Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Mom And Her Family Need Your Help!

Please Call or write Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

For a stupid teenage indiscretion in illegal drug commerce in 1975, Susan Lefevre now known as Marie Walsh was sent to prison in Michigan. She accepted responsibility and got a draconian 10 to 20 year sentence.

Lefevre turned her life around and is a wife and mother of three fortunate children today. She’s avoided drugs, crime and the lifestyle that led to her going to prison. She did what less than ten percent of ex-convicts can do. She was never arrested for another offense.

Lefevre felt threatened in prison and found a way to escape with the help of her grandfather in 1976. LeFevre spent the next three decades keeping a terrible secret fearing every knock at the door. That knock came last Thursday and she is on her way back to Hell.

I’ve investigated this woman and firmly believe she should be forgiven and have her sentence commuted at once. I can’t imagine the horror her family is going trough right now.

Here is the whole story complete with links to interviews

I don’t see much help for this woman other than courageous clemency action by Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm. She will need time to investigate and determine if LeFevre is even worthy of the expense of extradition.

The Governor is really LeFerve’s only hope. I’m asking all of my readers to contact the Governor and send this woman back to her family. Then e-mail this article to everyone you know.

The governor’s contact information is below:
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863

A side note: 05/03/08-Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is now home, resting after undergoing surgery for intestinal obstruction stemming from an auto accident 15 years ago.

Even so the Governor is on top of Marie Walsh’s frightening situation. I know the governor wants to see a fair and humanitarian solution to Walsh’s Commutation investigation and proceedings.

I wish the Governor Godspeed to a full recovery.

Marie Walsh’s attorney is:
Paul Denenfeld, Esquire
Yates, LaGrand & Denenfeld PLLC
161 Ottawa Avenue, N.W., Suite 404
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Phone: 616-356-1770
Fax: 616-356-1772

Boomer Please! Stay Out Of Chicago!

Boomer is a two year-old African lion who ran away from home. His home was with a resident of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Indian Reservation near Ottowa Canada.

The cat’s owner claims Boomer is only a harmless pet. I suspect that the “harmless” claim has fallen on deaf ears as police aided with helicopters are searching for Boomer right now.

I heard Boomer was on his way to Chicago where he wants to become the mascot for any winning sports team.

Please Boomer! Turn around and go home before it’s too late! I sure hope history does not repeat itself again...

The Long Arm Of The Law Reaches Out Through Time Again

SAN DIEGO – Susan Lefevre was a teen who made some bad choices and found herself sent to prison for a 10 to 20 year term for drug dealing by a Saginaw county court after she pled guilty in 1975.

Soon Lefevre’s grandfather helped her break out of the what's mow called the Robert Scott Correctional Facility located in Plymouth and she’s been on the lam ever since.

Lefevre fled to California and It’s abundantly clear she learned the lesson her lifestyle brought her. Lefevre changed her ways and chose the life of a clean living, suburban San Diego housewife, and soccer mom.

According to a US Marshall’s spokesman the fugitive changed her name to Marie Walsh and evaded capture until late last week. Someone ratted out the 53 year-old absconder to the Michigan Department of Corrections. That led to her capture.

Lefevre’s husband and three children were unaware of her secret.

Punishment was administered but was interrupted for over three decades. Carrying around the secret and looking over your shoulder for so long is severe punishment in and of itself. Rehabilitation of criminals is the ultimate goal of our society and that goal has been reached in this case.

Lefevre faces swift and certain extradition to Michigan where she faces additional escape charges which may destroy the rest of this woman’s life. Her family must be enduring a frightening and heartbreaking nightmare.

Susan Lefevre is a victim of our failed Drug War. The drug laws created an opportunity for a teen to engage in some very lucrative commerce. That opportunity only existed because the drug prohibition made drugs worth far more than their weight in gold.

For now Michigan officials will decide issues while she is in custody over the next several months. Issues like an additional escape prosecution, new sentencing by the original court, or clemency.

I hope they find a way to administer compassion as well as punishment in Michigan. I want very much to see a commutation of Lefevre’s sentence allowing her to go home.

Read more bout this case and see video of an interview with the fugitive here.

A better interwiew can be found here.

Here is a high school photo of Lefevre before her arrest.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sights and Guests At UCLA Book Festival

Here are a few shots I took at the UCLA Book Festival this weekend. Free speech is alive and well at UCLA as you can see.

Authors Wambaugh, Huffington, Ackerman and Elder were just a few of many heavyweights.

and here is the video I shot of the event.

Obama/Clinton Race, Greatest Show On Earth!

Okay, I’m no fan of either Democratic candidate and don’t care for the Manchurian Candidate pretending to be a Republican either. That being said watching the Black/White voter polarization being fueled by Obama’s 20 year spiritual advisor and hatemonger is a real hoot!

There is no nice way around this mess for voters, other than to start fresh with a new slate of candidates. That won’t happen unless the current candidates take a much needed cruise on a very leaky boat.

With the new Information Age candidates have serious difficulties hiding their warts. The Swiftboat heroes saved us from a potential disaster four years ago. Obama’s and Clinton’s demons are here to stay too.

Later McCain will have some surprises that will put him into a state of seizure too. Speaking of seizures, when McCain was a much younger freshman Senator he publically called the East Mesa, Arizona retirement community of Leisure World, Seizure World. As Reverend Wright would say, “McCain’s chickens will be coming home to roost.”

California’s Worst Nightmare For Gun Owners

California Assembly member, Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, has an absolute bureaucratic nightmare to spring on retired cops, California’s handgun owners and anyone in the security business.

A new special permit will be required with its own fees and duplicated background examination to purchase handgun ammunition.

The fun part for me is Mr. De Leon made no exemption for retired cops covered under HR-218, private investigators, armored car drivers and other people with various government issued handgun carry permits.

California requires any and all handgun carry permit holders to qualify on a regular basis. I guess this is another exercise of “good intentions” with unintended consequences. Perhaps the consequences were intended.

