Communism and gave his famous, “Ich bien eine Berliner!” speech at the newly erected wall to imprison a nation.

Kennedy stood up to the Soviet Union and at least made an effort to defeat Fidel Castro during the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. The Communists in our own Congress deserve credit for the failure of that mission. When the Soviet Union brought missals to Cuba threatening America Kennedy stood tall and strong.

I will never say I agreed with everything Jack Kennedy did, but I never once questioned whose side he was on. Imagine a President today saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Instead today the presidential message is, “We must redistribute the wealth.”

Of course after France gave up it was JFK who brought our troops into the effort to protect South Viet Nam from Uncle Ho and his Chinese Communist friends. It was Uncle Ho’s fellow American Communists that prevented a win over the North by shortchanging our military troops of their weaponry and other resources. As a result of our own Communists nearly 60 thousand of our young men came home in rubber bags. We can’t blame JFK for the acts of the traitors in our own Congress.

I don’t know what happened to his brother, Teddy Kennedy but the Irish curse of alcoholism pickled his brain for sure. He went the way of the Bolsheviks.

Today, I know that Jack Kennedy would loathe what the administration of Barack Obama is doing today. We must stop this cancer on America before it spreads any further.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Berlin Wall Falls—20 Years ago!

The picture above:

Dying Peter Fechter is carried away by East German border guards who shot him down when he tried to flee to the west in this Aug. 17, 1962 photo. Fechter was lying 50 minutes in no-man's land before he was taken to a hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

The agency that manages the records of former East Germany's dreaded secret police has uncovered an order for border guards to fire on escaping citizens that is far more explicit than others on record, an official said in remarks published

Berlin, GermanyNovember 9th 1989 freedom came to Berlin as the dreaded wall finally came down. The Communists ruled with their guns, jackboots and an iron fist until that failed form of government fell under its own weight.

It was not all celebration since the Communist system created two generations of totally dependent people who were never motivated, able to fend for themselves or realize opportunity.

The former Communist citizens were used to living off other people’s money. They were demanding free apartments, food and were prone to criminal activity when their needs exceeded the handout they received. Suddenly, these folks were introduced as equal citizens of a united and free Germany.

Some of these people found education, self-sufficiency and are proud to be free today. Others still pine for the old nanny government. Communism did tremendous damage to these people and it may take generations to repair.

As Germany celebrates freedom, America is traveling to the failed Marxist model at breakneck speed. God please help us!

Why Obamacare Must Be Killed By Americans

Washington, DC—We may have a flawed heath care system but it’s still the best in the world just the way it is. Socialized medicine has failed everywhere it has been tried. If government could get a handle on waste and fraud with what we already have, costs could be reduced. Government has a dreadful record for any kind of efficiency.

The so-call health care reform, Insurance reform, socialized medicine, or whatever you want to call it is disaster in the making. Secret authors doing their deeds behind closed doors for a Congress that will never read or try to understand thousands of pages of dealmaking through clout is not a responsible solution.

The desperate administration plan is to get something, anything passed to help Barack Obama save face and avoid failure.

A better directed effort to deal with what we already have is the only thing that makes sense. Just say NO to Obamacare in any form. We must redouble our calls to Washington since they are not listening.

The GOP Must Die

There was a time when the Republican Party represented Conservatives and their views. That’s no longer the case as they leadership has embraced pretend Conservatives like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and of course both Presidents named George Bush. These are men with a very pronounced Left Wing agenda and records that are in virtual lockstep with Democrats.

These are tax and spend, big government Liberals that have never had anything in common with Conservatives. To a one, they were and are significantly Left of the revered and assassinated John F. Kennedy. Kennedy is a Democratic icon who enjoyed a life membership in the NRA, and a fiscally responsible administration that took the hard line with our Communist enemies.

The GOP leadership has been corrupted by the free flow of pork projects, deal making and personal enrichment to the determent of American taxpayers.

