Monday, November 13, 2017

Massive Fraud, Bribery Scheme Uncovered at the West Los Angeles VA Facility

West Los Angeles VA Hospital 
Los Angeles, CA—The West Los Angeles VA Campus is huge.  It includes the hospital, cemetery, housing, historic church, offices, a regulation baseball diamond, basketball facility and a golf course.  There are lots of places to park cars for events.
Richard Scott, 58 owner of Westside Services LLC, was arrested at his Santa Monica Home.  He’s charged in a federal complaint with fraud against the U.S. by bilking taxpayers more than $11 million.  Scott has enjoyed a contract with the VA for at least 15 years in connection with car parking at the sprawling VA facility.
Hospital parking is managed by the VA Police and is not involved in this fraud. 
In an affidavit, federal agents alleged Scott made bribery payments to a yet to be named VA Official until that co-conspirator retired in 2014.  That unnamed official has been cooperating with investigators, obviously to mitigate his or her own prosecution and punishment. 
I can't help but wonder how many homeless veterans could have been housed for this kind of money?

Friday, November 03, 2017

Hollywood’s House Of Cards is collapsing before our very eyes!

Hollywood, CAThe longstanding casting couch institution here is destroying some lucrative careers and perhaps $billions before the dust settles.  

If they weren’t directly involved in the sexual extortion too many executives winked at the conduct.    That makes them either accessories or enablers.  

Now they are all in an incredible mess.  One thing for sure there will many forced retirements.  There will be lots of luxury Hollywood homes put up for sale as income vanishes.  

They can’t stop residual payments however there will be fewer showings of films connected to those disgraced predators. 

There are new opportunities for up and coming agents, directors, actors and executives opening as we speak.  

Will Hollywood change?  After all them movies we all enjoy are loaded with sex, violence and bad behavior. 

I think the next Academy Award Ceremony will be far more subdued.  Hopefully with much less Hypocritical rhetoric.

We’ll just have to wait and see.