In addition the bill will end any national handgun sporting events in California because out-of-state competitors and visitors will not be allowed to purchase ammunition.

BILL NUMBER: AB 2062 can be found here.

The sponsor can be contacted here:
De Leon, Kevin [D, 45, Los Angeles]
State Capitol, Room 4140, Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 319-2045; Fax: (916) 319-2145

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ingenious Miley Cyrus Publicity Stunt

Hiring a smart publicist keeps you and your product in the spotlight. In case anyone was noticing a slowdown in the Hanna Montana starlet’s publicity there is nothing to worry about!

My educated guess is Cyrus’ PR flack figured some cheesecake photos would be a big seller for this already hot teen. No real nudity of course just barely enough skin to invite controversy, sell lots of magazines and keep Cyrus’ face and name out there.

Of course, cutting a deal with Vanity Fair and requiring a top named photographer like Annie Leibovitz who also likes publicity was a huge win for everyone.

Capping off the event with a phony apology before the little tart’s photos hit the newsstand was a pure stroke of genius.

I guess I need to hire a publicist…

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Being A Cop Today Must Really Suck

I remember an incident when portable handheld radios were new on the department. The new radios gave officers freedom like never before.

One middle-aged sergeant had a rendezvous with an absolutely delightful 22 year-old girl. The girl went to a North side motel where she checked in. Soon the good sergeant parked behind the motel, quietly paying her a visit. That brand new handheld radio was placed on the nightstand. It was now time for our sergeant to engage in some serious community relations work with the local talent.

All that fast food and lack of exercise caught up with the sergeant while he was having more fun than his 58 year-old heart could withstand. The poor girl had to slip out from under him and there was nothing she could do as our hero was well on his way to see Saint Peter.

Our distraught maiden wrapped herself in a sheet running out to the street where she flagged down a beat car. Soon four of the dead supervisor’s officers were there at his side. The old sarge was a popular guy and the responding coppers soon figured out he needed to have died on the job for his wife and kids to get adequate survivors benefits. Quickly they dressed him and placed him behind the wheel of his patrol vehicle. Then a frantic radio call was made indicating the sergeant was found unconscious and perhaps dead. The sergeant’s reputation and pension was saved. I somehow don’t think that kind of generous intervention was present at Saint Peter’s gate however.

Working in a district lacking sanitary and decent restaurants was not that big of a problem as you could discreetly leave your district for a meal. With the new GPS technology those days are over forever.

Today there are surveillance cameras absolutely everywhere, GPS devices on patrol cars, and every obnoxious teenager has a cell-phone video camera eager to make a YouTube star out of you and your fellow officers.

These days in Chicago, departmental policy is controlled by the local reverends and crooked aldermen. Doing real police work is not an option anymore. The job of police officer has be reduced to one of simply documenting the clean-up of scenes of carnage.

If by chance you are a young person thinking of becoming a cop, reconsider. Wouldn’t you rather be doing breast augmentation surgery at a Beverly Hills medical practice for cash up front?

Author Tackles The Complex Biography Of FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover

This in not just another biography! The Publisher sent me a copy of Young J. Edgar to read and perhaps review. I was somewhat skeptical that this was going to slant one way or another politically. Political creatures usually take these biographies on and focus on their love or hatred for the subject.

Author, Kenneth D. Ackerman has the really Liberal credentials as a career Beltway insider. He gives us the story of Hoover right up the middle. Ackerman exposes both the genius of Hoover along with his public power abuses.

Ackerman readily concedes that Hoover may well have been acting from a sincere desire to protect America from a very real threat by the Red Menace. Hoover was obsessed with investigating not just the people he suspected of disloyalty and treason but their friends, associates and relatives too.

Hoover went after all the Leftist Sacred Cows such as Martin Luther King like an avenging angel. Of course all of Hoover’s excesses and outrageous civil rights violations never caught up with him as Hoover proved to be perhaps one of the savviest survivors in American history.

The surprise with Ken Ackerman is that he is a rare find, a true intellectually honest Liberal. He is a civil Libertarian who is not afraid of the truth.

Biographers are the trustees of characters’ reputations. Here Ackerman proved he is trustworthy. No matter how the reader feels about Hoover you have to admire Ackerman’s attention to detail, solid research and above all his objectiveness.

Ackerman sees all the same signs of Hoover’s abuses in the Patriot Act and other fallout of the post 9/11 era. History repeats itself and any real democracy is always fragile.

Terrorism is certainly nothing new in America, nor the overzealous efforts to contain it to the determent of the freedoms and liberty that make America great. The balance between liberty and security will probably never be perfect. Young J. Edgar is a must read for any student of government, history or law enforcement buffs.

I was partially through the book when, I learned that Ackerman was part of, The Los Angeles Festival of Books appearing with an absolute smorgasbord of great contemporary authors at The UCLA Campus. I couldn’t miss tracking Ackerman down for a lively and delightful half-hour interview and discussion. This is one I think my readers will enjoy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meeting The King Of The Choirboys In L.A.

Hanging around L.A. you never know who you will get to meet. Today it was the legendary author, Joseph Wambaugh. I would have liked to interview him but his fans were lined up for miles. Joe is an example for all cops that there is life after police work.

M-4 Carbine Authorized For Chicago Beat Cops

So says, J-Fed, Chicago’s new police superintendant. I won’t hold my breath waiting for this to really happen considering the current ammunition allotment and yearly requalification for the officer’s handgun use.

The M-4's must be purchased and some kind of qualification schedule must be implemented. Then the carbines must be distributed. Steps need to be taken to maintain control over these weapons so the local natives don’t steal them.

One thing for sure it won’t happen in time for the heat of Chicago’s summer or homicide season. This is just going to be another example of too little, too late.

Needless to say the press is already exaggerating the power and capabilities of these weapons. No folks they don’t fire magic bullets that explode in a ball of fire on impact. Chicago’s reverends will be screaming about cops being sent hunt the Black youth with weapons of war instead of hugs and free money.