There is nothing Conservative about today’s GOP. The GOP has been hijacked and needs to be abandoned altogether. A new Conservative party must come from the ashes of the GOP that will unite Conservatives.

Conservatives need their own party. The Libertarians can fill the bill but they first need to raise their political and social profile since most Americans don’t have a clue what a Libertarian really is or is not.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mister Obama, Please Resign

Dear Mr. Obama,

You had no achievements beyond having a broad smile and reading from a teleprompter. You were an example of affirmative action run wild as you made the right contacts in the most corrupt political organization in the United States.

You were in all the right places to get the full Marxist indoctrination and roadmap for that failed Ponzi scheme program of government that’s never worked anywhere. Your kind of government only works with repression and violence. As Margaret Thatcher said, "you will run out of other people's money."

You have made the mess left by George W. Bush much worse if that was possible. You have taken steps to destroy free enterprise, health care, and freedom. You have reauthorized slavery in America that will last for generations as you print money to pass to corrupt businesses and banks.

You have become a liability to your own and your family’s safety by making patriots everywhere hate you and only see you as a despot and traitor.

Please Mr. Obama, resign while we still have a little freedom.


Paul Huebl
Crimefile News

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Ronald Reagan Library Is Fabulous

Simi Valley, CA—Just North of Los Angeles sits the Ronald Reagan Library and the final resting place of the greatest President in my lifetime. This man led us out of a recession and showed our enemies a better way through the example of freedom.

This place will take your breath away as you see Air Force One inside this wonderful museum. Visiting this place can easily take up an entire fun filled day.

In light the current administration’s destruction of free enterprise, hostile takeover of private businesses and the planning in secret of America’s direction and legislation, the Reagan years are a breath of fresh air.

We fought wars to prevent the crap Barack Obama is doing to America today and it’s a downright shame. Obama’s treason will be ended soon.

In the meantime watch as Andrea shows you some of the sights to be seen at the Reagan Library and Museum.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dealing With The Swine Flu And Immunization

As the flu season approaches, getting the regular flu shot is generally good advice. This year we have the H1N1 version threatening young folks for the most part. Just what should we do?

The Obama Administration is working hard to sell Americans on a special vaccine that is largely untested. I’d wait until a few million Kool-aid drinking believers have taken it and lived to tell about it. The majority of physicians and nurses I talked with are in no hurry to offer themselves as laboratory rats. They are passing on the H1N1 immunization for themselves and families at least for the time being.

I took the advice and got a flu shot and the extra protection of a phenomena shot warranted by my age and general health.

We are in uncharted territory with every new strain of any type of infection threatening our population.

Here was the first shot being given to me by a genuine angel of mercy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will Major Media Carry Water For Obama As His Cronies Restrict Free Speech?

Washington, DC—The Obama administration hates free speech and have put their weight behind the misnamed “Net Neutrality” that would silence criticism and end free speech as we know it.

The question is, what position will the major media players take? Since the major media always spoke in a uniform Left Wing voice when they had a monopoly on news distribution, I expect they want to see an end to any view but their own. Will they carry Obama’s water? You bet they will!

I see the imposition of censorship of my speech, writing or publishing a blatant act of war on Liberty and Freedom. I hope there are Americans still willing to spill yet more blood in order to preserve free speech and all the rights Barack Obama wants to curtail.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State, Local Governments And Mall Operators Facilitate Terrorists

As we near the busy holiday shopping season terrorists are planning shooting attacks on mall shoppers. An arrest of a radical Muslim just happened today and now investigators are swinging into action to find others involved.

Terrorists are smart enough to target busy malls in cities with repressive gun laws. Even in right to carry states they have declared many malls as Gun Free Zones. These are the kind of targets that will always tempt cowards.

Adding to the problem are the marginally selected and trained mall security guards. They are incapable of doing anything more than dialing 911. These guards are nothing more that potential victims or hostages. They are zero protection for the mall workers and shoppers.

