Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama Administration Follies, The Cash For Clunkers Disaster

Los Angeles—As I gathered titles, other needed documents and money to participle in the government’s new free money program it was shut down.

On its face the program seemed to be beyond fiscally irresponsible. I saw this as a way to regain a tiny percentage so much of my money that went into the tax collector’s toilet of government waste.

The government made a contract with Americans and with lightening speed breached it. Now we can expect a flood of litigation from disenfranchised clunker owners.

What about the car dealers that spent huge amounts of money on their marketing programs to move those cars that previously were not selling because of the stalled economy?

The insanity here is that the potential for litigation and payouts will cost the taxpayers a lot more money than the ill conceived giveaway program. By the way you can count me in as a plaintiff.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Felonious Mischief From The Internet

There are loads of videos on the Internet that will help you operate just like the CIA. Court orders for wiretaps are never granted to those who need them the most. You need not be in the dark about the things going on around you. Of course placing your device could get you a day in both civil and criminal court, if you’re caught.

Here is a cute weekend project.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chicago Police Authorized To Shoot At Fleeing Automobiles?

Chicago, IL—I guess the city fathers are more than just crooked, they’ve lost their freaking minds!

Starting Monday cops will be “allowed” to fire shots at fleeing automobiles that contain certain suspected felons.

Since the cops can’t see inside the vehicles imagine if they hit a small child killing him of turning him into a quadriplegic? Lamont Gangbanger just happened to have brought his four year-old brother, Termaine Gangbanger along for that drive by shooting.

I seriously doubt that this whacko policy comes with an offer of immunity from prosecution from state and federal prosecutors.

Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)[1] is the law of the land since 1985, however the court never spoke to the issue of the accidental shooting of innocent third parties including hostages concealed in vehicles.

Is this order some kind of empty threat aimed to deter the hood rats or do they just want to see their cops to go to prison and experience non-stop Buga-Buga from fellow prisoners?

I would advise every cop in Chicago to remember that Mayor Daley and his puppet J-Fed have never had your back. It won’t be them getting indicted by that Federal Grand Jury, it will be you. Whatever you do, don’t pick up that bar of soap!

Update: After the new policy was reported in the Chicago Sun Times it suddenly became unpopular with members of the City Council and the Mayor. I suspect that J-Fed has fallen into quicksand as a result.

I have to ask just what was the rationale for changing this use of force policy? If anyone knows, please pass it on to me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Have A 10-1, An Officer Needs Help!

Chicago, IL--Imagine you’re a young cop responding to a hot call of a robbery in progress. You know you’ll soon be in danger as you flip on the lights and siren. At any moment you may be in some desperate criminal’s gun sights. You’re driving fast because you may be able to stop a serious crime and perhaps even save a life.

Suddenly, fate takes over as you’re broadsided by an out-of-control vehicle. You’re pinned in the seat of your overturned police Chevrolet Tahoe and helpless as the predatory ghetto rats descend on you, groping at you while grabbing at your gun and wallet.

Modern police holsters are designed to make it difficult for all but the owner to remove your gun. Your spine is wildly manipulated by the anxious robber who seizes you sidearm.

That’s precisely what happened to 32 year-old Chicago police officer, Densey Cole, II. Cole survived the accident, robbery but is now a quadriplegic. He is unlikely ever to do the job he loved and held for 6 years again. His only hope is for modern medicine and rehabilitation to give him at least some of the life he once had.

There are some benefits for officers with catastrophic injuries but it’s never enough. Cole needs all the love and support of his fellow officers and those that can plainly see the need and are able to help.

Local WFLD TV FOX News reporter, Jeff Goldblatt gives all the details of Cole’s experience and just how you can help this fine officer.

Please take the time to read Goldbatt’s story right here.

California Has Money to Burn!

Los Angeles, CA-As this state sends out IOU instead of tax refunds or payments to vendors they have plenty of money to waste.

The taxpayers bought most of these guns through the morons they’ve elected to rule them. Mixed in with the junk guns were one of a kind museum pieces that collectors would have paid serious money to own.

With glee KTLA’s freelance reporter Wendy Burch tells us how safe we are now. Wendy forgot to mention California officials have announced intentions to release some 60,000 convicts from California prisons early.