Hey J-Fed! I like these too. How about getting 5000 of these babies to keep our cops safe?

You Won’t See This In The Mexican Vacation Brochure

How about a trip to the lovely town of Tijuana? Our Mexican Neighbors will welcome us with open arms in a laid back paradise. Yeah, right!

Let this article help you decide just where to find your very own place in the Sun!

Suspected Vigilante Arrested By Phoenix Police

Terrell Andy Moore, 28 faces two counts of aggravated assault and a single count of unlawfully discharging a firearm.

Police say Moore heard his car alarm go off, investigated and saw damage from a break in attempt as the suspect who is now a, “victim”, Jason Rhymes-Taylor, 29, walking away from the home near Union Hills and 31st Drive.

Police said the victim fled to a getaway pickup truck containing two passengers and a vehicle chase began as Moore jumped into his own car. After approximately a one mile chase, Moore allegedly opened fire on Rhymes-Taylor.

Both Moore and Rhymes-Taylor went to their homes. Family members took Rhymes-Taylor to the hospital and a police investigation was undertaken.

Rhymes-Taylor suffered two minor gunshot wounds, was treated and released from the hospital.

Police quickly ruled out self-defense because they are convinced that Rhymes-Taylor was unarmed and merely fleeing from Moore.

I’m waiting to hear the other side of this story since Rhymes-Taylor went home he certainly had time to discard any weapons he may have used or possessed.

Chasing auto thieves is perfectly legal although generally a terrible idea as is shooting car-to-car on city streets.

Arizona has really draconian penalties for these kinds of cases and so far Moore faces more than 30 years in prison.

As for the suspected auto thief, he got a free ride and won’t face any charges.

A jury will decide whether excessive force was used by Moore unless he accepts a plea agreement. Maricopa County prosecutors will never accept any plea deals with less than five years behind bars in such a case.

Even if Moore is later cleared his life will be forever changed.

Read my long time friend Arizona Republic reporter Brent Whiting’s story here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It’s The Culture And Your Gun Laws Stupid!

Chicago’s most recent spike in violence is a 100% African American problem. Their culture is beyond defective. Black on Black crime is a way of life wherever and whenever school work, productivity and good behavior take a back seat to gangs, drugs, hip-hop and killing.

Thankfully not every Chicago African-American subscribes to the criminal Black culture. They have to cope and try and protect themselves with nothing because they won’t violate Chicago’s gun ban. Instead they avoid seeing, hearing or speaking about what goes on around them. Cooperation with police here spells death and the local cowards know the good folks are unarmed an unable to resist attack.

Chicago’s officials claim they want and need cooperation. To get that cooperation they have to allow and train and encourage people to protect themselves with firearms. The criminal element does not deserve the protection Chicago’s politicians provide to thugs through gun bans.

Here is a report from CNN. As usual they call the 19 year-old gang-bangers children, Listen to Barak Obama stutter his way around this story remembering only too well that attacking gun rights cost him votes.

Let’s Go For a fabulous short Hike!

Okay we need to take a break from war, shootings, politics and our economy, on this blog.

On any given glorious day going for a walk is fun. Add to it breathtaking scenery and it makes you want to bring your video camera.

In Spain there is El camino del Rey’s famous walkway . You have to see this to believe it! Be sure to hold that camera with both hands as you walk so you don’t drop it.

The Ultimate Sell Out Is In The Works

After months of fighting, scratching and biting, look for an Obama/Clinton Presidential ticket.

The Democrats don’t have a choice. Whoever wins this dog/catfight the party faithful are split. The winner will see the loser’s supporters staying home or voting for McCain.

Soon we will see these two hugging like lovers in public even though they hate each other’s guts.

Frankly, I don’t see ten cents difference between any of the candidates.

Gun Permits, Public Records and Privacy Considerations

I wrote many legislative bills for Arizona’s gun owners that were designed to and did eventually legalize the carrying of concealed weapons. For me it was a 14 year battle I did side by side with Prescott’s own Representative, Dave Carson. This was Carson’s sweetest victory in his legislative career. Carson lived to get his own permit but soon passed away. I consider Dave Carson the Father of Arizona’s Right to Carry Law.

With me were two heroes, Landis Aden and often Sandy Froman would drive up from Tucson to lend her eloquence, grace and beauty to our fight. Later Froman was our NRA President for two terms. Perennially working all 90 members of the Arizona Legislature for gun rights was quite a quest during those years.

When the final bill was halfway through the process I noticed that it lacked any privacy considerations. If the bill passed in its current form, robbers and killers could quickly learn if their prey had a concealed weapon permit. News media could learn the personal information and addresses and publish whatever they wanted from the public record. I quickly met with Dave Carson providing him with language to correct the problem. The rest is history and CCW permit holders are protected.

Over the years reporters have written and filed stories about prominent or celebrity types revealing that they had carry permits. I guess it was an effort to embarrass or endanger them. That won’t happen in Arizona.

The Students For A Democratic Society Got it All Wrong

These kids of the Sixties are today just a bunch of Old Bolsheviks. In the 1960s and early 70s they distracted, burned and bombed their radical message injuring many cops along the way. The kids didn’t and still don’t have a clue.

The SDS brats came from wealth and privilege as they put their own families through pure Hell. The antiwar students set out to injure and kill to prove that war and violence was wrong. The spoiled little draft dodgers wasted all the money their parents spent putting them through school.

The countries these little Communist slugs admired the most like the old Soviet Union, North Korea and China would have quickly rounded them up and killed them should they have tried their tricks in those nations. We killed none of these terrorists but for an isolated event at Kent State where four troublemakers fell dead from gunfire.

The SDS, Yippies and Hippies of the anti-war movement have the blood of millions on their hands because they facilitated the post Viet Nam War killing fields in Cambodia. These political creatures had a strong influence on American policy because humans like sheep will follow absolutely anyone including The Weather Underground straight into Hell.