As retailers have taken a huge hit because of our tanking economy. Accordingly the funding for even minimal trained and armed security is non-existent and our enemies know that.

It is time to dismantle the Gun Free Zones and at least give some Americans the ability to protect themselves. Off duty and retired cops should be invited to the malls with their side arms. Weapon permit holders would reduce potential carnage as any resistance at all would encourage the terrorists to flee.

The alternative is and UPS. I boycott malls anywhere I can’t Carry with all the gun permits I possess.

As few as four well-armed terrorists can and will kill Americans like ducks in a barrel if they feel like it.

Chicago’s Water Tower Place along with The Grove and The Beverly Center in Los Angeles are perfect targets for massive attacks. The gun laws in these places could not be better written for terrorists to facilitate the slaughter of innocent American women and children.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yet Another Bedtime Story With A Happy Ending.

Orange County, Fl.--Anthony Julien , 50, and Peter Julien, 57, came home and surprised two, or possibly three, burglars inside their home. The two took care of business very well leaving one 17 year-old intruder dead and the other 26 year-old burglar wounded.

Two promising careers were ended and we never will know if the two unfortunate lads could have won the Nobel Peace Prize for their wealth redistribution efforts.

So far, no charges have been filed against Anthony Julien and Peter Julien.

Obama’s Secret Government Is Evil and Tyrannical

Washington, DC-- Barack Obama’s administration has shut out America. Obama's Communists, racists and other anti-American advisors have done what Hitler, Castro and Stalin did. They allo formed policy in secret. The danger here is that the mass murders ordained by these despots were not planned in open meetings either.

Obama has misled even his strongest supporters on every campaign promise he has made. Obama must be removed from the Whitehouse before it’s too late.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

For Los Angeles It's Great This Time of Year-A Flash Back for you!

As I returned from a too cold Windy City, I though of this gem from Randy Newman. Please sit back an enjoy!

Another Immigration Extortion Scandal

Chicago, IL—I recently got a call from Europe. It was from an elegant lady friend and mother of a lad in his 20’s who possesses two Master Degrees and is close to winning his PhD. The young scholar has already been educated at a prestigious American university wants to live and work in the United States.

I foolishly thought that since he reads, writes and speaks impeccable English, is superbly educated, and is destined for greatness my country would accept him with open arms. Unfortunately, he’d be much better off as an illiterate, non-English speaking citizen of Mexico or some other Central American banana republic.

I was shocked to learn the only options available for this very desirable potential immigrant are as follows:

1. Find and marry an American citizen.
2. Apply for a Green Card from Europe and wait in line behind millions including those undesirable aliens that have already broken American law by sneaking into the country.
3. Investing no less than $500,000.00 cash into an Obama approved company that must remain untouched for five years. Setting that application in motion requires legal services of an immigration lawyer. One well-know Chicago immigration lawyer quoted me $75,000.00 fee to facilitate the application process and set up the investment.

I can’t help but be frightened by the investment required especially when our economy is tanking at a rapid rate. Will this investment be stolen or otherwise devoured? The legal fees to process the application are also astronomical.

I’m shocked and embarrassed that my own country would extort money from such a promising young man. This is not the country I was raised in, nor the one whose call to duty in the military I answered four decades ago.

Someone please tell me what went so wrong?

For those That Support Obamacare

Washington, DC—The hostile takeover of the healthcare industry by Barack Obama and his henchmen is not about helping anyone. This is only about replacing our system of government with the failed Communist model. It is nothing but a total fraud. This is just another false promise of a corrupt regime.

Congressman Mike Rogers makes his opening statement on Health Care reform legislation that is under debate in Congress. Rogers said it well as so many Communist traitors are ready to ignore their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution and sell out America.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Are The American People Waiting For?

