Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lawless Chicago Officials Deny 84 year-old Veteran His Right to Self Defense!

Chicago, IL—Protecting his country in both World War Two and the Korean Conflict was no problem for LaFerena Batchelor, 84 but now he is not even allowed to protect himself.

You see in this city run by officials that gratuitously violates the Constitutional Rights of their citizens as they label Batchelor and others criminals. The McDonald and Heller cases issued by the U.S. Supreme Court made it abundantly clear that all Americans not convicted of felony crimes or those witout a history of mental illness have the absolute right to keep and bear arms for self-defense purposes.

In Batchelor’s case he was denied the right to obtain a gun because he once fired a gun within the city limits to chase a pack of wild dogs away from his home. That was no felony but a very minor transgressio that happened 15 years ago.

Chicago officials now simply refuse their “permission” for Batchelor to own a firearm.

To Batchelor’s rescue is Chicago lawyer Joel Brodsky who is prepared to take the city to court which will cost taxpayers thousands for violating Batchelor’s rights.

It’s truly amazing to watch a city unable to hire cops to keep the streets safe refusing to allow an honorable senior citizen the simple right to protect himself.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The American Spirit of Freedom and Independence is Dead Today

As we approach the Fourth of July we need to reevaluate why we bother to celebrate our pretend independence. Fireworks, parties and flag-waiving are wasted on a couple of generations of propagandized and brainwashed Americans that never experienced real freedom.

Americans have always assumed they had right to travel unimpeded by government. Who’d have thought in the days of the Continental Congress that we’d allow government to erect checkpoints where traveling Americans would be forced to submit to constant X-Rays and groping by an ignorant underclass of government workers?

People sigh and say times have changed and the world is somehow more dangerous. That is the big lie. Times or the dangers we face have never once changed since this country was founded. There were always bombs, guns and terrorists throughout this nation’s history. We’ve endured wars and even a Civil War without throwing our liberty away.

We have allowed some insignificant 13th Century minded Muslim crazies to alter the way Americans treat traveling Americans. We’ve allowed fear mongering politicians carte blanche authority to do whatever they want in the name of, Homeland Security. Today the United States has a force of government agents that Stalin and Hitler would envy to control thought, speech, and every other aspect of our lives.

We have replaced government leaders who were directly involved with protecting the American way of life on battlefields and in the trenches with people that don’t understand that concept.

The people we elect today are enamored only with their own wealth and power and care little about maintaining a nation where freedom is paramount. America has become the kind of nation we fought wars against. We are the police state that George Orwell envisioned.

Our criminal justice system no longer gives the benefit of the doubt to the accused. Instead it has taken on the specter of the ancient Roman Coliseum where television media celebrities give the thumbs down signal and the punishment begins. Years of changing the rules to favor prosecution has brought about a frightening degeneration of American justice.

Today we are a nation that humiliates 95 year-old, wheelchair bound women by demanding to inspect their soiled adult diapers at airports. Do we really feel safer because the TSA has been allowed run roughshod over American liberty?

Do we really need to do this to Americans? I’d like to think it is far more effective to keep people traveling on passports from hostile foreign nations off our airplanes.

We’ve allowed obscenely wealthy politicians to plunder American purses and turn taxation into criminal extortion. Today we are awash in redundant taxation that only funds government corruption.

The Bill of Rights has become only a monument of what used to be, once upon a time in America.

We have allowed the government outrageous power to destroy liberty, freedom and privacy. It’s our own government that is the real terrorist today. How much government tyranny will American’s accept today before they once again yearn for freedom? Will American patriots once again take up arms to curb and out-of-control fascist government? I sure hope so!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chicago’s Salatino’s is a Fun Place for a Tasty Italian Dinner

Chicago, IL—Having a time consuming assignment in this fine old neighborhood is not bad considering many great restaurants in the area. Taylor Street was the location of one of my all time favorites, Genero’s but that great place closed down. I became addicted to Genero’s when I was assigned to the Monroe Street District in my youth

Not to be dismayed I set out in search of some older looking; in the know neighborhood types and found a small group that might give us a recommendation. They told us to go to Salatino’s nearby at 626 S. Racine.

