Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another Quadcopter video...

This one I shot in Phoenix at 16th Street and Butler I hope you enjoy and share this with your friends.  My Magic Carpet ride!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dangerous Criminals May Deserve Execution but Government’s Incompetence is Epic.

Phoenix, AZJoseph Wood was condemned to die after being convicted of two rather nasty murders.  I won’t comment on his innocence because I don’t know.   It seems on its face Wood’s two murder convictions was not the subject of controversy.
We will never know what demons drove Wood’s violence or if there were any very real excusable brain malfunctions behind his mad acts.  We can only guess.
I won’t argue that some hopelessly evil people on our earth don’t deserve to live.  I absolutely encourage people to use guns and other deadly weapons in self-defense and the defense of others.  The concept of killing these people decades later is an entirely different matter. 
Arizona used secret drugs obtained from a clandestine source to kill Wood.  Wood’s lawyers demanded to know about the drugs and their effectiveness, but were rebuffed throughout the entire appeal process.  This was happening in a nation where its government brags about its transparency.
Wood choked and gasped for air during the nearly two hour deadly ordeal.  Finally he died.  The legislature sought lethal injection to make murder by government quick and clean.  Just as Wood’s lawyers feared Arizona’s experimental drug cocktail failed and the execution was botched. 
Just like Wood’s murder victims, he too had family members and friends.   The kin on both sides of these things always suffer too.  Murder and punishment is an ugly business. 
It would be a lot less disturbing if witnesses and cops never lied, evidence and it’s meaning was an exact science but that’s just not the case.
Jurors are a lot of things but perfect is not one of them.  We can never guess what a jury will do and that alone is a monument to their guesswork. 
Twice prosecutor of the Year, Kenneth Peasley from Pima County, AZ was the champ of all Arizona prosecutors putting more people on Death Row that any other.  He was a Death Penalty Hero for sure. 
Peasley was a brilliant lawyer and ruthless prosecutor.  He was the master of giving immunity to confessed killers if they’d testify implicating others.  Peasley would put a suit on Satan and bring him into court as he vouched to a jury for his witnesses from Hell.
Thankfully that ended when Peasley got caught knowingly putting a perjuring police witness before a jury in a death penalty case.  Peasley was subjected to a pretend Grand Jury investigation by his peers and exonerated.  The State Bar of Arizona yanked his law license.
Peasley since contracted and died of cancer.    
With hundreds of Death Row inmates being exonerated sometimes after decades of solitary confinement something’s obviously wrong.
If we end the Death Penalty we will save hundreds of millions on appeals.  We too often forget that we must bay for both the defense and prosecution of Death Penalty cases.  It’s significantly cheaper if we simply warehouse the convicted killers until they die or are too old and feeble to cause any harm.
I’m going to end with a simple premise; the Death Penalty is always and properly the tool of a Police State.  It’s better suited for Nazis, Communists and Fascists. It does not belong in a civilized society.
Who in their right mind would give a politician or bureaucrat the right to kill them?  That’s exactly what we’ve done!  Considering the crackpots we elect was that a good idea.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Senseless killing of Eric Garner and Our Police State