Each day the Communists in our Congress and the Whitehouse are forcing the American people further into slavery. They have set in motion the destruction of free enterprise, our currency, and the American dream. This is happening at breakneck speed as Obama's shadow government Czars secretly write the legislation our Congress refuses to make public or even read.

I envision Chinese troops on our soil invited by Barack Obama to “keep order”. Our own police and soldiers for the most part can be expected to help patriots purge the un-American traitors and not make war on fellow Americans. The Chinese nation has been waiting for that opportunity for a very long time.

I know millions of loyal Americans are thinking the unthinkable right now as they have horded weapons, ammunition, food and medical supplies. Patriots know that freedom is never free and exists only as a result of the same kind of brute force dictatorships inflict on their own citizens in order to stay in power. .

Either the resistance to the in-progress Communist revolution is stepped up quickly or we will never be able to resist later.

Obama and his fellow Communists have divided the American people into two groups, those who work and pay taxes and those parasites that don’t. Today the Communists have populated our nation with millions of Mexico and Central America's ignorant, poor and criminals that are sucking the lifeblood of our nation. This was no accident.

Will our patriots reach the point of no return and begin the purge? These criminals must be stopped from raping America, by whatever it takes. Failure to resists will enable the one Communist world nightmare of Karl Marx.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extortion And Racketeering By The Arizona Department of Public Safety

Arizona—Politicians here in desperate measures to fund their spending have allowed a private company, Redflex, to install cameras on the highways in an effort to extort money from drivers. The cameras capture driving violations and the information is used in the courts as evidence.

You can call this effort good intentioned all you want but it’s a simple criminal conspiracy and the conspirators include officials inside the Arizona department of public safety.

They have invited Redflex to gather evidence on behalf of state government for use in court proceedings that they claim show speeding and bad behavior of citizens. Any person or company doing that must first be licensed as a private investigation agency by none other than the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The major scandal here is that all private investigators are regulated and licensed by the very same law enforcement agency that has been facilitating and utilizing Redflex’s unlicensed and unlawful activity.

As a private investigator I must meet qualifications, requirements and pay fees to the state before I can engage in business. Redflex instead operates with a wink and a handshake from corrupt public officials and the money keeps rolling in.

Because they are breaking the licensing laws the entire scheme reduces the Redflex/DPS action to criminal racketeering and extortion.

I don’t think our founding fathers would ever approve of the creative efforts to strong-arm the men and women of Arizona by criminals acting under color of law.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oprah Winfrey, Obama’s Kool-Aid Czar

Chicago, Il-The Barack Obama Presidential campaign caught a wave of support from the Queen of the Zombies herself Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey has a knack for promoting authors that misled, with a psychologist with no license and a history of questionable behavior, and recently James Ray whose Sedona woo woo sweat lodge proved fatal for two followers.

Winfrey’s track record has not been something to admire. Despite the dangerous people Winfrey promotes her Zombies show no signs of sidestepping their loyalty.

Winfrey asked her legions of Zombies to vote for the candidate who surrounded himself with Communists, terrorists, Black racists, tax cheats and at least one educator who supports Gay sex between Adult men and little boys. The Oprah Zombies delivered.

It is only fitting that Winfrey personally serve the Kool-Aid made famous by the late San Francisco Marxist that brought his flock of fools to Guiana. Yes, People’s Temple founder Jim Jones and Barack Obama seem to be cut from the same cloth.

Obama’s followers are being groomed to forgo personal success and empowerment for generational utter and complete dependence on government benevolence.

Such a Utopia was Jonestown and Obama is following that model on a much grander scale. Go ahead and drink the Kool-Aid, but you were warned by me.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Horror Unleashed In UCLA Chemistry Laboratory

Los Angeles, CA-The sprawling campus located in Westwood Village is usual a place for serious learning as the youngsters here prepare for a great life and future.

The students are a wide mixture of the brightest and best from all over the globe. If there is an act of violence it is usually an outsider involved.