I wonder how many criminals could serve their entire sentences with the destroyed revenue from the lawful sale of serviceable firearms to law-abiding citizens?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

For Sarah Palin, Now The Fun Begins

Fairbanks, Alaska—Firebrand Conservative Sarah Palin is now free to begin a real campaign.

With a never ending onslaught of phony ethics allegation by loyal Obama Communists, Sarah Palin was silenced and nearly forced into hiding. The allegations all had to be fought with expensive lawyers and of course all complaints were utterly without merit.

Conservatives know that the far Left loonies are terrified of Pailen’s ideas, motivational ways and her downright glamorous appearance. Palin brought the only excitement to a really lame Presidential race. The problem was she’d have only been Vice President.

Conservatives rightly rejected John McCain since his Senate votes were most often in lockstep with Obama and Clinton. McCain was no more a Conservative than Colin Powell.

Palin was and is a real breath of fresh air in American politics. She knows what it is like to actually struggle in our economy, and is a proven champion of liberty and freedom.

With Palin now out of the Governor’s office she has regained her rights to speak to all Americans yearning to be free from the yoke of extortionate taxation and ridiculously over-bloated government.

Palin can now concentrate on exposing the false promises of the Obama Communists of a free ride on the backs of the so-called rich and working class taxpayers.

Sarah Palin understands what made America great and seems unyielding in her zeal and energy to secure this nation from our enemies without and within America. Palin can bring out the voters who sat out the last election.

Palin will continue to loved by Conservatives and hated of those who despise truth, justice and the American way.

UK’s Surveillance Camera Love and Gun Hatred Don’t Curb Crime

United Kingdom—They hate privacy and self-defense here and have never slowed down the zeal eliminate all freedom and liberty.

As I write this article their politicians are crafting more ways for police to search citizens, their vehicles and homes. It won’t be long before every UK bedroom will have high resolution government cameras.

The same British liberty haters have disarmed the boy scouts of their pocket knives and want to eliminate by law the points on kitchen knives. Soon every citizen of this country will be frisked and fondled as they leave their own homes.

Of course these cowardly measures only enable violence rather than reducing bloodshed.

George Orwell’s vision of 1984 has visited the UK like the plague. The UK Socialists are also in America. Before we submit to the onslaught perhaps it’s time to visit violence on the thieves of liberty who have infiltrated government?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dillinger, The Story You Never heard.

Crown Point IN— Lillian Holley was a 42 year-old attractive mother of twin daughters. She was a recent widow after her husband, the local Sheriff was killed in the line of duty. This feisty gal found herself appointed to fill her late husband’s shoes as the top law enforcement officer of Lake County.

Popular celebrity bank robber John Dillinger was creating a legend for himself as he victimized America’s most hated businesses during the Great Depression, the banks. Handsome and glib Dillinger had a special way with the women.

In one particularly regrettable bank heist an East Chicago, Indiana cop was murdered by the Dillinger gang. They were now gunning for, Public Enemy Number One.

In the swank Congress Hotel of Tucson, Arizona Dillinger was captured and extradited back to Lake County, Indiana to face trial for capital murder.

The Crown Point, Indiana reception committee included the Lake County Prosecutor and Sheriff Holley. They were not camera shy as they shared the media spotlight with the dashing murder suspect.

While waiting for his trial Dillinger escaped. There is the official story of that event and then there is the truth. The fake wooden gun covered with shoe polish was manufactured after the escape as part of a cover-up.

The reality was that Sheriff Holley was smitten by the cunning killer. As Sheriff she could and did visit him in the jail she ran under her own terms. The Sheriff’s home was the actual front of the Lake County Jail. The two were alone and soon nature took its course. Holley was in love!

Holley arranged for the jail staff to be in the most favorable position and delivered a loaded Colt 1911 .45 ACP semi-automatic to her new lover. Holly also gave Dillinger the keys to her very nice 1933 Essex automobile. Holley’s lover would never face the gallows.

Of course there is that story that Dillinger’s lawyer was the mastermind of the break out. Don’t believe it. Holley was well liked and they covered up the lonely Sheriff’s indiscretion.

The girlfriend Dillinger was dating at the time of his killing was Polly Holliday. At the same time Holliday was married to a Gary, Indiana cop! The famous “woman in red”, Anna Sage had accompanied both Dillinger and Holliday as an FBI informant before the FBI and East Chicago, Indiana cops gunned the famous fugitive down.