Mayor Daley’s Chicago Gun Violence Summit Needs Help, Much More Than He Knows

Mayor Daley has called his usual entourage of reverends, political allies, high ranking police officials and City Boss Ed Burke to gather round and come up with new ideas to deal with the recent tidal wave of bloodshed on the city streets. New ideas will never come out of that group in a million years.

Daley has destroyed the morale of the Chicago Police Department by completely sidestepping civil service laws and the carefully crafted civil service tests for promotion. The tests predict the success of those passing the examinations by requiring that they know their duties and procedures well enough to supervise others. Now promotions are based on political clout and sexual favors. The police have been badly demoralized beyond repair and have little incentive to risk life and limb for anyone these days.

Daley and his cronies have forced the law-abiding citizens to surrender their only meaningful self-defense tools with un-constitutional and un-American gun laws. Daley needs a new approach to this horrible culture of violence and cowardly killings.

Daley needs to open his mind to people like author and statistician John Lott who has studied gun control’s counter-productive results to controlling violence. Daley did everything he possibly could to force Professor Lott to leave the University of Chicago because Lott told the truth.

Letting citizens protect themselves will level the playing field by making assault, robbery, extortion and murder dangerous for criminals. Daley needs to face the music that he has been dead wrong about his personal and deep seated theories of crime control.

Mr. Mayor, gun control only works against the law-abiding that obey those and other laws. You need these people to help police. Who wants to come forward and provide information if they can’t protect themselves from armed thugs? Crime fighting has to be a partnership and your most important partners are hiding under their beds.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let’s Tell The Truth About Race and Chicago Crime

You won’t Read this in Chicago newspapers or see it on any television news report. Political correctness has dictated a massive cover-up of race’s effects on crime long ago.

Chicago has been awash in blood from record shootings and killings during the last several days. Who is doing this and why?

City officials will always blame guns for the violence and of course street gangs. That’s so simplistic and somewhat misleading.

The answer is that a significant segment of Illinois’ African-Americans sadly have a solid culture of crime and violence. Life is cheap, fast and short for this sector of society.

You can argue and try to mitigate this with claims of discrimination, inadequate resources or plain and simple poverty. The fact is we have what we have and it’s very ugly. Black on Black crime and then Black on White crime is the deadly Chicago plague.

Caught in the middle of this mess are the hard working and law-abiding Afro-Americans that are not a part of the violence culture. They desperately need meaningful ways to defend themselves and families from the crime culture where they live.

The cops cannot provide any real protection for these respectable people. Self-help is all they have to fight gangs, extortion, threats and worse. The Mayor and City Council of Chicago have taken away their rights, and in too many cases, their very lives by banning the possession and carrying of firearms for basic self-protection. Cowardly criminals are protected from any harm by their victims using self-defense.

Onerous and draconian gun laws impact the safety and lives of peaceable African-Americans more than any other group. Government holds these people down while criminals have their way with them. This is as bad as discrimination ever gets. Law-abiding citizens everywhere deserve better.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chicago Police Labor Crisis Is Reaching Critical Mass

Chicago had a horrific weekend of shooting Mayhem. The body count is difficult to track as more wounded and dead are discovered and the wounded die in hospitals. The offenders are the usual suspects that can now sense Chicago police are happy to let them just shoot it out.

Major morale problems plague the department as the relationship between cops and Mayor Daley has turned really sour. The department is thousands under normal strength and there’s no contract progress.

The cops are angry that Daley has only made war on gun ownership by normally law-biding citizens. The end result is that the criminals are in charge.

Look for normally quiet areas of the city to go unprotected as the department command staff step up high saturation patrols in troubled neighborhoods. Of course the cops maybe just wasting a lot of gasoline as they drive aimlessly around.

I suspect that brutality complaints and police involved shootings will be dropping dramatically as Darwin’s law will thin the population. Cops that avoid work rarely get complaints or find themselves in shootings.

These days, Chicago’s finest have little interest in doing more than protecting themselves and collecting a paycheck. This summer Chicago will not be a safe place to live or work. By law cops can’t go out on strike but they have many creative and effective job actions at their disposal.

The new police superintendent has been given and impossible task, leading a department hated by the politicians running the city.

The Chicago Police Department is close to hitting bottom. I don’t see a way up or out until Alderman Burke, his puppet mayor and city council are forced out of office and perhaps get prosecuted for crimes.

Blaming Mexican Violence On America’s Second Amendment

The same country that shamelessly exports their violence, drugs and poverty to America is now loudly whining. Mexico’s corrupt and vile government is blaming our freedom and liberty for their violent drug war problems.

They demand we do more to curtail smuggling of firearms to Mexico while they do nothing at all to curtail the smuggling of illegal immigrants, drugs and fugitives into our country.

It seems that a fence dividing our nations with 100% security cooperation between both our countries is the ultimate solution to everyone’s problem. Mexico’s criminals wouldn’t be able to smuggle anything in or out of the United States or back into Mexico.

Our own Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has chimed in with their own self-serving ideas for Mexico’s problems with gun violence. The BATFE solution is a blank check from our taxpayers to uncontrollably increase their powers, assets and manpower like every government agency that ever existed. The BATFE has wasted far too many tax dollars on their unconstitutional mission anyway.

The usual knee-jerk solution offered for every problem is to trash American’s rights to defend themselves, families and country.

America’s freedom is not the cause of Mexico’s violence problems. Mexico corrupt politicians have made sure only criminals have weapons long ago. The result of Mexico’s gun control is that their criminals easily dominate the entire country.

Another real and incredibly simple solution is for both countries to just get out of the drug enforcement business. Of course that would forever cut off the corruption Gravy Train for both of our nations. Peace and prosperity would return as the drug dealers, Lords and Czars all have to suddenly look for a career change.

All the laws in the world have not made a dent into drug abuse. Perhaps we can redirect some of the wasted enforcement money to the medical treatment of those addicted souls that really want it.

Daley Vows Enforcement Action To Curb Chicago’s Latest Gang Violence!