Getting a parking spot was not too difficult and we were seated quickly considering it was a Friday night.

We were greeted by General Manager Jimmy Psyhogios who was a friendly take charge type guy intent on making sure we had an enjoyable experience.

When I think of Italian dining there is an image of red-checkered table clothes and a candle stuck in an empty basket-bottle of Dago Red. Of course there should be the Mario Lanzi, Eddie Fisher and Al Martino music from the 1950’s and a waiter who sounds like he’s not long off the boat.

Those basket bottles have all but disappeared from the planet. The waiters have ben replaced by younger kids who have never even seen Italy except on television. As for the music, I heard none, or if there was any it was drowned out by the chatter of happy diners. But the proof was in the meal.

The decor inside this place included many large black & white period photos (1950’s) of Italian celebrities.

They brought us some of the best hot bread I’ve ever had. That was followed by some wonderful food. The portions were such that everyone gets a second meal at home later.

This night they had an unfortunate glitch with their computer system that confused our order and sent the staff into a minor panic. That did not put a damper on our enjoyment.

Salatino’s opened in December of 2010 by Jimmy Bannos and Scott Harris who also operate a Cajun joint at 111 S. Wabash called, Heaven on Seven. I think these boys got it right.

I highly recommend this place that makes my old hometown proud.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Southwest Pilot Conversation and Massive Over-reaction Fallout

Phoenix, AZ—First let me say that Gays and Grannies need love too. Those that must work also deserve comparable wages as everyone in similar skill levels. They all have worth and rate fair treatment along with genuine respect. Here someone dared suggest that Gay men and older women may be better received in occupations other than that of flight attendants.

Yes a Southwest Airlines pilot got caught on an open air traffic microphone ranting about the “New Breed” of flight attendants working for the airline. He made some unflattering remarks about the Gays and Grannies that have taken over the domain once reserved for young and friendly pretty ladies.

First of all the ousting of the Southwest Airlines eye candy is disheartening for any straight male. The law, corporate attitudes and political correctness have changed in America. Is this for the better? I don’t think so.

We are today a nation or crybabies that can’t accept anyone criticizing their culture, lifestyle, sexual preference, height, and weight or shoe size. Everyone on this earth has something considered undesirable to others and has to live with that liability. That includes ageing White, male pilots.

For anyone to be alarmed about this private conversation between pilots not intended to be heard by anyone is disturbing at least to me.

As for what the pilot misses can anyone really argue that these Southwest ladies weren’t spectacular and enjoyable to have serve them in the days when flying was fun?

I’d love to go back to those days before political correctness went wacky and people were never frisked like criminals before they could board an aircraft.

As for the pilot he simply privately called it the way he saw it. As in that great Jack Nicholson film line, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surveillance Cameras and Law Enforcement

Chicago, IL—Surveillance cameras will be doubled for Chicago’s public transportation system. That was today’s announcement from city officials as a treatment for the rash of cell phone and IPod robberies.

The wonderful thing about surveillance cameras is not their effectiveness to reduce crime but the political contributions generated by the contractors providing them do great things for re-election campaigns.

Cameras are really not that helpful. There are thousands of images of dangerous criminals that never get identified. Video recordings are worthless in and of themselves.

Most people are unaware that a picture or video in and off itself is hearsay and therefore inadmissible as courtroom evidence without an, eyewitness and or DNA evidence. No jury will never be given the task to determine if the subject in the video is the suspect charged with a crime absent the testimony of a human at the scene.