There are more pictures and misinformation right here.

IL Appellate Court Opinion Makes All Internal Police Investigations Records Public

Springfield, IL—Illinois is one of those states that hide government actions under a solid wall of confidentiality. Corrupt dealing of politicians is covered up under pretend concept of individual privacy.

A glaring example of such a law is the one that makes it a felony to record a conversation in person or by phone without the consent of all parties. The law was created and is designed to keep evidence of politicians and bureaucrat’s extortion crimes out of courtrooms. Aldermen, commissioners and even judges would be a lot easier to prosecute without this law that protects their misdeeds from exposure.

Over the decades I have learned that police discipline is anything but fair or even handed. Some cops are fired simply because someone important dislikes them and at the same time others get away with murder because someone important likes them.

Because the records have been shielded police commissions and boards have enjoyed the ability to do whatever they felt like doing to police officers.

That seems to have changed when the 4th District Illinois Appellate Court deemed all internal investigation records regardless of disposition are pure public records.

The case is Gekas vs. Williamson and is now the law. The case was decided away from the control of the Burke-Daley Crime Families of Chicago. Should Williamson appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court I suspect that Ed Burkes’ wife who sits on that court to use her influence to keep these kinds of activities far away from sunshine. They have 35 days to file their notice of appeal.

Read the case here:
IA Cases Ct Opinion

With the brand new IL Appellate Court decision opening police internal investigation records some cops are raising valid issues and concerns.

The downside issues raised by some cops include:
1. Police are forced to undergo questioning despite Fifth Amendment rights. The fruit of these nefarious probes would be public record.

The fix is to end the unconstitutional grilling of cops. If there were no unlawful interrogations of cops this would not be a problem.

2. Frequently internal investigators investigate allegations of officers living outside the City of Chicago or the department routinely checks up on cops on the medical roles. Their home addresses, phone numbes, family member’s names and other very personal information would be available to criminals making public records requests.

The police unions and departments need to find a way avoid putting the sensitive information in the various reports. Perhaps they can reclassify and reassign these duties to personnel workers.

3. Government keeps too much information on everyone.

If there are completed investigations and they have been adjudicated favorably for the officer the records should be purged and destroyed forever unless there is pending litigation involved. Government keeps far too much private information on everyone and that must be discouraged in any free society. Invading privacy and using privacy as a shield to hide government action is the real problem.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watching The Disintegration Of An American Presidency Is Tragic

Washington, DC—The interloping of Chairman Barack Obama into a simple street arrest by a cop is nothing more than his tossing out a provocative race card. Why you ask? The cheap shot was taken to distract America, from the abject failure of his hostile and un-American health care seizure plan.

The favorable Obama polls are dropping like rock as the unfavorable ones defy gravity. Obama’s next step is racial division and inciting the minority freeloaders as the most liberal states release tens of thousands of hard corps unemployable mostly minority prisoners.

Obama is proving to be the greatest divider since Abraham Lincoln.

If he can’t hold on to the voters, Obama can be counted on to employ the methods of his mentors Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro. The problem is Obama can count on America’s law enforcement and military to end any such efforts to seize powers.

Obama knows his ride will be over once the halls of Congress explode as voters turn out record numbers of Left Wing political loonies in 2210. Pelosi and Reid know they won't be around too long.

Obama and his minions don’t have enough muscle to dictate over a country with 250 million firearms in the hands of civilians. Obama needs to just quietly slip back under that nasty rock he slithered out from.

Yet Another Demand On The Traitor In The Whitehouse For The Birth Certificate

Atlah, NY--Pastor James Manning has never been a fan of that Communist traitor elected by gullible Americans. He seems to be understandably angry that Chairman Barack Obama has been given a pass on the issue of his questionable citizenship.
Manning is demanding Obama produce the documents he’s refused to share with the same Americans he once promised transparency.

Is this merely a distraction as some have claimed? It is easy enough to put to bed unless Obama has deceived America. We must demand the documents and investigate them. The truth shall set Americans free.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interracial Sexual Harassment And Assaults Plague Chicago Public Transportation

Chicago, IL—In Chicago women riding public transportation alone are frequently victimized by thugs who grope them while making sexual advances. What they are covering up is the reality that the offenders are exclusively African-Americans and the victims are for the most part, White women.

