Sunday, June 08, 2008

Charging By The Pound For That Airline Ticket…

If the airlines does not have enough problems with public relations, this new idea will bring yet another skunk to the airport.

According to the Travel Industry Association, 41 million airplane trips were avoided last year by fellow Americans. That in turn dealt a $67 Billion cumulative cost to our economy.

Now in addition to being fondled and frisked like criminals American passengers will be forced to stand on scales revealing their weight. Somehow I don’t think this plan will be popular with women who would rather do their work out getting into their control-top pantyhose than at the gym.

Since most Americans haven’t seen their own ideal weight since high school this may finish the job our Transportation Security Administration started of destroying the tourism ingustry. Our airports may become the quietest places around. No more airport noise for neighborhood communities to complain about.

My friend Zelda McCorville told me she'd burn down the arrports before she'd ever stand on a scale for some ticket counter twinkie.


Anonymous said...

For a second there I thought that was my wife's ass .

A Voice of Sanity said...

Maybe it's time for the US to look at TGV trains TGV Link

San Diego to San Francisco, Portland OR to Vancouver BC, Washington DC to Boston MA would be nice for a start. They run on electricity from any source and are so efficient that if diesel powered will haul a ton over 400 miles on just one gallon of diesel. Nothing beats that, speed is fine and comfort is excellent.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between putting on a few pounds between high school and middle age and being overweight. If there wasn't an issue with obese\morbidly obese people in North America...I don't think that this would even come up as a factor to be considered by the airlines. It is kind of like carrying another suitcase onto a plane where every pound counts. (Not to mention that I pay for my own seat...not the half seat that I may end up with)