That was not the case today during the noon hour as one male student cut, slashed and stabbed a female student who is fighting for her life at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center located on campus. UCLA police have so far refused to identify the students involved other than to say they were both 20 years-old.

The cutting happened on the sixth floor of Young Hall inside an organic chemistry lab. The involved students were in an undergraduate class. Other students heard an argument and at least one saw a fight but did not see the knife. There are as many as 30 witnesses who were being interviewed by police. UCLA police are being assisted by the LAPD in the investigation

The assailant surrendered peaceably and was taken into custody. One thing for sure one if not two promising young lives were destroyed.

Update: A hospital employee provided information that the victim is responding well after surgery and is in critical but stable condition. I followed up with a call to a UCLA media spokesman who said that it is against hospital policy to divulge information on the condition of any patient.

Shortly after 9:00 PM the LAPD booked the suspect, Damon D. Thompson, a Black male on a charge of attempted murder. Currently he is being held on a $1 million dollar bail requirement.

Victim ID:
The victim of the apparently unprovoked attack was a White student, Katherine Rosen, 20. She is still hospitalized as of Oct 13 but is out of intensive care. The bail required for the suspect has been incresed to $3 Million.

Update from Superior Court Oct 13, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fun and Games For Arizona’s Illegal Aliens

Phoenix, AZ—Holding illegal aliens for ransom helps the bottom line here. I guess at least one intended victim made a good guess as to his fate.

Doroteo Estrada-Perez, 38, faces kidnapping, aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder charges. Mariano Perez-Gonzalez, 27, is looking forward to charges of kidnapping, theft by extortion, misconduct involving weapons and conspiracy to commit murder.

KTVK-TV’s pretty Marissa Wingate gives us the fun facts on the welcome wagon some illegal immigrants put out for their very own kind.

Of course the worthless Obama administration and their pathetic Homeland Security Secretary are delighted to be accomplices to this sort of thing.

Will Obama Bomb Iran To Boost his Ratings?

Washington, DC—Barack Obama knows he is coming off as a weak and ineffective president. His ego can’t take that so will he get us into adventures of yet another war, this time in Iran? Of course he will, because that’s the Presidential thing to do.

Wars initially unite Americans but then division begins and we have an unresolved mess and more division than ever.

A Groovy Ride Down Ventura Blvd In Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks, CA—On the way to lunch in Sherman Oaks yesterday, I pulled out my trusty Flip-HD to give you a look at my world. I hope this and Roy Hargrove's music will help my visitors get their groove. Please enjoy…

Monday, October 05, 2009

This is The Future Of Chicago’s Law Enforcement

Chicago, IL—A violent purse snatcher is captured by bystanders as a professional news photographer documents the criminal’s resistance to a citizen’s arrest. Before it’s over the unidentified thug is bloodied.

Had Chicago police officers caused that incidental injury they’d be stripped of the stars, firearms and police powers perhaps for months until they are cleared of wrongdoing or are suspended or fired.

As for the hapless mutt, he was eligible for release for a $100.00 cash misdemeanor bond. This fellow is undoubtedly free right now to do his deeds until he gets caught killing someone or gets killed.

If you live in Chicago you’re used to avoiding these predatory savages. They are here to stay. Don’t ask the police to risk their lives but also the ability to feed their families by confronting and arresting criminals.

Chicago police have been transformed to observe and report rather than actually enforce the law.

Go ahead brush up on your unarmed combat skills so you can waste a whole lot of your time in court.

See all the pictures and hear the photographer describe the event.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Chicago’s Next Gun Control Fight

Chicago, IL—City officials know the days of Chicago’s gun ban will be over by next summer. The reason is very simple Chicago’s politicians have been violating their citizens Civil Rights for nearly three decades.

Today the polls are showing that an overwhelming majority of Chicago’s citizens want the gun ban scrapped.