The CTA’s new breed of sexual predators often resort to intimidation forcing their victims to submit to their attacks. Robbery also is often included in these vile encounters.

Today’s Chicago Police Department provides less than a minimal presence on the CTA’s train system. Now CTA officials want their regular employees to try and somehow intervene. The new employee patrol concept is not designed to control the behavior but to provide liability relief so they can show they’ve taken steps to alleviate or lessen the problem.

The CTA is far more concerned about money than the safety of our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters. The only reasonable response is regular police patrols and they don’t have the cops to handle this.

As for the women and men for that matter riding the CTA I can only suggest breaking Chicago’s unconstitutional gun laws. Get the training, suitable handguns and the courage to shoot some of the rats.

You have no duty under law to call police, make reports of your justifiable use of deadly force in America. Our Constitution’s Fifth Amendment gives every American and absolute right to remain silent.

If the police want to ask you anything you simply say, “I will be happy to talk to you after I have a lawyer at my side.” Police officer’s are required to cease asking questions after that.

If the cops think they have sufficient evidence to arrest you, you will never be able to talk them out of it by telling them you were in fear of your life. That statement is always used a tacit confession.

Shoot and kill the rats then simply walk away. Wounding the rats will insure their statement, “That crazy woman shot me for no reason!”

The sight of dead rats carted off in rubber bags will deter others. Kill the bastards and let God sort it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stay Awake Tonight For The Pinker And Crimefile!

Chicago, IL—Tonight at the stroke of midnight on WIND radio I will be the guest of Geoff Pinkus on his overnight show. The topic of conversation is wide ranging and provocative.

It’s at midnight for Chicago folks. For those in California and Arizona that’s 10:00 PM.

You can hear the show on the Internet right here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Chicago The Police Must Call The Police

Chicago, IL-Okay, I have had my differences with the Windy City’s administration over fraud, waste and blatant corruption.

I think we all understand the function of police in America. They are the first responders responsible for suppression of violent crime and the apprehension of persons accused of crime.

We also know and understand that criminals are presumed to be armed and that’s why we spend billions to train and arm police.

In Chicago there exists an actual police agency with properly screened, trained and sworn officers that patrol Chicago’s two major airports. It’s the men and women of the Chicago Aviation Police Department.

This police department’s law enforcement for some unexplainable reason their duties are limited to observing and reporting all crime incidents to The Chicago Police Department.

The duties of this outfit would be more logically delegated to the untrained, uneducated, unarmed and minimally screened people from the ranks of the hard corps unemployed. The pay rate for observe and report guards is at minimum wage level.

Under state law, the Chicago Aviation Police must undergo all standard police academy training including qualification with firearms. This department owns no firearms and they forbid their officers from carrying them! Yes, that is at airports, that are at the highest level of potential terrorist targets!

Since the officers are sworn they are allowed to carry firearms while off duty and away from the places they are sworn to protect. They can carry guns anywhere but where they’re needed most, at the airports!

The most amazing part of this insanity is that the airport officers must call the police if police services are needed. Why must taxpayers foot the bill for both departments?

The simplest answer is to mandate that the aviation officers carry the firearms they’ve been trained to actually handle and to prepare them for the protection of the public and incredibly expensive property.

Isn’t this really just part of Mayor Daley’s gun control folly? We need to ask how taxpayers are being served by maintaining a police agency that won’t and can’t protect them. Is the insane intent of Chicago’s politicians to simply provide terrorists with a larger pool hostages and victims?

It’s only a matter of time before the first officer an armed terrorist will see will be a Chicago Aviation cop. How many must needlessly die as a result?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Okay The Jackson Memorial Hooked Me On One Great performance

Los Angeles, CA—No, I did not win tickets to attend this event and may well have scalped them if I did.

I knew they’d have some great entertainment and they did. I have always loved good music and learned a long time ago that good music transcends politics, race and most things that divide us as members of the mysterious human species.

For me John Mayer stopped the show with his rendition of, Human Nature. Yes, I also liked the original of that Jackson sang.

Jackson is dead, his demons died with him. Jackson’s dark side was indeed troubling. Culpability for evil conduct is a matter for our maker. Some people are compelled to do things that would never enter most people’s minds. Jackson was indeed strange to most of us.

If we are not tempted to commit evil deeds why are we somehow of superior character? The person who is tempted and yet abstains would be superior. Jackson’s maker has already judged him.

