Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Color Revolution In Gun Grips is Underway!

Carol Stream, IL--Eagle Grips has led the way in grip design for four decades. Comfort, control and constant product innovation is what this company is all about. The time has come for some Eagle Grips to lead gun owners into a new era of artistry and style.

I've been a fan of Eagle Grips since nearly the day of it's birth. I've been personally associated with this company assisting with product development, design and public relations for many years. I've attended trade shows and such with this company and that's kept me close to gun makers and the trends of the industry.

The attendees of NRA Gun Show in Pittsburgh, PA are in for a real treat. Eagle Grips will be unveiling the Art Jewel Collection of grips. This will send the industry on its ear like never before!

As you can see from a few samples in the picture above these new products are show stoppers! If you can attend the show beginning Friday in Pittsburg stop by the Eagle Grips Booth at the show and see these elegant treasures for yourself.

You can visit Eagle Grips at www.eaglegrips.com

See what American Handgun Magazine editor Roy Hunington has to say about these new grips.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

NRA Annual Meeting is in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh, PA--70,000 NRA members are expected to fill the convention center next week in the Steel City.

Gun rights, recent court victories and that Communist in the Whitehouse will be the topics of conversation as the NRA plans strategy for the next 12 months.

The exhibition hall will be loaded with the latest and greatest firearms and accessories. Needless to say there will be thousands of people with legal concealed weapons in that right to carry state. Pittsburgh will be safer than usual with more rather than less guns during the convention.

Click here for more information

Saturday, April 23, 2011

YouTube and Their Inconsistent Terms of Service Censorship

YouTube is not some government agency that must cater to everyone. They have an absolute right to do whatever they please with their wildly popular site.

That being said many news organizations and bloggers use the site to host videos exclusively to run on their own sites. It's easy, free and convenient. It's also at times troubling.

Should a blogger for example acquire some video like the McDonald's beating in Maryland it may well be taken down for its violent content. At the same time there are tons of historical videos shooing executions and Nazi atrocities. Violence is violence and either the revered name of the site or when the video was made is simply not relevant.

For example a Sheriff's surveillance tape showed a suicide of a murder suspect with a .45 automatic in an interrogation room. That tape needs to make the rounds on blogs and news sites that cater to officer safety because nobody properly search that prisoner. More importantly cops could have been easily killed because of the failure. That video was removed and at lease one blogger was shut down over the video.

YouTube must face the fact we live in a very violent world and crimes caught on tape should be left untouched to avoid covering up the these foul deeds. Journalists must be freely allowed to confront public officials with these videos when criminal escape prosecution or should people be arrested when there is no crime. YouTube should leave the news site videos alone.

What YouTube appears to be doing is not providing a forum for people committing crimes on tape as an effort to brag about their savagery. The 12 year-olds hired by YouTube to make the call are just not up to the task.

Many criminals have been identified and prosecuted for their appearance on YouTube and that's a good thing and is sound public policy. Many other criminals have escaped detection because YouTube made a bad call on censorship.

It's not an easy job being politically correct as YouTube strives to be. So they've been inconsistent and sometimes silly in their efforts to police their site. Again it's their site and they have an absolute right to be silly, arbitrary and capricious as they wish.

Gallows Humor at the Gallows, a True Story

Menard, IL--This is where a truly horrible man was executed on 22 November 1995. I'm no fan of the death penalty but I remember well a monstrous murder committed by three North side, Chicago lads my own age in December of 1965.

66 year-old, Fred Christensen went for a stroll on Waveland Avenue when he encountered three boys including a then,16 year old George Delvecchio armed with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle. The trio robbed and shot Christensen eleven times because he only had $11.00 to surrender.

This news story was big and the confessed killers said they were high on speed pills that were called "goofballs" back then.

This crime and its punishment was settled in a plea agreement for Delvecchio that committed him to a juvenile institution until he was 21. He was later transferred to an adult prison but was released after only serving eight years total. They said he had be reformed.

