Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sheriff Joe Is On The Right Side Of Our Illegal Immigration Debate

Phoenix, AZ—Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the middle of a re-election campaign and a firestorm of controversy. Arpaio is steadily rounding up those who dare violate our borders by sneaking into our country.

The looney Liberals and open borders people are going nuts with their massive and well publicized campaign to stop the popular Sheriff. I’m not without criticism of this sheriff, I don’t agree with all of his methods or publicity stunts. For the most part I support his aggressive stand on crime and the fact that he’s truly fearless.

On the illegal Immigration issue Arpaio is preventing a never ending theft of medical and educational resources from taxpayers. Illegal immigration is exactly why too many Americans don’t have proper health care and our schools are in a mess. The sheriff’s policy also impacts the crime and illegal drug trade which behind poverty are Mexico’s largest exports to our country.

The majority of Americans want the mass violations of our borders and the plundering of our taxes by these invaders to end. Our politicians have not responded to the will of the people and have not been held accountable for their failure to protect America.

If the primary campaign issues for an elected official is over real immigration law enforcement I fully expect that Arpaio will be re-elected in November.


Ed Skinner said...

Joe will get my vote (again).

Anonymous said...

If someone broke into my house, the sheriff would find them and arrest them. Why is it not that way when someone breaks into our country, which is ALL of our houses? When I see a van load of break in artists being let go, it makes me very angry. I wish they would let me vote for Sheriff Joe, but I live in the Peoples Republic Of California.