One by one traffic photo Robocams are being removed from American streets as the cases generated are challenged in higher courts by accused violators. Local judges appointed by politicians will nearly always support the photo extortion schemes created by their political sponsors wanting to fund the fat salaries and pensions of government parasites. The higher courts are more likely to follow the Constitution rather than the desires of the politicians.

The fact is cameras protect no one or for that matter anyone’s property. People with the right to meaningful self-defense or sworn armed cops can at least stop crimes.

Try telling some young dark-skinned criminal wearing a hoodie that the cameras will single him out as the offender and you will hear his cruel laughter as he brazenly unleashes his carnage on some innocent victim.

In Chicago it’s not just the dark skinned hoodie-wearing thugs committing crimes but the politicians inventing reasons to give taxpayer’s hard earned cash to their corrupt contractor pals.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journalism, Race and Media’s Pimping for the Government

Chicago, IL—With the nasty rash of Black on White crime in the trendy Magnificent Mile area the media has fallen down miserably on their job of reporting news.

If you’re going to responsibly inform readers, listeners and viewers you must give the, who what, where and why or you fail. The recent bold attacks by roving gangs of Africa-American thugs on White residents and tourists have been covered up by the long established mainstream media until local cop bloggers forced the issue with their own reports.

The reasons for the cover up may well be designed to keep officials from sending more aggressive cops into strike force style units to combat this very real urban terrorism. The other issue is inflaming the community into demanding a strong police presence that would offend Chicago’s Liberals. The ignorant population can't take simple steps to avoid victimization unless they are informed.

The city administration on the other hand wants these stories killed so that tourism and the related cold hard cash taxation are not affected.

The last people anyone has concerns about are the victims of this crime wave. Failure to warn the public by both the city and the press is downright criminal. The blood of these victims is on the hands of the media and the city.

The Tribune’s editor seems to think that race is not relevant unless the height, weight, eye and hair color is given to them by police. Then only when they are seeking to identify the offenders. What kind of claptrap is that? Most of the time police are lucky to get more than sex, race and the approximate age from frightened victims.

Hiding the race of criminals serves no rational purpose except to satisfy a ridicules sense of political correctness. If you are going to hide any information from the public don’t bother doing the story at all. That changes the entire concept of a free press and turns the media into government propaganda shills. Gerould W. Kern, editor of the Chicago Tribune needs to know he’s been exposed.

My personal plea to Mr.Kern is to lean how not to be like that fellow in the picture. He wrote news to satisfy his government. He was later hanged for his news slant.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial by Tabloid Justice

Orlando, FL—To call this case sensational is an understatement. Little Calee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother in July of 2008.

The fact was the little girl was not missing, but in fact dead. How she got that way is still a mystery. What’s not a mystery is that the child’s mother, Casey Anthony knowingly covered up a tragic accident or worse with a complicated series of lies and peculiar behavior.

Accidental deaths are covered up all the time by those involved especially when they are ignorant and frightened. Nearly every human on the planet tells lies freely simply because they can. It is sad but profoundly true. Thankfully not every liar is not a murderer or the human race would have killed itself off long ago.

The sordid details of this case, has been fueled by delighted gossipmongers and the vast network of true crime buffs. What should be a dignified search for the truth in a courtroom has degenerated into a disgraceful circus.

The jury is charged with determining if Calee died as the result of accident, neglect or murder. The evidence in this case does not definitively answer that question. That is what reasonable doubt is all about. Acquitting Casey Anderson of the charges would be more than the gossipmongers could possibly stand so the verdict is written on the wall already.

Will Casey Anthony get a fair trial? There’s not a chance in Hell.

The jury is not sequestered and there is no chance that the jury was somehow protected from the influence of publication by TV, radio, newspapers or of course the Internet.

Casey will be convicted not because of guilt but that she knowing covered up with the series of lies and the high profile Guilty verdicts handed down by the groupthink of the true crime writers and pundits.

We must rethink the way we allow prosecutors and police to publically comment on cases brought against accused suspects. I have no problems with cameras in courtrooms as long as the images and video are not released to the media until after a verdict is rendered.

