Friday, June 27, 2008

Wilmette, IL Suspends Gun Ban Enforcement For Heller Decision

WILMETTE, Ill. – Despite this upscale village’s low crime rate, the Liberals that control the town enacted a D.C. and Chicago style handgun ban. The move was symbolic and ignored by many of the residents who simply kept their handguns out-of-sight. The law survived for nearly two decades until till a burglar turned home invader was shot in the act by a man, Hale Demar protecting his family.

Demar was initially charged but the matter was quietly dropped after nationwide publicity brought unwanted attention to Wilmette’s political stand on gun ownership.

Today Wilmette officials announced that rather than risk expensive and futile litigation they will suspend any enforcement of the handgun ban pending further review by the Village Board.

This is a wise decision by the officials of a town where gun ownership or gun crime has always been nearly non-existent.

The only downside of this will be unsafe working conditions for burglars that target expensive homes in Wilmette.

I have to say I respect Wilmette’s Village Board for doing the right thing and honoring their oaths to support, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States despite differing opinions on gun rights.

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