Daly told reporters he and his new Police Superintendent are going to take action to slow down the epidemic of shootings plaguing the Windy City’s Black neighborhoods..

What’s Daley’s plan? As usual Daley will have the cops out searching far and wide for more middle-aged, White, gun collectors who own handguns banned in Chicago for decades. Of course these collectors only crime is to collect firearms.

The usual result of Daley’s war on gangs is that the gangs win absolute dominance and control over the entire city since Daley does his best to make sure only criminals have guns.

Daley will never live long enough to learn the simple truth, that his gun control efforts only make the problem much worse.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I don’t really care who they are or what they believe. They have a right to exist and marry who they please as often as they like.

Okay we’ve all heard about young teen-aged girls marrying older men. I believe that nature or God, not other people’s religious and social values determine when younger people are ready for marriage and child bearing. That said, I find government’s uninvited and manufactured probable cause evidence used to obtain a search warrant an un-American outrage.

No adult or child should be forced to live with anyone including their own parents if they don’t want to. The same goes for marriages. I’ve heard no evidence of any involuntary membership of this community. What willing families no matter how different, wish to do should not be anyone’s or government’s business.

I don’t care if these people collect welfare entitlements beyond their personal needs or personal wealth. Since all of Central and a lot of South America have been raiding our treasury it’s nice to see any Americans getting theirs too. The answer to welfare fraud is real welfare reform. Don’t hold your breath until the Bolsheviks in Congress deal with that idea!

I do sincerely hope that the women of this community get some serious fashion and makeover tips while they are away from their big social/religious community. It’s sad to see so many young women dressed in such drab and ugly attire.

Felons Recruited For Our Military, An incredibly Dangerous Trend.

Our military has opened the enlistment door to sex offenders, burglars and even killers. This is dangerous. I’m not talking about juvenile crimes but infamous and despicable crimes

Felons don’t belong in our armed services. Our military provides training for use of every type of weapon including improvised explosives. Convicted felons caught with weapons are normally subject to ten year prison sentences.

Is it an incentive for law-abiding young Americans to serve their country when they learn they'll be forced to shower and share barracks with common criminals? In the military your very life depends on your fellow soldiers. I don’t want anyone’s life placed in the hands of thieves, drug offenders and burglars.

Are we sending our impressionable young people to our armed services to be influenced by convicted felons? Someone please tell me how this could be good public policy?

Food Shortages, Rationing And America’s Current Population.

There were a few times in our history when Americans went hungry. The Great Depression and food was rationed during World War Two. We’ve been able to keep food inexpensive and plentiful for all through longstanding pricing schemes.

Now there are lots nasty rumors that our food supply may be interrupted. We may find ourselves in monetary crises as our printed money backed by nothing becomes worthless. We can definitely count on some serious inflation brought on by runaway fuel prices.

The only fix our government seems to know is to print more money while they tax productivity to death. Most businesses just can’t survive any more taxes and regulation. Unemployment can be the only result.

In the past Americans have proven themselves resilient to these kinds of problems but I think the Me Generation will not be able to cope.

I just don’t expect to see our urban freeloading populations quietly shedding pounds without uncontrollable violence. We maintain an entire underclass with handouts and they are too spoiled to submit to any deprivation.

Our banks are in serious trouble and the FDIC $100,000.00 per account insurance is too insufficient to protect American assets in the endangered financial institutions. America’s wealth is in danger of redistribution.

Any such crisis will bring out our Communists like flies on a manure pile. They will convince far too many folks in our ignorant population to join the Karl Marx train straight to Hell.

Urban Americans will be the ones that suffer the most. People in rural areas will hunt, fish and grow their own food. Perhaps the rural Americans will be on the receiving end of the wealth redistribution for a change as food becomes the new currency. How will the new conflicts shake out?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Heckler & Koch XM8, 5.56mm Assault Rifle Wins The Army’s Latest Torture Test

The current M-4 service rifle of the US military is the Grand child of the Colt M-16. The M-16 was introduced into combat at the beginning of the Viet Nam war. The M-16 had lots of problems related to unreliable cycling and being too needy for constant cleaning and maintenance.

The M-4 has not really been improved outside of cosmetic changes and adaptability for accessories many of which I question their value. Nothing replaces disciplined marksmanship.

I’m not fond of the 5.56 MM cartridge outside of law enforcement use and close in jungle fighting. I much prefer the 3.08 NATO round used in the Belgium FNFAL. The sad truth is today’s military boys and girls don’t shoot so well and rely on spray and pray. The need for lots of extra ammunition for poor marksmen is a reality. The real issue I have is the poor penetration of the 5.56 lady round that turns simple concealment into cover.

We are so heavily invested in the 5.56 MM round I don’t see a change in my lifetime. The H&K XM8 won the latest Army testing and as you can see in the video is an impressive performer. This little rifle has the feature I want that the M-16/M-4 does not have, access to the bolt and chamber.

RICHARD LARDNER of the Associated Press provides us with the details of the testing here.

Bloody 17 Hours In Chicago--32 Shot, 6 Dead

Windshild of an unmarked Chicago police sedan.

In a prelude to another exciting Chicago summer local criminals were out controlling the population again. The squad car pictured above was the target and thankfully the officers escaped with their lives. Others weren’t so lucky

Chicago like Washington DC has a total prohibition on handguns. Statewide there is every kind of control from a special state purchased ID card before a law-abiding citizen can own or purchase firearms or ammunition. Besides waiting sometimes months for the ID card there are still onerous waiting periods for each purchase and additional background checks. The state ID card closes every, what gun-rights hating politicians call loopholes.

Illinois criminals arrested and charged with violent gun crimes never have the required card. Illinois and Chicago politicians live in a dream world where they believe that guns only come from licensed dealers at gun shows.

The gunrunning networks are simple. Criminals are supplied by burglary proceeds, stolen police and military weapons. Drug dealers often accept payment in guns as well as cash later selling the guns at a profit. Despite the heavy-handed federal, state and local gun law enforcement criminals in Chicago will never be disarmed.