The American trial system looks more like ancient Rome’s Coliseum every day. America’s most basic freedom is in serious peril.

Meaningful Security Steps to deal with Chicago’s Flash Mob Violence

Chicago, IL—If you have a business in the now Flash Mob targeted Magnificent Mile insuring safety is vital. There are effective steps you can take to deal with theft and violence.

Armed security is the most effective way to deal with thugs. These criminals are cowards and you can use their fear against them. If you can hire off-duty cops that will use their training and experience to effectively control the situation.

Security cameras are meaningless except to warn you of what’s going on outside your front door or in difficult to monitor areas. Catching the images of thugs for potential later identification and apprehension does not protect anyone.

If you have adequate training including the law and liability of the use of deadly force arm yourself with a heavy caliber handgun for self-defense.

Keep valuable and unprotected merchandise away from the front door that might tempt such criminals.

If you are the subject of a Flash Mob attack immediate and violent resistance is the easiest and only effective way to stop the assault. Cooperating with these criminals will give them total control over you, your customers and staff. Surrendering to multiple thugs will invite more serious events such as rape and even murder. You may not get a second chance to resist.

You have an absolute right to use deadly force including shooting an attacker if, the attacker is armed with a dangerous instrument or if there is more than one assailant. Of course don’t shoot anyone in the back that running away at the sight of your weapon.

If you use deadly force do not make any statements to police under any circumstances other than to tell them you want a lawyer. Save that, “I was in fear of my life” script for a courtroom if someone decides to charge you with a crime.

The existing laws of Illinois and Chicago that ban the possession or carrying of firearms are in fact unconstitutional and will fall soon under their own weight. Don’t let such laws protect anyone wishing to harm you, your customers or your workers.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Black on White Violence may be Good for Chicago

Chicago, IL—White folks on the Gold Coast have been smug for a long time as they supported the “Nanny” government programs and all that Liberal claptrap.

Black violence was nearly always confined to the ghetto. White people are beginning to learn about the violent and bankrupt African-American culture of Chicago the hard way.

The Black Flash Mob crime pattern is targeting Chicago’s White people in incredibly hateful new ways. These thugs easily overwhelm the outgunned, overworked, underpaid and totally demoralized police department and evade arrest by their sheer numbers.

Those ignorant White, Gold Coast Liberals that don’t believe in gun rights or self-defense are getting what they deserve, a very painful education. The cowardly thugs know the law-abiding Gold Coast dwellers would never violate those un-constitutional guns laws and accordingly are soft and easy targets.

They say a Conservative is a liberal that was mugged. There’s a lot of truth in that old saying.

The concealed weapon legislation would have gone a long way to deter the mobs of thugs attacking since sooner or later they could wind up very ventilated.

The police are incapable of ending these attacks. Most businesses on the Gold Coast will close shop and run before they’d hire armed security guards to protect their stores and paying customers.

I guess the White people of the Gold Coast would rather live in fear than support their right to protect themselves and families.

The only way to stop this Black on White crime wave is through serious armed resistance.

I support the carrying of firearms by the law-abiding but that needs to involve professional training. There is a lot to learn in addition to marksmanship and safety. There is the reality of the law and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.

Many conventioneers don’t like coming to Chicago since their home state concealed weapon permits are not honored here. Chicago is a good place to avoid.

It’s time to demand that Governor Pat Quinn side with the majority of Illinois’ lawmakers and sign concealed weapon legislation perhaps in a special session.

Westwood Village in Los Angeles is a Lively Place

Los Angeles, CA—When I’m in L.A. it’s in Westwood Village this is what I see. It’s primarily the land around UCLA and there are students everywhere out celebrating their youth. Needless to say there are some smashing looking coeds among the ordinary.

Westwood is on the West side next to toney Brentwood.