In December of 1977 Delvecchio met Karen Canzoneri and was briefly a guest in her home. Delvecchio left only to return later, uninvited as he forced his way into her home raping her after slashing the throat of her six year-old son Tony, killing the boy.

Delvecchio was profiled again in the news for yet another sensational murder. He went through the criminal justice system that was not so kind to him this time. Delvecchio was sentenced to a well-deserved death penalty for this unspeakable act.

In the 22 year fight to spare Delvecchio's life, was a young lawyer, who came to know the killer. Jed Stone. Stone said this fellow was now a different person and was worth receiving clemency. However, the appeals ran out and on 22 November 1995 George Delvecchio was set to take his last walk to the death chamber from his deathwatch cell.

Present was the warden, chaplain, guards and Jed Stone. Delvecchio was resigned to his grim fate and had given away his meager possession to other inmates like a radio he owned. He apologized to Stone he had nothing left to give him. Delvecchio discovered he had something after all, his inmate ID card! He offered it to Stone who thanked him for it as he placed it into his shirt pocket.

Soon Delveccho hugged the sad lawyer and the two began the walk to their respective places. Delvecchio headed to the lethal injection chamber and Stone to the witness room. Suddenly Delvecchio stopped and exclaimed, "there's a terrible mistake!" He said he was not in fact, Delvecchio and pointed to the astonished lawyer saying, "He's George Delvecchio and he has the ID card in his pocket to prove it!"

Amazingly Stone and his condemned client were very similar in age and appearance as the two photos above demonstrate. The ruse was accepted for what it was and Delvecchio was strapped down and killed. As always the executioner used a alcohol swab to clean the injection site to make sure the condemned man would not get an infection later.

I just had the great pleasure of working with Stone on a Chicago trial. Stone has distinguished himself in a great legal career that included the release of several notorious wrongfully convicted and condemned men such as Rolando Cruz in DuPage County.

This and other great stories are now in my briefcase and on their way to Hollywood.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Why no article about that verdict against a CPD officer?

Chicago, IL--The winners of wars write the history books, not the losers. A serious battle was lost here but the fight to clear a good cop continues.

There were seven counts of Elder Abuse Theft and seven of Official Misconduct. The judge put in the record that the convictions were not job related as he acquitted the officer of every count of Official Misconduct. That may save the officers hard earned pension.

My readers need to know that no assets ever were taken and there was no victim. It's a very grey area of law with no appellate court guidance. I take the position there was never a crime but the fellow in the black robe said otherwise. Reasonable men differ and the officer's convictions are far from final.

The newspaper reports were libelous when the arrest was made. They alleged crimes in the past that were never charged or actually documented.

Have a little patience and wait until this is reviewed before you judge a cop with an otherwise flawless record of service.

I can't comment further in respect to my client who has been suffering extra-judicial punishment for the eight years this case has been dragging on.

Shameful McDonald’s Attack is a Sign of Huge Troubles Ahead.

I don’t know just where this disgusting video record of a cowardly assault was made. I’m sure we will learn soon enough.

Aside for the enormous liability that McDonalds Corporation will have to assume for allowing this cowardly beating, police will be rounding up the thugs involved for a long trip through the criminal justice system.

Three Black female thugs beat kick and ripped out the hair of the helpless victim. The woman is kicked while down and beaten into a life threatening seizure.

The McDonald’s employees only offers token assistance to the victim. The time code of the video tape when compared to any 911 calls will show the facilitation, enablement and obvious criminal participation McDonald’s Corporation in the vicious crime. I suspect this event will cause McDonald’s to re-think their security policies and the cost of the Happy Meal will soon meet the new challenges.

There has been an explosion of Black on White crime in recent years that the major media has refused to report.

In Chicago, gangs of Black thugs regularly organize with broadcast text messages to overwhelm, rob and beat White people in popular stores.

Anytime there are multiple attackers, victims can justifiably and lawfully use deadly force such as shooting the attackers with firearms. The victim’s don’t have to suffer injuries before they use such force.

The sad truth is most civilized Americans have no experience with personal violence or self-defense and think they can rely on police to stop this.

