Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Hearts goes out the Families of 19 Firemen Killed In The Prescott Area of Arizona

Yarnell, AZ—A wildfire inferno here has taken the lives of at least 19 firefighters.  They were the Granite Mountain Hotshots. This story is breaking but I can’t imagine the pain this community is going through.  In addition over 250 homes were destroyed in this town. 
I expect that the families will need aid immediately for funerals and expenses.  There are a lot of children that have lost parents.   Child counseling and care will be imperative.  Please help these families all you can.  

George Zimmerman Rationally Explains Each and Every Step of his Encounter with his Attacker, Travon Martin.

George Zimmerman seen here with his broken nose. 

Sanford, FL—We now know that George Zimmerman has obviously been charged with murder for purely political reasons.  The case was filed under pressure from the Whitehouse and Martin family lawyers seeking extortion blood money. 
We watched as prosecutors put on their star witness Rachel Jeantel who self-destructed in a tidal wave of perjury.  Every witness called did nothing to make a case of murder or even a lessor offense.
In this video you can watch as George Zimmerman fresh with real injuries to his face and head explains every step of his encounter with Trayvon Martin.  This is by far the best evidence since it was contemporaneous to the shooting and Zimmerman has no lawyer advising him.  I question the wisdom of Zimmerman talking to police at all but I don’t see any possible impeachment to what he said during this recreation video interview. 

Will Unprecedented Social Media Threats of Violence Derail the Zimmerman Jury?

Judge Debra Nelson will have a target on her back wherever she goes...
Sanford, FL—The explosive and racially charged trial of George Zimmerman has generated massive hateful and threatening chatter on the Internet.  That venom has intensified as prosecutors have floundered.  We’ve watched every witness prosecutors call deliver significantly more evidence favorable to the accused. 
The remaining state’s witnesses such as the medical examiner are not going to change the reality that Travon Martin was an athletic, young, racist thug.  Martin senselessly attacked, disfigured and attempted to murder Zimmerman by bashing his head into a sidewalk.  That placed Zimmerman in legitimate fear of his life and justified the use of deadly force.  This evidence was established without the defense calling a single witness.  
This failure by prosecutors to deliver to the jury what they promised has not gone unnoticed by African-American trial watchers. Many of them are about to explode with hate and anger.
Unless prosecutors can offer something substantial this cases is headed for a directed verdict, meaning the judge not the jury will find Zimmerman Not Guilty without the jury deliberating or rendering a verdict.   Should that happen the defense would not be required to put on any evidence and Zimmerman will be cleared. 
In the state of Florida they have an unusual policy to pay a maximum amount of $50,000.00 to anyone found not guilty at a trial.  That won’t cover but a small percentage of what Zimmerman actually paid to his lawyers.
The media “evidence” presented against Zimmerman included doctored 911 tapes and a bogus profile of Zimmerman as a racist predatory vigilante.  The conduct of Zimmerman related to his duties on the Block Watch Program was somehow turned into the “Black Watch Program.”
This sensationalism went World Wide getting huge play in Europe.  Zimmerman was castigated as evil personified by the world’s press.  I have many friends in Europe that scolded me for living in a nation that allows for “this blatant racism.” 
The propagandized anti-gun rights publicity led by Barack Obama and Eric Holder has colored the perception of millions of African-Americans that believe that all of the bogus hype was true.  The monster specter of Social Media has echoed the hate and hype dividing the nation.  
The threats of riot, murder and total violence are the worst any of us have ever seen.  I Googled the term “Kill Zimmerman” and learned there ate 79,000 hits!  I grabbed the screen and you can see for yourself what came up!  It’s beyond shocking.
The jury has not yet been sequestered and they are being exposed to this screaming and vile chatter unless they place themselves in a soundproof booth every night.  Can these six gentle ladies deliberate fairly when they know they will be targeted for violence should they acquit Zimmerman?  I say the challenge facing these women is beyond what they could possibly endure.  That goes double for the single African-American woman on the jury that must return to her neighborhood.
Judge Debra Nelson will not be immune to the threats against her and her family members.  She has some protection but webcast, broadcast and newspaper images of her have already placed a target on her back!  Would Judge Nelson be able to fairly rule on the expected defense motion for a directed verdict?  I think we all know the answer.
Imagine for a moment you were on the Zimmerman jury?  What would you be thinking?  If you had the guts to find Zimmerman how would you be able to protect yourself and your children from the very real threat over the coming months? 
It’s the prosecutors that brought this frivolous and malicious prosecution.  They are the ones that should man up and Motion the court to dismiss this case.  It is the right thing to do and it would remove the judge and jury from danger.   We all know that evidence of murder or even a lesser offense has just not materialized. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Star Witness in Being Tortured in Court!