There are four large movie theaters here that are the scene of Hollywood film premiers. There are many restaurants, stores and places for ice cream and yogurt competing for the student trust fund accounts.

Westwood Memorial Park is here that houses the remains of some many well-known actors, including Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Don Knotts, Burt Lancaster, and Jack Lemon.

The area is well protected by both L.A.P.D. and the UCLA Police Department. Serious crimes here are rare accordingly.

Sit back and enjoy two short videos I shot, one and night and the other in daylight.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Drew Peterson, a Victim of Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny

Joliet, IL—We are watching the second anniversary of retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson’s arrest without a trial. An appeal taken forth on a judicial ruling by prosecutors has prevented Peterson from getting his day in court. He’s been held on an unusually high bail of $20 million.

This might not be so egregious had Peterson been held on more than a promise of producing normally inadmissible incriminating hearsay evidence. The hearsay consists of nothing more than versions of conversations provided by people who have financial incentives to see Peterson convicted. Some of the hearsay is nothing more than third-part gossip. This garbage does not belong in an American courtroom.

There is not a single shred of physical evidence that Peterson harmed anyone. The evidence of the cause of death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio is by no means settled scientifically. If the cause of death is somehow a homicide there still is no meaningful evidence that sheds light on a possible killer. The facts remain that there was no signs of forced entry to the home and Savio had changed the locks. There is no dispute that Peterson had no key.

Peterson’s forth wife, Stacy Peterson has not returned to her children and is still nowhere to be found. The fact is she was seeing other men and told at least one of them she planned on disappearing as a way to get out of an unhappy marriage. Police, prosecutors, and the gossipmongers can only guess where Stacy Peterson is today. We don’t jail people on guesswork in America except in Joliet, IL.

It’s time to give Peterson a fair trial or send him home. This is not about Peterson it’s about Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny. If they can do this to Drew Peterson, they can also do it to you.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Rich Color Has Finally Come to Handgun Grips

Carol Stream, IL—I recently suggested to my friend Raj Singh, President of Eagle Grips that he needs to shake up the gun world with some color. I had no clue what rich materials he’d find or just how fantastic they'd look.

The material is so incredible that photo images can’t seem to capture the true luster and beauty of the gem quality material that must be cut shaped and polished into the finished product.

Of course the traditional materials of rosewood, ebony wood, stagg, elk Mother of Pearl and ivory are still available but there is that special occasion handgun needs something different.

Visit Eagle Grips at and see the entire line.

American Handgunner Magazine editor Roy Huntington recently gave me his impression of the new material.

Friday, June 03, 2011

More TSA Terror-The Real Danger is Our Own Government Tyranny

Phoenix, AZ—The TSA is at it again. The TSA thugs grope a woman who begs for help from the police. The immediate response from the TSA goons was to obstruct the efforts of the woman’s son to document the event by making a video recording. They make a phony clain that shooting video at the airport is somehow a crime.

There is no law of any kind that prohibits video recording in any of our civilian airports. The TSA’s own regulations for their baggage screeners make that fact abundantly clear. Even the audio gathering in a public area is reasonable because those talking have the choice to simply shut up since they know there is a live video camera. The TSA workers have no expatiation of privacy.

Why must we tolerate this kind of assault on our American freedom and liberty? In the last 235 years so many Americans have given their lives in mortal combat to prevent the formulation of a police state in America.

Don’t be deterred from resisting the TSA. Video record these out-of-control thugs where ever and whenever you can. The TSA needs to be stopped cold. The suspension of the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches must end. If not perhaps it’s time for gun smoke to once again fill the skies over this land. Freedom is worth dying to protect.

Watch the latest outrage here:

Is Europe’s Vegetable E-Coli Epidemic A Terrorist Attack?

Berlin, Germany—Kitchen cleanliness in Europe, especially in Germany generally exceeds that of the US.

Scientists found a previously unknown form of the deadly bacteria on vegetables and now people are dying as a result. Panic is setting in as other nations ban vegetables exported from Germany.