New York, NY—Selling cigarettes on the street cost a man his life.  Think about it for a moment.  Trying to make a meager living in a miserable economy by selling a legal product deserves death now in New York.
That’s precisely what happened to an obviously overweight (350 lbs.) and unhealthy man last week.  A squad of cops investigating this tax transgression approached Eric Garner. Garner actually begged the cops to leave him alone.   Soon Garner began to shun the cops and resist being handcuffed and the cops piled on him.  All too quickly, Garner was dead.
Was it the long banned chokehold?  I don’t think so.  I suspect positional asphyxia was the actual cause of death.  Does it really make any difference how they killed him?  Garner was killed not by policemen in the true sense of that noble occupation but a gang of government extortionists. 
This was not about anything more than the attempted evasion of an outrageous tax on a legal product that millions consume in America.  
Our greedy politicians expand their power and the government monster by overtaxing anything they can.   We all know that this was about money rather than evil, violence or simple public safety. 
Cops used to be there to protect and help us from evil.  They all signed up to help their fellow man, not to become extortionists.  However politicians changed the game decades ago by feeding the government monster with fines for minor offenses. 
Along the way our politicians stayed wide-awake nights dreaming of the creation new petty offenses and raising the fines on the ones already on the books.  They all need to bribe contractors for crap we don’t need for reelection campaigns.  That takes money and new creative ways of taking it from the public.
Parking enforcement and meters led the extortion parade.  Today unconstitutional Photo traffic enforcement has provided billions of illicit dollars to local governments. 
Most Americans don’t have a clue that they only way to convict people with photo enforcement and collect fines flagrantly violates our Sixth Amendment rights to confront and cross-examine witnesses against us. 
Where there is no live witness to a transgression courts must rely on long banned hearsay testimony to admit photo and computer data evidence into court.  You can’t cross-examine and ask the photograph about errors or equipment malfunctions.  Was the equipment actually tampered with to make it appear there was a violation by greedy equipment manufacturers selling government on this garbage?  
The whores in local politics appoint the judges and they know they better side with those that feed them.  Again, those sworn to defend it have trashed our Constitution. 
You can of course appeal the fines to higher courts where the judges owe nothing to local politicians.  However that red light ticket conviction will cost as much as a house to appeal to your state Supreme Court and a couple of million more to get a shot at the U.S. Supreme Court. 
The cost of court appeals denies all of us justice facilitating the tyranny of or politicians.  If we somehow had the money it still takes decades for these cases to be litigated and decided by the courts.  It’s truly a case of justice both denied and delayed. 
The only real remedy is through unimaginable self-help by violent revolution.  The Second Amendment was designed to that we the people would have arms parity with the government.  We’ve allowed the government to disarm the population and any arms we do have are not remotely comparable to those military grade arms.   
Today Americans could not stop a rogue President much better than Germany or Russia could stop Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin.   
As long as it’s only the government breaking the law that’s seems okay with today’s Americans.
Politicians know Americans cannot possibly afford to seek justice against rogue politicians and they expect us all to simply shrug off the tyranny.   Our forefathers would have simply found and killed all these bastards. 
How soon we forget that we revolted against the British over a 3% tax on tea.  Have we forgotten that Americans began to kill those that dare extort from them?  Have they forgotten that they became free of their corrupt oppressors by chasing the ones that survived back to the UK? 
Cops are not nor should they be they ever become hated tax collectors.  However the Communists and Socialists we’ve elected have a different idea and like in every totalitarian society the cops are never on the side of the population.
The very reason we demanded our politicians and public officials take an oath to the Constitution was to prevent what we’ve allowed our nation to become. 
We now have a full-blown police state.  We have more people imprisoned per capita than any other nation on earth that proves the point.   
Slowly they’ve promoted the snitch system where our neighbors and children can be rewarded to turning us in to the authorities.
It’s only a matter of time before the death penalty will be used against anyone criticizing politicians or government tyranny.  They of course will claim this is necessary for public safety and a large percentage of the population will actually believe it. 
Those that love the idea of giving politicians to power of the death penalty need to rethink their position. 
We better get used to the idea of many more killings like Eric Garner’s.  That’s even if they prosecute those NYPD officers for excessive force.  The cops are no longer here for public safety but simple extortion.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

