Friday, June 27, 2008

YouTube Helps Expose Politician’s Lies

Barack Obama never met a gun ban he didn’t love. He supported both the D.C. and Chicago bans and voted for every restriction he could while in the Illinois General Assembly and the United States Senate.

After Obama’s out-of-step remarks about bitter voters clinging to religion and guns he learned his gun-rights hating agenda was a real campaign liability. Obama is singing a much softer tune especially after the Supreme Court Gun Ban Smackdown.

YouTube is great for educating voters and punishing deceptive politicians.


10ksnooker said...

Define jive talking ...

Anonymous said...

Well he probably wont be around long if he wins.. He has too much baggage

Ed Skinner said...

When politicians waver and turn with the wind, they demonstrate they have no backbone, no integrity, no values that are really their own. Instead, they adopt whatever happens to be blowing by today.
That's not a leader, that's a follower.
I want someone with a strong hand in charge of the country. I may not agree with all they do but, if they have integrity, I will know what to expect. I can deal with that.
Wimpy, willy-nilly, wusses need not apply.