On television or in the movies the cops always respond immediately as if by magic and justice is always done. That impression has redundantly brainwashed most Americans into providing them with a false sense of security.

Our nation is divided and people are choosing sides for another Civil War. It is the uneducated and unskilled poverty class Welfare Zombies against those who have rejected Socialism in pursuit of the American dream.

Working Americans have supported the Welfare Zombies much too well and the process has simply turned to extortion.

Socialism has been a real form of genocide in America as it has turned millions of Blacks into ignorant thugs that only know cruelty, force and violence. Our prisons are overflowing with them to the point of bursting. The nation’s medical examiners understand this reality only too well.

The real problem is the Socialists in our Congress masquerading as Democrats and Republicans who are Hell bent on destroying our Constitution and form of government. They must be stopped and Civil War looks like it may become the only alternative.

It’s the Socialists within our government that created today’s Great Depression and they must be dealt with for their treason. We need to arrest, try, convict and punish these criminals under the fullest extent of the law.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Brought My Gun to High School, Nobody Died!

Chicago, IL—The do-gooder and government nannies have prevailed to make America into a police state. They have increased violence through a series of laws that have made drugs and gun violence fashionable by simple prohibition.

In our world anything that’s good is fun, fattening or illegal. The law steps in and makes things more desirable through simple curiosity. Guns, drugs, sex and violence become glorified as the status of these things are raised by those in government with wild imaginations that believe freedom is somehow dangerous.

It was West Side Story, the great Jerome Robbins musical not reality that caused a massive legislative movement that outlawed switchblade knives. Simply think, what’s more dangerous, a unsheathed hunting knife or a little switchblade? That switchblade must first reliably open to be deployed. Which would have the stronger and more deadly blade? The answer is obvious this was a non-problem “fixed” through unnecessary law.

I brought my rifle and a box of 50 rounds of ammunition to Chicago’s Senn High School every week and no animals or children suffered. When I was drafted into the Army to defend my country I was better off for being a member of my Jr. ROTC rifle team.

What would happen today if I took two CTA buses with a cased rifle and entered my old high school? It would make national news for sure.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Will Obama Use Stalled Budget Crisis as an Excuse to Suspend the Constitution?

Washington, DC—Rather than accept severe cuts in a vastly inflated and corrupt budget the Leftists in Congress seem set on a government shutdown unprecedented during a war and we are involved in no less than three.

Will this turn into the crisis that Barack Obama will use to make his move grabbing power by suspending the Constitution? When the cash no longer flows, we can expect the Entitlement Zombies to become violent and create yet another excuse to shut down liberty in America.

My guess is that Obama knows his time as a President is rapidly coming to a close and may think he’s got nothing to lose. Will the desperate despot, lead us down the road to deceit despair and doom?

Obama is at a dangerous crossroad, what will he do?

Burning Korans and the First Amendment

Washington, DC—The attacks are here, on our personal liberty and freedoms. These attacks come, not from enemies abroad but from politicians within our own government.

Okay, some religious leader wants to burn Korans and hold a mock trial of Islam. This only came after repeated wholesale murder and bloodshed by Islamist maniacs.

Now the Islamist murderers have stepped up their world-wide terror and our politicians want to curtail American freedom.

I tolerate Muslims that can behave themselves. Islam has made a poor showing as a religion of peace around the world and because of the actions of some of their believers have terrorized millions. I will never tolerate religious inspired or for that matter any violence against innocent victims from any religion or group.

I will never tolerate any compromise on hard won freedoms in America. Here some of our politicians want curb offensive thought, speech, broadcasting and publishing. These are the same politicians that go out of their way to protect the rights of foreign Muslims we allowed to live in America. These politicians are either traitors or complete fools.

If the offended Muslims don’t like burned Korans, or to see the covered with the excrement of pigs they, need to stop inciting this kind of response with their campaigns of murder.

Americans have the absolute right to hate and insult Islam or anyone all they want without government interference.