The people of our world will judge Jackson by his huge contribution to music and entertainment with their own hard earned cash.

I wish I had that kind of talent but would like to settle for a percentage of the future sales and so do all of you.

Chicago Violence Confined To African-American Community

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s ambitious and unconstitutional gun laws are working well. The criminals have them and use them on the unarmed.

The shootings and stabbings are nearly always confined to the ghetto. Violence in White neighborhoods is nearly always Black on White. The sociologists can makeup whatever reasons they want but the only thing that counts is a prescription to end the carnage. The twisted and ignorant African-American culture must join civilization.

The gun laws are having the opposite effect the politicians promised Chicagoans when they enacted the draconian outright bans.

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Blog has been stolen!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is the case I should be flattered.

Some miscreant has cloned, Crime, Guns and Videotape and made it his or her own. The additional insult is the collection of revenue from Google’s ad sense.

With no concern about the copyright laws that were violated this clown is too lazy to create an original blog.

I have notified the Internet service provider. They tell me they will take this site down.

Here is the phony site:

UPDATE: The offending site has been shut down.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Blogging And Blogger’s Tools

Click on picture to enlarge!

Los Angeles, CA
—I have gotten questions from my readers about how I go about getting material for this blog. They also want to know the tools needed to do the job.

First let me say I write my own material. I don’t rewrite other’s property or lift other’s words.

I make those calls to the newsmakers and the various public information officers. I grab available court records and post them when it helps illustrate the story.

I do a lot of my own video and pictures. Court photography is different because rules require a pool photographer to share video and pictures with all of the other journalists.

The equipment needed is better, lighter and cheaper than ever. If you only use text for a blog all that is needed is a computer with Internet access. If you want graphics and video you need cameras, Photoshop and video editing software. I use Corel Videostudio Pro X2 that sells for around $100.00.

My newest video camera is amazing. It’s the $200.00 Flip Mino HD. It has no tape and will record for 60 minutes. You can deploy it from your pocket in three seconds. The video from the flip has blown me away.

Always make sure your camera’s microphone is close enough to your sound source. The Flip does not allow for external or wireless mics at this juncture. I’m sure future models may allow for that. Whenever possible have a good light source to bring out the color and definition of your video.

The equipment above includes:

1. The Flip Mino HD camera and a small tripod.
2. A good quality digital camera, pictured is the Panasonic Lumix
3. A digital recorder, pictured is an Olympus offering
4. A small rechargeable video light and bracket, this one is a Sima
5. A cell phone with e-mail capability

Not pictured is a laptop or desktop computer.

My Flip Mino HD is smaller than most cell phones you can get you video without people running and ducking to get out of your shot. I have added a video that was shot and uploaded with the Flip Mino HD. Be sure to click the HD button on the YouTube screen to get the maximum quality. This is my friend Andrea visiting from Berlin.

Pay, Quit Or Die, A Book Review.

Chicago, IL—My long time, and recently retired Chicago cop pal, Jim O’Donnell said I needed to review a crime book written by his friend Don Herion who lived the life of a mob chasing Chicago cop for nearly a half-century.

In my law enforcement days I came into only casual contact with reputed mob guys and went out of my way to avoid them. Occasionally there would be a suspected mob killing in or around my beat. Other than taking an initial report or hauling someone to the Cook County Morgue when working a wagon I always felt I should keep my nose out of those matters leaving them for the “big guys.”

The big guys were the cops that handled those kinds of investigations. They were too close to the mob for my comfort and I was very satisfied never being assigned to a mob chasing unit. Herion worked with a who’s who of the “big guy” cops during his tenure.

Don Herion became a Chicago cop while I was in 5th grade. He managed to be a mob chaser most of the time and lived to tell about it even in print. Herion’s career was an exciting one to say the least. I always watched the dicks looking into those messy car trunks. I’d keep my distance whenever I could because the smell of decomposing flesh was and is way beyond foul.

Herion provides an inside view to the Chicago mob’s handiwork. It’s the stuff nightmares and gallows humor is all about. It is a great read.

Herion’s offering made me wonder just how many people would still be alive without the government’s need for victimless crime prohibitions. All the big money in organized crime can’t exist without laws controlling alcohol, drugs, gambling and prostitution. Public corruption involving politicians, cops, judges and prosecutors thrives on victimless crime.