The right to possess firearms and use it for self-protection is a right to survive. It’s difficult for me to imagine people willingly giving up the right of self-defense, but if you can remember the Nazis had no trouble getting Jews to line up orderly, disrobe and accept being executed.

Chicago is currently being run by a gang of criminals that hold office. They have turned taxation into extortion and are looting the city dry. They can be counted on to try and turn Chicago’s gun registration laws into their very own ATM machine.

They cannot tax you for enjoying a right or they’d still have poll taxes in the South. Of course they know that it will take years for a legal challenge to get resolved in the courts. If you allow them they will continue to violate your rights through gun registration taxation.

The late Mayor Richard J. Daley brought us the gun registration law in 1968 with his personal promises that registration would always be free and that it would reduce crime by making investigation easier. Both promises proved to be false.

As it stands they will collect $65.00 per gun per year. We know that they will be as punitive as they possibly can by raising the fee to whatever they want.

The whole purpose of the gun registration is rendered meaningless since the state mandates a Firearm Owner’s Identification card. City gun registration is both unnecessary and redundant.

There has never been a better time for a campaign to repeal Chicago’s gun laws. Call 311 and ask for the Mayor’s office. Tell him to restore our rights to self-defense.

Most important, after you make the call get at least two of your neighbors, relative or friends to also be heard.

Darl Chryst Was A Well Kept Secret!

Phoenix, AZ-Nearly a decade ago I met a pretty lady in Phoenix. She had a couple of guitars and I learned she was a singer and actress. Darl Chryst was introduced to me by former, A Current Affair and now KTVK-TV’s ace reporter Mike Watkiss. Chryst was not famous, at least by my standards and I never heard her sing until now.

There are those lucky people that discovered this lady in local venues where they could hear this gifted songbird do her magic.

Sometimes amazing talent never finds the right venue. Everyday life, family and day jobs steal a lot of great entertainment from our eyes and ears.

YouTube is amazing because you don’t need to be related to or sleep with someone to get a chance at stardom. It is truly an equal opportunity venue.

Learn more about Chryst here.

I think this lady’s time in the sun is overdue.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Illinois Drives License Fee Triples! Is It Time To Fight Back?

Springfield, IL—For every struggling, taxpaying citizen, this month you will get a rude surprise from your leaders. That $15.00 Driver’s license renewal fee is now $35.00.

Because you must produce a driver’s license or face jail they have you by the balls. The ultimate extortion demand is on your plate. Pay or go to jail.

There is no reason for taxpayers to continue living under these conditions. Illinois politicians have become ruthless pirates that must be and can be stopped.

When does the resistance begin? When do the homes of public officials start to burn down unexpectedly? When do public official’s faces begin to show up on milk cartons? Perhaps it’s time to make sure that our aldermen, county board members, legislators, and mayors beef up their personal security.

Perhaps some broken windows, slashed tires and displays of sheer anger might help get these pirate’s minds right. It’s a small start.

This is not an issue of Democrat vs Republican but one much more sinister, slavery. Corrupt public officials have bankrupted every level of government.

Illinois and other politicians will only continue the extortion as long as you let them.

Olympics Blame Game Time

Chicago, IL—The pro-Obama/Daley forces are screaming today. That are passing the blame around to everyone they can. They’re mad because too many of them gambled their personal fortunes of getting the games in Chicago. I hope to see some bankruptcies filed by the politically connected losers that speculated with land investments.

The blame needs to rest squarely on the shoulders of the Obama/Daley/Burke Crime Families. This was about dodging the world class corruption Chicago is so famous for. Why should wonderful young athletes from all over the world be tainted by the extortion, bribery, and savage violence in Chicago?

Thankfully Chicago's politicians could not silence bloggers like Second City Cop or myself. Many people wrote letters to the IOC urging them to not dishonor the Olympians by holding the games in Chicago. There were the videos on YouTube and thankfully the IOC did the right thing for Chicago’s taxpayers.