Just because I defend the right to hate does not mean that I hate anyone other than someone that would injure, kill or violate our freedom. Hate was criminalized in Nazi Germany. Thousand who publicly professed hate or even dislike for Nazi policy were put to death after being arrested and tried in the courts.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Now We Must Pay for the Unwise Decision not to Drill For Oil in the USA

We have entrusted a bunch of savage 13th Century dwelling Muslim tribes in the Mideast as our nearly exclusive oil source. They have spent decades using their position to extort from us at an unbridled pace. The Arabs relied on us and European nations for help and technology to make them very wealthy. The payback has been a giant bite to our hand that fed the bastards.

Our fuel costs are dramatically skyrocketing but soon the cost of our food and anything else will be mindboggling because everything is all tied to the price of Arab oil. I see no fix this time.

The Greenies have been relentlessly screaming that drilling for oil in America is bringing on Global Warming and we’re all going to die. Of course, they want us to believe that drilling for oil in the Mideast is really harmless and does not endanger anyone. That’s the logic of the Left. The Left wants to destroy the American economy and free enterprise so their motives for the anti-drilling are obvious.

Now we can pay for what our Socialist Controlled Congress has forced upon us. Before it’s all over we will be paying with the blood and lives of our children. Did we get the government we deserved?

I don’t see how we can avoid total collapse and Anarchy. That will make it so much easier to establish a one world Socialist Government.

America, it’s far easier to reject the Socialist straightjacket now than to let this happen and try to fight it later. We must do whatever is necessary to get the Socialists and Communists out of every level of American government.

Anyone who blocks the exploration of oil on American property is a traitor and must be severely punished.

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Berlin Wall Was a Monument to Socialism

(Peter Leibing’s famous picture of the East German soldier Conrad Schumann jumping over the Berlin Wall. Leibing’s photograph of the 19-year-old East German border guard throwing away his rifle as he hurled over barbed wire on his way into West Berlin was taken on August 15, 1961, two days after East Germany sealed off its border with the wall.)

Berlin, Germany—The Russians captured Berlin at the End of World War two. The Nazis were replaced by the Socialist pigs of the USSR. The Soviet soldiers were allowed to rape the women and children of Berlin as spoils of war long after it ended. One horrid form of Fascism was replaced with another. After 12 long years of Nazi rule the people of East Germany had to endure over four additional decades in a captive nation.

The many miles of wall and border guards became a massive public works project of the East German Democratic Republic. They wanted to stop the hemorrhage of citizens fleeing to freedom in the West.

Scores of liberty loving people were legally murdered by East German border guards for merely trying to escape the yoke of that Socialist disease. Additionally thousands were imprisoned and had their children permanently taken away for resisting this nasty form of government.

I find it most interesting that Rudi Dutschke who became the Godfather of West German Marxism student movement during the 1960s, spent the later part of his life fighting a war of ideals against the Soviets. I guess Dutschke had a little buyer’s remorse.

Anyone that thinks Karl Marx had a better idea is either a fool or a criminal seeking to control others and more importantly, their wealth.

Is America’s Liberty on the Ropes?

We have all watched our government’s politicians tighten the noose around our necks for the last 40 years. Laws were passed that have taken rights of the accused under the label of “Victim’s Rights”. No rights for victims were ever enhanced through any of these bogus laws.

What has happened is that those accused are obstructed from full defense investigations and those seeking to frame the innocent are enabled. It is easier to frame the accused when witness/victims are allowed to sit in courtrooms to hear all the testimony. That invites and abets perjury.

More laws were passed giving government more ability to snoop through our private affairs. Court decisions have all but gutted our rights to be free from unreasonable searches in our persons, cars and homes.

They told us that airline passenger searching is about combating terrorism but it is as much or more about snooping on airline passenger’s personal business. What you don’t hear about, are the cash seizures being made that assist the IRS. The TSA uncovers 500 minor drug possession cases for everyone involving a so-called weapon. I say so-called since anything is a weapon to the TSA’s way of thinking.

Free speech is under a major attack these days. They want to make so-called hate speech a crime. They want political correctness to be the law of the land. They want to make a crime to denounce politicians or their political ideas. They want to jail anyone that dares to label a Socialist as a Socialist. This kind of law policy helped Adolph Hitler silence his critics, permanently.