Still, Mayor Richard M. Daley and his cronies demand new gun laws every time the state legislature meets. The results of Daley’s efforts are only more gun violence.

The Chicago Police Department’s management made sure that the city’s murder statistics were under-reported by reclassifying unsolved murders as ongoing death investigations. They willfully concealed the Medical Examiner’s cause of death rulings in an obvious effort to suggest that Daley’s gun control really worked.

Gun control is a failure in every free society in the entire world. Governments can only control citizens that obey the laws and gun prohibitions. Gun control laws do little but help criminals gain total and absolute dominance over the law-abiding citizens.

The most obvious areas of failure were the creation of criminal, free-fire zones also know as Gun Free Zones. Airports, schools and malls will always remain killing Zones until America wakes up.

Read about Chicago’s 17 hour bloodbath here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Count Me In With CNN’s Jack Cafferty On His China Remarks

China is a Communist Hell Hole run by goons and thugs. Slavery and assembly line capital punishment for minor offenses that offend Chinese government, Bolshevik sensibilities is normal there.

I will never understand why we trade with this monstrous totalitarian nation. It was the one thing I hate about the Regan Administration's efforts. We should be helping counter-revolutionaries destroy this scourge.

Today thousands of Chinese-Americans picketed the Hollywood, Sunset Blvd. offices of CNN in protest to Cafferty's remarks. I can see where these demonstrators have their loyalty. Perhaps they should be deported so they can live there under the government of their choice but they are busy sending money to American political candidates of the far Left Wing. These enimies of America are conquering us with propaganda and bloody Chinese money.

I don’t think our athletes or any American should travel to China for any reason. I have nothing against the Chinese people, I just want them to be free and happy. As far as I’m concerned the only good Communist is a dead Communist.

The TSA Must Be Stopped Now!

The TSA has become the most loathed government agency in American history. The horror stories of this agency’s brain-dead workers forcing women to drink their own breast milk and use pliers to remove nipple rings and such never end. Thefts of passenger’s property are common as too many of these otherwise unemployable people snoop rather than search for harmful items.

I can remember watching TSA operatives singling out actress, author and former Good Morning America host, Mariette Hartley for a secondary screening at New York’s JFK Airport. They tossed Hartley’s carryon bags contents displaying her underwear for all to see. Actor Paul Sorvino was also on that flight and they somehow let him escape that indignity as did the four, 20-something Muslim men traveling together on this same flight.

The TSA has bought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bomb detection equipment that is easily defeated and their X-Ray imagining equipment just cannot see what will or will not explode.

The equipment works to discover guns left in bags by permitted but sometimes absent minded and normally law-abiding citizens who are instantly turned into convicted felons.

The TSA cites concerns that profiling passengers may violate the Constitution. I guess these same bureaucrats forgot to read the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition that restricts government from unreasonable searches and seizures absent probable cause or a judge’s warrant. The TSA claims that passengers voluntarily submit to the frisking is pure hogwash. We have to travel by air in the normal course of everyday life and there is no viable alternative.

Americans have allowed their politicians to trade freedom, liberty and privacy along with their dignity for the mere illusion of security. I’d much rather take my chances with terrorists any day.

America has become a nation of sheep allowing a few goats to treat them like criminals as they take them through the meaningless and demeaning security rituals.
Playing Simon Sez with the unwashed and unemployable that was hired for the TSA jobs program is beyond insulting.

Why would President Bush appoint a political hack like Kip Hawley to head this agency when he has no law enforcement training or experience?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sheriff Joe Run Out Of Arizona Town Before Sundown--Not Quite.

Click On Picture To Enlarge.

Just a little Southeast of Phoenix Is the Town of Guadalupe. The town has a population of poor and ignorant Hispanic and Yaqui Native American Indians. Since America’s Drug War began there has always been an over abundant population of Illegal Aliens here along with a high crime rate.

Guadalupe has a local government with a history of corruption. They had their own police department run by criminals and the local magistrate could and would fix anything.

After a law enforcement crises in the 1980s they disbanded what was left of their police force and contracted for law enforcement services with the Maricopa County Sheriff.

Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio known for being America’s Toughest Sheriff has been attacked by town politicians, clergy and citizens for enforcing the law of the land. The town’s politicians want to select what laws will or won’t be enforced.

I have my own issues with the sheriff about the treatment of prisoners in his jails who have yet to be convicted of anything. That’s the people accused of crimes who are unable to post bail and be released during the one to three years it takes to get their day in court. Often the lies of supposed victims and witnesses are exposed at trials and the former suspects are set free. Sheriff Joe punishes everyone in his jails.

The other issue I have is Arpaio’s publicity stunts are often over the top. Examples are the pink underwear, prison stripes and chain gangs. Again being tough on innocents accused along with convicted criminals is wrong.

The latest rhubarb is over Immigration Law violations. Guadalupe’s politicians think Arizona is part of Mexico. Of course they demand welfare, education and medical benefits meant for American citizens and lawful aliens.

Guadalupe wants Sheriff Joe to turn his head and wink at the violations while taxpayers are soaked paying for medical care, schools, food and imprisonment of dangerous felons who sneaked across our borders.

Sheriff Joe has given the town 180 days to find alternative police services to their liking.

I’m firmly with Sheriff Joe on this one. Guadalupe deserves what they get.

The following is a press release from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:

Recent actions and statements made by the Town of Guadalupe against the Sheriff's Office are unjust and ignore the professional law enforcement services provided by the Sheriff's Office for the past 30 years. These criticisms are not only a disservice to the deputies serving the Town but reflect poorly on the community as a whole. The current law enforcement contract provides 1.66 beats which includes patrol, responses to emergency calls, arrests of suspects, traffic enforcement and accident investigations, investigation of alleged crimes, property and evidence safekeeping, up to date reporting systems, dispatch and police communications services for a total charge to the Town of $1,186,000. At no additional cost, the Sheriff's Office provides canine, SWAT, posse and helicopter search and rescue. As with all law enforcement contracts, the Sheriff's Office only charges the Town for actual cost recovery. Neither the Sheriffs Office nor Maricopa County profit from the payment received for law enforcement services to the Town.