The only explanation for this that makes sense is terrorism. I hope that this real possibility is not being overlooked.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Civilized Society Protects Despicable Tyrants, sometimes…

Yuma, AZ—Today six people connected to a nasty divorce are dead. Apparently a divorce that was adjudicated two years ago did not sit well with one man and he methodically killed those who made his life Hell. I have not and won’t investigate the event other than to say someone was really pissed off. Was he justified to kill everyone? In this case is there was only one opinion that counted, that of the man exacting revenge.

There are the mentally disturbed people that are set off by little transgressions. They over-react and sometimes commit mayhem. There are those that feel justified in violently assaulting or killing others for annoyance or envy.

As a private investigator I have been inside the worst divorces, swindles and abuse of citizens by government officials. I have seen more than one life destroyed by wrongful prosecutions and convictions. I’ve found it to be a monument to our civilization that there aren’t more killings of some really deserving people.

I have tracked many murder victims over the last four decades and found that most of them were rotten people that stepped on the backs of others. We always hear about the stranger on stranger crimes where the victims are truly innocent. But the truth is most people placed under the Medical Examiner’s knife contributed to their fate.

Prosecutor like Mike Nifong of the Duke La Crosse players rape case, put innocent young men and their families through utter Hell and financial devastation. Nifong was a deserving candidate for a violent end because of his vicious persecution. In that case Nifong took a fall because he got caught breaking the law. There are many more Nifongs out there that get away with ruining the lives of innocent people.

People, particularly rogue public officials ruthlessly victimize people every day simply because they can. They feel invincible and protected as they do their evil deeds. The reality is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corrupt officials endanger the lives of their fellow officials who treat citizens fairly.

The truth is that when good people are victimized the powerful they simply try and make the best of what they’re dealt. That emboldens tyrants to step up their aggression on their fellow human beings. Sometimes these miscreants get what they deserve, but never often enough.

Perhaps civilization has been too protective of tyrants and those who enjoy inflicting misery on their fellow human beings. I have a motto I live by, “If justice happens it’s usually by accident and for all the wrong reasons.”

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chicago’s African-American Youth is on the verge of Total Anarchy

Chicago, IL—They are calling them “Wildings”, the latest fad for idle young Blacks. They use texting and social networks to form large groups to take control of stores, businesses and now beaches. The plan is simple, to rob, beat and molest as many non-Blacks as they can.

Police resources are very slim and the thugs have easy and cheap transportation to the areas they have victimized. Make no mistake these are serious and violent hate crimes. Intended victims are justified in using deadly force to end attacks involving multiple offenders.

White Chicagoans should stay away from the Gold Coast, beaches, or other entertainment spots for the entire summer. The police can’t do much but write reports after the violence.

The news media and city officials are in a conspiracy of silence about this perhaps to avoid the fiscal ramifications a boycott would bring. They laughably shut the two most popular beaches claiming the heat injuries made them too dangerous. Nobody’s buying that propaganda. It was the African-American Wilding that made the beaches dangerous. Now the media has been forced to begin letting the truth escape the embargo.

The only real protection is provided by bad weather. The thugs don’t operate so well in the cold, wind and rain. If the weather’s nice take a trip to Lake Geneva, WI or perhaps, Ottawa, Illinois because these areas are generally safe. Skip the near North discos and such.

If you must work or live near the Gold Cost by all means arm yourself. That’s no different than wearing a seatbelt when you drive. If you have to, shoot and then scoot to a criminal lawyer. Skip calling 911 and a barrage of questions you should never answer. If they catch up to you say only four words, “I want a lawyer.”

The social problems created by Chicago’s reckless politicians that taxed industry and needed jobs out of Chicago and Illinois cannot be cured. Taxpayers will vote with their feet until freedom and liberty is returned or the Socialists build walls to keep them enslaved.