Star Witness Rachael Jeantel

Sanford, FL—The reason that George Zimmerman was not arrested was that no probable cause existed.  Then the family attorney Ben Crump produced a game changing witness, 19 year-old Rachael Jeantel.
Prosecutors used her statements to indict George Zimmerman for murder.  Jeantel allegedly was in a telephone conversation with Travon Martin during the moments that lead up to his death.
Prosecutors engaged in outrageous behavior by having Jeantel interviewed in the close presence of Travon Martin’s parents.  Now Jeantel said she actually lied to please them.  Jeantel has confrssed to telling lies, using phony names and ages surrounding this case.
Jeantel appears to be at least borderline mentally retarded and definitely incredibly ignorant. Martin’s family, prosecutors and others have obviously tampered with this witness.  Now she is being relentlessly cross-examined by defense attorney Don West.
It’s difficult to watch this pathetic girl being subjected to the torture.  That’s not however West’s fault.  It’s the prosecutors that put Jeantel in this position and they can end it right now by dismissing their malicious prosecution.
Jeantel has been used, abused and has had her testimony tampered with by those with a financial interest in winning a conviction.  Jeantel has zero credibility and the basis for Zimmerman’s prosecution.
It’s time to end the torture to Zimmerman and Jeantel.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

America Will See Its Worst Race Riot Yet This Summer

Star Prosecution Witness, Rachel Jeantel
Sanford, FL—Yes, the George Zimmerman trial here has thousands of African-Americans getting ready for some serious bloodletting.
I don’t want to make idle and dire predictions but this nation has never been so divided and racially sensitive.  Our African-American President took sides on this case at the very beginning.  That ratified a George Zimmerman guilty verdict in the minds of millions.
There’s just one little problem, and that is the murder case should have never been filed.  It was filed purely for political reasons despite the fact that it was a simple justifiable homicide. 
Zimmerman was on the block watch lookout program and followed a suspicious Trayvon Martin after he used an improper entrance to a gated community.  Zimmerman was acting as the eyes and ears of the Sanford Police Department. Martin did not like being followed and knew that he could easily beat up the out-of-shape Zimmerman and did so.
The force was unequal and Zimmerman was getting his head pounded on the concrete sidewalk.  Zimmerman was fighting for his life when he removed his Kel-Tec pistol and put a round into Martin’s chest.
The Sanford Police Department investigated the shooting and had no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman who regrettably cooperated with them fully.  They made no arrest. 
The Leftist gun rights hating media and African-American agitators could not wait to exploit this sad story.  They used angelic pictures of Martin from his childhood and even broadcast doctored 911 tapes to make Zimmerman appear racist.
The propaganda fairy tale was so simple.  An unarmed youngster was merely skipping along in an apartment complex carrying tea and candy. The lad was suddenly murdered by an armed monster stalking him because of his skin color.   
It was the Seminole County Prosecutor that buckled under the political pressure and brought forward a wrongful prosecution feeding the propaganda.  The case is now on trial and is set to end at the hottest point in our summer season.
The family produced a “star” witness, Rachel Jeantel who was on the phone with Martin at the time of the attack and subsequent shooting.  Jeantel is a very slow-witted girl that was schooled by the Martin family and possibly their civil lawyer on what she should tell authorities. 
The family and prosecutors soon claimed that Jeantel “Connected all the dots to this vicious racially motivated murder.”  Unfortunately for Jeantel the dots all scattered everywhere today in court. 
Jeantel tried her best to pull off the charade but could not keep her lies straight from one moment to the next. Today she had a very painful afternoon on the witness stand not only admitting lies, but she got caught red-handed in a perjury trap. They are far from being through with her yet!  
The media and prosecutors claimed that Zimmerman was a ruthless vigilante that was racially profiling and stalking African-Americans to kill.  They redundantly said he violated orders from the Sanford Police Department employees. 
The problem was when the 911 and police officials were examined under oath in court they really had very little difficulty with Zimmeman’s conduct.
Zimmerman’s prior 911 calls were somehow supposed to show he was out-of-control but he always merely reported suspicious activity as he was told to do. 
The prosecution has been doing terrible and the case is going down in flames, as it should. 
The Martin Family sued the Homeowner’s Association and collected a king’s ransom without any resistance from their insurer.  Frankly they were afraid of the nasty racial overtones and paid the extortion demand out of court.
My Chicago cop friends have a not so kind term for such legal actions, "The Ghetto Lottery."
Today I did a simple name search on Twitter and saw a long list of nasty, seething threats of violence and riots.  Apparently a lot of angry African-Americans see that case is all but over. 
With today’s social media I fully expect organized race rioting to begin in every major city to dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots of past decades.
If you live in a large city be prepared to evacuate or put up a fight to win.  You will need firearms, fire suppression equipment along with lots of food and water.  Police resources will be slow and outgunned everywhere. 
America is about to see some combat related population control like we’ve not seen since the Civil War.  Martial Law can’t be far behind complete with major efforts at gun grabbing. 
This may be a turning point in America.  Freedom will either be retaken or lost for our lifetimes and our children's.
Read just a few of the tweets from today:

Here is my post Not Guilty response and thoughts on this issue:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camera Records as a Monster Attacks Young Mother in Home.

Milburn, NJ—A very real monster invaded a quiet home where a young mother was alone and defenseless with her three year-old daughter.
The home had a nanny cam that caught the frightening attack.  What you can see and hear is highly disturbing.  The woman’s little girl watched in horror as the vicious animal savagely beats, kicks, chokes and throws her mother down the basement stairs. 
Needless to say he took her wedding ring and other jewelry during this brutal home invasion.
New Jersey is a place where citizens routinely are denied gun rights and have to submit to such horror.
The man is described as a male, black, 5’11”, 210 with a light salt and pepper beard.  It looks like he may have lots of tattoos on both arms.
I’m sure I’m not alone in my desire to see this crazed savage beheaded by a shotgun blast in some alley.
Please pass this on to every gun rights hater you know.