To My Friends in the Netherlands…

Amsterdam, NL--It’s with a heavy heart that I mourn with you the loss of so many of your best and brightest people that were killed by the senseless destruction Malaysia Airlines flight #MH 17.
I have such fond memories of my visits to your nation rich with beauty, art and some of the friendliest people anywhere. 
I can’t wait for my next visit to Holland where I’m sure I’ll visit with old friends and make some new ones. 
I deeply respect the legendary Dutch heroes that risked torture and death resisting the Nazis during their brutal occupation. 
Few nations in the world can boast such an artistic, well-educated and productive population. 
I’m horrified that the remains of your loved ones are decomposing in the field of wreckage after being robbed of jewelry and other valuables.  This just adds to the misery for the friends and families of these innocent victims. 
I beg that the International Community demands that these human remains be treated respectfully and returned to the families without further delay.
There is of course no way to undo this insanity.  If there were a way for me to somehow help make things better I would not hesitate.
I want you all to know that you have my support, prayers and love as you have to deal with this horrific crisis.  
As for my fellow American friends please put a visit to beautiful Amsterdam and other Dutch cities on your summer travel plans.  You’ll be glad you did.  The incredible flowers, canals, museums are breathtaking.  The Anne Frank House is still there waiting for your visit. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why is the Media is Falling For Fake Drone Stories?

Los Angeles, CA—The latest technology tool for newsgathering is taking a propaganda beating from the media.  As incredible as it seems the media is promoting ignorance about camera drones rather than enlightening their audience! 
The little drones are indeed amazing.  They can take sophisticated yet tiny cameras to incredible heights to get inexpensive video and still images in near absolute safety!  
They are definitely a novelty and local police have zero training about these devices.  They have not been around long enough for police and procedures to be developed.  The obvious best policy is to simply leave the drone operators alone. 
Cops seem to want to make arrests for drone use because they know right now they will get substantial news coverage.  However those highly publicized recent arrests of drone pilots have turned out to be absolutely bogus.
Two police helicopter pilots in New York spotted a little plastic drone in the area of the George Washington Bridge.   They chased it and then arranged for the felony arrests of two young men claiming these drone operators endangered the police helicopter!  Their own recorded radio transmissions were solid proof that the cops lied! 
Yesterday a drone pilot was arrested as a Peeping Tom when his drone was “too close” to a medical center where people were believed to be possibly undressing inside.  The fact was that this proved impossible because of reflective material on the glass window.  There certanly were no images of undressed people on the drone's camera!
Since when do people that don’t close their drapes have any reasonable expectation of privacy?
As for the camera drones they have the ultimate “black box” that will show the world in high definition video exactly what it was doing!  We can count on liars being exposed when the images are viewed. 
Many helicopter and fixed wing pilots stand to lose their livelihoods as drone operators replace them.  They have an obvious conflict of interest when it comes to making reports about drone activities.  They want them outlawed for very understandable but ulterior motivation. 
It’s simply about cost and safety.  Even if the little drones crash nobody is going to neither die nor will there be remarkable injuries or property damage.  These traditional pilots can be counted upon to hate multi-rotor drones and their operators.
Propaganda is feeding fear and loathing by the ignorant public.  Nobody stands to gain more from the camera drones that the media and the public that will be able see the world as birds do.  Why is the media falling for the deception of the drone detractors?
Drone journalists are going to be broadcasting and publishing images that were impossible until now.  The camera drones are already bringing us art, beauty, and truth.  There are really no negatives.
People are beginning argue that terrorists will use them for attacks.  They are far less powerful and destructive to aircraft or people than ordinary firearms.  People are letting their over-active imaginations rule over common sense.
The FAA is trying to deal with government concerns that these devices are dangerous.   In the hands of the media that’s true because they may discover waste, mismanagement and questionable behavior of government employees.
Cops are already in a goldfish bowl with millions of cellphone cameras waiting to catch them making missteps.  Now they are being observed from drones too!  Will cops be making arrests of drone operators to intimidate and prevent them from documenting their behavior?  History says that’s a guarantee!
We know from experience that cops have arrested thousands of photographers and cellphone users until the courts ruled that the cops were dead wrong.  Police tyranny may well be a fact of life for many camera drone pilots.  
Cameras are very dangerous instruments because they expose the naked truth.  Camera drones are a new danger that may bring us yet more truth than we can handle.   Human being have shown over and over again that they can’t handle the truth!