The Office has provided the community with proactive crime suppression enforcing all laws of the State of Arizona on a quarterly basis. These additional enforcement activities have been successful in reinforcing the safety of the community. Our recent activity resulted in 45 individuals arrested and booked. Of the 45 arrests, 18 individuals were warrant arrests (a total of 28 warrants were cleared); 6 individuals were arrested for drug violation; 9 individuals, after being interviewed, were determined to be illegal immigrants; 12 individuals were arrested for miscellaneous other charges. In addition, 22 misdemeanor citations and 120 traffic citations were issued.

The Sheriff's Office is not a sanctuary law enforcement agency. The Office does not pick and choose which laws it will or will not enforce. The Sheriff's Office is totally committed to enforcing all laws fairly and equitably. Statements made by you and the Phoenix mayor reflect a disturbing discrimination and selective enforcement agenda that certain laws passed by the legislature and voted upon by the citizens of Maricopa County should not be enforced. As the position of the Sheriff's Office is one of dedication to full law enforcement and the Town's position is one of selective and self serving law enforcement, the Sheriff's Office has decided to invoke the termination clause of its law enforcement agreement with the Town of Guadalupe.

This letter will serve as the 180 day written notice. This should give the Town sufficient time to study and research the law enforcement needs of the community and explore other law enforcement alternatives.

Joseph M. Arpaio. Sheriff

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicago’s Great Big And Now Dead Puddy Tat

I held off dealing with this story as long as I could. Chicago police officers from the 19th district shot and killed a 150 pound for real mountain lion in Roscoe Village near Lane Tech High School.

I’m an animal lover from way back and think God’s four legged creatures are a lot more tolerable than most of the two-legged animals inhabiting the Windy City right now especially those in City Hall.

Here the police ran out of options to control a dangerous predator and resorted to gunfire. You’d think the cops murdered a beautiful young high school cheerleader listening to the hordes of critics and cop haters.

I learned a lot of useful things in the old O’Brien Street police academy but I’m sure I must have slept through that class on lion hunting or lion control.

You can’t escape the fact that mountain lions always move at lightning speed and are a serious threat if they are cornered or hungry. The same critics would be whining if the cat killed a child or senior citizen.

Today local politicians, media and a large percentage of residents of Chicago hate cops. The us vs. them mentality has never been worse in the city with “much smaller shoulders.”

It's more obvious everyday that Chicago cops have lost their desire to do more than survive and collect a paycheck. The awful appearance of today’s Chicago cop reflects the lowest possible morale.

I don’t see a fix for what ails my hometown. Perhaps bringing in thousands of these mountain lions and letting them roam free may be the ultimate solution.

TSA’s Edmund S. "Kip" Hawley Is Bad Government

In case you are wondering just who the patronage hack is that's mismanaging America’s airport and air line security, it’s a career railroad, government contractor boss and bureaucrat named, Edmund S. "Kip" Hawley.

Appointed by President Bush in 2005 to head the troubled agency Hawley has wasted our money faster than it can be printed on things and programs that at best give a really poor illusion of security.

How can a man with no law enforcement training or experience be appointed to run such super sensitive operations as America’s Aviation Security?

Hawley obviously hates pilots as he has fought arming them and done everything possible to obstruct and or destroy the Flight Deck Officer program.

I question Hawley’s allegiance to America despite his long history has a Republican political creature. Hawley has done everything possible to keep America’s air transportation a soft target for our enemies.

The TSA is a rogue government agency and Hawley is at the helm.
Rather than take suggestions from law enforcement officials Hawley finds a way around them. The stonewall attitude and arrogance of any agency begins with its lack of leadership.

Airline Scapegoat’s Termination Proceedings Begin

US Airways has started termination proceedings seeking the dismissal of veteran pilot James Langenhahn according to Flight Deck Officer’s Association Vice President, Mike Karn.

The firing is in connection with the gun accident in the skies over Charlotte, NC last month as Langenhahn was stowing the gun contained inside a padlocked holster. The TSA dangerously dictated that pilots place a common padlock across the trigger of a loaded gun. The inevitable happened when the gun went off as a result.

I warned of this problem here at Crime, Guns and Videotape last December.

The pilots were and are precluded to publicly talk about or criticize the holster or insane locking procedures that were the obvious cause of the accident.

The TSA has been able to cloak their incompetence and other failings under National Security. That is until I learned about the foolish procedures and exposed them

After the accident I have placed my video recreation of the actual accident that has been viewed thousands of time and shown on national television.

I fully expect Langenhahn to sue his airline for any contract breech and the TSA for their negligent administration of this most sensitive and important area securing our skies from terrorists.

The pilots need to stick together on this one since it’s a matter of safety. Perhaps a job action is in order to get the program taken from that rogue government agency, The Transportation Security Administration.

May I be the first one to suggest that fellow pilots and concerned citizens contact the Federal Flight Deck Officer’s Association and donate money for all of Capt. Langenhahn’s legal Expenses and lost wages.

Until Langenhahn in reinstated to his job with back pay I will avoid booking flights on UA Airways.

The Federal Air Marshal Program Is A Mess

To become a law enforcement officer you need two things, academy training and experience with handling criminals. State and local police departments include several weeks of field training in busy areas before academy graduation. Then you are only a green recruit for a year or two until you become the real police.

The most difficult part of police work is dealing with violators. Police work is the art of not turning littering into armed robbery and not missing dangerous tricks pulled by career criminals.

Unless air marshals have prior police experience their effectiveness will be limited significantly. The air marshal candidates and applicants lack the basic tools to handle the job even after training.

Do you really want to see a green air marshal engaged in close quarter combat with a trained and experienced terrorist? Of course the rub here is that this may well be the first time the air marshal ever had a real fight. Cops on the other hand deal with the best of street fighters and barroom brawlers.

