Monday, June 23, 2008

The Internet and America’s Democracy Will Stand or Fall Together

He who controls the information controls the world. That old saying has been proven so many times in history. Today in the USA it’s the literate people with computers and Internet access that control most of the information.

For most of the last five decades a few TV networks, radio stations and a daily newspaper told Americans what to think and how to vote. The human condition causes people to follow others who become either self-installed or elected leaders.

Free speech is the enemy of dictatorships and bad government. The Internet is the ultimate place to learn and exchange information about those things like the government that control or lives.

The Internet has done wonder to inform Americans that they have an absolute right to own and carry concealed weapons for self-defense. There can be no question that we have, “Right to Carry” in all but a handful of states because of Internet Activism.

Former Presidential candidate John Kerry lost an election to what he says was the Swiftboat veterans. The reality was the Swiftboat information was unleashed by the Internet under control of someone other than the organized single-minded major Liberal media. That election was so close it’s obvious that Kerry’s not so flattering past kept him out of the Whitehouse.

When CBS’ Dan Rather and 60 Minutes tried to smear George Bush it was bloggers using the Internet that exposed the forgery and the truth about the origin of the bogus information.

I was told today by a long time friend and insider to Chicago’s Democratic Party that at least in the Windy City, they are trying to figure out ways of shutting down the Internet. They want to shut down the Internet 60 or 90 days before the November election in an attempt to control the information. These City Hall insiders want to somehow extend the McCain-Finegold Campaign Finance Reform Law to the Internet thereby shutting up bloggers.

They have discussed technical ways to do this by forcing Internet providers to use the same software China uses to block political criticism for periods before our own elections. They are angry with what they’re calling hate speech and smears against would be President Barack Obama.

“Let’s just call it all hate speech and ban it!” “That should work!” “The public should be willing to refrain from seeing political sites and messages for the good of our country!” I guess this Internet freedom was just too good to last folks.

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