There is a precedent for an American President suspending the Constitution in America. Our “heroic” 16th President, Abraham Lincoln did just that. Lincoln shut down newspapers critical to his administration and incarcerated thousands without bail or trials.

Will a floundering American President and his Socialist supporters follow Lincoln’s lead as a way to force another term or three with an iron fist? I think we must all be on guard because the historic signs are all in place today.

Please stay alert and keep your powder magazines full and dry. I think we will smell a lot of gun smoke in the next few years. This always happens with every government sooner or later. Remember, what’s past is prologue.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Government Tyranny and Law Enforcement

Americans have been fortunate in that law enforcement officers have been selected for the most part through civil service testing that includes mental health screening and background investigations. That is followed by intensive training that includes conflict resolution, law and the Bill of Rights. They are simply trained as peace officers to make peace in our world.

So they can protect us, we actually license our cops to kill, invade private property including dwellings and to forcibly jail suspects under tightly controlled conditions. Accordingly we need cops that are honorable, well balanced and intelligent enough to understand the complicated laws and the Bill of Rights that we live under.

The challenge of any free society is to have cops that serve and protect in the background. We don’t want cops in our bedrooms and personal business. We want friendly cops that we can trust and count upon in an emergency. This sound simple enough but it’s not.

History has taught us redundantly that true democracy style Republics are challenged by despots or would be despots the same things happen. Those criminals seeking power always create new uniformed authority that will bear allegiance to the new regime rather than the nation and its people.

Post World War One Germany had honorable police and a military dedicated to the people. As National Socialism grew they gave local thugs, snappy new brown uniforms and security duties at party functions. They were the SA or Sturmabteilung. That translates to the important sounding title of storm trooper. Their training was marginal at best and geared up for a military style appearance through marching drills and such. Their primary purpose was to keep competing political groups terrorized and away from National Socialist functions.

The German military was made up of honorable men that understood their duties to the people not, temporary politicians. Adolph Hitler knew that his plans would not sit well with these fellows and had to create a new military force to do his dirty work. The SS or Schutzstaffel or protective force was born. Those amazing black uniforms with the death’s head medallion on the cap along with the bright swastika armbands designated these men as Adolph Hitler’s bodyguards.

As the new paramilitary SS grew so did their duties. They were the primary enforcers of the Holocaust. It was the SS that rounded up, transported and secretly murdered millions in Eastern European concentration camps.

The SA and the SS were quickly given absolute police powers, firearms and made a part of the existing German police force.

Needless to say the SS and SA made their own enforcement rules and brought a major blight over a once honorable profession. Law enforcement in Germany became an international and historic shame.

Blind obedience and loyalty to Nazi superiors, along with relentless brutality by SA and SS thugs was always rewarded. The deserving and productive monsters received huge cash gifts along with deeds to beautiful homes, hotels and businesses.

There were members of the German police and military that were privy to the criminal activities of the Nazi Administration that remained loyal to their countrymen. They were the ones that made numerous and daring attempts to kill Hitler to save their nation.

Such a group, was the so-called 20 July 1944 Conspirators. There were as many as 500 men and women who worked with Colonels Henning von Tresckow and Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg to bring an end to Nazi tyranny.

At least 500 German 20 July patriots were taken to scaffolds where they were garishly hanged with piano wire when the plot failed. Most of them were tortured at the Gestapo headquarters at 8 Prinz Albert Strausse in Berlin.

The lesson here is a good one. The standards for selection, hiring, promotion and training of cops must always remain solid. To allow pollution of the ranks of police with political hacks, thugs, thieves and murderers is a travesty that always ends horribly in history.

Don’t let politicians create shadow military and police forces. Don’t let them give police powers to anyone but honorable and well qualified police officers. Don’t ever let government dumb down admission requirements to hire and promote the dregs of our society.

Don’t let government turn cops into armed tax collectors confiscating property or extorting from citizens through pretend or petty violations.