The violence and corruption involved in the quest of victimless crime control seems far worse than victimless offenses. Herion’s book seems to make a case for that argument.

Herion was sworn to enforce the laws and he risked his life to the people of the State of Illinois to give them what they wanted from cops. That’s honorable no matter what you or I may feel about the need or desirability for some laws.

As for Herion’s book it’s a fascinating historical review of the career of a master gangbuster. Herion gives his readers real insight into the kinds of business opportunities available for people deep inside the dark underbelly of Chicago.

More on the book and ordering information here.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

It’s The Fourth Of July and Here’s A Newsflash

Washington, DC-The Communists have captured the Whitehouse, Chairman Barack Obama and his henchmen have seized banks and businesses and gone into competition with privately owned organizations. Of course it will be impossible to compete. Free enterprise is a thing of the past.

The enemy is trying desperately to gain control of the health care industry bringing about its certain destruction.

Americans and generations of their offspring are destined to slavery. The American dream is turning into a Marxist nightmare. Martial Law is on the way.

We quickly need to draft a document that begins, “When in the course of human events…” We need to call on the minutemen of our militia and take control of our liberty once again while we are still able.

We need patriots willing to die in the name of Freedom.

The Michael Jackson Sendoff Concert Will Definitely Rock In L.A.

Los Angeles, CA—Tuesday’s Memorial service for Michael Jackson hold serious promise of being the rock concert of the decade. The tickets are free. You just have to win one of the 17,500 seats awarded. As of yesterday they were well over a half-million requests made on line. That’s expected to double by 6:00 PM today. The drawing will be on Sunday.

The odds of actually winning a ticket were about 1 in 183..

The memorial is set for 10:00 AM on Tuesday at the Staples Center. They will seat 11,000 and another 6,500 ticket winners will have to settle for watching the event on big screens at the Nokia Theater.

I suspect the overflow crowd will be large, unhappy and a serious challenge for the LAPD. One thing for sure this event will have no precedent. Even the greatest psychics will have difficulty predicting the behavior of thousands of unhappy young Jackson mourners.

I will let you all know Sunday if I was able to score two tickets.

An Update: Reportedly there were no less than 1.6 million people seeking Jackson Memorial Service tickets before they closed the process down. We will know by Sunday if we bagged the two seat request. The odds of getting a ticket are about 1 in 183.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Teacher’s Parting Gift to her Students, Hot Personal Sex On A DVD

Elk Grove, CA. – A yet to be identified teacher in this Northern California town is under fire after her X-rated personal sex scene made its way onto a DVD given to her students.

24 students at the Isabelle Jackson Elementary School were given the gift of the more memorable class events by the amateur porn star educator. The scene of their teacher getting’ it on, apparently was a surprise for all involved.

So far, the cops have not gotten involved. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a copy of the video to share. We all need to know what’s going on in our schools.

Sarah Palin Can Save America

Alaska-- Governor Sarah Palin has announced her resignation as that state’s chief executive.

Palin has been a target for the Communists, Socialists of the Democratic Party. She has also been a target for the pretenders of the Republican Party. The Republicans have turned over the leadership of the Party to big government, heavy taxation, so-called, moderates like Both Bush Presidents, McCain, Romney and Giuliani.

The sharp Left turn of the Republic Party away from every Conservative value has neutered this organization from ever mounting a serious campaign on behalf of American Conservatives. It’s time for a Conservative political party to emerge from the wreckage of the last national election.

American needs a Conservative who has lived on the economy and the needs of most working taxpayers.

Phony ethics complaints and a smear campaign by the Left Wing media were set in to high gear against Palin. They saw her as a real and popular threat to their Communist idealism and assonated her character. The attacks were brutal, cold and bogus. The Palins suffered a half million dollar debt in legal fees defending the Governor’s reputation.

Real Conservatives love this great lady. I will never count her out as someone that can place this country back on the track the American founding fathers intended.

Instead of a Vice Presidential candidate Palin would have been overwhelmingly supported by Conservatives for President. With the pretender, John McCain leading the ticket Conservatives stayed home.

The Governor has resigned, I hope gearing up for even greater opportunities to defend and protect her fellow Americans.

I wish Sarah Palin every possible success and America’s success moving back to freedom, free enterprise and a country where excellence is rewarded and never punished.