This is not an issue of Republicans, Democrats, Black or White. Every citizen of Chicago rich or poor needs to make their incumbant politicians walk the plank!

Chicago’s poor African-Americans need to examine how they have been exploited and victimized by the Daley/Burke machine that takes their vote giving nothing in return. Promises from the Chicago Democratic Machine don’t bring dignity or respect, just more poverty.

The Liberals of Chicago don’t care about rampant corruption as long as they think the Leftist agenda is being served. They want fellow Liberals elected at any or all cost.

As for the taxpaying people that just want a place where they can work and safely raise their children they have obly two choices, get out of Chicago or get rid of the crooks.

The only way Chicago can rid themselves of the crooks is to stop voting for incumbents. Politicians must be treated like dirty diapers.

It’s Time To Declare War On Traffic Robocams

In a society where even local government can’t resist taking control of absolutely every aspect of our lives, sooner or later they run out of our money. They are perennially and relentlessly expanding their turf and responsibilities.

Our political incumbents learned long ago that the best way to get campaign contributions is to hand out lucrative contracts for crap we don’t need to savvy parasites willing to bribe.

Tax revenue is diverted from simple things we do need like police and fire protection along with schools and libraries. Of course our politicians arrange to have exquisitely furnished palatial surroundings that reinforce their own importance.

The incumbent politicians stay awake nights dreaming of things that they can build. Since they can only build government buildings they must next fill them with people doing all kinds of make-work projects.

When these guardians of the public trust run out of our money for the things we do need they play the only game they know, extortion. The parasitic politicos steal freedom and liberty and enslave us thorough confiscatory and redundant taxation.

Creativity, variety and cleverness of these politicians brought about the traffic robocams. They put these devices up to catch people who have made it a habit to drive for real traffic conditions rather than to the letter of the law. Our elected leaders bolster their solutions claiming the robocams will make us safe by reducing accidents. Statistics have proven otherwise.

In the mean time robocams must be disabled, destroyed or defeated by simply ignoring of each and every citation. If everyone refused to pay the robocam system would fail under its own weight.

In Arizona this is close to happening because of civil disobedience through refusal. Arizona’s courts are awash with robocam scofflaws. Sooner or later they have to dismiss the citations. Pushing all that paper with no cash return only increases problems for these government agencies.

One high-ranking law enforcement official once argued for the robocams to also be placed on rural areas where motorists really speed. That suggestion brought immediate rebuke because they said that whenever they place the cameras outside of heavily traveled areas the cameras are immediately vandalized. That strong message is clear. If their cameras are damaged they don’t want to play. Apparently there are still some patriots left in America!

There is only one real solution. Term limits for all politicians. If we have no incumbents then the control by special interests over our politicians is greatly reduced. The concept of professional, experienced politicians needs to end. Amateur politicians are a much fiscally wiser idea.

I'd like my visitors to tell me how our founding fathers would have responded to the robocams...

Friday, October 02, 2009

How Embarrassing

Copenhagen, Denmark—They all came to grovel before the International Olympic committee. Barack & Michelle Obama with Mayor Richard M. Daley along with Billionaire Obama hanger-on, Oprah Winfrey. Yep, they all brought their knee pads.

Despite a city evenly split for and against hoisting the games, an African-American community actively engaged in a self-genocide campaign and the reality of local taxpayers paying off debts for the next five decades, Chicago’s worst whined, begged and probably bribed a bunch of the IOC honchos for the corruption opportunity of a lifetime.

How much money was ripped from the pockets of American families to fund that nonsense?

Will Valerie Jarrett now have to file bankruptcy? She owns all that land they planed to condemn for the games. Maybe she can donate the land for those midnight basketball programs!

I guess Obama and the Chicago Mob have lost their clout. How many setbacks will it take before these parasites let go? Will we have to use force and violence to stop the extortion and non-stop efforts to enslave taxpayers?

Hello Rio!