Imagine if they allowed the thugs and assorted misfits the TSA hires to screen baggage at the airports, firearms, police powers and turned them loose on our streets. They know nothing about the Bill of Rights or much of anything except blind obedience to their unqualified administrators. The Obama Administration has big future plans for these TSA creeps.

Here is one would be despot’s plans for a shadow military/police force:

Friday, April 01, 2011

TV News is Being Hampered By Dead Weight News Readers

New York, NY—They are called news anchors and they are somehow graded by perceived public trust. They are somewhat pretty people, that simply read teleprompters and rarely gather any news themselves.

Some make as much a $50 million dollars a year for sitting in a makeup chair and next reading, but pretending they’re just talking to the audience. It’s really somewhat phony since the story is written by producers and or reporters in the field and not the anchor.

The real reporters and producers are lucky if they get a little more than $100 K per year to make the prima donnas look good.

The fact is wasting so much money on the anchors guarantees a pathetic news product.

News Managers bend over backwards sending the anchors to major disasters and even war zones to make it look like their stars are somehow in the trenches. It would make so much more sense to better-staff regions where lots of news is made.

They do audience market research with people that have never seen anything except the same cookie cutter, monkey see, monkey do kind of news. That's hardly a comprehensive examination.

I will single out David Gregory, as an anchor that always seems to flounder if he even does a simple politician interview. He’d be better replaced with three reporters professionally diverse in their fields.

I’d do things differently. I’d groom and train cops to do crime and gun control stories, lawyers to cover complex legal issues, pilots for weather and air disasters, doctors or nurses for medical stories, military veterans for military stories. Most media outlets seem to do okay with their choices for entertainment reporters, technology reporters.

I don't believe in the concept of a General Assignment reporter other than for covering school boards and feel-good stories.

When it comes to reporting on political campaigns, Congress, the Whitehouse and government agencies the anchors and reporters all seem to be sleeping with the most Liberal politicians and candidates. They’d never dare for example to put the Obama Birther story to bed with some hard simple questions. The down side of this kind of reporting is that political propaganda has obviously replaced news about our government.

Anchor prima donnas are better kept in the home broadcasting studios as news managers pay educationally diverse professionals to do the heavy lifting out in the field.

I’d love to revamp and direct a local major market TV news operation. You’d see much less of the anchors and more real people reporting the stories. I’d find the right hybrid reporters and get them prime time ready. They may fumble a little, not be as pretty but they’d know their material and provide what news readers cannot, real information.

RT did a story on this subject at least from the angle of network news:

The Coffins Still Arrive carrying our Children Home from the Mideast

Remember when George W. Bush was president? The media plastered all the images they could of flag draped caskets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Needless to say I could not find an similar image anywhere made after Bush left the Whitehouse.

Now that the Media has a President they love sucking up to, those heartbreaking photos have stopped. The bodies continue to keep coming and soon we can expect even more from Barack Obama’s new war in Libya. Don’t count on seeing the caskets or televised interviews with grieving parents. It won’t happen as long as there is a Communist traitor in the Whitehouse.

How many Lives Would Have Been Saved if Booth Met Lincoln Years earlier?

Washington, DC—So many Americans were brainwashed by revisionist history that they made what still may be the worst president in our history a hero.

Abraham Lincoln was the great divider and a ruthless despot. He shut down newspapers, ordered arrests without trials for thousands along with other outrageous acts. He simply and unlawfully suspended our Constitution.

It was Abraham Lincoln who presided over the earliest genocide of American Indians.
Yes, it was that known racist, Lincoln who ordered the largest mass execution in American History of 38 Suix Indians.
It was the technology of the cotton gin not Lincoln, that freed the slaves. Lincoln was a dictator that wanted to rule the states and the American people with an iron fist.

The sad truth is that John Wilks Booth did not shoot this bastard when he first got to the Whitehouse. Both's good deed was too little and years too late.

Abraham Lincoln was just another war criminal who cheated the gallows.

America cannot afford another Abraham Lincoln. If there is a Hell Lincoln is there with Hitler and Stalin.