Official Crimefile Review Of Public Enemies

Who is that handsome lad in front of the Biograph Theater? Click to enlarge the picture.

Los Angeles, CA—This is a film I had to see. It culminates in Chicago with the ambush and killing of John Dillinger on a warm summer evening.

Dillinger was one of the more ruthless of the motor bandits that engaged in takeover robberies of banks during the Great Depression. Make no mistake, innocent people were killed and cops were murdered in the line of duty. Despite it all, Dillinger became a folk hero and icon because he went after what was perceived as the evil and greedy bankers.

J. Edgar Hoover built the FBI based on smoke, mirrors and some of the slickest public relations moves ever. He wisely used the intelligence his bureau gathered to extort funding for the FBI and his own professional longevity. Our sleazy politicians were and are always ripe for extortion. Anyone wiretapping them can own them.

Melvin Purvis was the real hero of the War on the Motor Bandits. When Purvis’ profile became too large, Hoover dumped him. Purvis committed suicide in 1960.

This Dillinger story needed to be told and Chicago’s own Michael Mann and his Forward Pass Productions were the master filmmakers to do it.

The cast and crew was top notch. Johnny Depp became the young Dillinger. Christian Bale rocked as Melvin Purvis.

The real challenge was to recreate Chicago, Tucson and Crown Point Indiana into the 1930’s setting. The 1930’s costumes, cars, guns and overall look was solid. The recreations of the daring Dillinger escapes and the Little Bohemia Lodge shootout in Wisconsin were flawless.

The display and roar or the Thompson Chicago Typewriters and the BARs were beyond awesome. I was able to actually see and handle the guns used in the film with my long time friend Raj Singh of Eagle grips. Singh was involved to make sure the gun’s grips were perfect for the period.

Dillinger was a criminal with real celebrity, rock star status in a difficult time in American history. Michael Mann became a historian despite bringing us some scenes that never happened in real life. But we can’t forget there was the man, and his myth. The myth was no small part of the story.

Johnny Depp once again showed he can become anything or anyone and make it all so real.

I would have like to have seen the women in Dillinger’s life explored more but that would have added an hour on to the film. I only wish it were possible. The two hours of sheer entertainment of this film was too short for me.

On a side note: I have it on good authority that Depp fell in love with his Chicago typewriter and took the necessary steps to lawfully acquire that collector’s item.

The film was a classic and well worth the price of admission. Michael Mann pulled it off yet again.

Full cast and crew information from the IMDB is here.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

It’s Time To Stop Paying Our Extortionists

With the Fourth of July looming celebrations of freedom can no longer be made with a straight face. Make no mistake we are not free. We simply pay and pay as our out-of-control government ratchet ups their extortion, making virtual slaves out of all hard working Americans.

We’ve lost nearly all of our privacy and gun rights. We can blame most of that on a failed Drug War as we are forced to pay even more through government extortion schemes such as robot traffic enforcement cameras, taxes on energy use and even basic health care benefits.

Government will never control itself. That’s our job as citizens. We must control the government. So far we have failed miserably in our duty to keep politicians and their bureaucrat’s hands out of our pants.

We have allowed government to strangle our employers out of business and that has robbed millions of us our jobs and daily bread. What they have not taken from our employers they have taken directly from us.

Why must Americans pay for the health care and educations of millions of illegal aliens? Socialist politicians see the illegal aliens as future supporters of Socialism. These un-American politicians will never vote to cut the freeloaders out.

Imagine an American where government has been shut down at every level for weeks and months at a time. A government with no handouts for crooked contractors, illegal aliens or politicians junkets to expensive foreign lands?

Imagine and America with lawmakers that must live on the economy they create and protect instead of the whopping salaries and per diems they vote for themselves?

Our lawmakers were never intended to be full time professional legislators. It was intended they meet, make laws and budget government then return to their districts. They should be working in their own professions like the rest of us. Instead they don’t have a clue what their constituents lives are really like.

I have heard a lot of sharp rhetoric about taking up arms to fight this despicable government tyranny. We can do so much more without resorting to any violence. We can fight by simply refusing to pay their extortion.

As we think about the actual reasons we celebrate the Fourth of July we should use the only muscle we have to stop feeding the monster. If we cut of the monster’s cash supply they it be forced to downsize. Don’t feed the monster!