The job of air marshal is boring, and swallowed in lots of government bureaucracy.

Remember the air marshal is the man or woman that is not listening to IPOD, watching DVDs, chatting with other passengers, reading or sleeping. The air marshal is breathing bad air and eating too much expensive and really bad airport concession food. This has to be a lonely and miserable life.

Years can go by before an air marshal is called into enforcement action. An air marshals experience on the job is as worthless as being unemployed everywhere in the American job market.

The truth is they air marshals are quitting as fast as they’re being hired. It’s so difficult to find qualified candidates they lowered hiring and training standards and are giving the jobs to the screeners these days.

We have a much better force and that’s encouraging trained, certified and fit off duty cops to fly armed for free or at greatly reduced ticket prices.

I’d set up a one day training session and vetting process for the volunteer cops wanting to participate.

Armed pilots and off duty armed cops are the best prospect for keeping Americans safe where air travel is concerned. It’s not only cost effective but the only effective way to deal with these issues.

Here is more about the TSA and their problems from CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Magical Monday Night In Culver City

Click on picture to enlarge.

Retired Chicago police sergeant, Andy Murcia was a vice dick turned into a 23rd District supervisor. He had a part-time gig as the house dick at the swank Ambassador East Hotel on the Gold Coast. Andy met more than a few celebrities there including the incredibly beautiful and talented, Ann Jillian. When that happened sparks flew and the two have been married ever since. I’m very blessed to have them as friends. I was invited by Andy and Ann to attend a staged reading of 'In Love--With the Music of great Antonio Carlos Jobim' at the Culver City Jazz Bakery.

The play was narrated by the Love Boat Skipper, Gavin MacLeod. Along with MacLeod the singers/actors were Amic Byram (playing the rich and sophisticated older man) Debi Nova (playing the very yummy, Girl from Ipanema) and Will Collyer (playing the idealistic cabana boy). They all did real justice to the great Jazz-Samba-Bossa Nova music of Jobim.

I have to single out Debi Nova who performs well beyond her 22 years. Nova knew just how to flirt with her co-stars and the audience as she amazed me with her voice, charms and talent. Jobim created a true fantasy girl from Ipanema and Nova filled that vision perfectly. I don’t want to slight Byram and Collyer here but I think they’d understand that my infatuation with Nova is a “guy” thing.

Music director/pianist Bill Cantos, guitarist Pat Kelley and drummer Michael Shapiro expertly showcased their rich talents for this production.

The story line was cute, contrite, fun and perfectly crafted around Jobim’s timeless music.

The concept and play was the work of Ernest Chambers, a long time Hollywood producer who spent many years working with the late entertainment legend Merv Griffin. Special material was provided by Ken and Mitzi Welch.

I look forward to getting my hands on the cast album as this ambitious and exciting show moves forward.

I want to thank Andy, Ann, Andrew along with the entire cast and crew for a wonderful evening of first rate entertainment.

I found a YouTube offering from that Costa Rican firecracker, Ms. Nova you can see here:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CNN Takes Aim At The TSA Over Pilot Gun Safety.

Today CNN’s investigative correspondent, Drew Griffen reported on the unsafe holster padlock procedures that I believe caused the accidental discharge of a pilot’s weapon on that UA Airways flight late last month.

Here again I demonstrate just how the the TSA turned a safe and reliable defensive weapon into a deadly booby-trap.

Monday, April 14, 2008

On Meeting The Incomparable Jackie DeShannon

Tonight at the Culver City Jazz Bakery I met the voice, charm and beauty behind the International Love Anthem written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.”

Rather than performing Jackie was in the audience. The gifted singer/songwriter was just a couple of seats away from me at the still in development, Ernie Chambers jazz musical called, In Love.

Jackie has a web site but her appearances are too rare these days for my liking.

Over the decades Jackie really rocked me with such hits as, “Needles and Pins” and of course, “Put a Little Love In Your Heart.”

I have to tell you first hand Jackie is a total babe and still has it, all of it!
Pay A visit to the Jackie DeShannon website and rediscover her great sound.

Here are two great clips of this star!

Gun Rights Infringements Press Ahead despite Supreme Court’s Impending ruling

Gun rights hating members of city councils, county boards, state legislatures and Congress are working harder than ever. They seem to be pushing forth every kind of scheme to separate law-abiding Americans from the means to defend themselves and their country.

I predict that most gun laws will begin falling in America after the Supreme Court rules one Monday morning within the next couple of months.

I’m no lawyer but I just can’t envision a ruling that says keeping and bearing arms is an individual right and then allowing any government infringement on the right.
Many Americans think that licensing guns and owners like automobiles and drivers are somehow constitutional. The cases involving Poll Taxes and Literacy Tests for voters settled that kind of requirement long ago.

Waiting periods, fees, taxes, purchasing limits, testing and training requirements will end. Next laws limiting certain types of firearms or magazine capacity must fall. Laws banning machineguns, short barreled rifles and shotguns cannot survive. I also see the impending death of the Gun Free Zones in America. Finally laws restricting the carrying of firearms by Americans will end for good.

Firearm registration will survive despite two previous Supreme Court Ruling barring prosecution of convicted felons for their failure to register on Fifth Amendment grounds. If you can’t require felons to register their guns, what’s the point of registration?

I anticipate no changes in the prohibition of felons from possessing firearms because the felons lose rights as part of their punishment for crimes.

The gun laws won’t just fall on their own in most cases as that will happen as prosecutions are challenged in criminal courts. There will also be challenges in civil courts as citizens ask that standing gun rights infringements be struck down. This time the gun-rights defenders will have the courts on their side.

I further expect to see more cowardly criminals lose the protection that gun laws have provided them. Crime will decrease as the good guys exercise the rights wrongfully taken from them.

As for the hand-wringing pacifists and gun-rights haters, they will be mounting a campaign to abolish the Second Amendment though the normal process or ask for a Constitutional Convention. Then there’s always the United Nations.